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Fallout 76 Magazines: locations, what the magazines do

Astonishing Tales #1+15% damage against Mothmen2 hoursAstonishing Tales #2+15% damage against Grafton monsters.2 hoursAstonishing Tales #3+15% damage against Snallygasters2 hoursAstonishing Tales #4+15% damage against Flatwoods Aliens2 hoursAstonishing Tales #5+15% damage against Wendigos.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #1+15% damage against Mirelurks.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #2+15% damage against Super Mutants.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #3Swim twice as fast.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #4+25% more damage from the Alien Blaster.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #5+25% more damage from the Cryolator.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #6Regenerate 20 health points per minute.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #7+5 Max AP2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #8Take 25% less damage from robots.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #9+15 Poison Resistance.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #1030% less likely to catch diseases.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #11+15% more damage to Ghouls.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #1230% less likely to catch diseases.2 hoursAstonishingly Awesome Tales #13+30% increase to Radiation healing with RadAway.2 hoursBackwoodsman #1Collect extra meat when searching dead animals.2 hoursBackwoodsman #225% more damage with Tomahawks2 hoursBackwoodsman #3Crafting weapons costs fewer materials.2 hoursBackwoodsman #450% chance to get twice the items when harvesting plants.2 hoursBackwoodsman #515% more damage to animals.2 hoursBackwoodsman #650% more healing when eating cooked food.2 hoursBackwoodsman #750% less likely to contract a disease when eating/drinking.2 hoursBackwoodsman #830% increase in satisfaction when eating/drinking.2 hoursBackwoodsman #950% reduced cost to repairing buildings.2 hoursBackwoodsman #10Turrets in your CAMP/Workshop deal +50% damage.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #1+15% melee damage.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #2+20% harder to be detected while sneaking.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #3+15 Poison Resistance.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #4+30% VATS critical damage with melee weapons.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #5+15% damage to Scorched damage.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #6Melee weapons weigh 75% of their default weight.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #7Melee weapons degrade half as fast.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #82 damage resistance for every point in Charisma.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #9+10 carrying capacity.2 hoursGrognak the Barbarian #10+15 energy resistance.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #1+15% more damage to robots.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #2+30% VATS critical damage with laser weapons.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #330% VATS critical damage with ballistic guns.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #4+6 AP regeneration.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #5+50% more materials salvaged when scrapping weapons.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #6+10 damage resistance at night.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #7+10% damage with guns without scopes.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #8+15% more damage to Yao Guai.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #9+30% VATS critical damage with plasma weapons.2 hoursGuns and Bullets #10+15% more damage to Liberator Bots.2 hoursLive and Love #1+10 maximum health when on a team.2 hoursLive and Love #2+5 more damage inflicted on enemies when part of a team.2 hoursLive and Love #3+50% healing when eating fruit/veg.2 hoursLive and Love #4+10 AP regeneration when on a team.2 hoursLive and Love #5+2 Luck when drinking alcohol.2 hoursLive and Love #6+10 damage resistance when part of a team.2 hoursLive and Love #7+10 max AP when on a team.2 hoursLive and Love #8+5% more experience gained when on a team.2 hoursLive and Love #9+25% less damage taken from robots.2 hoursScout's Life #1Rad ingestion -30% when eating/drinking.2 hoursScout's Life #225% less damage from insects.2 hoursScout's Life #3+10 carrying capacity.2 hoursScout's Life #4Double the bleed out time when HP is reduced to 0.2 hoursScout's Life #580% less likely to contract diseases when hit by creatures.2 hoursScout's Life #630% slower rate reduction to hunger/thirst.2 hoursScout's Life #725% less damage from animals.2 hoursScout's Life #8AP cost reduced by 20% while sprinting.2 hoursScout's Life #9Placing a CAMP cost in caps is reduced by 80%.2 hoursScout's Life #10Item degradation -30%.2 hoursTesla Science #125% reduced damage from robots.2 hoursTesla Science #225% reduced damage from plasma weapons, grenades, and mines.2 hoursTesla Science #3Explosive attacks have a 30% bigger radius.2 hoursTesla Science #4Power Armor consumes a Fusion Core's power 15% slower.2 hoursTesla Science #5Heavy guns consume ammunition 20% slower.2 hoursTesla Science #6+15 Raditation Resistance (environmental)2 hoursTesla Science #7+30% VATS critical damage with energy weapons.2 hoursTesla Science #8+15% VATS critical damage with all weapons.2 hoursTesla Science #9+30% VATS critical damage with heavy guns.2 hoursThe Unstoppables #15% chance to take no damage when attacked.2 hoursThe Unstoppables #220% chance to take no damage from Scorched enemies.2 hoursThe Unstoppables #330% chance to take no damage from explosions.2 hoursThe Unstoppables #430% chance to take no damage from melee attacks.2 hoursThe Unstoppables #520% chance to take no damage from energy weapons.2 hoursTumbler's Today #120% wider sweet spot when lockpicking.2 hoursTumbler's Today #2Find extra bobby pins when picking up bobby pin boxes.2 hoursTumbler's Today #3+1 lockpicking skill.2 hoursTumbler's Today #4Bobby pins don't break when lockpicking.2 hoursTumbler's Today #520% wider sweet spot when lockpicking.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #1+10 damage resistance while sneaking.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #250% better hiding capability. Works in bright lights.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #3Take -10% damage from other players.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations manual #4+1 Perception2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #5+1 Perception2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #6Make 50% less noise when sneaking.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #7Hostile player's VATS accuracy when targeting you is reduced by 50%.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #825% more damage with knives and unarmed attacks.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #950% Stealth Boy duration.2 hoursU.S. Covert Operations Manual #10+1 Agility2 hoursAtomic CommandUnlocks minigame.PermanentAutomatronUnlocks minigamePermanentGrognak & the Ruby RuinsUnlocks minigamePermanentNuka TapperUnlocks minigamePermanentPipfallUnlocks minigamePermanentRed MenaceUnlocks minigamePermanentWasteladUnlocks minigamePermanentZeta InvadersUnlocks minigamePermanent
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Location Description AVR Medical CenterOn the coffee table in the ruined office with the hole in the wall adjacent to the two booths (head through the door to the left of the U-shaped reception desk, at the south reception lobby). On the desk by the door, inside the office (with the red sofa and two large mushroom lamps), off the balcony with the microfilm unit on it, north side second level, overlooking the main entrance lobby. On the desk with the ruined terminal farthest away from the door, in the office with the hole in the floor, with three dumped microfilm machines and standing lamp on the balcony outside the office, east side upper level. Aaronholt HomesteadOn the top shelf of the tall bookcase, south corner of the master bedroom, upstairs in the faded blue farmhouse with the red star on the porch wall (interior). In the enamel bucket by the red wheelbarrow, right of the Weapons Workbench (and Power Armor Station), inside the metal silo barn (interior). Alpine River CabinsOn the bottom bunk bed to the right of the bear rug, inside the south cabin (interior). On the small circular metal table in the treehouse to the south of the cabins, next to the terminal that controls the "spooky" effects. Arktos PharmaOn a wooden crate, with other crates on the top of the large rusting container shelf, under the fallen concrete ceiling (used as a foot ramp), in the large loading bay (interior). On the curved desk, to the right of the Arktos Pharma Terminal, on the right side of the top balcony, near the trunk, in the Cargobot Control chamber (interior). Bolton GreensNear the telephone on or under the main reception counter, in the entrance foyer by the pram and bicycle, and pair of double doors (interior). On the shelf of the last counter, by the light blue waste bin, under the window of the golf course reception passage accessed via the kitchens (interior). On the lower bunk bed closest to the sofa, cabinet, and fireplace along the west wall, opposite the trunk, in the upstairs bedroom (interior). Burdette ManorBeneath the Nuka-Cola wooden crate, in the north corner of the kitchen. Behind the cardboard box, on the low shelf of the small table in the eastern corner, near a moving dolly, across from the red trunk, in the attic area of the mansion. Camp AdamsIn the small Wood Pile, against the exterior back wall of the cabin with the bear statue outside it (with the trunk inside), northeast part of the camp. Camp McClintockOn the metal work counter, to the right of the Overseer's Cache, below the "Support Our Troops!" poster, on the north wall, ground level inside the main military building. Charleston Capitol BuildingOn the metal desk by the terminal, northwest corner of the large filing and archive office, in the basement, through the double doors adjacent to the Food Court (interior). Charleston RailyardIn the open corner locker in the last linked blue maintenance hut attached to the ceiling of the main yard building interior. Darling Sister's LabVertically placed, behind the picture frame leaning against the wall, to the right of the bed near a standing lamp in the northwest corner, inside the cabin on the west side, by the cliff, with the weathervane on the roof. Deathclaw IslandNear a possible Caps Stash, on the muddy Deathclaw burrow hole, in the middle of the island. Gauley MineOn the work surface with drawers, left of the locked safe (1), on the roof of the entrance area, inside the mine (interior). On the open locker in the upper western corner just left of the gantry steps, inside the large gantry platform and generator room inside the mine (interior). Grafton DamJust outside the piece of large pipe made into a hidey-hole camp, on the roof of the concrete rooms, below the gantry maintenance huts (interior). Greg's Mine SupplyOn the coffee table in the living room of the house with the rusting van parked outside it, northwest of (and across the road from) the Mine Supply store. Groves Family CabinOn or below the bottom bunk of the bunk bed outside the northwest cabin with the lockers inside it. The bed is on the side of the cabin near the small allotment of crops (exterior). Horizon's RestOn or around the metal shelf near the single airplane seat, on the north side of the electrical pylon platforms, at the bottom of the steps, near a covered fuselage walkway onto the rock outcrop. On the side cabinet with the open chem box, behind the three dark red plane seats, at the table on the kitchen platform attached to the electrical pylon. On the TV cabinet, inside the fuselage (southwest side) of the cockpit section of the airplane. Hornwright Industrial HeadquartersOn or around the wood desk (no terminal) with the red wastebasket, on Level 05, behind the inaccessible door, accessed via the hole in the conference room wall, via the duct ramp. On the shelf of the CEO's curved desk, in balcony office with the CEO's Terminal (3), part of the executive level (interior). On the seat by the terminal sitting on the green metal L-shaped desk attached to the mainframe in the north balcony corner of the Sub-Level (interior). Hornwright Summer VillaVertical, down the side of the yellowing, rusty fridge and east corner wall, in the kitchenette area and apartment, through the storage room above the double garage (interior). Under the stack of wine barrel casks, along the northwest wall of the basement interior (right side of the cask stack). Hunter's RidgeUnder the sofa, on the floor of the northeast treehouse shack near the living tree trunk, with the mattress and metal bucket. It could have fallen onto the shack floor. Kanawha County CemeteryInside the church, left side pew third from the front (if facing the cultist totem). Kanawha Nuka-Cola PlantOn a small wood crate next to a tool chest, on a gantry that can only be reached by climbing on the yellow crate-lifting machine in the middle of the sunken loading dock; west wall near the large doorway (interior). Vertical, half-hidden behind the white mainframe computer bank (right edge), inside the security corridor, near the ladder to the roof (interior). On the green work counter with the drawers and two fusion cores on it, inside the security mesh walled area with the mattress, through the security gate (2) in the generator room with the Weapons Workbench. Landview LighthouseOn the dining table with the chair stacked on it, inside the white Lighthouse Keeper's house (interior). On the picnic table, in the covered picnic area south of the lighthouse (exterior). Lewis & Sons Farming SupplyOn or around the metal counter on the balcony (southeast corner), on the upper part of the tractor barn. On the green metalwork counter with the drawers, inside the remains of the half-demolished small red barn. On the L-shaped counter attached to the small saloon doors, part of the cash register counter, inside the greenhouse. Mama Dolce's Food ProcessingIn the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on the shelf of the metal shelving trolley, on the raised area near the dead potted plant, in the laboratory (southern end). In the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on top of the metal shelf trolley between two stretchers, along the south wall of the infirmary and laboratory room. In the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on the southwest lower bunk with the skeleton on it, right of the Chinese flagpole, inside the dormitory. In the underground Fujiniya Intelligence Base, on the square lab table along the window shutter wall of the kitchen, north side of the base. Marigold PavilionIn the attic area with the sagging floor, between the dirty bed and the toy truck, inside the pavilion. Morgantown AirportInside the terminal building, on the low side table, north wall between the airport seating, opposite the kitchen and food stall (interior). On the counter near the hot plate and coffee pot, at the top of the airport control tower. Morgantown High SchoolIn the last locker on the left (with the door propped next to it), under the wall clock near the chained door, at the far end of the girls' restroom (interior). Between the two broken terminals on the table in the southeast corner of the library with the checkered floor (interior). On the metal desk with the locked terminal (2), in the middle of the upstairs interior by the short (but wide) set of steps. The office has a red door with "Happy Halloween" bunting above it (interior). Morgantown TrainyardOn or around the wood crates stored on the metal upstairs gantry of the storage warehouse, northeast balcony with the bed, above the main warehouse entrance. On the wooden box in the eastern corner, left of the black mainframe, inside the supervisor's tower above the open warehouse door. Ohio River AdventuresOn or below the wooden counter with the blue scales and cash register on it, by the white door and "Radioactive Roundup" poster, around the corner from the Weapons Workbench. Overlook CabinVertical, behind the radiator (right side) along the south side wall of the upstairs landing, just left of the ornate cabinet, right of the doorway marked "exit" (interior). Under the boiler, by the yellow trolley container full of debris, south corner of the storage basement (interior). Portside PubBehind the wood board, against the northeast wall, right of the hat stand and exit doorway, on the upper balcony eating area (interior). Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06On the small filing cabinet, left of the metal desk with the broken terminal inside the small blue maintenance hut, on the northeastern gantry platforms and stairs facing the cooling towers (exterior). Propped up against the radio, by the "Teddy Bears' Picnic" scenic anomaly, on the northwestern edge of the main plant roof’s highest level, behind the smokestacks. On the yellow diagnostic cart, near the two gigantic fans on the section of the main plant roof just above the front entrance. Vertical, between the consoles and the machinery, inside the maintenance room in the center of cooling tower #1. Behind some boxes, on the bottom shelf in the locker room near the reactor room (interior). On the lowest shelf of the metal shelves near the overturned cart in the basement locker room (interior). On the desk in the Plant Manager's office, near the windows overlooking the turbine hall (interior). On the table, on the top-most gantry platform in the Reactor Room. Relay Tower HN-B1-12On top of the mainframe computer terminal attached to the central pillar, facing southwest (if looking at the middle pillar), northeast side of the interior concrete hut, with the metal shelving to the left of the mainframe. Riverside ManorVertical, between the washing machine and suitcase, in the small laundry room close to the south exit onto the back porch (interior). Bottom left, lowest bookcase shelf, in the northeast corner of the library, next to the dark red leather sofa, with an upturned coffee table in front of it (interior). In the open green footlocker at the foot of the bed in the corner bedroom, second floor (interior). On the wooden desk, by the guest room terminal, in the northwest corner of the upstairs dormitory (interior). Silva HomesteadOn or around the sideboard with the green lamp on it, northwest wall of the dining room, ground floor of the gray farmhouse (interior). On the bottom metal shelf, between the two Weapons Workbenches, inside the large curve-roofed storage barn. Summersville DocksOn the broken bookcase, bottom shelf, in the small red storage shed with the rusty pickup outside, towards the southwest end of the docks, by the parking lot. On the bottom of the metal shelf, end of the right side railing of the southeast boat dock, above the dry lake. Inside the broken opening of the white overturned boat, by the wooden block also under the boat, half-buried at the side of the southeast boathouse, near a rusting red buoy. SuttonWedged halfway under the baseboard between the sink and toilet, in the restroom with the fallen door, in the junk-filled Tinkerer's basement (opposite the Tinker’s Workbench), inside The Overseer’s Childhood Home, north side of town (interior). Vertical, between the three cardboard boxes and plunger, on the ornate console, under the faded blue-and-white-striped tent tarp, on the roof due north of the church, on top of the Pharmacy building, with tree-trunk access from the railroad tracks to the east (exterior). The Giant TeapotInside the small blue container tray, at the foot of the shelving; enter using the door to the right of the Nuka-Cola machine, and turn left, to check for the magazine. In, around, or behind the open blue fridge on the south curved wall, inside the Giant Teapot. Torrance HouseTucked halfway under the yellow metal trolley container full of debris, on the stone deck with the child's tricycle, and the wood blocks spelling out "REDRUM", near the "Caution Wet Paint" sign, on the southwest side of the mansion (exterior). Behind the three large paintings (the front one is of water lilies) propped against the east wall of the octagonal room with the ornate furniture (and large desk in the middle) (interior). Transmission Station 1AT-U03On or below the metal shelving just right of the red trunk, east corner of the locked concrete transmission hut (interior). Twin Pine CabinsVertical, between two metal barrels, at the entrance corner of the lower cabin with the green trunk inside it. Tygart Water TreatmentOn or around the square metal table with the radio under it, eastern corner of the Raider construction, in the upper (main) part of the treatment defenses area. Tyler County FairgroundsOn top of one of the two wood barrels, in the long, empty metal hay barn with the metal audience chairs outside; east side of the grounds. In the second-to-left green outhouse toilet (the middle cluster of three sets of outhouses), southwest area of the grounds, close to the "Apples, Hotdogs" stall. On the bottom of the metal shelving with the Toy Rocketships on it, in the "prize booth" stall with the green-and-white tent top, west side of the grounds. Vault 76RobCo Fun! Magazine, on the bedside computer terminal table, with Nuka Tapper Holotape Game. Vault-Tec Agricultural Research CenterOn the cardboard boxes sitting on the sofa, by the sleeping bag in the office with Macfadden's Terminal in it; upstairs and southwest of the stairwell, in the Research Center (interior). On or around the shelf in the northwest corner of the small storage room (blue wallpaper), between the ruined conference room (hole in the wall) and the filing room (across the hallway), in the Research Center (interior). On the desk with the destroyed terminal and telephone, northeast corner of the filing office, left of the propped "atom" picture, upstairs inside the center (interior). On the large sink and wire shelving, in the southwest washroom area of the basement laboratory of the Research Center (not in the flooded area) (interior). Vault-Tec UniversityOn the circular wood table with the white leather chairs, by a reclining skeleton, in the blue wallpaper lounge; Room 204. On the teacher's desk with the Globe on it, in the Classroom inside the Simulation Vault (interior). On the square table by the counter, in the cafeteria of the Simulation Vault (interior). Wixon HomesteadOn the small ornate upstairs table, in the middle of the east wall in the bedroom, inside the farmhouse. WV Lumber Co.On the large, rough wood dining table adjacent to the stairwell, in the large interior chamber of the lumber mill with the table saw. On the metal desk with the skeletal parts on it, at the back (raised) area of the mechanic's metal garage with the Chemistry Station in it, east side of the yard.
Sours: https://fallout-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_76_perk_magazine_locations
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Fallout 76 Wiki Guide

In Fallout 76, you can find Magazines while exploring Appalachia, and can be collected - but they have changed in the way they affect the player.

Unlike previous Fallout games, both Bobbleheads and Magazines no longer provide permanent bonuses. Once obtained, they will remain in your inventory until they are "consumed", at which point they will grant a bonus for a full hour - the bonus matching close to what that item did in previous fallout games. If you are able to find a second collectible of the same type, you can use it again to refill the current timer.

Currently, it is not known if Magazines appear in specific locations, or if they are randomly placed in the world - as once a person grabs a Magazine, they disappear from the world in that instance.

Astonishingly Awesome Tales
Backwoodsman 2 +25% Tomahawk Damage
Grognak the Barbarian
Guns and Bullets
Live & Love
Live & Love 4 +10% AP Regen When in a Team
Scouts' Life
Tales from the West Virginia Hills
Tesla Science
Tumblers Today
The Unstoppables
Unstoppables 4 +30% Chance to Avoid Melee Damage
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/fallout-76/Magazines_Locations,_Map,_and_How_They_Work
33 Magazine Locations over 3 Farming Runs - Fallout 76 Magazine Farming - Maps Included - LITerally


Alpine River CabinsOn a round table in the treehouse up the hill on the south side of the area.Appalachian AntiquesBehind the counter to the left of the cash registerBeckleyIn the women’s bathroom of the gas station, behind a locked (Picklock 0) door.Big B’s Rest StopNear the food serving area by the stairs in the rest stop building.Bolton GreensOn the front reception desk, beside the bell.Camden ParkLocated on rollercoaster in the seat.Camp AdamsLocated on a bench around the central campfire.Camp VentureOn a set of shelves near the overseer’s cache in the command centre.Charleston trainyardIn an open locker in the catwalk areas of the lower areas, near a terminalDolly Sods WildernessIn the ground floor bathroom of the residential building.Dolly Sods WildernessOn a magazine rack in the room with the grand piano in the camp office building.The Giant TeapotIn a basket in the Red Rocket stop.Grafton DamNear some pipes in the SouthWest cornerHorizon’s RestOn a TV stand in one of the parts of the crashed planeLewis & Sons Farming SupplyIn the red broken open shed, immediately east of the barn. It will be sitting on a cabinet next to three sealed glass jars.Landview LighthouseOn the picnic table next to a dead settler in the picnic pavilion to the north of the lighthouse.Marigold PavilionTo the left of the red dirty mattress on the second floor.Morgantown trainyardOn a wooden box in the towerMosstownOn a magazine rank in the eastern section, next to a level 3 safeNew Appalachian central trainyardOn a desk in the towerPhilippi Battlefield CemeteryUpstairs on the floorPioneer Scout CampNext to the outhouse beside the archery range.Ranger district officeOn the floor in the room with the fireplaceRelay tower LW-B1-22Inside on the central terminal stationRipper AlleyIn the small lookout towerSilva homesteadOn the bottom of a metal shelf between the armour workbench and weapons workbench in the large storage area near the siloSons of Dane compoundIn the cellar on a table with a microscopeTreetopsOn the second-to-top level, on a table next to a birdhouse.Tygart water treatmentOn a table in the northeast corner of the fenced in area, next to a radio.Tyler County FairgroundsOn the left barrel in a stable area on the east side of the fairgrounds, near the large slide.Whitespring golf clubOn a bookshelf in the fancy lounge on the bottom floor (next to the locker room).Wavy Willard’s Water ParkIn the underground maintence section near the workbench a magazine can sometimes be found.Twin LakesOn a ledge next to a deflated boatUncanny CavernsOn a magazine rack in the corner of the gift shop.
Sours: https://videogamesuncovered.com/wiki-guides/fallout-76/magazines/

76 locations fallout 2020 magazine

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Fallout 76 - 63 Magazine Locations New Wastelanders Update

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