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Unit 4 – Triangle Congruence Pre-AP Geometry – Schwarz Give each objective a +, √, or 0 based on what you currently know. + means you know everything, √ means you know a little bit, and 0 means you have no idea what the statement means. Before Learning Objective After Learning ______ Classify triangle by their sides and angles. (4.1) _______ ______ Use and apply the Triangle Sum Theorem and the Exterior Angle Theorem. (4.1) _______ ______ ______ Identify congruent figures and their corresponding parts. (4.2) _______ _______ ______ Write proofs verifying triangles are congruent. _______ Use congruent triangles to prove that corresponding parts of congruent triangles are congruent. (CPCTC) (4.6) _______ ______ ______ ______ Date Mon. 10/6 Tues. 10/7 Use sides and angles to show triangles are congruent. (SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, HL) (4.3 & 4.4 & 4.5) Use and apply theorems about isosceles and equilateral triangles. (4.7) ______ Use transformations (reflections, rotations, and translations) to create an image congruent to a given triangle. (4.8) ______ Topics Covered Classify triangles and find the measures of their angles. Triangle Sum Theorem & Exterior Angle Theorem Wed 10/8 Thursday Introduction to 10/9 Corresponding Parts Assignment HW 4.1A pg 221 1 - 15 LAB HW 4.1B pg 221 16-37, 49, 52, 56, 58, 60, 62 ____/____ HW 4.2 pg 228-29 3-21; 33-40 ____/____ Friday 10/10 Review in Class Send Home Nine Week Review Monday 10/13 Nine Week Review Nine Week Review Tuesday 9/30 NINE WEEKS TEST NINE WEEKS TEST Wed. 10/14 Triangle Congruence: SSS, SAS, HL Grade Classwork/Workbook Pg 67-69 1-3,13,14 Pg 70-72 1-17 Thursday 10/15 NO SCHOOL FALL BREAK Friday 10/16 NO SCHOOL FALL BREAK Revised 6/29/2016 Classwork/Workbook Monday Triangle Congruence: Pg 73-75 1-17 10/19 ASA, AAS HW 4.3  Congruence WS #1 1-18 all HW 4.4  Congruence WS #2 Explain how “missing parts” Tuesday Triangle Congruence & Proofs are congruent AND state 10/20 how the triangles are congruent Wed. HW 4.5 WS Triangle Congruence & Proofs 10/21 Intro to Proofs Thursday Quiz: Triangle Congruence Fall Recognition Assembly 10/22 Friday Parent Teacher Conferences NO SCHOOL 10/24 Monday HW 4.6 4 Proofs; copy More Fun Proofs 10/27 them from my website Review Proofs Tuesday No HW Isosceles & Equilateral 10/28 Study for Quiz Triangles Wed QUIZ – Proofs 10/29 HW 4.7 pg 267-68 1-35 all Use coordinate geometry to HW 4.8 Get problems from Thursday investigate triangle relationships. Safe Trick-or-Treat website; All work done on 10/30 graph paper. Be a Volunteer! Friday 10/31 Monday 11/3 Tuesday 11/2 Wed 11/3 ____/____ ____/____ ____/____ ____/____ ____/____ ____/____ Perform Congruence Transformations HW 4.9 WB pages 82-84 (tear out and glue in HAPPY HALLOWEEN composition books) HW 4.10 Test Review (put in comp book!!) In class test review Unit 4 Test Revised 6/29/2016 ____/____ ____/____
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Geometry Unit 4 Mid-Unit Test REVIEW

GeometryUnit 3 TestREVIEW Name:__________________________


What are the five valid congruence conjecture shortcuts? _____, _____, _____, _____, _____

Identify which congruence shortcut

will prove these triangles congruent. If you cannot prove the


congruent with the given information write, “Cannot be determined”.

16. 17.

16. Which shortcut tells us this? 17. Which shortcut tells us this?

RQ ___ U___ AB ___

For #18-19, find the value of x so that ABC XYZ.





18. BC = 4x + 6 mA 52


BC = 8x + 9

YZ = 8x - 14

AC = 30

mX 52

XZ = 10x + 5

AC = 45


BCD ___

mA 40

mX 40

20. a. If two angles in a triangle measure 40 o and 105 o , what is the measure of the third angle?_____

b. Explain how you found the missing angle.

21. a) How would you classify this triangle?

d) What is the length of side KL?

e) What is the perimeter of the triangle?

b) What is the value of x? Explain.

c) What is the value of y? Explain.

22. a) What is the missing angle?

b) order the sides from shortest to longest.

23. Draw a linear pair of angles. What is the sum of the measures of a linear pair of angles?

24. Draw vertical angles. What is special about the measures of vertical angles?

25. Find the value of x. Show your work.

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Magazine: Geometry Unit 4 Mid-Unit Test REVIEW

Sours: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/18987949/geometry-unit-4-mid-unit-test-review
Unit 4 Study Guide Review

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4 answers unit geometry test

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Geometry - Unit 4 Review

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