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The th Day of School

It&#;s the th Day of School! Why are we celebrating the th Day of School? Why not! Just kidding, our standards go up to the number , so that seemed like the number we should celebrate in First Grade! Plus, it makes things a little different from the th Day that most students celebrate in Kindergarten ! Although I do love the th Day of School! Here are some ideas for how we celebrated the 12th Day of School!

th Day of School Homework

Before the big day, students had some homework to do! They each brought a collection of in a sandwich bag and attached this little bag topper. I printed the bag topper on my favorite paper and then we displayed the collections in the hallway.

You can also have your students use ten frames to count out their items!

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th Day of School Stations

We spent most of the day doing stations based around the number Here are a few of the activities that we enjoyed!

This Roll to Dice Game was a lot of fun! Students roll a dice and color that many squares until they reach !

This was a super simple cut and paste activity! It reviewed coins and base ten too!

My students loved this fun challenge of writing words! They used the word wall and other words in the classroom!

This puzzle is one of my favorite math station ever! It has also been in our math tubs the past few weeks. I made multiple sets on different colors of paper and it&#;s a great activity! It is available HERE or HERE. 

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th Day of School Snack

I think our special snack was the biggest hit of the day! I just created a sign up genius and asked parents to send in different foods to create a snack mix. Here are some of the items I asked for:

  • Pretzels or Pretzel sticks
  • Chocolate chips
  • Butterscotch chips
  • Cheerios
  • Marshmallows
  • Goldfish
  • Chex Cereal
  • M&Ms
  • Pre-popped popcorn

Students used ten frames to count out their snack pieces. This was a good small group activity so I could help!

All of these activities and more are available inside of Days of School Print and Go Activities.

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Days of School Activities Addition Subtraction

Item description

This product is full of fun th Day of School Math Activities and includes worksheets, word searches, color by code, writing prompts, crowns, mystery picture graphing, reward tags, and more. This can be used as an independent center, literacy center, math center, etc.


  • th-day coloring pages (3 versions)
  • Writing prompts
  • My resolutions for the next days pennants (2 versions)
  • Race to dots
  • Race to water drops
  • Race to buttons
  • Race to beans
  • Race to air bubbles
  • Roll and color by code
  1. Option 1: Addition and Subtraction to 10
  2. Option 2: Multiplying by 2 to 5
  • Missing numbers to
  • Count to
  • Skip counting by 2, 5, and 10 to
  • Skip count by 10 &#; Cut and paste activity
  • Dab a dot to (roll, add and dab)
  • Roll and graph
  • day mystery picture
  • I can identify even and odd numbers on chart
  • Roll the dice to
  • day Word Search (2 options &#; 4 versions)
  • pie chart activity
  • Multiple crown options with headband extensions
  • Reward tags (6/page and 8/page)
  • Certificates
  • Answer keys


  • Simply print these NO PREP worksheets and you&#;re ready to GO!
  • Print reward tags and certificates on colored paper to make them pop.

NOTE: Please must check out the preview before purchasing the product!

If you have any questions related to this product, feel free to email me at [email&#;protected].

I would love to hear your comments so, please take a moment to leave feedback.

Thank you!

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Celebrating the th Day (or th)

th Day

Celebrating the th Day!

If you are planning to celebrate the th day of school, I think this themed book will help organize and prepare your students for the big day!  There are more activities than those pictured here so be sure to check it out by clicking here if you are interested but don&#;t see something you like to celebrate on this special day!

th Day

I love how this book gives students concrete objectives and helps organize their successful milestones!

th Day

There&#;s so much fun to be had on the th day, this should help add to the traditional activities that we all enjoy doing year after year!






Reading words is a big deal!  We read and highlight each word list (or color each box) until we read !  Struggling students can be in partners or groups can read the words together!





For the activities under the &#;Watch me do &#;,  say we have a class goal of handshakes.  Set your students up facing each other in a long line.  Count the number of partners. Let&#;s imagine you have a class of 20 and there are 10 partners. Everyone counts, &#;One, two, three, SHAKE!&#;Everyone shakes the person&#;s hand across from them to count 10 handshakes all at once. Essentially counting handshakes by 10 to Do this 10 times and you will have handshakes!  Each activity comes with instructions too just in case you aren&#;t familiar with something.  Students place a check in the box each time the class finishes a task!


For optional activities and th day writing in this unit not shown, check out the unit on tpt.

Why the th Day?

From experience, I know that grade levels can get a little territorial over their special celebrations!  Because is a first grade big deal and a common core milestone, I think it is the perfect number to celebrate too!  It doesn&#;t even have to be on the th day of school!  This is just sharing proudly that the student has achieved the milestone in learning!


Under each flap, students write the information.  It&#;s something you can do as a math journal activity each day leading up to the big milestone.  Students can add it to their themed folding book as they master each one!


When I taught second grade it was a big deal to reach the 1, club.  (now ) This is that same concept for firsties!


Students color each box as they master it or highlight known words as they go!  If you are doing this with the whole class on the actual th day and do not have time to sit and listen, I would partner students and let them highlight for each other. Any unknown words can be partner taught right on the spot.  🙂



There are three differentiated versions of this activity. This is the least scaffolded version.  Students can use a chart from their math tools also to help make it easier.



When students have completed all of the activities you have chosen for them to do, they earn the coveted trophy!  Watch out world!!




To check these celebration books out on teachers pay teachers, click here.




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th Day of School

Hi! Today I wanted to stop by and share a few fun ideas for celebrating the th Day of School with your students! At both schools I taught first grade at, Kindergarten had a SUPER fun and exciting th day of school. The kiddos always talked about it an I knew it was a huge deal for them. Because our standards changed to using numbers within , I wanted to change our celebration to the th day! I also wanted to make sure it was as engaging as last year, and it would be a unique experience for them! I decided to make our entire day have a theme&#;Rocking Through Our th Day! I wanted to share some of the ideas in the hopes that you might enjoy these same activities with your students! 🙂
Fresh And Fun Ideas for Celebrating the th Day of School
We started our day setting a goal to read books. We talked about how that meant each student needed to read 6 books.  There are lots of ways to number the chart, but this seemed like the easiest to me. 🙂 It also helped with making groups of 10! We actually didn&#;t finish it that day, but we did the next! 🙂 See those labels on the bookshelf?? They&#;re FREE! 🙂  Here are some sweet boys adding to the chart. I let them use my flair pens to make it extra colorful and I knew markers would be too thick! They read books throughout the day when they finished work, and also during our Independent and Buddy Reading times :).
Students Write Books They Read
Students Read Books on the th Day of School
 One of the first activities we completed was skip counting to I printed out these cards in black/white and let them color with smelly markers :). Then they worked together to glue them in order. In the pack, there&#;s a recording sheet but I didn&#;t snap a pic of it!
Students Work Together to Skip Count to
As groups finished, they went right back to reading to add to our chart! 🙂
 A bit later, we sat down together and talked about all the things we had learned in the first days of school! There is SO much we have done, and I was so excited to see what stuck out to them. Then they wrote and drew about it. I think it&#;s SO important that students reflect on what they have learned so far. Being self-reflective is a HARD skill, and something even grown ups struggle with.
My Rocking Learning Writing Page for th Day of School

We also drew the friends we have made over the past days!

My Friends Rock Page for th Day of School
My favorite part of the day is our Microphone Craftivity! Students put the microphone together and then draw dots. Next time, I&#;ll have them add dots of glue and add glitter!
th Day Craftivity
The very last thing we did was our Superstar Snack! IT was SO fun and great practice for my few kiddos who are still working on I put 3 snacks at each of our 4 tables (12 snacks in all.) I moved the plates and the kiddos stayed seated. It helped minimize the chaos a little, haha!
Superstar Snacks For th Day
Superstar Snack for th Day of School Ten Frames
All of these activities are included in my th Day of School Pack, as well as these printables!
Star Struck Activity for th Day of SchoolRock and Roll Activity for th Day of SchoolMystery Puzzle Worksheet for th Day of School
Click here to check out the th Day pack in my store! I also have the same activities for the th Day if that works better for your class! 🙂
Rocking Through the th Day Rocking Through the th Day
Fresh And Fun Ideas for the th Day of School


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Day of school ideas 120

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