Insurance and financial services salary

Insurance and financial services salary DEFAULT

Dept Of Financial Services Salaries

Accountant I1$27,-Accountant Ii12$28,-Accountant Iii18$32,-Accountant Iv12$35,-Accountant Iv - Ses1$35,-Accountant Supervisor Ii - Ses2$34,-Accounting Systems Analyst1$35,-Actuarial Analyst4$36,-Actuary9$,-Administrative Assistant I13$28,-Administrative Assistant I - Ses1$37,-Administrative Assistant Ii20$33,-Administrative Assistant Ii - Ses5$40,-Administrative Assistant Iii1$34,-Administrative Assistant Iii - Ses16$44,-Administrative Secretary23$28,-Application Design & Support Process Mgr2$88,-Area Financial Manager - Ses19$65,-Assistant Chief Of Auditing2$77,-Assistant Dir Of Accounting & Auditing1$97,-Assistant Dir Of Workers' Compensation1$,-Assistant Director Of Consumer Services1$90,-Assistant Director Of Risk Management1$92,-Asst Dir Of Public Assistance Fraud1$94,-Asst Director Of State Fire Marshal1$92,-Asst Director Of Unclaimed Property1$87,-Asst Supt Of Fire Fighter Std & Train1$63,-Attorney6$44,-Attorney Supervisor2$75,-Audit Director - Ses1$75,-Audit Evaluation & Review Analyst1$46,-Automated Scheduling Software Specialist2$46,-Benefits Prog Supervisor/analyst - Ses1$40,-Business Consultant I1$32,-Chief Cabinet Aide1$99,-Chief Financial Officer1$,-Chief Of Auditing1$76,-Chief Of Bank Regulation-district I1$75,-Chief Of Collateral Management1$81,-Chief Of Compliance1$80,-Chief Of Consumer Assistance1$70,-Chief Of Credit Union Regulation1$83,-Chief Of Customer Support Services1$88,-Chief Of Data Quality & Collection1$65,-Chief Of Deferred Compensation1$80,-Chief Of Distributed Infrastructure1$98,-Chief Of Education, Advocacy & Research1$75,-Chief Of Enforcement - Consumer Finance1$81,-Chief Of Enforcement - Securities1$75,-Chief Of Enterprise Applications1$93,-Chief Of Financial Accountability1$97,-Chief Of Financial Investigations1$89,-Chief Of Financial Reporting1$85,-Chief Of Financial Support Services1$89,-Chief Of Fire Prevention1$84,-Chief Of Firefighter Stand & Training1$84,-Chief Of Forensic Services1$89,-Chief Of Funds Management1$80,-Chief Of General Fraud1$88,-Chief Of General Services1$70,-Chief Of Investigation2$72,-Chief Of Licensing1$80,-Chief Of Life & Health Forms & Rates1$,-Chief Of Life & Health Insurer Solvency1$89,-Chief Of Life And Health Market Regulati1$67,-Chief Of Mainframe Systems & Operations1$83,-Chief Of Monitoring And Audit1$65,-Chief Of Payroll Design & Development1$81,-Chief Of Property And Casualty Market Re1$66,-Chief Of Registration - Consumer Finance1$76,-Chief Of Registration - Securities1$83,-Chief Of Risk Financing & Loss Preventio1$75,-Chief Of Staff2$,-Chief Of State Employ Workers Comp Claim1$75,-Chief Of State Liability & Prop Claims1$72,-Chief Of State Payrolls1$77,-Chief Of Vendor Relations1$75,-Chief Of Workers' Compensation Fraud1$86,-Chief, Fire, Arson & Explosivies Investi1$97,-Chief, Prop & Casualty Insurer Solvency1$84,-Communications Coordinator1$64,-Communications Director3$82,-Computer Audit Analyst1$50,-Computer Operator Iii9$34,-Computer Programmer Analyst I1$38,-Computer Programmer Analyst Ii3$39,-Computer Support Specialist1$46,-Consumer Service Analyst1$27,-Crime Intelligence Analyst I2$27,-Crime Intelligence Analyst Ii12$36,-Crime Laboratory Analyst3$55,-Custodial Trainer1$25,-Data Base Consultant3$74,-Data Processing Manager - Ses2$61,-Deferred Compensation Specialist2$34,-Deputy Boiler Inspector2$42,-Deputy Chief Financial Officer-dfs2$,-Deputy Chief Of Staff1$98,-Deputy Commissioner1$,-Deputy Dir Of Insurance Regulation2$,-Deputy Director Of Information Systems2$,-Deputy General Counsel1$,-Dir. Funeral, Cemetery & Consumer Servic1$,-Director Of Accounting And Auditing1$,-Director Of Administration1$,-Director Of Agent & Agency Services-doi1$,-Director Of Consumer Finance1$,-Director Of Consumer Services1$,-Director Of Finance & Budget1$,-Director Of Information Systems1$,-Director Of Legislative Affairs1$85,-Director Of Legislative And Cabinet Affa1$79,-Director Of Public Assistance Fraud1$,-Director Of Rehab And Liquidation1$,-Director Of Risk Management1$,-Director Of Securities1$96,-Director Of State Fire Marshal1$,-Director Of Treasury1$,-Director Of Unclaimed Property1$,-Director Of Workers Comp1$,-Director, Office Of Insurance Regulation1$,-Distributed Computer Systems Admin - Ses3$60,-Distributed Computer Systems Analyst12$41,-Distributed Computer Systems Consultant3$47,-Distributed Computer Systems Specialist7$34,-Document Specialist1$34,-Domestic Security Coordinator1$60,-Economic Analyst1$60,-Edp Quality Control/scheduling Supv-ses2$44,-Education And Training Administrator1$65,-Engineering Specialist Iii1$42,-Engineering Specialist Iv-ses1$58,-Executive Assistant I - Ses2$51,-Executive Assistant Ii - Ses1$62,-Executive Senior Attorney11$80,-Facilities Management Administrator1$63,-Facilities Services Manager Ii - Ses1$41,-Facilities Services Specialist1$28,-Field Repr Supv-fire Fighters Stds & Trn1$47,-Field Repr-fire Fighters Stds & Trng2$35,-Finance & Accounting Director Ii - Ses2$54,-Financial Administrator - Ses60$65,-Financial Control Analyst29$58,-Financial Crime Investigator I9$30,-Financial Crime Investigator Ii30$41,-Financial Examiner/analyst I18$34,-Financial Examiner/analyst Ii67$40,-Financial Examiner/analyst Supv - Ses33$52,-Financial Investigator1$35,-Financial Investigator-criminal Enforce12$46,-Financial Investigator-economic Crimes5$57,-Financial Management Process Manager2$,-Financial Specialist69$48,-Financial Specialist - Ses2$51,-Fire Coll Instr Supv-fire Fgtr Stds & Tr1$47,-Fire College Academic Instructor1$59,-Fire College Instructor2$36,-Fire Protection Specialist29$37,-Fire Protection Specialist Supv - Ses4$46,-Fiscal Assistant Ii2$27,-Forensic Technologist1$29,-General Counsel2$,-General Services Specialist1$35,-Government Analyst I83$40,-Government Analyst Ii$50,-Government Operations Consultant I3$41,-Government Operations Consultant Ii28$42,-Government Operations Consultant Iii2$64,-Human Resource Analyst/hr-ses3$42,-Human Resource Specialist/hr-ses1$38,-Info Tech Business Consultant Mgr -ses16$72,-Information Resource Mgmt Consultant Ii3$65,-Information Security Analyst Iii1$48,-Information Security Analyst Iv1$50,-Information Systems & Services Admin5$97,-Inspector General3$96,-Insurance Administrator C - Ses5$51,-Insurance Analyst Ii53$36,-Insurance Consumer Advocate1$,-Insurance Examiner Ii55$38,-Insurance Regulation Administrator - Ses9$52,-Insurance Specialist I22$30,-Insurance Specialist Ii34$33,-Insurance Specialist Iii68$37,-Investigation Manager - Ses11$54,-Law Enforcement Captain9$81,-Law Enforcement Investigator Ii$53,-Law Enforcement Lieutenant25$69,-Law Enforcement Major2$87,-License & Registration Inspector3$23,-Maintenance Mechanic2$29,-Maintenance Superintendent I2$37,-Management Analyst I - Ses1$30,-Management Analyst Ii - Ses2$35,-Management Review Specialist - Ses7$58,-Medical/health Care Program Analyst5$43,-N/a--Network Systems Administrator - Ses1$82,-Office Operations Manager I - Ses1$36,-Operations & Mgmt Consultant I - Ses1$47,-Operations & Mgmt Consultant Ii - Ses3$50,-Operations & Mgmt Consultant Mgr - Ses17$65,-Operations Analyst I1$34,-Operations Analyst Ii5$36,-Operations And Program Manager1$87,-Operations Manager1$,-Operations Review Specialist16$44,-Paralegal Specialist1$33,-Personnel Services Specialist/hr-ses1$37,-Planning & Budgeting Administrator1$84,-Press Secretary1$65,-Printer Ii2$33,-Printing/reproduction Admin-ses1$47,-Professional Accountant3$39,-Professional Accountant Specialist34$42,-Professional Accountant Specialist - Ses7$47,-Professional Accountant Supervisor - Ses2$59,-Program Management Director1$,-Programs & Policy Coordinator2$71,-Property Analyst1$31,-Public Information Director - Ses1$51,-Public Information Specialist3$45,-Purchasing Specialist1$40,-Quality Control Analyst2$36,-Records Specialist17$28,-Records Technician5$27,-Registered Nursing Consultant3$58,-Regulatory Analyst Ii10$42,-Regulatory Analyst Supervisor - Ses1$47,-Regulatory Consultant8$37,-Regulatory Specialist I10$27,-Regulatory Specialist Ii21$28,-Regulatory Specialist Iii4$33,-Reinsurance/financial Specialist16$43,-Research & Statistics Consultant4$39,-Research And Planning Administrator1$60,-Research And Training Specialist1$66,-Resource Management Administrator1$66,-Revenue Program Administrator Ii - Ses1$96,-Risk Management Program Specialist12$39,-Risk Mgmt Program Administrator - Ses2$49,-Safety Program Manager - Ses2$55,-Senior Actuarial Analyst5$50,-Senior Attorney57$63,-Senior Benefits Technician4$32,-Senior Clerk16$27,-Senior Crime Laboratory Analyst2$66,-Senior Data Base Analyst5$74,-Senior Financial Investigator5$39,-Senior Info Tech Business Consultant8$58,-Senior Info Tech Business Consultant-ses2$82,-Senior Management Analyst I - Ses13$55,-Senior Management Analyst Ii - Ses49$64,-Senior Management Analyst Supv - Ses30$57,-Senior Professional Accountant19$37,-Senior Professional Accountant - Ses1$41,-Senior Word Processing Systems Operator2$27,-Senior Workers' Compensation Examiner3$28,-Sr State Automate Mgt Acct Systm Analyst5$55,-Staff Assistant29$29,-Staff Assistant - Ses1$26,-State Automate Mgmnt Account Sys Analyst2$44,-Statistician Ii1$29,-Support Services Administrator - Ses1$41,-System Project Consultant10$55,-Systems Programmer Ii6$41,-Systems Programmer Iii14$61,-Systems Programmer Iii - Ses1$75,-Systems Programming Administrator - Ses3$83,-Systems Programming Consultant19$66,-Systems Project Administrator - Ses1$50,-Systems Project Analyst21$48,-Telecommunications Consultant1$48,-Telecommunications Specialist Iii1$33,-Training And Research Consultant1$51,-Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant3$44,-Workers' Compensation Admin - Ses11$52,-Workers' Compensation Spec Supv - Ses1$48,-Workers' Compensation Specialist33$40,-

Insurance and Financial Services Position - State Farm Agent Team Member (Base salary + commission)

Position Overview

Do you aspire to make a difference, provide input and influence, with the ability to exercise autonomy and control in your own career while having the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest trends and growth? Do you desire to some day run your own business, but not quite ready? If this sounds like you, then I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. As a member of my agency team, I will act as a mentor and provide an environment in which you can learn the insurance business and build upon your managerial skills/experiences.


Develop leads, schedule appointments, identify customer needs, and market appropriate products and services.

Establish customer relationships and follow up with customers, as needed.

Provide prompt, accurate, and friendly customer service. Service can include responding to inquiries regarding insurance availability, eligibility, coverages, policy changes, transfers, claim submissions, and billing clarification.

Work with the agent to establish and meet marketing goals.

Use a customer-focused, needs-based review process to educate customers about insurance options.

Maintain a strong work ethic with a total commitment to success each and every day.

Adaption of skills necessary to operate a business.

As an Agent Team Member, you will receive

Hourly pay plus commission/bonus

Health benefits


Paid time off (vacation and personal/sick days)

Commission plus bonus


Successful track record of meeting sales goals/quotas preferred

Interest in marketing products and services based on customer needs

Excellent interpersonal skills

Excellent communication skills - written, verbal and listening



Ability to work in a team environment

My Training Program Includes

Learning to market property/casualty, life, health, bank and mutual fund products

Working closely with the agent to gain an understanding of the agent’s role and office logistics

If you are motivated to succeed and can see yourself in this role, please complete our application. We will follow up with you on the next steps in the interview process.

State Farm agents are independent contractors who hire their own employees. State Farm agents’ employees are not employees of State Farm Insurance Companies. This position is with a State Farm independent contractor agent, not with State Farm Insurance Companies. State Farm agents control which licensing requirements and training programs are offered or must be successfully completed by their employees. By accepting employment with a State Farm agent and/or successfully completing any licensing or training programs required by a State Farm agent, you are not guaranteed, promised or given any form of selection preference, should you choose to leave the agent’s employment and pursue the opportunity of becoming an independent contractor agent for State Farm Insurance Companies. If you choose to pursue an agency opportunity, you will need to apply and go through the regular State Farm Insurance Companies’ agent selection process

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Accountant Analyst I

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Responsible for assisting in preparation, coordination, and documentation of financial analysis projects. Provides analytical support for forward-looking financial and business-related projects. Assists in the preparation of forecasts and analysis of trends in manufacturing, sales, finance, general business conditions, and other related areas. Assists in financial forecasting and reconciliation of View job details

Accounting Financial Reporting Manager

Alternate Job Titles: Financial Reporting Manager | Financial Statements and Reporting Manager

Responsible for managing the preparation and distribution of periodic financial statements for external use. Ensures that reports, filings and documentation complies with company's regulations, professional standards, and SEC and GAAP reporting guidelines. Manages the financial reporting staff May work with external auditors to provide requested information. May assist with the preparation of mate View job details

Adjustment Clerk I

Alternate Job Titles: Customer Account Adjustments Clerk I | Customer Complaint Adjustments Clerk I

Reviews and follows up on customer complaints regarding account balances and uncredited items. Analyzes associated documents and makes necessary adjustments to accounts and/or recommendations to resolve customer issues. Communicates results of findings to customer. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. Possesses a moderate understanding of View job details

Adjustment Clerk III

Alternate Job Titles: Customer Account Adjustments Clerk III | Customer Complaint Adjustments Clerk III

Reviews and follows up on customer complaints regarding account balances and uncredited items. Analyzes associated documents and makes necessary adjustments to accounts and/or recommendations to resolve customer issues. Communicates results of findings to customer. May supervise and guide lower-level adjustment clerks. Requires a high school diploma. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. H View job details

Agency Estate Planning Advisory Services Director

Alternate Job Titles: Estate Planning Director | Estate Planning Business Development Director

Directs all aspects of the estate planning function including sales, staffing, and supervision. Participates in training and estate planning workshops. Ensures that the agency stays abreast of regulatory guidelines and new trends in the field. Researches and advises on tax, technical, and legal questions. Introduces new life products to the field and contributes to design of related software and t View job details

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Insurance job salary and growth, karna sahi hai?- How to get job in Insurance - #employmentguruji

Finance & Insurance

Estimates of the sources of the costs and the purchasers of the products in the Finance & Insurance Industry Sub-Sector. Based on estimates from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, this section indicates the amount of money spent by a specific industry in other industries. Finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing has the highest single input, by dollars, to the Finance & Insurance Industry Sub-Sector, and the largest industry purchasing services from the Finance & Insurance Industry Sub-Sector is Finance, insurance, real estate, rental, and leasing.

In this visualization, click on a category to expand or collapse it. All of the industries listed to the left are those places from which the highlighted industry has made purchases. They are the intermediate inputs to the highlighted industry. All those industries listed on the right side are those industries that have made purchases from the highlighted industry. They are the use of outputs of the highlighted industry. The visualizations below offer alternative ways to see and understand this data.


Services financial salary and insurance

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Insurance job salary and growth, karna sahi hai?- How to get job in Insurance - #employmentguruji

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