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For those of you who own and newer L 3-valve equipped Mustang GT’s who might be considering supercharging in the future or already own a Whipple blower for this application – something new has come out exclusively for the Whipple&#;s on 3V applications that has for us made the L Whipple now more then ever the only blower kit to consider for the ’05 and up Mustangs.

For us at Alternative Auto, the Whipple’s have become the standard supercharger kit for the 3-valve applications. With it’s extremely efficient twin screw design, very well laid out water to air intercooling system, and our own in house tuning – the Whipple has simply set the standard for the 3-valve cars and F trucks as well.

Steeda Autosport, and Whipple themselves have both released new rib dedicated blower drive systems that greatly enhance boost, performance, and above all virtually eliminate any belt problems whatsoever.

As most Mustang enthusiast might know, ever since supercharger kits have become available for the ’96 and newer Mustangs equipped with Modular motors, most of the kits utilize a single belt to run not only the accessory’s like the A/C, Power Steering, Water Pump, Alternator, but also the supercharger as well. Most of these single belt systems retained the 6-rib belt to run all the accessories and the blower as well.

On most applications if the boost was left at stock, or at low levels like under psi, their usually wasn’t much to worry about with the belt. But, as customers and tuner shops like us start to demand more power and boost, this started to really stress the single 6-rib set ups. So, depending on certain driving, or racing conditions on higher boosted 6-rib blower combo’s on some of the newer Mustangs, there was always the fear of hurting and ultimately loosing the belt which would usually render the car un-drivable because you would loose your accessory’s as well, leading to overheating, loss of charging system and power steering too.

With the new double belt drive rib systems for the ’05 and newer Mustang GT’s equipped with Whipple kits, not only are belt problems for the most part completely cured, but you also get the option of potentially much higher boost levels if needed because of the no-slip rib design, and upgraded pulley ratio combinations. Also, in the event of an unlikely belt failure on the blower drive portions of it, you won’t loose your accessory drive because it’s a separate belt, and the car could potentially continue to be driven with no problems other then no boost until the blower belt is replaced. At this time, we simply don’t see having any problems with these new rib conversions.

For now, both the Steeda and Whipple rib conversions are not supplied with the complete Whipple kits when purchased new. These rib systems are an upgrade, and are above and beyond the normal cost that we would get for a full Whipple install at our facility.

They are available in both standard black and polished. They can be pullied/ratio’d to make any where from +psi of boost depending on over all engine combinations.

Sours: http://www.alternativeauto.com/new_10_rib_blower_conversion/
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Originally Posted by shinesView Post

Actually I just went through this expense and bought a rib pulley kit directly from Whipple. Most of the components come from ATI, while Whipple provides a stronger tensioner with rib idlers and your choice of rib SC pulley.

The ATI components are TOP notch as are the Whipple ones, here are a few pics of the components.

Right after I bought this, a deal of a lifetime on a twin turbo kit dropped in my lap, so I'm deciding whether to replace my Whipple setup all together with the turbos.

What do you want for the 10 rib kit?

Forged w/Whipple L RMCR Tune

Manley Crank, Wiseco Pistons, Compstar H Beam Rods, ARP Main/Studs, Copper Treated "hi boost" head gaskets, FI Cam & Ported Heads w/Manley Extreme Duty Valves, Lunati Link Bar Lifters, Fuel System w/LPE Dual pumps, Twin Fuel Feed line/Single return w/ boost reference regulator, NW mm TB, Rib ASP custom pulley kit, Twin RX Catch Cans, Roto Fab CAI, TSP Stainless Headers, Spec Twin Disc P-Trim Clutch, DSS Level 5 Axles, Eibach and BMR Full suspension

Sours: https://www.camaro5.com/forums/showthread.php?t=
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Whipple Superchargers - Whipple Belt Systems
Whipple Ford Mustang Coyote Rib Race Belt SystemWhipple Ford Mustang Coyote Rib Race Belt SystemNew

Whipple Superchargers, the twin-screw supercharger leaders have developed a race proven Rib belt system that will work with both stock engines as well as highly modified engines. Featuring the i

Item #: WB-COYWhipple Superchargers


Whipple Ford Mustang Coyote Rib Race Belt SystemWhipple Ford Mustang Coyote Rib Race Belt SystemNew

Whipple Superchargers, the twin-screw supercharger leaders have developed a race proven Rib belt system that will work with both stock engines as well as highly modified engines. Featuring the i

Item #: WB-COYWhipple Superchargers


Whipple Ford Mustang Coyote Rib Race Belt SystemWhipple Ford Mustang Coyote Rib Race Belt SystemNew

Whipple Superchargers, the twin-screw supercharger leaders have developed a race proven Rib belt system that will work with both stock engines as well as highly modified engines. Featuring the i

Item #: WB-COYWhipple Superchargers


Whipple Ford Mustang Coyote Alternator Relocation KitWhipple Ford Mustang Coyote Alternator Relocation KitNew

Whipple Superchargers, the twin-screw supercharger leaders have developed a race proven alternator relocation kit that works with the ATI balancer (standard diameter or 20%) to significantly shorte

Item #: WB-ALTRELOWhipple Superchargers


Sours: https://treperformance.com/csuperchargers-whipple-superchargers-whipple-belt-systems.html
VMP Performance - VMP 8-rib \u0026 10-rib Kit Step-by-Step Install for the 2011-2017 Coyote Mustang

HEMI Supercharger 8 Rib Pulley Kit for Whipple Superchargers by MMX

**Includes New MOPAR Waterpump, AC Compressor, Power Steering Pump, and Alternator

This custom 8 rib pulley kit for Whipple supercharged HEMIs by Modern Muscle Performance / MMX is designed to provide greatly improved serpentine belt life and greater surface wrap on the supercharger pulley. This promotes more responsive boost pressures on quick acceleration due the decreased slippage at the small supercharger pulley. This kit also includes a high performance belt tensioner by American Racing Solutions to increase the total performance of the 8 rib kit.

Greatly reduce the number of serpentine belts that you go through in any period of time by changing over from a 6 rib stock kit to this 8 rib premium setup. More details coming soon!

If you have a NON-VVT vehicle please call prior to ordering!!

- Whipple Supercharged Gen3 HEMI Powered Vehicles 

Sours: https://www.modernmusclextreme.com/pautorib-pulley-kit-for-whipple-superchargers-by-modern-muscle.aspx

Kit rib whipple 10

Whipple (L) SC "Hot Rod" kit / Intercooled / Extended rib (Specify Belt Line) / mm inlet / Black LS WAX/R

**This product is NOT legal for sale, installation, or use on a licensed vehicle in the state of California, and they do NOT meet CARB compliance.  Legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. Not applicable or intended for street or highway use.**


Since , Whipple Superchargers have been the pioneers and leaders of twin-screw supercharging. Whipple was the first to bring positive displacement technology to fuel injected, emissions legal GM applications. With over 26 years of GM twin-screw supercharging experience, Whipple's team have now engineered one of the most powerful intercooled twin-screw SC system available today for your LS based engine. Whether you have a LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7 or anything in between, Whipple has a front entry universal SC system that will work for your hot rod, sand rail or whatever other application you need neck whipping power for.

With all the latest technology, the all new Whipple system makes more power than any other positive displacement supercharger system on the market giving you tire frying, neck whipping power that will give you a grin from ear to ear. The new Whipple system is % complete and is designed for stock engines but has enough capability to work with heavily modified engines. The all-new system features Whipple's massive oversized air-to-water intercooler for unmatched cooling capacity, a unique rear feed Wax (a whopping liters) integrated Whipple twin-screw supercharger that reaches 99% volumetric efficiency and industry leading power potential.

This kit includes only the supercharger and built-in intercooler and intake manifold system. No heat exchanger, piping, fuel system, or any other parts.

The unique intercooled bypass system offers better acceleration and less than 1hp of consumption during cruising for excellent fuel economy. The new system is very modular, offering many different belt system and cylinder head options. While others claim, Whipple Superchargers simply deliver more power per pound of boost than any other supercharger on the market today.



  • Horsepower gain: Depends on your build, max 1,hp
  • WAX L supercharger head unit
  • Highly effective air-to-water intercooler
  • The most power per pound of boost on the market!
  • Significantly outflows competitors L & L Roots-Type Twin-Screw; Most Efficient Twin-Screw Supercharger On The Market

Full System Specifications:
Rear entry Wax ( liters) Whipple twin-screw supercharger that significantly outperforms competitions L & L roots-type systems
Integrated casting to minimize bolt on pieces, adapters, leaks and flow restrictions
Integrated Crusher ™ mm round inlet for optional mm throttle bodies
Center front entry works perfect with hot rod applications, allowing for easy air ducting to supercharger
Integrated design allows for oversized intercooler core compared to other smaller intercooler cores giving Whipple lower air charge temps which allows more boost and timing to be run on pump gas
Massive air-to-water aluminum bar-plate intercooler offers more cooling than any other positive displacement system available
Whipple Superchargers massive oversized intercooled air-bypass system for industry leading reduction of burst knock and incredible fuel economy, no ridiculous fabbed steel tubes or systems that circulate hot air
Self-contained oversized oil system for dramatically reduced oil temps in even the most demanding conditions
Exclusive 3x5 rotor combo for significant increase in airflow under the curve than less efficient 4x6 rotor combo
Zero turn inlet allows for decreased induction losses when compared to rear inlet systems and deg bends
Billet fuel rails with AN type female threads for easy plumbing
Center discharge port for better cylinder to cylinder distribution then other twin-screws with cobbled together billet adapters and forward facing discharge
Discharge down design allows for less pressure loss which gives more power at lower boost levels
Top mount design allows for cooler operation then upside down SC's that conduct heat from engine and are trapped by runners and covers, causing hotter manifold temps and less power per pound of boost
More boost at the "hit" than any other twin-screw
Flat torque curve for incredible acceleration
Kits come complete with all necessary parts and hardware for installation
Unique oil level sight glass for easy oil level and quality check, no dipstick to bind or misread
Works with short high flow fuel injectors
Proven Factory Loop with heavy duty spring loaded tensioner and adjustable idler system
Optional rib belt system with matching billet pulleys
Works with Wegner belt system
Stainless steel jack-shaft with unique plastic cover (or optional carbon fiber) for increased safety
Available in wrinkle black, polish or any custom color
Works with stock 90mm TB, aftermarket MM and Whipple mm
Instant boost at the touch of the throttle
3 minute pulley changes

Sours: https://www.tpsmotorsports.com/whipplel-sc-hot-rod-kit-intercooled-extendedrib-specify-belt-linemm-inlet-black-ls-wax-r.html
More boost and limit belt slip Whipple blown 2016 Mustang GT!

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