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WaterTower Music has released a soundtrack album for the musical episode In the Key of the Creek of the Cartoon Network animated series Craig of the Creek. The album features the original songs from the episode written by Jeff Rosenstock and performed by cast members including Philip Solomon, Noël Wells & H. Michael Croner, as well Ashleigh Harrington, Zehra Fazal, Lauren Lapkus, Karen Fukuhara, show creators Ben Levin & Matt Burnett and others. The soundtrack is now available to stream/download on Amazon, where you can also check out audio samples. In the Key of the Creek is written by Tara Helfer & Ashley Tahila and follows Craig as he uses his toys and imagination to create his own Creek adventure when he is locked inside on a rainy day. The episode is premiering today on Cartoon Network.

Here&#;s the album track list:

1. I Wish I Were at the Creek (feat. Philip Solomon, Noël Wells & H. Michael Croner) ()
2. Do Ya Know??? (feat. Philip Solomon, Noël Wells, H. Michael Croner, Jeff Trammell, Jessica McKenna, Ben Levin, Zachary Steel, Lauren Lapkus & Matthew Burnett) ()
3. &#;Have You Considered Science?!&#; (feat. Ashleigh Harrington, Lauren Lapkus, Philip Solomon & H. Michael Croner) [Dialogue Clip] ()
4. The Secret to Unlocking Multiple Realities (feat. Ashleigh Harrington, Zehra Fazal & Philip Solomon) ()
5. &#;It Tastes Like a Toilet!&#; (feat. Ashleigh Harrington, Zehra Fazal & Phil LaMarr) [Dialogue Clip] ()
6. Tread Carefully (feat. Karen Fukuhara, Philip Solomon & H. Michael Croner) ()
7. FLEE THE SEA(horse)!! (feat. H. Michael Croner & Philip Solomon) ()
8. Half Orphan Hero (feat. Noël Wells) ()
9. Ride With JP (feat. Philip Solomon, Noël Wells & H. Michael Croner) ()
&#;Wait&#;&#; (feat. Philip Solomon) [Dialogue Clip] ()
The Creek is Everywhere!!! (feat. Philip Solomon, Noël Wells & H. Michael Croner) ()


Stream Jeff Rosenstock&#;s Soundtrack For The First Craig Of The Creek Musical Episode

Two years ago, the Cartoon Network debuted Craig Of The Creek, an animated show about a kid and his two best friends having imagination-driven adventures in the woods near their houses. Pop-punk auteur Jeff Rosenstock wrote and recorded the show&#;s theme song. Today, Craig Of The Creek is airing &#;In The Key Of The Creek,&#; its first-ever musical episode. Rosenstock wrote all the songs.

Just last month, Rosenstock dropped the great surprise album NO DREAM. Today, the Cartoon Network has released a minute soundtrack for the Craig Of The Creek musical episode. That means we&#;ve basically gotten two surprise Jeff Rosenstock albums in a few weeks. But the two albums aren&#;t exactly the same. NO DREAM is about guilt and self-recrimination in late-capitalist dystopia. In The Key Of The Creek is about having fun with your friends even if it&#;s raining outside.

All the songs on the Craig Of The Creek soundtrack sound very much like Jeff Rosenstock joints, but it&#;s fun hearing those big, howling hooks being sung in other voices. Most of the show&#;s cast, including former Saturday Night Live castmember Noël Wells, take vocal turns. (Sadly, we do not get to hear Terry Crews, who plays Craig&#;s father, singing a Jeff Rosenstock song. Maybe next musical episode.) Stream the soundtrack below.

&#;In The Key Of The Creek&#; is airing today, and you you subscribe to the Cartoon Network app, you can watch it here.

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Jeff Rosenstock Shares Soundtrack For the First “Craig of the Creek” Musical Episode

In the Key of the Creek Features Almost the Entire Cast of the Cartoon Network Show

Jun 08, By Samantha SmallJeff Rosenstock
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It finally happened, pop-punk king Jeff Rosenstock has penned an entire musical soundtrack for the animated Cartoon Network show Craig of the Creek titled In the Key of the Creek. This is the show&#;s first musical episode. Previously, Rosenstock wrote the show’s theme song, a joyful tune about the (mis) adventures of a trio of best friends.

The soundtrack’s tunes are deliriously enjoyable (and adorable). Think WORRY, but in the voice of a year-old. Almost all of the show’s cast, including H Michael Croner and former Saturday Night Live cast member Noël Wells, who is a musician in her own right, are featured on the album.

Back in May, Rosenstock dropped NO DREAM—a surprise album about the structural failures of capitalism and his personal recocking with this realization.

Read our review of NO DREAM.

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