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Kristianna and John

Surprisingly, season 3’s John Miller and Kristianna Roth are still together after so many obstacles. He fell for her after only a few months of correspondence, while she served time in an Iowa prison for one of her many stints on drug charges. John literally proposed immediately upon her release while still in front of the facility. He married Kristianna in a Native American ceremony an hour later. He then had to rush to get Kristianna to her halfway house in Dubuque, Iowa, so that she wouldn’t violate parole on her first day out.

Kristianna worried about staying clean, as she knew fellow addicts who were living with her in the halfway house. She eventually bailed on the tightly run facility and got high on crack, violating the terms of her parole. She and John finally consummated their marriage during her time on the run, as he picked up his fugitive wife in Dubuque and brought her back to his home in Cresco, Iowa.

Their Bonnie and Clyde romance had to be put on hold, as Kristianna went back to prison for 11 months due to her parole violation. During that time, her ailing mother, Tammy, and struggling-to-stay-clean sister, Terra, moved in with John, as they had nowhere else to go. Terra tried seducing John several times, but John — who admitted he was unable to stay faithful to any woman he’s ever been with — managed to fend off Terra’s advances.

As seen on Life After Lockup, upon Kristanna’s release from prison, Terra was forced to move out of John’s house due to an outstanding warrant … and the fact that she tried to seduce her sister’s husband while she was away behind bars! John and Kristianna managed to finally start out their life as a married couple and are still together. They’re even doing Cameo videos as a couple for the show’s fans!


“Felon Friday” is back, with the season 4 premiere of Love After Lockup debuting on June 18!  The WE tv sensation features six new couples looking to make things work on the outside once one member of the relationship gets out of prison. While the faces are all fresh, the situations these couples find themselves in seem familiar in some cases.

Season 3’s Scott and Lindsey were the classic case of an older gentleman dating a hot younger woman in prison. She was looking for a man with money to take care of and pamper her once she was released. This season we have Stan, a St. Louis, Missouri, resident who claims to be worth several million dollars. He met Lisa — who is doing time in Missouri’s Chillicothe prison — in on Seeking Arrangements. That’s the site for women seeking “sugar daddies” to take care of them, and men looking for pretty young ladies to be with.

Another male cast member has been pampering his female inmate.on this season of the show has been pampering his female inmate. “Hopeless romantic” Daonte has spent “between twenty and thirty thousand” dollars on keeping Nicolle happy behind bars, as she’s serving four years on larceny charges. The two became engaged during an “impromptu visit” at her prison, but the pair have yet to spend any time together on the outside. The lovebirds met on a prison website called Paper Dolls, and have been dating for a year and a half.

Courtney and Josh are bringing a new spin to Love After Lockup, as she’s the first corrections officer to fall for an inmate in her facility. It cost Courtney her job and landed her in jail for 60 days. The couple married via proxy, but they’re now both out from behind bars and trying to figure out married life after lockup.

Britney was raised by loving parents in an upper middle class home in Houston, Texas. She ended up meeting inmate Ray via a mutual Facebook friend, and wants it all with him: a real relationship, marriage and a family. Britney can’t wait to wed Ray as soon as he’s released, but her family can’t stand the thought of it.

As fans of the show know, people who want to get married before their partner has had a chance to enjoy “freedom” and adjust to being back in society don’t have a great track record at making it work. See Quaylon and single-mom Shavel from season 3,or Garrett and Joanna‘s lonely and aborted beach wedding from season 1. And lest we never forget, Clint and Tracie‘s wedding night fiasco in season 2, where she bailed on him to go on a drug bender and ended up back behind bars.

Love After Lockup's Maurice Gipson Arrested After Alleged Parole Violation

New cast member Rachel is on her third romance with an inmate, marrying a man named Doug after meeting him on the pen pal site. He claims he’s never been faithful to any woman in his entire life, so what could possibly go wrong?

Fans also seem to have another Angela and Tonysituation on their hands with Anissa and Jeffrey. She’s years older than her inmate sweetheart, who has kept her waiting twice before with promises of getting released, only to remain behind bars. Shades of Angela waiting for Tony’s failed arrivals at the bus station anyone? This season looks to have plenty of drama, fireworks, heartbreak and some chances at actual love after lockup!

Click through the gallery below to get to know all six couples on season 4 of Love After Lockup.

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'Love After Lockup' Season 3 Has New Couples Willing to Take This Leap

Unlike most other reality TV shows, Love After Lockup airs its episodes in a way that breaks any given season up into multiple parts. And for the fifth part of Season 3, there are six new couples introduced to find love despite the circumstances.

Just when you've had enough of the couples you already know in the franchise, these newbies are ready to share their own stories and hopefully find lasting love.

Read on for the new Love After Lockup Season 3 cast members.

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Daonte and Nicolle

Nicolle might be the focus of the relationship because of her ex-con status, but she isn't the first former inmate who Daonte dated. The only problem was, he spent so much money on his ex that he was forced to move back home with his mom. Who, by the way, isn't wild about Nicolle right off the bat.

They're also quite different, with Daonte living more of a quiet life and Nicolle coming from a party girl background.

Daonte and Nicolle in 'Love After Lockup'

Source: WEtv

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Rachel and Doug

Rachel is another new Love After Lockup cast member who had relationships with other inmates before meeting Doug. They got married while he was behind bars, and although they've never been intimate, they're determined to make things work.

Doug also has an year-old son from a previous relationship. The biggest hurdle they'll have to jump, however, is the fact that Doug has never been faithful in any of his other relationships, so there's that.

Courtney and Josh

Courtney fell for Josh when she worked as a corrections officer. She, in turn, was sent to jail because of their relationship. They were eventually married in prison and Courtney is still on probation.

Life on the outside might prove to be a little different than either had imagined, though, since their "wedding" in prison was done by proxy and neither were even present for a ceremony.

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Anissa and Jeffrey

While other Love After Lockup couples might be new at their relationships, Anissa and Jeffrey met online 10 years ago. From there, they built a relationship despite never having met in person.

There have been multiple times where Jeffrey was supposed to be released from prison, however, and things didn't pan out. Anissa's friends think she is being catfished, but she's intent on following through and making things work somehow.

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Britney and Ray

Britney's family disapproves of Ray from the start. While she comes from a family of people who have worked hard and are accomplished, Ray's life has been much more difficult. As a result, Britney's mom isn't totally on board with this relationship.

And it doesn't help that Britney met Ray on Facebook of all places. Without her mom's blessing, Britney and Ray might be setting themselves up for disaster.

Britney and Ray in 'Love After Lockup'

Source: WEtv

Stan and Lisa

Stan is a millionaire who lost his wife in Lisa is an ex-con who met him once in person before she was incarcerated. He's all for dating an attractive young woman and he believes she genuinely loves him, but could she be seeking a more monetary arrangement than a romantic relationship?

Watch Love After Lockup on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on WEtv.


Love After Lockup

Non-Inmate Inmate Crime Location Season Scott DaveyLizzie Kommes9 years for DUI and bribery Oxnard, California
Portage, Wisconsin 1, , Johnna DiGrigoliGarrett Tanner7 years for burglary, grand theft Tampa, Florida 1 Andrea EdwardsLamar Jackson18 years for robbery with a deadly weapon Lehi, Utah

Los Angeles, California

1, , , , James CristiaAlla Subbotina5 years for selling heroin Chicago, Illinois

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1 Mary Dalla NoraDominic Dalla Nora6 years for aggravated assault Ontario, Canada 1 Angela GailTony Wood3 years for possession of a firearm Grenada, Mississippi 1, , , , Caitlin GainerMatt Frasier2 years for possession of firearms, stolen property Auburn, Washington Megan Nash

Sarah Simmons

Michael Simmons2 years for parole violations Fort Worth, Texas
Rochester, New York , , , , Clint BradyTracie Wagaman8 years for fraudulent checks and probation violation Hobbs, New Mexico , , Marcelino SantiagoBrittany Santiago2 years for conspiracy to commit burglary Las Vegas, Nevada , , , , , Glorietta BesosAlex Bentley2 years for identity theft and burglary Sacramento, California Lizzy CopelandDaniel Valentine2 years for possession of narcotics Idaho Falls, Idaho Andrea SylvesterLamondre Fluker13 years for drug trafficking Daytona Beach, Florida Lacey WhitlowJohn Slater

Shane Whitlow

1 year for possession of firearms

4 years for malicious wounding

Virginia Beach, Virginia , , , , Cheryl ChildersJosh Hyatt6 years for bank robbery Pueblo, Colorado , Vincent Gonzalez

Michelle "Puppy" Deaton

Amber Eggers4 years for drug trafficking Atlanta, Georgia , , Jessica GipsonMaurice Gipson7 years for burglary Las Vegas, Nevada , Shawn OsborneDestinie Folsom
Sara Isaac2 years for escape, stolen property, and possession of drugs
6 years for involuntary manslaughter Las Vegas, Nevada
Cincinnati, Ohio , , , John MillerKristianna Roth3 years for burglary Cresco, Iowa , , , Scott BradshawLindsey Downs4 years for possession of methamphetamine and a firearm Olive Branch, Mississippi , , TyriceChanda3 years for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine Chicago, Illinois , Shavel MooreQuaylon12 years for armed robbery Kansas City, Missouri , , HeatherDylan5 years for residential burglary and possession of ecstasy Chicago, Illinois , Daonte Sierra
Tia SimmonsNicolle Bradley4 years for larceny Virginia Beach, Virginia , RachelDoug Howard4 years for possession of a firearm Kalamazoo, Michigan StanLisa McGraw10 months for tampering with a motor vehicle and possession St. Louis, Missouri , Britney ReedRay3 years for possession with intent to deliver Houston, Texas , CourtneyJosh11 years for burglary and attempted assault Urbana, Ohio AnissaJeff Wombles3 years for possession of a firearm Manchester, Tennessee

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