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ST. PAUL, Minn. – The public can now view winter road conditions from the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s new “plow cams” available through the website. MnDOT announced today that some of the agency’s snowplows are equipped with cameras that show real-time road conditions along plow routes.


“The plow cams are another way for travelers to make good decisions about their travel plans during the snow and ice season,” said Kelly Braunig, program manager. “If they go on the site and see that travel is not advised, they can actually see an image of the road the cameras take as the plow is traveling. Seeing is believing.”


Travelers can already see road conditions on major highways from the Road Weather Information System, which is also part of These are fixed cameras at 97 locations across the state that show live rotating photos. While the RWIS cameras show a small area of the road, the plow cams show real-time road conditions as snowplows plow their routes.


“The RWIS and plow cameras are both used for maintenance purposes, and the public also benefits,” said Steve Lund, state maintenance engineer. “They give maintenance managers and supervisors a quick snapshot of what’s going on in the field but the plow cams will show the road conditions from the driver’s seat along a route.”


The plow cams are available on the website’s full-featured and streamlined pages and the app. They are also available on the “Personalize Your ” feature, which is on the full-featured and truckers’ pages.


To access the plow cams, go to and click on “Plow Cameras” on the left menu. A window will open to show photos and a map where the plow is. Underneath the current photo and map is a “film strip,” showing images every five minutes. The camera will activate when the plow is going at least 10 miles per hour or based on other filtering criteria.


Photos have captions that give the plow number, the date, time and location of the plow. Images will be displayed for two hours. If a new image is not taken for 15 minutes because, for example, a snowplow has stopped to refuel, the snowplow icon will be removed from the map until the plow is active again.


The active trucks displayed on only represent a portion of MnDOT’s fleet for snow and ice and other maintenance activities. Not all of the cameras are fully implemented in the trucks, but cameras were purchased for this winter season. MnDOT is in the testing stage this season, which will allow the agency to make decisions on whether to install additional cameras.


“All the new features we’re putting on come down to intelligent transportation,” said Braunig. “We want to be on the cutting edge of that. If motorists can just pick one or two features to use, they can make better travel decisions.”


For more information on other features of the system go to


Minneapolis, MN Traffic and Road Conditions

Q) How often is the map updated?

A) The traffic flow is updated at loadtime and upon movement outside the initial map view, or upon refresh of the page. Any incident markers are checked for updates approximately every minutes, but you need to reload the page to load any new updates; the data provided may still be the same status/view as before. Information shown is as only reliable as how it is reported to us.

Q) The roads are backed up or closed, but the map does not show the reason why, what's the deal?

A) Municipal traffic monitors or GPS trackers may not be available, could be offline, or reports and alerts are not syndicated to media outside of the area to use on the map. This is especially true for rural areas. You are encouraged to leave a road conditions report to help others.

Q) I see traffic alerts in the box below for the state, but they aren't related to the area I'm in?

A) We attempt to display alerts as specific to the area as possible, however in some cases the data we receive will only allow us to provide it by county or even statewide.

Q) Are you an official source of traffic information?

A) We are not an official source of traffic or real-time data. We have contracts and licenses to display certain up-to-date information that comes direct from some DOTs in various states, and the traffic flow on the maps is provided by Google or MapQuest. However, the data shown here should only be used for light informational and reference purposes and not to make critical decisions. Your safest option on the web is to use your state-run traffic website, or to call the DOT traffic line for your state, local authorities, or the state's number if available.

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ND Information

One easy-to-remember number

Welcome to the North Dakota Web page. The information on this page is intended to give you a better understanding of what the North Dakota Travel Information Service is and how it works. is a national telephone service for travelers to get the information they need to safely travel across North Dakota and the nation by calling from any type of phone. Motorists can access weather and road information, road construction reports, and seasonal load restriction information through this one telephone number. *When calling from out of state dial *

Check out our newest ND Roadsthat provides access to road conditions, load restrictions, work zones, road & weather cameras, width/height restrictions and weather radar.
  • ND Roads App
  • ND Roads Printable Maps and Text
    • Print ready PDF maps and text

    North Dakota - Birthplace of

    Have you ever been driving down the road and heard a weather report on the radio stating good visibility at the same time you're leaning over the steering wheel trying to see the front end of your car during a ground blizzard? This was the catalyst for the idea of providing route specific road and weather conditions in-vehicle in With the cooperation of the North Dakota Congressional Delegation, the University of North Dakota secured funding through the Federal Highway Administration to work with the North Dakota Department of Transportation to construct, test, and develop a proof of concept of an Advanced Traveler Information System.

    By the winter of , UND was providing 24 hour operations in support of #SAFE, a single region-wide number for access by wireless phones across North and South Dakota. In May of , a new company began providing services in North Dakota, Meridian Environmental Technology, Inc. Technology transfer was completed and operations began at Meridian on November 1, After UND proved the concept for a single statewide number for traveler information could work, and using #SAFE as the basis for a national model, the USDOT filed a formal request with the FCC to assign a nation-wide "" traveler information number, replacing over separate numbers across the US.

    Early saw the FCC approve the use of for Advanced Traveler Information System. In November of , USDOT published the first guidelines modeled after the philosophy, rules, and requirements of the now UND/Meridian #SAFE system. On November 22, , South Dakota converted to , with Montana following suit in January, , followed by Kansas and North Dakota in February,

    How to use

    is FREE and simple to use. Just dial "" from any telephone in your home, office, or vehicle. If you are calling from out-of-state, dial Follow the instructions below to get the information you need.

    Note: The example below will provide you with the current conditions for I from Dickinson to Bismarck.

    Detailed Instructions

    Call (if calling from your office, and your organizations uses a PBX system, the PBX system must be programmed to recognize as an outgoing telephone number)

    • You will hear:
      • "Welcome to the North Dakota Traveler Information System."
        • "For North Dakota Highways Press 1"
        • "For information in other states press 7"
      • Press 1
        • "For route specific information Press 1"
        • "For regional summary information Press 2"
        • "For seasonal load restrictions Press 3"
      • Press 1
        • "Enter your Highway number followed by the # (Pound) sign."
      • Press 94#
        • "Enter the number corresponding to the segment you are interested in"
      • Press 2
        • Listen to the report
        • "To repeat the last message Press 1"
        • "To do another road/weather search Press 2"
        • "To select another segment on this Highway Press 4"
        • "To leave a question or comment Press 8"
        • "To end this call Press 9 or simply hang-up."

    How About a Roundabout?



    Minnesota is the Minnesota Department of Transportation's (MnDOT) official traffic and traveler information resource. The Minnesota app provides statewide, real-time traffic information for interstates, U.S. routes, and state highways in Minnesota, including:

    - Hands-free, eyes-free audio notifications of traffic events while you drive
    - Zoom-enabled map with selectable event icons
    - Near real-time updates on winter road conditions, traffic incidents, and road closures
    - Roadwork and construction
    - Travel time delays associated with traffic reports (look for the orange glowing icons)
    - Current traffic speeds
    - Roadside camera images
    - Road weather information
    - Hands-free, eyes-free audio notifications of traffic events while you drive.
    - Snow plow camera images
    - Rest area locations including real-time truck parking availability for select state-run rest areas along I and I
    - Electronic roadway sign messages

    Learn about Minnesota's Law on wireless communication devices in vehicles at

    The MnDOT privacy policy can be found at

    Plow Camera disclaimer can be found at

    Drive safely!

    Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


    Added notifications button for viewing statewide alerts

    Ratings and Reviews

    Please add an ON-OFF button in Settings

    To mn:
    Please add an ON – OFF button to this app in the Settings to prevent battery drainage and the annoyance of unwanted alerts when not in use. I receive far too many crash alerts at a nonstop rate throughout the day because of stupid drivers. Whereas My mn Alerts are extremely helpful when I am about to drive somewhere, receiving alerts while I am at work with no plans to drive anywhere within the next half hour becomes extremely distracting, annoying, and wasteful of battery usage!! If you are not going to do anything about this problem, then I’m going to delete this app completely. Thank you for listening.

    Great if you can interpret unlabeled highway map

    Highways are presented as unlabeled green lines. There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to see what road is depicted except perhaps to view a traffic camera output identifies the roadway shown. Of course, in metro areas, cameras are so densely located that the camera location view summarizes how many traffic are in a given area. Expanding the map to select a given camera shows the green lines without context, and you must know what highway whose cameras are depicted. This is not for through travelers, but for locals thoroughly familiar with the shape of their major highways.

    Best app for road conditions.

    This app is awesome! We all want to know what condition the roads are in before we head out in the winter.
    This app let’s you see the actual road pictures from the highway camera’s. Additionally, you can get inside the plow truck and see the actual road images from the plow truck dash cam!
    The people that rate this app low don’t understand how the hwy Dept works I guess.
    They’re expecting someone to physically be out walking every mile of road and live teeeting the conditions. That’s not how it works.
    Have you ever started your car on a cold morning and the dash reads “Ice possible”???
    That’s because it’s using the outdoor temp to make this assessment. Same thing here.
    There are weather stations throughout the state that are reporting the weather conditions. These stations have live camera feed as well as the plow trucks too. No better way to check the real, physical roads than that!

    The developer, Minnesota Department of Transportation, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

    No Details Provided

    The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.


    Minnesota Department of Transportation



    Requires iOS or later.
    Requires iPadOS or later.
    iPod touch
    Requires iOS or later.
    Requires macOS or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

    Age Rating

    This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease battery life.

    © Minnesota Department of Transportation



    • Family Sharing

      With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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