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How to beat Sierra in Pokémon Go: Best counters

Beating Sierra in Pokémon Go is far from the easiest task in the game. Sierra is one of the most challenging Team GO Rocket Leaders, and by defeating her, along with Arlo and Cliff, you will get one step closer to challenging the game’s main boss, Giovanni. So whether you’re here because you’re facing Sierra for the first time, or if you're searching for tips for a rematch, we've got you covered. 

Below, we've prepared a guide on all the best Pokémon counters against Sierra’s line-up, including specific Pokémon suggestions, types, moves and more. Make sure that you're prepared for a challenge as Sierra is not your average Team Go Rocket Grunt. Beating her is well worth it too since you will receive a Strange 12km Pokémon Egg as well as XP in doing so. 

It's also worth noting that only Trainers of Level 8 or above can face Team Go Rocket Leaders, including Sierra.

WARNING: Please take extreme caution when playing Pokémon Go and be aware of your surroundings, especially if you're using the app next to open roads, bicycle paths and steep drops.

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How to beat Sierra in Pokémon Go: Best counters quick guide

Sierra's possible Pokémon line-upRecommended Pokémon line-up
SneaselFighting-type: Lucario/Machamp/Blaziken/Hitmonchan
GliscorIce-type: Mamoswine/Glaceon/Articuno/Abomasnow
GranbullSteel-type: Aggron/Metagross; Poison-type: Slowbro/Drapion
AmpharosGround-type: Garchomp/Landorus/Groudon/Excadrill
KingdraFairy-type: Granbull/Rapidash (Galarian); Dragon-type: Garchomp/Dragonite
HoundoomFighting-type: Lucario/Machamp; Water-type: Empoleon/Kyogre
DrapionGround-type: Garchomp/Rhyperior/Golem/Groudon

How to beat Sierra in Pokémon Go

Locating Team GO Rocket Leaders

Every once in a while in Pokémon Go, you'll have the chance to battle Team Go Rocket Grunts, and whenever you defeat one, they will drop an item called the Mysterious Component. If you manage to collect six of these, you'll be able to combine them and craft a Rocket Radar. 

This handy item reveals the location of any Leader Hideouts that are in close proximity to you. Once you've equipped your Rocket Radar, tap the Rocket Radar button (located below the compass on the Map View) to view the Leader Hideout locations.

As shown in one of the screenshots below, the Leader Hideouts resemble regular Pokéstops on the map. And once you're nearby, one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders will be standing right by the Leader Hideout.

Before you fight, keep in mind that Leaders are a lot tougher to beat than regular Team Go Rocket Grunts, so make sure that you line up your best Pokémon and that they're at full health before the fight. 

Once you've defeated a Leader, your Rocket Radar will disappear, so you will need to either purchase a new one from the Shop or locate and combine six more Mysterious Components in order to battle more Leaders. 

Locating Sierra

Now that you've got your Rocket Radar, Sierra has a chance to appear on your map, as will the other two Team Rocket GoLeaders, Cliff and Arlo. The good news is that beating Sierra won't be the most challenging part of the game, especially when you compare her to her boss, the infamous Giovanni. 

Defeating Sierra is one of the main steps toward completing the "Looming in the Shadows" quest, which in the end leads you to Giovanni. Beating him should grant you XP.

To take a look at the Special Research tasks, first, tap the binoculars icon, select the "Special" tab and find the "Looming in the Shadows" research task.

Ready? Alright, now let's talk strategy. 

How to beat Sierra in Pokémon Go: Best counters complete guide

Best Sierra counters

Now that you've located Sierra, prepare for trouble, because this battle is among the hardest ones in the game. Beating her won't be easy, as not only will she have a strong Pokémon line-up, but, like other trainers, she can also use protect shields to absorb two of your charged attacks.

One thing to note, however, is that the game is regularly updated and Sierra's Pokémon line-up may change fairly frequently, but we've prepared a complete guide according to the latest info available. 

Similar to other Pokemon trainers, Sierra uses three Pokémon in her Trainer battle. However, her possible line-up includes up to seven different Pokémon, and only her first choice is the one that stays consistent. By being aware of the remaining six Pokémon, you won't be taken by surprise. 

As of July , Sierra's first choice for the fight will always be her Sneasel, followed by one of these three Pokémon: Gliscor, Granbull or Ampharos. 

Sierra's third and final choice will be either a Kingdra, Houndoom or Drapion. 

Below, you'll find advice on all the best counters for all of Sierra's Pokémon as well as suggestions on moves and attacks. 

Best Sneasel counters

Sneasel will be up first in Sierra's Trainer battle line-up. Since Sneasel is a dual Dark/Ice-type Pokémon, the best way to beat it is to bring a Fighting-type such as Machamp, Lucario, Hitmonchan or Blaziken. Careful though — this Pokémon may be small, but it hides several powerful attacks such as Feint Attack and Avalanche.

Best Pokémon choiceTypeMoveset
MachampFighting Counter/Cross Chop
LucarioFighting/SteelCounter/Power-Up Punch
HitmonchanFighting Counter/Power-Up Punch
BlazikenFighting/FireCounter/Blaze Kick

Best Gliscor counters

Gliscor will be one of the three Pokémon that Sierra may send out as her second choice. It is a dual Ground/Flying-type Pokémon that has several powerful attacks such as Wing Attack and Earthquake. The good news is that Gliscor is incredibly weak against Ice-type moves, so we recommend bringing either a Mamoswine, Glaceon, Articuno or Abomasnow. Please don't feel discouraged if you don't have either of the above, just make sure to add your strongest Ice-type Pokemon and you should be sorted.

Best Pokémon choiceTypeMoveset
GlaceonIceFrost Breath/Avalanche
Mamoswine Ice/GroundMud-Slap/Avalanche
ArticunoIce/FlyingFrost Breath/Ice Beam
AbomasnowIce/GrassPowder Snow/Weather Ball

Best Granbull counters

Granbull is a Fairy-type Pokémon and one of the three Pokemon that Sierra may pick as her second choice for the battle.

Its best attacks are Charm and Play Rough. The best way forward is to bring either a Steel or a Poison-type Pokémon to the battle. We recommend picking Pokemon from the likes of Aggron, Metagross, Slowbro (Galarian) and Drapion — all fairly strong counters against Granbull. 

Best Pokémon choiceTypeMoveset
AggronSteel/RockIron Tail/Heavy Slam
MetagrossSteel/PsychicBullet Punch/Meteor Mash
Slowbro - GalarianPoison/PsychicPoison Jab/Confusion
DrapionPoison/Dark Bite/Sludge Bomb

Best Ampharos & Drapion counters

The last of Sierra's second three potential Pokémon is Ampharos, an Electric-type Pokémon that is weak against Ground moves. Therefore, for this battle, we're advising you to bring one of Garchomp, Landorus, Groudon or Excadrill. No worries if you don't have those specific Pokémon, feel free to pick the strongest Ground-type Pokémon from your inventory, provided they have Ground-type moves for you to use. 

Drapion is one of the last three Pokémon that Sierra may pick for the battle. It is a dual Poison/Dark-type Pokémon that is particularly weak against Ground-type moves. Similar to Ampharos, we're recommending that you bring either of the Pokémon listed below. 

Best Pokémon choiceTypeMoveset
GarchompDragon/GroundDragon Tail/Outrage
LandorusGround/Flying Extrasensory/Earth Power
GroudonGroundDragon Tail/Earthquake

Kingdra counters

Kingdra is a dual Water/Dragon-type Pokémon that Sierra may pick as her third choice for the battle. This Pokemon brings one of the most powerful movesets, including Dragon Breath and Outrage. 

Similar to other Water/Dragon-type Pokémon, Kingdra is weak against Fairy and Dragon moves. We recommend you bring one of the following Pokémon: Granbull, Rapidash (Galarian), Garchomp or Dragonite. 

Best Pokémon choiceTypeMoveset
GranbullFairyCharm/Play Rough
Rapidash - GalarianPsychic/FairyPsycho Cut/Play Rough
GarchompDragon/GroundDragon Tail/Outrage
DragoniteDragon/FlyingDragon Tail/Draco Meteor

Best Houndoom counters

Since Houndoom is a dual Dark/Fire-type Pokémon, bringing either Fighting or a Water-type Pokémon to the battle will help you emerge as the winner. Ground and Rock-type Pokémon also useful too, so don't feel restricted to just Fighting and Water-types. 

For that battle, we advise picking either a Lucario, Machamp (both Fighting-type), Empoleon or Kyogre (both Water-type). Again, this is just a suggestion, so feel free to use other Pokémon of the same types. Careful though, as Houndoom may use one of its most powerful movesets: Fire Fang and Foul Play.

By using the Pokémon and moves we recommend, you should be able to beat Sierra and get one step closer to fighting Giovanni.

Best Pokémon choiceTypeMoveset
LucarioFighting/SteelCounter/Power-Up Punch
MachampFightingCounter/Cross Chop
EmpoleonWater/SteelWaterfall/Hydro Cannon

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How to beat Team Rocket leader Sierra in Pokémon GO

As players are enjoying Pokémon GO in the warm summer weather, Niantic has put a lot of focus on defeating Team Rocket during the month of June. This includes plenty of Team Rocket Grunts and of course the three Team Rocket leaders. 

Potentially the hardest of the three leaders is Sierra, who is currently fielding a lot of different strong Pokémon. Beating Sierra is no piece of cake in June, so it’s important to pick a team wisely before entering the battle against her. Just like the other leaders, Sierra will have one guaranteed Pokémon in the first round, followed up by three potential Pokémon in rounds two and three respectively. 

With a total of seven different Pokémon, it’s hard to predict how a battle against Sierra will turn out. It’s, therefore, important to have three Pokémon on the team that can potentially counter what Sierra is using. To help players along, here’s how to beat Sierra in June  

Which Pokémon does Sierra have in Pokémon GO?

The only thing that’s guaranteed when battling Sierra is that she will start out with Sneasel. After that, Sierra can throw out a big variety of Pokémon. Her Pokémon for the second and third rounds can be either electric, fairy, ground, fire, and much more. All in all, Sierra has a hard lineup this month with a lot of types that aren’t always the easiest to defeat.   

Here is Sierra’s Pokémon in June  

1st Pokémon: 

2nd Pokémon: 

  • Shadow Ampharos
  • Shadow Granbull
  • Shadow Gilscor

3rd Pokémon: 

  • Shadow Houndoom
  • Shadow Kingdra
  • Shadow Drapion

How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO

Beating Sierra this month won’t be easy but definitely not impossible. By picking the right lineup, Sierra’s Pokémon can be countered and defeated in just a single try. If the wrong Pokémon are picked or if Sierra surprises with other Pokémon than expected, then players might be in for a tough battle. 

The first step will be to get past Sneasel, which will be the easiest part of the battle. Try to hold on to the defensive shields when against Sneasel and save them for Sierra’s other Pokémon. Sneasel is a dark and ice-type Pokémon, which makes a fighting-type Pokémon like Lucario or Conkeldurr a very good pick. Lucario is especially great because it can burn Sierra’s two defensive shields very fast with Power-Up Punch as the charge move.

For the second Pokémon, players need to figure out what Sierra will be using. All three potential Pokémon are very different, which means that the counters can vary. If Sierra uses Ampharos, then some of the best options will be ground types such as Landorus, Golem, or Rhyperior.

For Granbull, players want something effective against fairy types such as steel moves through Genesect or Metagross. Poison types will also be great at taking down Granbull.

Last, but not least, there’s a chance to face Gliscor which will be taken down by water or ice moves with Mamoswine, Gyarados, or Slowbro. 

After taking down Sierra’s second Pokémon it might get intense. Depending on how many Pokémon there are left in your own party, it will be up to the last counter. If Sierra uses Houndoom, then any water type will do very well. When facing Kingdra, the best options will be ice or fairy types as Kingdra is a dragon type.

Many would opt toward electric types against Kingra, but Pokémon such as Granbull, Xerneas, or Togekiss will be better options. The last potential opponent is Drapion, which can be taken down with solid ground Pokémon like Groudon, Nidoking, or Excadrill.  


How to encounter Sierra in Pokémon GO

Encountering Sierra in Pokémon GO requires a Team Rocket Radar before she has the potential to spawn. With a radar active, Sierra can spawn through an air balloon or on specific Pokéstops. A Team Rocket Radar can be earned through gathering six Mysterious Components. These components will drop whenever a Team Rocket Grunt has been defeated. 

The Team Rocket Radar can also be bought directly from the in-game store for a price of Pokécoins. In one out of three spawns, Sierra will appear. There will also be a chance to face off against the other Team Rocket leaders Arlo and Cliff. 

These are the Sierra Pokémon GO rewards

Taking down a Team Rocket leader is hard work, which is why players will also be rewarded a bit extra for doing so. First of all, defeating Sierra or any other Team Rocket leader will give 1, Stardust to help power up Pokémon even stronger.

Furthermore, there’s a chance for players to get 12 km eggs, potions, max revives, or even stones to evolve certain Pokémon. Defeating Sierra will also give an encounter with one of her shadow Pokémon. 

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Pokémon GO Sierra Counters November How To Beat Team Rocket Leader, Best Pokémon To Use, Weaknesses And More

So you want to know how to defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO? Sierra counters can be hard to come by, and annoyingly change every couple of months, so it's always good to keep on top of her latest lineup. This guide will give you all the tips to win and best counters to use when fighting this Team Go Rocket Leader. Surprisingly, not much has changed in Pokémon GO's Season of Mischief - at least not for the Rocket bosses. However, you still need to know how to beat them.

To receive the honour of battling Sierra, you'll first need to defeat six Team Rocket Grunts, who will grant you a Mysterious Component each. Combine these to build a Rocket Radar, which will tell you the location of a Rocket Leader. Sierra and company have been stagnating for a little while now, but beating them is still an easy way to earn Stardust and get your hands on some of the rarest shiny Pokémon.

However, battling a Rocket Leader is a different story to taking on their lowly Grunts. Leaders use strong, high-level monsters - often some of the best in Pokémon GO. Sierra counters are necessary to get the win, although these obviously shift when her team changes. Her monsters are also high CP, likely much higher than any of your Pokémon, so ensuring you're using super-effective moves is crucial to getting the victory.

Every Leader's lineup is randomly selected out of a small selection of Pokémon. That means you need to build a team that can potentially counter every possible Pokémon that Sierra might use. Luckily, that's where we come in to help you out. And with rumours of a changed Leader line-up leaked in-game, we could have new line-ups, new encounters, and new shinies on the way soon.

Defeating Sierra can not only offer an encounter with a shiny Sneasel, but also grants you one of the Strange 12km Eggs and helps you complete the A Seven-Colored Shadow research quest.

Need Help? Then keep reading for tips and counters on how to defeat Team Rocket leader Sierra.

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Pokémon GO Team Rocket Guides - Arlo Counters | Sierra Counters | Cliff Counters | Giovanni Counters | James & Jessie Counters | Team Rocket Grunts Counters

Sierra Rocket Leader Rewards

For every Team Go Rocket Leader you defeat you will earn plenty of rewards in return. Players get 1, Stardust, and two of the following items when they defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader:

  • 1 Strange 12km egg (this will go into your extra egg storage if you don't have space)
  • 1 Max Revive
  • 1 Revive
  • 1 Max Potion
  • 1 Unova Stone
  • 1 Sinnoh Stone

Players will also have the opportunity to catch a Team Go Rocket Leader Shadow Pokémon. When defeating Sierra players will have the chance to capture Shadow Sneasel, but how easy it is will largely depend on how well you perform in your battle with Sierra. Shadow Sneasel can also be shiny.

As a rule of thumb, players get 5 Premier Balls to capture the Shadow Pokémon, with extra bonus balls added depending on:

  1. How many Pokémon survive the Sierra trainer battle
  2. Your individual 'purify Pokémon' medal rank (Purifier)
  3. Your individual 'defeat Team Rocket' medal rank (Hero)

Team Rocket Leader Sierra Pokémon Line-Up & Counters

Sierra now uses Shadow Sneasel as her first Pokémon. Sierra’s second Pokemon will either be Shadow Gliscor, Shadow Granbull or Shadow Ampharos. Finally, for Sierra's third Pokémon she will choose to use either Shadow Kingdra, Shadow Houndoom or Shadow Drapion.

Now you know which Pokémon she'll use, you just need to know how to beat them. The best way to do that is to use specific Pokémon to counter, so below you'll find a list of the best Pokémon to counter and the most effective moves against each of Sierra's possible Pokémon, as of November .

Sneasel Counters

Shadow Sneasel is weak to Bug-type, Fairy-type, Fighting-type, Fire-type, Ground-type, Rock-type, and Steel-type Pokémon. Here's a list of Pokémon who are good for countering Sneasel.

  • Blaziken - Counter (Fast Move) + Focus Blast or Blast Burn (Charge Move)
  • Conkeldurr - Counter (Fast Move) + Dynamic Punch or Focus Blast (Charge Move)
  • Hariyama - Counter (Fast Move) + Superpower or Dynamic Punch (Charge Move)
  • Lucario - Counter (Fast Move) + Power-Up Punch or Aura Sphere (Charge Move)
  • Machamp - Counter (Fast Move) + Dynamic Punch or Close Combat (Charge Move)

We particularly like leading with Lucario and dropping Power-Up Punches. This not only gets rid of both of Sierra's shields quickly, but also sets yourself up to sweep through her team with ease. Once you've got the first Charge Move off, it also comes close to stun-locking her, meaning you won't take too much damage through the fight. Shadow Granbull is her only counter to this, so make sure you have a counter (or two) for that in the back.

Gliscor Counters

Shadow Gliscor is weak to Ice and Water-type moves. Here's a list of Pokémon we recommend using when trying to counter Gliscor.

  • Articuno - Ice Shard (Fast Move) + Blizzard or Ice Beam (Charge Move)
  • Glaceon - Ice Shard (Fast Move) + Avalanche or Ice Beam (Charge Move)
  • Mamoswine - Powder Snow (Fast Move) + Avalanche or Bulldoze (Charge Move)
  • Mewtwo - Confusion (Fast Move) + Ice Beam (Charge Move)
  • Weavile - Ice Shard (Fast Move) + Avalanche or Foul Play (Charge Move)

Gliscor drops incredibly quickly when faced with an Ice-type, so it is always recommended to bring one just in case - it's an easy win. Charge up plenty of energy ready for Sierra's final Pokémon.

Granbull Counters 

Shadow Granbull is weak to Poison or Steel-type Pokémon. Here's a list of Pokémon and their moves that are good for countering Granbull.

  • Dialga - Metal Claw (Fast Move) + Iron Head or Draco Meteor (Charge Move)
  • Excadrill - Metal Claw ( Fast Move) + Iron Head (Charge Move)
  • Genesect - Metal Claw (Fast Move) + Magnet Bomb or X-Scissor (Charge Move)
  • Metagross - Bullet Punch (Fast Move) + Meteor Mash (Charge Move)
  • Roserade - Poison Jab (Fast Move) + Sludge Bomb (Charge Move)

Granbull is probably the most difficult Pokémon to face in all of the Rocket Leader line ups. Charm will hit hard even if it is doing neutral damage, so be sure to bring strong Steel-types to deal with this difficult opponent. This will likely be the only Pokémon that gives you a problem in Sierra's lineup, so be sure to bring an appropriate counter. Sometimes we even bring two, and let our Fighting-type cover the rest, although that can be a risky strategy.

Ampharos Counters 

Shadow Ampharos is weak to Ground-type Pokémon. Here's a list of Pokémon and their moves that counter Ampharos.

  • Garchomp - Mud Shot (Fast Move) + Earthquake (Charge Move)
  • Groudon - Mud Shot (Fast Move) + Earthquake (Charge Move)
  • Tyranitar - Smack Down (Fast Move) + Stone Edge (Charge Move)
  • Landorus (Therian) - Mud Shot (Fast Move) + Super Power or Stone Edge (Charge Move)
  • Rhyperior - Mud Slap (Fast Move) + Rock Wrecker (Charge Move)

A Ground-type Pokémon is a must when facing Sierra, as four of her potential Pokémon are weak. Whichever you pick, make sure it has got STAB Fast and Charged Moves, ideally Mud Shot for its quick energy gain, and then Earthquake or Drill Run as a powerful nuke once Sierra's shields are down.

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Houndoom Counters

Shadow Houndoom is weak to Fighting, Ground, Rock and Water-type Pokémon. Here's a list of Pokémon and their moves that counter Houndoom.

  • Conkeldurr - Counter (Fast Move) + Dynamic Punch (Charge Move)
  • Kyogre - Waterfall (Fast Move) + Surf (Charge Move)
  • Rampardos - Smack Down (Fast Move) + Rock Slide (Charge Move)
  • Lucario - Counter (Fast Move) + Aura Sphere + Power-Up Punch (Charge Move)
  • Machamp - Counter (Fast Move) + Dynamic Punch (Charge Move)
  • Kingler - Bubble (Fast Move) + Crabhammer (Charge Move)

Houndoom is also weak to Ground-types, so we'd probably just use our Ampharos counter here. That being said, if you led with a Fighting-type to quickly reduce Sierra's shields, it will prove equally effective against Houndoom.

Kingdra Counters

Shadow Kingdra is weak against Fairy and Dragon-type Pokémon. Here's a list of Pokémon and their moves that counter Kingdra.

  • Dialga - Dragon Breath (Fast Move) + Draco Meteor (Charge Move)
  • Gardevoir - Charm (Fast Move) + Dazzling Gleam (Charge Move)
  • Haxorus - Dragon Tail (Fast Move) + Dragon Claw (Charge Move)
  • Palkia - Dragon Tail (Fast Move) + Draco Meteor (Charge Move)
  • Rayquaza - Dragon Tail (Fast Move) + Outrage or Hurricane (Charge Move)
  • Togekiss - Charm (Fast Move) + Moonblast (Charge Move)

Kingdra is a tricky Pokémon to counter. We'd probably recommend opting for a Fairy-type, because Kingdra can deal Super Effective damage right back at your Dragon-types.

Drapion Counters

Shadow Drapion is weak to Ground-type Pokémon. Here's a list of Pokémon and their moves that counter Drapion.

  • Garchomp - Mud Shot (Fast Move) + Outrage or Earthquake (Charge Move)
  • Groudon - Mud Shot (Fast Move) + Earthquake or Fire Punch (Charge Move)
  • Tyranitar - Smack Down (Fast Move) + Crunch or Stone Edge (Charge Move)
  • Landorus (Therian) - Mud Shot (Fast Move) + Super Power or Stone Edge (Charge Move)
  • Rhyperior - Mud Slap (Fast Move) + Rock Wrecker or Surf (Charge Move)

If Drapion appears in Sierra's lineup, you're laughing. Just use those Ground-type counters you brought for Sneasel, Ampharos, and Houndoom.

Hopefully, this helps you defeat and takedown Rocket Leader Sierra. Best of luck!

If you still haven't beaten Giovanni, then you'll need to take down each Rocket Leader (including Sierra) in order to find Team GO Rocket's infamous leader.

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Defeating 2021 Rocket leader Sierra, Cliff and Arlo

Pok�mon Go Arlo, Cliff, Sierra counters and Leader strategies

Team Go Rocket Leaders and strategies explained in Pokémon Go

In Team Rocket quests, if you want to face Giovanni, then you must defeat his three Team Go Rocket leaders.


This requires you collect Mysterious Components from Grunts, forming a Rocket Radar, then using it to locate a Rocket Leader. The choice given to you is random, so if you are after a specific Leader, keep checking until the one you need appears.

These will be tough battles, and so a brute force strategy will not always work. Instead, consider the following strategies:

  • Since you need to lean on countering with types, it's best to go in with a prepared team with strong counters.
  • A Leader's line-up will be somewhat unique for that encounter - it's made of a small selection of creatures - so you can't exactly be sure which Pokémon you'll be facing. You might have to face them once to learn their line-up, then change yours to react to it.
  • Leaders will use their two shields for your first two Charge moves, every time. Ideally, this means your lead Pokémon must be strong enough to survive long enough to deliver two Charged moves, and do so as fast as possible, so you can then dealing out damage properly. For example, Melmetal is a good candidate for this.
  • The good news is you can face a Leader as many times as you like, so feel free to experiment!

Ultimately, Victory depends on your ability to create a team that takes advantage of as many of the Team Rocket Go Leader's team's weaknesses as possible, so having a wide roster of Pokémon available will help you form flexible teams.

Below you'll find the current possible lineups for each Team Go Rocket Leader (thanks to Silph Road for revealing these) along with some ideas about which Pokémon would work best as counters.

Arlo counters and line-up in Pokémon Go

Below you'll find the current possible line ups for battling Arlo in Pokémon Go, as of May

Remember - the first Pokémon is one that, if you defeat him, you'll be given the chance to catch, while the others are randomly selected:

First PokémonSecond PokémonThird Pokémon

Out of all the current Team Go Rocket Leader lineups, Arlo currently has the easiest to plan for.

Venonat, his first Pokémon, can be easily defeated by a strong fire-type Pokémon, with Darmanitan, Entei and Moltres being excellent choices. You can then continue to use this fire-type if Arlo choose Magnezone for his second Pokémon.

For Arlo's selection of possible second Pokémon, we recommend choosing either a fighting - Lucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp - or a ground-type - Goudon, Garchomp or Rhyperior - as your choice. This is because both Ursaring and Magnezone are weak against fighting-type Pokémon, while Manectric and Magnezone are weak to ground-types, Magnezone especially so.

When it comes to Arlo's final Pokémon, you'll want to choose either a fire or ice-type Pokémon; both Vileplume and Scizor are weak to fire-type Pokémon, while Crobat is the target for your ice-type, with Mamoswine, Weavile and Glaceon all being good choices.

Cliff counters and line-up in Pokémon Go

Here are the possible line ups for Cliff in Pokémon Go, as of May

Remember - the first Pokémon is one that, if you defeat him, you'll be given the chance to catch, while the others are randomly selected:

First PokémonSecond PokémonThird Pokémon

When planning your counters against Cliff, you'll want to start your team with a fire or flying-type Pokémon. This choice depends on whether Cliff is using either Poliwrath or Hariyama as his second Pokémon, because, if he is, then your first Pokémon could cause some additional damage to them after defeating Seedot. Rayquaza, Honchrow or Moltres are all ideal flying-type counters, with Moltres having the additional bonus of also being a fire-type, which makes it ideal for defeating Seedot.

If you decide to go down the fire-type route though, but don't have a Moltres, then Darmanitan or Entei are also good choices.

Deciding upon a counter for Cliff's second choice may require some scouting; though a flying or grass-type is the way to go if you find yourself facing either Poliwrath or Kingler, with Roserade, Alolan Exeggutor and Tangrowth all being good grass-type choices. You may also want to choose a fairy-type, such as Togekiss, Gardevoir or Granbull, for defeating Poliwrath or Hariyama.

When it comes down to Cliff's final choice, then a strong bug-type is the way to go as all three of his choices share it as a common weakness. This makes Scizor, Pinsir and Yanmega all excellent choices.

It's important to note that Tyranitar is especially weak to fighting-types, such as Lucario, Conkeldurr and Machamp good choices, while Torterra can be easily defeated by ice-type Pokémon, like Mamoswine, Weavile or Glaceon.

Sierra counters and line-up in Pokémon Go

Below you'll find the current line up for Sierra in Pokémon, as of May

Remember - the first Pokémon is one that, if you defeat him, you'll be given the chance to catch, while the others are randomly selected:

First PokémonSecond PokémonThird Pokémon

Sierra continues her tradition of being the leader whose team is the hardest to plan counters for. We highly recommend scouting out Sierra's team so you can properly assemble a team of counters, because, once again, there's barely any weakness overlap in her team. It's almost like she doesn't want to be defeated

For Sneasel, you'll want to choose either a steel or fighting-type Pokémon. Sneasel is especially weak to fighting-types like Lucario, Conkeldurr or Machamp, but a steel-type, such as Metagross, Dialga or Excadrill, is a good choice if Sierra has selected Granbull as her second Pokémon.

When it comes to Sierra's second Pokémon, you will need to scout ahead, because there is no shared weakness between them.

If you find yourself facing Gliscor, then select an ice-type, like Mamoswine, Weavile or Glaceon, since it's especially weak to this type. Ampharos, however, is weak to ground-type Pokémon, making Goudon, Garchomp and Rhyperior good choices. Finally, as mentioned above, Granbull is weak to steel-type Pokémon, though poison-types, such as Roserade, Toxicroak or Victreebel.

Thankfully, selecting a counter for Sierra's final Pokémon is a little easier with the choice being between a ground or fairy-type Pokémon. Both Houndoom and Drapion are weak to ground-types, while Kingdra can be defeated using the fairy-type - making Togekiss, Gardevoir and Granbull all good optons.

The Season of Mischief is here! Current events include the Season 9 of Go Battle League, the addition of Raid Achievements, the Misunderstood Mischief research quest and the new Finding Your Voice Meloetta research. Shiny Ditto can also now be found in the wild and this tricky Pokémon is now appearing as new creatures! The Halloween event is now live! You can complete the What Lies Behind the Mask research, evolve Galarian Slowking and compete in the Halloween Cup! Meanwhile, the last major update saw a level cap increase - including the addition of XL Candy, boosts to some XP sources and the addition of Platinum Medals. Phantump and Pumpkaboo can now be caught in Pokémon Go!

Team Go Rocket Leader rewards in Pokémon Go

Defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader will grant you a number of rewards.

For every Team Go Rocket Leader, you'll receive 1, Stardust, and two of the following items:

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You will also have the opportunity to catch one of the Team Go Rocket Leader's Shadow Pokémon. For Arlo this will be his Shadow Beldum, for Cliff a Shadow Aerodactyl and Sierra's Shadow Carvanha.

Best of all, there's a chance that these Shadow Pokémon could be shiny.

To catch these Shadow Pokémon, you'll receive a base number of 5 Premier Balls. Bonus Poké Balls will be rewarded depending on a number of factors:

  • How many of your Pokémon survive the Trainer Battle
  • Your Purify Pokémon (Purifier) medal rank
  • Your Defeat Team Rocket (Hero) medal rank

Good luck hunting down those evil Team Go Rocket leaders!

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Go sierra pokémon leader

Pokemon Go Sierra counters - how to beat the Team Go Rocket leader

These Pokemon Go Sierra counters will help you defeat the Team GO Rocket Leader considered to be somewhere in the middle in terms of difficulty in Pokemon Go. If Cliff is considered the toughest Leader and Arlo is the easiest, that makes Sierra an intermediate step. Sierra’s Pokemon are well balanced, so it’ll make bringing optimal counters a challenge, but not impossible. Continue reading to learn about Sierra’s team in Pokemon GO and the best counters for them.

Still need to battle the other Team Go Rocket leaders? Make sure you read our Pokemon Go Cliff counters and Pokemon Go Arlo counters guides for more.

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Pokemon Go Sierra lineup

  1. Sneasel
  2. Gliscor/Granbull/Ampharos
  3. Houndoom/Kingdra/Drapion

Pokemon Go Sierra counters

Below are all of the best counters to Sierra's Pokemon, listed in the order they can appear.


 #1 Sneasel Counters 

Sneasel is Sierra’s first Pokemon and is the toughest of the three Team GO Rocket Leaders. Although it’s frail, Sneasel is a sneaky strong attacker. Its Ice and Dark typing make it good against a number of Pokemon and weak to Bug, Fire, Rock, Steel and Fighting-type attacks. Its typing makes it four times weak to Fighting attacks so trainers will want to bring in as many as possible.  

LucarioCounter and Aura Sphere
ConkeldurrCounter and Dynamic Punch
MachampCounter and Dynamic Punch
BreloomCounter and Dynamic Punch


 #2 Gliscor Counters 

Gliscor is one of a few Pokemon to have the Ground and Flying typing. It’s only weak to Water and Ice-type attacks with the latter being four times effective against Gliscor so trainers will want to bring in as many Pokemon that use Ice attacks as possible.  

MamoswinePowder Snow and Avalanche
GlaceonFrost Breath and Avalanche
WeavileIce Shard and Avalanche
Alolan NinetalesPowder Snow and Weather Ball


 #2 Granbull Counters 

Fairy-type Pokemon are some of the hardest to take down and Sierra’s Granbull could be difficult if you aren’t prepared with some counters. Granbull is a pure Fairy-type and is weak to just Steel and Poison-type attacks. There are a few powerful Steel types that trainers will want to take into battle against including the following: 

MetagrossBullet Punch and Meteor Mash
Galarian SlowbroPoison Jab and Sludge Bomb
DrapionPoison Sting and Sludge Bomb
DialgaMetal Claw and Iron Head


 #2 Ampharos Counters 

Electric types like Ampharos are weak to just Ground-type attacks. If you’re used to taking on other Electric types like Manectric and Magnezone then you will likely have the perfect counters for Ampharos. However, be wary of some of Ampharos’ possible moves that include Focus Blast and Dragon Pulse.  

LandorusMud Shot and Earth Power
GroudonMud Shot and Earthquake
GarchompSnarl/Dark Pulse
MamoswineMud Slap and Bulldoze


#3: Houndoom counters

Houndoom is Sierra’s signature Pokemon and is a powerful attacker so be prepared with some Rock and Water types to take its Fire-type attacks. The Fire and Dark-type from the Johto region is weak to Water, Rock, Fighting and Ground-type attacks. Here are some recommendations to take on Houndoom.  

TyranitarSmack Down and Stone Edge
RampardosSmack Down and Stone Edge
LandorusMud Shot and Earth Power
ConkeldurrCounter and Dynamic Punch


 #3 Kingdra Counters 

Kingdra is one of the toughest Pokemon to damage as its Water and Dragon typing is one of the best combinations in all of Pokemon GO. However, the addition of the Fairy typing does make it easy to counter Kingdra. Sierra’s second possible final Pokemon is weak to only Dragon and Fairy types so here are some recommendations to take it down.  

TogekissCharm and Dazzling Gleam
GranbullCharm and Play Rough
KingdraDragon Breath and Outrage
GarchompDragon Tail and Outrage


 #3 Drapion Counters  

Drapion is a unique Pokemon as its only weak to Ground-type attacks. Luckily for Pokemon GO trainers, there are plenty of Ground types to take into battle against the possible final member of Sierra’s team. Here are some recommendations to counter Sierra’s Drapion. 

GarchompMud Shot and Earth Power
Landorus Mud Shot and Earth Power
MamoswineMud Slap and Bulldozevvvvv
GroudonMud Shot and Earthquake

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Ultra League Shiny BLAZIKEN Vs. Team Rocket Leader Sierra in Pokemon Go

The best counters for Sierra in Pokemon GO (September )

The Team GO Rocket Leaders in Pokemon GO are the equivalent of boss battles.

Having said that, Sierra is perhaps the toughest of the three. With the "Season of Mischief" beginning and September having already started, there might be a shift in her Pokemon lineup.

Pokemon GO trainers can always jump into this battle with their most powerful Pokemon and hope for the best. However, that isn't advised. Players must assess Sierra's Pokemon and their strengths to gain an upperhand in this contest.

How to counter Sierra in Pokemon GO (September )

Sierra sitting on her throne in Pokemon GO. (Image via Niantic)

The first step to countering Sierra in Pokemon GO is knowing what type of Pokemon she is bringing to the battle. The first Pokemon will always be the same, but each battle could see changes in her remaining lineup.

  • First Pokemon: Sneasel
  • Second Pokemon: Ampharos, Granbull, or Gliscor
  • Third Pokemon: Drapion, Houndoom, or Kingdra

Counters for First Pokemon

Since Sneasel is always the first Pokemon Sierra's lineup, countering it is a relatively easier task. It is a Dark/Ice-type Pokemon, making it super weak against Fighting-type attacks.

Any powerful Fighting-type Pokemon will do the job here. Blaziken with Counter/Focus Blast, Conkeldurr with Counter/Dynamic Punch, and Lucario with Counter/Aura Sphere are some popular choices.

Counters for Second Pokemon

Excadrill is a great choice with Mud-Slap/Earthquake. If it goes against Ampharos or Gliscor in this Pokemon GO battle, it can deal supereffective Ground-type damage.

Metagross with Bullet Punch/Earthquake is also a prudent choice in this battle. Regardless of Sierra's remaining lineup, Metagross can get the job done.

It can hurt Granbull hard with Bullet Punch and the other two with Earthquake.

Counters for Third Pokemon

Keeping Excadrill if it goes through Ampharos and Gliscor is another great option here. In Pokemon GO, Drapion will crumble against Excadrill with relative ease. While Kingdra and Houndoom will be tough, Excadrill can inflict a good amount of damage on both of them.

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Having a Dragon-type is always a wise choice in Pokemon GO battles. It can stay unharmed against all three of the aforementioned Pokemon. Having said that, the Dragon-type is supereffective against Kingdra. Players can opt between Dragonite and Garchomp as they possess Dragon Tail and Outrage respectively.

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