Stihl ts420 pull cord assembly

Stihl ts420 pull cord assembly DEFAULT

Replacement Stihl TS400 TS410 TS420 Recoil Handle & Starter Rope 4.5mm

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KBINGO Recoil Rewind Pull Starter Assembly for STIHL TS410 TS420

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Arch and heel pain/plantar fasciitis

A very common complaint is that of a painful heel and/or arch in the morning, on first standing. This is usually caused by strain to the ligament called the plantar fascia, which is stretched when the arch lowers with each step we take. This condition responds very satisfactorily with treatment. These include stretching exercises, that Dr. Halpine will demonstrate, and with the provision of orthotic devices.

Knee pain/shinsplints

Many people suffer with pain along the shin bone or in the knee region while walking or running. Quite frequently these aches are due to biomechanical imbalances of the feet and legs. The muscles must overwork in order to try to stabilise an excessive foot motion called subtalar joint hyperpronation. Dr. Halpine can examine your mechanics and offer relief from these symptoms.

Corns and hammer toes

When toes rub against the shoe, the pressure can cause pain and the formation of corns. This problem is first treated through trimming and attention to shoe fit.


A bunion is a prominence on the inside of the foot near the big toe. It also causes the drift of the big toe toward the second. The causes of bunions include: heredity, wear and tear, and a flexible low-arched foot-type. Dr. Halpine can slow bunion development and offer pain relief with orthotic devices.

Diabetic foot care

Early diagnosis, preventive treatment and patient education are crucial in helping to avoid severe complications of diabetes such as the loss of digits and limbs to infection. All patients with diabetes should see a Podiatrist at least once a year. Dr Halpine will help to monitor and treat the foot-related complications that Diabetic patients run risk of.

Ingrown/fungal nails

Toenails often begin to grow into the flesh causing infection and pain. Dr. Halpine can give both short-term and permanent relief with minor surgery. Thickened, yellowing, crumbling nails may be caused by a fungal infection. This may spread from one toe to the next or one family member to another. Depending on the severity, Dr. Halpine may recommend a topical (paint on) treatment combined with specialist nail care called debridement. If the infection is too far advanced Dr Halpine may suggest oral medication to remedy this problem.

Achilles Tendonitis

With each step of a pronated (flattened) foot, the achilles is twisted. Multiply this twisting by tens of thousands of steps and achilles tendonitis can result. Dr. Halpine can assist this condition by fitting orthotic devices to stabilise the feet and can prescribe specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the achilles.

Children's feet

Many parents are concerned if their children's feet point inwards or outwards or appear to have flexible flat arches. Children who are late walkers or complain of sore legs at night may need extra support provided in their shoes. Adolescents frequently suffer a strain to the growth plate within the heel bone, suffering particularly after sport. This condition may be caused by Sever's Disease, for which Dr Halpine prescribes appropriate rest, stretching exercises and soft orthotic devices. We can offer early diagnosis and treatment which can assist your child in having a lifetime of foot comfort.


Verrucae are caused by a virus that infects the first layer of skin. They cause a disruption in the skin's normal growth pattern. They are painful to walk on and contagious. Dr. Halpine can offer relief with both non invasive treatments or complete surgical removal of the wart.

Athletes foot/tinea

Athlete's foot is a fungal condition of the skin that can cause redness, cracks, burning and itching. Blisters may form on the skin. It is important that the correct diagnosis be made and treatment started by your Podiatrist.

Neuroma/pinched nerve

A neuroma is an enlarged nerve that passes between the metatarsal heads at the base of the toes. This may cause pain or numbness in the forefoot or out into the toes.

Patients often seek relief by removing their shoes and bending the toes. Specially designed orthotic devices to spread the metatarsal bones are largely successful to control this condition.

ACC treatments by your Podiatrist

It is now possible to directly attend your Podiatrist with accidents and injuries. Dr Halpine and his staff can advise as to if and how ACC may be utilised in your case. It may be possible for ACC to help fund fitting of an orthotic device for your injury.

HOW TO Replace Starter Rope on STIHL TS 420 Concrete saw

Ineedtech Recoil Starter Assembly 4238 190 0300 for Stihl TS410 TS420 TS480i TS500i Cutquik Concrete Saws, Replaces 4238 190 0404

Ineedtech Recoil Starter Assembly 4238 190 0300 for Stihl TS410 TS420 TS480i TS500i Cutquik Concrete Saws, Replaces 4238 190 0404


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Product Details

  • Recoil Rewind Pull Starter Assembly
  • Replace Part Number: 4238 190 0300, 4238 190 0301, 4238 190 0302, 4238 190 0402, 4238 190 0402B, 4238 190 0404
  • Fits Models: Stihl TS410, TS420, TS480i, TS500i Concrete Cut Off Saws
  • The Recoil Starter Assembly Spins The Crankshaft To Start The Engine When You Pull The Rope
  • Easy To Install and Convenient To Use, Brand New High-Quality Concrete Saw Replacement Part
Package Dimensions8.74 x 6.65 x 3.98 inches (22.2 x 16.9 x 10.1 cm)
Item Weight11.5 ounces (326.03 grams)
What is in the boxIneedtech Recoil Starter Assembly... For more details, please check description/product details


1. [Replaces OEM Part Number]: 

4238 190 0300

4238 190 0301

4238 190 0302

4238 190 0402

4238 190 0402B

4238 190 0404

2. [Package Includes]: 1 x Recoil Starter Assembly

3. [Equipment Type]: Concrete Saws, Cut-Off Saws, Cutquik Saws, Disc Cutter

4. [Fits The Following Stihl Models]:

TS410, TS420, TS480i, TS500i

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Assembly stihl cord ts420 pull

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Pull Cord Repair On Stihl TS-420 Cut Off Saw

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