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Barn Cleaner System for Tie-Stall Barn

Barn cleaning system offered by GEA are adapted to operate in clock wise or counter clock wise rotation – By standing up behind the drive unit, you determine the rotation of the system . Corner boxes and other features are available to suit your installation and ease your manure handling management.

H-86 and H-95 Heavy-Duty Drive Units

  • The H-86 drives up to 500′ (152 m) of chain.
  • The H-95 drives up to 700′ (213 m) of chain.
  • Automatic releasing clutch in case of over load.
  • Quick tensioner mounted on the drive unit frame when installed on all elevators 15′ (4,5 m) long and under. For longer elevators, the quick tensioner is located close to the barn to ease chain tensioning operation.
  • Insulated motor base to protect against stray voltage.
  • 2½” (6,4 cm) main drive shaft mounted on greasable nylon bushings.
  • Drive shaft made of high precision steel and mounted on greasable ball bearings.
  • Double belt clutch pulley.
  • Roller chain tensioners made of UHMW plastic.

Chain and paddle models

Three chain models available: 7/8″ (22 mm), Pintle and Hook & Eye chains. All paddles are made of 1/4″ (6 mm) thick rugged steel. Paddle sizes available are 2″ (51 mm) wide and each of them comes in two different heights choice.


Patz Barn Cleaners

Patz - Barn Cleaner Unit

Since 1948, every barn cleaner Patz makes must meet its highest quality standards to provide you with the dependability you can count on for your daily operation. We're the ones with the proven forged steel hook-and-eye link... the secret to Patz performance. You can easily remove or replace links and flites without tools.

Your Patz barn cleaner becomes a wise investment for you over the years because it's built to last. The all-steel slide and one-piece steel flites with wear shoes are engineered to withstand the rugged wear of everyday operation. And Patz barn cleaners are adaptable to many layouts.

  • Two Reducer Sizes: Each has a welded steel frame, grease fittings at all critical bearings, and rugged roller chain drive. Standard reducer for up to 280 feet (85 m) of barn cleaner chain, or heavy-duty reducer for longer pulls of barn cleaner chain.
  • Reducer Breaks: The reducer brake prevents chain backup when motor is turned off. This is standard equipment.
  • Final Drive Shaft Sizes: 1-15/16 inches (49 mm) or 2-1/2 inches (64 mm).
  • Roller Chain Sizes: Standard Reducer - #60 and #40 Chain, Heavy-Duty Reducer - #80 and #50 Chain
  • Flite Cleaner: The flite cleaner is under spring tension and scrapes every flite on the top and front. A clean flite assures efficient manure removal.
  • Flite Catcher: The flite catcher is a metal plate with a beveled lip that receives the flite after it has been cleaned.
  • Hold-In Angle: The hold-in angle guides the chain back to its proper position along the center beam and supplies required tension to the chain.
  • High-Strength, Corrosion-Resistant Steel or Stainless Steel Slide: # The slide is constructed of 11-gauge HSLA steel for long life and welded to the center beam for greatest structural strength. Stainless steel slide is 12-gauge Type 304. 10-5/8 inch (270 mm) high, loaded side keeps manure in barn cleaner and surrounding area clean. Each slide is custom built and includes return slide lips. 10-year prorated warranty. Ask for details.
  • V-Belt Drive: No need for bothersome shear pins. Chain speed is varied by simple changing motor pulley.
  • Electric Motor: A 2, 3, or 5 hp. capacitor motor can be used, depending on the length of chain and the use of a standard or heavy-duty reducer. Your Patz dealer will advise you in selecting a motor.
  • Return Slide Lip: (Standard Equipment) Keeps return area cleaner and helps keep chain positioned against beam.
  • Hood Guard: The hood easily lifts up and out of the way for easy servicing. Fiberglass hood doesn’t rust - it remains attractive.
  • Center Beam: is a big 4-inch by 6-inch box welded of high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Lubricant Applicator: Five-gallon capacity - place anywhere above chain during application. Can store in warm location so lubricant flows easily during cold weather.
  • Chain Tightener: A spring-loaded bar that pushes outward against the chain and maintains proper chain tension automatically. Chain links can be removed without tools to take up excessive slack.
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Badger Barn cleaners and chain

More power into every Badger barn cleaner

Badger Barn cleaners and chain

Choose the transmission that meets your needs. The 580 drive, rated up to 5 HP , provides all the power necessary for most barn cleaning chores, and pulls up to 500 feet of chain. For those extra long, hard-to-pull jobs, choose the super 770, which is rated up to 7-1/2 HP and pulls up to 700 feet of chain.

Download the Brochure

Badger Barn cleaners and chain photo

Cor-Ten steel

Here’s where durability begins, Badger Barn Cleaner elevators are built from Cor-ten Steel! Cor-Ten steel is up to 8 times more corrosion resistant than the steel used by most competitors. It is also 20% stronger. Badger elevators are available with flat or “TIP-UP” paddle return. Simply stated, Badger Barn Cleaners last a whole lot longer than others.

Badger Barn cleaners and chain photo

Dura-Forged® Chain

High carbon heat treated forging have thickness where it counts for extended wear life and strength. Large diameter alloy pins (3/4”). The pins are beveled for more surface area contact while the chain goes through inclines and declines.


Badger Barn cleaners and chain: Paddle wiper

Paddle wiper

Badger’s paddle wiper wipes each individual paddle clean assuring no manure carry over.

Badger Barn cleaners and chain: Reverse curve

Reverse curve

The heavy-duty design of Badger’s reverse curve provides ease of operation and longer life. The curve’s full bottom features 3/16” steel pla...

Badger Barn cleaners and chain: Corner roller

Corner roller

Turning corners is trouble free with the Badger corner roller. Big 12” corner rollers are made of high quality cast iron with 1-1/2” greasable bronze bearings.

Badger Barn cleaners and chain: HOOK-LOK® chain

HOOK-LOK® chain

Grooved feature prevents uncoupling during normal operations. HOOK-LOK® is forged from high carbon steel and heat treated for unsurpassed strength and durability.

Restoration in a Can – Barn Find to Showroom Condition

Used barn cleaner chain - $1 (South of Eauclaire)

  • Barn cleaner chain, shoot and unit - 5000 Ellington

    Barn cleaner chain, shoot and unit - $5000 (Ellington)

    Barn cleaner unit shoot and chain. 18' shoot and 300+high profile hook and link chain. This chain is the newer chain that won't unhook if it kinks around. Unit is an OLD Badger but still runs good. All corners and reverse curve is included. $5000.00 B/O There is a loader tractor available to help lo ...

  • Barn cleaner, chain, links - 1500 Rice Lake

    Barn cleaner, chain, links - $1500 (Rice Lake)

    Patz barn cleaner and chain. Approximately 220 feet of chain new in 2012. Clockwise rotation. 19 foot chute. $1,500 OBO. Please call, do not email. ...

  • WTB - Badger Barn Cleaner Chain - $1 (Waseca, MN)

    Looking for a 250' of Badger 16" Clockwise barn cleaner chain in good condition. Willing to piece together shorter lengths of good chain. Call or text with what you have and price, pictures would be appreciated as well. Thank you. ...

  • WTB - Badger Barn Cleaner Chain - $1 (Waseca)

    Looking for a 250' of Badger 16" Clockwise barn cleaner chain in good condition. Willing to piece together shorter lengths of good chain. Call or text with what you have and price, pictures would be appreciated as well. Thank you. ...

  • WTB - Badger Barn Cleaner Chain - $1 (Waseca)

    Looking for a 250' of Badger 16" Clockwise barn cleaner chain in good condition. Willing to piece together shorter lengths of good chain. Call or text with what you have and price, pictures would be appreciated as well. Thank you. ...

  • FOR SALE: BARN CLEANER CHAIN - $9 (Ladysmith)

    FOR SALE: Approximately 90 of used Barn Cleaner Chain – used very little – looking closely, you can still see some of the green paint. Counter Clockwise. $9.00 per foot. Ladysmith. Call Bill at 715-53two-3294. ...

  • barn cleaner chain - $500 (Durango)

    barn cleaner chain-used 4 years sold cows -$500 obo- phone only ... about 200 ft. ...

  • Barn Cleaner Chain - 750 Marshfield

    Barn Cleaner Chain - $750 (Marshfield)

    ~160’ of Berg barn cleaner chain. ...

  • Sours:,42,111928,Used-barn-cleaner-chain----1--South-of-Eauclaire-.htm

    Barn for used sale cleaner

    Barn Cleaners

    Model 750 Barn Cleaner Transmission

    Handles up to 700 ft of chain with 7-1/2 HP motor
    Convenient fiberglass hood tilts forward for easy access to components
    Easy access shear bolt for maintenance
    Heavy duty tie bar and cast iron pulley
    Ductile iron drive gears
    Powerful drive unit in a compact size
    Low maintenance

    Model 15/16 Barn Cleaner Transmission

    Being overbuilt is a real advantage when the going gets rough.
    Standard duty pulls up to 375 ft
    Heavy duty pulls up to 700 ft
    Clutch protection
    Automatic clutch reset
    Easy to use chain tightener
    Extra heavy paddle wiper
    Easy opening hoods
    Automatic belt tightener

    These transmissions are proven workhorses. While most heavy duty transmissions on the market have a #80 final drive sprocket, this is what Jamesway uses on the standard duty unit! The DOUBLE #80 final drive on our Heavy Duty unit can handle the biggest loads. Modular construction makes it easy to service. Indeed, the Model 15/16 barn cleaner transmission gets it’s name from the fact that when you need to perform service, there is only one size of wrench you need to bring…..15/16”.

    Manure Elevator Ramps

    Model 2000 Fixed elevator up to 50 ft long
    Model 4000 Swinging elevator up to 85 ft long
    Model 8500 Swinging truss elevator up to 85 ft long
    Model 8800 Fixed truss elevator up to 85 ft long

    Jamesway offers many models of manure elevator ramps, from the economical Model 2000 up to the giant truss models. All are available with tongue-and-groove wood trough floors and sides, or in all steel. These models are designed for use with Jamesway Model 15/16 barn cleaner transmissions, but adapter kits are available for many brands.

    If you only need a smaller unit, then the Jamesway galvanized manure elevator may be right for you. This unit comes in 9 ft or 4 ft sections that are assembled and joined on-site. The bolted modular construction offers two major advantages: the compact shipping size saves cost, and the owner can easily replace trough sections when they are worn out. These units may be configured as 9 ft, 13 ft, 18ft or 22 ft long elevators.

    Barn Cleaner Chains

    Jamesway offers you four types of barn cleaner chain to choose from, all available with 2” high or 3” high paddles.

    Brutus pintle chain has the ¼” thick paddles welded to the riveted link. Brutus chain sections are joined with a bolted link every 18”, making chain adjustment very easy. The rugged Brutus chain is built for the heavy jobs.

    Bolted pintle chain comes in 12 foot sections and the paddles are bolted to the forged link. The bolted pintle chain is easy to ship and easy to handle. The ¼” thick paddles and wear shoes may be bolted CW or CCW rotation, making this a very popular model.

    S-86 chain has the paddle welded to the joiner link. This gives very solid paddle attachment while still allowing you to replace worn or damaged paddles. S-86 chain is ideally suited to medium sized jobs.

    7/8” Logging chain is the chain of choice for the roughest use. Fabricated in 21 foot sections, every piece is pre-stretched and stress tested to ensure the highest quality. Logging chain comes with the ¼” thick paddles welded in place every 18 inches.

    All Jamesway chains are also available in models for use with chain scraper systems.


    Lely Discovery Barn cleaner

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