2004 silverado 4 6 drop

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01 - 06 Silverado / Sierra (V8) 4" / 6" Drop Kit + Shocks, C-Notch

  • Complete 4/6 Lowering Kit for Chevrolet Silverado
  • Complete 4/6 Lowering Kit for Chevrolet Silverado

    Trekline Motorsports, Inc.

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    Product Description

    01 - 06 Silverado / Sierra (V8) 4" / 6" Drop Kit + Shocks, C-Notch

    Looking to completely change the look of your truck? Then look no further than this Chevy Silverado 4/6 Drop Kit. It is one of our most popular drop kits for the NBS Trucks. It provides a nice and low drop while maintaining OEM like ride quality. This kit includes 2" Drop Spindles, 2" Lowering Coils, 6" Rear Axle Flip Kit and a Bolt-on C-Notch Kit. We also throw in our Twin Tube Drop Shocks. These shocks are shorter in length and provide great ride quality for your newly lowered pickup. The C-notch we provide in this kit is specific to the frame of the NBS Truck. The - and - truck have different frames so we made our Notches to fit exactly.
    • 2" Drop Spindles
    • 2" Lowering Coils
    • 6" Axle Flip Kit
    • Front Drop Shocks
    • Rear Drop Shocks
    • Bolt-on C-Notch Kit
    • - Chevolet Silverado (2WD ONLY)
    • - GMC Sierra (2WD ONLY)    
    Important Fitment Information:
    • This Kit is for V8 Models ONLY! If you have a V6, please see our other listings to find the correct kit. 
    • MUST be 2WD. Does NOT fit any AWD or 4WD.
    • Spindles Require 17" or Larger Rims!
    • Models MUST have the Classic Body Style. Does NOT fit the models with the New body Style (NNBS)

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    Complete 4/6 Lowering Kit for Chevrolet Silverado
    Trekline Motorsports, Inc.
    01 - 06 Silverado / Sierra (V8) 4" / 6" Drop Kit + Shocks, C-Notch
    Sours: https://treklinemotorsports.com/silverado-sierravdrop-kit-shocks-c-notch/

    Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra (Crew Cab 4DR) 4" or 5" F/6" R drop W/ Street Performance Shocks

    GMCSierra Basel V8

    Warranty Information

    Warranty Effective January 1, Supersedes all previous terms, policies, and agreements KW automotive North America Inc. warranties its products to the original retail purchaser against defects in workmanship and material for the following terms from the date of purchase: Belltech Sport Truck Products Lowering Components –Limited Lifetime Warrantee Nitro Drop 2 & Street Performance Shock Absorbers – 2 years Bushings, Bump stops and Ball Joints - 1 year Warrantee Conditions & Limitations This warranty is NOT TRANSFERRABLE, is limited to the United States and its holdings, Canada and Mexico. This warrantee does not apply to: Any articles not purchased through authorized KW automotive North America Inc. dealers. Any articles that show signs of abuse, collision or improper installation. OEM Equipment & Private label items produced by KW automotive (warrantee is carried by the private label company unless otherwise specified). Any parts that are installed in vehicles that are used for race purposes, operated commercially, or used in off road conditions. Any parts that have been sold with "No Warranty" designation on the original invoice. Any parts that have been modified or altered in any way from its original configuration. Any parts that have been: Installed improperly. Used out of its published operating range or outside KW tested force ranges, i.e. Excessively lowered or raised vehicles. Used in conjunction with non Non-KW automotive North America Inc. approved Air Bag kits, sway bars, springs, control arms etc…


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    Sours: https://www.avsontheweb.com/chevrolet-silverado-sierra-crew-cab-4drorfr-drop-w-street-performance-shocks/
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    Chevy Silverado 2wd (V6) 4/6" Lowering Kit - MaxTrac K

    Wouldn't it be great to lower your truck without sacrificing its comfortable ride? Make it happen by installing this MaxTrac Suspension K 4" front 6" rear lowering kit that has been designed specifically for your 2wd Chevy Silverado ! MaxTrac achieves this drop by using 2" lowering springs, 2" lowering spindles and MaxTrac shocks in the front, and a 6" flip kit, C frame support, shock corrector, and MaxTrac shocks in the rear. Built using only the finest quality materials, powder coated for long lasting durability, and engineered to maintain your vehicle's proper suspension geometry for an uncompromising smooth ride, this MaxTrac lowering kit will not just meet your expectations, but exceed them!




    MaxTrac 4/6" Lowering Kit Includes:


    • P/N:  Front 2" Lowering Spindles
    • P/N:  Front 2" Lowering Springs 
    • P/N:  6" Lowering Kit W/ Front And Rear MaxTrac Shocks
      • P/N:  Rear 6" Flip Kit
      • P/N: C Rear Frame C-Notch Support
      • P/N:  Rear Single Shock Corrector
      • P/N: SL-1 Front MaxTrac Shocks
      • P/N: LL-4 Rear MaxTrac Shocks

    This MaxTrac Lowering Kit Will Drop Your Truck:

    • 4" In The Front 
    • 6" In The Rear


    • Lowering Kit Without Shocks (KNS)
    • 2wd ONLY
    • Must Use 17" or Larger Wheel



    • , , , , , , ,  Chevy Silverado 2wd V6

    Made in the USA

    MaxTrac Suspension Part # K

    Sours: https://maxtracstore.com/chevy-silveradowd-vlowering-kit-maxtrac-k/
    2000 Silverado suspension, 4/6 DJM drop, Stage 1 (rear)

    Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra (Crew Cab) 4&#; or 5&#; F/6&#; or 7&#; R drop

    SKU: SPCategory: Chevrolet / GMC


    Belltech Complete Lowering Kit

    Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra (Crew Cab) 4&#; or 5&#; F/6&#; or 7&#; R drop W/ Street Performance Shocks

    • 4 or 5″ Front Lowering
    • 6 or 7″ Rear Lowering
    • Lowering Components –Limited Lifetime Warrantee
    • Nitro Drop 2 & Street Performance Shock Absorbers – 2 years
    • Bushings, Bump stops and Ball Joints – 1 year

    Additional information

    Weight lbs
    Dimensions16 × 28 × 10 in

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    Drop 4 2004 silverado 6

    Chevrolet Silverado Extended/Quad Cab Street Edge 4/6 Drop Kit

    Fits: Chevrolet Silverado Extended/Quad Cab , , , , , , ,

    - Front 2" Drop Spindles, Front 2" Drop Coil Springs, Rear 6" Axle Flip Kit, Rear Frame C-Notch, Hardware

    - Notes: Requires Front Shocks Part# , Requires Rear Shocks Part# , Designed For V8 Engine, Shock Extenders Recommended, May Need Carrier Bearing Relocator For Trucks With 2-Piece Drive Shaft

    - Only fits 17" or larger wheels

    Warranty Information

    Warranty Information The original purchaser of the product is entitled to the 5 year limited warranty with a valid proof of purchase. Warranty is only valid to the original purchaser. Coverage is limited to defects during the manufacturing process. This will not cover any damages caused by improper installation, improper height adjustment, damage caused by a collision, or any off-road use such as race tracks, rallies, or autocross. Upon inspection Street Edge reserves the right to declare the void warranty where evidence of neglect or misuse is found. We strongly recommend you keep your OEM suspension in the event that a warranty situation may occur to minimize you vehicles down time. Every effort will be made to process your warranty request in an efficient and timely manner. For more information please Street Edge can be reached at


    Sours: https://switchsuspension.com/chevrolet-silveradoextended-quad-cabstreet-edgedrop-kit/
    Spotlight - 2003 Chevy Silverado. 4/6\

    04 silverado rcsb 4/6 drop ????

    Originally Posted by CaLI87View Post

    Thanks Kenny btw nice drop hope mine comes out like that

    Thanks! Its still not low enough, but our roads dont agree with slammed trucks. Here are some more pictures from tonight. (please ignore the cancer on my box side haha)

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    Ok, here is the alignment cam I was talking about. It's maxed out. I think I will make some laser cut pieces that have a little more adjustment. I would like to do a 1" coil up front still, and it will be a must then.

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    Sours: https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/

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