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Youth With You Season 2 (Chinese: 青春有你 2; pinyin: Qīngchūn yǒu nǐ 2), is a Chinese girl group elimination reality show, which premiered on March 12, on video platform iQiyi. The show is presented by Cai Xukun with Lalisa Manoban, Jony J and Ella Chen serving as the mentors. The show first introduces female trainees from different companies, who are being voted on by viewers. The Top 9 trainees with the most votes in the final episode get to debut in the Chinese girl group THE9

In the production of Youth With You Season 2, iQiyi has achieved localized innovation. By creating high-quality youth inspirational examples, audience from all over the world can see the spirit and attitude of Chinese girls' youth and hard work, and hence enhance the influence of China's new era youth culture in overseas countries and users

The "Concept X" proposed in this series implies the infinite possibilities of the show itself and the trainees.[3] The emergence of original singer-songwriters and cross-fields trainees means that in the production chain of young idols, the cultivation of emotions, culture, and life experience, rather than just singing and dancing, is becoming more and more critical.[3] The arrival of "X Mentor" will enrich the structure of mentors.[citation needed] In addition to the powerful union in professionalism, the X mentors also add a diverse perspective to the program.[citation needed] The youth producers' representative Cai Xukun appeared as a "warm heart senior".[3] Besides offering strict professional guidance and emotional care, he also symbolized the power of role models


UN: Youth producers' representative[5] KUN, as the winner of Season 1, rarely participated in variety shows after his debut.[5] This time, as a trainee who witnessed dreams, he regained the place where the dream began.[5] Being the representative of youth producers is not only a retrospect of the very beginning mind but also the inheritance of dreams.[5]

Ella Chen: Music mentor[6] As a member of S.H.E, who debuted 19 years ago, Ella Chen's strength and professionalism are beyond doubt.[6] In addition to helping the participants in music, her joining has a more profound meaning for the young and inexperienced trainees.[6] From being called "tomboy" at the time of debut, to a fashionable wife and mother, she has always insisted on being herself.[6] Her experience coincides with the idea of "Don't define, only create infinite possibilities" in Season 3, which is also the profound reason that the program chose her as the new music mentor.[6]

Lalisa Manoban: Dance mentor[7] Lalisa Manoban is the dance mentor of Season 2.[7] As a member of the immensely popular South Korean girl group Blackpink, Lalisa Manoban has an amazing appearance as well as dance strength. As well as being cute and shy, she also has confidence. Plus, her bangs are known as "iron bangs" because she moves with such grace that they don't move. [7]

Jony J: Rap Mentor[7] As a leading figure of the Chinese rap industry, Jony J is the first rapper in China to hold a concert of ten thousand people.[7] Since the audience often ponders his highly personalized lyrics, he is also known as "Hip-hop Poet"


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Cai Xu Kun was the center in "Idol Producer," making his debut in the group, 9 Percent. In this upcoming season, Cai Xu Kun replaces Lay as the PD. The mentors for this season are: Lisa, Ella, and Jony J. There will also be "X Mentors" which are unknown guests. Since season 1 was only male trainees, season 2 will be only female trainees. Trainees are from different entertainments and SNH48 Group. Only nine from the trainees will be selected through viewers' votes and debut as a group.

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YouthWithYou 青春有你2 Clip: LISA teaches sexy dance WAVE LISA在线教学性感WAVE - iQIY

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2 youth ep with you

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Youth With You S2 ep1 part 2

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