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How to Repair a Pool Vacuum Hose

A clogged or damaged pool vacuum hose can be a nightmare when it's time to clean your pool. There are many reasons why a vacuum hose can become damaged. For instance, improper use and storage, old age and debris blockages are all common reasons why a vacuum hose won't function the way it should. However, there are many times when the hose can be repaired rather than replaced. This handy how-to guide will show you how to repair many vacuum hose problems.

How to Remove Blockages in the Vacuum Hose

Step 1 - Lay Out the Hose

Find a large flat area and lay out the hose so that it is totally extended. Try to lay out the hose as straight as possible.

Step 2 - Connect and Insert Water Hose

Connect a garden hose to a water faucet and then place the end of the hose inside the vacuum hose.

Step 3 - Block End of Hose

Take an old plastic bag and force it into the area around the garden hose where it is inserted into the vacuum hose. Then, use duct tape to create an airtight seal around the garden hose and vacuum hose.

Step 4 - Use Water to Push Out Obstruction

Turn on the water from your water faucet so that it flows from the garden hose and inside of the vacuum hose. After a while, the pressure from the water will push the blockage out at the other end of the hose.

How to Repair Cracks in the Hose

Step 1 - Locate Crack in Hose

Just as you did when removing the blockage from the hose, you can use the garden hose method to also find cracks for punctures in your vacuum hose. Once you turn the water on, start inspecting the length of the vacuum hose until you find an area where water appears to be seeping out of the side of the hose. Use a marking pen to mark any areas where water is leaking and then turn off the garden hose water supply.

Step 2 - Cut the Hose

Use a hack saw to cut the vacuum hose in the areas where the leaks are located. Since the vacuum hose is fairly pliable, you'll need to use the hacksaw slowly and try not to crease the hose while cutting it.

Step 3 - Attach Coupler

Insert the male threaded adapter into both parts of the vacuum hose where you made the cut with the hacksaw. To secure the connection, first, clean the inside of the vacuum hose and the outer edges of the male threaded adapter with PVC primer. Then, use the dauber to apply the PVC cement to the adapter and the vacuum hose. Twist the male threaded adapter into the ends of the vacuum hose to make the connection. Allow the PVC glue to dry completely before using the vacuum hose to clean your pool.

Tip - You can use duct tape to fix cracks or punctures in your vacuum hose temporarily. However, you should purchase a vacuum hose coupler as soon as possible in order to make permanent repairs.

How do I attach a new cuff to my basic central vacuum hose?

The Tapered Cuff is for valves just over 1.5 inches in diameter. Mainly the Filtex Metal valves and the older Vacumaid, AstroVac, and Imperium valves with a single microswitch inside the valve hose.

The Metal Ring Cuff is for replacing an all metal cuff end that came on many basic hoses. When the all metal end will only go into the valve a quarter inch, you will need the Metal Ring Cuff.

The Reduced Cuff is for 1.25 inch diameter vavles such as older Kenmore and nearly all Budd systems, as well as a few Black and Decker and WalVac systems.

To replace a cuff on a Basic Hose do the following:
  1. Remove the original cuff by firmly pulling out (stretching) and turning clockwise until the glue bond is broken between hose and cuff. The hose (the hose is the "screw" that threads into the cuff) may have little or a fair amount of glue. By pulling and twisting the hose it will pop out of the cuff.
  2. If that is not successful, place a cup of water in the microwave for approximately one and half minutes. Submerge cuff into the hot cup of water for approximately thirty seconds to soften the plastic.
  3. PUTTING NEW CUFF ON. Optional: Lightly and evenly apply contact cement on the hose threads that will be covered by the new cuff. Attach new cuff to the hose by turning counter clockwise until all threads in cuff have been covered and utilized.
  4. If you used contact cement, allow the hose and cuff to bond for approximately fifteen minutes prior to use.
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Poolmaster 36682 Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose Cuff, 1-1/2 Inch, Neutral

Durable Abs

Durable ABS plastic holds up under the harsh elements.

Fits Standard Pool Hose

For use with any 1 1/2" diameter spiral-wound pool hose - sold separately.

Check out our selection of in-ground pool hoses available in multiple sizes:

1 1/2" x 30'.

1 1/2" x 35'.

1 1/2" x 40'.

1 1/2" x 45'.

Secure Connection

Inside threading ensures a secure connection.

Twist To Tighten

Simply place cuff over exposed hose end and twist to tighten securely.

Note: As an option for additional security, an Epoxy-based glue can be added around the cuff's inside threading before connecting to the hose.


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Quick Repair a Vacuum Hose NO TAPE

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