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#ImageTitleRelease date 01The Wayfarer SS 001.jpg"The Wayfarer"December 12, 2014 Marco Polo, a young Venetian trader, is abandoned by his father for the merchant Silk Road in the hands of the Mongolian emperor, Kublai Khan, who is at war with China. Kublai recognizes Marco's observation skills, and teaches him the Mongolian culture. 02The Wolf and the Deer.jpg"The Wolf and the Deer"December 12, 2014 At court, Marco learns more about the culture that surrounds him. In Xiangyang, Chancellor Jia Sidao aspires to control the new emperor of the Song Dynasty, but his ambitions are put to risk by the Empress Dowager's presence. Meanwhile, Kublai faces his brother's treason. 03Feast SS 001.jpg"Feast"December 12, 2014 Kublai mourns the loss of his brother Ariq. He doesn't show up at the feast held in his honor by Kaidu. Mei Lin finds a way to get closer to Kublai. Marco meets Khutulun, Kaidu's daughter, and later fails to find the man who is receiving jewels from Kokachin. 04Marco2.jpg"The Fourth Step"December 12, 2014 As war looms with the walled city of Xiangyang, Prince Jingim tests his diplomacy skills while Kublai questions Marco's allegiance. 05Hashshashin SS 01.jpg"Hashshashin"December 12, 2014 Marco searches for the mastermind behind a murderous plot, while Prince Jingim weighs the risk of retaliation. 06Mei Lin.jpeg"White Moon"December 12, 2014 On the eve of an auspicious ceremony, Marco searches for the culprit behind the assassination attempt on Kublai Khan - even as a new one takes shape. 07The Scholar's Pen.png"The Scholar's Pen"December 12, 2014 Marco and Hundred Eyes take on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the walled city of Xiangyang, while its chancellor struggles to hold on to power. 08Rendering SS 001.jpg"Rendering"December 12, 2014 When Kublai sets his sights - and his army - on the taking of the walled city of Xiangyang, Marco's allegiance is tested. 09Prisoners SS 001.jpg"Prisoners"December 12, 2014 Marco finds his fate in the hands of Kublai yet again, while behind the walls of Xiangyang, Chancellor Sidao sets his sights on regaining power. 10The Heavenly and the Primal SS 001.jpg"The Heavenly and Primal"December 12, 2014 Marco's ingenuity — and loyalty — is put to the ultimate test when Kublai takes a violent and bold step in his quest to become emperor of the world.

Who Are All These Characters on Netflix’s ‘Marco Polo’? (Photos)

who are all these people on marco polo netflix


The ensemble cast of the Netflix series "Marco Polo" isn't quite as expansive as that of "Game of Thrones," but it's still got a pretty significant group to contend with heading into Season 2 on July 1. If you need some help remembering who everybody is, this guide should come in handy. Some spoilers for Season 1 will be involved here.

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Kublai Khan (Benedict Wong)
At the top of the Mongolian Empire, which at the time of his rule was and still is the largest Empire, in terms of size, in history. Kublai rules from China, where the series takes place, and has just completed the conquest of the city of Xiangyang and shattered the Chinese Song Dynasty.

First look at Netflix drama "Marco Polo"


Marco Polo (Lorenzo Richelmy)
Yes, he's that Marco Polo. Often referred to by the locals as "the Latin." Was sold to Kublai Khan by his father Niccolo so they could keep trading in China. Functions as a smart outsider character who thinks of stuff others do not because he's not used to how they do things.

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Kaidu (Rick Yune)
Kublai's cousin. In the Season 1 finale, Kaidu was sent away by Kublai after demanding to lead the assault on Xiangyang. Kaidu left -- and took his men with him. Kaidu will challenge Kublai's authority in season 2

prince jingim marco polo


Prince Jingim (Remy Hii)
Kublai's son, raised in the Chinese tradition -- and so he's looked down upon by other Mongol leaders. Hopes to change that in season 2.

hundred eyes marco polo


Hundred Eyes (Tom Wu)
The mysterious blind martial artist who taught Marco how to fight.

empress chabi marco polo


Empress Chabi (Joan Chen)
Wife of Kublai, and as the title suggests one of the most powerful people in the Mongol Empire -- when she chooses to flex her muscle, anyway.

mei lin marco polo


Mei Lin (Olivia Cheng)
Former consort to the Song Emperor, Mei Lin was sent -- by her brother, who took charge of the Song after the Emperor died -- to infiltrate the Mongols as a concubine to Kublai Khan in order to spy on them. Having outlived her brother, Mei is now apparently allied with Ahmad, Kublai's financial advisor, who plans to betray the Khan -- but really she's a wild card. Oh, and she can more than hold her own in a fight against the men.

kokachin marco polo


Kokachin (Zhu Zhu)
The Blue Princess is the last of her people, who were conquered by the Mongols. She's the on-again-off-again love interest of Marco Polo -- currently off, as she's set to marry Prince Jingim in season 2. She's also not really a princess. The Blue Princess committed suicide when her city was sacked, and this woman is actually a slave girl posing as Kokachin.

khutulun marco polo


Khutulun (Claudia Kim)
Kaidu's daughter, and a warrior badass. Betrothed to Byamba.

byamba marco polo


Byamba (Uli Latukefu)
Bastard son of Kublai Khan, and a great fighter. Friends with Marco, lover to Khutulun.

niccolo polo marco polo netflix


Niccolo Polo (Pierfrancesco Favino)
Marco's jerk father.

michelle yeoh marco polo


Lotus (Michelle Yeoh)
Yeoh is playing a major new character who has some kind of history with Hundred Eyes.

nayan marco polo


Nayan (Ron Yuan)

One of Kublai's relatives, but also a Christian. Torn between two worlds, his loyalty to his people will be tested.

jia sidao marco polo


Jia Sidao (Chin Han)
He's dead now, thanks to Hundred Eyes, so his face probably doesn't matter. But he's worth remembering as he was the de facto head of the Song Empire, and the main antagonist of the series, for most of season 1. 

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#ImageTitleRelease date 01The Wayfarer SS 001.jpg"The Wayfarer"December 12, 2014 Marco Polo, a young Venetian trader, is abandoned by his father for the merchant Silk Road in the hands of the Mongolian emperor, Kublai Khan, who is at war with China. Kublai recognizes Marco's observation skills, and teaches him the Mongolian culture. 02The Wolf and the Deer.jpg"The Wolf and the Deer"December 12, 2014 At court, Marco learns more about the culture that surrounds him. In Xiangyang, Chancellor Jia Sidao aspires to control the new emperor of the Song Dinasty, but his ambitions are put to risk by the Empress Dowager's presence. Meanwhile, Kublai faces his brother's treason. 03Feast SS 001.jpg"Feast"December 12, 2014 Kublai mourns the loss of his brother Ariq. He doesn't show up at the feast held in his honor by Kaidu. Mei Lin finds a way to get closer to Kublai. Marco meets Khutulun, Kaidu's daughter, and later fails to find the man who is receiving jewels from Kokachin. 04Marco2.jpg"The Fourth Step"December 12, 2014 05Hashshashin SS 01.jpg"Hashshashin"December 12, 2014 06Mei Lin.jpeg"White Moon"December 12, 2014 07The Scholar's Pen.png"The Scholar's Pen"December 12, 2014 08Rendering SS 001.jpg"Rendering"December 12, 2014 09Prisoners SS 001.jpg"Prisoners"December 12, 2014 10The Heavenly and the Primal SS 001.jpg"The Heavenly and Primal"December 12, 2014 11One Hundred Eyes.png"One Hundred Eyes"December 26, 2015 A defiant warrior-monk arrives at Kublai Khan's court in chains and soon earns his tragic nickname in this 30-minute origin story. 12Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Hunter and the Sable Weaver"July 1, 2016 On Prince Jingim's wedding day, Kublai receives disturbing news about the ambitions of his cousin, while Marco navigates a delicate mission. 13Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Hug"July 1, 2016 Marco gets an unplesant surprise upon his return to Kublai's court. Kublai faces an impossibly difficult decision. 14Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Measure Against the LinchPin"July 1, 2016 Haunted by recent events, Kublai journies with Marco into the mountains for answers. Empress Chabi takes action to insure an heir to the khan. 15Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Let God's Work Begin"July 1, 2016 The Challenge for the throne escalates when two of Kublai's sons are endangered. Far away, another threat to the khan is born. 16Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Lullaby"July 1, 2016 Rebel attacks flare up in the south and pull Kubali's attentaion away from home. Kokachin gets an unwelcome visitor from her past. 17Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Serpent's Terms"July 1, 2016 Ahmed's deadly and secret chess match against Kublai enters is endgame, even as Kublai's thirst for power grows stronger than ever. 18Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Lost Crane"July 1, 2016 Kaidu's ruthlessness reaches ne levels in his bid for power, while Hundred Eyes' formerlover has him questioning his loyalties. 19Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Whitehorse"July 1, 2016 Marco's allegiance to Kublai is tested like never before. Mei Lin's bold move throws Ahmed's plans into chaos. 20Marco Polo series cover.jpg"Heirs"July 1, 2016 Marco's past with Kokachin resurfaces. Kublai's position as khan faces a final challenge, even as he welcomes a new heir into the world. 21Marco Polo series cover.jpg"The Fellowship"July 1, 2016 The day of the Kurultai arrives, shaping Kublai's fate as khan. Ahmed makes his final stand, and Marco learns a terrible truth.
‘Marco Polo's’ Lorenzo Richelmy on Intense Workouts, Learning English for Netflix Series
Marco Polo to be cancelled? Release Date, Plot, Cast and other updates!

The third season of the American program “Marco Polo” is currently suspended between the personal beliefs and the objectives of the producers. In July 2016, the last scene appeared on the screen. Since then, the theory has conveyed the gist of any news about the show. Netflix and producer The Weinstein Company left the show after two seasons. However, fans prayed for the revival of this show. According to sources, Netflix lost approximately $200 million in the first two seasons. Still, does the budget explain the reason, or is it something different in the works that led to the deletion?

So what’s the release date?

The fate of Marco Polo Season 3 has been in a pending state since its premiere in the last episode of Season 2 in July 2016. After suffering a huge loss, Netflix announced on December 12, 2016 that it would cancel the third season of “Marco Polo” for approximately US$200 million. The decision was made with the understanding and permission of Weinstein, the producer of the series. 

Even after the news that the show was cancelled after the end of the second season came out, the rumors and speculations about Marco Polo’s third season never weakened. Although Netflix or the producer has never issued an official statement about Marco Polo’s return in season three, these conversations have made fans hope they can have the third season. 

In addition, when Netflix COO Ted Sarandos expressed his views on the possibilities and future of Marco Polo Season 3, the Hollywood Reporter’s complete TV executive roundtable made headlines. HBO’s Richard Plepler, AMC’s Josh Sapan, and NBC Universal’s Bonnie Hammer, and other well-respected television industry authorities also attended the conference. 

No matter what the meeting was, there was no news and no agreement was reached. Other details and reunion transactions are kept secret, so the possibility of Marco Polo’s third season entering production is still uncertain and unclear. 

These conversations undoubtedly brought a ray of hope and trust between waiting and eager fans, as they continue to keep their fingers crossed.

About the series

The American series Marco Polo is a period drama created by John Fosco. This television series is set in Mongolia in the 13th century. It is based on the life of the Venetian explorer Marco Polo at the court of Kublai and his adventures. 

The Weinstein Company produced two seasons of Marco Polo, which aired on the Netflix original television series in 2014 and 2016. Lorenzo Richelmy and Benedict Wong played the lead roles in the first two seasons of Marco Polo. 

Netflix released the first season of the series on December 12, 2014. The producer spent a huge budget of almost $ 90 million and hired 500 employees. A month later, on January 7, 2015, the TV streaming platform announced that the adventure series had been renewed for the second season. 

Most of the production is done overseas in Malaysia, Italy, Hungary and Slovakia. The beautiful country offers a good atmosphere and a background that can reflect the situation of the Roman Renaissance. 

On July 1, 2016, the second season of Marco Polo premiered and the budget for the two seasons approached US $ 200. Marco Polo received negative comments from critics and different responses from the public and the public, he scored 8.0 points (out of 10 points) on IMDb.

Plot of season 3

The plot details of the third season of “Marco Polo” are the same as the production and casting information, which is still unknown and unclear. 

Marco Polo is a Netflix original series, inspired by Marco Polo’s early adventures at the court of Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan was a great ruler of the Mongol Empire and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty. 

This historical drama brought fans fresh breath with extraordinary 13th century scenes and fascinating photography techniques, and captured the hearts of fans. The show satisfies the desire of viewers who like regular episodes and amazing video effects. Marco Polo also provides the largest number of Asian characters, most of whom are actors from different cultures, such as Persians, Chinese, and Mongols.


Polo cast marco series

Marco Polo (TV series)

American television drama series

Marco Polo is an American drama streaming television series inspired by Marco Polo's early years in the court of Kublai Khan, the Khagan of the Mongol Empire and the founder of the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368). The show premiered on Netflix on December 12, 2014.[3] The series was created by John Fusco and stars Lorenzo Richelmy in the title role, with Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan.[4] It was produced by The Weinstein Company. On January 7, 2015, Marco Polo was renewed by Netflix for a 10-episode second season, which premiered on July 1, 2016.[5]

On December 12, 2016, Netflix announced that they had canceled Marco Polo after two seasons. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the two seasons resulted in a $200 million loss for Netflix, and the decision to cancel was jointly taken by Netflix and The Weinstein Company.[6]

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo, the son of a Venetian merchant who travels to China and is ultimately left there as a guest of Kublai Khan, rising to official position in the court.[4]
  • Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan, the fifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.[4] Wong also stars in the Christmas special "One Hundred Eyes".
  • Joan Chen as Empress Chabi,[7] the Khan's favorite and most important wife who is a valued unofficial adviser.
  • Rick Yune as Kaidu, the Khan's cousin and rival,[4] leader of the Ögedei Khanate
  • Amr Waked as Yusuf (season 1), the Khan's Vice Regent[8]
  • Remy Hii as Prince Jingim, the Khan's lawful son and heir.[4]
  • Zhu Zhu as Nergui a.k.a. Princess Kokachin, a servant of Princess Kokachin, the Blue Princess of the Bayaut tribe, who disguises herself as the Princess.[4]
  • Tom Wu as Hundred Eyes, a blind Taoist monk willfully enslaved to the Khan and sifu to Jingim and Marco Polo.[4] Wu also stars in the Christmas special "One Hundred Eyes".
  • Mahesh Jadu as Ahmad, a Persian Muslim from Bukhara who is the Khan's Minister of Finance and adopted son.
  • Olivia Cheng as Jia Mei Lin, concubine of the late Emperor Lizong of Song and sister to chancellor Jia Sidao
  • Uli Latukefu as Byamba, the Khan's bastard son, a general of both the imperial army and the Mongol horde
  • Chin Han as Jia Sidao,[a] the chancellor to the Song Emperors Huaizong and Duanzong, and Mei Lin's brother[9]
  • Pierfrancesco Favino as Niccolò Polo, a Venetian merchant and Marco's father
  • Ron Yuan as Prince Nayan (season 2), Kublai's uncle and a Nestorian Christian
  • Claudia Kim as Khutulun (season 2; recurring, season 1), Kaidu's daughter and favored child, niece of the Khan, and a superb warrior
  • Jacqueline Chan as Shabkana (season 2), Kaidu's mother
  • Leonard Wu as Orus (season 2), Kaidu's son
  • Thomas Chaanhing as Gerel (season 2), a khan loyal to Kaidu
  • Chris Pang as Arban (season 2), a khan loyal to Kaidu
  • Gabriel Byrne as Pope Gregory X (season 2)[b]
  • Michelle Yeoh as Lotus (season 2), a Taoist nun and the designated protector of the Song Dynasty's boy emperor. Yeoh also stars in the Christmas special "One Hundred Eyes".


  • Corrado Invernizzi as Maffeo Polo (season 1), Marco's uncle
  • Tan Kheng Hua as Xie Daoqing (season 1), empress dowager of the Song Dynasty
  • Lawrence Makoare as Za Bing (season 1), Princess Kokachin's eunuch protector
  • Vanessa Vanderstraaten as Princess Sorga (season 1), one of Jingim's wives
  • Patrick Teoh as General Red Brow (season 1)
  • Shu An Oon as Jing Fei (season 1), Mei Lin's friend, also an imperial concubine
  • Chloe Luthi (season 1) and Jaime Chew (season 2) as Ling Ling, the daughter of Mei Lin and the former Emperor of the Song Dynasty
  • Nicholas Bloodworth as Tulga (season 1), Kokachin's guardian
  • Max Kellady as Emperor Duzong, the son of the empress dowager and the former Emperor of the Song Dynasty
  • Daniel Tuiara as Sukh (season 2), Ahmad's sworn Burmese warrior
  • Tosh Zhang as Bai (season 2)
  • Byambadorj Altanhuyag as General Qaban (season 2)
  • Esther Low as Kokachin (season 2; guest, season 1), the real Blue Princess of the Mongol Bayaut tribe
  • Jason Chong as General Kasar (season 2)

Notable guest stars[edit]


The series was originally developed at Starz, which had picked up the series in January 2012.[10] After attempts to film in China failed, the project was released back to The Weinstein Company.[4]Netflix then picked up the series for a 10-episode season, for approximately $90 million, making it one of the most expensive TV shows in the world, second to Game of Thrones.[11][12] The project was officially announced at Netflix in January 2014. Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg serve as executive producers and directed the pilot and second episodes, "The Wayfarer" and "The Wolf and the Deer", respectively.[13] The series was filmed in Kazakhstan, Italy, and at Pinewood Studios in Malaysia,[13] as well as at outdoor locations in Malaysia, particularly tropical wilderness, as well as Slovakia and Hungary. Kazakhstan doubled as the steppes of Mongolia, Malaysia was the base of operations as well as serving as a location, Hungary provided a setting for Renaissance Rome, and Slovakia provided some mountain settings for Season 2.[14][15]

Stuntman Ju Kun was working on the show alongside fight choreographer Brett Chan, but went missing with the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 during pre-production.[16]

To prepare for her role as Chabi, Joan Chen read the book The Secret History of the Mongol Queens by Jack Weatherford, as she wanted her performance to reflect the culture of the time period.[17]

During his extensive research, show creator John Fusco traveled the Silk Road by horseback and also crossed the Ming Sha Dunes of Western China on camel. In Venice he sought out and studied the last will and testament of Marco Polo.[18] While some Mongolian viewers and experts view it as "riddled with historical errors", many have praised the series.[19] Orgil Makhaan, who played Genghis Khan in a BBC documentary, said it was more accurate than any previous foreign portrayal of Mongolian culture. "As a Mongol and an artist, Marco Polo makes me feel like our dreams are coming true," he told AFP. "I watched all 10 episodes in just one day."[19]


The series featured music by Mongolian bands Altan Urag and Batzorig Vaanchig of Asia's Got Talent, who cameoed as a singer. Daniele Luppi composed the main theme, whilst Peter Nashel and Eric V. Hachikian are the composers of the original score.


Season 1 (2014)[edit]

Christmas special (2015)[edit]

Season 2 (2016)[edit]


The first season of Marco Polo was met with negative reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has a rating of 33%, based on 45 reviews, with an average rating of 4.79/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "An all-around disappointment, Marco Polo is less entertaining than a round of the game that shares its name."[20] On Metacritic, the show's first season has a score of 48 out of 100 based on reviews from 22 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[21]

In his review for Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Jensen gave the first season a "B−" rating, calling the premise "stale", but added "Somewhere in the middle of episode 2, though, Marco Polo becomes surprisingly watchable. The filmmaking becomes bolder."[22] Writing for People, Tom Gliatto praised the series, calling it "... a fun, body-flinging, old-fashioned epic".[23]USA Today reviewer Robert Bianco gave the series 11⁄2 stars out of 4, saying, "Clearly what Netflix hopes you'll see a [sic] big-bucks, prestige entertainment along the lines of that HBO fantasy epic, but in truth, Marco is far closer to one of those cheesy international syndicated adventures."[24]

The second season was met with more positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds a rating of 100%, based on 6 reviews, with a rating average of 7.2/10.[25]

In 2015, the President of Mongolia, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, presented John Fusco and the Marco Polo creative team with an award, honoring their positive portrayal and global presentation of Mongolian subject matter.[26] Fusco himself has described the series as historical fiction based on the accounts of the Italian traveler Marco Polo.[27]


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  1. ^Chin Han only appears in one episode of season two, although credited as a main cast member.
  2. ^Gabriel Byrne only appears in one episode of season two, although credited as a main cast member.


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