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Get the Best Priced Honda Civic Muffler

Research on Muffler for Honda Civic

The muffler can help or hinder the performance of your vehicle. This small device, that quiets the sound of gases escaping the car, helps to speed the passage of exhaust. Damage to the muffler itself or just the need for enhanced performance are both very good reasons to seek a replacement. Thankfully, mufflers do not cost as much as other components of the exhaust system, and it is a relatively low-cost repair that could return big values in the performance of your Civic.

When to Get a New Muffler

If your Honda Civic muffler noise is getting too loud, it might be time for a replacement muffler. On the other hand, if your muffler does not make your Civic sound as good as you want it to, you may want another muffler. Most original mufflers installed on vehicles are designed to reduce sound, but some people want their cars to sound like race cars. That is why aftermarket Honda Civic performance mufflers are so popular. In addition to sounding like your Civic is a faster car, it will likely perform better because the exhaust gases are leaving the vehicle faster, which makes your engine more efficient. Other reasons for a new muffler are holes or rust in the original muffler. Regularly inspect your Civic's muffler for these problems to correct the issue before it affects performance.

How Much Does it Cost to get a New Muffler?

Deciding to purchase a new muffler comes with many considerations. Honda Civic muffler replacement cost will depend on where you live, and who you use for your mechanic. The labor costs vary widely, with some places charging as little as $44 and as much as $216 just for the labor. The muffler itself does not cost much, with mechanics charging between $26 and $98 for the part. You don't have to take it to a mechanic or your auto dealer's service department. Replacing the muffler yourself on your Civic is relatively simple in most cases, requiring little mechanical know-how and a little time on an afternoon. Doing so could save you a lot of money on your Honda Civic. If you prefer, a mechanic or muffler shop can install your muffler for you for a small labor charge.

Recalls for Honda Civic Mufflers

Though models made in recent years have no problems with their mufflers, Honda Civic muffler replacement is needed if you still have the original muffler on a vehicle from 1975, 1976, or 1977. These models had mufflers with too high of an internal pressure, which, when under heat and stress, could create a leak, sending hot gases into the rear of the vehicle. The good news is that most vehicles from these years have already had most of their parts replaced, and getting a new muffler is a quick fix that costs little, compared to other part replacements.

Saving Money on a Honda Civic Muffler

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for an OEM or aftermarket muffler. Performance and standard mufflers are easy to find for great prices online here at PartsGeek.com. Get the muffler you need for less.

Mufflers available for the following Honda Civic years: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984, 11, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90, 87, 86, 85, 84. This part is also sometimes called Honda Civic Mufflers. We stock muffler parts for most Honda models including Accord, CRV, Element, Odyssey, Pilot, Civic del Sol, Prelude, CRX, Passport, Fit, Ridgeline, Crosstour and Accord Crosstour.

Honda Civic Muffler Reviews

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- 1998 Honda Civic Muffler

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- 1991 Honda Civic Muffler

Sours: https://www.partsgeek.com/mmparts/muffler/honda/civic.html

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Are you looking for the best exhaust for a Honda Civic for either a replacement or upgrade? Maybe even both?

Well, this list is right for you!

Getting the exhaust to better your life behind the wheel can be troublesome with the overwhelming abundance of choices.

Not only that but you could be met with false reviews or sinister sellers on your way to find the one.

But, don’t worry, after a good read from this page, you can face the intimidation of choice with absolute confidence.


The Comparison Table of Best Exhaust For Honda Civic {2021}

What is The Best Exhaust For Honda Civic?

Well, to simply get it out there, the best exhaust for the Honda Civic would be the Borla 11828 Rear-Section Exhaust System.

For a safe alternative, we also greatly recommend the Flowmaster 13014310 DBX Muffler.

Why is Borla The Best Brand For a Honda Civic Exhaust?

For more than 40 years, Borla has been there for countless drivers with the promise to give them the best equipment at the best price for the best material and engineering.

With the precision of its advanced technologically controlled CNC manufacturing, Borla can ensure the right fit for your vehicle.

And, the ultra-smooth structure of the design guarantees that it will reach its best potential in flow and power.

And, of course, Borla comes with heavy durable material and the latest engineering technology product to ensure that the customer will leave the store with no regrets. What could be better than that?

11 Best Exhaust For Honda Civic Review & Buying Guide

01. Borla 11828 – Best Exhaust System For Honda Civic

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Highlighted Features

  • Made of polished T-304 stainless steel
  • Weighs 5 pounds
  • Fits 2012 to 2015 1.8L Honda Civic models
  • Made in the USA
  • Releases hidden horsepower

Are you interested in an exhaust built with quality material by the trusted craft of the country’s most OK just for your car? Well, you might not have to look further than the Borla 11828.

After over four decades of creating high-quality exhaust systems by Americans, Borla continues to deliver this product.

As expected from the brand, this model is built with T-304 stainless steel for the strength and durability necessary to survive challenging conditions without sacrificing a sharp appearance.

But, for your Honda Civic specifically, this exhaust system is designed to release hidden horsepower thanks to its engineering.

The increase in its velocity can add power, fuel economy, and the unique, esteemed BORLA® Sound of Power.

The item is measured with a pipe diameter of “2.25 inches, a tip size of 4.25 inches x 3.5 inches,” appropriate for a single right rear exit.


  • Satisfyingly superb sound
  • Easy to install
  • Refines the car’s appearance


  • You may also need to buy a gasket

02. Flowmaster 13014310 DBX – Best Honda Civic Performance Exhaust

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Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Welded fully
  • 409S stainless steel (internals)
  • Polishable stainless steel (externals)
  • Design is proved for races
  • Designed with a compact body

If you’re looking for another trusted and recognized aftermarket company to give your Honda Civic a reliable exhaust, Flowmaster is here with their Flowmaster 13014310 DBX.

Flowmaster’s DBX series offers a Laminar Flow internal configuration muffler with an out-of-the-box HP core design to achieve that excellent sound control for almost every engine.

Perfect for multiple performance applications, this muffler uses fantastic shell engineering to keep the transfer of electromagnetic radiation to a minimum.

The muffler is also as attractive as it is practical. Its internal construction consists of components made of 409S stainless steel.

And its external body is wrapped with the standard insulation material before being encased with 304 stainless steel.

While this exhaust endeavors to give every car a chance to use it, being the universal muffler that it is, some alterations will be needed to get that perfect fit.

For the Honda Civic, you may opt to get the “3-inch inlet/3-inch outlet with the 14.01 inches (L) x  six inches (W) x six inches (H) dimensions.”


  • Cabin resonance is highly reduced
  • Minimale drone
  • Good with insulating heat away from the gas tank


  • Sound quality is moderate at best for some users
  • Poor sizing can degrade the sound quality

03. MagnaFlow 15712 – Best Exhaust For Honda Civic Si

Check Latest Price


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 43 pounds
  • Designed for 2001-2005 Honda Civic
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy installation (bolt-on)
  • Designed to outperform original exhaust

So far, we’ve been giving single unit equipment for your Honda Civic, but maybe you’re looking for more of a set? In that case, we recommend the MagnaFlow Exhaust System 15712 for your exhaust.

The Street Series promises to deliver a performance exhaust that enhances both the strength and external sound of your Honda Civic, all the while keeping the internal noise at a comfortable level.

It tries to avoid gaining a racecar level of attention with its structure and construction design that reduces the restriction on the exhaust while enabling a MagnaFlow performance tone.

Cat-Back’s performance guarantees this exhaust’s extraordinary development after the success in its dyno-power testing.

Weighing at 43 pounds, the product is measured at “57.13 inches x 12.38 inches x 15.5 inches”.

MagnaFlow swears that their exhaust can fit and outperform your Honda Civic’s original equipment after utilizing advanced 3D technological scanning for the extensive process for the development and research.

Its stainless steel body is also highly resistant to corrosion, and its measure and life-lasting durability are assured with the incorporation of CNC technological manufacturing.


  • Good quality in construction
  • Excellent sound
  • Good exhaust appropriate for its price


  • Further adjusting may be needed
  • Muffler may touch the bumpers

04. DNA Motoring CBEHC922

Check Latest Price


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 24 pounds
  • Compatible with 92-00 Civic Coupe/Sedan
  • Tested for 15 to 25 Horsepower increase
  • Made of T-304 stainless steel
  • Professional recommended for installation

If you aren’t too keen on the kit that’s mentioned above as you’re looking for the exhaust with a more aggressively deep yet smooth tone, perhaps you’d love the  DNA Motoring CBEHC922.

This system is specially made for the 1992 – 2000 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan. This Cat-Back exhaust is dyno proven to have an instant increase of 15 to 25 horsepower.

Don’t worry about the sound having priority for the overall quality of the product, as the item remains its smooth exhaust gas flow.

Aside from horsepower and loud sound with quality, the Cat-Back exhaust system also gives you fuel efficiency and a stylish appearance.

Adding to the high-quality T-304 stainless steel with technologically manipulated mandrel-bends, the DNA Monitoring Catback also has a CNC Machine Flange that TIG welds to fight against any pressure and deterioration.

Weighing up to 24 pounds, the package comes at a size of 45.67 inches x 15.15 inches x 7.56 inches.


  • Bolt-on ready
  • Good price
  • Good sound quality if fitted rightly


  • Poor fitment
  • Hangs too low

05. Spec-D Tuning MFCAT2-CV023T-SD

Check Latest Price


Highlighted Features

  • Made of T-304 stainless steel
  • 02-05 Honda Civic Si 3dr models
  • Bolt-on design
  • Professional installation recommended

Perhaps on the list for your Honda Civic new exhaust’s must is a product that has a Japanese N1 style.

Well, we got you as the Spec-D Tuning MFCAT2-CV023T-SD has our recommendation.

From T-304 stainless steel, this muffler is made with a CNC mandrel bent and a four-inch titanium tip.

The design allows a direct bolt-on installation and promises a maximum performance of up to 15 horsepower.

At 24 pounds, the package comes with a removable silencer, gasket, and bolts.

The exhaust is only able to fit Honda Civic Si Hatchback models.

As instructions do not come with the package, professional help is highly recommended during installation.


  • It fits and bolts well
  • Loud


  • Adjustments needed
  • Poor fitment

06. Yonaka 1992-2000

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Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 29 pounds
  • Glossy stainless steel body
  • Mandrel bent piping (3 inches)
  • Stainless steel exhaust tip (4 inches)
  • Clean and deep but low sound
  • Bolt-on installation

Are you a more adventurous driver that’s looking to get your Honda Civic a little dirty for a fun drive off-road? Then the Yonaka 1992-2000 could be your next exhaust.

Made with fully polished stainless steel, the Yonaka Motorsports Cat-Back is designed for more extreme applications.

This exhaust is also built with a 3 inch OD mandrel bent piping and a 4-inch exhaust tip with the inclusion of a 2.5 – 3-inch flange.

Measuring at 50 inches x 16 inches x 12 inches with a weight of 29 pounds, the package also contains the needed hardware for the direct installation.

The exhaust is built to be compatible with an Acura EL from 1997 to 2000 and the two and 4-door Civic from 1992 to 1995 (for L.X./D.X./E.C.) and from 1996 to  2000 (for Si/E.X./G.X.).

However, this product is more suited for off-road driving, and you may need to ask your state’s governing department for transportation to clarify if the exhaust is up to its regulations.



  • The sound may be substandard

07. MagnaFlow 19312

Check Latest Price


Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 56 pounds
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Compatible with 2016-2021 Honda Civic
  • Bolt-on installation

MagnaFlow is back on the list, but this time with a more remarkable design with its dual split rear.

For the Honda Civic drivers out there looking for two rear exits instead of one, the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System 15712 is ready.

The performance exhaust from the Street Series is made to magnify the sound and potential of your vehicle without paying the price for a comfortable interior noise level.

The mandrel-bent pipers flow fast with their larger mufflers to minimize the limitations of the exhaust and enable that low-key MagnaFlow performance noise.

Being a piece of Cat-Back equipment, extensive trials and research have been conducted to prove this product’s quality to be better than the original Honda Civic exhaust that you have.

By utilizing premium materials and thought-through designs, MagnaFlow dedicated itself to engineer and manufacture their exhausts.

The stainless steel body is built to fight against corrosion, but the incorporation of the CNC precision robotic manufacturing also helps to guarantee precise fitting and longevity.

At 56 pounds, the package comes at the size of 15.75 inches x 12.25 inches x 28 inches.


  • Great sound
  • Great aesthetics
  • Worth the price


  • May need professional help

08. DNA Motoring CBE-HC06EX-BT

Check Latest Price


Highlighted features

  • Weighs 26.9 pounds
  • Made of T-304 stainless steel
  • Increases 15 to 25 horsepower
  • Computerized mandrel-bends
  • Removable silencer

Yet another brand comeback, DNA motoring is on the list once more for Civic Honda drivers who still trust the brand but are looking for more options or maybe something new.

Well, we have here the DNA Motoring CBE-HC06EX-BT.

Its Cat-Back System gives a stunning appearance with its quality material while helping increase horsepower and efficiency for your vehicle’s fuel.

The product is also dyno proves to speed the car with an immediate increase of 15 to 25 horsepower or low-end torque.

For durability and strength, this exhaust has computer-manipulated mandrel-bends is made of premium quality T-304 stainless steel.

Thanks to the CNC Flange that TIG welds, this exhaust can withstand pressure and deterioration.

The exhaust is also built with a 2.25 inch OD vent, 2.2.5 inch piping for the main OD, and a 4-inch circular muffler tip for the OD.

It’s compatible with the 2, and 4-door Honda Civics Sedan and Coupe made from 2006 – 2011 but, unfortunately, can’t fit the Si models. A 70mm extension is also included for Sedans.

With the dimensions of 22 inches x 16.5 inches x 8 inches and a weight of 26.9 pounds, the package does come with a removable silencer; however, there are no instructions for installation included.

Thus, MagnaFlow highly recommends professional help during the assembly.


  • Excellent sound
  • Loud
  • Easy installation


  • The flange could be too thick


Check Latest Price


Highlighted features

  • Weighs 40 pounds
  • T-304 stainless steel, black finish
  • Compatible for 2017-2021 1.5L Honda Civic Si models
  • Aggressive and maximized exhaust tone
  • Bolt-on installation

With another Borla product on this list, this time, we recommend the exhaust that stands out because of its loud growl matte black finish.

For the Honda Civic drivers who are a little tired of the silver from the typical stainless steel exhaust and want a more sporty sound, we highly recommend the EXHAUST S-TYPE.

Typical of Borla, this exhaust is built with premium, austenitic T-304 stainless steel, but this time it comes coated with a solid and high-temperature ceramic black finish.

The design also creates dual 4.25-inch Intercooled Tips for the Civic Si Sedans.

Borla’s S-type sound delivers a more aggressive, raising noise during light to heavy acceleration as its rear muffler increases the exhaust tone.

At 45 inches x 11 inches x 11 inches and 40 pounds, Borla boasts a drone-free system and designed this exhaust for a simple bolt-on installation.


  • A loud but not unpleasant sound
  • Great tone
  • No drone


  • Slightly late delivery on Amazon

10. Spec-D Tuning 4″

Check Latest Price


Highlighted features

  • Weighs 24.9 pounds
  • Compatible for 92-95 Honda Civic 3Dr Hatchback
  • Easy installation

For the Honda Civic drivers there who boasted their continued love for older models, the Spec-D Tuning 4″ is what you may need.

With its high-performing Cat-Back system and N1 style, this exhaust has a multi-core technology to achieve maximum performance with an increase of up to 15 horsepower.

This lightweight T-304 stainless steel is also built with a mandrel bend, 4-inch titanium tip, and 2.5-inch piping.

The exhaust is also structured with a direct bolt-on design for easy installation, but professional help is still recommended.

At 24.9 pounds, the package also contains hangers, bolts, and gaskets.


  • Good sound
  • Product’s direct fitment works well
  • Good appearance


11.  ‎Northeastern Exhaust – Best Muffler For Honda Civic

Check Latest Price


Highlighted Features

  • Made from 409 stainless steel
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Compatible for 2000 – 2005 models
  • It comes with a bolt kit
  • Includes free gasket

And last on our list is for the Honda Civic drivers with the slightly older car models and are satisfied with the type of muffler their car originally had.

The Exhaust Muffler Pipe Fits 2001-2005 Honda Civic is an exhaust built with 409 stainless steel and a direct bolt-on design that no longer requires any cutting or welding.

The package comes with a gasket and bot kit along with the brand new exhaust muffler pipe.


  • Specialized for your vehicle
  • Reliable
  • Great quality


You may still be feeling some confusion over what you want. After all, each buyer has different priorities.

How could you be sure that what others want is what you also wish to? So, here’s a guide to help you determine what kind of exhaust you want before you purchase.


Are you under a budget, or do you have the privilege of being free from the burdens of middle to low-class morality? Well, if you’re the latter, you can go ahead and skip this one if you want.

We are bound by our wallets for many drivers, no matter how much we want to give ourselves a sweet ride. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice too much if it’s still within your abilities.

Establish a price range you’re comfortable with, and you can find the suitable range after some thorough research for exhaust prices.

If your price limits you to second-hand or unbranded exhaust, it’s okay. However, you still have to anticipate the strong possibility of coming out with subpar quality and durability.

When buying any product for your car, always consider it as an investment. If possible, try to get your range to fit branded models.

You don’t have to purchase high-end products, but a standard item from a trusted brand should get you at ease.


Many buyers, especially from online stores, often forget that not every exhaust goes with your car.

Choosing the right product for your car brand, model, and year could not only ensure that you will get the drive you want but could save you a ton of cash.

If you purchased the wrong product model for your vehicle, then you will be immediately losing money.

You think that, maybe, you could just put some elbow grease into it and just make a few altercations, but that could still cost you. It may even cost more than buying another exhaust.

For sure stubborn folks out there, they may even force their wrong exhausts into their cars, which could not only lead to damaging your purchased exhaust but also damage your vehicle ultimately!

When purchasing a car exhaust, be mindful of what kind of car you have and if the exhaust you want is the right one. Make sure it fits, and it makes the sound it should make.


The list has been giving us a bunch of stainless steel, and you may think that they’re all the same still, but it’s far from it.

The material of an exhaust can make or break the product, and it wouldn’t even be your fault! Weather can erode, and speed can pressure your exhaust, which can put your life at risk.

However, when you’re online shopping, it’s hard to tell how sturdy the material is or if what the sellers are telling you is the truth.

More often than not, big brands are more trusted with the quality of their products. That’s because small sellers, especially online, can get away with lying to your face.


This one is less of a need for some people, but it’s your exhaust. You need to be sure that what it looks like suits your taste. After all, and I’ll repeat it, who else would be using your exhaust other than you?

In terms of color, there’s not much variety. Mostly, you’ll just get chrome, and other times you get a matte black finish. But that’s not what usually matters for many drivers.

It’s the build and design of the exhaust you should watch for because the design isn’t just for aesthetic when it comes to exhausts; it serves a purpose as well.

Take the time to find something that suits what you both need and want.


For people who want to save a few bucks, you need to know the type of installation your exhaust needs for it to be ready to go.

For some complicated models, you will need to go to a mechanic and that will cost you.

You might think that you can install it yourself even though you’re instructed not to, but unless you’re a professional yourself, it’s best not to chew more than you could swallow.

Faulty installation can cost you not only money but also your life.

Follow the instructions of your exhaust’s manual. If spending a dollar more is not your thing, try to find one that you can install yourself.

Fuel Consumption

Yes, your exhaust can affect your fuel consumption, just as it can affect your speed.

Exhaust companies would advertise their products according to how well they can save or lose you some bucks.

As I said before, thoroughly research the exhaust, you want to buy as it will affect your wallet if you’re not careful.

Purchasing an exhaust isn’t just really for show. Most of the time, it’s an investment.


The rule of thumb usually is to check the size of the muffler: the bigger it is, the quieter it’s going to be.

Many drivers buy exhausts specifically so that they could get the right sound they want while driving.

Car enthusiasts may already know the type of sound they want, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose, too!

A lot of times, Youtube videos don’t give exhaust sounds justice. Still, if you could place your trust in those videos along with online reviews or comments from strangers.

You could determine whether the exhaust you want is the exhaust you want to hear.


In conclusion, an exhaust can make you love or hate the care you have, so be mindful of the exhaust’s type and manufacturer, and distributor.

It’s also best to take the advice and help from your trusted professional.

It’s good to remember that something as important as a car needs essential care.

They’re not just some add-on to make you look cool; they, help get life behind the wheel smoother and better.

Sours: https://www.davidaltmejd.com/best-exhaust-for-honda-civic/
92-2000 Honda Civic - How To PROPERLY Install an EBay Exhaust / Cat Back

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