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Welcome to the privilege of friendship with God.
Lord, teach us to be humble. May our desire be that You be known, honoured, loved, and exalted in every thought and action-above ourselves. Amen.

All creation sings God's praise.

A Christian rises against the winds of adversity.

A good indicator of our spiritual temperature is our eagerness to worship God.

A life given fully to God is at the heart of true sacrifice.

A life lived for Christ is the best inheritance we can leave our children.

A life lived for God is a pleasing aroma.

A parent's love never ends.

A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up and going on.

An honest talk with God is the first step in finding peace of mind.

As light overcomes darkness, goodness can overcome evil.

Angels are God's special helpers.

Accepting Jesus' free gift of salvation frees us to accept ourselves.

Because the Lord is watching over us, we don't have to fear the dangers around us.

Christ is seen most clearly when we remain in the background.

Christ resurrection is the bud of promise-our resurrection is the flower of fulfillment.

Christ's love creates unity in the midst of diversity.

Contentment comes when we want God's will more than our own way.

Each small step of faith is a giant step of growth.

Faith in Christ is not a leap into the dark; it's a step into the Light.

Faith in Christ will keep us steady in the stormy sea of change.

Faith is believing that God is present when all we hear is silence.

Faithful God, help me to remember that you're still at work in my life.

Father, Your wisdom leads us along the path of life.

God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.

God cares for us and calls us to care for His creation.

 "God comforts us so that we can comfort others." ~OurDailyBread

God gives us courage to challenge our giants.

God gives blessing to us so we can give glory to Him.

God has great concern for little children.

God has promised to supply all our needs, not all our wants.

God has work for all His children, regardless of age or ability.

God is looking for ordinary people for extraordinary work.

God is never too busy to listen to His children

God's call may come at any time- so be ready all the time!"

God gives blessings to us so we can be a blessing to others.

God's glory shines through His creation.

God's law shows us a need that only God's grace can supply.

God's love is a fabric that never fades, no matter how often it is washed in the water of adversity.

God's plan always leads to victory.

God's purpose in pain is to brand His image in our hearts.

God's standard of justice leaves no room for prejudice.

God keeps giving us reasons to praise Him.

God never puts you in the wrong place to serve HIM.

God provides the power we need to persevere.

God speaks to those who are quiet before Him.

God speaks to those who take time to listen and He listens to those who take time to pray.

God tests our faith so that we may trust His faithfulness.

God uses ordinary people to carry out His extraordinary plans.

God uses our difficulties to develop His Son's likeness in us.

God wants each of us to discover through confession and repentance the deep, cool waters of joy found in the everlasting well of His salvation.

God wants us to rest in Him! He wants to refresh and restore our soul mind and emotion. ~Matthew 11:28

God's whisper of comfort quiets the noise of our trials.

God will show us how to serve Him - wherever we are.

God won't refuse a heart that is surrendered to Him.

If God cares for birds, will He not care for His children?

If Jesus needed to pray, how can we do less?

If you must compare yourself with someone, compare yourself with Christ.

If you want God to lead you, be willing to follow.

Impossibilities compel us to rely on God.

In a world of mystery, it's a comfort to know the God who knows all things.

In every desert of trial, God has an oasis of comfort.

In God's works we see His hands; in His word we hear His heart.

It is love for Christ that will enable us to love His children.

It's dangerous to mistake our wishes for God's will.

Jesus is preparing a place for us and preparing us for that place.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and you'll soon lose sight of your fears.

Let God's word fill your memory, rule your heart, and guide your steps.

Little is much when God is in it.

Living for God's approval is better than living for man's applause.

Memorizing God's Word is like planting seeds that bear fruit of a righteous life.

Mercy is an unearned blessing bestowed by God on an unworthy recipient.

Nature is but a name for an effect whose cause is God.

Never doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light.

Never let the abundance of God's gifts cause you to forget the Giver.

Never say never when it comes to what God can do.

No life is more secure than a life surrendered to God.

No place is more secure than to be in God's hands.

One day God will right every wrong.

Only Jesus can give wholeness to a broken life.

Only Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, can declare guilty people perfect.

Our hearts are linked through the love of Christ.

Our heavenly Father delights in bringing us delight.

Our love for God shows in our love for others.

Our rough edges must be chipped away to bring out the image of Christ.

Our times are in God's hands; our souls are in His keeping.

People who trust God's Word should be people whose word can be trusted.

Praise is a song of a soul set free.

Prayer is the voice of faith, trusting that God knows and cares.

Quiet times with God store up power for future emergencies.

The church is not a select circle for a few, but a spiritual center open to all.

The closer we walk with God, the clearer we see His guidance.

The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment; the growth of a saint is the work of a lifetime.

The darkness of trials only makes God's grace shine brighter.

The great Christian is one who is small enough to let God be great in his life.

The Holy Spirit is the Christian's source of power.

The infinite God cannot be measured by finite man.

The Lord knows who we are, where we are, what we need.

The nail-pierced hands of Jesus reveal the love-filled heart of God.

The price of our freedom from sin was paid by Jesus' blood.

The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to change the people of God.

The way of obedience is the way of blessing.

The worship most acceptable to God comes from a thankful heart.

There's a longing in every heart that only Jesus can satisfy.

There is no place or time we cannot pray.

There is victory in surrender when we are conquered by Christ.

Those who let God provide will always be satisfied.

Those who love and serve God on earth will be right at home in heaven.

To ignore the Bible is to invite disaster.

To know that God sees us brings both conviction and comfort.

To love Christ is to have a heart for others.

To the wise, God's word is sufficient.

True freedom is found in bondage to Christ.

True freedom is found in knowing and serving Christ.

True trust in God stays strong even when He is silent.

Trusting God turns problems into opportunities.

We cannot know the heart of God unless we have a heart for God.

We don't need to fear the storm with Jesus as our anchor.

We honor God when we honor our leaders.

We influence future generations by living for Christ today.

What matters to Jesus is what's on the inside.

When believers influence each other for good, the body of Christ remains healthy.

When Christ rules in our heart our feet will walk in His ways.

When God forgives, He removes our sin and restores our soul.

When God shows you a problem, He may ask you to be His solution.

When Jesus comes into a life, He changes everything.

When troubles call on you, call on God.

When we keep our mind on God, His spirit keeps our mind at peace.

When we put our problems in God's hands, He puts His peace in our hearts.

When you open your heart to the Savior, He opens your mind to His word.

Without a hear for God, we cannot hear His word.


"Lord, I do want to walk worthy of Your name because You have made me Your own. I know I can’t live perfectly, but I want to reflect to others a little of who You are. Please show Yourself through me." ~Our Daily Bread

"Lord, thank You for reminding me of the value of knowing You more intimately. Help me to keep myself out of the way as I pursue a deeper walk with You." ~Our Daily Bread
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Love Quotes?

Looking for the greatest daily bread quotes to share and read?

Keep reading our 50 inspiring bread quotes that wise people have a say about bread.

Bread also has a deep connection with Christianity, where bread is a symbol of the supreme gift from God to humankind.

The Bible said when Jesus started feeding the poor with bread, it started multiplying to keep feeding the hungry.

In the Gospel of John, Holy Christ says, ‘ For the bread of God is that which comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.’

Apart from the spiritual meaning, bread and butter is a staple food. It is prepared by baking and relished by a vast majority of the population in the world.

If you love the rich taste of good bread, I hope you will enjoy reading our daily bread quotes and sayings.

Best Bread Quotes and Sayings

What a piece of bread looks like depends on whether you are hungry or not.
– Rumi

Our bread and water are of one table: the progeny of Adam are as a single soul.
– Muhammad Iqbal

Steal a loaf of bread and they hang you, steal a land and they’ll make you king.
– David Gemmell

The bread while becoming by virtue of Christ’s words the body of Christ does not cease to be bread.
– John Wycliffe

The whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead because white bread lacks vitamin E and lecithin.
– Kent Hovind

Bread is like dressed, hats and shoes – in other words, essential!
– Emily Post

Bread for today is bread enough.
– Edward Mckendree Bounds

A slice of bread eaten is a million times more nourishing than a loaf of bread imagined.
– Mokokoma Mokhonoana

A man’s bread and butter is only insured when he works for it.
– Marcus Garvey

Bread is the staff of life.
– Jonathan Swift

Bread of flour is good; but there is bread, sweet as honey, if we would eat it, in a good book.
– John Ruskin

Bread takes the effort of kneading but also requires sitting quietly while the dough rises with a power all its own.
– David Richo

Bread, milk and butter are of venerable antiquity. They taste of the morning of the world.
– Leigh Hunt

Cast your bread upon the waters, and after many days it will come back buttered.
– Louisa May Alcott

Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one.
– Nikolai Berdyaev

If you have extraordinary bread and extraordinary butter, it’s hard to beat bread and butter.
– Jacques Pepin

It is the savor of bread broken with comrades that makes us accept the values of war.
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Most brown bread is merely white bread with a fake tan.
– Joel Fuhrman

Here is bread, which strengthens man’s heart, and therefore is called the staff of Life.
– Matthew Henry

The Angel’s bread is made the Bread of man today.
– Thomas Aquinas

The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water is indescribable in its evocations of innocence and delight.
– M. F. K. Fisher

This supernatural bread and this consecrated chalice are for the health and salvation of mankind.
– Cyprian

Bread is a celebration.
– Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Dry bread at home is better then rost meate abroad.
– George Herbert

Eaten bread is forgotten.
– Thomas Fuller

Half a loaf is better than no bread.
– Julia McNair Wright

If bread is the first necessity of life, recreation is a close second.
– Edward Bellamy

To a hungry man, a piece of bread is the face of God.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Bread is for us a kind of successor to the motherly breast, and it has been over the centuries responsible for billions of sighs of satisfaction.
– Margaret Visser

Bread that must be sliced with an axe is bread that is too nourishing.
– Fran Lebowitz

Bread is the king of the table and all else is merely the court that surrounds the king. The countries are the soup, the meat, the vegetables, the salad, but bread is king.
– Louis Bromfield

For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man’s hunger.
– Khalil Gibran

Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts.
– James Beard

If we are going to ask for our daily bread, we’ve got to take the time to receive it and eat it. God provide, but we’ve got to slow down long enough to taste and see.
– Glennon Doyle Melton

If you cast your bread upon the water and you have faith, you’ll get back cash. If you don’t have faith, you’ll get soggy bread.
– Don King

My piece of bread only belongs to me when I know that everyone else has a share, and that no one starves while I eat.
– Leo Tolstoy

Our bread is not only the Word of God, our meat is not only to do His will, our bread is also…the difficulties that are in our way.
– Watchman Nee

To eat bread without hope is still slowly to starve to death.
– Pearl S. Buck

Today’s bread does not eliminate yesterday’s hunger, much less that of tomorrow.
– Jose Saramago

We can grow good wheat and make good bread only if we understand that we do not live by bread alone.
– Wendell Berry

When we break bread and give it to each other, fear vanishes and God becomes very close.
– Henri Nouwen

While earning your daily bread, be sure you share a slice with those less fortunate.
– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

As we have seen, bread, and especially dry bread, evokes secretion of considerably larger quantities of saliva than meat.
– Ivan Pavlov

Behind every morsel of bread, fruits, or meat is a large amount of transformed fossil fuels.
– Vaclav Smil

If you can break bread with a guy, you will actually go the extra mile on the court; that just happens.
– Steven Adams

Instead of loaves of bread, many times God gives out handfuls of purpose.
– T. D. Jakes

It isn’t bread that feeds you; it is life and the spirit that feed you through bread.
– Angelus Silesius

Lava bread makes you passionate.
– Anne Carson

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Daily Bread Bible Verses

9 “This, then, is how you should pray: “ ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, 10 your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. 11 Give us today our daily bread. 12 And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.’ 14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. 16 “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.

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When to Sacrifice - Audio Reading - Our Daily Bread Devotional - October 19, 2021

It did not last long. Outcast again, he left her, returning to his empty house. The lunar coast was lit by twinkling stars. It has been washed by light waves of the foggy ocean for thousands of centuries.

Quotes for bread today daily

Next building. Several guys gathered in the lobby, someone offered to play some games, and I decided that this was quite a good time. We played mafia, charades, UNO and more and more people flocked to the hall. Then a guy named Dima entered the hall, he had a well-known Twister in his hands. There were not many people who wanted to play, only 6 people, Yura was among them and we started playing together for a start, and, you know, I discovered the.

Beautiful - Bible Verses - Bible Quotes - Daily Bread

She was about thirty. She pointed out to Kolka where to put the boxes, and where the bags and all the time bent. Down in front of him, as if picking up something from the floor. Lyubka was attractive, and the pose was seductive, and Kolka could not restrain himself and slapped on the rounded bottom, as if moving aside to pass with the box.

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