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The Super Mario Bros. speedrunning community just broke the 4 minute and second mark - why does that matter?

The current world record video for Super Mario Bros. is only eight minutes long, but you don't need to see much of it to understand something special is going on. As Niftski rushes through the NES title, he pulls off some incredible feats that most wouldn't think possible. What is truly impressive, though, is when Niftski stops the timer. Emotions fly. The final number shows:

By what was just a single frame, the barrier has been broken, and the SMB speedrunning community is celebrating a historic occasion. The last time a second barrier was broken for the titles was in , so for Super Mario Bros. this isn't a common occurrence, and the emotion in Niftski's video shows how big a deal it is. "It just feels insane that I have this good of a time in [Super Mario Bros.]," he tells me over Discord. "Me and a few other top level runners started the race to after Miniland got his former world record speedrun of [in February] we all knew it was going to be a tough grind, but we were all dedicated to getting this time."

Reaching is a big deal. To those outside of the community and looking in, though, it may be difficult to understand why it matters quite so much.

"The significance of Niftski's run comes with being the last second-milestone in the category's year-long span," explains HitzCritz, a community member who also provided a lot of extra context on the r/speedrun subreddit. "The fastest known time to beat the game is by HappyLee, which stands unbeaten since its submission on January 6th, "

That speedrun HitzCritz mentions above is a Tool-Assisted Speedrun, or TAS. These are speedruns achieved with the assistance of an emulator's tools to slow down the gameplay. Many of them are painstakingly done, frame-by-frame, and often involve techniques that humans would have trouble pulling off in a real-time run. The two types of speedruns are generally viewed as different things, but it's more of a symbiotic relationship, with TAS runs teaching real-time runners what may be possible. As a result, top runners such as Niftski have been shaving frames and milliseconds off their speedruns and bringing their time closer to the TAS run.

Pulling off these tricks and glitches themselves is no easy feat, either. The flagpole glitch, for instance, requires precise placement to cancel the flagpole animation and save time. Then there's something like fast-acceleration, which HitzCritz helps to describe. "Due to the game's physics, Mario accelerates faster when moving in the direction opposite to where he is facing. The idea of a fast-acceleration is that runners quickly turn Mario towards the opposite direction to accelerate quicker than normal."


Frame-perfect execution of fast-accelerations are required to approach World Record times, and originally runners didn't even think breaking the barrier was possible for non-TAS runs - some of the tricks that TAS runs used were either too difficult or simply impossible to pull off, as a video by Bismuth in explains. However, last year community member Kriller37 found a different way to pull off a difficult flagpole glitch in level in TAS, and top runners would be able to implement it into their runs.

The other time-saving method recently found is something called Lightning But both Niftski and HitzCritz stress that while it is possible for humans to pull off a specific version of the trick, it's not viable in a full speedrun just yet. "The thing that makes Lightning a challenge is that it's not simply a hard trick but rather the sheer optimisation of a single level down to the frame," HitzCritz says. It simply requires too many frame-perfect moves to pull off. Niftski is the only one that's succeeded at a Lightning during a run and, according to him, "It took half a year just to get it. So unless something else is discovered to at least make that timesave easier, I don't see it being used in runs."

In spite of Niftski's incredibly impressive world record run, he stresses that this still isn't the pinnacle of Super Mario Bros. speedrunning for the Any% category. "The other contenders Miniland, LeKukie, Thelxinoe, jscarbo, Tree_05, and AldynSpeedruns have gotten extremely close to also achieving this milestone," Niftski says, and HitzCritz agrees. "After looking through the game's year speedrunning history, it's safe to say SMB1 speedrunners have a long way to go before they hit absolute perfection." Runners know that there are a few frames that can be saved in the run, particularly in the difficult

But reaching the milestone doesn't seem to be in the future of speedrunning of Super Mario Bros., or at least not for a while, Niftski says. "There haven't been any new timesave discoveries for the TAS since December , so the odds of finding something new or saving time somewhere to make possible is very unlikely to happen soon." For a game as popular and optimized as SMB, it's no longer about saving seconds and minutes, but instead saving a few frames wherever possible.

While Niftski is the runner that broke past the 4 minute and 55 second barrier, this achievement is the effort of the entire SMB speedrunning community. HitzCritz lays it out best. "The ONLY reason why SMB1 is such a defining symbol of pure optimization is because of the community. Whenever the mainstream public sees a new Any% record, they are baffled as to how the game kept going further and further. The community, for the past 17 years, did nothing but motivate one another to keep achieving goals."

Those new goals might seem miniscule compared to less-optimized speedrunning games, where a new glitch or strategy can save seconds or minutes, but each new world record is a victory for that entire community. Just ask the other 1, runners on Super Mario Bros.' leaderboard.

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Twitch streamer and speedrunner Niftski has demolished the world record for a speedrun in Super Mario Bros., clocking in what’s being called a “perfect” run at That’s right, four minutes and fifty-four seconds, with a little bit of change. I don’t know when the last time you decided to take a trip through the Mushroom Kingdom was, but that’s fast… really, really fast.

In speedruns for many classic games, seconds are all that separate the record from other competitors. While anything is possible, this new run is being called perfect (or close to it) by others in the speedrunning community, as apparently everything lined up immaculately on every end of things. Obviously, this includes the incredibly skilled speedrunning preparation, practice, and precise play from Niftski. Sometimes, all factors need to really line up to glean that additional and sometimes miraculous split second to make a speedrun ascend to greatness. Super Mario Bros. is obviously a title with no shortage of speedrunning attention, as numerous folks have attempted to make Mario’s journey faster and faster over the years, ever since its first outing on the NES before any sort of speedrunning was a competitive practice. Warp pipes, am I right? Check out the run right here!

In this particular case, it really does come down to milliseconds, as a cache of other incredible speedruns have the Mario adventure down to 4 minutes and 55 seconds proper. Shaving off the milliseconds in this particular run makes all the difference, and while speedrun records are constantly in flux, this one might be “the one” for Mario.

With that said, you never know when something new can be discovered or an advanced tactic can be tried with speedruns across the board, so others are certain to try to find a way to shave off a moment. So while this run is definitely perfect for now, a more perfect run could theoretically be discovered in the future… Does that make sense? Whether or not that happens could take years or more, as the standard has been the wall for quite some time now, but it’s all about trying out every angle for new challengers.

You can check out Niftski’s streaming adventures on Twitch here. Do you enjoy speedrunning? Have you ever tried it? Is this run amazing? Let us know in the comments!

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Streamer Beats Super Mario Bros. In Under 12 Minutes While Blindfolded

By Josh Coulson


It's only the second blindfolded Super Mario Bros. speedrun ever recorded.

The world record for a blindfolded Super Mario speedrun hasn't just been broken, it has been absolutely smashed.

Speedrunning is a big part of the video game world, especially when it comes to certain games. One of the most popular games to speedrun is the original Super Mario Bros. So many speedrunners have set and broken various records on the game that some in the speedrunning business believe they are fast approaching a point where its record will no longer be able to be broken.

The same cannot be said for the blindfolded speedrun record on the same game. Yes, there are some people that know Super Mario Bros. so well that not only can they complete the game blindfolded, they can do it pretty darn quickly too. Well, actually just two people. There are only two recorded blindfolded speedruns of Super Mario Bros.

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In fact, up until today, there was only one. The benchmark was set at more than five years ago. It's unclear whether hordes of dedicated Mario fans have been desperately trying to break it since then, but at least one clearly has. Crescendo has now become the second person to register a blindfolded Super Mario Bros. speedrun, smashing the old record in the process.

Crescendo finished the game blindfolded in just , beating the old record by well over two minutes. You can watch the whole thing above and it may well be one of the more fascinating speedruns you ever see. It's certainly very different. Rather than timing every last move to perfection, it's all about listening to noise cues for Crescendo to make sure they're in the right place at the right time.

Crescendo isn't the only speedrunner to have made news in the Mario world this month. Another speedrunner managed to beat Super Mario 64 in just seven minutes and ten seconds, beating Bowser and collecting just one star along the way. We think that person deserves the $ million sealed copy of Super Mario 64 as a trophy, but somehow we can't see that happening.

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Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. That love began with a mild childhood addiction to the Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive since he lives in the UK. Back then, Sonic 2 quickly became his favorite game and as you might have guessed from his picture, the franchise has remained close to his heart ever since. Nowadays, he splits his time between his PS4 and his Switch and spends far too much time playing Fortnite. If you're a fan of gaming, wrestling, and soccer, give him a follow on Twitter @BristolBeadz.

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A Speedrun BIZARRA de 40 segundos de Super Mario World, e o record brasileiro superado!

Can the New Super Mario Bros. Speedrun Record Be Beaten?

On April 7, , speedrunner Niftski set a new world record in the Any% category of Super Mario Bros with a time of This was the first-ever sub run of the classic Nintendo platformer and will go down as the last-ever second barrier. A sub run is impossible, but is it possible to get a lower and break Niftski's record?

Super Mario Bros, released in , has had ample time to be mastered by speedrunners. As it stands now, the Any% category is one of the most optimized runs in all of gaming. This, plus the popularity of the franchise and the cultural impact of this specific title, make speedrun world records in this game some of the most coveted. , being the last-second barrier possible to break in the game, makes this world record one of the biggest milestones in speedrunning history.

To better follow along with this discussion, take a look at Niftski's world record:

How Was the Record Set?

To really drive home just how optimized this run is, it's iportant to know exactly how the game functions. Super Mario Bros can only load the next level on every 21st frame, an interval of time that players have dubbed "framerules," which are 21 frames or seconds. If a runner reaches the end of a level 11 frames into a framerule, 20 frames into a framerule, or just one frame into a framerule, the next level will only load at the beginning of the next framerule.

This means that once a level has been optimized to the point of being beaten in the earliest possible framerule, then it is already at its theoretical limit.

The Any% route is as follows: play through , take the warp zone in to , complete , and take the warp zone in to Then play through the final four levels and defeat Bowser at the end of

Runners play through eight levels total. Of these eight, Niftski got the theoretically best possible time on six of them. Not even AI programmed to beat the game as quickly as possible could beat Niftski on those six levels.

Of course, this means there is still time to save on two levels. We'll get to those, but first, let's consider some of the highlights of the current world record that put this run into perspective. Some of this may sound like jargon at first, but what's important is that it's noted how precise all these tricks are.

  • On worlds , , , and , Niftski performed what is known as the flagpole glitch. These glitches allow players to skip the flagpole animation and enter the castle early, and all require frame-perfect inputs and subpixel-perfect positioning.

  • and both include frame-perfect wall clips. The first is used to access the warp zone quicker, while the latter is used to push Mario further to the right side of the screen, a requirement for the first "wrong warp" glitch.

  • features what is known as a fast acceleration on the first frame of the level. Niftski had to hit left on the first frame of the level, then jump and hit right on the third frame, and release jump on the fourth frame. These are all frame-perfect inputs that allow Mario to reach running speed quicker and must be started on the first frame possible, with no cue as to when that first level frame is coming. Doing this, plus the flagpole glitch at the end, allows him to catch the earliest possible framerule with zero frames to spare. 

  • includes the infamous "Bullet Bill Glitch" to trick the level into ending two framerules early; another frame-perfect trick, as well as the "TAS " setup, which involves getting to the end of the level at such a pace that was only recently determined to be humanly possible thanks to new setups.

  • Timing ends on the frame that Bowser's axe is grabbed, not the framerule that it is grabbed, so every frame counts on Niftski made use of a frame-perfect wall jump and an incredibly difficult fast acceleration before the second wrong warp to get a low enough time for  

That only covers the key moments of the run. Every level features at least one frame-perfect, pixel-perfect trick, and Niftski hit each one in succession, on top of perfect general movement through everything between.

So what are the two levels that runners could theoretically save time on, and are they humanly possible to save time on?

Where Can Time Be Saved?

The more realistic area to save time on is There are 20 possible frames to save on this level, though the fastest  ever done in practice only saved 17 of those frames, also done by Niftski.

These 20 frames can be saved by performing first-frame fast accelerations in every room of , similar to what is done at the beginning of Considering the incredibly low success rate of the trick by even the most accomplished speedrunners, it is unlikely that we'll see anyone hit it multiple times in one level at the tail-end of a world record pace run, anytime soon at least. 

A fast acceleration means that Mario is programmed to decelerate from running speed to zero faster than he accelerates from zero to running speed. The software determines deceleration when you are trying to move in the direction opposite the way you are facing. Thus, by facing left and doing a backward jump to the right, you will "decelerate" to maximum speed quicker. 

The other level to save time on is , where a single framerule can be saved. This is done by hitting a trick known as "Lightning " The trick to this level is to push Mario 20 pixels further to the right of the screen than is normally possible.

By doing so, Mario can enter a pipe before the screen has scrolled far enough to the right to overwrite the pipe's transition data. Instead of taking you to a coin cache like normal, it takes you to the above-ground region that you typically need to watch a vine-climbing cutscene to reach. 

Niftski uses the wall clip to nudge Mario to the right enough, but there is a quicker way of doing it. By bumping into corners of blocks in the right way, while facing backward but holding right, runners can force Mario to the right pixels per bump. Two perfect bumps would thus get you the exact amount of pixels needed, and going down the first pixel of the pipe would take you above ground. This saves a few frames over Niftski's record.

Once above ground, runners would then have to hit a first-frame fast acceleration, just like again, then enter the warp zone pipe on the first possible frame to save an additional framerule overall on When Niftski practiced this trick, it took him six months of on-and-off attempts to hit it once.

In conclusion, there are 41 possible frames left to save in Super Mario Bros, so yes, the record can and will be beaten. Most likely, the next few records will involve small timesaves on as single fast accelerations are added, but a framerule save on is inevitable. It's just a matter of time and practice.

Taking down those 41 frames would result in a , the fastest possible time the game can be beaten. As we come closer to perfection, the improvements only get harder, and right now, those improvements are nearly impossible. To see Niftski's run compared with the theoretically perfect , and see those potential and timesaves for yourself, check out this comparison video:


Speedrun world super mario

Template:Short description

The Super Mario video game franchise is a series of platforming video games developed and published by Nintendo. Having gone on to be the best selling video game franchise, the Mario franchise has gained immense popularity in pop culture as a symbol of video games and gaming in general. The speedrunning community has attempted completion of Super Mario games as quickly as possible, and have set world records for the completion time of these games.

Speedrun records[]

Super Mario Bros.[]

Super Mario Bros. was released in for the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it has become one of the most popular speedrunning games mainly due to its short length and incredible precision. The fastest times are under 5 minutes long, with the 'warpless' times being under 20 minutes.

After achieving a new record time of in , speedrunner darbian noted that this "still wasn't perfect", although he went on to say: "There is no other time save that a human has ever done (even in practice) prior to [level] "[5] He went on to beat his record first by seconds and then by another seconds in After that, he announced that he would not try to improve his time further, as he claimed he had reached his potential in the category.[6] However, the discovery of a new method of performing a "flagpole glitch" resulted in Kosmic and darbian both breaking the record within a week, ending with a time of [7] Darbian further improved the record in [8] before the record swapped hands several more times in ,[9][10] with speedrunner somewes eventually getting a time of in October In August , runner tavenwebb became the world record holder with a time of ,[11] a 3-frame improvement of the former world record. On 17 January , Kosmic reclaimed the Any% record with a time of On 7 April , Niftski achieved a time, breaking the barrier and claiming the world record.

GTAce99 holds the world record for beating Super Mario Bros. without using warps. His record stands at , set on 13 April [2]

A Tool-assisted speedrun (also known commonly as TAS), is a speedrun of a game in an emulator with the goal of creating a theoretically perfect playthrough. As the name implies, a tool-assisted speedrun is performed by a human being using an emulator or other piece of software that aids in frame-perfect optimized inputs to complete the game in the fastest way possible. Although that specific set of inputs may technically be possible for a speedrunner to perform, human error makes this practically impossible. The fastest tool-assisted speedrun of Super Mario Bros., created by runner HappyLee, completed the game in [12]

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels[]

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (known as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) was the Japanese-exclusive sequel to the then-popular Super Mario Bros. Known for its difficulty, the game avoided an American release due to its challenging levels. The American market would receive Super Mario Bros. 2, a redesign of another Japanese game.

The record for The Lost Levels (including shortcuts) is by Niftski.[13] The record without using warps is by Kosmic.[14][15]

Super Mario Bros. 2[]

Super Mario Bros. 2 was released in in the United States and in in Japan as Super Mario USA. It is the third best selling Nintendo Entertainment System title.

The current speedrun record of Super Mario Bros. 2 is held by COOLKID, who beat the game in on 3 November [16] The "All Levels" category record is currently held by IluvMario at [17]

Category Time Runner Date Sources
Any% COOLKID [18]
All Levels COOLKID [19]
Category Time Runner Date Sources
Any% IluvMario [20]
No S+Q IluvMario [21]
All Levels EthanRTA [22]

Super Mario Bros. 3[]

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the final main Super Mario title on the NES. Released in , the game is considered to be one of the best video games of all time.

The current record of Super Mario Bros. 3 without using any shortcuts is held by Mitchflowerpower, who beat the game in [23]

On 30 April , Lord Tom and Tompa completed Super Mario Bros. 3 in a tool-assisted speedrun in under three minutes by using a memory corruption glitch,[24] named the "credits warp." The current world record using this glitch is by Zikubi.[25]

Category Time Runner Date Sources
% mitchflowerpower [26]
Any% Warpless mitchflowerpower [23]
Any% (No Wrong Warp) mitchflowerpower [27]
Any% Czikubi [25]

Game Boy titles[]

On 6 June , callumbal beat Super Mario Land, the first Mario game on the Game Boy, in [28][29][30] The current world record is , also held by callumbal.[31]

Super Mario Land's sequel, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, has the record as by runner Oh_DeeR with glitches.[32] The larger category is Any% Glitchless, where no glitches are allowed. The world record is held by AdamFerrari64 with a time of [33]

Super Mario World[]

In , Super Mario World was released as a pack-in game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The current 11 ExitTemplate:Refn record of Super Mario World () is held by speedrunner LostC0re, who completed the game in in September ,[34] with the runners-up being GreenDeathFlavor and Area51, who hold a time of [35] and ,[36] respectively. On 10 February , speedrunner katun24 beat Super Mario World in while blindfolded.[37]

The current 96 ExitTemplate:Refn speedrun record of Super Mario World is held by speedrunner Lui, who completed the game in in August [38]

For Any%,Template:Refn also known as 0 Exit, it is possible to make the credits of Super Mario World roll by injecting arbitrary code into the game's memory in the second level of the game. The speedruns use Super Multitap devices.[39] Jeffw was first to execute the glitch on an emulator, and SethBling was first to execute it on console, legitimizing Jeffw's speedrun by proving the glitch is possible outside an emulator.[40][41] The current world record for this category was set by FURiOUS in June with a time of [42]

Date Runner Time Platform Sources
11 June FURiOUS Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[42]
29 April SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[43]
28 April SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[44]
19 June FURiOUS Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[45]
19 March SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[46]
1 March SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[47]
27 February FURiOUS Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[48]
20 February SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[49]
16 February FURiOUS Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[50][51]
7 February SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[52]
6 February SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[53][54]
31 January SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[55][56]
30 January Dotsarecool Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[57][58]
30 January SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[59][60]
30 January FURiOUS Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[61][62]
31 July FURiOUS Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[63][64]
29 July FURiOUS Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[65][66]
1 May SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[67][68]
28 April Dotsarecool Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[69][70]
26 April SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[71][72]
15 April SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[73][74]
11 April SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[75][76]
9 April Dotsarecool Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-J[77][78]
22 March PangaeaPanga Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C (Emulator)[79][80]
18 February CarlSagan42 Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[81][82]
15 February Dotsarecool Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[83]
9 February CarlSagan42 Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[84]
4 February Dotsarecool Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[85]
2 February Dotsarecool Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[86]
1 February Dotsarecool Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[87]
29 January SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[88][89]
26 January SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[90][91]
24 January SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[92]
22 January SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[93]
21 January SethBling Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C[94][95]
8 July Jeffw Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemNTSC-U/C (Emulator)[96][97]

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island[]

The sequel to Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, is a popular game at the speedrunning charity marathon Games Done Quick.[98] Its current %Template:Refn completion speedrunning record is held by runner saku_ghd with a run time of [99] For speedruns using a credits warp, the world record is by Poahr.[] The world record in the Warps category is held by saku_ghd with a time of [] The Warpless category is only a few minutes longer, with saku_ghd also achieving a world record time of []

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[]

The most popular category in Super Mario RPG is Any%, and the current record was obtained on 7 June by Justin-credible at []

Super Mario 64[]

Super Mario 64 was released in as a launch title for the Nintendo 64 to critical and commercial acclaim. Progress in this game requires the collection of "power stars" through visiting levels. Glitches, however, allow for the completion of the game with various star requirements, including no stars at all.

The current real-time world record for beating Super Mario 64 with no constraints (i.e., Any%) is To accomplish this time, glitches are used to skip large portions of the game, and no stars are required. The 0-star record, as it is more commonly known, is currently held by KANNO; he took the record on 27 January

The world record for collecting all stars in Super Mario 64 has a long and storied history, but the current record is held by Cheese, which he achieved on 29 January , with a time of , beating the previous record (held by Simply) by just 3 seconds.

Besides the 0-Star (Any%) category and Star (%) category, three other major categories of Super Mario 64 speedrunning exist: 1-Star, Star, and Star. In those categories, the player must collect as many stars as the category specifies. The Star record is treated as a "glitchless" Any%, as it is the minimum number of stars needed to complete the game as the game designers intended. The 1-Star and Star categories are legacy categories that still see plenty of competition due to their storied history and difference in required strategy and skill set.

The current world record for 1-Star completion was achieved by Dowsky, who completed the game in 7 minutes and 12 seconds. On 10 May , akki set the star record, with a time of 14 minutes 59 seconds and milliseconds. On 12 June , German speedrunner Dwhatever achieved the world record for Star, with a time of 46 minutes and 59 seconds.[]

Super Mario Sunshine[]

On 28 June , nindiddeh acquired the world record for Super Mario Sunshine with a time of [] On 18 May , runner Paperario got the world record for the Shines category with a time of [] For the 96 Shines category, every Shine that does not require Blue Coins must be collected. The world record for that category is by Guy[] For the 79 Shines category, every Shine Sprite from every world must be collected. For that category, the world record is by Guy[]

Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2[]

Super Mario Galaxy was released in on the Wii. There are five main categories in the speedrunning community: Any% with Mario, Any% with Luigi, Stars with Mario, Stars with Luigi, and Stars. Playing with Luigi is faster than playing with Mario because he has a faster run speed and higher jumps, in addition to being allowed to skip the introduction cutscenes when starting with Luigi.[]

Speedrunner HardcoreGaming holds the record for Any% with Mario ()[] while Vallu holds the record for Any% with Luigi () and[] Stars with Luigi (),[] while Mr.CloudKirby holds the record with Mario (),[] as well as Stars ().[]

Category Time Runner Date Sources
Any% - Mario HardcoreGaming 22 May []
Any% - Luigi Vallu 13 November []
Stars - Mario Mr.CloudKirby 30 June []
Stars - Luigi Mr.CloudKirby 31 October []
Stars Mr.CloudKirby 7 September []

There are three main categories in Super Mario Galaxy 2 speedrunning: Any%, Stars, and Stars and Green Stars. HardcoreGaming holds the Any%, Stars, Stars and Green Stars with a time of , , and respectively.

Category Time Runner Date Sources
Any% nemi 14 December []
Stars MutantsAbyss 3 July []
Stars MutantsAbyss 12 July []
Green Stars MutantsAbyss 12 July []

New Super Mario Bros. series[]

For the original New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS, the current Any% world record is by SpicyNoodles.[] The Cannonless category, which does not use cannon shortcuts in the game, has the record of by SpicyNoodles.[] In %, the world record is by bofa_shuckle.[]

For the second installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the current world record for Any% is in (without loads) by runner PidgeySR.[] For %, it was done by PidgeySR with a time of []. The Cannonless category is much shorter, with a time of by PidgeyProwler.[]

For Super Mario 3D Land, the current world record on Any% is by ZeldaCubed.[] For Any% Warpless, the record is longer with a time of also by ZeldaCubed.[] For the Special Ending category has the time of by Revelyte[] In %, the world record is by Revelyte[]

In New Super Mario Bros. U, the current Any% world record is by runner Astix with a time of [] For New Super Luigi U, a DLC add-on for New Super Mario Bros. U, Lachurs has the Any% record of []

For New Super Mario Bros. 2, the current world record for Any% is the time of by J_duude on 24 March [] For Warpless, the world record is by JuiceACD.[]

Super Mario 3D World[]

Super Mario 3D World, released in November , has three main categories for speedrunning. The first is Any%, with the world record totaling in at by LuigiMaster.[] The second is Stars, where one must collect every green star in the game with the world record being held by peteyboo, who beat it in on 9 December []

The third and longest category is %, where one must collect every star, every stamp, and complete all levels with gold flagpoles and also be beaten by each of the 5 characters in the game. The current world record for % is by Vallu, which has been uncontested since []

Super Mario Odyssey[]

Super Mario Odyssey is the most recent main series Super Mario game. Several categories exist for the game, including Any% with a time of by Mitch[]. This run was done on version , which was chosen due to it having the quickest load times. The Any% category is the most competitive, and had fierce competition into achieving the landmark Sub-Hour time, which was first achieved by runner NicroVeda on 23 March Following NicroVeda's Sub-Hour, runners competed for the first time to be sub minutes, which was finally achieved by Tyron18 on 12 October, with a The next minute barrier, a sub minute time was heavily competed for by Mitch and Tyron and was finally achieved by Mitch on 27 July, "Dark Side" is a category which involves collecting "Moons" to access the "Dark Side" kingdom, and then collecting the "Multi Moon" at the end of it. The world record is by Tyron "Darker Side" is a category which involves collecting Moons to access the "Darker Side" kingdom, and then collecting the Multi Moon at the end of it. The world record is by 04dude3. All Moons (formerly called All Missions) is a category which involves collecting all Moons (excluding duplicate shop Moons) and then finishing the special Bowser fight that unlocks after doing so. The world record is held by Fir_ with a time of []

The longest category is %, which involves the player collecting Moons and every music track, purchasing every item available, and capturing all 52 enemies. The world record for this category is also by heythere on Version [] The final major category is World Peace, where one must bring peace to every kingdom in the game and collect every Multi Moon available before beating the game (this excludes Multi Moons received from refighting bosses in Mushroom Kingdom and the ones the player gets from beating Dark Side and Darker Side). The world record for that is by Stravos[]

Category Time Runner Date Sources
Any% Mitch 27 July []
World Peace Stravos96 15 May []
Dark Side Mitch 30 March
Darker Side Vallu 19 July
All Moons Fir_ 15 March []
% Fir_ 4 April []

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Super Mario World 100% Complete Game (All Secret Exits) No Damage Completion Run (4K)

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