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November 15, 2002

Title Reference:

One Size Fits All


Danny Antonucci

Storyboards by:

James Wootton

"One Size Fits Ed" is the 5th episode of Season 4 and the 82nd episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Jimmy wishes that he was a superstar. Eddy tries to make Jimmy's wish come true by turning him into a sumo wrestler. Once he successfully does so, Eddy must now find a way to get Jimmy to Japan since sumo wrestlers are revered only in Japanese culture.


Sarah and Jimmy are having fun in the cul-de-sac when they find a wishing well in the middle of Rethink Avenue. Not wanting to miss out on a wish, they both take out quarters and flip them into the drink, with Jimmy wishing for fame and fortune before he and Sarah run off. As soon as they're gone, Edd climbs out of the well with a cardboard mock-up of the well's walls on his head and grabs the quarters, along the way explaining to Eddy that the optical illusion was due to geometrical drafting and that "the brain can be fooled by what the eye perceives."

Of course, Eddy isn't taking notes on this, much to Edd's dismay. Before Edd can complain too much about this, though, Ed exits his house wearing only his underwear and his jacket tied about his waist, along the way shouting pidgen Japanese. He comes up to his friends and asks them to guess what he is. After Eddy guesses that Ed's an idiot, Ed says he's already tried it, and instead he's become a sumo wrestler. Eddy is struck with a new idea for a scam, and suggests to Ed that he sumo wrestle as part of it, but Ed declines the offer. Amused, Edd jokingly suggests that Jimmy's wish would be easy to grant, but Eddy takes this idea seriously and heads off to find Jimmy.

Jimmy, meanwhile, is playing with his dolls and stuffed animals, pretending to be a star. His posturing drives Sarah away, however, and before Jimmy has time to consider his actions, Ed and Eddy arrive and shove Jimmy into a diaper and hand him eating implements, with Eddy blowing his whistle the whole time. While Ed heads out to get the food, Edd explains to Jimmy that his friends are attempting to make him a star. Naturally, Jimmy is into this, and when Eddy instructs him to sit in a chair, eat, and watch TV, Jimmy agrees. Ed then arrives with Rolf's meat locker. When Eddy tries to get Jimmy to chow down, however, Jimmy refuses, and says he has his own stash. Although Eddy is annoyed by Jimmy's eating antics, however, he is soon cheered up when he finds that Jimmy keeps a refrigerator filled to the brim with peaches and cream.

What follows is a montage of Jimmy eating peaches and cream again and again. No matter how much he eats, however, it seems that Jimmy stays the same size. When his fridge is empty, he is still in his normal body, much to Eddy's despair. However, Jimmy's belly button suddenly pops, and he swells to a gigantic size, gratifying Eddy.

Jimmy isn't happy, however, as he instead begins to cry at the loss of his petite figure, bemoaning the fact that he looks like a sumo wrestler. However, he is soon cheered up when Ed informs him that sumo wrestlers are stars and Edd adds that within their own culture they have legions of fans. Eddy then sets up a wrestling match between the boy he dubs "Imafatso Jimbo" and "Yokozuna Ed." When Ed charges into Jimmy, Jimmy's belly button swallows him up, and Jimmy is then able to pop Ed out, sending him flying out of the ring. With the match won, Eddy has stars in his eyes and believes that he'll soon be rich, but Edd reminds him that sumo wrestlers are only stars in Japan. At this, Eddy sinks to the ground, certain that there's no way they'll get Jimmy to Asia until an idea suddenly hits him.

Eddy's idea is to simply mail Jimmy to Japan by way of stuffing him into a mailbox. Unfortunately, he's too big for the box, and it splits. To add insult to injury, Edd reveals that he had known all along that Eddy's plan never stood a chance on the grounds it is impossible to send Jimmy to Japan both because A) Jimmy's newfound obesity made it physically impossible to send him there in any way and B) It's financially impossible for them to do so as the rates alone would've cost up to $200. Hearing this, Eddy immediately gets angry at Edd for knowing this and not telling him, and ends up slingshotting him away. He is about to quit when Jimmy tells him to stick around, and Eddy once again decides to try another tactic--without Edd this time.

The plot Eddy has hatched is directly inspired by Edd's flying adventure. He has set Jimmy on one end of a bent-double streetlight that's tied down with an anvil. Ed and Eddy stuff their suitcases and get ready to fly as Ed unties the anvil. Edd comes by, and when asked if he has any encouragement to offer, he merely tells them to break a leg. When Ed loosens the anvil, Jimmy starts to be catapulted, but falls off midway through. He lands on his back, crushing Ed and Eddy beneath his immense weight.

The next day, Ed and Eddy, in bandages and a full body cast respectively, are holed up in hospital beds in Edd's room. While Ed plays with the bed and watches TV, Edd refills Eddy's box of tea. Suddenly, a noise is heard: Sarah is blowing a whistle and exerting Jimmy to pedal. Eddy realizes that, for once, he's learned something. This something is not what Edd wanted, however, as what Eddy "learned" is that they could get rich if they opened up a weight-loss clinic. To this end, Eddy leans out of the window and tries to get Jimmy's attention, and ends up falling out, landing headfirst in the grass. Seeing this, Edd notes that he learned something today, and Ed agrees, saying that he learned "that Eddy is the man with the plan".


  • Goof: After failing to mail Jimmy to Japan, Eddy launches Edd into the sky using the take-out box he was wearing as part of his costume. Upon landing, Edd is wearing his normal clothes. Moments later, when Edd gets up, he is wearing his costume again, minus the box.
  • When Jimmy is removed from his clothes and put into a diaper, he is wearing his rainbow underwear from "Ed in a Halfshell."
  • Ed's sumo wrestling name is "Yokozuna Ed." In sumo wrestling, Yokozuna (横綱) is the highest rank attainable.
  • Ed: "Nothin says lovin' like something from the tool shed." This is reference to the old Pillsbury ad campaign, with "tool shed" in place of "oven."
  • Jimmy: "I'm with you, Svengali!" In George du Maurier's novel, Trilby, Svengali is a manipulative hypnotist, mentor, and manager to the title character Trilby O'Ferrall, an opera singer. The name Svengali has since become a slang term for a manipulative or controlling person.
  • This episode is later referenced by Eddy in "A Fistful of Ed," as part of his insult comedy.
  • This and the previous episode premiered as part of the Premiere Premiere Show on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (hosted by Edd) on the same day as the "Finale of the Week-long Top 5 Countdown".
  • This episode is featured on the Ed, Edd n Eddy Vol.2: Fools' Par-Ed-ise DVD.


Vlcsnap-2014-12-26-22h20m20s158.png"Where's the cash?!?" – Eddy
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Ed, Edd n Eddy: Scam of the Century

2007 Nintendo DS video game based on Ed, Edd n Eddy

2007 video game

Ed, Edd n Eddy: Scam of the Century is a video game developed by Japanese video game developer Art Co., Ltd and published by D3 Publisher for the Nintendo DS. The game is based on the Cartoon Network animated series Ed, Edd n Eddy. It was released on October 23, 2007, in North America,[1] on November 1, 2007, in Australia, and on November 30, 2007, in Europe. In the game, the Eds run the risk of having their scams turned on them by the other kids in the neighborhood. Many of the objects and characters, as well as the visual style, borrow heavily from the cartoon.

This is also the last game based on the series. Previous releases include Ed, Edd n Eddy: Jawbreakers! in 2002 and Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures in 2005.


Each Ed has his own set of levels to complete. They are all side-scrolling fare, but each Ed has his own style of movement and attacks. Edd throws dictionaries, Ed slams his head down on the enemies, and Eddy spits his gum at enemies (Although this freezes the enemy, it does not defeat them.). Item pick-ups can be activated on the touch-screen.

On top of the platforming elements, the game contains a number of unlockable mini-games, including "Whack a Zit", where players tap at rising pimples on Ed's back before they burst. There is also a pie-throwing challenge where players flick the desserts up at enemies on the top screen.[2] The game features 13 total stages, special attacks using the touch screen, the option to blow into the microphone to bring characters back to life, three side story mini-games, and special items.[3]


Ed, Edd, and Eddy are trudging home from their school, when Eddy suddenly notices that his school bag feels a little light. Examining further, Eddy finds there is a hole in it and all of his stuff is gone, including his precious "Who to Scam and When" book. The neighborhood kids find the book and realize they have been scammed for years and immediately want payback.

Players take control of the Eds and must make their way through tricks, traps, angry kids, and a barrage of ammunition including soap, dirty underwear, and broccoli. Then each Ed must brainstorm, scam, or smash their way back into the cul-de-sac and ultimately battle Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood.

The plot is loosely similar to the episode "Robbin' Ed" and the "Big Picture Show" TV finale movie, even though the movie had another two years before its release.


The game received mixed to negative reviews. It was mainly praised for its presentation and faith to the show, but was criticized for its unresponsive controls, poorly executed gameplay and bland minigames. It currently holds a 1 out of 5 on GameFAQs, with the consensus stating "Despite getting the style of the show down, Scam of the Century fails on every other level". It also holds a 31 out of 100 on Metacritic,[4] a 3.4 out of 10 on Gamezone,[5] 4 out of 10 on IGN[6] and a 1 out of 5 on Modojo.[7]


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed,_Edd_n_Eddy:_Scam_of_the_Century
Cartoon Network Japan - Ed, Edd n Eddy CCF CM
Fatass jimmy.jpg

Eddy, Jimmy and Ed go to Japan is a fan fiction in progress written by constinet gr In this fan fiction, Eddy makes Jimmy into a sumo wrestler and launches Jimmy, Ed and himself into the air. Suprsingly, they end up in Tokyo. With Eddy as Jimmy's sumo trainer, Jimmy enters the Ryōgoku Kokugikan tournament. Now its up to Jimmy, who's now ultra fat, to win.


  • Jimmy His sumo wrestling name is Fatso Jimmy Sumo was a wimpy kid who wanted to be famous with the help of Eddy and Ed. He became ultra fat and a sumo wrestler just like in One Size Fits Ed. He, Eddy and Ed sneak in a ship that's headed to japan and he has entered the sumo wrestling torunament.
  • Eddy It was his idea to make Jimmy into a sumo wrestler. He and Ed made Jimmy super fat and huge like in the previously mentioned episode. Eddy wants to be rich. In Japan, it was his idea that he, Jimmy and Ed would sneak on a ship and go to Japan. He is Ed's best friend and he is Jimmy's sumo trainer. He became friends with Ichiro, a Japanesse kid.
  • Ed Ed, along with Eddy helped make Jimmy ultra fat and along with Eddy and Jimmy, snuck into the ship that was going to Japan. While in the ship, he nesles in Jimmy's fat reading monster comics. He is Eddy's best friend.
  • Edd made only one appearance in this series at the very beginning. In the first chapter he tried to talk Eddy out of fattening Jimmy up and turning him into a sumo wrestler. He also broke the fourth wall when he said "Eddy, you alreadey tried to fatten up Jimmy in an episode". He is friends with Ichiro.

New Characters[]

  • Kenji a kid from Tokyo, who is similiar to Eddy as he also wants to get rich. He is the sumo trainer of Minamoto, a fat sumo wrestler kid, and hopes Minamoto can win the sumo wrestling tournament.
  • Minamoto A fat sumo wrestler. He is a little bit fatter than Jimmy. Like Jimmy, he has entered the sumo wrestling tournament. His trainer is Kenji, who is also his friend.
  • Ichiro Ki No A kid who became friends with Eddy, Ed and Jimmy. He shows tham around Tokyo. The four of them escaped from the Kimano sisters who chased them, and they escape by rolling Jimmy down a hill and jumping on him. He joined the Eds' team and helps Jimmy train and become fatter. The Eds first meet him when he was playing baseball. His hero is Ichrio Suzuki, who he is named after.
  • Naka Yoritomo A sumo wrestler announcer and commintator.
  • The Kimano sisters The Japanese versions of the Kanker sisters. They chase Eddy, Ed and Ichrio and Jimmy, now a fat sumo wrestler, and tried to kiss them. However, Eddy, Ed and Ichrio escaped by jumping on Jimmy, which was possible due to his extra weight, and rolling him down a hill.
  • Kosaku is one off the main antagonists, he is a fat sumo wrestler who wants to crush anyone in his way. He hates Eddy, Ed, Ichrio and Fatso Jimmy Sumo. He is not as fat as Jimmy, though he's a little less fat, he's about as big as a large shed, while Jimmy is about as fat as a large shed and a half.
  • Nato is one of Kosaku's body guards.
  • Hideki A main antagonist he is super fat. His trainer is Mauro, who is his best friend.
  • mauro Similiar to Eddy. main anatagonist Hideki's trainer.
  • Taro He has a twin named Shinzo. He is part of Kosaku's team and helps train Kosaku along with Shinzo.
  • Shinzo Taro's twin.
  • Yoshi Gagon A gangster and one of the main anatagonists who hates the titular trio mainly because Jimmy won a sumo wrestling match and Yoshi bet money on Jimmy's opponnet to win. He has tried to capture the three, but the Eds used Jimmy to roll away, that's when they met Ichrio. Yoshi and his gang often go after the four.
  • Momoko Ki No She lives in Tokyo. She allowed Ichrio to go with Eddy and Ed. She is a single mom and has three kids, Ichrio and two younger girls.
  • Riko Ki No is Ichrios sister. She is about Jimmy's age and is amazed how fat Jimmy is. She wanted to come with Eddy, Ed and her brother Ichrio to the sumo wrestler tournament and help Jimmy win but her mother wouldn't let her. She is kind of a tomboy and plays baseball in a league and is one of three girls, the others being her 2 friends. She is good at baseball.
  • Mo Ki No is Ichri and Riko's younger sister. She is a bit younger than Jimmy.
  • Jab Ichiro's neighborhood friend. Only made one appearance.
  • Cesar Hung Chi ichrio's friend who Ichrio has mentioned several times. Apperantley Hung Chi lives some were in downtown Tokyo but Ichrio doesn't know where.
  • Hitoshi a bully in Ichiro's school, whom Ichiro dislikes. Eddy, Ed and Ichrio used Jimmy to get away from him and his twin brother Haro by rolling on Jimmy. Hitoshi and his twin Haro are fat but nowhere near as fat as Jimmy. He tried to fight Jimmy, but he got sucked into Jimmy's fat along with his brother.
  • Haro He is as mean as his twin brother Hitoshi. He tried to fight Jimmy like his brother but he got sucked into Jimmy's fat, then Jimmy sent him and his brother flying when he popped them out.

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you can read Eddy, Jimmy and Ed on Fanfiction.net. Here is the link

chapter 1

chapter 2

chapter 3

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Eddy japan edd n ed

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Cartoon Network Japan - Ed, Edd n Eddy CCF CM

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