Crown braid hairstyles african american

Crown braid hairstyles african american DEFAULT

Halo braids or crown braids: hairstyle idea for black women

If you are looking for a goddess hairstyle, elegant, romantic, wise and chic at the same time, suggests you to opt for the braided crown.

What exactly is the crown braid?

.The Halo Braids crown braid is a hair style that involves wrapping two braids around your head to form a crown.

A few tips :

This style of hair is preferably done on long hair.

It is possible to make a braid crown at the front on the front, in the middle, at the back or surrounding it around the head.

The braided crown is very trendy these days, because it gives the look of Greek goddess to women who wear this kind of hairstyle.

To add a touch of originality to your braided crown, you can add pearls to your hair.

What do you think?

60 Inspiring Examples of Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a feminine and beautiful way for ethnic women to wear their hair. Like many braided styles, some Goddess coifs can remain intact for weeks, while others will only last for a day. Check out all the great variations of this modern hairstyle that take a cue from mythological heroines.

What Are Goddess Braids?

These look like oversized cornrows. They are braided close to the scalp either on natural hair or with the use of extensions. The designs of hairstyles vary. It can be a crown braid updo, Mohawk braid and a low braided bun or a half up hairstyle with a headband braid, to name a few. More ideas with pictures can be found below.

#1: Curved Feed-In Goddess Braids

One of the most beautiful things about ethnic goddess braid hair is the artwork that goes into the various styles. When it comes to a goddess-themed look, parting your hair into a shapely design will bring a whole new dimension to the style. This one is curved into a “u” shape.

#2: Big Side Goddess Braid

This goddess-inspired style requires a thick braid that thins out as it reaches the bottom of the hair. If you have highlights in your hair, it will look especially lovely. Are you just learning how to do this type of braids? This is a good place to start.

#3: Long Goddess Braids

The laid edges of baby-fine hair are a stylish accent for an asymmetrical braided hairstyle. The angled braids swirl around the head towards one side and front, framing the face. Wrapping just one or two of the thickest braids with some gold or copper wire is an elegant touch that really draws attention to the length.

#4: Purple Goddess Braids to the Side

Whoever invented Goddess braids hairstyles could have never imagined such a creative variation. Laid edges set off the winding iridescent braids that offer a look of a regal Goddess crown. The circular pattern curves around the scalp, ending full force in shiny, deep-purple braids that are long enough to throw over your shoulder like a scarf!

#5: Black and Wine Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

If you are looking for a sizzling way to wear your hair in a ponytail, look no further than curvy cornrows that feed into a wrapped around ponytail. The red-wine colored extensions braided into black hair and mini-parting braids adorned with golden cuffs give this style a refined appearance.

#6: Big Goddess Braids in a Bun

Ideal for both a casual day and a formal night, this goddess style wraps into a tall bun for the ultimate in beauty and femininity. Pair it with some bold accessories, especially chunky earrings – or go with something a bit more dainty and delicate for a classic dancer vibe.

#7: Goddess Braids with Cornrows

A new twist on an old favorite, these perfectly aligned cornrows race from the forehead all the way to the nape of the neck, where they spring off into uber-shiny freely-hanging braids. It’s a gorgeous design pattern with tiny parting braids that help to keep the entire head looking neat and fancy.

#8: Black`n`Caramel Goddess Braids in a Ponytail

The specked caramel braids that swirl to the side work in unison with tiny braid partings for one of our favorite goddess braids styles. Gold braid cuffs coordinate nicely with the color of the braided hair. A wrap-around ponytail that sits on the crown of the head is a wonderful way to create some height.

#9: Feed-In Goddess Braids with Color

Who says you can’t braid your hair in two opposite directions? These angular scalp braids twist around the crown of your head in an eye-challenging pattern that is enhanced by bright red and subdued blue highlights. It’s an excellent option if you want a Goddess braid style that can be completed relatively quickly.

#10: Goddess Braids with Kanekalon Hair

Achieved with kanekalon hair, these curly onyx braids are trendy and stylish. Skinny parting braids separate larger cornrows that are all gathered together and fed into a wrap-around “I Dream of Jeannie” ponytail that comes right out of the 1960s. You’ll get more than 3 wishes with these sensational Goddess plaits!

#11: Goddess Braids Mohawk Updo

For very thick hair, try this slicked back, sectioned French Mohawk braid that ends with a coiled low bun. This will also work with a weave or extensions if your natural hair is too short.

#12: Two Goddess Braids with Cuffs and Wire

Express the fun and frolicking little girl inside you with 2 braids that are set up like pigtails parted in the center. Long, chestnut-tinted Dutch braids are decorated with hair cuffs and crisscrossed gold strings for a simple and neat hairstyle that looks great wherever you go.

#13: Two-Toned Goddess Braids with a Bun

Perfectly partitioned braids swept up into a classy twisted top knot are a wonderful choice. Gorgeous angled patterns around the crown section and bright copper hair woven into the extensions contribute to the overall versatile design that can be worn at work or at play.

#14: Long Side Goddess Braids with Weave

With a weave you can modify your hairstyle to your heart’s content. You may vary the length of your hair, play with color and braided designs. The super-long and thick caramel colored Goddess braid extensions taper thinner as they reach down to the waist. These look spectacular, indeed!

#15: Pink Red Feed-In Goddess Braids

If you are bored with hairstyles that have only 2-4 braids check out this hot pink number that features at least 8 thick and thin braids directed upwards into a flouncy ponytail. Consider an outside-the-box color like this sophisticated two-tone pastel pink.

#16: Big Goddess Braids Updo

2 goddess braids are better than 1, and 4 or 5 braids are the ideal number if you want to pull your hair up into a bulky braided bun. You can use some shine enhancer or similar product to keep things slicked down and perfectly in place.

#17: Four Goddess Box Braids

Geometry at its best! If you have fine-textured natural hair and you want to try out some Goddess plaits, consider an angular pattern with precisely divided sections and part lines. These “home-made” braids are attention-getters that are made even better with the bronze hair cuffs on each tress.

#18: Two Reverse Goddess French Braids

A combination of youthful energy and ageless elegance, these two thick Goddess braids to the back that open up into curly long pigtails are a very appealing choice. Neat and easy to maintain, jet black loopy extensions work very well for women who have short to medium-length thick natural hair.

#19: Three Goddess Braids with Partings

White-blonde hair extensions have been woven into 3 Goddess braids that flow diagonally across the top of the head. The main braids are separated by two thin parting braids. The racing parting braids are a cute accent that makes this hairstyle stand out.

#20: Feed-In Goddess Braids Updo

The regal and stately goddess updo with a high braided bun is a look that never goes out of style. Thicker cornrows and interspersed mini parting braids go straight up from the hairline to meet on the crown and be crowned with a tall classy bun.

#21: 4 Thick Goddess Braids with Scalp Plaits

The truth of the matter is that pretty much anyone out there can rock intricate designs with their hair. Using small goddess braids along with some chunkier plaits means that you choose an urban style fit for a queen. Look at these flared rows, they are just stunning.

#22: Geometric Goddess Braids Design

Feed in braids offer an opportunity to blend two hairstyles in one. If you want to personalize the tried and true pigtails, add an angled braided design between them and feed it into the main braids.

#23: Curly Goddess Braids Updo Hairstyle

For a fancier style, why not create an updo with curls? This type of hairstyle can work with weave or on natural hair, depending on what’s best for you. Each braid leads up to the main event, i.e. the burst of curls on top of the head which is preened to perfection.

#24: 6 Feed-In Goddess Braids with Cornrows

Being a fan of big braids, you’ll appreciate the idea of these dark-maroon branching braids that are adorned with gold hair cuffs and braid string. Two goddess braids on each side and in the middle are branching out from the imaginary centre parting resulting in a unique hairstyle you’ll love to rock for a while.

#25: Four Goddess Braids Mohawk

4 goddess braids can make for a beautiful Mohawk. Let them be chunky to contrast with skinny cornrows on the sides. The effect is a sporty mohawk style that has a slightly tomboyish appearance.

#26: High Goddess Braid Bun

Simple straight braiding is a relatively easy thing to do, especially if you are working with stretched out natural hair. Perfectly symmetrical goddess braids in a bun make it even a better decision! It’s a fabulous choice if you are in search of a classic, timeless style that looks good anywhere, anytime. Nice mommy/daughter option too!

#27: Different Sized Goddess Braids in a Bun

A series of different sized braids that all stem out from one point is what makes this style so unique and elegant. They swoop and curve around the head to be finished off with an attractive top-knot bun.

#28: Large Goddess Braids

Truly one of the most wonderful ways to have a lovely, spontaneous style is to mix up the thickness level of your braids. From thin to downright fat, African goddess braids bring hair onto a whole new playing field.

#29: Big Goddess Braid with a Flower Bun

Bring hair forward to accentuate your beautiful neck and showcase some awesome color. This will also bring out your accessories and outfit that you choose to pair this style with. Finish this look off with a bun in lieu of bangs – it’s sweet, sassy and totally modern.

#30: Goddess Braids with Curls

Curly goddess braids styles are stunning with thinner and thicker braids and a curly back section. Your salon stylist will skillfully copy this look for you, but you can also try it at home. Simply start with a braid of medium thickness along the hairline, add a tiny braid across the center of the head and then finish with a thicker, loose braid closer to the crown. Gather the rest of the hair up and add curls, securing with bobby pins as you go.

#31: Large Twist-Up Goddess Braids Bun

When it comes to updo hairstyles, you may feel like you want to go big or go home. Pulling off a chunky, bold bun may be particularly tricky, but when it works, it really works.

#32: Long Thick Goddess Braids

Long, beautiful and girly to the max, these braids are a more feminine take on classic cornrows. The braids are thicker and this style relies upon either very long locks or a high quality weave. This is a great choice if you want a wearable style that can also have some variations – pull the braids into a ponytail or low bun when you want a change.

#33: Massive Halo Goddess Braid

Thick African goddess braids wrapped around as a halo will crown your head, frame your face and look positively elegant. Add some hair embellishments like jewels or beads to fancy it up further.

#34: Inverted Goddess Braids Updo Style

Heading out for an evening on the town? Here’s one of those updo hairstyles that few women can resist. Incorporating extensions of some shiny hue that is similar to your natural color but makes a difference is an easy way to add a glamorous touch to your updo. You can support it with your make up colors too.

#35: Two Large Goddess Braids in a High Bun

Fancy something a little different? Why not try an updo with a curvy part, voluminous braids and a tight twisted braided knot? Perfect for thick natural hair. The extensions blend seamlessly.

#36: Three Goddess Braids with Smaller Plaits

Small goddess braids work perfectly with bigger ones. This hairstyle looks simple and sophisticated at the same time. You can wear those braids freely hanging or twist and pin them into a low bun when you want to look more put together.

#37: Big Goddess Braids and a Low Bun

Instead of braiding hair straight down or across, try to angle your braids for a beautiful look. 3-4 thick braids will cover the head sufficiently, and with a longer length you’ll get a big coiled bundle at the back, featuring thinner ends of the braids which offer texture variety to the style. This is a fun and unique updo for all occasions.

#38: Goddess Braids Style with Low Pigtails

Big diagonal braids always look a bit more interesting than those that run straight backwards. You may end two braids with small buns at the nape of your neck – as you see it looks utterly fabulous. The golden clips wrapped around the braids give the sense of glamor and glitz, while the sleekness of each braid is ideal.

#39: “S”-Shaped Goddess Braids Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a way to make a jumbo braid both stylish and modern, you may have just found it. There’s only one large braid at work for this look which is what’s so incredible. The chunky snake braid is sexy and feminine. Finishing it off with a bun is absolutely to the point.

#40: Two Goddess Braids on Natural Hair

Goddess braids styles can be quick and simple, we swear you. Have a look! Being similar to double French braids, this hairstyle is still beautifully unique. Simply uncomplicated to create, you can wear this without spending a fortune at the salon, and it can easily hold for quite a while. If your hair is on the shorter side, consider adding in a weave.

#41: Greek Goddess Crown Braid

You may find that of all the gallery pictures you’ve looked through, this is your favorite. Double goddess braids will always be a sophisticated night-ready look. Remember to include some smaller twists or braids into the mix so that you shake things up a little.

#42: One Goddess Braid into a Bun

Here’s a picture of a sectioned style that is pulled together with a singular circle braid. It’s basically a braided bun with a big section of hair above previously braided and twisted around the base of the bun. It’s a durable style to last all day and night.

#43: Cute Goddess Braids with a Mohawk

Your hairstyles don’t have to include mega long braids to enjoy the beauty of a goddess look. Instead, keep your hair sleek, short and simple with this perfectly coifed hairstyle. Even a sideburn curl is incorporated to keep the whole head glam.

#44: Faux Fishtail Goddess Braid

Still gorgeously sexy, this goddess-worthy style is actually inspired by the standard Fishtail braid. Braiding from the inside out gives height, while ending it with a ponytail makes it simple and quick to style.

#45: Four Jumbo Goddess Braids with a Bun

If you want a look of braided extra long hair, including some sharp underbraids and tying the entire thing up in a bun may be the way forward. This neat updo hairstyle is sure to turn heads.

#46: Big Goddess Braid and Multiple Small Plaits

This space-age take on goddess plaits is unique and fashion forward – it includes very small braids underneath and angled French braid that wraps around one side of the head and goes down to the other side. The thicker and longer your hair, the more dramatic of a statement this style will make.

#47: Cute Corset Goddess Braids Style

You may have noticed a real surge in popularity for the corset braid trend. There’s a good reason for that — it’s a diverse style that will make you stand out in a real way. Using contrasting bands to criss-cross over the small goddess braids is a simple way to make them pop.

#48: Beautiful Goddess Braids in a Top Bun

Braids going back and forth, up and down are lovely and modern. If your hair is a weave, you might have the advantage of an extra shiny mane that will simply gleam with beauty when bundled atop the head.

#49: 5 Goddess Braids with Low Buns

This style is achieved with a lot of time and patience – each braid is coiled on its own path contributing to the impressive asymmetrical wrap along the neck line. Use plenty of holding product with this one.

#50: Goddess Braids with Purple Extensions

A major perk of dark hair is its ability to hold truly vibrant accent colors in goddess hairstyles. Try out a bright purple, a lovely caramel blonde or both. Incorporating specks of color in braids is a way to come up with your own unique look. Permanent color will be the most long-lasting and vibrant, but today’s hair chalks and temporary dyes also pack a powerful punch.

#51: Single Goddess Braids with Intricate Design

Goddess beauty is not just for the young – older women can benefit from this beautiful look as well. Extensions add thickness and dimension to thinner natural hair, giving you a whole new boost of confidence. It’s also incredibly low maintenance, something that’s a blessing when you’re busy working or chasing after grandchildren.

#52: Snake and Fishtail Goddess Braid Combo

Curve, jag or twist your braids to pull off new styles that are beautifully creative. You will love having hair that isn’t easily matched, plus it will hold everything up and out of the way on those hot summer days.

#53: Two Big Goddess Braids with Low Buns

Adding different hair embellishments can jazz up an otherwise quite ordinary hairdo. Dutch braids are coiled into side buns and decorated with thin golden ribbon in this example. Of course, you may choose a flower instead – it can become your signature look – lovely, vibrant petals for any occasion!

#54: 4 Thick African-American Goddess Braids

Black and white is always in style, and goddess hairstyles can interpret this combo in different ways. With long hair, several braids on each side brought into a low pony is a simple hairstyle, but if you go for curvy braids and braid in extensions into your plaits, you’ll individualize your style in a creative way.

#55: Blonde Goddess Braids in a Low Bun

Do blondes really have more fun? Find out for yourself by bleaching your locks and styling them into three French braids. Finish this style off with a low bun in the back created out of the three braids combined and coiled.

#56: African Goddess Braids with a Side Bun

Thick braids twisting and turning around the head is a unique and gorgeous look inspired by Greek mythology. Best of all, this is an updo, so, it can be paired with big and bold jewelry for a great fashion statement. Because every girl deserves to feel like a goddess.

#57: Intricate Goddess Braid Hairstyle

Since it’s a rather flat style, these braids will last for days, being comfortable to wear at work, on the beach or anywhere in between. This hairstyle is pretty quick to get done, so you’ll be in and out of the salon in no time.

#58: Loose Waves with a Goddess Braid Headband

If you love a goddess look but prefer to keep your hair flowing free, check out this style that features an angled braided headband combined with long, loosely curled locks.

#59: Goddess Braids with a High Fishtail Ponytail

This goddess braids style with a high fishtail is dramatic and full of personality. You’ll definitely look gorgeous the whole day long!

#60: Elegant Goddess Braid Updo Style

Truly worthy of mythical royalty, this gorgeous updo is both feminine and intricate. You won’t see it duplicated very often, and while unfortunately this is a one-day style, it is worth the time and effort for a special occasion.

So, are you inspired by these 60 goddess braids and ready to hit the salon with some great new ideas? Print out your favorite photos and bring them with you to your next appointment.

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Goddess braids hairstyles are mesmerizing with their feminine charm and ethereal beauty. If you have been looking for new hair ideas, you came to the right place. Ethnic hair is beautiful and there’s no better way to flaunt it than with these intricate African braid styles that celebrate black culture with pride.

50 Natural Goddess Braids to Bless Ethnic Hair

50 Ethereal Goddess Braids to Grace Your Hair

Some of these braids for black women can be changed daily while others are designed to last for a long time with the appropriate care. They can be face framing or pulled back to accentuate beautiful and strong bone structure. Regardless of the style, African goddess braids give off an effortlessly clean and gorgeous image without having to try too hard this year.

These braids for women usually start from the scalp and go straight down to complete the pattern. These types of braids for black hair can be achieved with either natural hair or extensions. At first glance, these braids may look daunting due to their intricate weavings, but they’re not too difficult to actually have done if you’re wondering how to do goddess braids. There are many popular types of braids for black hair and have the same basic processes. The process of achieving this popular braided look is very similar to cornrows, except this is the oversized version that allows more room for creativity and design. The braiding styles may vary, but these pretty hairstyles give off chic vibes that will help you maintain a classy look. Once you have the braids, caring for them is easy with a few tips. Simply wrap a silk scarf around it at nighttime with a moisturizing hairspray for the best results. This technique can help your beautiful braids last for more than two weeks at a time! Many women are interested in these styles due to their refreshing take on classic styles. These creative twists and knots come together to form a femininely refined hairdo that will capture positive attention anywhere you go. The possibilities for these braids are endless as they range from formal to sporty, so take a look at these styles and book your next hair appointment for the best hairstyle!

1) Sporty Twists for Those Active Days

Sporty Twists for Those Active Days


Although these goddess braids may look casual, they give off an edgy vibe. With this easy hairstyle, you’ll be ready to go anywhere without having to fuss with hair for too long. Once they’re in place, they should stay. In the off case where they do come out, they’re not too hard to redo. With a look as minimal as its maintenance, it’s perfect for girls on the go!

2) Easy Braided Low Bun for Any Occasion

Easy Braided Low Bun for Any Occasion


With its large goddess braids and the low bun, this pretty hairstyle looks more complicated than it is to create. Typically, the larger the braids involved, the less time it takes to put the hairstyle together. Best of all, this bun can work for either casual or formal event.

3) Twin Goddess Braids that Accentuate Your Symmetry

Twin Braids that Accentuate Your Symmetry


This double take on fishtail braids is easy to do and pull off due to the sheer simplicity of the entire look. This symmetrical design can help to accentuate your own facial symmetry for a more youthful appearance.

4) Braided Half Up and Half Down Style

Braided Half Up and Half Down Style


A classic hairstyle, these half up and half down braids are faced framing. This means that these braids can make your face appear slimmer with minimal effort. For that reason, this hairstyle is flattering for most face shapes and sizes.

5) Small Braids for a Modest Up do

Small Braids for a Modest Up do


Changing the size of your braids can change the entire look of the hairstyle. Using smaller braids allows for a daintier look perfect for casual styles without making too bold of a statement. If you like maintaining a low profile, these are perfect.

6) An Elegant and Easy Side Braid

An Elegant and Easy Side Braid


Whether you’re trying to channel you’re inner Rapunzel or looking for an easy way to keep your hair out of your face, this hairstyle can make any woman feel like a princess. A side braid effortlessly exudes elegance. This specific braid look especially luxurious due to its thickness.

7) Alternating Big Braids for Cool Cornrows

Alternating Big Braids for Cool Cornrows


Rather than sticking with one consistent size for your braids, try mixing up the sizes for a quirky twist on a classic hairstyle that you already love and know you can pull off. Changing sizes also adds texture to your hair, making it pop in a positive way. Besides, it’s always good to mix things up now and then.

8) Quick and Simple Twisted Braids

Quick and Simple Twisted Braids


The type of braid you choose to wear can be changed to speak for your personality. If you’re tired of the classic plaited styles, try out a twisted braid or French knots. You might love them more than the classic three stranded braid that everyone’s tired of seeing!

9) A Classy and Quick Headband Braid

A Classy and Quick Headband Braid


If you’ve found that actual headbands can’t hold your beautiful hair in place, then here’s your solution. Use your very own hair as a headband! Not only is this hairstyle face-framing, but also looks beautiful and classy. This hairstyle is perfect for minimalists and accessory enthusiasts.

10) Twirling Asymmetric Braid Design for Natural Hair

Twirling Asymmetric Braid Design for Natural Hair


If you prefer off-center styles, play around with these spiraling asymmetric goddess braids! For an even more intricate look, continue these braids into a sophisticated bun. Although it looks quirky in the beginning, the hairstyle comes together to form a casual look that is still very far from being basic. If you have slightly asymmetrical features, opting for an asymmetric hairstyle can help make you appear more symmetrical.

11) Medium Sized Braids Topped Off with an Elegant Bun

Medium Sized Braids Topped Off with an Elegant Bun


The classic cornrow hairstyle has gotten an upgrade with this larger size. Top it all off with a neat bun and you have another creative and classy hairstyle in the making! This is suitable for older women or anyone who is looking for a more mature and refined look. Let a few strands of hair go free for a tastefully messy look, as seen in this example.

12) Easy Mixed Braids to the Side

Easy Mixed Braids to the Side


Alternating cornrows in both size and direction can create mesmerizing patterns, such as the one in this picture. Playing around with these variables can help you achieve a fun look that you can wear with confidence. With a style like this, you won’t get lost in the crowd.

13) Quick and Simple Braids for a Cool Look

Quick and Simple Braids for a Cool Look


Sometimes less is more to achieve the best look and that concept is exemplified here. This hairstyle can be effortlessly pulled off by anyone regardless of face shape, style or day-to-day activities because it is such a timeless classic. Since the goddess braids are larger in this example, it takes less time to create as well. Of course, the size can always be adjusted to your personal preference and needs.

14) Symmetrical Headband Braids

Symmetrical Headband Braids


Playing off of the idea of making natural headbands out of your own hair, this style incorporates two separate braids to maintain a hair part through the center. For those who love a center part to emphasize their facial symmetry, this hairstyle works really well. It’s also simple and can be redone with ease.

15) Colored Braids for a Playful Look

Colored Braids for a Playful Look


If you prefer to stay with your favorite braided style, then change it up by adding a splash of color. If you’re hesitant, try the color out on only a few braids before committing. If you’re not into wild colors, stick with neutral blondes, brunettes, and even reds to maintain a genuine and professional look.

16) Pigtails for Healthy and Natural Hair

Pigtails for Healthy and Natural Hair


These modern pigtails aren’t childish anymore. These fashionable goddess braids have gone viral on style blogs and social media so maybe it’s time that you gave them a try! You can vary the length as desired and these braids are pretty low maintenance. Also, this particular style gives off a more youthful appearance.

17) Goddess Braids Updo to Dress Up or Down

Goddess Braids Updo to Dress Up or Down<


These beautiful natural braids can be twisted into a classy knot that can be dressed up for a cocktail party or down for a night in. Regardless of the occasion, this classic updo will effortlessly turn heads.

18) Add Beads to Decorate the Braids

Add Beads to Decorate the Braids


Another cool add-on for braided styles is that you can easily add decorations to it, such as beads. This particular example opted to accessorize the larger braids by threading neutral colored beads through them. The final look is simple and classy. Accents like these can really make your hair pop and add that subtle style you’re looking for to stand out of a crowd.

19) Big Braids for A Flirty High Ponytail

Big Braids for A Flirty High Ponytail


Who says you can’t style with the braids that you just styled? Even if these goddess braids are a hairstyle on their own, they can be taken to the next step and be worn as a ponytail. Have the ponytail sit towards the top of your crown for a flirtatious and youthful look. Wearing a high ponytail can also elongate your face and make you appear taller overall.

20) Spiraling Goddess Braids Updo

Spiraling Goddess Braids Updo


Braids can be piled into a lovely and casual topknot to finish your casual look. The only concern is maintaining the weight of your hair on your head, but other than that it’s perfect for laidback looks. If you are concerned about this updo being too heavy, opt for smaller or fewer braids.

21) Alternate between Big and Small Braids

Alternate between Big and Small Braids


Changing up the size of your goddess braids makes for an interesting texture rather than sticking with a boring and repetitive design. Try this if you’re tired of your usual monotonous styles but don’t want to go crazy. By doing something as simple as alternating between braid sizes will maintain the same overall look but change the detailing by giving it some shape.

22) Quirky Patterned Braid Design

Quirky Patterned Braid Design


The nice part of such tight braids is that you can use your scalp as a background for any pretty patterns or designs you want to get creative with. Take inspiration from this one, which sports cute bows in between the braids! Of course, you can change this design to be whatever you want with the help of the right stylist. Who needs accessories when your hair can do it all?

23) Scalp-framing Braiding Styles

Scalp-framing Braiding Styles


Rather than wearing headbands, bows or other accessories, you can simply use the patterns created from your braids to frame your scalp. This style in particular frames the scalp with symmetrical braid style that looks beautiful from the top.

24) An Intricately Casual Braided Updo

An Intricately Casual Braided Updo


You can mix an asymmetrical braid pattern with an elegant topknot to create an eye-catching hairstyle. This style gives off chic vibes and can easily transition from day to evening. This style is also perfect for women who like their hair off their face but still like putting effort into it.

25) Sophisticated Updo for Braided Natural Hair

Sophisticated Updo for Braided Natural Hair


This is a great example of using natural braid styles. This braid works its way down from the top of your scalp, almost like a modified French braid, to loop into a relaxed low bun that rests at the nape of your neck. Unlike the previously seen topknots, this style can be managed regardless of weight due to its position against the neck. So if you don’t think your neck could handle the weight of topknots or high buns, you may want to look into this hairstyle.

26) Cute Twisted Braids for a Change of Texture

Cute Twisted Braids for a Change of Texture


Rather than going with the classic three stranded goddess braids, try out new twists and even dreadlocks for a more daring and refreshing look. These alternative braid styles will help you stand out from the crowd but still maintain the overall ethereal look of goddess braids. In fact, some of these other types of braids may even last longer.

27) Volumizing French Braid Ponytail

Volumizing French Braid Ponytail


If you’re looking for that bump of volume from your hair, this style will give you exactly that without the use of any enhancing sprays or accessories! This French braid ponytail emphasizes volume at the crown and ends with a charming ponytail that swoops down your back. Alternatively, you can continue the braid all the way down if you wish. Regardless, this hairstyle will elongate your face and make you look taller.

28) Add Highlights to Make Those Braids Pop

Add Highlights to Make Those Braids Pop


Highlights add definition and texture to all hair types. Similarly, highlights also definitely add definition to any braided hairstyle with the introduction of color and texture. If you think your current hairstyle looks a little too flat, try this one out to give it some life!

29) Emphasize Your Natural Part with a Braid

Emphasize Your Natural Part with a Braid


This creative look mimics your natural hair part with a braid down that same path. Whether you’re looking to be a modern Princess Leia or want to try something completely new with your part, this design is perfect to help you achieve that look.

30) Mix Patterned Cornrows with a Classic Bun

Mix Patterned Cornrows with a Classic Bun


This style encompasses several elements in one hairstyle. Not only does it have miniature goddess braids following the part, but also the varying braid sizes make a symmetrical scalp pattern. This complex work meets together to form a simple bun. All in all, this hairstyle is all about balance.

31) Twin Big Braids to Keep it Real

Twin Big Braids to Keep it Real


A modern and more mature take on pigtails, these twin braids have received a size upgrade and pair together for a fashionable look. They work to practically keep hair out of your face and support symmetrical and volumizing look.

32) Headband Braids with a Side Part

Headband Braids with a Side Part


This style works for those who love side parts. The benefit of having a side part is that it offsets any facial asymmetry, even if it’s slight, and gives off a more attractive look. The braids work with the side part and frame the face asymmetrically. This look flatters most face shapes, unlike a middle part. The way the bun is swirled together to form a cute sweetheart makes for an elegant look.

33) Multiple French Braids

Multiple French Braids


French braids are taken to the next level in this style that emphasizes volume. Hair is split into four large sections and leads to the creation of four separate parts to achieve this look. Again, symmetry is a common theme shared by this hairstyle and can work well for rounder face shapes.

34) Criss-crossed Braids for a Sporty Look

Criss-crossed Braids for a Sporty Look


This look works really well for those with sporty styles. The daring criss-cross pattern of the braids is the epitome of athleisure with a playful look. This style is perfect for younger women and teenagers who have a casual wardrobe and relaxed routines.

35) A Pretty and Elegant Side Braid

A Pretty and Elegant Side Braid


For every princess who dreams of being Rapunzel, this side braid was made for you! The epitome of elegance and grace, an intricately knotted side braid is perfect for any formal occasion. This one is on the messier side which is flattering for more face shapes.

36) An Entirely Braided Part

An Entirely Braided Part


Rather than stopping at a bun, you can let your braids run straight through to the ends. This will also allow you to braid your part all the way to the back, emphasizing the separation and adding a nice touch to an otherwise classic style. What stands out about this hairstyle is that people will be able to admire the details from the back as well.

37) Replace that Ponytailer with Braids

Replace that Ponytailer with Braids


Playing off of the idea of replacing hair accessories with your own gorgeous goddess braids, this hairstyle loops a ponytail together with several rows of braids. This completes a clean look perfect for a refined flair. The number of braids used to make this loop can be adjusted depending on the braid and ponytail sizes.

38) An Easy Box Braids Hairstyle

An Easy Box Braids Hairstyle


Nothing can go wrong with classic hairstyles for box braids, as seen here. This specific hairstyle has definitely withstood the test of time, which means this style can suit anyone effortlessly. If you’re new to braided styles, you may want to start with the basics, like this one. After experiencing this, you can safely experiment with a strong base.

39) Side Parted Braids with Geometric Patterns

Side Parted Braids with Geometric Patterns


This hairstyle plays off of a side part but takes the design to the next level. Starting from the scalp, these braids were fashioned to leave interesting geometric patterns at the base of the roots. This is perfect for someone looking for a subtle and creative look.

40) Add a Pop of Color with Loose Ends

Add a Pop of Color with Loose Ends


One way to make your hairstyle stand out is with a pop of color, as seen by these beautiful and fiery braids. Other fun colors to try are purples, blues, and pinks. You’d be surprised by how well these colors can compliment your skin tone. If you choose to leave the ends loose, you can effortlessly add volume to your hairstyle as seen by this particular style.

41) Braid the Braids for a Voluminous Look

Braid the Braids for a Voluminous Look


Playing off of the classic French braid, this intricate style utilizes smaller braids to make a larger, more voluminous braid starting from the front of the scalp. It runs back the top of the head and cascades into a ponytail. This particular style also sports goddess braids across the sides of the scalp, adding a nice final touch.

42) Mini Braided Buns for a Cute Hairtsyle

Mini Braided Buns for a Cute Hairtsyle


This is great for those looking for cute easy hairstyles for children. With two low set buns, this low maintenance hairstyle can work well even with natural hair. Opt for beads and other fun hair accents to spice up this cute hairstyle!

43) Alternate Between Braid Sizes and Directions

Alternate Between Braid Sizes and Directions


These particular braiding styles play around with a variety of braiding patterns. It uses smaller braids to accent the larger ones, coming up with a pretty final look. Even simple adjustments like these can take a basic hairstyle to the next level.

44) A Cute Minnie Mouse Look for the Playful Ones

A Cute Minnie Mouse Look for the Playful Ones


Another one of those cute easy hairstyles, this allows you to channel your inner Disney fan. This cute hairstyle is perfect for vacations and gives off quirky and playful vibes.

45) An Easy and Pretty Bun

An Easy and Pretty Bun


This simple and easy hairstyle is perfect for those who are low maintenance and want practical braids that can be worn down or up. Although it’s a basic look, it’s a classic that can be pulled off with ease.

46) A Sophisticated Crown Braid

A Sophisticated Crown Braid


This crown braid will suit any princess interested in boasting African braid styles with pride. It naturally frames the face like an elegant crown. The size of the crown can be altered depending on the length of the braid. In this example, the single braid was wrapped around the head twice to produce the stacked appearance.

47) Big Braided Headband for An Elegant Look

Big Braided Headband for An Elegant Look


Another one of the most sophisticated goddess braids for women, this style is sophisticated and mimics a graceful headband that rests across the head. Finishing final touches to this hairstyle is a few wisps of loose hair at the ears. Almost like a crown, this hairstyle is fit for any princess on her way to a fancy event or for a delicious brunch in the town.

48) Sporty Pigtail Braids for a Casual Look

Sporty Pigtail Braids for a Casual Look


These pigtails are perfect for women on the go. Low maintenance, effortless and always stays in place, this hairstyle works for busy and active lifestyles. It doesn’t take much time to do, either.

49) A Crown Braid with an Accentuating Headband Braid

A Crown Braid with an Accentuating Headband Braid


Another beautiful example of smaller braids accenting larger ones, this headband, and crown hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. Whether you do your hair for a casual day out or for a fancy evening event, this style will blend right in.

50) An Intricately Braided Side Bun

An Intricately Braided Side Bun


This side bun is perfect for formal events such as weddings and proms! With its intricate look and voluminous design, it may not last long but it will definitely be the highlight of the evening. This is definitely one of the few hairstyles that you will have to go in and have done the day of the big event.

50 Beautiful Goddess Braids to Try Today

After seeing all the wonderful braids for black women, the hair ideas are endless for your next hair appointment. This year, African goddess braids are all the rage and should be tried out by anyone interested in natural braid styles. The best hairstyle for you depends on the occasion, personal lifestyle, and type of hair. If you end up not liking a style, just try another one! With such creative designs and trends, you can’t go wrong with trying out any one of them. Regardless of your decision, it is important to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of ethnic hair and celebrate African braid styles.

How to-Easy Goddess Crown/Halo braid tutorial Natural Hair using Kanekalon Hair- Protective Styling

50 Unique Braid Styles for Women to Copy This Year

Braided hairstyles are by far the oldest way to style your hair. Women all over the world use braids to protect their beauty from environmental damage as well as show off their wild imagination.

Get inspiration and find a way to express your creativity through one of these sophisticated yet not so hard to recreate hairstyles!

1. Top Knot for Small Braids. One of the sweetest styles to get that extra height. The look starts with small box braids leading to a chunky, statement-making bun.

2. Medium Box Braids. Braided hairstyles for black women are a great chance to show your creativity! Alternate box braids with delicate curls. You can also play with your parting and try different patterns to diversify your braids hairstyles 2021.

3. Upside Down Chunky Braids with Buns. Multiply your favorite braid-to-bun and get a cute crown updo. Easy and showy!

4. Afro Updo with Braids. This stunning updo gives a whole new twist to afro hairstyles. Braids for black women can be incorporated into any hairdo of any length and they really bring extra something to your look.

5. Pulled-Back Cornrow Braids. When it comes to African braids, a variety of shapes and patterns is impressive. Look at this stunning lady and save the idea for inspiration!

6. Classic Box Braids for Women. Even the most basic braids will ooze special charm when an African American woman wears them. So, if you are going for classic braided hairstyles, fear not: you will shine bright!

7. Bob Braids with Beads. Short-haired ladies can wear their braids as proudly and loudly as their long-haired sisters.

8. Asymmetrical Braids and Curls. Who said you shouldn’t mix braids and curls in natural hair braid styles? Leave that misconception behind and try this cute hairdo instead! The style will look gorgeous in the shape of an asymmetrical lob.

9. Thick Twisty Braids. Show your luxurious braids to the world with one of the most sought-after braided hairstyles for black girls. Not many braid styles can boast such perfection, so this one is a gem!

10. Tribal Braids with Gold String. Pay your respect to the African heritage with tribal braids. These are effortless to wear and you can spice things up with some statement beads or a gold string.

11. Mighty Mohawk. Work this bold hairstyle if you need a strong height boost! A thick braided Mohawk with undercut sides and back is a wonderful way to rock braids for black women.

12. Neat Thin Cornrows with Accessories. This is one of those black braided hairstyles that will be forever a favorite among women. Beautiful thin bob braids dressed up with golden accessories are truly a royal mix.

13. Snail Braid Updo. Sometimes all you can wish is a simple style for your formal event. The low braided bun can be done with extensions, so you can wear it even with short hair.

14. Braided Bun with Curvy Partings. This bun is amongst fancier ideas of braid styles for women. Work your way up to the thick bun with thin cornrow braids, repeating the curved partings around your head.

15. Cornrow Braids with Twisted Ends. Keep your natural hair protected with this hairstyle! Let your curls stay safe and accumulate strength while looking dashing with these fun braids and thick twists.

16. Crown Braid. Feel regal with this queen-worthy hairstyle that’s ideal for black girls! There are many types of braids, but when a halo-like braid wraps around your head, it’s hard not to feel special.

17. Protective Braids for Women. Help your hair maintain health and glow with professional protective braids hairstyles in 2021.

18. Lemonade Braids with Pink Highlights. Lemonade braids are fancy and simple at the same time. If you want to amp up their fancy factor, opt for a pretty hair color, and you are ready for both a casual brunch and a professional interview!

19. Afro-Pony with Braids. Thanks to African-American heritage, today’s black braided hairstyles bring so much creativity to the streets. Update our all-time favorite by mixing thin and thick cornrows, sleeking the sides and puffing up your pony.

20. Braids and Curls. Wear your mane loud and proud with this chic style for short curly hair. Look put-together by braiding one section of your hair and let the rest of it bounce freely.

21. Thick French Braid Updo. Hide the ends of your fragile natural hair by braiding it. This simple braided updo is a quick and elegant fix for those days when you want to look put together with no effort.

22. Two Braids and a Braided Halo. Achieve this truly magnificent powerful look by braiding up from the nape to the crown and finish with a lovely “halo” sitting right at the top of your head.

23. Cornrow and Twist Braid Mohawk. Get a whole head of braids and blend the two most popular types of plaits – cornrows and twist braids.

24. Two Braids with a Creative Pattern. There is so much room for imagination when it comes to braided hair. Find a pattern to your liking and repeat it for that “wow” effect!

25. Black and White Braids. Mix tight and loose, black and white in your braids for a cool look. For something different, experiment with colorful extensions.

26. Half-Braided Hairstyle. Look beach-ready with this stylish hairdo. Insert shells or whichever beads you like into your braids and leave the rest of your hair curly and free.

27. Wrap-Around Braided Pony. Ponytails with single braids are always a good choice to keep the hair out of your face. The simple wrap-around pony looks very classy.

28. Bob Braids for Natural Hair. Being a great choice for short hair, bob braids are fun, easy, and comfortable!

29. Crown Bun. Some funky black and blonde dookie braids are a good braided idea if you prefer individual braids. With thick braids holding the “crown” you will wear this updo for days!

30. Cornrows and Knotted Buns. Imagine turning a basic everyday hairstyle into a head-turning look! Simple cornrows topped with two cheeky buns make for a great casual updo.

31. Braids with Heart-Shaped Design. Not only for Valentine’s Day – this cute design will attract everyone’s attention.

32. Big Braids. Tame your unruly curly hair with these chunky long braids. They are easy to put together and will help protect your hair from breakage. Definitely one of the best braid styles to try.

33. Intricate Geometric Braided Hairstyle. Stand out with angled partings, cute hair pieces, and a braided top knot! This look is perfectly sculpted and spiced with accessories.

34. Cornrows for Long Hair. Color adds interest to your long plaits while wrapping a scarf that matches your outfit or hair color does wonders for the overall look.

35. Low Braided Bun Updo. Protect your natural black hair with a few tight braids easy to wrap into a bun. A bright or subtle color accent won’t hurt.

36. Trendy Braid Designs. Braids give you endless possibilities for creativity. Swirl, twist, wrap. Enjoy it!

37. Box Braids with Creative Undercut. How about colorful box braids with a bold undercut for a sweet summer hairstyle?

38. Side-Swept Knotless Braids. Rock dynamic knotless braids, swept over to one side and boasting extra length.

39. Goddess Braids. Can’t ever go wrong with simple neat rows. These protect your hair from damage and also look very cool and sleek!

40. Small Box Braids with Ombre. Channel your inner Beyoncé! Use extensions for the extra-long effect.

41. Fancy Cornrow Design. Use this bold hairstyle to make a strong statement. Added hair will provide thickness and length, while the creative parting is the cherry on the cake!

42. Feed-In Ombre Braids. Mix thin and thick braids for a particularly fashionable feel. Alternating different sizes and mixing styles gets you to a new level!

43. Knotless Single Braids for Ombre Hair. Braid your ombre hair into nice tight box plaits. Part your hair into casual squares or any other fancy geometric design.

44. Tricolor Box Braids. Color is always nice, especially when you want to add something interesting to your box braids. Finish your look with curly twisty ends.

45. Curvy Cornrows with a Bun. A simple and easy braided bun that works amazingly well for all ages and helps prevent hair breakage.

46. Cornrows with a Sleek Ponytail. How can you say no to a long luscious ponytail? Particularly, when it has roots in a plentiful number of braids!

47. Wedding Braids. Braids are a perfect style to wear to a special event! You can play with new designs. Adding sparkly accessories or fresh flowers is always a win-win.

48. Wedding Headband Braid. This elegant and effortless to repeat hairstyle is ideal as something delicate for the occasion. Choose a sparkly hair piece to complement your look and you’re good to go.

49. Low Braided Ponytail. The long ponytail braid is not new, but it won’t go unnoticed. Add extensions or keep your original length, it’s all up to you.

50. Micro Braids. These are a lot of fun and a lot of work to do, but the effect is stunning! Works best on short to middle length hair, as they might get a tad heavy due to the number of braids.

So, as you can tell, there are a lot of options for braided hairstyles. Whether you are after classy chunky box braids or a creative parting pattern, we hope you’ve found what you were looking for among these fantastic hairdos.


African hairstyles american braid crown

Elaborately-braided hairstyles can sometimes take hours to achieve, so of course, you want them to look extra fresh once you finally get out of the salon chair. We're talking about hair that makes you do a double take and then double tap. 

Braiding, particularly in cultures with a strong African influence, is a tradition that goes back for generations. And classic styles are constantly being reinvented and brought to life with a new-school swag. That's because braids are extremely adaptable, and with a wealth of techniques and traditions to look back on, it should come as little surprise that Black people with naturally Afro-textured hair are embracing and reinventing an important part of our culture.

Be it beads, patterns that swoop and swirl around the crown, technicolor ombré hues, or braid styles adorned with thread, cuffs, and butterflies, the options are endless, which can be a bit daunting if you're trying to decide on a look. But fear not! We're here to help you navigate it all with some major inspiration spied on celebrities and on Instagram. Whether you're looking to rock straight backs, Fulani braids, or the ever-popular Janet Jackson Poetic Justice braids, we've got ideas that will help you achieve ultimate hair goals.

Easy Crown Dutch Braid Tutorial on Medium Hair

Short Term Protective Styles For Black Women With Or Without Relaxed Hair

Sometimes you might just want a protective style to last a couple of days rather than weeks.

We’ve got you covered.

Check out the pictures below for some awesome quick hairstyles you can rock for a short while.

Braided Crown

Braided crown natural protective style for black women

Don’t know about you, but this reminds us of fairy princesses. The hair is parted in two, and two large braids are continued to the end of the hair. They’re then tucked into each other, hiding the ends, and pinned. You could totally stick fake flowers into the back to really ramp up the princessing for a festival or a weekend. And it still looks professional enough for work.

Halo Braid

Halo braid protective style

This beautiful girl rocks the opposite of a crown braid, a halo braid. While the full part of the braid rests at the back on a crown braid, it rests at the front on a halo braid. Truly angelic.

Beautiful Updo

Twisted 4c updo protective style

Wow, wow, wow. We love the beauty and intrigue of this dramatic look. With the hair parted into three, then twisted and pinned, it looks elegant and sophisticated. Like the picture, we think it would look awesome with real statement earrings and eveningwear off the shoulders.

Protective Hairstyles For Short Hair Which Are Super Easy

African American Updo protective style

This is a slightly simpler take for if you have shorter hair. Again, the big earrings really complement the look. With sleek eveningwear, this look becomes truly sophisticated. But dressed down with a jacket, jeans and heels, it could do perfect smart casual, too.

Simple bun

Bun protective style

The Instagram user virtue777 says ‘All bunned up. One of my favourite go to styles. Shea butter and sweet almond oil applied to damp hair pulled up with my extra large hairband, hair sectioned into 5-6 chunky twists and pinned in to place. Sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, style took less than 10 minutes to achieve.’

This is an easy classic look black women have been rocking since forever. It’s easy, protective and suits wherever you want to go.

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