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13 Couples Halloween Costumes For

The year isn’t even over yet, and it's already been pretty crazy. From the truly disturbing (Kim Davis) to the incredibly uplifting (Pizza Rat), the pop culture, political happenings, and more of have spawned some awesome Halloween costume ideas for couples.

I’m a firm believer in couples costumes, considering I’ve been coupled for the past five Halloweens. It’s just more fun if you and your significant other go together — plus, it opens up a lot more options, costume-wise. People might not get it if you go as Wayne from Wayne’s World by yourself, but it'll make total sense if you have Garth rocking along with you. I’m not saying that all couples have to do the couples costume thing. Sometimes you have your own idea you wanna run with. I feel you. But if you’re struggling to think of a costume, maybe a couples idea is the way to go. It’s always better to have someone to laugh with if your costume is a bit on the silly side.

Whether you’re going for the literal or the abstract, here are a few ideas inspired by the people and events of that will take you and your significant other to Halloween costume greatness.

1. Imperator Furiosa And Max Rockatansky From Mad Max: Fury Road

They weren’t a couple in the film (which was a good thing), but they still hung together to take down King Immortan Joe. If you really want to go all out with your costume creation, Mad Max Costumes has a lot of detailed tutorials and suggestions for both Furiosa and Max.

Vintage Goggles, $4, Amazon

Furiosa requires a lot of belts, a ruched shirt, some goggles, and black eye makeup, among other things. Max would be nothing without his iconic leather jacket and boots.

2. Pizza And Rat

Some people saw a rat in over his head. Others saw a hard-working single father trying to feed his teenage ninja turtle children. Either way, Pizza Rat deserves all the costume consideration in

Rat costumes can be a bit ugly, so I suggest a cute rat kigurumi and a pizza costume to go with it.

Just don’t try to push your pizza-costumed significant other down any stairs.

3. Same-Sex Marriage

One of the most awesome things that happened in so far was same-sex marriage becoming legal in the United States.

His/His Wedding Band, starts at $20, Overstock

Throw on your best rainbow and pride gear — like the “Love Wins” or “Don’t Hate” T-shirts, rainbow slip-ons, or coordinated his/his or hers/hers rings.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

4. Donald Trump And America

Donald Trump loves America. Like, really loves it. So much so that he’s been subjecting us to his combover on regular TV and not just The Apprentice lately. All your significant other would need for the Trump outfit would be a blue suit and a wig and you could dress in your best red, white, and blue garb.

Donald Trump Wig, $23, Buy Costumes

Or you could go a different route, and be Donna t. Rumpshaker and cool guy America. I can’t make this stuff up.

Donna T. Rumpshaker Costume, $70, Yandy; Adult Stars and Stripes Party Suit, $, Spirit Halloween

5. Google And Alphabet

For the last 17 years, Google has just been Google. But in , it also became Alphabet, because why not?

Google T-shirt, $, Amazon; Foam Letter Magnets, $16, Amazon

Get yourself or your significant other a Google T-shirt and then glue some of those foam alphabet magnets on a white T-shirt or dress to complete the change. All of your IT friends will really dig it!

6. Cookie And Lucious Lyon From Empire

has been the year of Empire. Or rather, the year of Cookie being a bad-ass motha and your new favorite TV queen. Either way, she and her ex-hubby Lucious would make for fabulous Halloween costumes or daily outfits.

For Cookie, you need some heels, an animal-print dress and a faux fur coat. For Lucious, you’ll need a slick suit, a fedora and lots of attitude.

7. Finn And Rey From Star Wars

I cannot tell you how excited I am for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to premiere at the tail end of the year. But just because the movie isn’t out yet doesn’t mean Halloween will pass by Star-Wars-less. You could always go the Han and Leia route, or you could up your game with Rey and Finn.

I highly suggest making Rey’s costume, since the commercial one is a bit blah. You’ll mostly need a lot of beige clothing and some beige material to wrap around — Cosplay Savvy has a pretty good breakdown of the materials. And don’t forget her goggles and staff.

Rey Costume, $30, Amazon; Goggles, $14, Amazon; Staff, $21, Amazon

Finn is pretty easy, with his dark pants and shirt and brown leather jacket. Hot for Tatooine, but great for cool fall nights. And he’ll need the Skywalker Lightsaber, of course.

Leather Jacket, $20, Amazon; Luke Skywalker Lightsaber, $14, Target

8. Zombie Cubs Fans

For once, it’s actually a good year to be a Chicago Cubs fan! The team hasn’t won an NL title since , and hasn’t won the World Series since , so people have been waiting a long time to see them play as good as they have been. And since the last time they won, most of our grandparents weren’t even alive, you can put a little zombie spin on the fandom.

Zombie Makeup Kit, $6, Amazon

Snag some Cubs’ jerseys (you can get them from the official site or try to find some at a thrift store), and then apply your zombie makeup. This tutorial can show you how to achieve that undead look.

9. The Whip And The Nae Nae

This is one of those “Haha, I see what you did there” sort of costumes. Just like “Gangnam Style” dominated Halloween in , so too should ’s dance craze — the Whip and the Nae Nae.

Basically, just write "Whip" on one shirt and "Nae Nae" on another with fabric paint or fabric marker, and prepare to do your respective dances all night long.

Tulip Mini Writers, $15, Amazon

Owen And Claire From Jurassic World

One of my favorite movies this year was Jurassic World. And the movie’s dynamic duo make for a perfect couples costume.

Purple Tank, $5, Buckle; White Blouse, $15, H&M; Red Wig, $15, Amazon; Velociraptor, $19, Amazon

For stylish Claire, you’ll need a white midi skirt, a purple tank, a white blouse, and of course, those controversial heels. You can also carry around your cell phone (since she used hers a lot), and throw on a ginger wig to complete the look. For Owen, grab a gray button-down, some jeans, a brown tactical vest, some boots, and your trusty Raptor pal Blue.

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

Right Shark And Left Shark

Luckily, Katy Perry and commercialism have pretty much taken care of this costume for you. Curiously enough, I found way more Left Shark costumes than Right Shark — though they’re literally the same costume.

Shark Costume, $69, ebay

Shark Costume, $68, Amazon

The store-bought versions can be a bit pricey, but TheSorryGirls also have a great YouTube tutorial on how to make your own. One of you will have be on point, dance-moves-wise.

Netflix And Chill

I mean, what else would you be for Halloween? "Netflix and chill" has gotten so big that my mom even knows what it means — and there are a few ways you can put it together.

Personally, I’d go with the very literal interpretation. There’s still time to order a pair of custom shirts and you can just wear pajamas or something more bedroom-worthy with them.

Ariana Grande And A Doughnut

Ah, yes the infamous Ariana Grande doughnut licking incident of People will get it, I promise.

I tried to re-create one of Ariana’s outfits from when she played the Forum, because with the cat ears, it’s basically a costume already. Get a black romper, thigh-high boots, a ponytail wig, and a mic to transform yourself into the diva. Your SO will rock a doughnut costume like it’s nobody's business.

Doughnut Costume, $20, Walmart

Costume tutorial: Polyvore

For more Halloween ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Kennedy Miller Productions/Village Road Show Pictures; Amazon.com; Mad Max Costumes; Global.Ratuken.com; Yandy.com; Spirit Halloween; HBO;Amazon.com; Amazon.com; Amazon.com; FOX; QVC.com; Suitsandmore.com; Disney/Lucasfilm; Amazon.com; Giphy (2); Universal Pictures; Amazon.com; Halloweencostumes.com; Getty (7); Polyvore (4)

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/articles/besthalloween-costume-ideas-for-couples-who-want-to-stay-relevant

No one likes spending a ton money just to wear on one single night. (But if you think it's worth it, then you do you!) Here's your reminder that what you wear on Halloween doesn't have to be super expensive. Especially since the COVID pandemic is still happening, a low-key, inexpensive costume you can wear at home or to a socially distanced event might just be all you need. If you’re still trying to figure out your costume before Halloween rolls around this month, there are so many clever, funny, and just flat-out genius ideas out there that don’t require a ton of work or moolah. You can DIY them, be a savvy shopper for some good deals, or just get creative with clothes you already have in your closet.

As long as you have some Halloween makeup, basic craft supplies, and some extra time (OK, in some cases, maybe a lot of time), you can totally pull these off. If you want to make an effort, but also save some serious cash, these ideas are evidence that an impressive look for the night is easy to make yourself or even with a group of friends. Here, 56 cheap costume ideas to get you into the crafty Halloween spirit.

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19Ash Ketchum from Pokémon

If you're the crafty type, you can make your own version of Ash's signature outfit in no time. Grab a pair of jean shorts, a red trucker hat, a green backpack, and, of course, a stuffed Pokémon. If you've got a pair of green socks, cut the toes to turn them into gloves, and paint the front panels of a plain white short-sleeve button-down to make the shirt.

Sours: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/g/cheap-halloween-costumes/
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Awesome Group Halloween Costume Ideas for

It’s the time of year when society divides itself into two groups: the planners and the folks who fly by the seat of our pants. Whether you’ve already tested recipes for spooky black cocktails and stocked up on candy or you’re still figuring out what to do for Halloween, it’s time to band together and tackle October 31 like a bunch of champs. To save you hours of Googling, we’ve rounded up — yes, — of the most awesome group Halloween costume ideas out there. Because look, we can’t all be Pizza Rat this year, but we can all be something awesome.

3. Milkshakes: Dress up as a neapolitan trio of cherry-topped milkshakes and you’re sure to bring everybody to the yard. (via @studiodiy)

4. s Partygoers: Who needs Gatsby living next door to party it up in true flapper fashion? Roll some stockings up those gams and let’s go! (via Glam Radar)

6. Saved By the Bell: Channel your inner Slater, Kelly, Zach and Jessie with some sweet threads straight out of the late ’80s. Just don’t forget the old-school cell phone with an antenna bigger than your head. (via E! News)

7. KISS: It may take a try or two to get the makeup just right, but the payoff is worth it when you look as rad as these rock stars do. (via @hannahbananagram)

8. French KISS: If you’re a fan of puns (and baguettes), this option gives you creativity points and a snack for the end of the night. (via The Muse)

9. “Intergalactic” Beastie Boys: Step inside the party and disrupt the whole scene dressed like the coolest and most timeless video Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock ever made. Feel free to stir fry haters in your wok. (via [edit] radio)

Five & Dime: Hit all the high notes dressed as a Disney-approved doo-wop group Five & Dime. Just be prepared to take song requests. (via @erikaenchanted_)

Burners: You don’t have to journey to the playa to rock a Burning Man look. All of the fun, none of the sandstorms and bonus burner points if you ride up to the party on a light-up bicycle. (via @lys_inger)

Steve Zissou’s Crew: Wes Anderson fans, unite! Why not join forces like the Belafonte team and dive into Halloween together as one? (via PopSugar)

Will Ferrell’s Career: From Ron Burgundy to Buddy the Elf, Will Ferrell has had himself a heck of a career. Celebrate all its wacky glory with every character he’s ever played. (via Reddit)

Where’s Waldo: It’s a lot easier to find three, five or eight Waldos than just one, but that doesn’t make the game any less fun. (via @stgnantucket)

Chewie’s Angels: Can’t decide between dressing up as Charlie’s Angels or a trio of Chewbaccas? Problem solved. (via IB Times)

Miley Cyrus Then + Now: Miley’s been through quite a style evolution over the years. Document her journey from child star to wild child in just four outfits and roll into the party like a wrecking ball, y’all. (via @racheldances)

Old Hollywood Glam: Classic stars like Audrey and Marilyn never go out of style. So spray up that ‘do, pencil in that brow, throw on that dress and prepare to wow the crowd. (via Flickr)

Cave People: If you really want to kick it old school, take it way, way back and rock some bones and animal skins. (Faux, of course.) We’ve come a long way since they days of hunting and foraging, after all. (via @sharst96)

Saturday Morning Cereals: Who doesn’t love the sugary cereals of our childhoods and the mascots on their boxes? Get your crew ready for Saturday morning cartoons by outfitting yourselves in your fave flavors from back in the day. No need to choose between Trix or treats! (via @seskewes)

Mr. Men + Little Miss Characters: Remember all the sweet characters from that adorable book series? These costumes are easy as pie to make and you can choose one that fits your personality. We call dibs on Little Miss Sunshine! (via @sammity)

Toy Story: Relive your favorite childhood memories and one of the best Pixar movies ever all in one night. Unlike the cinematic version, there won’t be uncontrollable crying at the end.(via Buzzfeed Community)

Mad (Wo)Men: Don Draper’s not the only fashion plate from Mad Men — the ladies had some great getups too. (via Brit + Co)

Holiday Mean Girls: Whether you dress up in their everyday garb or their holiday show ensembles, this costume’s gonna be totally fetch, no matter what Regina says. (via @tessajade93)

A Rainbow: This one requires a bit of immobility to pull off completely, but hey, even if you don’t spend the whole night piled on top of each other, roll into the party like ROYGBIV and people will still get the point. (via @lightning_shock)

Merryweather + Flora + Fauna: Everybody loves a fairy godmother. Watch out for everyone’s best interests as the trio of good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. The costume itself is simple enough to find or make, but figuring out how to fly is totally up to you. (via Full Cosplay)

Sugar Skulls: Arguably one of the most beautiful and artistic things you can create with makeup, the sugar skull isn’t just pretty, but it also has rich cultural significance behind all that artistry. Halloween is the perfect time to study up on the traditions of Dia de los Muertos, and here’s a perfect place to start. (via All Womens Talk)

Harlem Globetrotters: Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Harlem Globetrotter? Even if you can barely dribble a ball, you can still have fun pretending for just one night. (via @nat_eunhye)

Friend Fries: Who needs french fries when you’ve got friend fries? Just make sure none of your friends are claustrophobic first. (via Lake Flato Dog Run)

Disney Princesses: These lovely ladies are always a favorite Halloween go-to, and we’ve got the hair tutorials right here to perfect your look. (via Brit + Co)

Hocus Pocus: Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and a pre-Carrie Bradshaw SJP all came together for one perfect movie in the s, and we haven’t forgotten a line of it since. Round up the coven and conjure up Winifred, Sarah and Mary… if you dare. (via @areized)

Bob’s Burgers: If dry humor and juicy burgers both appeal to you, there’s no better cartoon to bring to life this year than that of the Belcher family. (via Buzzfeed Community)

Famous Artists: Get in touch with your artistic side by bringing out your inner Andy, Frida or Vincent — that’s Warhol, Kahlo and Van Gogh, for those of you who slept through art class way back when. (via Lake Flato Dog Run)

Waving Wind Sock Men: The best part about this costume is that you get to bring joy to everyone you see without standing out in the sun all day and worrying if you’re affecting sales or not. (via @jgeast)

Fruit Salad: Friendship is naturally sweet, right? Celebrating that sugary goodness with group costumes is easy peasy, lemon squeezy. (via Brit + Co)

Bath Sponges: Even if you plan on diving into a vat of candy, here’s a foolproof way to keep it clean. (via @kathitatti)

The Wizard of Oz: There’s no place like home, and there’s nothing like dressing up as a classic cast of characters to make a fun night that much more awesome. (via Funny Cool Halloween)

A Clockwork Orange: Feeling a little avant-garde? Give a nod to Kubrick’s acclaimed cinematic feat with some pieces you’ve probably already got in your closet. (via @mirimiribus)

Inside Out: We still can’t get over how great this movie was. Now that it’s finally streaming, we’re reliving it over and over again, both on our screens and IRL. (via Brit + Co)

Gargoyles: With costumes as scary as this, you’ll be keeping the creepers at bay all night long. (via Instructables)

Beer Pong: Talk about an interactive series of costumes. Why bring the game when you can be the game? (via @steph_sashimi)

Deck of Cards: Whether you go as a royal flush, a full house or four of a kind, decking yourself out in a show of solidarity is always a good idea. (via @beautymrk)

SNL Characters: Who can forget Wayne, Garth, the Spartan cheerleaders and the Blues Brothers? Not us, and not the TODAY show cast, either — that’s why they dressed to the nines as their favorite fellow (fictional) NBC alumni. (via TODAY)

Grand Budapest Hotel: You and your friends can relive all the adventures of M. Gustave and Zero… well, maybe not all of them if you don’t have access to a train, but still. (via Brit + Co)

Clueless: Think you can’t pull off a perfectly preppy ’90s ensemble worthy of Cher Horowitz’s approval? Whatever. (Photo via @ayegarrity)

My Little Pony: As cute as they are colorful, this classic kids’ franchise makes for plenty of imaginative costume possibilities. (via Deviant Art)

Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Crew: Tay-Tay is the queen of everything these days, so let a little of that magic rub off in the form of a butt-kicking Halloween getup. Get ready for action and refuse to take any crap from mortal enemies. (via Brit + Co)

Wet Hot American Summer: Paying tribute to this comedic reboot is no sweat, thanks to the easy breezy summer camp stylings of the cast in both the original and rebooted versions. (via Brit + Co)

Laundry Day: No need to separate lights and darks; just throw it all in together and see what happens. (via Inhabitots)


Social Media Icons: If heading out together dressed like this doesn’t get you a ton of likes, hearts and retweets, then it means the entire Internet is broken. (via Her Campus)

Superhero Legos: Ever a favorite of builders and makers everywhere, LEGOs are what gave a lot of us the ideas for our very first projects as kids. Pair them with classic superheroes and you’ve got a winning combination on your U-shaped hands. (via Instructables)

Rock Paper Scissors: This is perhaps the most democratic of all group costumes; all three of you are pretty much guaranteed to come out a winner at some point. (via @thefbi88)

#TBT: Pick a decade, any decade, and throw it back to those days of yore with total abandon. (via The Muse)

Kraftwerk: Red shirts? Check. Skinny black tie? Check and check. Slicked back hair and a touch of musical genius? Perfect. You’re ready to rock. (via Instructables)

S’mores: What’s sweeter than a S’more? Nothing, that’s what. Except maybe a family dressed like one. (via Cheerios and Lattes)

Beanie Babies: Not only are the pint-sized creatures cute and cuddly, but they’re also awesome inspiration for animal-inspired makeup like this. (via @bregnova)

Grease: We’ve got chills, they’re multiplying. Good and Bad Sandy? The Pink Ladies? Danny Zucco and his crew of greasers? The list goes on and on, just like the final refrain of “You’re the One That I Want.” (via Brit + Co)

Archie: Are you an Archie, a Betty or a Veronica? If you can’t decide, just draw straws from a milkshake meant for three. (via @alli.niels)

Sushi: With a group costume idea as simple and delicious as this, you’ll be suited up and rollin’ with your homies in no time flat. (via Brit + Co)

Sharknado: Shark Week costumes have been swimming around for years now, so step up your game by circling that Halloween party in a dangerously awesome Sharknado costume instead. (via San Diego Union Tribune)

Mad Max Tribe: We are not things: We are strong, fierce women, and that’s something to be celebrated. So smudge that eyeliner, practice that stare of determination, get out there and make Charlize Theron proud. (via San Diego Union Tribune)

Steam Punk Star Wars: On their own, Star Wars costumes are easy to find. All it takes is a little ingenuity to give them a hint of steampunk-inspired edge. (via Movie Pilot)

X-Men’s Villains + Anti-Heros: The world of action movies would be awfully boring if there weren’t bad guys to keep the plot moving. Indulge your inner bad girl (or boy) with these villainous alter-egos. (via Gamezone)

Simon: Players gonna play… a game of Simon. To keep things fair, you can all dress in black and trade off wearing the game board throughout the night, because teamwork. (via @dijonh)

Wreck-It Ralph: Ah, the perfect low-key, DIY, family-friendly ensemble costume. A pair of overalls, some arcade-inspired outfits and you’re good to go. (via @artworkbydrayy)

Crayons: There’s nothing more colorful than a classic pack of crayons. If you can’t decide who gets to be what, maybe take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out the color of your aura, and then dress accordingly. (via @carly.bobroff)

Candyland: How sweet it is to recollect our favorite childhood board game. And who says you can’t incorporate real candy into your costume too? No need to go door-to-door for that when you can supply your own treats with zero risk of getting tricked. (via @alyssalowery)

Hipster Star Wars: Start with your basic everyday Star Wars costumes, add a heaping helping of chill and then walk around telling people you were into The Force before it was cool. Hipster level achieved. (via @breastsandhair)

Gilligan’s Island: Long before Survivor, long before Lost, there was a captain, a skipper and their crew setting off on a three-hour tour that ended up taking a whole lot longer. Get your favorite modern-day castaways together and reincarnate those long-lost souls. (via @laurafull)

Greek Gods + Goddesses: From Hera to Hades, there are plenty of larger-than-life characters to choose from in Greek mythology. Crack open those textbooks and find your own alter ego from the days of Dionysus and all his party people. (via @sfborello)

Up: Sure, the story was sad, but it doesn’t have to be when you and your crew show up with all those balloons. (via @barbaristica)

Reno : Keep all tomfoolery at bay by laying down the law — sort of — as this motley crew of Nevada’s (fictional) finest. (via @ryanka9)

Batman Comic Book Characters: With this onomatopoeia-filled crew, there’s never a dull moment. Take a page from their playbook and bring the party’s Ka-Pow! level up with yours. (via @no1_likeme)

Frozen: The cold won’t be bothering any of your friends when you dress up as the Frozen cast. If it does, there’s only one thing to do: Let. It. Go. (via @sariee_94)

Sesame Street: Can you tell people how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Yes. Yes, you can. (via @bklous)

Jellyfish: Dangerous and painful? Yes. Beautiful at the same time? Also yes. And making this DIY costume is almost as fun as a dip in the ocean too. (via Brit + Co)

Futurama: Adult Swim fans, unite! Go back to the future… Futurama, specifically, back to those glorious days when it was on the air. (via Imgur)

Gremlins: Whether you choose to dress up as cute and cuddly Gizmo or devious after-dark Gremlins, you’ll be perfectly on point with your s retro vibe. If it’s the former, though, just make sure no one throws water in your face or feeds you after midnight. (via @maytzehcano)

Napoleon Dynamite: Embrace your inner outcasts and head out as this oddly lovable, highly mismatched set of weirdos. And if you dress as Napoleon himself, you might want to practice drawing ligers in advance. (via The FW)

Curling Team: If your squad is high on team spirit and/or just happens to have some matching athletic gear lying around, then grab a flag and go get that gold. (via @voisme)

The Simpsons: They’ve been around so long now that they’re practically an institution on par with the Mona Lisa. Well, not really, but they’re still a household name. If you’re playing the part of Bart, you get to ride your skateboard everywhere, so that’s a win-win. (via PopSugar)

Pirates: Ahoy, matey! It may not be Talk Like a Pirate Day, but technically, you’ve got a loophole to take advantage of, so plunder away. (via Her Campus)

Bunches of Grapes: It’s never been simpler to transform yourself and a few friends into nature’s candy: just blow up a bunch of balloons, attach, and voila! You’re practically a vineyard. (via Instructables)

50 Shades of Grey: For better or worse, it took movie theaters by storm this year, and at the end of the day it’s a conversation starter. There are two ways to tackle a 50 Shades costume: the expected way and the *awesome* way. (via PopSugar)

So, what’s your costume going to be this year? Spill in the comments below!

Sours: https://www.brit.co/group-halloween-costume-ideas/

Unique Group Costume Ideas for The Ultimate Guide

 Group Halloween Costume Ideas


Gather up the crew! It's time to make a big splash with an unforgettable group Halloween costume for Easier said than done, right? Creative group costume ideas aren’t as easy to come by as couples costumes or a solo dress up plan. A great way to start is with some inspiration: are you going to draw from a movie? A TV show? Something more creative like a board game, a book, or a pun? Next, think about your group size. You might need an option to accompdate a trio, a crew of five, or even large group costume ideas of 10+!

Classic groups like Wizard of Oz characters, Simpsons members, and other memorable movie and TV casts are always smart costume bets. But what if you really want a show-stopper that hasn't been done? Then you'll need to take the yellow brick road less traveled and get creative! This collated list should grease the gears in that noggin of yours and help generate some ideas. There is a little bit for everyone in here, from the classics to the bizarre, so we hope you enjoy this dive into what the web has to offer for Group costume ideas!


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a story that never loses its charm, and when it comes to group costumes for , like every other year it has a place! Take a trip through the looking glass with the whole family and choose from a huge spectrum of costume-friendly characters. Year after year, movie after movie, and play after play, an Alice in Wonderland group costume will crop up time and again.

Archer group Costume

Archer Group Costume

You have to laugh just looking at this Archer group costume! Getting an entire group to really commit like this is what it's all about if you are looking for a unique group costume. While there are the tried and true staples each Halloween, new shows like Archer and other Adult Swim, Netflix, or HBO originals should give you topical ideas for your group in

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Group Costume

In , Attack on Titan became bigger than ever, so we can definitely expect to see this group costume roaming the streets in hoards. Can you really blame them for wanting to go as a group to face the Titans? With Titan heights ranging from three to 60 meters tall, and an insatiable hunger for human flesh that's unmatched, it's better to tackle the Titan problem with as many soldiers as you can muster!

The Avengers

Avengers Group Costume

The Avengers have been a go-to group costume for the last five years and, with Age of Ultron making a big splash in , Avengers group costumes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. You have to hand it to groups who defy the characters with gender benders like Thor, Loki, and Hulk pictured here. Getting creative with a go-to costume like this is one way to stand out from the crowd.

Avengers Girls

Gender Bender Avengers Group Costume

Weren't we just singing the praises of Avengers gender benders on the last slide? Well, clearly we just can't get enough of it! With very distinct costumes and punchy color schemes, it is easy to take a character like Iron Man and make it entirely new! Just make sure you have the right collection of key components for immediate recognition, like the hand and chest lights in this Avengers group costume.


Attack on Titan Group Costume

Another way to get creative with a group costume in is to take gender bending a step further by adding in another layer altogether. For example: this group took familiar Batman characters and turned them into pirates! Points for creativity in for anyone who can twist a familiar character lineup and make it % unique. No concerns of running into your doppelganger group in this getup!

Bobs Burgers

Bob's Burgers Group Costume

That Tina Belcher has even got the dance moves down! Now we're talking Yep, Bob's Burgers is one of those shows with a cult following of some seriously dedicated cosplayers, and this group really took the cake burger. With a cast of loud, obnoxious. and hilarious characters, you know you'll have a great night. And, if you go out on the town with a Bob's Burgers group costume, please just promise you will hit the dancefloor.

Cereal Mascot

Cereal Mascots Group Costume

Most kids spent some quality time with these characters every morning. That is, if you were lucky enough to get the "good stuff" at your breakfast table growing up! Category costumes like this that cross brands with a common thread are always really creative and unexpected. If you are going as a group in , creativity is really going to be the deciding factor between good and grrrrrrrrrrrrr-eat!

Chewbacca's Angels

Chewbacca's Angels Group Costume

Now we have to admit, Chewbacca's angels border on the lines of theatrical and extremely advanced cosplaying. Something this intricate certainly is not for everyone and could easily win a prize at Comic Con! But if you consider yourself an expert at makeup, prosthetics, hair, and all around cosplay tomfoolery, you might try thinking way outside of the box for your group costume this year!


Circus Group Costume

The 10+ member group costume is a rare animal in any year. Coordinating a group this large can sometimes feel like herding cats, after all. But, this group seems to have pulled it off with flying colors and trapezes! You have to hand it to any group who can take something "old" like the circus and really make it new, with unexpected elements like the bearded "lady" and the sword swallower pictured here.


Emojis Group Costume

In , wearing your emotions on your sleeve, or your face for that matter, is to be expected. Between Inside Out and the first ever emoji-only book being accepted into the Library of Congress, speaking with symbols and emotions is in! With the dictionary of emojis growing exponentially, you can even break away from smileys and get into the weird stuff in

Fanta Girls

Fanta Girls' Group Costume

These Fanta Girls are taking the trend of crossdressing for Halloween a step further with an unexpected twist. Maybe you could call it a lemon-lime twist? Either way you look at it, these guys seem to be having a great time with a lighthearted take on a gender bender for the centuries. Caution: insensitivity is never in, so if you plan to cross dress for Halloween, please just do it respectfully!

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Group Costume

There are a couple of amazing things happening with this Fantastic Four group costume. First, the Thing is incredibly epic, and like the Fantastic Four movie in , is entirely real (no CG!). Love it. Second, what a creative way to show the Invisible Woman's powers. And finally, killer crossover costume here with the second Invisible Woman in Hulk form. This group costume is full of win!


Fast Food Mascots Group Costume

Apparently, mascots help sell food (and Halloween costumes, for that matter)! And now that we've got cereal costumes out of the way, the list just wouldn't be complete without the fast food mascot group costume pictured here. It also looks like these guys didn't take themselves too seriously, which adds another dimension of hilarity to the getup. Shout out to Wendy for a laugh!


Futurama Group Costume

Brain Slug commands you to like this group costume. And, wow! They took this group costume a step further when they had Bender steal Fry's wallet in the picture. Did you catch that?! Half of the fun of posing as your favorite character for Halloween is capturing their unique personality, so bravo. If you don't want to go the DIY route, we also carry officially licensed Futurama costumes in plenty.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Group Costume <

No matter whom you hope ends up on the Iron Throne, the Starks have to be on your short list of people you feel for. You know this group commiserates with their plight. Now, the real question: did they summon up some magic from the Red Witch to get that misty glow on the trees? Seems like the perfect environment for a winning Game of Thrones group costume cosplay in !

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Group Costume

We are Groot. Aren't we? Even a year after the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, these characters are quickly becoming classics. And with a ton of heroes and villains to choose from between Groot, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora, it's the ideal kind of getup for a large group in Stay tuned for the inevitable sequel bringing these costumes back into the forefront with a vengeance in ! 

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos Group Costume

If you had some spare time as a kid, which most of us certainly did, chances have it some of that time was occupied with Hungry Hungry Hippos. Now that's two "hungry"s, in case there was any doubt just how famished these hippos are! When it comes to nostalgic group costumes, this is definitely near the top of the list for now and really any time in the near future.

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus Group Costume

If you are a 90s kid, then Hocus Pocus is pretty much synonymous with Halloween. The movie perfectly captured that feeling you get, or hope to get, every Halloween. Witches, zombies, ghosts, and talking cats - what's not to like? Even better is the Hocus Pocus witches group costume. It's a go to for anyone who wants to hit the nostalgia bone in a group of three. Check out our own DIY Hocus Pocus here!

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty Group Costume

When Adult Swim comes around with a new cartoon that gets everyone cracking up in their PJs, the Halloween community takes notice. In , Rick and Morty was definitely on that list. Delving into super serious issues like time travel and alternate universes, this show still leaves plenty of room for midsentence belches. Yes indeed, there is certainly a spot for Rick and Morty group costumes in !

Jack and Sally

Nightmare Before Christmas Group Costume

Tim Burton has a special way of doing things no matter what he touches. In the same creepy vein as Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of his greatest works and a true masterpiece in the eyes of fans. For this reason, Halloween and The Nightmare Before Christmas are joined at the hip. Let it be known far and wide that Nightmare Before Christmas costumes are always in style!

Johnny Depp Characters

Johnny Depp Group Costume

A very creative trend that's happening with group costumes is choosing an actor and highlighting the best costumes from their career. Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Will Ferrell are all easy targets for this type of group getup given their costume-centric roles through time. In this installment, these ladies nailed a Johnny Depp tribute!

Jurrasic Park

Jurassic Park Group Costume

When Jurassic World left a dino-sized footprint on the motion picture scene in , a noticeable uptick in JP cosplay could be seen at Comic Con and other geeky gatherings around the country. In , we can look for a similar trend for Halloween. Whether you want to go as the classic characters from Jurassic Park or the new ones from Jurassic World, you really can't go wrong in with an ensemble like this.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill Group Costume

The Crazy 88 battle in Kill Bill captured the Tarantino style better than just about any other scene in his vast and illustrious career. If you were looking for spurting blood, severed limbs, and all around creative Wire Fu, punctuated by complicated, mid-battle dialogue, look no further than this moment. Years later, calling back memories to a fan favorite like this is always fair game of group costumes!

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Legends of the Hidden Temple Group Costume

Remember, nostalgia is in like Flynn this year! This Legends of the Hidden Temple group costume will surely earn some high fives at the bar or Halloween party among young adults this year. Who as a 90s kid didn't dream about answering Olmec's questions with ease on their way to the Temple Run? With a simple custom t-shirt and helmet, you could easily nail this look for relatively cheap to boot.

Lego Group

Legos Group Costume

Cosplaying as variants of LEGO is a BIG trend in , but let's be honest, this group really takes home the blue ribbon. We're counting a dozen here, now that is commitment! Got to love the inclusion of some Halloween-themed LEGO characters and even some unexpected additions, like Tiger Woods. If you are a committed cosplayer, constructing this LEGO group costume would be a huge winner!


Loofas Group Costume

The best part about a loofah group costume like this is how easy it is to pull off. Not to mention the vibrant colors! For a group of gals looking to save their money for a night on the town and who also want something functional and easy to move around in, this costume is a no-brainer. Just be careful not to get caught in the rain or there is really no telling what might happen!

Mad Max

Mad Max Group Costume

When it comes to post-apocalyptic flicks, you really have hundreds to choose from. But one of them arguably towers above most of the horde as a titan of innovation. That's Mad Max. With roots as deep as , this film set the pace, motifs, and style for a genre. With costume options run amuck, all you really need to get started is some leather. Creative expression sold separately, so go nuts!

Mad Men

Mad Men Group Costume

Did anyone else just double take and think this was a screen shot from Mad Men? Now this is what group costuming is all about! You want to walk into the room and make everyone think they are back in the s for just a moment. Isn't that the magic of a good Halloween costume in general? If your Mad Men group costume looks anything like this, people will be very impressed! We'll drink to that.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart Group Costume

When it comes to Mario Kart, there are a lot of friends out there who take great pride in their skills. In fact, at HalloweenCostumes.com, we have a Mario Kart tournament once a year, so maybe we're a bit biased here. But at the end of the day, creativity is everything when it comes to group getups, so we had to include this awesome take on Mario Kart somewhere for the list to be complete.


Minions Group Costume

Minions are always up to no good, which makes them natural shoe-ins for groups looking to have a bit of fun this Halloween. If you knock something over, hey, you're a Minion. It's understandable! If you eat way too much candy, yep you called it. You're a Minion. Just shrug it off and have a great time. This is the year of the Minion after all! Know one will judge you for mischief makingthat much.

MODOK and Warrior Scientists

MODOK and Group Costume

In a year where Marvel Superheroes come in plenty, finding fringe characters that not everyone will know gives you a chance to show your Marvel prowess. Like this MODOK group costume above, the curiosity of people passing by will be piqued in no time. So for comic book geeks like so many of us out there, finding a lesser known superhero or villain can be a real conversation starter.


Muppets Group Costume

Muppets are forever when it comes to Halloween, but in they are even more relevant with the new Muppets TV show hitting the tube in September. In mockumentary style, the show will break down the fourth wall to show the internal dialogue of each character, similar to The Office. This will arguably make the characters more relatable than ever, making this a great costume option.

Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtles Group Costume

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle group costumes are up there in the top ten group costumes of any given year. The best part about these turtles in a half shell is their cross demographic relevance. Whether you are a group of girls, guys, or even babies, this is a good option for a group costume any year. While was the year of the rebooted movie, is still fertile ground for a TMNT group costume.


Orcs Group Costume

If you didn’t laugh at this costume, you might not be a LOTR fan. This is one adorable and incredibly creative take on a Lord of the Rings group Halloween costume that you know made the family photo album for years to come. Any time you can take a group costume friendly flick like the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit series and make it somehow new like this, you are sure to win!


Pac-Man Group Costume

While Pac-Man is one of the oldest video game characters in history, his relevance on Halloween is eternal. In , Pixels brought this classic character back into the forefront. And while reviews for the movie were not great, any time the public gets another look at Pac-Man, they are reminded of all those hours spent on the joystick. This makes a prime year to dust off the Pac-Man group costume.


Plastics Group Costume

If you are still trying to make “Fetch” happen, a Plastics from Mean Girls group Halloween costume is a modern throwback worth considering in Nostalgia comes in layers it seems, with even decades' old movies somehow falling under the rosy retrospection you feel for older brands and movies. This is one of those instant classics with a cult following and makes for a good group costume regardless of the year.

Price is Right

Price is Right Group Costume

Come on down! This Price is Right costume hits the mark perfectly. The contestants all have the recognizable name tags and bids, the showcase model looks as beautiful as ever, but, wait … two hosts? Bob AND Drew?! Hey, that's okay! This group costume pays homage to the best cure for a sick day home from school, back then AND now in Other suggestions include making more personalized t-shirts, like "Pick Me, Drew, It's My Birthday!"

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo Group Costume

Even if your family doesn't match up perfectly with Scooby and the gang, there are ways of making it work. This dad isn't afraid to dress as Velma for Halloween! If you have more people than five for your group Halloween costume this , you can always throw in a few ghosts and ghouls. This family turned their wagon into the Mystery Machine, perfect for protecting the candy all the way home from trick-or-treating.

Shark Week

Shark Week Group Costume

Remember that week when you never left your couch? If you a Shark Week fiend, that might even be several years in the last 10 or so. Shark Week has become one of those phenomena that can’t quite be summed up other than saying, “What’s not to like about sharks?” These ladies took the fandom a step further with the Shark "Day of the" Week group costume. Let’s just hope they don’t run into any tornadoes!


Shrek Group Costume

Even if makes you feel old to admit, the original Shrek is not a recent movie anymore, which lands it square in the ranks of nostalgia. Like, "remember when the babysitter took us to see Shrek?" In this costume, we see Puss in Boots, Fiona, Shrek, and one party-worn looking Donkey. Hey, we even see some fairy tale characters in the background. Now, start practicing those accents.

Slave Leia

Star Wars Group Costume

Alert! Alert! This is one scandalous group costume! While we say that Star Wars is relevant every year, the release of The Force Awakens this December helps make the rest of the world agrees with us. Celebrate one of the most-watched scenes in science-fiction history with a group of over a dozen Slave Leia's. Hey, Jabba is back there, too. I bet you hadn't even noticed

Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Star Wars Bounty Hunters Group Costume

Who doesn’t want to be a Star Wars bounty hunter at least one night out of the year? Seriously though, while Boba Fett was only on the screen for a few scenes, he made a lasting impression on the Star Wars universe, making him an unforgettable character worthy of replication. This group used their creativity to imagine new takes on the bounty hunter look and nailed it.


Steampunk Group Costume

You might have thought the Steampunk craze was just a passing fad, but, boy, were you wrong! Have you been to any conventions or Renaissance Faires lately? The mechanical, yet old fashioned, but kind of futuristic, and kind looks like a train type fashion is here to stay! So pull out your favorite gears, chains, leather straps, and weird goggles, and just go as "Steampunk" this Halloween You can try a theme, too! Like Steampunk Avengers or Steampunk Mean Girls. It'd be fun!

Trolls Dolls

Troll Dolls Group Costume

Like Beanie Babies, Pogs, or Tamagotchi, Troll Dolls are one toy you will have a hard time forgetting. Harping once again on the nostalgia beat, this group getup will give you the “Oh, now that’s clever!” reaction you are looking for. Everyone who had a toy or two knows their silly, frilly hair and bedazzled belly buttons, and will clamor around to take a picture without hesitation.

Will Ferrell Costumes

Will Ferrell Group Costume

It looks like these ladies are keeping up a tradition that seems to be a growing trend. If you remember, they look to be the same group who did Johnny Depp costumes earlier in this roundup. Will Ferrell seems like a shoe-in for a group costume motif following his most memorable costumes through his career, and they nailed this one again. What other celebrities could fit this mold? We see Buddy the Elf, Mugatu, and, the best, Ron Burgundy?


X-Men Group Costume

The X-Men series has given us one of the best ensembles in comic book history. How many mutants have come and gone through the doors of Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted? PLENTY to choose from to make an awesome group costume this Halloween Wolverine, Storm, Mystique, they're all there, but there are more to choose from. And our favorite X-Men, the red frog on a motorcycle!


YOLO Group Costume

OMG, #YOLO! So, IMO (you know, FOMO), let’s LOL this Halloween… If that as an alien language to you, this YOLO group Halloween costume probably isn’t for you. If on the other hand your smart phone is basically another appendage and your best conversations happen on Twitter, any acronym costume like this would make a pretty topical and timely pick for

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's Group Costume

This scary game has taken the indie video game world by storm. Five Nights at Freddy's is ALL about the jump scares, which you can incorporate into your Halloween group costume this by hiding behind corners and then scaring the crap out of our friends. In the game, you act as an overnight security guard at a pizza joint and have to defend yourself when the animatronic characters start coming to life. This group did a great job of getting that creepy-cartoony vibe just perfect!


Did we miss anything? If you aren't keeping your group Halloween costume ideas closely guarded until the big reveal, we would love to hear what your crew is thinking about dressing as for Halloween Share share share in the comments below, or if you really think it's up to snuff, enter your costumes in our Halloween costumes contest! 

Marlon Heimerl
Marlon Heimerl

Marlon is HalloweenCostumes.com’s Inbound Marketing Manager and the person in the office who instantly thinks that the hum of a faulty air conditioner is without-a-doubt a ghost. His passion for all things spooky, wonderment for the unknown, and admittedly gullible nature, make him a sucker for the paranormal. Having logged more time watching TED talks and documentaries than most valley girls spend primping their Chihuahuas, Marlon is always up for some intellectual sparring.

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Costume original ideas 2015 halloween

Our Favorite DIY Halloween Costume Ideas [How to Halloween]

Our Favorite DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

There's nothing more impressive than a good DIY Halloween costume. With so many cookie-cutter costumes out there, taking the time to make or even assemble something different can make people say "WOW! Why didn't I think of that?" You may still need to buy accessories like shoes, belts and gloves, but it's great to see people wearing a Halloween costume that's exactly what they wanted. Maybe you're a fan of the unidentified alien that was cut from the Mos Eisley cantina scene. Perhaps you wanted to bring your favorite board game character to life, like Ms. Scarlet from Clue. You can even put a unique spin on a classic Halloween costume too! The sky's the limit when you harness the power of your imagination!

For more ideas about celebrating Halloween, check out our "How to Halloween " resource. But without further ado, here are some of our favorite creative Halloween costume DIYs!


1. DIY Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn Costume DIY

[Source: Ryoko-demon/CBR]

While there are quite a few Harley Quinn costumes on the market, her character has a plethora of other looks. That being said, many cosplayers have taken the key elements of what makes Harley Quinn Harley Quinn, and used them to make original costumes. They use items such as her red and black color scheme, the diamond patterns often featured on her outfits and her two-tone pigtail hair. And, dare we say, the results are amazing!


2. DIY Tigger Costume

Tigger Costume DIY

[Source: Josh Sundquist/Insider]

We look forward to seeing Josh Sundquist's new costume every year! After he lost a leg to bone cancer as a child, Josh had to find fun and unique Halloween costume ideas that suit him. Now a Paralympic athlete and Halloween costume guru, he makes some of the most clever one-legged costumes. This Tigger costume from Winnie the Pooh is simply brilliant, from his friendly mascot head to his iconic striped tail!


3. DIY Cactus Halloween Costume

Cactus Costume DIY

[Source: Emily Fazio/HGTV]

This easy costume DIY is a little time-consuming, but oh so cute! It's also great for every member of the family, from babies and toddlers to kids, teens and adults. By pulling a needle and thread through a green outfit and tying it around some white yarn "spines", you can make a cactus out of jumpsuits, sweaters and dresses. Use felt for some fake flowers and voila! (Or attach some fake flowers if you feel like you're running out of time. We won't tell!) You'll only have to binge through a few episodes on Netflix, but crafts you can do on the couch are some of our favorites.


4. DIY Lisa Frank Costumes

Lisa Frank Halloween Costumes DIY

[Source: Jeff Mindell/Studio DIY]

You gotta have it. That's right, we're talking about these Lisa Frank Halloween costumes for 90s and 80s kids. A fun spin on otherwise normal animal costumes, these rainbow outfits bring a pop of color. Depending on which animal you choose, you'll need either a white outfit or something bright and bold—and a whole lot of fabric paint and imagination! Many Lisa Frank-styled animals with patterned fur such as leopards, zebras and dalmatians had rainbow spots and stripes that you'll have to paint on your outfit. Otherwise, look for images of Lisa Frank artwork and find your favorite animal for your 90s costume inspiration!


5. DIY Diablo III Costume

Diablo III Costume DIY

[Source: Davann Srey Photography/io9]

The craftsmanship on cosplay costumes is at times utterly insane, like this demon hunter cosplay from Diablo III. If you're at this level of costume-making, our hats are off to you. The armor bits are often fashioned out of materials like Wonderflex, EVA foam and Worbla if you're willing to give it a shot! Even if you're not looking to dress like this particular character, you could DIY a knight costume or another video game character with the right materials.


6. DIY Banksy Costume

Banksy Costume DIY

[Source: George Schnakenberg/My Modern Met]

As they say, art imitates life, so why can't life imitate art? Costumes like the Mona Lisa and The Girl With the Pearl Earring are a dime a dozen these days, so show off your creativity and talent by making a Halloween costume based on another work of art! This Banksy costume is a lot of fun, and a pretty easy DIY to pull off. With some black clothes, white fabric paint and black and white Halloween makeup, you can make a statement with this Banksy Flower Bomber costume in no time at all!


7. DIY Google Maps Costume

Google Maps Costume DIY

[Source: Zucchini Summer Blog/HelloGiggles]

Simple? Yes. Unexpected? Definitely. Cute? Nailed it! Honestly, we're just disappointed that we didn't think of this unique Halloween costume idea first! It's certainly cute as a couples' costume idea, but could you imagine an entire Google Maps family? With some grey shirts, yellow tape and cardboard map pointers, this is one last-minute DIY costume that won't get you thrown out of the Halloween party for taking the easy way out.


8. DIY Predator Costume (Crochet!)

Crochet Predator Costume DIY

[Source: Stephanie Pokorny/Crochetverse/Huffpost]

If you have amazing crochet skills that are hard to show off, Halloween might be the perfect time for you! Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse has crocheted several amazing Halloween costumes for her kids, although one of our favorites is this amazingly detailed Predator costume. We're not entirely sure how to tell you to make this look for yourself, but if you're a crochet master, maybe you can give us a few pointers!


9. DIY Violet Beauregarde Makeup

Violet Costume Makeup DIY

[Source: Warner Bros./Ellie Addis/Teen Vogue]

Sometimes, even the simplest costumes are the best. Admittedly this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Violet Beauregarde costume is mostly makeup and a blue tracksuit, but it's brilliant! (Seriously, why didn't we think of this?) In the movie, Violet turns wellviolet as she tries an experimental new gum from Wonka. He tried to get her to stop chewing but, well, you can say that this spoiled child got her just desserts.


DIY Kane Costume

Kane Costume DIY

[Source: Norman Chan/Tested/CNBC]

Many of us know Adam Savage from the TV series MythBusters, but did you know that he also rocks the Comic-Con scene? Adam's costume builds are incredibly intricate and just plain awesome, like this Kane spacesuit from Alien. He has gone "in-con-nito" to conventions all across the US, but spotting him in an amazing costume build like this might be tricky!


DIY Burrito Costume

Burrito Costume DIY

[Source: Aww Sam/OprahMag]

Food costumes are plentiful, but they're even cuter when you can tailor them to your style! A silver skirt paired with a tan tank top is a great start to a chic homemade burrito costume. (Not to mention the shiny silver shoes!) Adding a felt collar with some felt and pop pom lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and meat will ensure that your burrito outfit is unmistakable. And now we have a hankering for Chipotle.


DIY Hiccup and Toothless Wheelchair Costume

Toothless and Hiccup Wheelchair Costume DIY

[Source: Ryan Weimer/Demilked]

Can we say that some of the most impressive costume builds we have ever seen have been for wheelchair Halloween costumes? Because they are, if this How to Train Your Dragon costume isn't enough proof for you. We're not entirely sure what materials were used for this build, but if you have the time and the talent, you can make just about anything into a wheelchair costume!


DIY Headless Horseman Dog Costume

Headless Horseman Dog Costume DIY

[Source: HGTV]

Most of us never thought we could get upstaged by a pooch, yet here we are! Turning leashes into a harness was a stroke of genius, and the headless horseman on top is simply amazing! Even the pumpkin head is perfect. A ride-on costume like this is perfect for a large dog, but if you can make a mini horseman and find a tiny enough fake pumpkin, go for it!


DIY Baby Popcorn and Theater Attendant Costumes

Baby Popcorn and Theater Attendant Costume DIY

[Source: This Place is Now a Home/Make It & Love It]

You don't always need an expensive costume to wow the crowd—cute and clever Halloween costume ideas are great, too! In order to pull off this theater attendant and popcorn baby costume, all you're going to need is a white dress shirt, a red tie, black pants and shoes and some red and white felt. (And it looks like popcorn, too!) Use the red and white felt to make a popcorn bucket-styled cover to put over your baby carrier. Then don your outfit, dress your baby in white and give them a white hat with some popcorn attached to it. Super-cute and super-easy!


DIY Thriller Werewolf Costume

Thriller Werewolf Costume DIY

[Source: Craig Barritt/Getty Images/EW]

It would be impossible to have a round-up of our favorite costume ideas without mentioning Heidi Klum. (She's practically the Hollywood queen of Halloween!) Every year she has some of the most intricate and outlandish costumes that, quite honestly, you'd never even realize it was Heidi Klum wearing it. This Thriller-style Michael Jackson costume takes us way back, and she doesn't miss any details from the varsity jacket to the rolled cuffs.


We hope you enjoyed these awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas! Did you have any favorites? What are some of the costumes you have seen that you thought were great? Let us know in the comments below. It's hard to keep track of all the exciting new costume ideas because we keep getting blown away every year!

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Angela Poch
Angela Poch

Angela Poch is an Inbound Marketing Specialist and Resident Crazy Cat Lady at HalloweenCostumes.com, where she is an assistant editor and covers tutorials, crafting and pop culture. Angela has created costumes and props for Halloween events, conventions and Renaissance festivals.

Some of her favorite costumes include 90s Rogue, a custom Jedi, warrior elf, and some nameless Renaissance pirate. (She’s still figuring out how to make a Jedi light-chakram.) You can find her on Twitter @AngelaPoch1 or her cats on Instagram @stardustnebulanova.

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DIY Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 2015

Happy Halloween! The end of October marks the scariest day of the year and the official holiday for those of us with a sweet tooth. This being said, it's time to prepare for a hair-raising good time with our Halloween ideas, including costume ideas!

Whether you're a frugal shopper or big spender willing to go all out for pop culture Halloween costumes, you'll be inspired by our list of the best Halloween costumes ever. If you're a DIY goddess or queen of the most spectacular local vintage shop finds, you'll snag a couple of creative looks with our Halloween costume guide. Show off your festive flair and explore your creativity with these Halloween costumes with make-up ideas too. From classic movie icons to family-friendly favorites, we've spied some of the spookiest and kookiest Halloween costumes for

Can't decide on a costume for yourself? Try planning a group costume with your friends or sweetie pie. We even have mommy-and-me attire for you and your little monster.

Sours: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/halloween-ideas/g/best-halloween-costumes-of-all-time/

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Want to match with your two friends this Halloween but have no idea where to even start? Consider your problem solved because we rounded up 37 three-person Halloween costume ideas to get all your spooky inspo flowing—and possibly help you nab a best costume award. It's coming up in just a couple of weeks in case you weren't already panicking. If you’re not in the crafty mood, pull something that you already have in your closet or you can also order something online, but if you’re down to get creative and do a little DIY sesh with your friends, then totally go for it!

Your group can go with a pun costume, a pop culture moment, a scary ensemble, or, yes, even as food. Can’t decide on just one idea? Well, if you guys want to do the most, you can rock multiple three-person costumes over the Hallo-weekend. Now that’s commitment. Of course, with a global pandemic still happening, just make sure you're celebrating safely and avoid any large indoor parties, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dress up for the occasion. Below, 37 three-person Halloween costume ideas that you and your friends can browse.

11Josie and the Pussycats

Channel the rock band with leopard print, leather jackets, and cat ears of course.

20Harry, Hermione, and Ron

All Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you! Ron, Harold, and Hermione are the golden classic trio. You’ll need: wands, cloaks, red and gold ties, fake glasses, and bravery to be these iconic Gryffindors. @roncruzvav, @itshugoliveira, and @kariellex absolutely nailed their looks. (Even though J.K. Rowling has made problematic comments, this trio is still a classic costume to include, and the actors in the series have spoken up in support of the transgender community.)

Sours: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/g/three-person-halloween-costumes/

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