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50 days, 30 hours, 25 episodes, 24 people, eight weeks, three recappers, ONE. SURVIVOR. Welcome to the Australian All-Stars Finale!

The Episode (kemperboyd)

We are finally here at the finale of All Stars, something that simultaneously feels like it has only been on for 3 weeks and started in a different lifetime. I feel that this season has been under served by the editors. I could have been going into this finale about the watch one of the strongest final threes the game has ever seen. We could have had a nail biter where anyone could win it, instead I come into it feeling that David is the obvious winner and there is no chance Mo or Sharn can beat him. David has undoubtedly played a great game, he’s a bit like Tony, he craves a big move but he found 2 idols, he has won immunities and he has somehow formed an alliance close enough they wouldn’t get rid of him at 6 when he didn’t have immunity and wasn’t playing his idol for himself. Moana has come from being in the pre-swap minority, to the minority on her swap tribe and taken control of her alliances throughout and Sharn has been seen as sneaky and conniving throughout the game, has been labelled the best player to never win Australian Survivor and has got herself to the end as an older woman on her social and strategic play alone. Either woman could be a worthy winner but the feeling from the editing is that David is the winner and if he somehow loses the final immunity and goes at 3 we will be left with a “who her?” winner and the season doesn’t deserve that.

Ok let’s crack on. David again gets the first heroic confessional after the credits, we then see Sharn’s story, of losing by 1 vote and her pride in her resiliency, it just doesn’t strike as much of a winning chord as David’s did. Moana is third, shown as the final three do a stunningly beautiful walk to the final immunity challenge. Mo’s story of finishing what she started and was in good position for in her first game. The issue with Mo’s theory of wanting to play a quiet game is that if she sits at the end with David the loudest player she will not being able explain why her alliance building and strategy is more worthy than his big wild moves game.

David calls the final immunity challenge do or die and it really is. The challenge is standing out on a the pointy pedestals Australian Survivor loves for final immunity, they must have their hand on a hard idol and their other arm has to pull on a rubber band that will be pulling them away from the idol. It’s a clever way to try and make this challenge shorter than 8 hours.
We then get the Australian Survivor final immunity challenge family visit, we meet Sharn’s kids and husband, Moana’s wife and disabled sister  visit. It’s remarkable that Mo did this 4 days after getting married. We also get an actual same sex kiss unlike American Survivor. David’s wife and daughter come out and it is nice to see him humanised.

It’s game time. I won’t blow by blow as it’s always a long one but this looks like a bloody hard one, I can’t tell if it’s set up by height which you think it should be as Sharn is 5ft and David over 6 ft and reach matters in this one. All three are still there after an hour and it looks like the kids except Sharn’s oldest son have been taken off because I imagine it’s boring as shit to watch. Mo falls first after an hour and 10 minutes and David is genuinely concerned for her which is sweet. A bit more of this David and I wouldn’t have been quite as sick of him as I am at this point. David talks to Sharn about how he wants it to be the two of them. He’s an amazing player and could easily talk her into taking him if she wins. It gets rainy and windy and the tide comes in, Australian Survivor knows how to do a final immunity challenge. Sharn falls and David wins Survivor, I’m sorry, final immunity.

David gets to choose who to take but really it doesn’t matter, he should take Moana, that way he can talk about loyalty too. He had the secret alliance with her through Mat from early on. Both Mo and Sharn plead their case, oddly trying to position themselves as the most loyal to David. Sharn brings up David’s challenge promise. Mo points out it’s just playing the game, David promised them both and the promises mean nothing. Sharn also points out she failed at the final tribal before. I loved Moana’s pitch that David should take her because she wants him to prove how good he is and beat her. I loved her saying “I’m not holding him to his promise”. I don’t think it matters who he takes but the easy road is Sharn, she played both sides and those people are on the jury and bitter, I don’t think she will win Shonee’s vote 2 years after she failed to gain it at FTC.

David votes for Moana, this is the right decision.

Now over to the Assistant Dragon Slayer to recap FTC.

Final Tribal Council (Assistant Dragon Slayer)

Before I start let me say that I co-sign everything Kemper Boyd said about the editing this season, and I’ll add that it’s even a disservice to David. The non-stop deluge of over-the-top cackling confessionals distracted from the fact that he played an absolutely masterful game on every level, including socially (note that he never did his preening egomaniac schtick at camp, only in confessionals).

The jury arrives and Jonathan lays out the ground rules: Opening statement, jury questions, then an open forum. I like this better than just an open forum shoehorned into the “outwit, outplay, outlast” framework.

Suddenly, the Tribal Council set had to be cleared because of a smokeshow

Sharn the barrister makes her case: She’s the only person to play 100 days of Australian Survivor and she’s never had her torch snuffed. She frames her strategy as “aggressively covert”, foregoing Big Movez™ to instead build bonds to maximize her options. She explains how she went about joining multiple alliances, allowing her to in effect dictate the vote at multiple points because she knew where all the votes were going. She takes sole credit for getting rid of Jacqui, and then says she duped AK, Shonee, and Brooke not to go to rocks in order to take David to the end as a shield.

I don’t know if there’s any good approach available to Sharn, but this one is potentially disastrous, since she’s highlighting exactly what the jury is probably already primed to roast her for. Once again, I wonder if Sharn learned the wrong lessons from her first game, because her “I was the real puppet-master” opening statement reminds me a lot of Shane Gould’s.

David immediately connects with the jury, singling out the jury members he was working with from the beginning (AK, Locky, and Brooke). He then admits to being the mole in the post-swap Vakama, and describes how he used his social game to get Phoebe to share her cake shop clue, and then sent her on a wild goose chase to get the termite idol (his second idol) for himself. Crucially, as David talks about how he got rid of the now-jury members, he does so semi-apologetically and while highlighting their strengths, which Sharn did not.

Locky says that David played big in the pre-merge then went conservative after the merge, blending in with the boring majority. David says that continuing with the Golden God act and not shifting into another gear is what got him 10thplace last time.

Once again, smoke filled the set

Shonee notes that Sharn didn’t get her jury vote last time, and asks Sharn why she should vote for her this time. Sharn ack-ack-acks like a Martian in Mars Attacks about her game moves and does not apologize or tell Shonee that she obviously would have won, the way Shonee is clearly signaling she ought to.

AK goes back to the rock draw, saying that not forcing rocks was his biggest regret in the game. He notes that Sharn wasn’t willing to gamble her game that time, so now he’s going to force her to. He whips out a bag containing three black rocks and one white rock, and says she can continue to try and win his vote the normal way, or go to rocks and if AK pulls out the write rock she gets his vote. Sharn squirms for a while, then declines. This is simple Sharn! It’s a 25% chance vs a 0% chance!

Brooke asks the “why shouldn’t the other person win” question (I prefer the less common “why should the other person win” variant). David ignores the question and pumps up his own game. We don’t hear from Sharn.

Harry ask Sharn about constructive vs. destructive gameplay, framing the way she joined and pulled out of alliances as a destructive way to play the game. Sharn once again talks about keeping her options open, and Brooke interrupts her and gets to the point. She asks Sharn if she thinks that that was a smart strategy, considering that she lied the very people who are about to vote for a winner. She’s basically coaching Sharn on what she needs to say, but Sharn isn’t picking up what she’s laying down. Brooke cuts right through it and says that Sharn was so focused on getting to the top 2 that she overlooked all the damage she was doing along the way.

Tarzan talks how Sharn told him to vote for Mo at the rock-draw vote then denied it when they got back to camp. Sharn says she was testing Tarzan to see where his loyalties were. This gets a big reaction from Mo. Tarzan counters that if he had listened to her Mo would have gone home. Wow, Sharn is stepping on the Mat Rogers rake all over again.

Moana continues to press Sharn on this and Sharn can’t reconcile her stated purpose of getting rid of Jacqui with the fact that telling Tarzan to vote for Moana would have sent her home instead. In the process of tying herself up in knots, Sharn says that she effectively blindsided Jacqui when Jacqui was targeting Zach by neither warning Zach nor telling Jacqui that David had an idol that he could have played on Zach. Moana really pounces on this, saying that what Sharn was claiming as her biggest move in the game was an instance of her doing nothing.

Moana is obviously bitter about David voting her out, and asks him if he did so because he was worried that she played a bigger game. Whether Mo realizes this or not, this a trap question, because the only credible answer is “no”. David dances around it, saying that he had to make the decision that would maximize his chances of winning, but that he feels terrible about it.

Somehow, David gets to filibuster at the end without Jonathan (or Sharn!) intervening, and he hits all the right notes about how everybody on the jury deserves to be sitting where he’s sitting and they were all instrumental in his game, but also he put every single one of them on the jury and Sharn didn’t talk him into taking her to the end.

Evidently, the editors decided that Jacqui and Zach’s questions were too boring or irrelevant to include in a finale that ran 130 minutes not including commercials.

It’s time to vote for a winner. We see no votes or voting confessionals. Jonathan says he’ll see them all back in Australia (he won’t, but these were the Before Times).

Blurry Denzel will have more to say about the strange circumstances of the reunion show, but via satellite from LA, Jonathan reads the votes: Dave, Dave, Sharn, David, Golden God, DAVID!

The Reunion (Blurry Denzel)

Before we get to the content in the reunion, we have to start with all the weirdness around the event. With COVID-19 causing a global pandemic, travel is highly dangerous as is a large gathering of people. JLP is stuck in LA. Some of the contestants, including the runner up of the season, did not attend the reunion taping. There was no audience at the taping at all. The obvious question is whether the reunion should’ve happened at all? Would it have better to just have David and Sharn both be available for the reading of the votes via satellite and just ditch everything else? The next 40 minutes sure didn’t feel worth the risk.

We get a montage of David’s winning game. I’m very impressed by how David played this season. I was convinced that you couldn’t be so out in front, with crazy plays and blindsides and make it to the end of Australian Survivor. There is too much time in the game. Players will catch on to you, momentum will build to get you out and there are so many tribals to get through. David proved me wrong. He soared thanks in big part to the relationships he made in the game. A lot of people wanted to work with and not against David.

We also hear from Sharn with a lot of the coversation being about how she is the only player to hit 100 days in the game of Australian Survivor, never having her torch snuffed. It is the accomplishment that the show should push because it is really impressive. While I think Sharn bungled some key moves  during the season, she did have bright spots in her game and has proven savvy at the game. Unfortunately she lost twice but she should still hold her head high.

We get a challenge montage I couldn’t muster the energy to care about but it was a jumping off point to hear about Lee’s nickname, Harry’s lack of redemption and Brooke crushing everyone else at these games. Locky also said something. killing some time in this must have reunion.

We do get a Shonee segment. One of the few to still shine during the heavily David centric season. We see her thirst for revenge on those who wanted her out of the game. There is also talk of her challenge prowess. God this show loves challenges. A nice exchange with Shonee and Not JLP about how his daughter should do better at swimming. Shonee is a natural on TV and I’m so glad she was on this season.

There is a segment on idols found and played during the season. Phoebe is asked about her ouster and whether she is good with David now. Incredibly awkward moment. David answers that they are great and Phoebe echoes that sentiment not so convincingly. She is still burned by what happened and mentions that she dreaded watching that episode. I don’t blame her. I thought David was fine most of the season, no problem with the confessionals either. His behavior during the Phoebe vote out was dickish.

David’s unlikely partnership with Mat, who had the good sense to not show up to the reunion, was highlighted. More talk of revenge plays. We hear from Daisy about her getting betrayed by David and Flick about Brooke cutting her in a move 4 years in the making. They were the lucky ones who got to speak. Reunion tradition mandates that not everyone gets called on.

The family segment is saved for near the end of the hour. We hear from Lee about the death of his mother. My heart goes out to Lee and his family. I can’t imagine dealing with such a loss. I’m very happy that him and David have been putting in work with an organization dealing with strokes. It is very devastating.

Not JLP closes the show thanking for the contestants for another great season of Australian Survivor. Despite the issues the season had, I am going to miss it now that is gone. Hopefully everyone is staying safe, staying home. I can’t wait until we are back into a sense of normalcy and the one of the only things I’m worrying about is finishing recaps at a decent hour. Looking forward to whenever the next season is. The JV Squad will have you covered. Thanks for reading, everyone.

AU Team

The AU Team is Kemper Boyd, Assistant Dragon Slayer, Blurry Denzel, and Barbara Anderson, and are joined this season by special guest and genuine Australian Something Quirky. Everything about Australian Survivor is big, including the team needed to cover it.


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Survivor Quarantine Questionnaire: Jerri Manthey recalls walking out on 'All-Stars' reunion show

With season 41 of Survivor delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EW is reaching back into the reality show's past. We sent a Survivor Quarantine Questionnaire to a batch of former players to fill out with their thoughts about their time on the show as well as updates on what they've been up to since. Each weekday, EW will post the answers from a different player.

Jerri Manthey is a Survivor legend. The former actress emerged as the main "villain" on the franchise's most watched season ever, Survivor: The Australian Outback, when she accused tribemate Kel Gleason of smuggling beef jerky into the game and got into battles with tribe chef Keith Famie.

The last time Jerri appeared on Survivor, for Heroes vs. Villains, it was a completely different story. She had a reality TV meet-cute with Benjamin "Coach" Wade, became a fan favorite, and came one day away from making the final three and possibly winning a million dollars.

And in between those two extremes was the most extreme Survivor moment of Jerri's reality television career: the infamous live Survivor: All-Stars reunion show in New York City. In fact, as Jerri notes, the only time she ever regretted signing up for Survivor was "when the audience booed me on the stage of Madison Square Garden."

The moment in question occurred after Jerri interjected during a heated reunion show argument between Boston Rob Mariano and Big Tom Buchanan.

"This whole thing is making me so sick," said Jerri while on stage. "This show is a show about entertainment. This entertainment is coming at a price. What it has cost us — our friendships, our feelings, our pain, our suffering — for entertainment."

While that would seem to be a heartfelt and astute observation looking at the toll that reality TV can take on those who allow their personal lives to be scrutinized for a national television audience, that audience at MSG took exception to the insight. Jerri was booed mercilessly before, during, and after she spoke. As a result, during the next commercial break, Jerri stood up and walked out.

As she explains now of the heartache she experienced that evening, "I had dreamt of being on that stage for most of my life as an actress, and there I was... only to be booed and judged so harshly that I had to walk off the live set. I think that may be one of the lowest moments of my life."

But there were plenty of high points as well. In her Quarantine Questionnaire, Jerri looks back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of her Survivor journey — including some stuff that never made it to the screen. She also talks about her latest adventure, and where you can find it.

Jerri Manthey of 'Survivor: The Australian Outback'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First off, give the update as to what you've been up to since appearing on Survivor.

JERRI MANTHEY: Dear Lord... that's not easy to answer in a few sentences.  Especially if you're talking what I've been up to since my FIRST appearance on Survivor... back in 2000. The last time I played was Heroes vs. Villains in 2009(ish). I have since left Los Angeles and moved into the cutest most beautiful spot in Napa Valley — in a barn that is over 100 years old. I've been GM of a busy winery, GM of a fancy schmancy restaurant, a wine tour guide, a wine sales person, I started my own soup company right at the start of the pandemic and then was hired full-time as a private chef.  I just recently started a podcast called Hit the Ground Running With Jerri Manthey which can be found on Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts and Stitcher.  I've also been doing coinciding videos on my youtube channel with extra content.  "In order to THRIVE not just survive, you have to hit the ground running!" LITERALLY.

What is your proudest moment ever from playing Survivor?

ANY time I had the opportunity to make a big move and then DID IT.  

And winning individual immunity challenges was pretty damn special for me. I especially remember the boomerang toss in Australia. I still have the boomerang and it hangs on the wall in my bedroom as a reminder! We got to learn how to throw a boomerang from an actual native Aborigine. So cool! 

What is your biggest regret from your Survivor experiences?

I once had the chance to take on the role as INTERVIEWER on the Early show when I was voted off Survivor: The Australian Outback... and because of the PTSD, I turned it down. I just couldn't face everyone as they got voted off and question them after I had heard the horrible things they said behind my back. In retrospect, I realize not only would it have been a great opportunity, but may have also been VERY cathartic! Can you imagine everyone having to face ME after getting voted off the show?!? I still regret not getting the opportunity to work side by side with Bryant Gumbel. We had such a fun rapport.

What's something that will blow fans' minds that happened out there in one of your seasons but never made it to TV?

In Australia, I used to sneak off and lay in the sun topless!  

We also found a wolf spider (a spider the size of your entire hand!) crawling across where we all slept.  

And once I walked off barefoot in Australia to look for food... and almost stepped on a taipan (the deadliest snake in the world). There were no cameramen following me. It was stupid and I'm incredibly LUCKY!

And of course, the storm in the All-Stars! Oh man. That was a night I will never, ever forget! I thought we were going to die. Scariest night of my life.

Jerri Manthey of 'Survivor: All-Stars'
| Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

How do you feel about the edit you got on the show?

In Australia, I thought the edit was a little harsh, but I learned to accept it and tried like hell to turn all the bad press into a positive.

In All-Stars, I thought the edit was again a little harsh. And that experience overall was really difficult personally for me and many others. It is probably the hardest season for me to think about going back and watching.

In Heroes vs. Villains, I felt like I finally got the edit I deserved, and yes, I was a much different person and player at that point, and yes, the people I was playing with were WAY BIGGER villains than me for sure, but I really loved how much I came across as completely me.

What was it like coming back to regular society after being out there? Was there culture shock or an adjustment coming back?

Every single time I returned back to my "normal" life, I went through severe PTSD. It's always so amazing to me how the human body finds ways to cope with extremely uncomfortable situations.... to find a rhythm with nature that allows you to let go and just be. It could have been a very positive situation had we only been battling nature, but because of the extreme stress involved in always having to watch your back and the inability to fully trust anyone, it really became more of a BATTLE — a WAR, so-to-speak – than an experience of growth.

That first time, upon returning from the outback, I cried like a baby when I saw a house for the first time. I had gotten so used to sleeping in the elements with nowhere to escape that I had to force myself to remember and accept what I felt like to have a roof over my head. To this day I don't crawl into bed without being grateful to my deepest core for the comfort!

Was there ever a point either during the game or after you got back where you regretted going on the show?

Only when the audience booed me on the stage of Madison Square Garden. I had dreamt of being on that stage for most of my life as an actress, and there I was... only to be booed and judged so harshly that I had to walk off the live set. I think that may be one of the lowest moments of my life.

Whom do you still talk, text, or email with the most from your seasons?

There are quite a few of us OG players that stay in touch. I think we all realize how unique and special those beginning seasons were. It's like being on the board of directors of a large corporation. More people join the company, but they will never know the glory and fame of being the trailblazers.  

I have so much respect for the newer players that have amazing strategies and gameplay.  The game has really evolved. But the prestige of being involved in those first handfuls of seasons is something no one who wasn't there could ever fully understand. It was the beginning of reality television and a new culture in our society in every way. Who to this day hasn't said or heard about getting "voted off the island" or "the tribe has spoken"?

Portrait Of 'Survivor:The Australian Outback' Cast
The cast of 'Survivor:The Australian Outback'
| Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS/Getty Images

Do you still watch Survivor, and if so, what's your favorite season you were not on and why?

I just started watching again for the all-winners season. I really enjoyed it. It made me sad though to see all the OGs get booted off so quickly.

As far as favorite, I'd probably say Africa. I couldn't believe how harsh that place was. The lions every night!!! Whoa! The drinking water situation was absolutely appalling... Clarence and the beans! One of the first ever plot twists which totally screwed Silas! Lex, Big Tom, Ethan... such great players and characters!

Who's one player from another Survivor season you wish you could have played with or against and why?

I love Kim Spradlin! Seriously. Brilliant! I've met her in person and I really love her as a person as well!

If you could make one change to any aspect of Survivor, what would it be and why?

Get rid of the immunity idols! Let people play again.... against each other without them.

And NO MORE TALKING AT TRIBAL! Omg. I get so mad when people are getting up and whispering to each other and talking things out in Tribal Council. NO! JUST NO!

Finally, would you play again if asked?

Perhaps.... there would have to be more money involved. The toll that game takes on your body and mind are so severe... and a million dollars doesn't go too far anymore! I would probably say yes just because I still have the extreme sense of adventure and the desire to see how far I can push myself.

I would love to see a season played like the old days with old school game play and people who got as close as you can get to the end without winning (third place when it was a final two situation and fourth place people when there was a final three.) I've been there. When you get THAT close... it's all you think about for YEARS! That ONE final thing you could've done differently that could've changed everything!

To keep track of our daily Survivor Quarantine Questionnaires and get all the latest updates, check out EW's Survivor hub, and follow Dalton on Twitter.

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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols


Strangers starve themselves on an island for our amusement in the hopes of winning a million dollars, as host Jeff Probst implores them to "DIG DEEP!"

Unaired Survivor: All-Stars Tribal Council - Mogo Mogo reacts to Jenna M.'s quit

Survivor: All-Stars

Season of television series

Survivor: All-Stars is the eighth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. It was filmed from November 3, 2003, through December 11, 2003, and premiered on February 1, 2004, after Super Bowl XXXVIII. It was filmed on the Pearl Islands of Panama, also the location of the previous season. Hosted by Jeff Probst, it consisted of the usual 39 days of gameplay with, for the first time, 18 returning competitors from the seven previous seasons instead of the usual 16 new contestants, and three tribes instead of the usual two.

The winner was Survivor: The Australian Outback castaway Amber Brkich, who was declared the Sole Survivor after a victory over Survivor: Marquesas castaway Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano with a 4–3 jury vote. The two had been closely allied throughout the game, and at the live reunion show just before the votes were read, Brkich accepted a marriage proposal from Mariano. At the end of the live reunion show, a twist called America's Tribal Council was announced. It involved the public voting to award a second million-dollar prize. Rupert Boneham won the million dollars over runners-up Mariano, Colby Donaldson, and Tom Buchanan.


Producer Mark Burnett stated that "the casting was really, really scientific. I got a yellow legal pad and wrote down 24 names, and [then] cut down to 18. It was that quick." He confirmed that two former contestants turned down formal offers: Elisabeth Filarski Hasselbeck from The Australian Outback, who had recently taken a job as a co-host of The View, and Colleen Haskell of the show's premiere season, who "had moved on with her life" and "just genuinely didn't want to go through that again."[1] Jenna Lewis and Amber Brkich were chosen to replace the two. Other contestants who were considered, but ultimately cut included Kelly Goldsmith and Teresa Cooper from Africa, Neleh Dennis and Sean Rector from Marquesas, and Clay Jordan and Helen Glover from Thailand. Sandra Diaz-Twine, winner of Pearl Islands was asked to participate on the season, but declined due to parasites she had contracted in the Pearl Islands. She would eventually return for Heroes vs. Villains, Game Changers, and Winners at War. Heidi Strobel from The Amazon was also offered a spot on All-Stars, but she turned down the offer.[2]


Contestant Original tribeAbsorbed tribeSwitched tribeMerged tribeFinish
Tina Wesson
42, Knoxville, Tennessee
The Australian Outback
Saboga 1st voted out
Day 3
Rudy Boesch
75, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Saboga 2nd voted out
Day 6
Jenna Morasca
22, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
The Amazon
Mogo Mogo Quit
Day 9
Rob Cesternino
25, Plainview, New York
The Amazon
Chapera 3rd voted out
Day 12
Richard Hatch
42, Middletown, Rhode Island
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo 4th voted out
Day 15
Susan "Sue" Hawk
42, Las Vegas, Nevada
Chapera Chapera Quit
Day 17
Colby Donaldson
29, Los Angeles, California
The Australian Outback
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo 5th voted out
Day 19
Ethan Zohn
30, New York City, New York
Saboga Mogo Mogo 6th voted out
Day 21
Jerri Manthey
33, Los Angeles, California
The Australian Outback
Saboga Mogo Mogo Chapera 7th voted out
Day 24
Lex van den Berghe
40, Santa Cruz, California
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo Chapera Chaboga Mogo 8th voted out
1st jury member
Day 27
Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
48, Burlington, Vermont
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo Chapera 9th voted out
2nd jury member
Day 28
Alicia Calaway
35, New York City, New York
The Australian Outback
Chapera Chapera Mogo Mogo 10th voted out
3rd jury member
Day 30
Shii Ann Huang
29, New York City, New York
Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo Chapera 11th voted out
4th jury member
Day 33
Tom Buchanan
48, Rich Valley, Virginia
Chapera Chapera Mogo Mogo 12th voted out
5th jury member
Day 36
Rupert Boneham
39, Indianapolis, Indiana
Pearl Islands
Saboga Chapera Mogo Mogo 13th voted out
6th jury member
Day 37
Jenna Lewis
26, Burbank, California
Saboga Chapera Mogo Mogo 14th voted out
7th jury member
Day 38
Robert "Rob" Mariano
27, Canton, Massachusetts
Chapera Chapera Mogo Mogo Runner-up
Amber Brkich
25, Beaver, Pennsylvania
The Australian Outback
Chapera Chapera Chapera Sole Survivor

Future appearances[edit]

Rob Mariano, Rupert Boneham, Colby Donaldson, and Jerri Manthey returned to Survivor again in the show's twentieth season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Mariano played again Survivor: Redemption Island and returned in the thirty-ninth season as a mentor in Survivor: Island of the Idols. Boneham and Tina Wesson returned for Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Boneham returned with his wife, Laura, who appeared on this season as loved one; whereas Wesson returned with her daughter, Katie Collins. Ethan Zohn, Amber Brkich (now Mariano), and Rob Mariano returned again for Survivor: Winners at War.[3][4]

Several of the cast also later competed in other reality competition shows. Mariano and Brkich competed together on The Amazing Race 7 and The Amazing Race 11.[5]Richard Hatch competed in the eleventh season of The Apprentice and the seventeenth season of The Biggest Loser.[6] Zohn and Jenna Morasca competed against each other on a "Reality All-Stars" episode of Fear Factor[7] and competed together on The Amazing Race 19.[8] Boneham competed on The Amazing Race 31 with his wife Laura.[9]

Season summary[edit]

Eighteen players from previous seasons were divided into three tribes of six: Chapera, Mogo Mogo, and Saboga. Saboga lost the first two immunity challenges and, during a shelter-building challenge, built a shelter that quickly flooded. Saboga's poor conditions caught up to them and, after losing a crucial reward challenge, the four remaining members were divided between the other two tribes. Chapera accepted the newcomers, Rupert and Jenna L., and the two entered a solid majority alliance with de facto leader Rob M. and his closest ally and romantic interest Amber. Rob and Amber also had alliances with the other members of the tribe, however a winning streak ensured that they never had to break any of them. Mogo Mogo struggled after Lex decided to vote out the stronger members of the tribe in order to cement his control, causing Mogo Mogo to continually lose challenges and approach the merge in the minority.

Two players voluntarily left the game. Jenna Morasca, fearing for her mother's health, decided to drop out on Day 9 and return to her mother's side; her mother would die eight days later from cancer. Sue Hawk also left, distraught after an incident during an immunity challenge in which a naked Richard Hatch had brief but inappropriate bodily contact with her.

With ten players remaining, a tribal switch was held where players drew new buffs out of a bag. In an unorthodox twist of fate, each player simply drew a buff of the opposite tribe color except Amber, with the net effect of having Amber forced into the old Mogo Mogo tribe under the Chapera name. After Chapera lost the next immunity challenge, Rob whispered a deal to Lex to save Amber, promising that he will make it up to him later in the game. With regards to their friendship, Lex convinced the rest of his tribe to vote out Jerri instead. The next day, the remaining players were merged into the Chaboga Mogo tribe and Rob went back on his deal and led the charge to vote out Lex, who he believed was his greatest rival and leader of the minority alliance, much to the heart-break of the latter for breaking the friendship.

Rob and his former tribe mates continued to dominate the rest of the game, systematically eliminating the rest of Lex's alliance. Rob and Amber then honored their deal with Rupert and Jenna L., eliminating the rest of the original Chapera tribe. After convincing Jenna to vote Rupert out in order to avoid a tie, Rob won the final immunity challenge and took Amber into the final two. It was recognized by the jury that the finalists played as a pair, however Rob's strategic gameplay was deemed more outwardly vicious than Amber's quieter and more social game. The jury decided that Rob had been too aggressive in his handling of the jury, choosing Amber as the winner in a vote of 4–3.

Episode Challenge winner(s) Eliminated Finish
No. Title Original air date Reward Immunity
1 "They're Back!" February 1, 2004 None Chapera Tina 1st voted out
Day 3
Mogo Mogo
2 "Panicked, Desperate, Thirsty as Hell" February 5, 2004 Saboga[a]Chapera Rudy 2nd voted out
Day 6
Mogo Mogo
3 "Shark Attack" February 12, 2004 Chapera None[b]Jenna M. Quit
Day 9
Mogo Mogo
4 "Wipe Out!" February 19, 2004 Chapera Saboga Rob C. 3rd voted out
Day 12
Saboga Mogo Mogo
5 "I've Been Bamboozled!" February 26, 2004 Mogo Mogo[c]Chapera Richard 4th voted out
Day 15
6 "Outraged" March 4, 2004 Mogo Mogo None[d]Sue Quit
Day 17
7 "Sorry...I Blew It" March 11, 2004 Chapera[e]Colby 5th voted out
Day 19
8 "Pick A Tribemate" March 17, 2004 Chapera Chapera Ethan 6th voted out
Day 21
9 "A Closer Look (All Star Redux)" March 24, 2004 Recap Episode
10 "Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts" April 1, 2004 None[g]Mogo Mogo Jerri 7th voted out
Day 24
11 "Anger, Tears and Chaos" April 8, 2004 Rupert[h]
[Jenna L.,
Kathy[i]Lex 8th voted out
1st jury member
Day 27
Rob M.[i]
12 "A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan" April 15, 2004 Alicia,
Rob M.,
Shii Ann
Rob M.[j]Kathy 9th voted out
2nd jury member
Day 28
(Jenna L.
13 "Stupid People, Stupid, Stupid People" April 22, 2004 Rupert Shii Ann Alicia 10th voted out
3rd jury member
Day 30
14 "A Chapera Surprise" April 29, 2004 Tom[k]
[Rob M.]
Tom Shii Ann 11th voted out
4th jury member
Day 33
15 "The Instigator" May 6, 2004 Rob M.
Rob M. Tom 12th voted out
5th jury member
Day 36
16 "The Sole Surviving All-Star" May 9, 2004 None Amber Rupert 13th voted out
6th jury member
Day 37
Rob M. Jenna L. 14th voted out
7th jury member
Day 38
17 "The Reunion" Jury vote
Rob M. Runner-up
Amber Sole Survivor
In the case of multiple tribes or castaways who win reward or immunity, they are listed in order of finish, or alphabetically where it was a team effort; where one castaway won and invited others, the invitees are in brackets.
  1. ^Saboga chose to give a smaller reward to the other two tribes.
  2. ^Due to Jenna M. quitting from the game, there was no Immunity Challenge or Tribal Council vote.
  3. ^ abSaboga, having placed last in the reward challenge, was dissolved, with the members redistributed to the two remaining tribes. For coming in first, Mogo Mogo got the first pick.
  4. ^Due to Sue quitting from the game, there was no Immunity Challenge or Tribal Council vote.
  5. ^Combined reward and immunity challenge.
  6. ^Chapera earned to right to "kidnap" a member of Mogo Mogo, who would join them on reward and would not attend Tribal Council. They selected Kathy.
  7. ^There was no reward challenge due to the tribe switch.
  8. ^The challenge was individual, and the winner could choose to share their reward with players from either tribe.
  9. ^ abThe men and women competed separately for immunity
  10. ^ abcFor winning immunity, Rob M. received an additional reward of a video from home, which he gave up to allow those on the losing team to get letters from home. Rob M. kept immunity.
  11. ^In a twist, the Survivors' family members competed in a food-eating challenge on behalf of their loved one. Tom's son Bo won the challenge and the right to spend a night with his loved one at the old Chapera camp. Tom chose Rob M. and his brother Mike to join them.


Voting history[edit]

Original tribes Absorbed tribes Switched
Merged tribe
Episode # 1234567810111213141516
Day # 3 6 9 12 15 17 19 21 24 27 28 30 33 36 37 38
Eliminated Tina Rudy Jenna M.Rob C.Richard Sue Colby Ethan Jerri Lex Kathy Alicia Shii AnnTom Rupert Jenna L.
Votes 4–2 3–2 Quit[a]5–1 6–1 Quit[b]3–2 4–1 4–1 7–2 6–2 6–1 5–1 4–1 3–1 1–0
Voter Vote
Amber Rob C. Jerri Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rupert None[c]
Rob M. Rob C. Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rupert Jenna L.
Jenna L. Tina Rudy Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rupert None[c]
Rupert Tina Ethan Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Tom Rob M.
Tom Rob C. Lex Kathy Alicia Shii Ann Jenna L.
Shii Ann Richard Colby Ethan Jerri Lex Amber Alicia Amber
Alicia Rob C. Lex Kathy Rupert
Kathy Richard Kidnap[d]Ethan Jerri Amber Amber
Lex Richard Colby Ethan Jerri Amber
Jerri Tina Rudy Richard Colby Ethan Amber
Ethan Jenna L. Rudy Richard Jerri Jerri
Colby Richard Jerri
Sue Rob C.
Richard Colby
Rob C. Alicia
Jenna M.
Rudy Tina Ethan
Tina Jenna L.
Jury vote
Episode #17
Day # 39
Finalist Amber Rob M.
Votes 4–3
Juror Vote
Jenna L. Rob M.
Rupert Rob M.
Tom Amber
Shii Ann Amber
Alicia Amber
Kathy Rob M.
Lex Amber

  1. ^No vote; Jenna M. chose to quit the game.
  2. ^No vote; Sue chose to quit the game.
  3. ^ abAmber and Jenna L. were not eligible to vote as the only eligible players they could vote for were each other.
  4. ^Kathy was "kidnapped" by the opposing tribe, granting her exemption from her tribe's Tribal Council.

America's Tribal Council[edit]

Survivor: America's Tribal Council was a special episode that was broadcast live on CBS on May 13, 2004, four days after the All-Stars finale. The special was announced at the All-Stars finale in lieu of the typical announcement of the upcoming Survivor season, and revealed in tandem with an additional million-dollar prize awarded to the All-Stars contestant who received the most votes from the public, which was awarded at the end of the special. Throughout the special, Rupert Boneham, Tom Buchanan, Colby Donaldson, and Rob Mariano were revealed to be the top four vote-getters, with Boneham ultimately being revealed as the winner with over 26% of the approximately 38 million votes cast. In addition to the million dollar prize, viewers voted on several other awards, the results of which were also revealed throughout the special.[10]


The season has received mixed reviews from fans and critics with many criticizing the boot order of the cast as many of the memorable players were voted out before the jury phase of the game. The Susan Hawk and Richard Hatch incident also soured fans of the show with many calling it "uncomfortable." Michael Favaro of Surviving Tribal called this season underwhelming and the "most painful to watch out of the (then) four all returnee seasons."[11] Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly ranked this season 26th out of 40 calling it "a bit of a letdown."[12] In 2015, a poll by Rob Has a Podcast ranked this season 16th out of 30 with Rob Cesternino ranking this season 17th.[13] This was updated in 2021 during Cesternino's podcast, Survivor All-Time Top 40 Rankings, ranking 24th out of 40.[14] In 2020, Survivor fan site "Purple Rock Podcast" ranked this season 25th out of 40 saying that the season "features one of the most uncomfortable incidents in the show’s history, and it is not handled well. But despite that, there is some decent gameplay here- just be prepared for a very angry final tribal council."[15] Later that same year, Inside Survivor ranked this season 29th out of 40 calling it an "an uncomfortable season to sit through, but it does have an epic feel, especially across the first three or four episodes."[16]


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