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The Amanda Show

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Nickelodeon ()
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October 16, –September 21,


TV-G (TeenNick reruns)


A sketch comedy show starring Amanda Bynes and her self-proclaimed #1 fan, Penelope Taynt. Each episode plays with Amanda opening the show, a commercial of an unusual product, about four or five sketches, then the closing of the show.


  • Amanda Bynes
  • Drake Bell
  • Nancy Sullivan
  • Raquel Lee (Season 1)
  • Johnny Kassir (Season 1)
  • Josh Peck (Seasons )
  • Dan Sachoff (Seasons )

List of episodes

Main article: List of The Amanda Show episodes and sketches

Broadcast history

Channel aired Broadcast run
Nickelodeon Logo.pngOctober 16, –October 28,
The N logo.pngOctober 31, –March 11, , April 4–August 3,
TeenNick png
  • October 11, –April 6, , September 17, –March 17,
  • June 10–12,

From to , The Amanda Show aired on the SNICK block, then on the new TEENick block from to When it moved to The N by the end of October , The N was still a hour channel, while sharing the same channel number with Noggin since On December 31, , all television programs airing on The N (including The Amanda Show) moved to the channel number formerly occupied by Nick GAS (which was officially shut down that day), and Noggin became a hour channel at that same time.

27 episodes of the series can be seen on CBS All Access as of January 1,

Home video release timeline

October 5, Volume 1: Amanda, Please! and&#;Volume 2: The Girls' Room&#;(DVD/VHS)
February 22, Volume 3: Totally Amanda&#;(DVD/VHS)
July 29, The Best of Volume 1 (iTunes)
June 22, The Best of Volume 2 (iTunes)
May 16, The Best of Volume 3 (iTunes)
March 13, The Best of Season 1, The Complete Season 2, The Complete Season 3, The Best of The Amanda Show (DVD-R)
January 8, The Best of Volume 4 (iTunes)

There was also a two-pack set for the first two volumes on DVD, released on October 5, A fourth volume, "Penelope's Picks", was set for release on July 12, , as well as a fifth volume, "Trudy's Duties", on September 20, Both were never released.

The Best of Season 1 and Complete Season 3 DVDs are worth $ each, the Season 2 DVD is worth $, and the "Best of the Amanda Show" DVD costs $ The episodes on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video are worth $ per episode or $ per season.

Volume 1 on iTunes contains episodes 2, 3, 10, 11 and 13; Volume 2 has episodes 14, 16, 17, 19 and 20; Volume 3 has episodes ; and Volume 4 has episodes Each volume on iTunes costs $, while Volume 3 is priced at $



Vol1 amandaplease

Vol. 1: Amanda, Please!

Vol2 girlsroom

Vol. 2: The Girls' Room

Vol3 totallyamanda

Vol. 3: Totally Amanda

Season1 dvd

The Best of Season 1

Season2 dvd

The Complete Season 2

Season3 dvd

The Complete Season 3

Bestofamanda dvd

The Best of The Amanda Show

The Amanda Show

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The Amanda Show Season 1

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The Amanda Show Season 2

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The Amanda Show Season 3

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The Amanda Show Season 4

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The BEST Episodes of The Amanda Show

#17 - Episode 13

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 19,

Penelope and her brother Preston had got a toe nail from ""The Amanda Show"" trashcan, they then use a clone machine to clone it to an Amanda, but it is actually Drake's and instead they get a close of Drake! There's an advert with Meatloaf Crunch (a cereal), Amanda and Drake pur it in their bowls and put milk on it and start eating it. Drake says ""It turns the milk chocolaty!"" Then Amanda corrects him and says ""NO, that GRAVY"". Then in school, Drake is talking to the others about a new girl at school who is a witch. The witch then comes in and sits down, and Requel asks her if she is a witch and the girl replies no. But then, Requel says ""You wear all that witchy stuff, a hat, clothes, your nose"", then the witch gets angry and turns her into a frog. Drake then tell's the teacher, but the teacher tells Drake to stop taking the micky out of her. Then Drake does some more and the witch replys ""I'm Canadian"", the teacher then says ""Yes, don't take the micky out of those canadians, and just

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List of The Amanda Show episodes

Wikipedia list article

The following is an episode list for the Nickelodeonsketch comedy series The Amanda Show. The series premiered on October 16, and ended on September 21, Six additional "Best of" episodes aired after 40 episodes were produced in total. Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell were the only actors to appear in every episode.

Series overview[edit]

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (–)[edit]

The first season aired from October 16, to February 19, The main cast features Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, Nancy Sullivan, Raquel Lee, and Johnny Kassir. Recurring cast includes Andrew Hill Newman and E. E. Bell as Barney, the security guard. Every episode in this season is written by Dan Schneider, Andrew Hill Newman, John Hoberg, Christy Stratton & Jenny Kilgen. It was the only season to feature Raquel Lee and Johnny Kassir as regular cast members. This season was filmed from February to September

  • In this season, Amanda Bynes goes from 12 to 13 while filming.

Season 2 (–01)[edit]

The second season aired from July 15, to April 7, The main cast features Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, Nancy Sullivan and newcomer Josh Peck. Recurring cast includes Andrew Hill Newman, E. E. Bell, Maureen McCormick, Danny Bonaduce, Lara Jill Miller, Lauren Petty, Matthew Botuchis, Molly Orr and Taran Killam of "Moody's Point". Every episode in this season is written by Dan Schneider, Andrew Hill Newman, John Hoberg and Steven Molaro.

  • Taped from May to January
  • In this season, Amanda Bynes is 14 while filming.

Season 3 ()[edit]

The third season aired from January 19, to September 21, The cast and writers remain the same as previous season. It was taped from April to December

  • In this season, Amanda Bynes is 15 while filming.

The Best of The Amanda Show ()[edit]

After the series ended its initial run, six "The Best of" episodes were produced.


The Amanda Show - Credits - Episode 11 - With Unused Theme

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Episode 11 the amanda show

I don't have breakfast. Ill go home to change, meet the girls from work at lunchtime. Calls a taxi. Drinking tea, sitting opposite. - I want you again, can you stay.

Top 10 Sketches from The Amanda Show

Wait, it's not over yet, you better tell me, I found myself someone else. - Yes and no. There is a little man, but we still need to work with him. Listen, yours are going to fuck today. Let's go watch.

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