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Apple Valley Lake Campers Village

Apple Valley Lake - Campers Village

Camper's Village is an RV and campground space for property owners with boat parking.  

The Camper's Village offers campers an array of amenities including a camp store, laundry facilities, a picnic shelter, children's playground, and basketball court, bathhouse complete with showers. 

Apple Valley Lake - Campers Village

The Camper's Village also offers electrical and water hookups as well as storage facilities.  

Directions:  From the front entrance to Apple Valley, turn right onto Apple Valley Drive.  Continue on for approximately a quarter of a mile. The Camper's Village entrance on your right.  


If you are thinking about buying or selling a home, give us a call at (740) 397-7800 or send us an email to explore your options and to find out when is the best time for you to make a move.


What are the fees at Apple Valley Lake

Type of CardFee*
Dependent Card$10.00 per dependent
Access Card$15.00 per person

*All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.

Optional Fees For Property Owners Of Apple Valley Lake


These fees apply depending on your lifestyle needs. For boating activities, you can get decals for your watercraft at the Marina. Decals for powered boats cost only $55.00 while decals for non-powered boats are at $25.00. For property owners without a registered powered or unpowered boat, a temporary, 7-day, guest boat pass is available for only $55.00.


If you’re a boating enthusiast and are looking for homes in Apple Valley, click here.          


For a fit and healthy lifestyle, membership in the Apple Valley Clubhouse Fitness Center conveniently provides all the equipment you need to workout including early access to the indoor pool. Listed below are the prices for annual fitness membership:


Fitness MembershipFee*
Individual Membership$  75.00 + card/person
Family Membership$175.00 + card/person

*All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.

Membership to the Clubhouse Fitness Center with early access to the indoor pool lasts for a year, from April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021.


Fees at Apple Valley Lake - Enjoy excellent fitness amenities affordably at Apple Valley Fitness Center.


You can also join instructor-led fitness classes in the Apple Valley Fitness Center for only $50.00 /year or $5.00 /class (as scheduled). This is separate from the fitness membership and classes are held in the upper level of the Club House.


Considering that the average gym membership in the country costs $50 MONTHLY, the fitness membership fees at Apple Valley Fitness Center seems like a dream, but it IS true. This is one of the things people love about Apple Valley.


Family Passes


Immediate family members of property owners can have access to the Clubhouse and its facilities by availing of family passes.


Family passes can be short-term or long-term, and may or may not include fitness membership. Long-Term passes allow family members to bring their own guests subject to the limits of guests per facility. However, renters are not eligible for family passes.


Types of Family PassAmount Total Amount with Fitness Membership*
Short Term  
Long Term  


*All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.


Facility Rental Fees


Property owners may also rent the clubhouse, floral valley banquet hall, meeting room and indoor pool as a venue for their special events. 


Club House


Apple Valley Lake Ohio - Numerous amenities yet low fees make Apple Valley a sought after community


The Apple Valley Club House accommodates 100 people comfortably. It can be rented for a full day's event -- from 10 am until 12 am.


Clubhouse Rental FeesAmount
Refundable deposit$100.00
A full day of use$180.00
Day prior to the event$75.00
Additional hrs. after midnight    $50.00/hr.
Additional Services 
Staff set-up (2 hours min.)$100.00
Staff tear-down/clean-up (2 hours min.) 
Additional clean-up hours$50.00/hr.
20'x40' Tent$250.00


Planning to have a home here? Click here to see which Apple Valley home might be perfect for you.


Floral Valley Banquet Hall


Open to property owners and the general public, the Floral Valley Banquet Hall accommodates 640 people comfortably. It is ideal for weddings and other special family occasions. 


The rate is unbelievable considering that popular wedding venues in Ohio with only 50 to 300-person capacity have rental rates ranging from $2,500 to more than $10,000. 


What’s more, property owners in good standing at the time of rental will receive a 10% discount on rental prices listed below of Floral Valley Banquet Hall and a 50% discount on the refundable deposit at the time of reservation.



Floral Valley Banquet Hall 

Rental Fees

Refundable deposit$300.00
Weekends (Fri-Sun)$600.00
Weekdays (Mon-Thur)$475.00
Reserve Day Prior to Event$155.00
Additional Amenities 
Kitchen Use$175.00+$50.00 deposit
PA System (not including screen/projector)$50.00
12'x12' Screen & Projector$75.00

All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.



Floral Valley Meeting Room


The Floral Valley meeting room is open to property owners and the public. It can accommodate up to 40 people and is the perfect venue for club meetings and small gatherings. Weekend rates for 4 hours use of the venue are at $50.00. Weekday rates are $45.00.      



Floral Valley Pool Party Room


Ideal for celebrating parties and birthdays, property owners in good standing may rent the pool party room for 2.5 hours at a rate of $75.00 on weekends (Friday-Sunday) and $60.00 on weekdays.


Campers Village Fees


Campers Village is a place for property owners and their guests to camp in RVs, campers or tents. The facility offers complete camping amenities, including electric and water hookups, a laundry room and 2 bathhouses, playground with shaded seating, basketball court, volleyball net, horseshoe pit, picnic tables, and a picnic shelter equipped with grills.


Camping FeeAmount
Property Owners 
Yearly$950.00 + electricity charge
Monthly (30 amp)$240.00 + electricity charge
Monthly (50 amp)$265.00 + electricity charge
Daily (30 amp)$14.00 + electricity charge
Daily (50 amp)$16.00 + electricity charge
Monthly (30 amp)$265.00 + electricity charge
Monthly (50 amp)$280.00 + electricity charge
Daily (30 amp)$16.00 + electricity charge
Daily (50 amp)$18.00 + electricity charge

All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.


Some individuals take their love for the outdoors on a higher level and opt for primitive camping over regular camping. A simplified way to get in tune with nature without all the fuss, primitive camping in Apple Valley is far from inconvenient. 


Primitive Camping FeeAmount
Property Owners 


All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.


Campers with boat and boat-trailers can park their watercraft in designated parking areas. However, it must be noted that boats and boat trailers must be taken at the end of the season (October 31 of each year).


Boat/Trailer Storage FeesAmount
Seasonal (April 1 - October 31)$180.00


All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.


You can also buy your laundry supplies, firewood, camping supplies, ice and snacks at the Campground Office.


If you have an RV and love camping and the outdoors, you can buy a lot in Apple Valley, be a property owner, and have access to all the amenities for a fraction of the usual cost.


If you have both an RV and a home in Apple Valley, you may need a storage area for your RV or camper. Campers Village offers different storage options for your convenience.


Camper Storage FeesAmount
Annual Storage$250.00
Seasonal Storage (April-October 31)$180.00
Winter Storage (November 1-April)$180.00


All amounts are updated as of February 1, 2020, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.                           


However, it must be noted that guests who do not qualify for the purchase of a family pass do not have access to other facilities outside of the campground unless being accompanied by the property owner.     


Fees for Architectural Projects


Building a new home and adding a garage or additional amenities to your existing home requires the approval of the POA. A form must be filled out and submitted for approval. Certificates of Approval are required to do any work outside of your home.


Building a new house or adding a new garage to your existing home requires a $5,000.00 value compliance bond and a fee of $1.00 per sq ft of construction. However, the fee has a maximum of $1,500.00.


Amenities including, but not limited to, an addition, fence, shed or boathouse, gazebo, dock, deck, seawall, in-ground pool, retaining wall (taller than 2 ft.), and/or pet enclosure require a $100.00 deposit and a permit fee of $75.00.


When buying a property on Apple Valley, you need an agent who is familiar with the fees and has been in the community for a long time. Having lived in Apple Valley for more than 15 years, we can help you make the best decision regarding your real estate investment in Apple Valley OH. Call us, Joe and Sherrie Toth of RE/MAX Consultant Group | Apple Valley Lake at 740-390-0735 to know more about Apple Valley homes currently on the market.

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Campers Village

For directions to this facility click on the image above.

Campers Village is a place for property owners, in good standing, and their guests to camp in RVs, campers or tents. The office is located as you enter the village.

*PERTAINING TO GUESTS: If you have family members or guests camping, the property owner must stop at the Campers Village office to show AVPOA ID and sign a form for their guests. Family Passes and guest campers are not permitted to have seasonal "long-term" camping. It is reserved for members.

According to Campers Village Rule III. Advanced Reservation Site, (C) There is a limit of 14 days on any reserved site. Should you wish to stay longer (not to exceed 30 days), please advise the campground office and they will assist you depending on availability.
Here you can:
  • Pay your assessments and/or camping fees.
  • Obtain your property owner ID card, Access Card, or Fitness Membership.
  • Purchase family passes or boat decals.


This facility offers electric and water hookups, playground with shaded seating, basketball court, volleyball net, horseshoe pit, picnic tables, and a picnic shelter, as well as grills. There is also a laundry room and 2 bathhouses. Laundry supplies, firewood, camping supplies, ice, and snacks are available to purchase at the Campground Office.

Throughout the week (M-F) the picnic shelter is on a first-come, first-serve basis (no cost).

Shelter Reservation on Weekends (IN-SEASON*):
If you wish to reserve the picnic shelter on Saturday or Sunday (in-season*) a request form must be filled out and payment (cash or check) must be received by the Administration Office.  *[Memorial Day (May) through Labor Day (September)].

Only campers may use designated parking area for boats and boat trailers. All campers and decks, except ones on seasonal sites, must go in storage area, or be taken home at end of season (Nov. 1) of each year. Boats and boat trailers must also be taken at this time. There is a storage area for those who don't want to camp, but need to store their RV or camper. (See Fees).


All fees must be paid when you arrive. First-come, first-serve basis, money in hand. This means if you come in on Wednesday to get a site for Saturday, you start paying from Wednesday through to the last day you camp. This includes primitive sites. 

3602 Apple Valley Drive, Howard, Ohio 43028_unbranded

Is Apple Valley Lake Open To The Public?

You've heard about this beautiful place called Apple Valley Lake, a premier tourist destination at the heart of Knox County, Ohio. But before you pack your bags for a vacation, you might be wondering, 'Is Apple Valley Lake open to the public?'

Fall is a beautiful time for Apple Valley Lake but you might be wondering, “Is Apple Valley Lake Open to the public?”

Apple Valley Lake, Ohio is a private community that welcomes tourists, travelers, and families looking for a vacation or full time home. You can either stay at Apple Valley as a guest of the property owner or rent out a lovely home to experience lake living.

However, in order to use the facilities such as the camping area, community center, clubhouse, lake, and beaches, you have to be a property owner or be accompanied by a property owner as a guest. For the immediate family of the property owner, guest passes can be purchased so they don’t have to be with the property owner while using the facilities.

"What are some facilities available to property owners and their guests?"

Some facilities available for the use of property owners and their guests are:

  • Private Lake - Apple Valley Lake is crystal clear and has an average depth of 30 feet. It is one of the few lakes in the area with no horsepower limit.​


  • Private Beaches - three private beaches can be found on Apple Valley Lake: King Beach, Davis Beach and Sutton Beach. All of them are equipped with picnic facilities, a kiddie playground, and a beach house with restrooms and changing facilities.​


  • Bennett Park - a private park with a picnic shelter, playground, and fishing pond and a vast grassy terrain perfect for family bonding moments, and as a venue for family gatherings and occasions.


  • Floral Valley - a community center with an indoor pool, a lobby area with TV and fireplace, a kitchen, a small meeting room, and a large banquet area for social events.


  • Clubhouse - a two-story building located on the east side of the lake which is a popular venue for wedding receptions, family reunions, parties, and other events. The clubhouse also houses the outdoor pool and fitness center.


  • Apple Valley Marina - a full-service facility where pontoons and non-power boats may be rented, and new as well as previously owned boats, trailers, boat lifts, and engines can be purchased.


  • Campers' Village - A vast area which provides all the necessities for campers, including electric and water hookups, as well as facilities such as playground with shaded seating, basketball court, horseshoe pit, a laundry room, two bathhouses and a picnic shelter complete with grills.

    ​​Young kids and the young at heart will find the playground at Bennet park a fun way to spend time under the sun.

Property owners and their guests can enjoy fishing on the lake as well as other recreational activities such as water skiing and leisure boating. Click here for more information on the amenities in Apple Valley Lake.

"If I'm not yet a property owner or doesn't know anyone who owns property at Apple Valley Lake, can I still spend my vacation there?"

Yes, you can definitely spend your vacation in Apple Valley Lake and enjoy the beauty of lake living. Some homes in Apple Valley Lake are available for rent. Click here to see some of the available homes to choose from for your vacation.

If you rent a lakefront home, you can sit on the dock and let your senses experience Apple Valley Lake or swim by the dock and create fun-filled memories.


Apple Valley is also nearby a gorgeous seasonal golf-course that is open to the public. The Apple Valley Golf course is known for being one of the finest in Central Ohio.


You can also take the scenic route and drive leisurely to some interesting sights near Apple Valley Lake. Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast, nature lover or history buff, there’s something for almost everyone.

"What are some must-see places in Apple Valley Lake that are open to the public?"

In addition to the picturesque and amazingly clear lake and beaches, Apple Valley is within a short driving distance of these other popular tourist attractions:


  • Honey Run Park - A secret treasure in the heart of Knox County, it is a vast 2-acre property which includes a mesmerizing 25-foot high waterfall. Take a hike from the waterfall to the Kokosing River and marvel at the spectacular Blackhand sandstone cliffs and boulders.


  • Knox County Hellbender Preserve - A sanctuary for the “Eastern Hellbender” -- Ohio’s largest amphibian, this 15-acre site covers the Buckeye Grove Loop Trail. Geocaching enthusiasts will love this preserve.


  • Ariel Foundation Park - This stunning 250-acre site was previously a glass-making factory, adaptively reused to create a unique park with architectural ruins, lakes, observation tower, walking trails, steel sculptures, and a museum.

     Ariel Foundation Park’s unique features combining industrial structures and nature makes for a stunning view. 

  • Roscoe Village - This unique historic community allows visitors to step back in time and relive the 1830’s, a time when the canal system changed the course of Ohio history.


  • Kokosing Valley Camp and Canoe - designated as Ohio’s first state water trail, it combines a campground and canoe livery in one location. In addition to kayaks, canoes, and tubes ready for use, the site also features other facilities such as a heated swimming pool, a unique golf driving range, and a beautifully landscaped 9-hole miniature golf course.


  • Knox County Historical Society - a museum that showcases the rich history of Knox County, with exhibits about business and industry, notable personalities, kitchen and household memorabilia, means of communication, and early forms of transportation.


  • Mohican State Park - a 1,110-acre property adjacent to the Mohican state forest, Mohican State Park offers a unique wilderness experience with the striking Clearfork Gorge, hemlock forest and scenic Mohican River, as well as luxurious accommodations and complete camping facilities.


  • Mansfield Snow Trails - the Ski Capital of Ohio, this 80-acre commercial ski resort is the first in Ohio. Complete with all the amenities you need for skiing or tubing, Mansfield Snow Trails also offers ski lessons for children and beginners.


  • Kokosing Gap Trail - offering miles of awesome flora and wildlife, Kokosing Gap Trail is a paved, 14-mile recreational trail built on a former Pennsylvania Railroad line. It features the 0-6-0 locomotive and Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose #90776, along with a rotary park playground.

     Kokosing Gap Trail’s 0-6-0 locomotive and Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose #90776 is a favorite tourist attraction within driving distance from Apple Valley Lake. 

  • Brown Family Environmental Center - a 500-acre preserve located in the Kokosing River valley of central Ohio, to conserve natural diversity and engage people of all ages with nature.


  • Kokosing Nature Preserve - located in the picturesque countryside of Gambier, Ohio, The Kokosing Nature Preserve consists of twenty-three acres of restored prairies and woodlands. It is a perfect place for picnics and leisurely walks.


  • Wolf Run Park - Enjoy 260 acres of rolling topography and contiguous open space featuring nearly ten miles of hiking trails, woodlands, a pond, and other natural features. Wolf Run Park is the perfect place to relax and have fun. There’s something for each member of the family, including a kids' bouldering area, a fishing area, and a nearly two-acre “bark park” for your canine babies.​

​​Related Questions


 "When is the best time to visit Apple Valley Lake?"


Apple Valley experiences four seasons, with warm and humid summers, freezing winters, and partly cloudy weather year-round.


Apple Valley Lake is Instagram-worthy any time of the year. Each season of the year gives a different rendering of the lake that you’ll want to capture. 


Some attractions near Apple Valley Lake are only open during certain seasons. For instance, the Apple Valley Golf Course and Kokosing Valley Camp and Canoe close during the winter.


According to, over the course of the year, the temperature in Apple Valley Lake typically varies from 20°F to 83°F and is rarely below 3°F or above 90°F.

Based on the tourism score, the best time of year to visit Apple Valley for warm-weather activities is from mid-June to mid-September.

"Is Apple Valley Lake the perfect location for my vacation home?"

Yes, Apple Valley Lake is the perfect place to buy your vacation home!

I live here and love it. I'd love to take you on a tour of our lake homes the next time you visit.

Apple Valley Lake is not only a premier tourist destination, but it is also a thriving community of neighborly people who go out of their way to help each other. A lot of my clients who are not originally from Apple Valley Lake, fall in love with the whole package: the place and the people.

One such client wanted to rent a home for a week before deciding to buy a property. I set him up with several rental choices. He and his family rented one of the homes I recommended and loved it! 

He was not a relative of the homeowner he rented. So he couldn’t use the amenities. However, because it was a waterfront home, they could sit on the dock and swim near the dock. They loved it so much, they purchased a lakefront home from me that same season.

Read about the Rules and Regulations at Apple Valley Here

Don’t deprive yourself the chance to own a lake home, live a life like you’re always on vacation and be a part of this lovely community. Click hereto contact us about how to get a home or lot at Apple Valley Lake, Ohio


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