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If you’ve ever been in the market for some fast RAM, you’ve surely taken a look at G.Skill’s kits. The company is well known for its highly binned memory and overclocking prowess.  The G.Skill kit we have for review today comes with a truly impressive specification. At DDR with timings it’s probably the perfect combination of high frequency, low timings and broad platform compatibility. It does require V to operate at that spec—which is at the high end for a default voltage—but fear not, it will be able to run year after year.

Trident Z Royal specs

Model - FC15DGTRS
Memory type - DDR4
Capacity - 16GB (8GB x2)
Rated speed - 4,MHz
Rated latency -
Voltage - v

The base Trident Z design hasn’t changed all that much in recent years, but it's never looked as good as this. The modules demand to be shown off in a windowed case and look every bit premium kit with their stunning mirror-like silver or gold finish. Atop the modules are sparkling crystalline light bars with the requisite RGB goodness and the colors are especially bright and vibrant. Some might even say it’s too bright. You will squint if you glance at them in a darkened room. 

As always, looks are subjective, but it’s difficult to describe this kit as anything other than stunning. The mirror finish might be a fingerprint magnet, but that’s only if you really must touch it, not that there’s anything wrong with that! The silver version we have here would add a touch of class to almost any build.

G.Skill has its own RGB app, simply called the Lighting Control Software. A quick play revealed it works well, enabling control of the eight LEDs on each module with a range of effects. There’s a brightness control too, which we’re happy to see as at default the kit is very bright indeed, especially at night time.

If you’re looking at a kit like this, you want it to perform, not just look good and the benchmarks reveal some interesting information. Bandwidth tests easily show the relative benefits of running faster memory (well, duh) but really that’s not what’s important. What matters is does faster RAM makes a real difference to your PC experience. The true answer is both yes and no, depending on what kinds of tasks you perform and the individual application or game.

Generally, file compression sees a big benefit. Rendering doesn’t, but then some encoders, like our Handbrake test, show very decent gains. The gaming benefits when using faster RAM, however, are specific to the individual game. Some see benefits while others gain nothing. If you’re interested in the highest FPS, then you’ll definitely want to add some fast RAM to your system, otherwise you could be leaving a chunk of performance on the table.

Productivity benchmarks

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Gaming benchmarks

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This G.Skill Trident Z Royal kit comes equipped with the highly regarded Samsung B-Die IC, known for its ability to scale with voltage. If you have a good CPU memory controller and a capable motherboard, you’ll be able to push this kit well beyond its rated specification.

Memory overclocking tends to be at its best on motherboards with just two DIMM slots, such as the likes of the overclocking-oriented Asus Maximus XII Apex, or many of the high-end mini-ITX motherboards. AMD’s Ryzen series can also accept very fast RAM, but you’re better off sticking to DDR with AMD because of the Infinity Fabric characteristics. Go past 3,MHz with Ryzen and actual performance can go backwards. We’ll go into that further in our upcoming DDR4 gaming deep dive. 

Back to the G.Skill Trident Z Royal memory itself, we’re confident in saying that this is a highly binned kit, and one that will definitely appeal to those aiming to extract every last drop of performance out of a system with components that warrant such a kit.

We were able to hit DDR at the stock v by changing the CAS latency from 15 to DDR at is a pretty damn sweet result without any voltage increase. It’s true that V is higher than the typical V you’d see with mainstream kits, but we have no problem running a B-Die module at V 24/7. It is after all, the default voltage of this silicon!

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We were able to hit DDR without going anywhere near crazy on IMC voltages, but such a speed is not stable on our ASRock test motherboard. The ASRock Z Taichi officially supports only a handful of kits above MHz on its qualified vendor list, none of which are Samsung based. We’ll be trying again on a Maximus XII Apex very soon as part of a deep dive into gaming performance with very high speed memory, so keep an eye out for that!

How do we rate a kit like this? For some users, it makes no sense. You could buy a decent MHz kit and still enjoy awesome gaming performance. But, if you’ve got a high end gaming rig, for example an overclocked K, or K with an RTX Ti, then you’ll want to pair fast memory with it to maximise the performance of your system. The G.Skill Trident Z Royal C15 kit will be a perfect match. 

It’s both a fantastic XMP set-and-forget kind of kit, but also one you can overclock the hell out of. Yes, there are existing or even MHz kits, but those won’t run at spec in the majority of systems even with serious tweaking. They also cost a lot more and have much looser timings, which always means some trade off.

G.Skill has created a contender for the best all round DDR4 memory on the market. Some users will prefer a 2x16GB kit, but if you’re a gamer or overclocker looking for something top shelf, you really need to take a look at this royally classy G.Skill kit. You’ll find cheaper RAM, but you won’t find much better.


G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR 16GB FC15DGTRG

The ultimate memory for users looking for the best combination of performance and ease-of-use with none of compatibility hassles that can happen with the faster kits.

Chris just can’t seem to stop trying out new Borderlands character builds or testing out legendary weapons. If he’s not having fun benchmarking the latest and greatest PC hardware he’s frequently getting rekt while playing the crypto currency markets.


G.Skill Trident Z Royal 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 MHz CL14 - Silver

Trident Z Royal: A jewel of performance in a luxurious case

Introducing the latest addition to G.Skill's Trident Z range, theTrident Z Royal. Designed to be the jewel in the crown, these strips feature a perfectly engineered design to refract light ideally. With its crystal-clear RGB LED strip, you'll be able to make a style statement. They offer high-performance solutions for high-end configurations. These kits will optimise next-generation platforms and are an ideal solution foroverclocking with incredible frequencies between MHz and MHz.

Turn your computer into a jewel

G.SKILL Trident Z Royalmemory sticks are not only great in design but also in power and performance! They retain the aggressive style of the Trident Z while including a unique light show with dispersion, refraction and reflection. Combined with 8 controllableRGB LEDs , this memory kit will make your PC shine.

Tested for reliability, compatibility and performance on a wide range of motherboards, each Trident Z Royal module is created with hand-shielded memory ICsEach Trident Z Royal module is created with hand-shielded memory ICs on a custom-designed ten-layer PCB to ensure high signal integrity and overclocking capability.

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SeriesTrident Z Royal 
 Memory TypeDDR4 
 Capacity16GB (8GBx2) 
 Multi-Channel KitDual Channel Kit 
 Tested SpeedMHz 
 Tested Latency 
 Tested Voltagev 
 Error CheckingNon-ECC 
 SPD SpeedMHz 
 SPD Voltagev 
 Fan lncludedNo 
 Height44 mm / inch 
 WarrantyLimited Lifetime 
 FeaturesIntel XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready 
 Additional NotesRated XMP frequency & stability depends on MB & CPU capability. 
 Additional NotesNot all AMD CPUs are capable of supporting DDR
The memory kit NO ONE deserves

G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 32GB On Sale For $ &#; A good deal for fast and good looking RAM!

G.Skill Trident Z Royal Series 32GB (A kit of two 16GB modules), costs an amazing $ on Amazon (but only one in stock). It is available on Newegg for a fairly cheap price of $ US which is impressive for a stunningly designed memory kit. You can even check out our own review of this spectacular memory kit over here.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4 Series ram will not only look amazing but also be amazingly functional!

This ram comes in silver/gold plate surroundings along with a diamond glass texture on the RGB diffuser to show the LEDs sparkle across the rocky pattern, which will have your gaming system looking amazing. The font for the words Trident Z Royal is fancy enough to make people look at it in admiration but not too fancy to make people get upset and worry about how much money you spent on these ram sticks.

G.Skill Hits Extreme Speeds of DDR With Its Trident Z5 Memory Modules

The rocky glass texture is labeled as G.Skill's radiant crystalline light bar which allows the 8 RGB led zones to be dispersed and refract throughout the texture and makes the ram light up in new and amazing ways. The ram lights are also able to be controlled by Aura SYNV, Gigabyte RGB fusion, and most motherboard manufacture lighting control software.

Trident Z Royal RGB Options -

This ram does have many options available to it, being able to change the color from silver to gold, being able to change the CAS latency from the standard 16 to 14 (do be warned this raises the price significantly, at the time of writing the silver CAS 14 latency ram cost just under $).

Another option for this ram is the size of the total amount of ram and how it's inserted into your computer, there are two sticks of 16GB. Another option is  32GB consisting of four 8GB sticks to be inserted into your RAM slots (along as your motherboard supports four ram DDR4 ram slots), or you can pick the option of two 8GB sticks to equal out to 16GB rather than 32GB. On the opposite, to get this ram kit up to 64GB it would consist of four 16GB modules.

Trident Z Royal RGB RAM speed -

The Trident Z Royal runs at an amazing Mhz, which makes this ram kit amazing for Ryzen 1, 2, or 3rd generation processors as Ryzen processors run better when they have access to faster RAM.

In conclusion, this ram is most definitely an amazing piece of PC hardware, but the price for most people would make people turn away but this ram is only about $20 more than the average 32GB kit of DDR4 Mhz speed ram. So if you are looking to buy 32GB of ram I would buy this amazing ram set for the deal that is active for the next 3 days as this deal ends on Sunday (11/10/19).

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VLOG: Trident Z Royal DDR4 3200mhz 16GB (8x2GB) Unboxing \u0026 Overview [Ph]

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