Another word for engaged

Another word for engaged DEFAULT


To share some of the properties of something else:


To engage the services or labor of for pay; hire


To envelop completely; to surround; to cover; to hide; to involve in darkness or obscurity.


, Ralph Robinson (tr.), Sir Thomas More's Utopia (in Latin),


To attract and hold the interest of, as by beauty or wit.


To rent is to pay for the temporary use of something.


To fight is defined as to participate in a physical or verbal disagreement, or to face something and struggle through it.


To cause to take close effect; to make to tell; to land.


To release from something that holds fast, connects, or entangles.


To hire, or arrange in advance for the services of, by paying a retainer


To captivate completely; fascinate.


To engage the attention of; to awaken interest in; to excite emotion or passion in, in behalf of a person or thing.


To engage in or as if in battle.

clash with

To enter into conflict with


To assault is defined as to cause harm to someone, to threaten harm, or to try and cause harm.


The definition of interlock is to be linked or joined with something by having parts overlapping, criss-crossed or fitted together.


To fit in, to come together.


Hire is defined as to employ, or to get services for payment.


(Archaic) To deprive of the ability to escape or move, usually by the power of a look. Used of serpents.


The definition of attack is to make an attempt to hurt someone or something (physically or verbally), to destroy someone or something, to impact someone or something in a dangerous manner, or to forcibly take someone or something.


The definition of betrothed is someone who is engaged to be married.


Pledged to marry; betrothed:


An appointment to meet, esp. one made secretly by lovers, or the meeting itself; tryst; rendezvous


A mutual promise to marry; an engagement:


The act of betrothing, or the state of being betrothed.



Arrest is defined as the act of taking a person into custody for legal purposes.


To fasten together the printed pages of (a book) and enclose them within a protective cover


To record in a book; list


To tend or lead (to an effect); contribute


To engage (a person) or invest (money, etc.) in an enterprise


To write out in large letters of a kind once used for legal documents


To involve in a complicated situation or in circumstances from which it is difficult to disengage:


In real property, to pass upon or into; of litigation, to file or present to the court—for example, to enter an appearance into the record; of a contract, to enter into it means to sign or execute it.


To invest (funds) in such a way that they cannot easily be converted into cash.


The definition of participate is to take part in an activity.


The definition of persuade is to convince someone to do or think something.


To accept as a prospective member of such an organization.


To commit oneself by a promise to do or give; pledge:


To undertake is defined as to manage funerals and burials.


To dismiss is defined as to send someone away, or to disregard an idea or treat something as unworthy of consideration.


To undergo the release of stored energy or electric charge.


To relieve of care or suffering:


Oust is defined as to get rid of something or someone.


To force to leave a country or place by official decree; exile:


To expel is defined as to force something or someone out, or to kick someone out of a social club, school or other group.


Used other than as an idiom: seelet,‎ go.


To sever or interrupt the connection of or between:


To make less dangerous, tense, or hostile.


To do away with; wipe out; abolish, withdraw, etc.


To refuse to accept socially; avoid having social contact with:


To pass over or skip from (a record set by a record changer) without playing


To produce a return for effort or investment:


Synonyms for Engaged:

What is another word for engaged?

synonyms found


[ ɛnɡˈe͡ɪd͡ʒd], [ ɛnɡˈe‍ɪd‍ʒd], [ ɛ_n_ɡ_ˈeɪ_dʒ_d]
  • adj.

    absorbed (adjective)active (adjective)all (adjective)booked (adjective)busy (adjective)
    • in meeting,
    • in field,
    • having a full plate,
    • having enough plate,
    • most slaving,
    • having many irons fire,
    • up ears,
    • up ones ears,
    • in elses possession,
    • un-available,
    • having enough on one plate,
    • on go,
    • more snowed,
    • up one&#;s ears,
    • more swamped,
    • most swamped,
    • having enough one&#;s plate,
    • more overloaded,
    • in someone elses possession,
    • having fish fry,
    • over loaded,
    • with a customer,
    • in the laboratory,
    • over-loaded,
    • having many irons in fire,
    • up to ears,
    • up one ears,
    • up to one ears,
    • with customer,
    • having enough one plate,
    • more slaving,
    • in else possession,
    • having full plate,
    • in else&#;s possession,
    • having fish to fry,
    • up to ones ears,
    • most snowed,
    • having many irons the fire,
    • most overloaded,
    • un available,
    • having enough on plate,
    • in laboratory,
    • in someone else possession,
    • having enough ones plate,
    • having enough on ones plate.
    caught up (in) (adjective)contracted (adjective)employed (adjective)engrossed (adjective)
    • taken with,
    • more monopolized,
    • more gripped,
    • more riveted,
    • most enthralled,
    • sub-merged,
    • sub merged,
    • up here in,
    • heavily in to,
    • most monopolized,
    • most riveted,
    • most bugged,
    • more submerged,
    • more bugged,
    • more enthralled,
    • most submerged,
    • most gripped.
    enlisted (adjective)immersed (adjective)
    • eat sleep breathe,
    • most boundup,
    • eat sleep and breathe,
    • more bound-up,
    • boundup,
    • most bound-up,
    • most mesmerized,
    • more boundup,
    • more mesmerized,
    • bound up,
    • taken up,
    • bound-up,
    • more bound up,
    • most bound up.
    intent (adjective)
    • more concentrating,
    • hell bent,
    • hell-bent,
    • in tent,
    • in-tent,
    • re-solved,
    • most minding,
    • most concentrating,
    • more minding,
    • most resolved,
    • more resolved.
    involved (adjective)knotted (adjective)
    • most warped,
    • most intertwined,
    • most lassoed,
    • most hitched,
    • more intertwined,
    • more clustered,
    • more hitched,
    • more braided,
    • more whirled,
    • most snagged,
    • more warped,
    • most snarled,
    • more banded,
    • most whirled,
    • most entangled,
    • more bunched,
    • more entangled,
    • more meshed,
    • more lassoed,
    • most clinched,
    • more clinched,
    • inter twined,
    • most meshed,
    • more clumped,
    • most clumped,
    • more lashed,
    • most banded,
    • knotted,
    • most braided,
    • more snarled,
    • most bunched,
    • most clustered,
    • more snagged,
    • most lashed.
    matrimonial (adjective)occupied (adjective)on duty (adjective)operating; busy (adjective)Other relevant words: (adjective)
    • roped off,
    • at work,
    • in a job,
    • inter-twined,
    • Riveted,
    • booked,
    • jobholding,
    • Inked,
    • really into,
    • reserved,
    • hellbent,
    • in conference,
    • in gear,
    • set apart,
    • working,
    • at it,
    • up to here in,
    • fiend for,
    • rapt,
    • occupied,
    • airheaded,
    • in harness,
    • up to one&#;s ears,
    • enlisted,
    • heavily into,
    • retained,
    • deep,
    • Immersed,
    • clocked in punched in,
    • busy,
    • responsible,
    • already taken,
    • lost in thought,
    • spread out,
    • duty-bound,
    • woolgathering,
    • decision-making,
    • in a meeting,
    • on board,
    • deep in thought,
    • spoken for,
    • carried away,
    • having many irons in the fire,
    • intent,
    • caught up,
    • have on the brain,
    • all wound up,
    • engrossed,
    • Slated,
    • in place,
    • on the hook,
    • locked in,
    • Lassoed,
    • having enough on one&#;s plate,
    • Snowed,
    • at the helm,
    • carrying the load,
    • in collar,
    • on the go,
    • in control,
    • decision making,
    • wrapped-up,
    • taken up with,
    • clocked in,
    • to blame,
    • punched in,
    • signed up,
    • in the field,
    • devolving on,
    • in someone else&#;s possession,
    • under contract,
    • in authority,
    • under obligation,
    • active,
    • up to here,
    • on assignment,
    • up here,
    • bound to,
    • plugging away,
    • minding the store,
    • on the job,
    • sworn to,
    • absorbed.
    preoccupied (adjective)
    • more mooning,
    • dis trait,
    • be-mused,
    • most wrapped up,
    • inconscient,
    • more wrapped-up,
    • most mooning,
    • most daydreaming,
    • more wrappedup,
    • have brain,
    • un aware,
    • un-aware,
    • have the brain,
    • most wrapped-up,
    • most wrappedup,
    • pre-occupied,
    • pre occupied,
    • re moved,
    • most woolgathering,
    • more wrapped up,
    • most airheaded,
    • wrappedup,
    • have on brain,
    • more daydreaming,
    • more airheaded,
    • most inconscient,
    • more woolgathering,
    • lost thought,
    • more inconscient,
    • dis-trait,
    • be mused.
    promised to be married (adjective)
    • pinned,
    • future,
    • bound,
    • hooked,
    • matched,
    • going steady,
    • asked for,
    • Plighted,
    • ringed,
    • given one&#;s word,
    • steady.
    rapt (adjective)
    • more entranced,
    • most enraptured,
    • most ravished,
    • in-attentive,
    • most entranced,
    • more beguiled,
    • over whelmed,
    • un-conscious,
    • more ravished,
    • de-lighted,
    • be-witched,
    • un conscious,
    • over-whelmed,
    • be witched,
    • trans ported,
    • more enraptured,
    • de lighted,
    • most beguiled.
    reserved (adjective)
    • more preempted,
    • more appropriated,
    • laid away,
    • more arrogated,
    • more claimed,
    • re-served,
    • most preempted,
    • most claimed,
    • most appropriated,
    • re served,
    • most arrogated.
    responsible (adjective)
    • more decisionmaking,
    • ex posed,
    • more duty bound,
    • carrying load,
    • more contracted,
    • decisionmaking,
    • more hampered,
    • most contracted,
    • more compelled,
    • most decision making,
    • duty bound,
    • more decision making,
    • most duty-bound,
    • more decision-making,
    • fettered,
    • most duty bound,
    • more duty-bound,
    • dutybound,
    • minding store,
    • most fettered,
    • most decision-making,
    • most decisionmaking,
    • more fettered,
    • most dutybound,
    • on hook,
    • most hampered,
    • at helm,
    • most compelled,
    • ex-posed,
    • more dutybound.
    retained (adjective)taken (adjective)working (adjective)
  • n.

    • interested,
    • call back,
    • caller,
    • pursuing,
    • dial,
    • cut off,
    • busy signal,
    • unemployed,
    • Doing,
    • answer,
    • call,
    • call up,
    • performing,
    • call-in.
    affianced (noun)attached (noun)bespoken (noun)betrothed (noun)committed (noun)connected (noun)employed (noun)engaged (noun)on duty (noun)Other relevant words: (noun)
  • v.

    battled (verb)
    • scrambled,
    • Combated,
    • tussled,
    • Fought,
    • drove,
    • campaigned,
    • Conflicted,
    • Battled,
    • Struggled,
    • contested,
    • Scuffled,
    • driven.
    endeavored (verb)
    • Proceeded,
    • Approached,
    • Endeavored,
    • Ventured,
    • Volunteered,
    • attempted,
    • Undertook,
    • Acted,
    • contracted,
    • Maneuvered,
    • Undertaken,
    • exploited,
    • Performed,
    • Assayed,
    • Aimed.
    hired (verb)working (verb)
  • Other synonyms:

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  • Equivalence

  • Independent

    • Verb, past tense
      Managed, arranged, collaborated, Indulged, Entered, initiated, Waged, interacted, Garnered, Challenged, practitioners, alleged, staged, Enjoyed, endeavoured, actively, interactive, Enabled, Generated, pledged, concentrated, open, opened, joined, partners, learned, Inaugurated, Incriminated, mainstreamed, Began, address, addressed, Gained, abandoned, earned, partnered, Commencing, endorsed, invited, perpetrate, Adhered, sustained, Ensued, assembled, charged, invested, Activities, granted, Urged, restrained, weakened, spoke, Existed, represented, Caught, utilize, utilized, Manifested, commit, Appeared, conduct, conducted, contact, contacted, practice, practiced, practices, Deployed, accessed, accepted, Enshrined, co-operated, Argued, Examined, activated, surrendered, experienced, acquired, understood, sent, Seconded, pursued, registered, retained, spent, Convened, behaviour, discharge, inspired, led, observed, handled, assumed, advised, Launched, Contended, reactivated, use, announced, Pleaded, Underwent, asserted, consumed, associated, initialized, triggered, Dampened, Introduced, adopted, Suffered, Proceeded, spearheaded, Brought, collected, sat, prepared, common, broke, Remained, Was, Were, Followed, achieve, Achieved, appropriated, shared, hired, provoked, Arose, Competed, Invaded, Inserted, Performed, selected, recruit, Recruited, Appealed, recorded, Influenced, Helped, continued, Detained, Obtained, Volunteered, contested, responsible, Tackled, Relied, recommended, classified, Issued, Steered, related, Discussed, ensured, ensuring, celebrated, Attracted, area, wield, commissioned, Carried, noted, considered, included, Chose, Conflicted, rejected, undermined, Arrived, directed, Captured, bind, applied, determined, intended, Fought, Benefited, signed, set, reported, concerned, developed, approved, absorbed, sponsored, opted, interested, laid, raised, Came, mobilised, Demanded, recourse, Promoted, Took, seized, exposed, moved, Filed, Wondered, Meant, mandated, received, elicited, contained, Questioned, chartered, withheld, placed, Displayed, Pioneered, Approached, Instituted, Institutes, Purchased, Summoned, added, Stayed, turned, Consisted, Resulted, Gave, allocated, expressed, realized, linked, opposed, allotted, Resorted, Occurred, Stood, deducted, Became, Reached, started, Served, confirmed, paved, lay, ruled, Dealt, inhibited, felt, PARTE, Stepped, headed, Floated, Pushed, shot, drew, Persisted, processed, pointed, held, Upheld, featured, found, tied, Told, completed, cast, covered, Occasioned, Had, events, Asked, resolved, welcomed, Offered, won, preserved, Plying, decided, Provided, Caused, hosted, Attacked, caring, HIT, contracted, implied, paid, plugged, produced, hijacked, forced, Accounted, drove, functioned, functions, Wished, mounted, Went, Than, struck, Stowed, Picked, released, gripped, required, effected, act, Acted, wanted, Ran, lf, promised, loaded, Shipped, focused, focussed, Tasked, tasks, Prompted, Awarded, ordered, listed, Vowed, formed, unfold, unfolded, Got, rolled, docked, crossed, Lasted, dried, requested, requests, Passed, Met, Supplied, kept, founded, stated, Claimed, pulled, tried, party, Looked, remembered, officers, figured, based, cut, Did, made, committed, involved, enlisted.
    • Verb, past participle
      Managed, arranged, acknowledged, collaborate, collaborated, exchanged, leveraged, Entered, endangered, initiated, integrated, Waged, interacted, cooperation, Challenged, Intervened, alleged, co-operation, endeavour, guaranteed, implemented, Enjoyed, endeavoured, Enabled, Investigated, implementation, gathered, organised, energised, preferred, Generated, Communicated, pledged, relationship, Enacted, damaged, Encountered, forged, consultation, concentrated, Begun, opened, relations, Learnt, joined, presented, learned, Inaugurated, Efforts, mainstreamed, Penetrated, disconnected, Administered, addressed, geared, engulfed,
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antonyms for engaged


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Eater at Home is the source for anyone who wants to feel deeply engaged with food and dining culture, which now, more than ever, is in our homes.


The crowd shuffled off in all directions, and then engaged in a confused struggle for the chairs.


In truth, it was so intently engaged with a sleeping seal that it had not observed the approach of the sledge.




adjectivebeing completely occupied mentally


adjectivevery involved in activity


adjectiveengaged, at work


adjectiveengaged, at work

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © by the Philip Lief Group.

Engaged - Meaning of engaged

Engaged synonyms


The definition of betrothed is someone who is engaged to be married.

absorbed in

In a profession, business, or the like

connected with

In a profession, business, or the like

without connection(antonym)

In a profession, business, or the like


To become a participant, member, or part of; join:

engaged with

In a profession, business, or the like



To deliberately begin to do (something):


To enter upon, or undertake, by contract

involved in

In a profession, business, or the like


Actively committed, as to a political cause.


Taken out of agricultural production


In a profession, business, or the like


(Intransitive) To join in, to take part, to involve oneself (in something). [from 16th c.]


To promise is to give your word about something or guarantee that you will do whatever you are saying you will do.


The definition of inoperable is something that cannot work as intended, or something that cannot be fixed through a surgical procedure.


(used of toothed parts or gears) interlocked and interacting


To focus one's sight or attention on something:

working at

In a profession, business, or the like

dealing in

In a profession, business, or the like


In a profession, business, or the like

at work

In a profession, business, or the like


travelled to occupied Japan in December


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Work is defined as to put forth effort in order to accomplish something or to have a job.


Carried away with joy, love, etc.; enraptured

not working(antonym)


Designating or of a type of film characterized by a fast-paced plot, a series of suspenseful confrontations, violent fight and chase scenes, etc.


(Slang) Captivated by or devoted to a custom or thing:

out of a job(antonym)

In a profession, business, or the like


Being under legal or moral obligation:


To engage the temporary use of for a fee; rent:


To keep or secure for oneself; retain:


To join is defined as to bring or connect together or to become part of something that already exists.


To fascinate is defined as to get someone very interested or to hold someone's attention.


(Intransitive, law) To consent to a contract or to an element of a contract.


To get (another's help, support, aid, etc.)


To capture physically; seize:


Engaged for another word

In one room the baby slept, and in the second there was one single bed, where, after a dispute, the owner of the apartment went to sleep, and I lay down. Next to her on the floor. After a while, I woke up from the fact that her palm stroked my face, and the voice quietly asked me.

I Got Engaged - Engagement Vlog - Irfan's View

What is it about. Oh yes. About my, one might say, lawn around Maxim.

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We are all about one year old, only Katya is 25. By the way, I want to note that Sergey and Katya are swingers and bisexuals, and Sergey is active. We came to the bathhouse. They brought with them a drink, a snack.

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