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Shopping is a highlight of any Disney vacation. From finding the perfect souvenir to remember your trip by to searching the shelves for new merchandise, shopping at Disney is a delight.

Though we love shopping, we wanted to tell you about a few items that you CAN buy at Disney World, but SHOULDN&#;T for a variety of reasons.

Disney has a HUGE selection when it comes to merchandise. Some of which are &#;must-have&#; Disney items. The issue with a few of these items is that Disney KNOWS you will buy them, therefore, they increase the price.

  1. We love a good bubble wand as much as the next folk, but they can be pretty difficult to travel home with. Bubble wands are messy and leak easily. They also break pretty easy and can be a little annoying. Yes, sticky bubbles are fine outside at the parks, but not inside at home. But, if your kids love bubble wands there are cheaper options at Walmart and Amazon. Walmart sells an Ariel Glow Bubble Wand shown below for $ The wand comes with a bubble refill and a blowing stick! AND the bubble wand glows, so it&#;ll be perfect for nighttime shows!
  2. Ponchos! Yes, Disney sells ponchos for those mid-day rainy disasters, but it is so much cheaper if you come to the parks prepared by bringing your own. You can find cheap ponchos at any dollar store. They get the same job done and you&#;re only paying a fraction of what Disney would charge you.
  3. Sunscreen is another item that can be purchased on property&#; but shouldn&#;t buy it there unless you really have to. Disney assumes that guests will need to purchase sunscreen while in the parks, therefore, they know they can charge you a little extra since it is a necessity. So, run to Walmart or Target before your trip to save a few dollars!
  4. Gift cards can be purchased at locations like Sam&#;s Club and Target for discounted rates. For example, if you have a Target Redcard, you CAN use your 5 percent discount on gift cards. It may not seem like a lot, but it really adds up. Sam&#;s Club usually offers a 4 percent discount on Disney gift cards. This means if you purchase a $ gift card, you&#;d only be paying $ HUGE savings right there!
  5. Bottled water is another thing that you should really avoid purchasing at the parks. This is because you can get FREE cups of water at any location with a soda fountain. I&#;m not going to lie, sometimes this water doesn&#;t taste the BEST&#; especially in Magic Kingdom for some reason, so I like to ask for Venti cups of water while at Starbucks. They&#;re also free and the water tastes much better!
  6. Standardized toys that can be found for cheaper outside of the parks are other items that should be purchased OUTSIDE of the parks. For example, a classic Buzz Lightyear figurine or a Tinker Bell wand can likely be bought at Walmart, Target, or on Amazon.com for a much lower price. These items are fun to purchase in the parks, but Disney raises the prices because they know that people are always looking for souvenirs. Resist the temptation&#; buy the items when you get home! You can find this Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear toy at Target for $ Toys like this can be much more expensive in the parks, even though they do the exact same things.
  7. Stroller rentals. Find a company that allows you to rent a stroller for the week instead. You will hopefully get a better deal this way and you won&#;t have to worry about returning the stroller at the end of each park day. This is the WORST when your sweet baby is asleep and you have to wake them to return the stroller. Then, you&#;re left carrying them through the parking lot or onto a resort bus.
  8. Costumes! I agree that every little girl should feel like a princess while visiting Disney, but wow, are costumes expensive at the parks! Unless you are doing a full Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique makeover, I suggest purchasing costumes before visiting the parks! I doubt that you can find anything like this adorable Little Adventures Child&#;s Sleeping Beauty Day Dress with Headband in the parks. We found it at Target for only $
  9. Premium parking. Of course people sometimes need to park closer for health reasons. They may not have access to Disney&#;s handicapped parking area and for those reasons we totally understand why one would pay the extra $25 to park. For others who simply just want closer parking, we feel that this is a huge waste of money. There is easy access to trams throughout the parking lots and they are constantly moving and working. The trams mean that you won&#;t have to walk to the front of the park if you don&#;t want to!
  10. Event tickets are also more expensive at the parks. Tickets to events like the new Villains After Hour Event are cheaper if purchased in advance. Disney raises the prices at the gate and online on the day of the event.
  11. Diapers, formula, pacifiers.   We really appreciate that Disney has these items in case of an emergency, but as with most things on this list, Disney increases these prices immensely.  You will pay a pretty penny if you purchase items like these at the parks because Disney knows they&#;re a necessity. SO, make sure you pack extras.
  12. Housewares. I love Disney&#;s housewares, but you can find them cheaper elsewhere. Sometimes prices at the Disney Store and shopDisney.com are even a little cheaper. ShopDisney also has more options and often has sales. When looking through shopDisney, we found a few kiddie options that we had never seen in the parks. Items like the Mickey Mouse First Feeding Set by Bumkins are adorable and easy to travel with. This bowl is perfect to bring to the parks so your little ones can eat their snacks! It will stick right to the stroller and is only $
  13. Sunglasses. The non-branded sunnies in the parks are CHEAP and by cheap I mean in quality. They break easily and are comparable to gas station sunglasses. Do not waste your money on these. Just make sure to pack an extra pair in case you lose yours. And no, we don&#;t recommend bringing expensive pairs of sunglasses to the parks because you might lose them&#;  but we don&#;t think you should pay outrageous prices for a crappy pair of sunnies either.
  14. DVDs. Buy those bad boys on Amazon or just hold your horses and wait for Disney+, my friends. Disney+ will have everything your little Disney heart desires and more, so save the $30 and put it toward your monthly $ Disney+ fee.
  15. Cameras. Yes, you NEED cameras in the park, but instead of purchasing disposable cameras inside the park use your phones and take advantage of Disney PhotoPass. If you plan on taking a lot of photos, the best way to save money is by purchasing the Memory Maker.
  16. Bottled liquors.  My mom was SO excited when she realized the Disney resort hotels sold liquor in the hotel shops. But that excitement so dissipated when she saw the prices. If you plan on enjoying a drink or two in your room, pick up a bottle at the Walmart or a gas station nearby. If you&#;re flying, pack your favorite brands in your checked bag.
  17. Misting fans are a GREAT item to have at Disney, especially with kids. They will not only have fun with them, but it will likely keep them from complaining about the heat. With that being said, these are another pricey Disney item that can be bought elsewhere before visiting the parks. This O2COOL Licensed Misting Fan can be purchased on Amazon for $! They also come in a large number of other prints and colors.
  18. Bagged candy, just like the items listed above, is expensive for no apparent reason at Disney. Plan to pack a few snacks and sweets in a bag for the little ones to save both time and money while in the parks. If you have the dining plan and you&#;re left with a few snack credits at the end of the trip, you can use them toward items like bagged candy. Then you&#;re using all of your credits and you aren&#;t having to spend any extra cash!
  19. Swimsuits are another big no-go purchase while at Disney. We suggest that you pack these even if you don&#;t plan on having a swim day. Just in case!
  20. Towels, just like swimsuits can be bought elsewhere. Target and Walmart always have really cute Disney towels! We found this Mickey Mouse Club House Beach Towel at Walmart for only $

What are a few items that you feel should NEVER be purchased at Disney? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Little Kids Disney Minnie Mouse Light and Sound Musical Bubble Wand, Includes Bubble Solution, Multi ()

Little Kids Disney Minnie Mouse Light and Sound Musical Bubble Wand, Includes Bubble Solution, Multi ()

Little Kids

ratings Write a review

Item #:


This product is not Fulfilled by Ubuy and can take minimum 10 days in delivery. We might cancel the product from the order and refund you if any issue arise with the delivery of this product.

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on () volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • Lights and Sound Bubble Wand lights up and plays whimsical music all while blowing tons of bubbles
  • Toy has easy to use on/off button which allows your child independence to create tons of bubbles on their own while playing with their favorite character. Care instructions: we recommend rinsing out the machine mechanisms with water after each use to prol
  • Includes 4fl oz of premium nontoxic bubble solution
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included
  • Ages 3 Years+
Product Dimensions2 x x inches ( x 14 x cm)
Item Weight ounces ( grams)
Country of OriginChina
Item model number
Manufacturer recommended age3 years and up
Batteries3 AAA batteries required.
BrandLittle Kids
StyleMinnie Mouse
OccasionEaster, Outdoor Fun, Party Favor, Birthday


Style:Minnie Mouse

With the wave of a bubble wand your kids can bring the magic of Disney to life! Your child will love creating tons of bubbles with their best friend Minnie Mouse. Not only is this bubble wand as stylish as Minnie, but it also lights up and plays whimsical music all while creating tons of bubbles. Designed with kids in mind, this toy has an easy to use on/off button and made for play. Now that is Bow-Tastic! Includes 4fl oz of premium nontoxic bubble solution. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included. We recommend rinsing out the machine mechanism with water after use to prolong the life of all bubble toys.Con la ola de una varita de burbujas tus hijos pueden dar vida a la magia de Disney. A su hijo le encantará crear toneladas de burbujas con su mejor amigo Minnie Mouse. Esta varita de burbujas no solo es tan elegante como Minnie, sino que también se ilumina y reproduce música caprichosa mientras crea toneladas de burbujas. Diseñado pensando en los niños, este juguete tiene un botón de encendido/apagado fácil de usar y hecho para jugar. Eso es Bow-Tastic! Incluye 4 fl oz de solución premium de burbujas no tóxicas. Funciona con 3 pilas AAA, no incluidas. Recomendamos enjuagar el mecanismo de la máquina con agua después de su uso para prolongar la vida útil de todos los juguetes de burbujas.비눗방울 지팡이의 물결로 아이들이 디즈니의 마법을 삶에 가져올 수 있습니다! 자녀는 가장 친한 친구 미니 마우스로 수많은 비눗방울을 만드는 것을 좋아할 것입니다. 이 비눗방울 지팡이는 미니처럼 스타일리시할 뿐만 아니라 수많은 비눗방울을 만들면서 불빛이 들어오고 기발한 음악을 연주합니다. 아이들을 염두에 두고 디자인된 이 장난감은 사용하기 쉬운 온/오프 버튼이 있으며 놀 수 있도록 제작되었습니다. 이제 바로 Bow-Tastic입니다! 프리미엄 무독성 거품 용액 ml(4 온스)이 포함되어 있습니다. AAA 배터리 3개가 필요합니다(미포함). 모든 비눗방울 장난감의 수명을 연장하기 위해 사용 후 물로 기계 메커니즘을 헹구는 것이 좋습니다.

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: What song does it play?

    Answer: It’s just little music not really a song and it’s not Mickey Mouse focused music either

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39 customers ratings

  • 5 Star 49%
  • 4 Star 11%
  • 3 Star 8%
  • 2 Star 6%
  • 1 Star 27%

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Customer Reviews

Ca•• ••17

October 14,

Didn’t work and can’t return it

I bought this for my little girl on August for her birthday in October. We just opened it October 14th and it doesn’t work. Of course I can’t return it because the window to return is expired. I guess that’s what I get for trying to plan ahead.

Am•• ••er

October 1,


My daughter was so excited about this bubble blower. It has a cute song and puts out alot of bubbles. However, it broke within a few hours of her receiving it. She was not rough with it. It just randomly stopped working. Now, I have a disappointed toddler and need to find a new bubble blower.

Ro•• ••s

September 27,

Excellent toy and great price

Great toy works really well and very fairly priced

I&•• ••aw

September 26,

Not worth it

Very disappointed at the fact that this bubble wand stopped working after the 1st use. I tried 3 sets of new batteries. Nothing. Not worth the money.

Ca•• ••ki

September 25,

I have two of the same thing and none works

It doesn’t work I got two and none of them worked

Ca•• ••IC

September 17,

If you are looking for one time use toy this is it!

Worked only the day it arrived for a few hours and then nothing. I bought two and they both shorted and stopped working. Not worth it.

Am•• ••er

September 13,

broke soon after

broke after an hour use

Li•• ••ry

September 10,

Did not work. Replacement broke after 3 days!

Only Disney product I ever ordered that did not work. Disappointing!

Na•• ••er

September 8,

Broke a week after having it

Son loved it but it didn’t last very long before it stop working. Very sad

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This new Halloween Bubble Wand will blow you away!

One of the most common questions we get are what souvenirs we recommend planning to purchase during your Disney vacation. 

Disney&#;s Bubble Wands for kids are always at the top of our list, and this new Halloween Bubble Wand will blow your little one away!

mickey pumpkin bubble wand

While we love the fun of the Magic Kingdom&#;s Boo Bash, it is quite late for little ones.  We love Disney Bubble Wands because they are sure to keep your little ones entertained as you wait in line for your favorite treats or characters!

Like other Disney Bubble Wands, this Halloween Bubble Wand lights up and blows Bubbles.  The top of the bubble wand is a Mickey Halloween pumpkin. 

bubble wand

We especially love the black and gray buffalo plaid ears that we&#;ve seen throughout Halloween merchandise this year.

When the switch is turned on, the pumpkin lights up and bubbles flow out of the top!  It&#;s worth noting that all Disney bubble wands also come with batteries bubbles included (although you have to remove all the plastic wrap and put it back together!)  They are ready for fun!

bubble wand

The wand handle is purple with fun candy graphics!  We see many different types of candy in shades of purple, green and orange!

bubble wand

This bubble wand retails for $ at Walt Disney World!

halloween bubble wand

Halloween Bubble Wand Available in Parks and Online!

halloween bubble wand

If you want to bring the fun of this Halloween Bubble Wand to your house without a trip to the parks, it is also available on ShopDisney!  Add one to your cart today!

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Sours: https://mickeyblog.com//10/08/this-new-halloween-bubble-wand-will-blow-you-away/
Make your own real working bubble gum with Ryan ToysReview

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If you haven&#;t been to Disney World in a little while, you start to get nostalgic for the WEIRDEST things &#; trust us. Sure, you&#;ll miss Space Mountain and Dole Whips, but you may miss the quirks of a Disney theme park, like walking through a massive crowd while a toddler in a stroller blows bubbles in your face.

Mickey bubble baton

OK, bubble wands may be one of those souvenirs you kind of regret buying at Walt Disney World, but there&#;s no denying one thing: the kiddos LOVE them.

So, yeah, these DO bring a LOT of joy! Now, you can bring the joy of a bubble stream home to you with ease, because shopDisney has TWO new bubble wands for sale online! The first is a Disney CLASSIC, perfect for fans of Minnie Mouse of all things pink. The Minnie Mouse Light-Up Bubble Wand is the most darling shade of pink and features Minnie&#;s signature polka dots all over!


Bring the fun of waiting for a Disney World parade home to you for $!

Check out the Minnie Mouse Light-Up Bubble Wand here!

And are your spidey senses tingling? If they are, it&#;s because there&#;s a NEW Spider-Man Light-Up Bubble Wand.


This $ toy doesn&#;t shoot webs, of course, it shoots BUBBLES!

Pick up this MARVEL-ous Bubble Wand here!

OK, we like to joke a bit about bubble wands, but they&#;re a Disney park ICON, and were even named among theTop Disney Toys of by TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets, & More), so there&#;s clearly something there. And when there&#;s more bubble wands for sale, you know we&#;ll let you know!

10 Disney World Souvenirs We DON’T Regret Buying

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Sours: https://www.disneyfoodblog.com//01/07/bring-the-joy-of-disney-world-bubble-wands-home-with-two-new-toys-available-online/

Bubble not disney working wand

How do I fix my bubble wand?

Why is my bubble mixture not working? If you try to make bubbles using normal water, you will quickly see that it doesn&#;t work very well. This is because the surface tension—the forces holding the molecules of a liquid together—of water is too high. Add other things, such as corn syrup or glycerin, to improve the bubbles.

How do you unclog a bubble wand? To clean, wipe down your bubble panel with a damp, soft towel. Never use abrasive cleaners or glass cleaners. If bubble output becomes clogged, drain the tank and remove the bubble wand tube from the tank by pulling the wand straight out and away from the tank. Wand output holes may be cleaned with a tooth brush.

What is the best homemade bubble solution? Homemade Bubble Solution

Measure 6 cups of water into one container, then pour 1 cup of dish soap into the water and slowly stir it until the soap is mixed in. Try not to let foam or bubbles form while you stir. Measure 1 tablespoon of glycerin or 1/4 cup of corn syrup and add it to the container.

How do I fix my bubble wand? &#; Related Questions

Why does my bubble solution keep popping?

A very hot dry day.

It&#;s primarily super dry weather that&#;s bad for big bubbles, because it causes the water in the bubble to evaporate too quickly which causes your bubbles to pop. Hot plus dry just emphasizes this evaporation problem, as does a bit of wind.

How long can a bubble last?

A soap bubble is a very thin film of soap water that forms a hollow sphere with an iridescent surface. Soap bubbles usually last for only a few moments and then burst either on their own or on contact with another object.

How much are bubble wands at Disneyland?

Bubble wands are now $, up from $ Misting fans are now $, up from $ These prices are now the standard costs for both domestic Disney Resorts, so guests are advised to plan accordingly.

Can you refill Disney bubble wand?

Bubble wand refills are available in the 4-theme parks, Disney Springs, and many hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort. There will most definitely be refills available for purchase where bubble wands are sold (based on availability). You may have to do a little searching through the gift shops and street carts.

What is the Disney bubble?

The NBA Bubble, also referred to as the Disney Bubble or the Orlando Bubble, was the isolation zone at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando, that was created by the National Basketball Association (NBA) to protect its players from the COVID pandemic during the final eight games of the –20

How do you change the batteries in Buzz Lightyear bubble blower?

Just pull the back of his jet pack cover straight off, it is mounted with rubber balls and sockets. Then use a small Philips screwdriver to remove the battery cover to find 2 AA batteries. Unscrew all three screws until back plate comes off. Replace the two/three AA batteries.

What can I use instead of glycerin for bubbles?

If you don&#;t have glycerin on hand, you can substitute with light corn syrup. Distilled water will provide best results but you can substitute with regular tap water if needed.

Why do you put sugar in bubbles?

Adding glycerin and sugar to the solution helps the bubbles last longer. The water in bubbles evaporates quickly, which makes them more fragile. Adding glycerin and sugar slows evaporation, which makes bubbles last longer.

What happens when the bubble gets old?

Over time, the thickness of the bubble changes, leading to a changing and swirling of the colors. As the bubble ages, it gets thinner on top and thicker on the bottom. Eventually the top gets so thin that light interferes only destructively, all the color waves cancel each other out, and we get a dark spot.

Can a bubble last forever?

Soap bubbles last for ever. Unless the water in the bubble evaporates. The bubbles will generally have a shorter lifetime in dry air, because the evaporation is higher in dry air than in air with high humidity.

Do bubbles last longer in hot or cold water?

The hot water is less likely to contain tiny gas bubbles dissolved in it, because they would have (at least mostly) escaped while being heated. The cold water therefore should have more gas bubbles dissolved in it.

How do you make big bubble mixture?

To create your bubble solution, first mix 2 cups of dish soap, 2 tablespoons of baking powder, 2 tablespoons of corn starch and 4 tablespoons of glycerin in a large bowl. Pour in a half gallon of distilled water, and stir. Let the solution sit overnight for best results.

How do you make a long lasting bubble?

To create a long lasting bubble solution, you need to add moisture to the mix. This is achieved through the addition of glycerin, a natural moisturizer, to traditional soap-and-water solutions. If you&#;re looking to add a little bounce to your bubbles, try adding liquid sugar, or corn syrup.

Are bubble wands worth it?

If you want to achieve great wavy hair in a short time, the bubble wand is definitely an amazing tool to you. The ball-patterns allow you to wrap your hair around the barrel without worrying about the final result, it is going to be good after all.

How much are Disney popcorn buckets?

Disney parks popcorn buckets will vary in price depending on which one you decide to purchase. However most Disney World refillable popcorn buckets will cost between $ to $

How much are light up toys at Disney World?

One of the most popular souvenirs for kids are the Light Up Toys In Disney World. You can find these toys at souvenir shops and kiosks throughout the parks. As the sun starts to set, Cast Members pushing souvenir carts full of light up toys will begin to appear throughout the park. Prices range from $ – $

Does a fish tank need a bubbler?

Just like you and me, fish need to breathe. To do this, fish draw dissolved oxygen out of the water – without it, most breeds of fish will suffocate. Bubblers add oxygen to your aquarium. As the bubbles rise, they agitate the surface, allowing a greater amount of oxygen to enter the water.

Should air pump always be on in fish tank?

Filters, heater, lights, and air pumps need to stay on almost all the time to keep your fish alive. However, while you can and should turn off your lights and heaters, and even an air pump if you have one, you have to keep filters on 24/7.

What&#;s the bubble in a girl?

According to urbandictionary.com, a &#;bubble girl&#; is a girl who is aware of her sheltered world and wants to get out and have some fun. It also refers to a girl who feels trapped in a situation.

What is playing in a bubble?

In sports media, bubble is being used to refer to the series of scheduled games played or to be played between teams staying in a bubble. Oklahoma City … has already clinched a playoff spot and is in the bubble. — Reuters.com, 10 Aug.

What are Miracle bubbles?

jug of non-toxic Miracle Bubbles bubble solution refill is enough to create millions of bubbles, making for hours of fun for kids of all ages. GREAT FOR BUBBLE MACHINES – Miracle Bubbles solution is the perfect refill liquid for a home or professional bubble machine.

Sours: https://cementanswers.com/how-do-i-fix-my-bubble-wand/
Disney bubble wand review
This post contains affiliate links, for more information, click here.

When I started writing this post I had no idea how controversial these Disney bubble wands are. Apparently there are loads of adults who hate bubbles and wish that kids wouldn't bring them into the parks. Apparently there are also a lot of adults who wish that there were no kids at Disney, period. I get it, (sort of) walking through bubbles can make a mess, and it's frustrating if you get bubbles in your drinks or on your food. (I did this, on accident, to my friend, Jenny, she wasn't amused). I even got yelled at by a lady at Epcot last week because she had many feelings about my blowing bubbles around World Showcase. I didn't even have my kids with me. (I love the bubbles).

But, if you've got a wand that isn't working, I'm hoping I can help you fix it so you can bring it back into the park and enjoy the fun. (read more)


I made a video, if you'd rather watch than read, here you go:


Fixing your Disney bubble wand is simple, at least it is if you're having the same problem I had. Chances are, if you didn't have a Cast Member set the wand up for you, you're encountering the same issue. 

I got two wands for my kids when my mom and I took a trip to California Adventure. We got them on the last day, and since we had no plans to use them, we told the Cast Member that we didn't need her to set them up.

When I set them up at home, I did it wrong, bubbles leaked everywhere, and I figured it was just a bad design.  Then, when I went back to Disney World with a girlfriend (no kids, and yes I brought the bubble wand along to blow bubbles) I saw a little girl pointing her bubble wand straight at the ground and blowing bubbles on the concrete. 

I couldn't figure out how she was doing it. If I pointed my bubble wand at the ground bubbles would spill out all over the place! 

On the way out of Animal Kingdom I found a Cast Member at a bubble cart and asked him to help me out. He knew exactly what was wrong the second I described the issue.

My bubble container wasn't tight to the wand
There was a gap between the container and the wand
Bubbles would leak out over the sides if I tilted the wand even just a little bit

He asked me to hand him the wand, and as soon as I did, he fixed it, just like that. 

Let me show you.

I pulled a still from the video I made, hence the odd face, but it's good enough to show you the issue.

See the orange/yellow thing up inside the wand? That piece is not supposed to be there. It's for display purposes only. Disney places it inside of the wand so the bubbles can suspend from the wand while still being capped.

This prevents the bubbles from evaporating, and prevents messes should the bubble wand get tipped upside down long enough that the bubbles might run down the tube and onto the ground. 

You don't need it. Remove it, then screw the bubbles directly into the base. 

Your bubble wand should work great!



I hope that helped you out, and since I've got you here, I want to know how you feel about bubble wands in the parks. Apparently this is quite the issue. 

I love bubbles and don't mind at all when kids or adults blow them in the parks. If they bother me, I move around, no big deal. 

​What about you? Fan, or not a fan? 


If you're still having troubles with your wand, feel free to let me know, I promise I'll do my best to help if I can. 

If your wand isn't leaking, but just isn't working, I have heard some people say that wands that are stored sideways with bubbles attached can get gunked up, ruining the mechanics. If that's the case, there might be a way to flush the tube clean, but probably not without a whole lot of effort. 

Enjoy your wand! 
Sours: https://www.tythehunter.com/blog/fixing-a-leaking-disney-bubble-wand

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It's much easier this way, Avdotya sighed with relief. - And you are nice guys, I suppose you passed a bunch of girls. - Yeah, especially Andrey, - I answered, forcing Anya to cover herself with a blush. Avdotya went into the hallway and opened the front door, then she came back and stood at the entrance to the room, legs wide apart.

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