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Insignia TV

Rated with 1 star
Maureen of Arvada, CO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 30,

I have to reset this TV multiple times during the week by unplugging and plugging back in because it freezes or it just shuts down. When I rewind a show the picture disappears. I have to rewind it several times in order to get the picture to come back on the screen. I have had other Insignia TVs that were not fire TVs and they were great for my purpose and lasted several years. I would suggest not buying this television. Unfortunately the time to return is up so I can't return it, now I'm stuck with it.

Rated with 1 star
Beth of Garden Grove, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6,

Purchased a 43” tv thru Amazon with Best Buy as “seller” in June. My daughter was moving and didn’t open box for 35 days. Immediate quality problems so she called Insingia 5 times troubleshooting issues. They determined it needed to be replaced but they only replace TVs over 51”, so I had to go back thru Amazon. Amazon said the seller is Best Buy so it had to go through their warranty which is only 30 days! So I’m out $ and have a tv they told me to just throw away!!

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Rated with 5 stars
Christie of Toledo, Ohio Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27,

Insignia TV's are okay if you have another one as well. It has served its purpose for just watching the average television programs. For watching sports, not so much. It tends to blur somewhat with close-up plays and relays. Will get a big screen Sony shortly before OSU football is on.

Rated with 1 star
Stephanie of Chelsea, MA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26,

I bought an Insignia tv from Best Buy not even a year ago and the POS died already. Nothing but garbage. Don't waste your money! I was told by the Best Buy employee "Ohhh it's a WONDERFUL tv!" I'd like to take it back and throw it at him.

Rated with 1 star
Al of Great Falls, VA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16,

I bought a 55" Insignia TV from Best Buy in February and it is now August (18 months of regular use), the TV stopped working altogether. It cost me $ The quality of the TV set was not that good either while it was working.

Rated with 1 star
Kyle of Chula Vista, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29,

dollars spent on this and the cord doesn't even stay in the TV. It fall out every five minutes and when it does stay in the TV the slightest breeze hitting my home will knock it out. Terrible product. I actually switched the 4k TV out for my old 32 in sung from 12 hears ago and it works so much better. Please don't buy Insignia product. Not only are they cheaply made they will not help you when they shipped you a broken product.

Rated with 1 star
namers of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30,

I echo everything everyone else said: it's terrible! Dropping the signal several to dozens of times, restarting from scratch is a pain! Or, it will refresh but then go back 5 minutes and don't try to resume where you were, it's impossible to ff. The remote is a tiny thing made for tiny hands. It often doesn't work at all and it isn't the batteries.

Here's the thing: I have uVerse so if I connect with my antenna, it will play fine but is grainy and the volume is low. The only time it's ok, it depends on the network I'm watching. Forget HULU or any streaming service. Ballgames from has a nice picture/sound but otherwise it's back and forth from uVerse to wifi. I have considered getting a 50' flat ethernet cable and use the modem but I might just get internet TV, not uVerse TV. Crazy-making piece of dreck! I used my stimulus to buy it and could only afford this TV. Staring at a black/blank screen and hitting buttons isn't working. I so miss a "regular" TV, not a so-called "smart TV". There's nothing smart about it!

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Rated with 2 stars
alan of Cleveland, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28,

We bought an Insignia Fire TV from Best Buy in July Now it is June and it is shot. A few months ago the picture and sound would go off from time to time. It became more often. We had a warranty and called for a repairman. Best Buy uses Geek Squad. The first time they didn't send a repair but an installer. But it has been installed correctly. So that made no difference but delayed getting things fixed. So again I ordered a repairman emphasizing that I wanted a REPAIR man. They tried to get me to take it off the wall and bring it in, but we are in our 80s, it is heavy and on the wall. We would not do that. Well they repair man was late and missed their time frame. He came in, and within 5 minutes said, "Oh you have a picture." We knew that. He said he would need to get a part if he could. He said a lot of the Insignia TVs have this problem. So now we are waiting to see if they can get a part. I am not happy with Best Buy and Geek Squad. Bottom line I would not recommend buying one.

Rated with 1 star
Dan of Perth Amboy, NJ Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23,

This tv will not work with a Fios One remote. I guess it’s so they can sell you a universal remote. It takes forever to boot. Sound is horrible. I can’t even get them to answer the phone to discuss. Gonna return it and buy a name brand. Do not waste your money. Spend the extra few bucks and get a name brand.

Rated with 3 stars
Christina of Santa Monica, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19,

I mean sure, as far as tv's go I can imagine there could be a worse tv. Somebody out there has to have a tv worse than this, so it cannot be the worst, but frankly, unless you're planning on buying it on Black Friday, or if you're looking for a cheap and temporary television to send your child to college with, it's good. Besides that, there are better brands out there.

My god, I used to think the problem was my internet until I learned that it was the television. It glitches, it crashes, and honestly I'm just tired of it. At the first opportunity I will be getting a new tv. This is a bottom tier tv. This is the kind of tv you buy when it's on sale and you're looking with budget rather than quality in mind. If you are looking for a television and you can afford to spend more on another tv besides this one, do that.

Even the process for making a review is messed up. Had to make a whole account and everything because the "use google" function didn't want to work. Started to wonder if they make reviews more difficult or try to deter people from reviewing because they know that nobody's coming here to rave about it, but simply want people. Anyways, just don't bother. If you are looking for a sign NOT to buy a television or product from this company, THIS IS IT. Don't say nobody warned you when it's 7pm and you're trying to watch television but the different apps are finding different ways to glitch or crash.

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Are Insignia TVs good? Does it worth buying one?

If your budget is tight enough, but you still want a good TV in terms of price-quality ratio, then one brand that you might be advised on is Insignia.

Let’s start with the origin of this brand. We had a separate article about who owns the Insignia brand, so you can read that too if you want.

In short, the Insignia brand is owned by Best Buy, and most of the TVs are made by the Chinese corporation Hisense. There’s a wide variety of models – starting from the low-end ones and to the Insignia Fire TV Edition, that’s a Smart TV. The TVs’ sizes vary also in a wide range – from 15 inches models to 70 inches TVs. There are even 4K HDR models, they look even higher than mid-range solutions.

What’s Insignia TVs position on the martket?

Let’s take a brief look at the niche that Insignia TVs occupy in the market. It’s more of a mid-range niche, Insignia TVs are cheaper than Samsung, LG, or Sony, however, they’re more expensive than TVs offered by Chinese brands. So their position is in the mid of these two categories.

These TVs are usually chosen by those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a TV, but still want to buy a good quality TV. In general, TVs do offer a lot of interesting features including Amazon Fire TV OS and you will save some money compared to TVs from brands like Samsung, LG, or Sony.

In case you consider Insignia TVs from this perspective, they’re at least worthy of your closer look.

Are Insignia TVs any good?

As I said, that’s a mid-range solution that provides you with quite a fair price/quality ratio. However, don’t expect a lot, as the list of features would be tighter compared to TVs offered by top-tier brands.

There wouldn’t be an excellent picture quality (as companies like LG or Samsung that supply screens to Hisense aren’t supplying their freshest solutions). But if you’ll be okay without an excellent picture quality and would be okay with a little compromise, that’s maybe the best choice.

My opinion is the following. I recommend buying Insignia TVs in case:

  • You use your TV for background entertainment when you are doing something else.
  • You want to buy a TV that you don’t use often
  • You rarely use the TV
  • You don’t care about picture quality
  • You simply don’t have enough money to buy a TV from high-tier brand

From this perspective, you would be satisfied with what you get. However, if you’re a more sophisticated customer, Insignia TV may be not enough to satisfy all your needs.

I don’t recommend you buy an Insignia TV in case:

  • If you often watch TV at night
  • If you like to watch theatrical movies or play AAA games
  • If all other devices and appliances in your home provide staggering picture quality

In that case, it’s better to add some money and buy a solution from high-end brands to get exactly what you want, not a compromise. If that’s your first-ever TV, consider all the points above twice, as there’s a high chance that you may get unsatisfied with Insignia TV.

However, if the TV isn’t the device for long-lasting watching, this may be a good solution that will save some of your money.

What Insignia TV worth buying?

After you’ve considered the points above and decided that Insignia TV is right for you, here are some models you can pay a closer look for. I recommend choosing only Insignia Fire TV Edition, they’re quite cheap and offer a lot of great features.

Insignia Fire TV Edition

This is the series of TVs that deserves the most attention. The Insignia Fire TV Edition is running Amazon Fire TV OS and there’s an Alexa voice remote control. So you don’t even have to press any buttons, you can just talk into your remote and turn on a show, for example.

Given that it’s a Smart TV, you can use various streaming services and broadcasting networks, including HBO Max, Netflix, and Starz.

So it’s a pretty smart choice, especially if you plan on using your TV to watch a lot of content through streaming services.

Here are some models you can take a closer look at.

Insignia NSDFNA19 inch Smart HD TV – Fire TV, Released

This TV is going with 35% off (as of August 9, ) and the price is $ without a discount and $ with a discount. 32 inches is a good size for a small room, but wouldn’t suit a big lounge. So if your room is of a big size, better consider bigger TV.

Also, keep in mind it’s only p and was released in However, for $ it looks like a very tasty deal, especially if you use TV to watch the content of mid-quality.

Insignia NSDFNA21 inch Smart 4K UHD – Fire TV, Released

The current price is $ as of August 9, A frankly fair price for all features you will get. Unlike the inch model, it’s 4K and was released in inch is still so-so for a big lounge, but it will perfectly suit a mid-size room.

INSIGNIA NSDFNA21 inch Smart 4K UHD – Fire TV, Released

A great choice for movies and gaming. That’s a good choice for large rooms (if you want to buy an even bigger TV – take a look at NSFNA22, it costs $ and was released in ). The display was made using LCD technology and offers 4K resolution.

The price for this TV is $, as of August 9,

This article was written by Hai-Marie Newman and was reviewed by Vladislav Sheridan, a Managing Editor at Splaitor, according to Splaitor’s Quality and Fact-Checking Policy.

Featured image credit: TV Repair

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You’ve seen them – 4K TVs at shockingly low prices from a mysterious brand called Insignia.

It seems like there’s no way a TV with 4K resolution, a inch screen, and Fire TV integrated should cost less than $ – which gets people wondering whether or not Insignia is a good brand. 

Here’s the bottom line: Insignia TVs are a fine brand. They aren’t going to blow your mind like a new Sharp Aquos will, but they are much better than you’d expect. If you’re looking for a solid deal on a quality TV, Insignia may just be the way to go

Today, we’re going to dive into the Insignia brand and discuss exactly why they’re able to sell solid TVs at budget-friendly prices!

Insignia: Brand Overview

Best Buy – the place you used to buy printers and TVs before Amazon took over – started selling TVs, tablets, cables, and other small products under the Insignia label back when TVs still looked like big plastic cubes.

They’re fully owned and sold by Best Buy, but the manufacturing is outsourced to China. 

best buy makes insignia tvs

Insignia offers several different TVs, in sizes as small as 32 inches and as large as 70 inches. Some models are still in p, but the majority have been upgraded to 4K.

Additionally, most Insignia TVs are “smart TVs” and have either Amazon Fire TV or Roku TV built-in.

A Budget Brand, First and Foremost

How much do Insignia TVs cost?

On the whole, less than premium brands like Sony, Sharp, and Samsung.

For example, a inch smart TV with 4K resolution and HDR from Insignia costs less than $, while a TV with the same specs from Samsung would set you back more than double that price. 

Buying an Insignia TV means that you’re going to get a good deal compared to other brands, every single time. If you’re shopping on a budget, it’s very hard to go wrong with Insignia!

Insignia Smart TVs: Not Always About Low Prices

Insignia’s place in the TV world is near the bottom in terms of price, but not always in terms of quality or technology.

On the contrary, they’re usually right up there with industry leaders – they even have exclusive deals with Amazon!

Insignia was one of the first companies to dive into the Smart TV revolution a decade ago, and they are still often at the forefront of technology integration today.

For example, Insignia was one of the brands that launched the first 4K Roku and Fire TVs. As of , they were the only brand that had an official partnership with Amazon to sell sets with Fire TV built-in.

This stands in contrast to the general perception that Insignia TVs are just for people working with tight budgets.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming these TVs only have a low price tag to offer – often, they still pack a powerful punch!

What Other Products Does Insignia Make?

While televisions are, clearly, the most important product Insignia has to offer, they are still involved in other parts of the tech world. Here’s a brief rundown of all the different products sold under the Insignia label:

  • Laptops and Desktops
  • Home Theater and Surround Sound
  • Projectors
  • Tablets
  • Gaming equipment (controllers, keyboards, etc)
  • Cables, batteries, and chargers

The Big Question: Why are Insignia TVs so Cheap?

If you want to truly understand whether or not Insignia is a good brand, you need to know why their stuff is so cheap compared to other brands.

Is it because they are just worse, or is it because other brands charge more because of their reputation?

We know that Insignia TVs offer the same screen resolution, size, and smart features that other brands do. So, how are they able to offer prices that are so much lower?

The short answer is that the price you pay for a TV doesn’t always have as much to do with its quality as you might think. 

Sometimes, paying $+ for a new TV means you get a phenomenal product, and other times it means you’ve forked over extra cash for nothing more than a brand name.

The complete answer to this question – why are Insignia TVs so darn cheap?has a lot to do with where (and when) Insignia TV parts come from. Let’s explore:

Where do Insignia TVs Come From?

Obviously, Insignia TVs come from China, Taiwan, and Japan.

The components are built in many different factories, assembled in China, and shipped to the states.

Unlike major brands, though, Best Buy doesn’t own factories or design TVs. Instead, they outsource production to several different manufacturers. 

These TVs are made in the same factories as the major brands, which is why you’ll see parts from Samsung, LG, and other companies in an Insignia TV if it’s cracked open.

Usually, the TVs are produced with leftover components and materials from the previous year’s models.

That means that unused/surplus screens and processors from model Samsung TVs will find their way into model Insignias.

That makes them cheap and easy to produce, even though the components themselves are still very good

It’s a bit like getting last year’s iPhone the month after the newest model is released – you’re not getting a bad phone, you’re just getting a great deal on a slightly older one.

If you buy an Insignia TV, you won’t get a bad TV per se, you’ll just be getting one that’s slightly older than a top-of-the-line Samsung.

Pros and Cons of Buying an Insignia TV


  • You’ll Save a LOT of Money: this is the main reason anyone should buy an Insignia TV. If you have less than $ to spend on a 4K Smart TV, get an Insignia!
  • Still High-Quality: As discussed, the fact that these TVs are economical does not mean they’re “cheap”. You’re still getting a great TV, it’s just not as new under the hood. 
  • Fire TV-Enabled: if you’ve outfitted your home with Amazon Echo devices, it only makes sense that your TV is running on the same smart home system. And, when you get an Insignia TV, you don’t have to buy a Fire TV device separately!


  • Components May be Outdated: The screens, processors, and other components on these TVs are likely a model year older than what you’d get from Samsung, Toshiba, or Sony. If you want the “latest and greatest”, Insignia might not be the right choice for you. 
  • Speakers are “Meh” at Best”: This isn’t a problem unique to Insignia, but it is still worth mentioning. Don’t expect the audio to be anything more than mediocre, and if you want better audio, be prepared to buy a soundbar!

Alternatives to Insignia: Other Budget TV Brands to Consider


This brand is most recognizable as the most popular Smart TV with Roku built-in.

These TVs are, to the eye of the average consumer, virtually identical to Insignia in terms of price, picture quality, and overall value. 

So, why would someone buy a TCL TV instead of an Insignia, or vice versa?

The answer is simple: if you prefer Amazon Fire TV’s interface, get an Insignia. If you like Roku better, get a TCL. Both brands offer very similar TVs at very similar prices. 

Westinghouse TV

If money is truly the only thing that matters to you, get a Westinghouse TV.

Virtually every Westinghouse is going to be the cheapest in its class, and that isn’t always a good thing.

They look, feel, and sound cheap – but if savings are your top concern, keep Westinghouse in mind. 

The Bottom Line: Should You Buy an Insignia TV?

If you can reasonably afford a high-quality, expensive TV, you should spring for something nicer than Insignia without looking back.

But, if you don’t mind having last year’s technology in your new TV, and you want to save a few hundred dollars, get yourself an Insignia. After all, TV technology only improves very slightly year to year; technological leaps are typically slower. 

Insignia is a good brand, but not the best. Alongside TCL, they are the top choice for cheap TVs that are still worth buying.

That said, if you can spring for a $2, Samsung, you won’t be disappointed.

It all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend: if your budget tops out at $, get an Insignia. If you’ve got more to spend, opt for something top-of-the-line.

Have you owned an Insignia TV in the past? What was your opinion of it? Or, if you haven’t owned one, do you have any questions about Insignia TVs?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

32 Inch Amazon Fire Smart TV Review Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32-inch

What Is The Insignia Brand Known For?

A lot of people claim that Insignia is a poor brand, but is that really true? In this article, I’ll be just concentrating on their TV as it is one of Insignia’s most popular products. We’ll be taking a look at the best-selling Insignia TV, and evaluating whether or not it is any good…

Insignia TV’s are super budget-friendly and surprisingly very highly rated for an item so cheap. At worse, the Insignia TV is the ideal affordable choice for a kid’s room however thousands of customers absolutely love it as their main TV!

Is Insignia a good tv brand?

What is the Insignia brand?

Insignia is the consumer electronics brand of Best Buy, which is a massive American electronics store. They have a wide range of electronic products, from televisions to fridges, to headphones.

The Insignia brand has a simple goal: to create an outstanding value for everyone, regardless of income level. They’ve succeeded in bringing high-quality home electronics to millions of customers who’d otherwise not be able to afford them. With this philosophy, this brand offers you quality products at an extraordinary value.

So let’s see what customers have to say about Insignia TV and about the brand itself…

Is Insignia A Good Brand?

While Insignia is not a household name, it does offer value for consumers. They make products that are based on the same technology as higher-end companies like Sony, Toshiba, and Vizio. However, Insignia is generally more affordable.

When you search the web there seems to be a high volume of negative responses coming to the fore however I can only go on what customers are saying in the Insignia TV reviews and with a massive 32, reviews there is no way the results can be manipulated.

So I can only assume the negative makes more noise and gets more traction because This TV has an AMAZING 80% of reviewers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

Insignia NSDFNA19 inch Smart HD TV – Fire TV Edition

Insignia NSDFNA19 inch Smart HD TV - Fire TV Edition

Click image to view on Amazon

The Insignia Smart HD TV – Fire TV Edition provides access to a world of entertainment. Enjoy over 3 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, and games on Amazon Fire TV.

This Insignia Smart Hub TV has access to Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, and YouTube right out of the box. The built-in apps will make it easy for you to get the premium entertainment you want — no adding extra boxes or paying more for additional equipment required.

Example of comments from Insignia reviews:

I was able to review some of the more “TECHY” blogs all of which suggested that Insignia was a superior product compared to other budget friendly brands.

  • It’s sharp and bright, and the audio is a ton better than some other mid/low-level brand names.
  • Fantastic TV!!! Great sound, Beautiful picture quality!!! Etc !!!
  • Love this brand! It’s worth every penny. You wouldn’t be disappointed
  • My family enjoys this brand of smart TV.
  • Alexa works well and the setup procedure was very simple. Will definitely buy this brand again!
  • Excellent quality – hard to find a better deal from other brands!
  • Love the Brand but now with it being a smart TV and having Alexa, it’s frigging AWESOME.
  • This brand far exceeded my expectations for a smart TV.
  • I love this brand. I have it in 3 different sizes. The picture quality is amazing. And the sound is very good as well/ the Alexa voice remote is another awesome feature.
  • Love the Insignia brand.
  • Insignia was new to me but it turned out to be a great Brand.
  • Great TV Brand.
  • The Insignia Smart TV can stand up to any brand smart tv in the HD line.

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Is Insignia TV Any Good?

Insignia TVs are a popular choice for people looking to upgrade to a Smart TV but don’t want to shell out the money that brands like Sony or LG require. The latest TVs from Insignia are just as good as the more expensive brands. An Insignia TV is very easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about not having the latest technology.

Most people think that when they are considering an Insignia TV, they will have to make a sacrifice on quality. This is simply not the case. You will be shocked at the difference a TV of this quality will make.

Example of comments from the Insignia TV reviews:

% best purchase I have ever made on Amazon. I bought this TV for my family during Christmas and they love it. The picture quality is so crisp and the colors are vibrant. The smart features are awesome you have access to Netflix, Amazon video, YouTube and so much more. And last but not least it has an HDMI hookup so you can watch things from a computer to your TV.

  • Best TV ever. This TV does it all and has 4 HDMI inputs. That’s a lot of peripherals to the same tv.
  • Okay, so this is my first ever tv that I have bought with my money or that I’ve ever owned and it’s awesome.
  • This is probably the best thing I’ve bought myself in the last year.
  • Such a great TV for the best price. Super lightweight, easy to install, I love the smart features.
  • My ultimate favorite purchase on Amazon. I just love this tv.
  • Truly an awesome tv and it shipped directly from Best Buy, not a third party.
  • It’s really the best you can get for this price, Insignia’s have never let me down.
  • Best television investment I’ve ever made!
  • THIS THING IS GREAT……it puts my Vizio tv in the living room to shame.
  • It is one of the best TVs I’ve ever bought we can actually talk to it and it talks back to me that was scary fits perfectly in the motorhome.
  • Amazing deal for the money. Very good picture quality and sound. I highly recommend this product. One of the best TVs I ever had.

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If You’ve Never Had A Voice Remote You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Perfect for the whole family to enjoy, this Insignia voice-enabled Smart TV makes it easy to control your entertainment with a simple voice command. The Insignia Voice Remote is packed with features to help you get the most out of your TV.

Example of comments from the Insignia TV reviews:

The voice controlled remote is so easy to use. Just press the microphone button and speak whatever you want it to do “open nexflix”, “whatever the movie title is”, and etc. it’s a great option for visually challenged, and for folks who are intimidated by new technology. Our daughters grandmother can now easily find the shows when she babysits.

  • I really enjoy the voice feature. I can search for an actor, a specific show or genre, or just ask for dolphin movies.
  • The voice command is spot on and fun! Everything about is impressive!
  • I love the voice response button it’s so helpful instead of having to sort through apps to find a show you can just say things like “bobs burger on Hulu” and it brings you right to it
  • The tv is responsive to our voices and we love the voice recognition from dot to the tv.
  • Truly am glad that I purchased this smart tv. The features are amazing, with great picture quality. I really like using the voice remote. Great price and quality in my opinion.
  • The voice search feature is fantastic.
  • It’s just super quick and responsive to the voice-controlled remote.
  • The voice remote makes it easy to be a fat lazy douche.
  • Voice recognition for the price of this TV is well worth it.
  • The remote with voice-activated search is really cool as well. So much over bang for the buck!

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Does The Insignia TV Have WiFi?

Yes, it does. Free yourself from wires with this Insignia TV that features built-in WiFi connectivity. The Insignia TV’s brand new wireless capabilities give you the flexibility to connect wirelessly to the internet and enjoy your favorite movies and shows from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and YouTube.

Example of comments from Insignia reviews:

Wifi set up was instantaneous. No need to use a Roku or other device with this TV. The YouTubeTV app is what we use for most viewing, plus the various streaming choices.

  • Very easy to download your favorite apps, connects to WiFi with ease, and gives the exact same feel as the Firestick.
  • I’m using this in my garage and love the fact that I don’t need to worry about running cables to the tv. I get a strong WiFi signal in my garage and have zero problems streaming HD content.
  • It hooked right up to my wifi with no problems. After that, I was able to easily connect it to my Amazon account.
  • We use Sling TV and it worked flawlessly on the campground’s WiFi.
  • Hooked everything up in less than 20 minutes from unboxing, tv stand, plugin and WiFi set up, usual updates with any new electronic and was watching Netflix in the comfort of my bed.
  • Awesome tv. The wifi connection is simple and fast with a super clean picture.
  • The setup was super easy. It detected my wifi immediately and only had to input my password and it was up and running.
  • Was a breeze to set up as a smart tv. Love the fact that it was one plug and play tv and was set up and watching Netflix in minutes including my WiFi password.
  • I love this Tv you just need WIFI. I’ve canceled all cable in my house and just have fire TVs in all rooms. Having this Tv has saved me over dollars a month.
  • Great tv, excellent value works really well with WiFi. Firestick features first-rate fast response time and app download.

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Do You Need A Good TV For Your Camper or RV?

If you’re in the market for an RV TV, you probably know that there are just as many different manufacturers of televisions as there are RV brands. What makes the Insignia so good for RVs and Campers is the WiFi functionality and of course the low price…

Example of comments from Insignia reviews:

We installed this in our bedroom in the camper. This thing is AWESOME! When our campsites have WiFi we have unlimited television, even local channels!

  • We love this TV. Bought it for our camper and runs off of our Hotspot just fine.
  • If you’re looking for a smart TV for a camper, bedroom, or workspace this is the perfect TV.
  • Mounted this TV in our camper, and we love it!
  • This is our second one buying for our camper and we love it. The other one is used outside. The picture quality is great and easy to set up.
  • The TV is lightweight and really thin. Has good quality and was perfect for our small RV.
  • Quality RV TV at a very reasonable price.
  • It fits excellent in my RV. It is a perfect size, with beautiful colors.
  • Got this smart tv for my RV, now I can watch all movies on amazon prime and more.
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product which we purchased as a replacement TV in our RV. It was simple to set up and worked flawlessly right out of the box.

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Do You Need An Affordable TV For Your Kid’s Rooms?

Kids just love having their own tv and with the Insignia, you can get one for the kid’s room or playroom at a very affordable price. Thye can watch all of their favorite movies, play video games, and they absolutely love the voice control feature…

Example of comments from Insignia reviews:

Bought 1 for the kids room a year ago and loved it so much it was my go to when replacing another old TV. Now we have 2! Much more than I expected, especially for the price!

  • It’s perfect if you need an extra tv around the house. I’d recommend it for a home gym, a kitchen, a child’s/teen’s bedroom, etc.
  • This TV is a great purchase for a child’s room or for anyone who likes simple technology.
  • Perfect tv for kids’ room! This is a great budget option and tv size for a child’s room.
  • It is perfect for my child’s dorm room.
  • This product is great for my year-old. We stream Amazon Prime and Disney+ and it works so well for him.
  • Perfect for my child’s room. The ease of voice control is great!
  • The tv is great. Beautiful picture great sound easy setup. The kids love it.
  • Oh, this tv! Great quality and features! My kids prefer this tv over others in the house because of the voice activation.
  • A great price on a decent TV for the kid’s playroom. They enjoy Netflix, Amazon, and the games that are available on the TV. For the price, you can’t go wrong!
  • These are such great TVs and the price can’t be beaten! My kids were super excited to receive TVs but they especially love that these have built-in firesticks so they can watch endless movies!

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How To Contact Insignia?

Insignia are easy to contact via email or by phone and they also clearly show their mailing address as well on the following page…

Insignia also has quite a comprehensive support page here… where you can find product support topics, FAQs and community discussions, warranty information, and more.

In summary, Insignia is an electronics brand owned by Best Buy. For years, it was basically the line of house brands at Best Buy that were sold exclusively in their stores and online.

Insignia has a variety of products. Today, they have tablets, TVs, sound systems for homes and vehicles, computers and components for desktops, cameras, and camcorders. Their prices are usually much less than you’ll find for the same products from big-name manufacturers like Samsung or Sony.

While they are certainly not top quality, Insignia makes affordable home electronics that are perfect for those who want to keep it simple.

The TV, in particular, offers every feature you will ever need and at such an incredible budget-friendly price it’s hard to go past.

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Tvs are good insignia

Should you buy an Insignia TV? Are they any good?

Insignia is a US TV brand operated by the retail giant Best Buy. It offers a range of budget TVs at a variety of sizes and spec sheets. But are Insignia TVs any good?

The first thing to note is that Insignia TV sets come in a wide range of options. There are small screens, big TVs, those with 4K HDR and even those with integrated Amazon Fire TV. Here we'll show you what's on offer and help you decide if they're worth buying.

We'll also show you some of the best deals around. With so many seasonal sales around, there are some tempting Insignia discounts among best TV deals

Short answer: Insignia TVs offer a broad range of features for not much money, so if you're on a tight budget, they're definitely worth considering. However, if you're expecting stunning contrast ratios and superb 4K picture quality, you might be disappointed – at the price, it's doubtful the TVs will be able to compete with high-end Sony, Samsung and LG TVs.

But if you're looking for a second set for a bedroom, will be mostly watching in the daytime, or just want the TV on in the background while you do something else, they'll likely serve you well. But if you want a centrepiece for movie night, you'd probably be better off spending a bit more and going for a big-name brand. That said, with the seasonal sales upon us, Insignia TVs are sure to feature in some very tempting TV deals.

Insignia Amazon Fire TV Edition

Perhaps the most noteworthy of Insignia's TVs are the Amazon Fire TV Edition sets. They come with an Alexa-enabled remote control, which gives you voice search, so you can find something to watch just by speaking into the remote.

There are also dedicated buttons for Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. But these aren't the only services on offer. Using the inbuilt software, you'll have access to thousands of channels, apps and Alexa skills, the latter allowing you to control smart home appliances like lights and thermostats. It'll make your TV the heart of your home.

While slightly more expensive than other TVs, Insignia's Fire TV Editions don't command a premium. And they come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 24in all the way up to 65in. Here's our pick of the best Insignia TV deals at those sizes.

Insignia HD TVs

If you'd rather not have an Amazon's Fire TV Edition, Insignia makes some cheaper TVs too. These are just HD, not 4K, and one of them is only p, which is the lesser form of HD than Full HD.

The baby of the bunch is the 19in model (NSDNA21, to use its full name), which costs just $ This size is small enough to fit on a counter top, so it could be good as a kitchen set.

If you want a slightly bigger TV, Insignia also makes a 32in model (model number NSDNA21). Like the 19in version, it's p HD, with two HDMI sockets for hooking up a streaming device or games console (it's probably not ready for the PS5 or Xbox Series X). There's also a USB input for loading on files like music or photos from a digital camera.

On the audio front, it has two 5W front-channel speakers. And a built-in V-chip lets you block content based on program ratings, and check ratings of unfamiliar programs. It costs $

The 40in model (NSDNA21) is only slightly pricier than the 32in model, thanks to a Best Buy deal. It currently costs $, which gets you a lot of TV for your money.

It's a Full HD panel, for starters. That means the screen has more pixels, resulting in better picture quality. It's obviously bigger, which will make it a lot more impactful in the room. And it has three HDMI sockets, for plugging in one more device than the smaller model. Other than that, it's the same TV, with an LED screen (not OLED, sadly) and one USB input.

Insignia 4K TVs

So far, we've mostly discussed Insignia's smaller TVs, but it does make bigger sets too. In fact, its TVs go up to 65in, which is pretty big by anyone's standards.

Naturally, these models cost more than its smaller TVs. But they're still very affordable compared to the same-sized sets from rival brands.

You can pick up a 55in model for $, for example. Which is a great price for such a big TV. It boasts the Alexa-enabled remote, and 4K picture quality, which is sharper than HD. And it's HDR compatible, which gives you a bigger difference between the light and dark parts of the picture, adding depth and making it look more lifelike.

What other cheap TVs are available?

Of course Insignia TVs aren't the only budget TVs available. You can currently pick up some great bargains on TVs of all sizes from a range of retailers.

We've picked out a few of the most noteworthy cheap TV deals online right now for you below – including a inch 4K TV for under $! Astonishing.


Check out more of the best cheap TV deals

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The Best Selling 4K TV On Amazon...

Insignia is a reliable budget TV brand. The brand boasts quite affordable TVs that beat out many of the entry-level brands’ offerings.

With that in mind, do you get what you pay for, or is this TV a disappointment?

How long do Insignia TVs last? 

Here’s What You Need to Know about the Lifespan of Insignia TVs.

Insignia TVs can last you up to seven years, under heavy usage. However, just like other TVs on the market, with proper care and maintenance, they can last upwards of ten years. 

What’s the Average Lifespan of an Insignia TV?

Insignia TVs have a lifespan that can span up to seven years with heavy, extensive usage. 

This is the average lifespan of most smart TVs on the market today. However, you can get more mileage with proper care and usage. With proper care, a smart TV can last upwards of ten years.

What’s the First Thing that Breaks on Insignia TVs?

Like most of the TVs on the market, the most vulnerable component inside Insignia TVs is the backlights.

They usually burn out with use, which is why they are usually the first component to fail in TVs. 

Do Insignia TVs Last Longer than Average TVs?

The lifespan of an Insignia TV does not differ that much from many of the TVs available on the market that have similar prices.

As noted by many, the difference in lifespan depends on the usage. If you run the TV 24/7 and crank up the brightness full blast at all times, you will likely get a shorter lifespan out of your TV.

How Long do New Smart TVs Typically Last?

Most smart TVs on the market, especially those within the average price range, have an average lifespan of seven years under intensive usage.

Intensive usage usually means running the TV at the highest image settings and round-the-clock.

As mentioned earlier, TVs can last longer with moderate usage and settings.

How Long is the Warranty on Insignia TVs?

Insignia TVs have a month warranty when buying from an offline retailer.

Will Video Games Damage Insignia TVs?

You can use Insignia TVs for playing video games.

But the performance may not be as good as you’d hope it to be. Insignia TVs, unfortunately, have a high input lag, which means it has poor performance when you want to make fast, precise movements on the screen.

With that said, the Insignia is good for non-intensive gaming, when timing isn’t a critical factor.

What Are the Most Popular Insignia TV Models?

The most popular TVs from Insignia are its Fire TV models.

These TVs retail for as low as $, and can go as high as $ for the biggest in its class.

Let’s take a look at their F30 inch Fire TV and see what you get.

  • First of all, the F30 uses the Fire TV operating system of Amazon. That means you get access to hundreds of apps, including popular ones like Netflix.
  • There’s also a half-inch thick bezel on this TV, which is common for entry-level TVs.
  • The remote control that comes with it is very similar to the Fire TV Stick remote and includes hotkeys to Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and IMDB TV.
  • This TV comes with 4k resolution and supports HDR content via HDR Unfortunately, it does not support Dolby Vision.
  • Color calibration is more on the average side, as there are some parameters not available for adjusting. The colors might not be as vivid, but they’re appropriate for an entry-level TV.
  • Since this TV uses the Fire TV operating system, you can connect it to Alexa and take advantage of voice commands to sync with other devices in the smart home system.
  • A word of advice though, this TV was meant for watching. Gaming will be disappointing, even with Game Mode active. Aside from having only a 60 Hz refresh rate, the input lag is quite high. It also doesn’t support HDR gaming.

All in all, this TV is the most popular in the brand due to the higher specs and the Fire TV system it uses.

What Can I Do to Prolong the Lifespan?

Your TV won’t last forever. As you use your TV, whether it’s an Insignia or any other brand, it slowly degrades as components heat and will eventually break with use.

But you can take steps to delay the breakdown. Knowing how to maintain your TV not only prevents trips to the repair center but may also prolong the lifespan of your TV.

Here are some tips to consider.

Turn off the TV when not in use

Whenever your TV is on, it inches towards degradation, like any other mechanical or electronic device.

But that should not discourage you from using that hard-earned TV! Simply make it a habit to turn off the TV when not in use. Leaving it on for periods degrades components inside, particularly the backlights. The backlights are usually the first thing that breaks with usage.

You should also take advantage of timers built into your TV or a smart home system to help you turn off the TV when not in use.

Provide a safe space for your TV

TVs contain sensitive components that will break when exposed to harmful elements, such as the sun or rain. As much as possible, keep your TV away from the window.

  • You should also keep it away from other appliances that emit heat, such as heaters.
  • Make sure that your TV also has enough space to breathe.
  • Ideally, you need at least two inches of space behind it, and four inches on the side so that it can ventilate.
  • For those using cabinet consoles, there should be an allowance for air circulation. You can also improve breathability with cooling fans.
  • A wall mount also helps keep your TV safe, as there are fewer chances of it getting knocked down by accident.

Dust off the TV

Make it a habit to clean your TV regularly to prevent dust accumulation.

  • Dust can damage your TV’s screen and even clog the ventilation slots of your TV.
  • Clean your TV using a dry microfiber cloth and wipe it gently.
  • Don’t use any other cleaning agent, as these can damage your TV.

Don’t set the TV too bright

For TVs that have backlights, don’t set them too high.

Many people think that the higher the brightness is, the better the image quality will be. Unfortunately, that is not true. And setting the brightness too high can damage the backlights of the TV faster.

That is why you should set the brightness of your to a level that’s just enough to reduce glare or reflections. You also don’t need as much brightness when watching in a dim room, which is why you should reduce brightness at night.

If your TV has preset for brightness, take advantage of them so that you get an optimized setting.

Use an Automatic Voltage Regulator

Sometimes, power surges may happen, and a single jolt is enough to damage your TV. Damages brought by power surges may be impractical for repair due to the costs, which leaves you no choice but to buy a new TV.

Investing in an Automatic Voltage Regulator or Surge Protector can go a long way in protecting your TV.

Upgrade the firmware

A firmware update not only resolves any bugs but ensures that your TV remains compatible with the apps you use.

That is why you should make it a habit to ensure that your firmware is up to date so that your TV can last longer.

Final Thoughts

Insignia TVs, while not the top of the line, are reliable TVs. 

As long as you provide sufficient care and control your settings, you can make the most of these TVs.

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable and affordable TV, check out our articles How Long Do Vizio TVs Last?, Are Toshiba TVs Reliable?, Are Hisense TVs Reliable?, and How Long Do TCL TVs Last?.  



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