Is jump force crossplay 2020

Is jump force crossplay 2020 DEFAULT

I have the game for ps4 and my friend has it for switch and crossplay was announced, so how do we play?

  1. I have no idea how to join a battle with them or have them join mine.SmokeSalesman66 - 1 year ago
  2. where did you hear this announcement from?GD02 - 1 year ago
  3. Nowhere in particular, I just saw it all over the internet.SmokeSalesman66 - 1 year ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The announcement about cross-play was that PS4 had exited beta. That was basically an invitation to the other systems to do the same, but none of the others seem to have made any progress or shown that much interest. There are currently a limited number of games that have cross-play, as of early October 2020 Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 is not one of them.

    Many players would LIKE to have cross-play for this game; but Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are more focused on expanding the libraries for their newer systems than trying to work out the problems they have with cross-play for existing games. If it happens, that would be great, but it doesn't seem too likely at the moment.chaoyun2k - 1 year ago2   0

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Is Jump Force Cross-Platform in 2021? [PC, PS5, Xbox One]

One of the most popular topics in gaming these days is cross-platform play. It seems like every big game is making it a priority to be cross-platform compatible, and fans are more than happy about that. This is because having the ability to play with your friends regardless of what console they own is definitely a huge plus.

Jump Force is one of the most popular crossover fighting games. It was originally released for the Xbox One, PlayStation, and Windows PC on February 15th, 2019, and after that for Nintendo Switch in 2020. One question that has been brought up since the game's release is, "Is Jump Force cross-platform in 2021?", or can you play with friends who own a different console?

In this blog post, we will be going over whether or not you can play Jump Force with friends on a different console.

Playing games with friends on different consoles is definitely something that gamers want. It allows them to play with the biggest amount of people that they can, and it just makes things more convenient overall. So, read the blog to find out if Jump Force is cross-platform or not.


Jump Force - A Quick Introduction

Jump Force is a crossover fighting game that includes characters from several popular anime series. Some of these include Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and One Piece, just to name a few.

Jump Force - A Quick Introduction

The objective in the game is simple: you have to defeat your opponent by knocking them out of bounds or depleting their HP gauge completely. However, there are certain characters who have their own unique gameplay mechanics. For example, Goku can transform into different forms throughout the game.

The player controls three characters during battle, and each character has its own life bar. The player's objective is to defeat the opposing enemy team by knocking out their players one by one or dealing enough damage to deplete all three of their health bars.

The graphics in the game are very nice. Not only do they look great, but they're also a lot of fun to watch as well! The soundtrack is pretty good too and does a really good job at keeping you engaged in what's going on during battle.

Now that we've gone over what Jump Force is about let's get into whether or not it's cross-platform.

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Is Jump Force Cross-Platform in 2021?

No, Jump Force is not a cross-platform game. This means that you can't play with friends on different consoles, and it also means that you have to purchase the same version of the game in order for everyone to be able to play together.

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform in 2021?

The craze for cross-platform games has been around for a while now, and it seems like more and more people want to play with their friends on different consoles. Unfortunately, Jump Force is not one of those games. You can only play with friends who own the same platform as you do, and that's definitely a downside for fans of this game.

There are many reasons why you wouldn't be able to play Jump Force with friends on different consoles, including:

  • The different platforms could have a large variety of issues that don't exist on the version you're playing.
  • It would be impossible to keep track of all your progress across multiple devices, which means it wouldn't be fair for everyone involved.
  • It would probably be a lot more expensive for developers to make the game cross-platform, and they most likely wouldn't pass on that cost to players.
  • The fear of having people hacking into the game is also very high, which would end up ruining everyone's experience.
  • It's a lot easier for developers to just put all their time and effort into creating one polished version of the game rather than having to split their attention between multiple platforms.

So overall, there are a lot of reasons why Jump Force isn't cross-platform, and that decision was probably made by Bandai Namco Entertainment themselves rather than Microsoft or Sony. We may not like this news at all, but it's something we have to deal with.

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Is Jump Force Cross-Platform PC and PS4?

No, Jump Force is not cross-platform between Windows PC and PS4. This means that if you are playing on the Windows PC, you cannot play with friends who are playing on PS4. This also means that players won't be able to access their progress from either platform no matter what.

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform Windows PC and PS4?

Unfortunately, this is a very disappointing announcement for fans of Jump Force as now they won't be able to play with their friends on different consoles. It's also a bit strange that Jump Force doesn't have cross-platform support, but we can only hope Bandai Namco Entertainment will update this feature in the future!

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform PC and Xbox One?

The answer to this question is "NO". You cannot play Jump Force on the Windows PC with friends who are playing it on Xbox One. This is because Bandai Namco Entertainment has not enabled cross-platform support for this game, so you will need to purchase two copies if you want your friends to be able to play along too!

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform PC and Nintendo Switch?

No, Jump Force is not cross-platform between the Windows PC and Nintendo Switch. This means that if you have Windows PC and your friends have a Nintendo Switch, you cannot play together.

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform Windows PC and Nintendo Switch?

This news disappoints quite a few people who were hoping to be able to play Jump Force with their friends on the Nintendo Switch. It's definitely not ideal, but it is what it is, and we just have to deal with this unfortunate situation as much as possible!

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform PS4/PS5 and Xbox One?

This question is asked a lot, and the answer is "NO". Jump Force isn't cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4/PS5. This means that you will not be able to play with friends if they're playing it on a different console than yours, which is very disappointing news for fans of this game!

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Is Jump Force Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes, Jump Force cross-platform between PS4 and PS5. This means that if you are playing Jump Force on PS4 and your friend is using a PS5, you can both play together without any limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does cross-platform mean?

Cross-platform is used to describe the ability for players to play with friends who are using a different console than them. This means that if you're on Xbox One but your friend's on PS5, you can still play together. The same thing applies to PC and any other platforms as well. It all depends on the game and what options they have enabled.

2. What are the benefits of cross-platform gaming?

The main benefit of cross-platform gaming is the ability to play with friends who are on different consoles than you. Another major advantage is having more players online at once, which means there will be a lot of people to play against.

3. What does cross-progression mean?

Cross-progression is the ability to keep your progress from one platform and continuing it on another. For example, if you're playing a mobile game but then switch over to a console or PC - you'll be able to transfer all of that progress.

4. Is Jump Force cross-progression?

Unfortunately, this is where things get a bit disappointing. The answer to the question above is "NO"; Jump Force doesn't have cross-progression for your progress. If you're playing on Xbox One and then decide to play it later with friends who are using PS5 or Nintendo Switch - nothing will transfer over!

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Cross-platform gaming is becoming a very popular trend in the gaming industry, which is why it's so disappointing that Jump Force doesn't support cross-platform play.

It would be great if Bandai Namco Entertainment would add this feature to their game as soon as possible! We hope you found our blog post on "Is Jump Force cross-platform in 2021?" helpful and if you have any questions - please let us know in the comment section below!

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JUMP FORCE announced for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam

Leading developer and publisher of anime videogames, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe has announced JUMP FORCE for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and STEAM. The greatest heroes and villains from the 50-year history of Shueisha’s influential Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump manga will battle against each other across iconic locations on Earth in this anime fighting game fan’s dream come true!

Featuring the world’s most popular and classic manga/anime franchises including DRAGON BALL Z, ONE PIECE, NARUTO, and many others, players will be able to create their three-character manga/anime dream tag team and take them into battle in hyper-stylish arena brawls set against backdrops of famous landmarks around the world including New York City’s Times Square and the Matterhorn in the Alps. Utilizing Unreal Engine 4, JUMP FORCE brings these titans of Japanese pop culture to life for the first time ever in stunning realistic detail.

The lines that separate our world from the JUMP world have been blurred, with evil forces spilling into the real world to rule over humanity. The greatest heroes known to manga/anime including Goku, Luffy, Naruto, as well as many others to be announced, must join forces to triumph over the forces of evil seeping in from the JUMP world. 

“JUMP FORCE provides an incredible opportunity for players to discover the rich universe of Shueisha and battle in iconic real-world locations.”, said Hervé Hoerdt, Vice President Marketing and Digital at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe. “To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Shōnen Jump, Shueisha and BNEE are bringing together some of the most beloved manga and anime franchises of all time. We can’t wait to unveil more details on JUMP FORCE in the coming months.”

The PROBLEM With Jump Force On The Nintendo Switch

All PS4 Crossplay Games – A Complete List Of Games You Can Play With Other Consoles


Cross Platform Games Xbox one, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch – For what seems like an absolute age, Sony seemed to resist the winds of crossplay, which is to say that the platform holder was quite content to let PS4 gamers play with, well, other PS4 gamers and basically nobody else. Well, times have changed and so it seems has the attitude of the big S towards the whole arrangement. To keep track of all this madness, we’ve made an ongoing feature list of all PS4 crossplay games. For additional reading. you might want to check out our feature which details all the PS5 games that support crossplay. You also might want to take a look at all the PS4 games that offer free PS5 upgrades too.

All Crossplay PS4 Games

PS4 Games With Full Crossplay Support

The following PlayStation 4 games currently support crossplay functionality completely – which is to say that the players from at least all three major online gaming platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC) can play against or with each other without issue.

  • Apex Legends: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Battlefield 2042: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC
  • Blightbound: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Brawlhalla: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC
  • Call of Duty: Warzone: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Century: Age of Ashes: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC
  • Chivalry II: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC
  • Dauntless: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Dirt 5:PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC
  • Fortnite: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, iOS, Android
  • Godfall: PS4, PS5
  • Hunter’s Arena: Legends: PS4, PS5, PC
  • Hyper Scape: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Knockout City: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Minecraft: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Android, iOS
  • MLB The Show 21: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One
  • Need for Speed: Heat: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • No Man’s Sky: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Operation: Tango: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC
  • Paladins: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PC
  • Predator – Hunting Grounds: PS4, PC
  • Quake: PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Realm Royale:PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
  • Rocket Arena:PS4, PC, Xbox One
  • Rocket League: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Rogue Company: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Smite: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Spacelords: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Spellbreak: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Spelunky 2: PS4, PC (Due Early 2021)
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground:PS4, PC, Xbox One
  • Wargroove: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • Watch Dogs Legion: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC (Coming later in 2021)
  • World War Z: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • WWE 2K Battlegrounds: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
  • XDefiant: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC

Though a small list right now, you can expect it to grow rapidly over the coming months and years as Sony embraces crossplay going forward for both PS4 and also PS5 when the next generation of consoles rolls around.

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Further Reading:

PS4 Games With Partial Crossplay Support

Of course, not all games are created equally which means that some games which support crossplay will do so only in a limited fashion, whereupon some platforms are mutually exclusive to one another (PS4 players might only be able to play with PC players and not Nintendo Switch players), for example.

  • Aliens – Fireteam Elite: PS4, PS5
  • Aragami: Xbox One, PC, Switch / PS4, PC (PS4 players can only play with Windows PC, Linux and Mac players)
  • Black Desert: Xbox One, PS4 (PS4 players can only play with Xbox One players)
  • Chess Ultra: Xbox One, Switch, PC / PC, PS4 (PS4 players can only play with Windows PC, Linux and Mac players)
  • DC Universe Online: PS4, PC
  • Dick Wilde 2:PS4, PC
  • Disc Jam: Switch, PC / PC, PS4
  • Eve: Valkyrie: PS4, PC
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: PS4, PC, Mac
  • Games of Glory:PS4, PC
  • Guns of Icarus Online:PS4, PC, Mac
  • Hero Siege: PC, Mac, mobile, Switch / PC, Mac, mobile, PS4
  • Hex: PS4, PC
  • Hover:Xbox One, Switch, PC / PC, PS4
  • Hunt: Showdown: PS4, Xbox One
  • Kabounce: PS4, PC
  • Mantis Burn Racing: PS4, PC / Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • Marvel’s Avengers: PS4, PS5
  • Mortal Kombat 11: PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X
  • Nioh 2: PS4, PS5
  • Overload:Xbox One, PC / PS4, PC
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: PS4, PC
  • Pinball FX 3: PS4, PC / Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • PUBG: PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X
  • Pox Nora: PS4, PC, Mac
  • Rec Room: PS4, PC
  • Siegecraft Commander:PS4, PC / Switch, Xbox One, PC
  • Sports Bar VR:PS4, PC
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew: PS4, PC
  • Street Fighter V: PS4, PC
  • Square Heroes: PS4, PC
  • Super Dungeon Bros:PS4, PC, Mac / Xbox One, PC
  • Super Mega Baseball 2:PS4, PC / Xbox One, PC
  • Tannenberg: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
  • Trailblazers:PS4, PC, Mac / Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Tooth and Tail: PS4, PC, Mac
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil: PS4, Switch, PC
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse:PS4, PC, Mac / Switch
  • Verdun: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
  • War Thunder: PS4, PC, Mac / Xbox One, PC, Mac
  • Watch Dogs Legion:PS4, PS5
  • Weapons of Mythology:New Age: PS4, PC
  • Werewolves Within:PS4, PC
  • World of Tanks: PS4, Xbox One
  • Wreckfest: PS4, PS5

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Crossplay Games Without PS4 Support

Meanwhile, here are PS4 games that support crossplay on other platforms, but do not offer that functionality in the PS4 version of the game (yet).

  • Ark: Survival Evolved:Xbox One, PC
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2:Xbox One, Switch, PC
  • Next Up Hero: Xbox One, Switch, Mac, PC
  • Riptide GP Renegade: Switch, PC / Xbox One, PC
  • Sniper Elite V2 Remastered: Xbox One, PC

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Keep this page bookmarked as we add more and more games to it.

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Jump 2020 is force crossplay

These are all the Nintendo Switch games with console and PC crossplay support

The Nintendo Switch is still a force in the console market. With record-breaking sales at launch, a smattering of excellent exclusives, and a massive library of wonderful indies, the Switch has become quite the juggernaut. Online multiplayer hasn’t quite gotten on the same level as PlayStation and Xbox, though. Even with its dedicated Nintendo Switch Online subscription program, the Switch still lags behind the competition. The install base, however, is huge, making it a great place to play online games, even if the infrastructure isn’t as feature rich. Additionally, a growing number of games feature crossplay support with Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and sometimes even mobile.

Here are all the Switch games with cross-platform multiplayer support.

See more:

Cross-platform support

Switch cross-play
  • Among Us: PC, mobile
  • Apex Legends: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)
  • Aragami: PC, Xbox One
  • BlobCat: PC
  • Brawlhalla:PC, mobile, PS4, Xbox One
  • Chess Ultra: PC, Xbox One
  • Crazy Justice:PC, Xbox One
  • Dauntless: PC, mobile, PS4, Xbox One
  • Dawn of the Breakers: PC, mobile
  • Dead by Daylight: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Disc Jam: PC
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2:PS4
  • Dragon Quest X:PC, mobile, PS4, Wii U
  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades:PC, mobile
  • Elemental Knights R: PC, mobile
  • Exorder:PC
  • Fantasy Strike: PC, PS4
  • Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles – Remastered Edition: PC, mobile, PS4
  • Fortnite:PC, mobile, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Hero Siege: PC, mobile
  • Hover:PC, Xbox One
  • Just Dance 2020:PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One
  • Killer Queen Black: PC, Xbox One
  • Knockout City:PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Levelhead:PC, mobile
  • Lightseekers: PC, mobile
  • Mantis Burn Racing: PC, Xbox One
  • Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes: PS Vita
  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition:PC, mobile, PS4, Xbox One
  • Minecraft Dungeons: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: 3DS (Japan)
  • Morphies Law: PC
  • Mushroom Wars 2:PC, mobile
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2: PC, Xbox One
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – Remastered: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition:PC, Xbox One
  • Next Up Hero: PC, Xbox One
  • Onigiri:PC
  • Overcooked! All You Can Eat:PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Paladins: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Phantasy Star Online 2:PC, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One
  • Pinball FX3:PC, Xbox One
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Realm Royale: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Riptide GP: Renegade:PC
  • Rocket League: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Rogue Company: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Siegecraft Commander:PC, Xbox One
  • SMITE:PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Spellbreak: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Super Mega Baseball 2:PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Super Mega Baseball 3: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Talisman: Digital Edition: PC, mobile
  • Touring Karts:PC, mobile, PS4
  • Trailblazers:PC, Xbox One
  • Treasure Stack: PC, Xbox One
  • Turok 2:Seeds of Evil Remastered: PC, PS4
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse:PC, PS4
  • Wargroove: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar:Champions: PC, mobile

Nintendo Switch games that support cross-save with PC

witcher 3

Even though games that are accessible on all platforms are, obviously, superior, there are a few contenders that only use crossplay with PC or that use crossplay and cross-progression just with PC. 

Normally, cross-saving games don’t have a decent online mode that would encourage crossplay. But the ability to load your save states onto a PC edition of a Switch game is surprisingly useful. Here are some titles that support save file transfers across your Nintendo Switch and PC. 

  • Civilization VI
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition
  • Game Dev Tycoon
  • Hades
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising
  • Kingdom: Two Crowns
  • Minecraft
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Nintendo Switch games that support cross-progression

Aside from playing online with users on different platforms, a handful of Nintendo Switch games offer cross-progression support. This means you can make progress on other platforms, then sign into the Nintendo Switch version to pick up right where you left off, with all of your saved data carrying over. That way, you can easily move from platform to platform without losing your progress.

These are the Nintendo Switch titles that support cross-progression with other platforms:

  • Dauntless
  • Fortnite
  • Paladins
  • Realm Royale
  • Rocket League
  • Rogue Company
  • Spellbreak

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