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Viral TikToks will lead you to all sorts of unexpected places these days. Sometimes you’ll discover talented young creators. Other times you’ll come across brilliant Amazon finds that you need in your life immediately. Such is the case with a crazy TikTok video that we came across recently. It led us to the best hunting gear on Amazon, and you’re going to want one even if you’re not a hunter. Trust us… just wait until you see this thing in action.

Rhino Blinds R 3 Person See Through Hunting Ground Blind

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Rhino Blinds R 3 Person See Through Hunting Ground Blind

Price: $
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Magic is real and I’ve got the proof. If anyone out there who is reading this doesn’t believe me, you’ll come around as soon as you watch the crazy video embedded below. Seriously, this HAS to be some kind of black magic, right?!

All right, everyone calm down… so it’s just a ridiculously brilliant design and not ACTUAL magic. It’s still pretty incredible though, and it’s the single greatest gift you can possibly get for anyone out there who is a hunter or even just an outdoorsman. The design uses a special kind of scrim material that appears opaque when lit from the front. However, you can see right through it when the lighting source comes from the other side!

This is easily one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a very, very long time. It’s called the Rhino Blinds R See-Through Hunting Blind, and it’s available right now at Amazon.

The best hunting gear on Amazon

Needless to say, you don’t need to be a hunter to be impressed by the Rhino Blinds R See-Through Hunting Blind. You also don’t need to be a hunter to get one and use it all the time. How awesome would it be to camp in this thing?! You’ll be sheltered from all the elements and you get about the same privacy you’d get from any normal tent when it’s all zipped up and closed. But you also get a crystal clear view of everything around you! Sit back and enjoy the scenery… relax and stare out at the sky… it’s so awesome! You can even use it at night and gaze out at the stars. And as long as there are no lights on inside the tent, no one can see in.

Of course, this tent is designed for hunters and that’s who is likely to NEED it as opposed to just wanting it. After all, it’s a hunting blind and not just a traditional tent. Even beginners are well aware of how important it is to stay out of sight so you don’t scare off game, and that often means perching in a tree on a deer stand for hours on end.

Wouldn’t you be more comfortable on the ground?

This awesome hunting blind lets you hide in plain sight. Literally. You can set it up just about anywhere and it’ll blend right in with the woods around you. As long as the openings are all zipped up and there are no light sources that are turned on inside the tent, you’ll essentially be invisible. It’s so crazy! It’ll even work at night as long as there are no lights on inside, though not many people go hunting at night.

The Rhino Blinds R See-Through Hunting Blind is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys hunting. As a matter of fact, this could be an awesome way to have a totally unique experience in the wilderness. That means it’s great for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Seriously, it’ll blow anyone’s mind!

The mind-blowing TikTok

Oh, and if you don’t trust that video from the manufacturer and think it has somehow been doctored, guess again. Here’s a viral TikTok that shows the tent in action:

Definitely check it out. It’s the best hunting gear on Amazon, hands down.

Rhino Blinds R 3 Person See Through Hunting Ground Blind

Rhino Blinds R 3 Person See Through Hunting Ground Blind

Price: $
Buy Now

Here are the key takeaways:

  • The Rhino Blinds R See-Through Hunting Blind fits up to three adults comfortably

  • It’s opaque from the outside with a camouflage pattern, but transparent from the inside thanks to a special mesh material

  • It measures 66″ tall, it’s 75″ by 75″ from hub to hub, and has a floor print of 58″ by 58″

  • There are two see-through mesh panels that provide degrees of almost completely unobstructed view

  • Special “silent-slide” technology lets you easily adjust the degrees of window openings without scaring off game

  • The oversized door is zipperless for silent entry and exit

  • Box includes brush loops, tie-down stakes, and ropes

Rhino Blinds R 3 Person See Through Hunting Ground Blind

Rhino Blinds R 3 Person See Through Hunting Ground Blind

Price: $
Buy Now

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Finding the best yet most affordable hunting gear on Amazon is possible if you are aware of the steps to take when looking for such bargains. The things you need to do to step on the pathway of the best bargains are not too many, but they have to be carefully adhered to for you to reap the desired outcomes.

A good decision can lead you to buy an affordable product at any time. However, a vendor’s poor customer support structure can rob you of hunting success, and cost you more in return.  How is this possible? You need to read the rest of this outline to know how!

Search the best product review pages

There are several websites that link to Amazon to give their readers a link to the storefront of their hunting gear on offer. It is, therefore, a good idea to read product review pages and check out the link to Amazon pages.

If you are able to search out ten websites that have similar reviews and check out their price quotes, you will have a direct link that could save you reasonable money. Since most product review pages are offered by manufacturers and dealers, you can compare the features before you decide on the best buy.

Discount windows

On Amazon, you can get open discounts that are up to 75 percent off the quoted sale price but you are likely to be linked to higher listings during your search. There are many addresses on Amazon that you need to alternate in order to get the best web links that bear such reduced prices.

The only thing to note here is that this step is rather a techie approach that necessitates you using an app that will unlock such reduced price links for you. Be sure to search Amazon discount tool apps online and you will be able to score on the best, yet most affordable hunting gears on Amazon.

Price drop alerts

Thanks to new apps that lead you to price drops with so much ease. The discount finder will help you out here. However, this is where you need to have done your research on the price list of the hunting gear that you use often.

Note that a price drop in an individual Amazon store does not translate to a bargain buy. Some stores quote higher prices than others for goods of similar quality. Be up to date with your hunting gear price before you rush off to order based on a price drop alert.

Price surveys

The smart shopper has to be in touch with what the market rates are at each time. Do not make decisions to buy based on the quotes of just a store. Always look out for quotes from three or more stores and compare the outcomes.

While you check a product link, you will find under the page, other links to similar products. Apart from this, a search on Google of lowest prices of identified hunting gear can do you a lot of good.

Based on the price surveys, you will have a good idea of the best going rate for the hunting gear of your choice. This will give you a lead on what to expect before you place an order at any time.

Seller researching

If you are not in a hurry to stock your arsenal of hunting gear, then you should be ready to do some seller research. There are open windows for outright sales that come with heavy markdowns that will make a shopper smile.

This applies when there are best offers for items that are on sales promotion. This will work if you are able to make an offer to the seller that might appeal to him at that time.

The pathway to this end is to scour the web for buy-it-now items that are on offer in the Amazon window. You can look at the last offers accepted by the seller to have an idea of what to offer at a lesser mention.  If your identified seller has a practice of accepting up to 20 percent or more markdowns from the sales price, then you should put in an offer to see what you can core.

Amazon reviews and star ratings are not ironclad

Before now, product reviews on several online marketplaces can be bought as a measure to boost product acceptance. In other words, if you were to decide on the hunting gear to buy based on the star ratings and number of reviews available, you might be misled.

amazon star ratings

In view of the loophole in using product reviews by customers or buyers to decide the best products, it is safer to combine this with other metrics. Be sure to identify which products have the best lifespan, serviceability and competitive pricing.

A few vendors have in the past bought reviews, and they wait for these to peak before shooting up their price quote beyond all others. If you decide to buy based on just on mere reviews alone, you might end up paying so much than you can get using another Amazon vendor. Be marketplace savvy and add other metrics to customer reviews before you make your ‘buy decision.’

Buyer rights

Do not forget that on Amazon, there are express warranties, refund and return terms that the buyer can avail himself of at the stipulated time. While it is good to be price conscious, it is also wise to look out for vendors who have poor customer mentions in terms of refunds, returns, and replacements.

You do not want to pay for a hunting gear that is defective, and you have to wait till the need of hunting season before you are able to have it replaced by the vendor. While some vendors are not going to go against the legal provisions, they end up delaying your hunting due to poor customer service.

When there is a delay to the delivery of your orders or delays in making replacements, you will end up paying more to source alternative hunting gear from other vendors.  To avoid this, seller research will help you decide on making safe-buys as well as getting the best yet most affordable hunting gear for your needs.

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Those with friends who hunt know that the activity isn't so much a hobby as it is a bona fide lifestyle. That's why finding the best gifts for hunters can be so tricky: You've got to show them that you understand just how important hunting is to them, provide them with an upgraded set of tools or accessories, and give them something to smile about too. An impossible challenge, right?

Wrong! Here, you'll find a curated list of finds for the hunters deer to your heart—and each and every one is practically guaranteed to be a bull's-eye. Looking for a personal stocking stuffer to show them that you really care? Try a custom engraved wallet (believe it or not, it also qualifies as a gift under $!) Or opt for something more practical, like a nice, new pair of monoculars, an "adventure essentials" survival kit, durable and stylish field boots (they happen to work equally well as a gift for cowboys and gifts for farmers), or a cookbook that'll instantly improve their at-home cooking skills. No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong with these inspired ideas. Best of all, most of them double as great gifts for dads and gifts for stepdads.

Top 10 Best Hunting Gear On Amazon 2020

The Best Hunting Pants for Men in

Hunting pants offer a suite of attributes that can make life easier and more comfortable in the field. Here are the best hunting pants of the year.

It&#;s not all about camo, either. A great pair of hunting pants match the environment in which you choose to pursue wild game. Rain pants don&#;t make sense in the desert, but they make sense in the Pacific Northwest. Insulated pants might work for a late-season elk hunt, but would likely be too hot for the rut.

Below is a bevy of options that cover a wide variety of needs. One pair of pants might get through 95% of your season. Another might be utilized for a very specific need on a hunt. Whatever way you slice it, there are pants for every hunter and every budget on this list.

We have divided this list of hunting pant reviews into useful categories:

For more information about hunting pants, check out our FAQ at the end of this article.

The Best Hunting Pants for Men in

Best Overall Men&#;s Hunting Pants: Sitka Timberline Pants

sitka timberline hunting pants

Durable. Athletic. Adaptable. The Sitka Timberline Pants are the epitome of hunting pants and, in our opinion, nothing matches the bang for the buck. Season upon season has proven these pants to be both indestructible and dependable.

Bloodstains wash out. Dirt stains wash out. Solids stay solid. Camo endures. Many different fits are offered. They&#;re water-resistant, and they&#;re abrasion-resistant via ripstop nylon through the reinforced knees and bum.

Four-way stretch polyester offers comfort throughout. They block the wind (seriously) and have room for baselayers on colder hunts. Removable knee pads offer extra support and come with the pants.

The only downside is the price, and perhaps the lack of Polygiene scent protection in the fabric. But, the payoff is longevity. For the price of two less-durable pants, you can have a stronghold in your hunting collection that can cross over into work and hiking, no problem. They&#;re just damn good pants.

Read our full review of the almost identical Women&#;s Timberline here.

What customers say: &#;After multiple years in Alaska and well over hours of use, these pants work the same as they did on day one. It&#;s hard to find me in any other pants than these when I&#;m out doing anything. Flexible, breathable, strong, and rugged. I&#;ve slid down mountains, sat by fires, caught them on sharp metal. These pants are my all-time favorite and I would buy them over and over again, if they ever wear out, that is. Can&#;t say enough good things about these pants.&#; — Brian Schwartz

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Sitka Gear

Best Runner-Up Hunting Pants: KUIU&#;s Attack Pants

kuiu attack pants

A bit more affordable than the Timberlines, KUIU&#;s Attack Pants are a favorite of many hunters. At $, they offer eight variations of solids and camo. And Primeflex Toray fabric is notoriously tough and comfortable. KUIU treats these with its K-DWR for water resistance, and the design is simple, athletic, and streamlined.

If your budget is stretched, a pair of Attacks can fit into most workplaces as well as doing double duty in the mountains. These aren&#;t necessarily your inclement cold-weather pant, but for the average hunter, they&#;ll serve a ton of purposes in the field while maintaining decorum in public.

What customers say: &#;I’ve hunted in and worn these for years now. They are quiet, tough, extremely well made and they are comfortable whether kneeling, crossing fences, climbing, sitting, or putting in hard work. Simply outstanding.&#; — Herb L.

Check Price at KUIU

Best Early-Season Men&#;s Hunting Pant: First Lite Obsidian Merino Pants

first lite obsidian pants

First Lite&#;s Obsidian Merino Pants are our favorite pants for the early season, but they&#;re pretty dang flexible. A high point of merino is the minimal drying time, minimal scent, and longevity of wear time between washes.

The downside is that I&#;ve found merino to be less durable on brushy, rugged hunts. Thankfully, First Lite builds these with embedded nylon strands for durability. After three full seasons of hard Rocky Mountain elk hunting, they&#;re still holding up like new.

These pants shine in one particular area — they are so, so quiet. They allow you to move with no swishing as your legs brush each other or twigs. When you want versatility from chilly to warm weather, these are a great choice.

Thanks to their versatility, they are well-suited to longer hunts where minimal packing is required. These have loads of pockets, and I love that I can stash my rangefinder, phone, and game calls in them and can forego carrying a chest pack.

It&#;s important to note that merino does require some extra care for longevity. We recommend cleaning both merino and synthetics with scentless Active Wear Laundry Detergent. Learnhow to better care for your activewear, and it will last for years.

Check out our full review of the Obsidian Pant.

What customers say: &#;The pants fit true to size. I wear a 36&#;32 and the large was perfect. Could still wear long johns under them and still have room. Good stretch. Wouldn&#;t wear them in thick sagebrush but for most hunts, they would be perfect. Dried really fast.&#; — Rob S.

Check Price at First Lite

Best Upland Pants: Filson Oil Finish Single Tin Upland Pants


Colorado upland bird hunting means big miles on the plains and a lot of bushwhacking. And after three years of wearing the Filson Oil Finish Single Tin upland pants, I am absolutely amazed at their durability. Through briars and brush and all manner of nasty thickets, these pants have protected my legs over a lot of mile days.

While tough as nails, these are specialized hunting pants. For one thing, they&#;re pretty heavy and bulky. You wouldn&#;t want to pack them in a backpack for a high-altitude hunt.

They also are so burly that they&#;ll beat up your skin if you don&#;t wear long underwear. And given that you should not wash these (or risk removing the oil finish that keeps them water-resistant), they will be forever dirty. So, plan to wear long underwear!

But if you can get past those cons, these are some spectacularly tough pants that will serve the average hunter for a decade or more. For huge days of stomping through upland brush and scrub, they&#;re hard to beat

What customers say: &#;I have had these pants for over 20 years and they are indestructible. I use them for deer hunting and upland bird hunting. The only downfall is they do not breathe, so I rarely wear them in warmer weather. They are extremely waterproof and abrasion-resistant, they are also very comfortable and not stiff like they appear.&#; — Tim J.

Check Price at Bob Ward&#;sCheck Price at Filson

Best Cold-Weather Pant: Cabelas Outfitter Series Wooltimate Pants

cabela wooltimate pants

If you venture into seriously cold elk hunting country, you&#;ll likely see some dudes rocking these hardcore wool-blend cold weather behemoths. And they&#;re designed to hold up to hard work in the field while keeping humans warm.

The slit up the side allows for a variety of boots and offers a zip closure. Made from a mix of wool and Berber fleece, these are serious-duty warm pants. Their 4Most Windshear technology keeps wind at bay while padded knees and plenty of pockets offer handy access to gear like knives, tags, and tape.

These would be great for folks who hunt in treestands or extreme cold.

What customers say: &#;I purchased these pants 2 seasons ago and I am very happy with the performance. I used them for deer hunting. I mostly walk through brush and also sit on a stand for hours. Very warm and they do not collect burrs.&#; — Deer Hunter in Iowa

Check Price at Cabela&#;s

Best Budget Pant: Kryptek Stalker Pants

kryptek stalker pants

Many hunters sing the praises of Kryptek for being both techy and affordable. And the Stalker pant is well-loved, with more than Amazon reviews and a majority of 5-star ratings. It&#;s a smart pant at just $60, and it&#;s offered in a variety of camo options.

A slim, athletic fit combines with thoughtful pockets and reinforced knees. It&#;s designed to be an all-around pant for hunters, and it fills that niche well. A synthetic, polyester blend makes these wicking and fast-drying, but it won&#;t control scent as much as wool or treated fabrics. This is an excellent starter pant for new hunters, or for anyone who needs a go-to pant in the field.

What customers say: &#;Bought these for hunting. The pants are comfortable with a good amount of pockets. Also, I like how they&#;re quiet. None of this Velcro noise when it&#;s quiet during a hunt.&#; — Chongy

Check Price at Amazon

Best Rain Pant: Sitka Gear Thunderhead Pants

Sitka Gear Thunderhead Pants

Hunting rain gear can get expensive for a few reasons. One, regular rain gear is loud. That&#;s problematic for hunters. Two, rain gear can be stifling and the opposite of breathable. So, a lot of tech and energy goes into creating good rain gear for hunters that is quieter than most and breathes for the moving hunter.

Enter Sitka. Their rain gear is some of the most tech-heavy out there. Three-layer GORE-TEX fabric with an ultra-quiet brushed polyester knit face allows for all of the above. The face of the fabric is soft and pliable, while the GORE-TEX does its job at keeping the weather out.

Staying dry can mean the difference between being able to stay in the field and get it done, or heading back to your tent with a case of burgeoning hypothermia. Spend the money. Get good rain gear.

What customers say: &#;Used the Thunderhead pants and jacket this past turkey season in Georgia. Both kept me dry during spring showers and the super quiet material allowed me to stalk up close to the birds in the field. These pants held up well on many ground crawls. Highly recommend adding this gear to your hunting closet.&#; — Justin C.

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Sitka Gear

Best of the Rest

Orvis Upland Pants

orvis upland pants

A favorite of one of our GearJunkie staffers, the Orvis Upland Pant is a solid synthetic option for upland bird hunters. And they&#;d likely fill in for several other activities as well.

A water-resistant and breathable base fabric is buffered by a front panel of tightly woven ripstop fabric. Articulated knees and stretch offer flexible comfort for long miles in the field. And built-in gaiter straps keep dirt and debris out of your boots.

Mesh-lined zippers offer ventilation relief on warm days, but room for baselayers allows for cool-weather wear as well. At $, they&#;re not cheap. But they do hold up over multiple seasons. GearJunkie&#;s Zach Burton wears them day in and day out in the field, and they&#;ve yet to disappoint.

What customers say: &#;These pants are comfortable, allow for a fantastic range of motion, are cut well and appropriately, and are super durable. I put them to the test hours each day through varied and tough vegetation and they never failed. I could not be happier with these pants.&#;— KootenaiTim

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Orvis

Tactical Stryke Pants

 Stryke Tactical Pants

The world of tactical gear provides an interesting cross-section for hunters. Military-influenced clothing often has muted tones, a variety of useful features, and durability equal to many hunting pants on the market.

Enter Their line of tactical gear easily does double-duty. And the Stryke Pants are a great example of that. Wear these pants to work, and then wear them on a long hike. Wear them out to dinner, then hunt in them the next day.

Offered in a variety of muted tones of flexible nylon ripstop blend, it&#;s a seriously durable and breathable pant. And at under $75, it&#;s offered in a ton of sizes and inseams.

What customers say: &#;These are durable, comfortable, well-made, and good-looking pants. I’ve worn these for work and play. They are especially good for travel with well-placed pockets for nearly anything you could want to carry.&#; — FarmerMo

Check Price at Amazon

First Lite Catalyst Softshell Pants

first lite catalyst softshell pants

First Lite&#;s Catalyst Pant takes cold-weather hunters into serious consideration. A true two-layer pant, the Catalyst is DWR-treated softshell on the outside and fleece lining on the inside.

What I like about these pants is their ability to keep me regulated on cold archery mornings sans base layers, or load up on layers for absolute cold-beating warmth.

The fit is athletic, so if you&#;re in between sizes, order up. It also pairs with First Lite&#;s Catalyst Softshell Jacket for technical pairing.

What customers say: &#;These pants are perfect as a cooler weather pant. Amazingly comfortable, soft liner, and quiet. Offer great water resistance and warmth. Layering with various base layers underneath and get you from the 50s into the teens. Pockets are functional and throughout, fit is perfect for me.&#; — Jon

Check Price at Amazon

Hunting Pants FAQ

Pants don&#;t have to be specific to hunting to be worn in the field. But, certain hunting circumstances require different necessities; it just comes down to your situation. We gathered up some of the more popular questions around hunting pants, and we hope they help you pick the right men&#;s hunting pants for you.

Are Camo Pants Needed for Hunting?

Frankly, no. Muted greens, grays, and browns are great. But a camo pattern does come in handy in a few situations.

The most camo-necessary situation might be turkey hunting. These birds have literal eagle eyesight. It&#;s wise to cover everything from your hands to your face in a landscape-appropriate camouflage.

Archery season is the other hunting opportunity where good camo can play a strong hand. I personally feel the more blended, the better when at close range. But neutral solids can also work just fine.

The other great side to camo for hunting clothes is that it really does hide stains. If you plan on being successful, you can also plan on staining every piece of clothing you&#;re wearing. If you don&#;t want to stain your favorite pair of hiking pants, get a pair of camo pants to get you through hunting season.

Are Wool Pants Good for Hunting?

The answer is yes. I&#;ve been hunting in my grandpa&#;s year-old Woolrich pants for a lifetime. They&#;re low on scent, high on warmth, easy to fix, and durable. I was stoked to see First Lite come out with the Obsidian pants, as wool just has a special place in my heart, and it&#;s worth the money to pay a bit more to outfit yourself in the stuff.

However, if you&#;re pressed for cash, go to your local Goodwill, thrift store, or pawn shop. Sift through clothes until you find a heavy pair of wool pants. Get them. Wear them. Love them.

How Do You Wash Wool and Synthetics?

If you&#;re spending any amount of money on hunting gear, it pays to take good care of it. Wool certainly needs a gentler hand. And you&#;d be surprised how much body scent synthetics can retain even after going through your normal laundry routine.

Thankfully, there are simple options that can easily fold into your laundry routine. One option GearJunkie likes is Active Wear Detergent, and you can read founder Stephen Regenold&#;s review on it here.

Two other options come from Nikwax. Nikwax Wool Wash is a machine-friendly option for your merino and other wools. And Nikwax Tech Wash does the same for your synthetics.

Remember to use scentless products to knock out any chance that big ol&#; whitetail deer catches a Cotton Fresh breeze and decides to book it from your deliciously scented location.

Have a favorite pair of men&#;s hunting pants we missed? Let us know in the comments for future updates to this article.

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The Best Hunting Accessory Black Friday Deals on Amazon: Save Up to 60%

AllOutdoor Staff   

The Best Hunting Accessory Black Friday Deals on Amazon: Save Up to 60%

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a gift for a hunter in your life or the hunter that deserves a gift is you, there are lots of sales happening all over the internet this week. To make your life easier, we scoured Amazon to find the best Black Friday deals on hunting accessories so you don’t have to.



Wild Game Innovations Trail Camera – Save 60% 

Reg. / Sale $











For More Amazon Black Friday Deals on Hunting Gear, Click Here


On occasion we write about things we think you’ll like, introducing you to great products, services and special deals. We do have affiliate partnerships, so we may earn revenue from the products and services you buy.

Top 10 Best Hunting Gear \u0026 Gadgets On Amazon 2021

Best Hunting Camo to Get Close to Game

Hunting is all about fooling game and getting close. The nearer you can get to an animal, the bigger the thrill, the greater the satisfaction, and the better the chance of making a clean, killing shot. Camo hunting apparel helps you blend into your surroundings and it increases your confidence, too. Choosing camo clothes that match your surroundings can give you the edge you need to be successful. 

Camo patterns and colors are especially important when you hunt turkeys and waterfowl that can see color. If you don’t blend perfectly into your surroundings, the birds will pick you out even if you don’t move. Deer and other mammals don’t see color the way we do, but they are very good at detecting the human form. Camo hunting gear won’t turn you invisible, but it will give you an edge that helps you remain concealed.

How to choose the best hunting camo for what and where you hunt

Camo patterns vary in style and color.  The best ones will match the predominant colors of your surroundings and also help break up your outline.

As you select a pattern, think about what it will look like at a distance. Some patterns that lack contrast appear to be a solid color when seen from far away. Look for a camo pattern that has distinct areas of light and dark that will help disguise your shape even at longer ranges. While head-to-toe camo is important, your patterns don’t have to match to be effective. Mis-matched camo can even be helpful in breaking up your outline further. Some turkey hunters will wear bark or ground-colored camouflage pants with green, leaf-patterned camouflage shirts to help them hide as they sit against a tre.

Remember, too, that camo means more than just matching the color of your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if your camo pattern blends in if your clothes rustle and betray you to an animal’s ears. 

Why a camo face mask is crucial

It makes no sense to be concealed from head to toe if you neglect your face. No matter how you still you can sit, you have to move your head to look around. The shine of your face will give you away. It’s especially important for waterfowl hunters not to “pie face” (look up) at incoming birds, but deer and turkeys can see you move your head, too. That’s why a camo facemask is a cheap but essential piece of hunting gear. It hides your face without the mess of paint. Mesh versions are cooler, while solid color masks provide slightly better camo. Some headnets feature mouth openings so you can blow a game call.

Best Camo Face Mask: Quaker Boy Bandito Elite 3/4 Facemask

the best hunting Camo pattern facemask with elastic band

Easy On, Easy Off

The ¾ style mask covers everything below your cap, and it pulls down out of the way when you don’t need it.
Quaker Boy

Check Price

Mesh camo material of the Bandito dulls the shine of your face, but keeps you cool on warm days. The wire eye frame can be bent and shaped for a comfortable fit.

Ghillie suits provide 3-dimensional camouflage

Ghillie suits literally add a new dimension to camo hunting gear. A camo pattern offers two-dimensional concealment, but a ghillie suit works in three dimensions to hide you. The fake foliage on the suit blends into the background. It has a texture that makes it look more like the undergrowth and less like clothing, and it obscures your outline, softening the edges of your body and making it harder for the game to pick you out. It’s no wonder snipers make extensive use of ghillie suits to hide from the enemy. Look for a ghillie suit covered with die-cut leaf material that’s easy to move in and shoot from, and that matches the foliage where you hunt.

Best 3D Camo: Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit

the best hunting camo suit with breathable shell

Be the Woods

Light but tough, the camo coat and pants go on over any clothes to help you hide.
North Mountain Gear

Check Price

This ghillie suit is available in five different patterns, so you can customize the suit to wherever you hunt. The hunting camo jacket has an attached hood, zipper front and zippered pockets, while the camo pants have side zippers so you can pull them on without removing your boots.

The best camo suit won’t keep you hidden if it’s noisy

Wild animals use their hearing as well as their senses of sight and smell to detect predators. Prey species are extremely good at determining exactly where a sound came from, and their hearing is sharp. That’s why hunting camouflage does you no good if the fabric rustles or makes a scratching sound every brush it against a branch. Turkey hunters, hunters moving through the woods, and bowhunters, who have to be very close to their quarry to shoot, must remain silent. Quiet materials aren’t as much of a concern to waterfowl hunters who can get away with a little more noise in the blind.

Brushed cotton, wool and fleece are the quietest fabrics and make a good choice if you can find them in the right hunting camouflage.

Best Quiet Camo Jacket:Sitka Men&#;s Stratus Jacket

the best hunting camo jacket with removable hood

Treestand Tuxedo

A deluxe jacket that is super-quiet and loaded with features.

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Sitka designers thought of everything a bowhunter needs and put it in this jacket: a silent, wind-proof shell pockets for all types of gear, including a grunt tube holder, a port for a treestand harness, and more. The removable hood even features mesh hearing ports over the ears so you can hear the deer that can’t hear you.

Do you need scent-control camo?

Camo is designed to defeat an animal’s sight, and quiet clothing helps you evade its keen sense of hearing. Scent-control camo clothing can help you beat its nose. Deer and other mammals rely on their sense of smell as their first line of defense. Scent control clothing has linings made of carbon or other materials that trap human odor. No scent-blocking garment prevents % of your scent from reaching a deer’s nose, but if you wear good scent-control camo, wear rubber boots to contain the odor from your feet, keep yourself and your clothing clean, and pay careful attention to the wind, scent control clothing may help fool an animal’s nose long enough for you to get a shot. 

Best Scent Control Camo Jacket:ScentBlocker Knock Out Jacket

Knock out the best hunting camo jacket

Fool Eyes and Noses

Realtree camo combined with Trinity polymeric scent adsorbing technology keeps you hidden.
Scent Blocker

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Light enough to be worn in the early season, the Knock Out jacket is made of breathable, moisture wicking stretch material with elastic cuffs and waist to help keep scent in. ScentBlocker claims their Trinity technology is 40% more effective than carbon in containing scent.  The jacket also features a safety harness slit in the back.

How to choose camouflage on the cheap

The easiest way to save money on camo hunting gear is to steer away from the name-brand patterns. Manufacturers pay a licensing fee every time they use a pattern, adding to the price of a garment without necessarily improving performance. Budget garments may not come with features such as scent control, wind-stopping or waterproof linings, but if you find the right garment, make sure it’s not too noisy and layer it intelligently, it can serve you just as well as more expensive camo clothing.

Best Cheap Camo:New View Upgraded Hunting Clothes

Camo leaf, hunting camo clothes for men including jacket, pants, and mask

Hide Cheaply

New quieter fabric and plenty of pockets make this recently improved outfit versatile.

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Camouflage pants, coat and detachable hood make up this camo outfit, which comes in a brown and green forest pattern. Pants have an elastic waistband for comfort. The jacket has armpit zippers that open to vent on warm days. Both have fleece linings that will keep you warm down to the 30s.


Q: Is black good hunting camo?

Black can be good camo if you wear it in dark, shadowy environments. Otherwise, solid black calls attention to your human form and will stand out as too dark. The one place where black is the best camo is inside the popup blinds popular among deer and turkey hunters. Those interiors look black when viewed from the outside, and black clothing helps you disappear inside the blind. A black hoodie makes excellent camo for popup blind hunts.

Q: Does camo really work for hunting?

Camouflage definitely helps hide you from game. Clothes that match the color of your surroundings and that break up your outline make it harder for animals to see you. Camo hunting clothes on their own, though, don’t make you invisible. You still have to use terrain and foliage to your advantage. Don’t silhouette yourself against the skyline. Keep movements slow and to a minimum. Hunt with the sun at your back whenever possible, and if you’re hunting deer or other animals that rely on their sense of smell, play the wind. Do all that and pick the right hunting camo, and you’ll be successful.

Q: What are the 4 types of camouflage?

The four kinds of camouflage found in nature are concealing coloration, disruptive coloration, disguise, and mimicry.  Concealing coloration blends into an environment, like the brown coat of a deer or the white fur of a polar bear. Disruptive coloration, like the spots on a leopard or the stripes on a zebra, break up the animal’s outline. Disguised animals look like something else. A walking stick looks like a stick, for instance, while mimicry entails looking and acting like another animal. Most hunting camouflage combines concealing and disruptive coloration to help hunters not only blend in but also break up the human form. Hiding by wearing whites while hiding in a spread of white snow goose decoys is a form of disguise, while the tactic of crawling toward turkeys behind a tail fan or strutter decoy mimics the actions of an aggressive tom.

Remember that different animals demand different types of hunting camo clothing

Knowing your quarry and your hunting area will help you pick the best hunting camo. Waterfowl hunters have to stay warm and dry while fooling birds, which can see color, but they don’t have to worry about scent. Deer hunters have to worry about scent and noise in addition to choosing a camo pattern that will make them less conspicuous to deer, which lack color vision. Turkey hunters have to fool a sharp-eyed bird’s color vision, but don’t have to worry about scent. 


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Hunting is hard. Good gear makes it exponentially less so. With a quality spotting scope, say, you can pinpoint a big bull elk bedded down on a distant hillside that you would have never seen otherwise. Or, with a solid treestand, you can stay above a whitetail’s line of sight as it approaches your food plot. Beyond these tactical advantages, good gear protects you from cruddy weather, which is more or less a given if you spend any amount of time outdoors. And the less cold and wet and miserable you are, the longer you can endure in the field—significantly upping your chances of bagging a duck, a deer, an elk, or whatever your quarry. This duffel’s worth of surefire products, including some gearI’ve tested on dozens of hunts, will equip you for your next big outing.

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Compound Bow

Mathews VXR 28



If you know any bow manufacturer, you know Mathews. And for good reason, as evidenced by the VXR 28, the latest in the company’s series of superb double-cam models. The deadly quiet, smooth-drawing pound bow launches arrows in the ballpark of feet per second—read: real damn fast—and can easily shoot a tight group out to 50 yards.

Spotting Scope

SIG Sauer Oscar8 x80


You can’t stalk, much less shoot, what you can’t see. And if you’re glassing big open country, you need magnification in a major way. The Oscar8 delivers in that regard, with an 80mm lens, a to times magnification range, and anti-reflection coatings on the glass. In other words, you’ll not only be able to see far but also with excellent resolution. Another big plus: The Oscar8 costs hundreds less than models coming from the top European optic-makers.

Whitetail System

Sitka Fanatic Jacket and Bibs


All camo isn’t created equal, especially in terms of quietness. On one end of the spectrum is big-box-store bargain-bin camo, which is often stiff and makes deer-spooking noise with the subtlest of movements. On the other end is the Sitka Fanatic Jacket and Bibs ($ each), which excel at shutting up, thanks to extra-quiet fleece outer material and PrimaLoft Silver Hi-Loft Ultra insulation inside. The combo is ultra-quiet and exceptionally warm—ideal for creeping through the winter whitetail woods.

Rifle Scope

Vortex Razor HD LHT x42


Which type of rifle scope you need ultimately hinges on the game you’re hunting and where. That said, the Razor HD LHT is a triumph of versatility and would shine on hunts for Western mulies, Eastern whitetails, and a whole bunch of stuff in between. At a mere 19 ounces, this scope will add next to no weight to your rifle, and it has a very respectable 42mm lens and an illuminated reticle. One would struggle to find a better, lighter scope for the price.


Sitka Pantanal GTX


The Pantanal GTX is a waterproof workhorse of a glove, with a breathable Gore-Tex membrane and PrimaLoft Silver insulation. My pair has held up for six years and counting, keeping my digits warm on Saskatchewan crane hunts, in the Wyoming backcountry, and on plenty of less far-flung adventures.


Zeiss Victory SF 10x32



Binoculars can’t touch spotting scopes in terms of magnification. But many hunters, including me, prefer them anyway, since they’re easy to tote and relatively lightweight—huge perks afield. (Though you can certainly use both on a hunt.) The Victory SF, by German optic stalwart Zeiss, is a standout with a nearly unrivaled field of view: meters at 1, yards. Other binos are doing pretty well with meters of view. The fast-focus feature further distinguishes the Victory SF, which has fast become a favorite among both hunters and birders.


API Outdoors Ultra-Steel Extreme Foot


You can tag deer from the ground, no doubt. But treestands offer a clear advantage stealth-wise by elevating hunters above an animal’s line of sight. If you’re new to treestands, or maybe less nimble than you once were, consider a ladder stand, like the foot Ultra-Steel Extreme. It’s reasonably priced, comfortable, and about as safe as treestands come.

Skinning Knife

Browning Primal Fixed Skinner


If you’re breaking down elk, moose, or other big game, you need a knife that’s hefty enough for the task. Browning makes solid options for the money, including this unfussy inch drop-point fixed blade. Browning’s Speed-Load knives, which make swapping out dull blades a cinch mid-skinning, also warrant consideration.

Trail Camera

Browning Patriot


You can guesstimate the size of a buck hanging around your hunting spot by carefully studying his rubs and scrapes and trying to glass him while scouting. Or you can save yourself the trouble and buy a trail cam. The megapixel Browning Patriot snaps high-quality photos day or night, plus it boasts a foot detection range and second trigger speed.

Insulated Boots

Thorogood Infinity FD 9-Inch Drakar Waterproof Insulated


If a pair of Montana-made Schnee’s is beyond your budget, Thorogood’s Infinity FD Series insulated boot is a solid alternative. Waterproof leather meets gram insulation in the upper to keep you warm and dry. Meanwhile, the supportive PU-TPU midsole features shock-absorbing EVA foam at the heel for lasting comfort.

Backcountry Pack

Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80


Mystery Ranch packs won me over on a multiday Yellowstone fly-fishing trip a few years ago, mostly for being tough as hell and far from heavy. The liter Beartooth is one of the Bozeman, Montana, company’s standout backcountry offerings, with a handy U-shaped zipper, pockets galore, plenty of room for a sleeping bag, and straps for securing a rifle or a bow. And it comes in four sizes so you can dial in the fit.

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Leupold RX-Fulldraw 4


You’re not as good at judging distance as you think. The Leupold RX-Fulldraw 4 will prove it. With six-times magnification, the ounce optic—designed for archery hunting—ranges objects out to 1, yards and is accurate down to about feet. For bowhunters, that means more accurate shots and more venison in the freezer.

Base Layers

Eddie Bauer Midweight FreeDry Merino Hybrid


You can easily spend a pile of cash on base layers and thermal underwear, with some premier hunting-gear brands charging between $80 and $ for their (admittedly top-notch) wares. But Eddie Bauer’s Midweight FreeDry line costs roughly half as much and is plenty warm for most outings, thanks to a moisture-wicking gram merino wool-polyester blend.

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Heavy-Duty Insulated Jacket

Kuiu Super Down Pro Hooded


Because I am occasionally moronic, I once flew to Alaska in early autumn and neglected to pack a heavy-duty insulating layer. A Kuiu Super Down Pro Hooded Jacket, loaned by a merciful salmon guide, saved me. The jacket, designed to be worn under a rain shell, weighs just ounces and is stuffed with water-resistant + fill goose down. I tested it again for this review and had forgotten, in the years since my Alaska blunder, how it feels like wearing practically nothing; I was also reminded that the jacket runs a touch small.

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Midweight Jacket

First Lite Brooks Down


If you’re stalking early-season elk or sheep in mountainous terrain, or even chasing small game, the ultralight Brooks Down sweater will keep you warm while on the move. Yet moisture-wicking volcanic sand particles embedded in the insulation will prevent you from working up a big sweat—which can quickly turn bone-chilling if the temperature nosedives. Made of moisture-resistant fill down, the ounce jacket folds down to almost nothing, so it’s easy to stash in a pack, too. 

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Rain Shell

First Lite Seak Stormtight


Being cold is one thing. Being cold and wet is a very different kind of hell. First Lite’s layer Seak Stormtight will spare you such agony. Designed for the frigid, sloppy environs of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, the uninsulated shell includes pit zips, big front pockets, and waterproof zippers.

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Cabela’s Classic Series II Neoprene Boot-Foot


Spend time around duck hunters and you’re bound to see someone sporting a pair of Cabela’s boot-foot waders. Made of flexible mm neoprene, the Classic Series II is a solid, affordable entry-level pair that’s warm and well-fitting. I’ve always had good luck with Cabela’s gear—the Hiker Wading Boot is a true stud—and the Classic Series II Boot-Foot Waders aren’t an exception in terms of quality.

Rubber Boots

Muck Boot Arctic Pro Mossy Oak



Whether you’re hunting turkeys, ducks, deer, or hogs, calf-high, fleece-lined Muck boots—such as the men’s Arctic Pro and the women’s Arctic Tall—will keep your feet snug and dry when sloshing through, well, muck.

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Field Coat

Duck Camp Brush


I’m a recent Duck Camp convert, owing largely to the Texas apparel startup’s durable, triple-stitched Brush jacket. The standout feature is the removable bird bag, one side of which is orange for upland hunting and the other brown for ducks and dove. Or detach it from the back of the coat when you’re walking around town. For women, try Orvis’s waxed-cotton Equinox Utility Jacket.


Filson Single Tin Cloth


Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser jackets, in my view, are a waste of money for upland hunters, since they’re impossibly heavy and offer almost no warmth. Filson chaps, however, are a solid investment. Made with the same abrasion-resistant waxed cotton as the Cruiser line, they can handle thorny, brushy country where regular pants would get ripped to shreds. 


Duck Camp Early Season Wetland Trucker


In my experience, a duck hat is a duck hat is a duck hat, so long as it reasonably matches the brush. So you might as well get one that looks cool, and the Early Season Wetland Trucker definitely does.


A cheap Carhartt camo beanie will, in most cases, do the trick to keep your ears and head from freezing in cold weather. For the other times, when the weather turns straight-up evil, you want something like Sitka’s Boreal Beanie, with a fully windproof Gore-Tex shell and gram Primaloft insulation. Sitka doesn’t claim the Boreal is waterproof, but I can’t recall my head ever getting soaked in one.


Cyclops Lumen


Dusk is an opportune time to drop a deer. The catch is that, if you do, you’re often tracking and field dressing it in the dark—no fun. This Cyclops headlamp will make both tasks worlds easier. It will run for about six hours on the brightest setting, and its three LED lights throw out lumens. This two-pack is also super affordable; keep one in your truck and one in your bag.

Survival Blade

Morakniv Companion Spark


For what Morakniv knives lack in flash they make up for in utility. This four-inch model is near-indestructible, mega-light at ounces, and holds an edge for a good long while. With a Ferro rod in the handle, it’s the ideal blade to keep stashed in a survival kit.

Insect Repellent

Thermacell MR Armored Portable


Mosquitoes would have eaten me to death in the Boundary Waters if not for a Thermacell, a butane-fueled contraption that puts out a roughly foot no-bug zone. The ounce MR has a slight edge over other Thermacell models, in that it includes a built-in belt clip. Why this tiny piece of plastic isn’t standard on all Thermacells, I couldn’t tell you, but it’s worth the slight upcharge.

Pellet Smoker

Camp Chef Pursuit 20


Back at camp, smokers can turn even the toughest, gamiest-tasting pieces of meat (looking at you, turkey legs) into a delicacy. The affordable Camp Chef Pursuit collapses down to roughly the size of an ice chest, so it won’t hog cargo space. But set it up, and square inches of cook space are at the ready.

Camp Light

MPowerd Luci Pro


This space-saving solar light puts out a respectable lumens, lasts up to 50 hours per charge, and deflates down to almost nothing, making it ideal for backcountry camping. If you’re without sunlight, the ounce light is also USB-rechargeable. I’ve carried mine in the Oregon high desert, Yellowstone, and Alaska, and it lit up camp like a champ each time.

J.R. Sullivan is a contributing editor for Field & Stream. His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Time, and Men’s Journal.

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