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The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler for True Enthusiasts

With great wine comes great responsibility—and that means proper storage. Whether you’re saving some cellar-worthy bottles for future enjoyment or working your way through your favorite case of rosé, investing in a quality fridge can make all the difference in your drinking experience. A cooler does more than just bring wines to their ideal serving temperature. It also provides stability: Exposure to extreme hot and cold (and fluctuations between the two) can adversely affect a wine’s flavor, and most are best kept between 50 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit— warmer than a standard fridge and cooler than the average room. Most bottles also benefit from being stored on their sides. This prevents the cork from drying out, which can introduce oxygen into the bottle and render a wine undrinkable.

Choosing the perfect wine fridge might seem overwhelming, but you can easily narrow down your choices by opting for an under-counter model. These feature a front-facing vent which directs heat away from the unit, and can be seamlessly installed underneath bars or kitchen counters. Many are also attractive enough to keep out in the open, giving you the freedom to choose where and how yours will be placed in your space. Shop our top picks for the best built-in wine coolers on the market today.

Not all wine fridges are created equally. Here are some features to keep in mind while you shop for your ideal under-counter option.

Thermoelectric vs. Compressor Systems: Most wine coolers fall into one of these two categories. Compressor systems will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature of the unit, while thermoelectric systems run continuously. Wine coolers with thermoelectric systems are quieter, but they can translate to higher energy consumption, and they also tend to break down sooner than those with compressors. If you live in a relatively hot climate, you might want to consider a compressor system to save on energy costs.

Capacity: The capacity of your future wine fridge depends entirely on the size of your collection, including bottles you’d like to safely store for a period of time and ones you’d like to have on hand for immediate consumption. For example, if you have around 15 cellar-worthy bottles and a small handful that you plan to drink lightly chilled in the near future, you’ll want to look for a wine fridge that holds around 28 bottles, especially if you plan to expand your collection.

Size: If you’re opting for a built-in model, think of it as any other kitchen appliance, and be sure to carefully check the measurements before purchasing. There’s more variation in counter heights than you might think, and the last thing you want is an appliance that won’t fit in the space.

Single-Zone vs. Dual-Zone: Some coolers can maintain more than one temperature zone. Generally speaking, if your collection is under 300 bottles or so, you can get away with having a single-zone wine cooler. When you’re working with larger collections, multiple temperature zones can come in handy to preserve a wider variety of bottles.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler, $599

The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler Option Kalamera 30-Bottle Wine Cooler

The Kalamera 30-bottle wine cooler is Amazon’s number one top-selling wine fridge, and for good reason: Its smart use of space allows up to 30 bottles to be stored inside the compact, single-zone unit, and it comes with a host of features, including LED controls and a temperature memory function. It’s a compressor system, but is designed to run quietly with minimal vibration. The temperature zone ranges from 40 degrees to 66 degrees Fahrenheit, and the unit includes a carbon filter to minimize any possible odors, plus two interior fans for even air circulation. This counter-height cooler is just 14.9 inches wide, making it a great choice for compact kitchen spaces. A one-year warranty is included.

Best Value: Magic Chef 50-Bottle Wine Cooler, $449

The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler Option Magic Chef 50-Bottle Wine Cooler in Stainless Steel

At an appealing price point for its size, Magic Chef’s 50-bottle wine fridge offers serious bang for your buck. This budget-friendly wine fridge has plenty of space for all of your most prized bottles—and then some. Complete with a digital thermostat, LED interior lighting, see-through door, and flat-back design, it’s easy to incorporate this single-zone wine fridge into your kitchen or bar setup, and the shelves are both adjustable and removable, making it easy to accommodate any irregularly shaped bottles in your stable. The temperature can be set anywhere between 41 and 61 degrees Fahrenheit. With all the bells and whistles of a professional wine fridge, this affordable model is the perfect pick for the savvy shopper with a modest yet growing collection.

Best Large: Lanbo 149-Bottle Triple Zone Built-In Wine Cooler, $1,071

The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler Option Lanbo 149-Bottle Triple-Zone Built-In Wine Cooler

With a 149-bottle capacity, this ultra-spacious high-efficiency Lanbo wine cooler won’t actually fit under your standard kitchen counter, but it is equipped with a front vent, so it can be built into any existing kitchen configuration. For those with larger collections, this unit features three programmable zones: The upper zone ranges from 41 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with the middle zone at 41 to 54 degrees, and the lower zone at 54 to 71 degrees. Additional features include a double-layered tinted glass door, removable burrless beechwood shelves, a powerful internal fan, digital controls, and a low-vibration compressor system. At 71.3 inches high and 23.4 inches wide, it’s about the size of your average kitchen fridge. A one-year warranty is included.

Best Splurge: EuroCave Performance 59 38-Bottle Wine Cellar, from $2,795

The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler Option EuroCave Performance 59 Built-In Wine Cellar

Sold exclusively by Wine Enthusiast, the EuroCave is a top choice among wine industry professionals, and this 38-bottle unit is worth every cent. Serious wine connoisseurs can customize their own model with unique door configurations and styles, as well as single or multiple zones. Each EuroCave wine cooler is made by hand, and while this one comes with a one-year warranty for parts and labor and a five-year sealed system warranty, it should last for many years to come. The beechwood shelves are adjustable, and the unit as a whole measures 23.3 inches wide by 33 inches high.

5. Best Single-Zone: Hisense 54-Bottle Wine Chiller, $499

The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler Option Hisense 54-Bottle Capacity Stainless Steel Built-In Freestanding Wine Chiller

I personally own this single-zone wine fridge, and I absolutely love it—the Hisense 54-bottle cooler is sleek in appearance, and it’s the perfect size for storing my special bottles safely in the long term while keeping several sparkling wines chilled for impromptu cork-popping. With six soft-close shelves, a digital display, low energy output, and a UV-blocking reversible glass door, this compressor-run wine cooler offers everything I look for in one neat package at a surprisingly affordable price. It even comes with a built-in alarm system to alert you if you’ve accidentally left the door ajar. The temperature can be set anywhere from 41 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the unit measures 23.4 inches wide by 33.9 inches high. It comes with a two-year parts warranty and a five-year compressor warranty.

Best Dual Zone: Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Wine Refrigerator, $599

The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler Option Smith & Hanks 32-Bottle Under-Counter Wine Refrigerator

The Smith & Hanks 32-bottle under-counter wine refrigerator is a prime example of compact size and dual-zone wine storage coming together in perfect harmony. Equipped with a compressor system, this high-efficiency wine fridge measures 34 inches high by just 15 inches wide, and can easily fit into snug spaces within your cabinetry. The upper temperature zone’s range is 41 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit while the lower zone ranges from 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Other features include a reversible locking door, a vibration reduction system to ensure minimal sediment disturbance, digital displays, and six removable shelves.

Best Compact: Antarctic Star 18-Bottle Wine Cooler, $490

The Best Under-Counter Wine Cooler Option Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

Small yet mighty, the Antarctic Star 12-inch wine cooler is extremely compact, yet still offers enough space to accommodate a surprising amount of wine bottles (18, to be exact). Clocking in at just 11.6 inches wide, this built-in mini wine fridge would fit easily into even the most cramped kitchen spaces. It features a stainless steel door with double-layer glass, adjustable feet, and a safety lock, as well as a quiet, low-vibration compressor system. A one-year warranty is included.

Ask the Experts

How long should a wine cooler last?

A quality wine cooler should last at least 10 years. Most wine coolers come with warranties for both parts and labor and are offered for anywhere between one and five years.

How long does it take for wine to reach the ideal temperature in a cooler?

This depends on many factors, such as the size of your wine cooler, the temperature at which it’s set, the temperature of the wine, the ambient temperature of the room, and so on. All in all, if you put a bottle of wine in any cooler, it’s safe to say that it will come to your desired temperature after eight to 10 hours or so. If you wish to chill a bottle quickly, simply wrap it in a wet paper towel and stick it in your freezer for about 20 minutes—this usually does the trick!

What’s the best way to clean or maintain it?

Your wine fridge won’t require too much interior upkeep, especially if your model features an odor-minimizing carbon filter, but when you do decide to give it a wipe-down, simply unplug the cooler and use a mild soap to clean any metal or plastic surfaces. If your shelves are made with wood components, use a gentle wood cleaner.

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[TOP 19] Best Built-In Wine Cooler Reviews In 2021


16 Best Built-In Wine Cooler Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for the Best Built-In Wine Cooler for your house? Look no further! You may check out our list for more details

For an avid wine collector, a wine fridge is a must-have item in their kitchen.

In this review, we put together a list of the best built-in wine coolers, also referred to as under counter wine refrigerators. They can be installed into the existing cabinets, which helps your kitchen look sleeker and more streamlined as opposed to setting up a standalone unit.

If you get a trash compactor to sit idle for quite a while, it’s high time you had to replace it with something that you can put into good use. In such a case, there’s nothing better than a built-in wine cooler.

There are several advantages to buying a built-in wine cooler. What if you have a cramped kitchen with no space left for new items? No worries, as long as you still have space in the cabinet or under the counter, you can always get a built-in wine cooler and make better use of the space.

Compared to a standard refrigerator, without a doubt, a built-in wine cooler offers better humidity levels as well as an ideal temperature to store your expensive bottles. The best thing is that the design of these fridges facilitates air ventilation, thus reducing overheating. Hence, you can tuck them into any tight area without worrying about any safety issues.

In our list today, we include wine coolers with either single or dual cooling zones. Besides, we strive to put in wine coolers with different storage capacities and prices. As a result, there will be something on this list for everyone. Let’s dive right into the review and see what works best for your taste and needs.
Best Built-In Wine Cooler

Top 16 Best Built-In Wine Cooler Review In 2021

1. Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

If your budget permits and you’re serious about building your wine collection, this offering from Kalamera could be your perfect fit.

A dual-zone wine fridge is a good choice for storing both whites and reds on the short run. Whites and reds require different temperatures to maintain their taste and revolve over time as well. This dual-zone, built-in wine cooler has an upper zone providing a temperature range between 40F and 50F for your white wine. The lower zone offers an optimal range from 50F to 66F for your red wines.

Plus, this wine fridge allows you to adjust the same temperature (55F is recommended) for both zones, ideal for long-term consumption.

What’s more, the beech shelves allows for adjustments to fit large-sized bottles. It’s worth noting that the capacity of many wine refrigerators are often overstated, so it’s better to go a bit larger than your desired capacity to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

This built-in wine cooler runs quietly. It also produces negligible vibration without shaking the wine and ruining the flavour profile.

Most importantly, the build quality is quite impressive with a durable stainless steel frame and robust beech shelves. Although some customers are not happy about the customer service, we think there’s less chance that the build quality will let you down.

  • A great combination of stainless steel and beech shelves
  • Operates silently without vibration
  • Dual temperature zones for users to flexibly and conveniently store the wine
  • Issues around quality control

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2. Kalamera 30-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Kalamera is undoubtedly an expert when it comes to wine preservation. This single-zone 30-bottle built-in wine cooler sets a good example for this.

You can easily adjust the temperature from 40F to as high as 66F to keep a variety of wine chilled. The only shortcoming for such a single-zone wine fridge is that it does not provide an ideal environment for both reds and whites to thrive. However, if you’ll be storing only a wine type, this built-in wine fridge is a great buy.

We love that this wine refrigerator cabinet offers you great flexibility in terms of installation. You can set it up as a freestanding, built-in or even an under-counter wine fridge. Imagine you get a bar cabinet with wine fridge built in, you will be able to take out fresh, crisp wine in seconds and immediately serve your guests.

You might be surprised about the impressive storing capacity of this compact kitchen wine cooler. You’ll have no trouble storing up to 30 750ml wine bottles. The shelves can be adjusted to fit larger bottles, yet you’ll reduce the capacity.

The dimensions of this wine cooler cabinet are 14.9 x 33.9 x 22.4 inches, and it can work either as a standalone wine cooler or as a part of an existing cabinet. You can even use it as under counter wine fridge if it helps your kitchen look more streamlined.

Kalamera used rugged stainless steel to build the wine fridge’s frame, so you can rest assured about its durability. The door has two tempered glass layers, preventing the UV rays from leaking in and compromising your wine.

However, a handful of previous users feel that customer service leaves quite much to be desired. Apart from it, this pick could be the best built-in wine cooler for its build quality and effectiveness.

  • Restores the chosen temperature after power loss
  • Storing temperature is between 40F and 66F
  • Compact enough to be an under counter wine fridge
  • Improvable customer service

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3. NewAir 29-Bottle Wine Cooler

This NewAir built-in wine cooler promises you impressive performance and a great build quality without breaking your bank.

This wine beverage fridge can accommodate 29 bottles of traditional Bordeaux. However, it is compact for the capacity with a width of only 15 inches to fit snugly in any home size. For that reason, you can throw away an old trash compactor and effortlessly throw the built-in wine cooler in its place.

It is common sense that regularly opening or shutting the wine cooler exposes the wine to more UV lights and destabilizes the temperature inside. The good news is the LED lights of this built-in wine cooler allows you to check on the bottles without the need to open the door.

The upper zone (40F to 50F) provides an optimal environment for white wine, while the lower zones (50F to 66F) makes a perfect place for red wine. If you like to collect a variety of wines that require different temperature settings, there’s nothing better than this wine fridge.

Unfortunately, there are some reported cases of compressor failure. This issue is worth mentioning as users found that this component is hard to repair, and they ended up buying a new wine fridge instead.

Apart from this drawback, this is one of the compressor wine coolers worth buying for its affordability and compactness.

  • Ideal for storing different types of wine for short-term
  • LED for users to easily monitor their wine
  • Users can choose a package with a recessed kickplate
  • There are some cases of failing compressor

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4. Aobosi 24 Inch Built-in Wine Cooler

This large-sized wine fridge cabinet from Aobosi makes a great choice for those ambitious about building their wine collection. It can fit an overwhelming number of 46 bottles comfortably.

Despite the spacious interior, the wine cooler has a deceptively small footprint. You can install it as a countertop wine cooler or integrate it into the cabinet for a streamlined appearance for the house.

As this wine cooler cabinet operates with a compressor, it produces little noise while still efficient for either short-term or long-term wine preservation.

A solid stainless steel frame surrounds the glass door. It stands in contrast with the beech wood shelves, lending a unique look to the whole unit. Better still, these shelves allow for customization to fit different bottle sizes and beverage types.

Thanks to the temperature memory feature, the wine refrigerator cabinet itself will restore to the set temperature after a power cut. This ensures that your bottle will not end at unfavorable temperatures.

As mentioned, you should not take the claimed 46-bottle capacity seriously. There is a high chance that you’ll cramp the built-in wine cooler a little bit to reach the maximum capacity. If you feel like you will need some breathing space between bottles, a larger wine fridge is the way to go.

As the wine beverage fridge runs with a compressor, it only produces a low noise level of 42 decibels. It will be more tolerable than the kind of boring hum that many loud wine coolers make.

Looking for the best built-in wine cooler for new-year parties? You can start from here.

  • Small dimension for the capacity
  • Two installation options
  • Memory function to reduce the chance of power loss destroying your wine
  • You’ll need some helping hands for moving it from place to place.

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5. Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler 24 Inch Built-in Wine Refrigerator

Imagine, after you get your best built-in wine cooler, you have a change of heart and want a countertop wine fridge instead. That would not necessarily be an issue when buying this Phiestina wine cooler, as it offers you the flexibility to switch between a standalone and a built-in installation without any fuss.

The best thing about a dual-zone wine beverage fridge is that it offers the capability to store your reds and whites at different temperatures. This is also a strong point of this Phiestina model. The setting is quite the same as other dual-zone design. With a temperature range from 40F to 50F, the upper zone is dedicated to preserving white wine, while the lower one (50F-66F) is specially made for red wine storage. The temperature can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit for your convenience.

Another bonus is the reversible door hinge, allowing this built-in wine cooler to fit even in a small space. Plus, it operates with very little noise so that you won’t be bothered by a tedious sound like you would with other wine coolers.

The package comes with five detachable, versatile shelves for you to freely customize to better fit your collection.

This is the best built-in wine cooler for those who in need of a generous capacity for their growing wine collection while they don’t want to something that takes up their kitchen. The build quality and the efficiency of this unit are quite impressive, especially when you know how affordable it is. Without a doubt, this pick could be the best built-in wine cooler you can have.

  • Compact for its impressive storing capacity
  • Provides the optimal temperature for whites and reds
  • Flexible installation: Freestanding or under counter wine fridge
  • Users with a large collection will need a larger wine cooler.

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6.Kalamera Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

EdgeStar and Kalamera are the two giants in the wine preservation industry for their quality and the wide range of choices they offer buyers when it comes to size, placement, and storage capacity. Take a closer a look and figure out why this unit is considered the best built-in wine cooler on the market.

By utilizing the included six racks and seven wood shelves, you’ll have a tremendous space to store your precious collection. The maximum capacity of this built-in wine cooler is up to 20 wine bottles in addition to 78 beverage cans. This impressive number makes this Kalamera built-in wine cooler the go-to option for most households. You will love to be able to store your wine alongside fizzy drinks and other beverage types.

The only quibble we find with this unit is that it makes a considerable amount of noise despite the manufacturer claiming that the unit is whisper-quiet. Consider the noise when it comes to placing this built-in wine cooler.

However, you are free to adjust the temperature in the two zones. The right zone provides a temperature range between 38F and 50F, while the other zone has a band from 40F to 66F. This allows you to safely and ideally preserve your reds and whites together with other beverages you would like to have so that they are always ready to serve.

Just like with any other cool wine fridge, you can set up this unit as a freestanding or install it to an existing cabinet to suits your home design.

On the downside, some buyers were unpleasantly surprised that the height that the unit claimed is incorrect. You should err on the caution side and make sure that the unit will fit your place.

  • Compact design, generous storage
  • Ideal for preserving mixed wine types.
  • Good value for money
  • Slightly loud when in use

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7. Antarctic Star Dual-Zone Built In Wine Fridge

Although Antarctic Star doesn’t offer users an array of models, they have made a few terrific wine coolers, and this wine cooler cabinet is a good example.

With a 28-bottle capacity, we must say that this unit is not a good fit for those with a large wine collection. Also, buyers have noticed that this stated capacity is hard to reach.

Yet, for those with a cramped kitchen but still love to have an appropriate storage place for their wine collection, this compact built-in wine cooler is the way to go. With a weight of 88.2 pounds and the dimensions of 14.96 x 22.75 x 34.25 inches, this unit should suffice small wine collection.

However, you’ll still get a dual-zone large feature like with other large-sized wine coolers. This function enables you to preserve your white and red wine and enjoy its best taste and flavor in the short run.

You can easily switch between standalone and countertop placement if necessary. Like other wine fridges, the unit has an aesthetically pleasing contrast between the wooden shelves and the stainless steel frame door. For that reason, it can match either traditional or modern kitchen décor.

The two zones have the same temperature band between 41F and 68F. Besides, the doors are made of dual layers of tempered glass, offering the ultimate protection for your wine.

For those with a decent wine collection, this nominee could be the best wine fridge for their kitchen.

  • Streamlined look with a decent storing capacity
  • The door is made of two layers of glass
  • Versatile installation options
  • The wood shelves render the interior quite narrow.

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8. Aobosi Wine Refrigerator and Cooler

Is this Aobosi unit any good to be considered the best wine cooler?

With a capacity to fit 18 wine bottles as well as more than 50 cans of drinks, this built-in wine cooler from Aobosi makes a perfect choice for a busy family.

Obviously, a dual-zone wine cooler will have some advantages over its single-zone counterparts. Keep your whites cool and safe in the left storage zone (35.6F-50F) and your reds in the adjacent zone (41F-64.4F). You’ll always get your wine ready at hands for a long period to entertain yourself and your guests.

With this built-in wine cooler, you can store as many as 18 Bordeaux bottles. If you’ve got larger-sized bottles of champagne, make some adjustments to the shelves so the bottles can fit in.

The wine fridge cabinet features a front vent, so it requires less space for ventilation and gives you more versatility when you set it up as a built-in wine cooler. If your kitchen design doesn’t allow for a built-in setting, you still get the option of setting it up as a freestanding.

If you’re looking for a versatile built-in wine cooler, this pick from Aobosi will make a worthwhile investment.

  • Suitable for preserving both wine and other types of drinks
  • Ideal for storing mixed wines with the two temperature zones
  • Can be set up as a standalone or under counter wine cooler

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9. EdgeStar 38-Bottle Wine Cooler

This EdgeStar built-in wine cooler makes a great option for those with an average-sized mixed wine collection. You can throw in up to 38 bottles of wine inside this unit. However, you’ll have to make sure that your kitchen has enough room to accommodate this 23 x 19.38 x 32.88-inch wine fridge.

You should be aware of the stated capacity, though. More often than not, it’s uncomfortable to put 38 wine bottles inside the unit. In addition, for larger-sized beverage bottles, such as champagne, there is a need to adjust the shelves to fit them inside, and the actual capacity will reduce in the process.

If you enjoy drinking mixed types of wine on a regular basis, a dual-zone built in wine cooler is a worthwhile addition to the kitchen. The upper zone provides a temperature band from 40F to 54F so that you can keep your whites ideally chilled. The lower zone (54F-65F) is where you will store your reds at a higher temperature setting to get the best out of them.

We love the fact that you reverse the door to better suits your kitchen design. EdgeStar is a household name in the industry, and the wide range of quality wine coolers that they offer manifests their reputation. This best built-in wine cooler offers a wonderful package of a trusted brand, attentive customer support, and professional craftsmanship.

  • Users can easily customize the wood shelves
  • Dual temperature zone for ultimate flexibility
  • The door can be set up on either side
  • Takes up a considerable amount of space

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10. Bodega 31-Bottle Wine Cooler

This 31-bottle wine cooler effortlessly makes it to our lists for several good reasons.

This single-zone built-in wine cooler has a temperature range of 41F-68F. If you prefer drinking one type of wine, having a dual-zone built-in wine cooler would only be a waste of money. Moreover, for those who need a wine fridge dedicated to long-term preservation, storing all of their wines in one place at the ideal temperature of 55F makes a great sense.

This Bodega built in wine refrigerator can accommodate up to 31 bottles of 750ml. Like with other competitors, the interior allows space for larger-sized wine bottles with only a few adjustments. This certainly will alternate the actual capacity, or you can store fewer bottles inside, in other words.

You’ll not encounter any troubles installing this wine cooler, either as a standalone unit or a built in version. The blue LED lights help subtly highlight your old vintages and make monitoring easier without the fuss of opening the door.

If compactness and performance are top of your priorities, you cannot go wrong with this built-in wine cooler.

  • It can be installed as a standalone or under countertop wine cooler
  • Stylish integrated LED lights
  • Fits large-sized bottles of beverage
  • Only comes with one temperature zone

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11. Lanbo Wine and Beverage Refrigerator, Built-in Wine and Drink Center

This Lanbo wine fridge sports a sleek, compact look that can make a great addition to any crowded kitchen. For its compactness, the unit can only store 33 bottles of wine along with 70 beverages cans.

As the unit comes with two cooling zones, you can enjoy more flexibility when it comes to storing your beverages. Tuck in your wine bottles in one zone and soft drinks in the other zone. Alternatively, if you love mixed types of wine, you can preserve them in two separate zones and set different temperatures for optimal storage. The temperatures of the left cooling area range from 41F to as high as 64F. The right area features a lower temperature range between 39F and 50F.

These temperature zones are superb straightforward to control. Even you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll find no trouble adjusting them. The intuitive one-touch control, together with the easy-to-read displays, helps ease your life.

As the unit functions based on a compressor, you can rest assured about the cooling efficiency of your wine. However, unlike other cheap compressor-based coolers, this model doesn’t kick out any irritating noise. If you want to place this unit as an under counter wine fridge, there’s no worry about overheating as the front ventilation does a good job at dissipating heat. Alternatively, it works as a freestanding wine cooler as long as you have sufficient space.

Unfortunately, some users were disappointed about the unit’s unexpectedly short lifespan. Apart from it, this is a robust built-in wine cooler for small kitchens at an affordable price tag.

  • Produces little noise as it operates with compressor
  • Stores whites and reds separately for optimal preservation
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • There are some reported cases of deteriorating build quality.

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12. EdgeStar 30-Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

EdgeStar is highly preferred by wine lovers, as you can tell from the number of built-in wine coolers from the brand present on our list. If you don’t have access to a dedicated cellar, an EdgeStar built-in wine fridge will do just fine.

The manufacturer offers a variety of effective and budget-friendly wine fridges for users. Build quality and cooling precision are pretty high on their agenda. With a storage capacity of 30 bottles, this unit is the best choice for a small wine collection. If you’re an ambitious wine collector, consider other larger options on this list.

As with any single-zone wine fridge, the wine fridge cabinet is ideal for storing wine for the long run or preserving only one wine type.

If the single zone is all that you need, you’ll benefit from the quiet operation and carbon filtration.

Many disgruntled buyers noticed that they encounter problems right after the warranty period ends. This makes people think about warranty as a starting point from which issues will arise. Yet, we think that you should not keep your expectation high, consider its very affordable price tag.

  • Carbon filtration counterbalances unpleasant odors
  • Standalone or built-in set up
  • Solid rubberized housing minimizes vibration and noise
  • A few users reported problems right after the warranty policy ends.

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13. Lanbo 44 Bottle Built-in Dual Zone Compressor Wine Cooler

Lambo is well known for a bunch of highly dependable wine fridges. Then, is this Lanbo model any good?

If you’re new to wine collecting, one thing you should bear in mind is that whites and reds require different temperatures to retain their quality. That’s what a dual-zone wine cooler is specially made for.

The upper zone (41F-54F) is perfect for keeping your whites chilled for the desirable crispiness. The lower zone (54F-64F) with warmer temperature than red wine asks for.

Lanbo used natural beech for the shelves, which will provide a sleek look for the whole unit as well as make the shelves more durable. You can freely detach or adjust these shelves to your liking and to fit the types of bottle, you’re going to keep inside.

The door consists of two layers of tempered glass, which guarantees your wine stored inside will not be destroyed by the detrimental UV lights. It also allows you to take a look into your collection without opening it.

Some unhappy customers have complained about the customer service. However, the reviews about the product itself are generally positive.

Those who need a compact, fairly-priced wine cooler that they can easily integrate into their cabinets will love this Lanbo unit.

  • The interior is sufficiently spacious to contain 44 bottles
  • Good looking beech shelves makes accessing the bottles easier
  • The door is made of two layers of tempered glass
  • Customer support should be improved

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14. EdgeStar 24-Inch Wine Cooler

EdgeStar has overwhelming control over this wine preservation market. The brand promises you superior quality that many less expensive wine fridges struggle to offer.

A fine contrast between stainless steel and wood shelves and a black cabinet lends a stylish look to any kitchen décor.

This built-in wine cooler is 32 x 23.5 x 24.4 inches with a decent weight of 95 pounds. The cooler is compact enough to fit snugly under the counter or in any cabinet. However, it’s advisable to make sure you leave enough room to set up the unit and avoid any mistake.

The left zone in which you can store your whites has a lower temperature (36F-43F) than the majority of wine fridges. The other zone (41F-68F) is where you can load in your red wine. The wide range of temperature of the unit helps you have more flexibility about the types of bottles you can store.

Due to the size, the manufacturer only offers inside delivery. You will need some helping hands for the setup process because this job is hard to be done on your own.

Made by the reputable EdgeStar, you will enjoy excellent construction. Plenty of users praised this wine cooler for its long lifespan. Keep your wine collection intact and get the best taste of your bottles by investing in this built-in wine cooler.

  • Build quality is exceptional
  • Dual-zone to keep mixed wines cool
  • Fine-looking
  • Despite the small capacity, the unit is quite cumbersome.

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15. EdgeStar 53-Bottle Wine Cooler

Next up on our list is another creation from the reputable EdgeStar.

This 53-bottle built-in wine cooler is specially made for long-term storage of mixed wines with the optimal temperature of 55F. It’s best suitable for a mid-sized collection. However, like with other single-zone units, the main downward of this wine cooler is that you have to change to serving temperature when needed.

However, this unit is a sensible choice for those who prefer only one type of wine or store their bottles for a long period.

This built-in wine cooler has the dimensions of 24.5 x 23.5 x 33.5 inches. Should you have enough space, it will make a great addition to your kitchen, with admirable storage capability and a long lifespan.

The LED lights lend the stylish design a touch of class. Besides aesthetic value, the light is practical in the sense that lets you check on the wine inside without opening the door.

We also enjoy the presence of the auto-defrost function, which helps to ease the maintenance job. Simply choose the optimal temperature for your wine and then go about your business without fussing over the wine cooler.

Considering the installation, what makes this unit is the top choice is its reversible doors and the flexibility they offer. To ensure your wine’s ultimate protection and environment, the manufacturer uses tempered glass for these doors.

If you settle with the single cooling zone, this unit is one of the best built-in wine cooler you can have. The exceptional capacity makes it the best bet for those with a growing collection of wine.

  • Suitable for mid-sized collection
  • Practical and solid construction
  • Reversible door for greater flexibility
  • Comes only with one cooling zone

Shop now at Amazon.com


16. EdgeStar 36-Bottle Wine Cooler

This EdgeStar’s built-in wine cooler keeps up with competitors to provide users with two installations choices: a standalone or under counter fridge. Still, you’ll need to put aside some room for proper ventilation.

This unit comes with a large footprint, with a weight of 110 pounds and the dimensions of 24.5 x 23.5 x 34 inches. This means you will get a generous storage capacity. This unit claim that it can store up to 36 Bordeaux bottles. Although you might have to cramp the bottles a little bit, you can rest assured that you can comfortably store 30 or so bottles.

Additionally, the wood shelves are removable for easier cleanup and maintenance. You can also adjust the shelves when you want to tuck in large-sized wine bottles. Yet, outsized bottles will take up more space and reduce the capacity.

The lock-in feature protects your precious vintages from the touch of your inquisitive children.

The built-in LED lights are also a nice perk, which lets you take a glance at the bottles while the door is still closed. This is beneficial to the quality of the cooling environment, which means you will preserve your wine better in return.

Even if you’re new to a wine cooler, the intuitive and easy-to-use touch control panel allows you to navigate the unit with ease. Simply set the desired temperature for the two cooling zones. You have all the set temperature displayed on the LCD screen.

This unit comes with two cooling zones ideal for storing whites and reds in the long run. The two zones have the same temperature range (40F-65F), which can be set independently via the panel of control.

All things considered, we highly recommend this EdgeStar not only for its solid performance but also for the brand it is made from. You’re sure to get the best bang for your bucks with this gem.

  • Two options to install the unit. You can build it into cabinets or let it stand independently.
  • Lockable doors keep bottles safe from children
  • Sliding wood shelves
  • Users found this unit quite noisy

Shop now at Amazon.com


17. Best Single-Zone: Kalamera Built-in Wine Cooler

If most of your wine bottles are red, the Kalamera built-in wine cooler could be the best fit. This version maintains the average temperature from 53 to 57 degrees, which is the must-have requirement for wine preservation.

With the capacity of 18 bottles in a single zone, the Kalamera wine cooler is built with a revolutionary design. The users will be surprised at the functional and modern cooling technology equipped that ensures smooth operation.

What is more, the smart digital control system and the locking glass door are the key features of this version. This wine cooler is also built with six beech wood shelves that can be adjusted for bottle arrangement inside. In this way, the wine will be kept in perfect condition without any scratch.

Do not worry about installation, as you can put this wine cooler stand-alone or install it on your counters. With the front vent, your wine bottles are always tasty for long-term preservation.

With a width of 12’’, this cooler fits well in any home décor. Moreover, the soft LED light ensures the best environment for your wine.

As we noted above, the average temperature is vital for the wine aging process. With the temperature memory function, this mini wine cooler can restart automatically at the proper temperature in cases of power loss.

The last key feature of this nominee is the attractive design with 2 double layers of glass. Therefore, the temperature is always stable. This also helps prevent tempered glass from inconvenient fogging.

  • This built-in wine cooler has a functional cooling system that ensures the stable temperature
  • Locking door is equipped so that your children cannot open the wine cooler when it operates.
  • With 6 wood shelves, you can easily arrange the bottles inside and avoid them from scratching.
  •  Some customers worry about the energy efficiency when using this version of wine cooler.

Shop now at Amazon.com


18. Best Slim: EdgeStar Built-In Wine Cooler

For those with a requirement of small space for wine collection, the Edgestar built-in wine cooler could be the small but mighty option at home. With the capacity of seven bottles, wine lovers can place this mini fridge on any surface of the counter or leave it to stand-alone. The sleek and sophisticated design ensures an attractive appearance that you cannot ignore.

To maintain stable operation, this wine cooler is equipped with a front vent system for flexible installation. Hence, there is no concern about using this version of small fridge.

It does not stop here. You will be satisfied with many features of this nominee. With the digital display, users can adjust the temperature from 40 degrees to 65 degrees, which is perfect for wine preservation. Moreover, the LED light also increases the optimal experimental design.

This version of the wine cooler features six racks. All of them are made from high-quality metal and can be moved easily for wine arrangement. Last but not least, with an integrated lock and reversible door system, users both right-handed and left-handed can use this fridge conveniently.

  • This wine cooler is perfect for a small place.
  • The outstanding feature of this version is the reversible doors that can be fitted with both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • The maximum capacity of this fridge is seven bottles. Hence you should consider this version if you are seeking a larger one.

Shop now at Amazon.com


19. Best Budget: NutriChef 15-Bottle Wine Chilling Refrigerator at Amazon

The next wine cooler on this list that you should take into consideration is one from Nutrichef. With the capacity of 15 bottles, this cooler is not too big or too small. Its size is flexible enough to place on any counters or be freestanding in your home.

When you see the Nutrichef mini fridge for the first time, I am sure that you will be attracted to its sleek design immediately. The LED light inside helps you see the wine display as well as provides a comfortable experience. That is why this version of NutriCheft wine coolers is always the top choice for storage and display.

Thanks to the adjustable racks in a two-way arrangement, you can place your wine bottles horizontally or vertically with ease.

All wine lovers know that one of the most important factors of the standard wine cooler is temperature. Under proper conditions, your wine will be preserved for a long time without any damage. This version can fit this strict requirement, as the temperature is always set in the range of 41 to 64 degrees. All wine bottles are consistently guaranteed by air-tight design and automatic lock door systems.

To sum up, this wine cooler is a worthwhile investment. The streamlined and functional design can give you the best experience and ease of use

  • The vertical and horizontal racks can maximize the wine arrangement
  • Air-tight system ensures all bottles in the best condition and stable environment.
  • LED lighting provides a comfortable design
  • This version is single-zone wine preservation.
  • There is no reversible door for left-handed users

Shop now at Amazon.com


Buying Guide

Factors to Consider While Shopping For A Built-In Wine Cooler

Although you’ll need to choose between compressor-based or thermoelectric wine coolers, there are many more aspects worth your attention. Make sure you have an idea of what you’ll be using a wine cooler for before starting to browse.

Below are some of the factors that you should take into consideration for the best built-in wine cooler.

1. Installation

You should designate a specific spot in the kitchen for the wine fridge in the first place. It’s easier to install a standalone unit, as they’re quite flexible and can be set up almost anywhere. That’s another story for a built-in wine cooler as it is supposed to be a fixture and should be placed in a certain spot, notably under the counter.

For that reasons, if you’re renovating your kitchen or constructing a new house, a wine fridge cabinet will be a sensible option. Having a trash compactor left unused under the counter? You can also buy a built-in model to replace it. For the two first case, you can freely choose the size of the wine fridge as you can always ask the contractor to customize the design to meet your need.

However, when you use the place that your trash compactor is currently positioned, you are restricted in terms of dimensions. Measure the place first, and get a built-in wine cooler according to the measurements.

2. Price

Depending on the capacity, size, and other add-ons, a built-in wine cooler can cost somewhere between $300 to many thousand dollars. In addition, you will have to pay for the installation costs. In general, wine fridges with larger capacity will be more expensive. Additional features such as a touch display or safety lock will also add to the price.

If you’ve already paid a fortune for your sensitive, expensive wine bottles, then it makes sense to invest your money in a quality wine cooler. It should come with consistent performance, a long lifespan and all functions you need.

On the other hand, should you use a wine cooler just because you want an alternative to the fridge for your drinks, you can play it safe and pick up a more affordable wine cooler. Make sure that you still get all the desired features and a nice appearance.

3. Capacity

While buying a built-in wine fridge, capacity is of utmost importance. For those with a small kitchen, the lack of space might force you to settle with a small-sized unit. However, if space is not an issue, then the number of bottles you would like to keep in storage should be your main consideration.

Although the wine cooler’s capacity is often mentioned in the product description, you should note that this specification often refers to the number of regular Bordeaux bottles the unit can accommodate. In fact, depending on the type of wine that you want to store, the bottle sizes might be different from the Bordeaux size.

If you have already in mind how many bottles of wine you want to preserve in the wine cooler, the best strategy is to pick up the wine cooler cabinet whose stated capacity is higher than what you actually need. By doing this, you can comfortably fit in not only Bordeaux bottles but also larger-sized champagne bottles.

4. Single Or Dual Zone

A handful of wine coolers offer a single cooling zone in which you throw all of your wine bottles, no matter whites or reds. Obviously, they are preserved at a similar temperature in spite of some minor fluctuations in some areas.

On the other hand, many wine coolers offer dual zones for different types of wine. They provide optimal environments for your whites and reds to remain intact over time. If you’re an avid wine collector, we bet you know how important it is to have different temperatures for reds and whites to retain their flavor profile.

5. Style

Suppose precise and appropriate storage are your sole concern; there’s no need to pay attention to the look. However, if you’re hunting for a wine fridge cabinet that comes with not only solid performance but also a nice appearance, then we’re sure you’re spoiled by many choices around. You will be likely to come across models that come equipped with LED lights. These lights further compliment the design of the wine cooler cabinet. Also, many models come in different colorways. This means that you can freely choose the one that in line with your kitchen’s decor.

As appearance is not as objective as other aspects, you can go for any wine cooler that draws your attention in the first place. Or simply visualize how a wine cooler stands in the place where you intend to set it up. See if it sit in harmony with other appliances or stand out without compromising the whole look.

As a built-in wine cooler will stay with you for a decent amount of time, it’s crucial to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with its appearance before dealing with the installation afterwards.

6. Noise

As your home perhaps is full of loud kitchen appliances, you will not want a wine cooler that kicks out too much noise. And that the main reason why most people prefer a thermoelectric wine cooler over a compress-based unit. If living in a peaceful house with minimal noise is high on your agenda, some models can still meet your needs. However, they often come at the cost of a less consistent temperature.

Otherwise, if you’re going to preserve expensive bottles, it makes sense to go for a noisy compressor-based built-in wine cooler. You need to tolerate more noise, but the temperature is more consistent, especially when you reside in hot climates, with scorching heat and high temperature being the number one enemy of wine.

7. Durability

Like with any purchase, you don’t want a built-in wine cooler that easily breaks down in a short amount of time. That even particularly makes sense for something that you’re going to install into the cabinets. To avoid any unpleasant surprises regarding the wine cooler’s lifespan, do your homework to know the brand’s reliability. Or else, browse the Internet to know what previous buyers talked about their purchase.

Oftentimes, it’s advisable to invest in a more expensive wine cooler that guarantees more years of service. When putting things in perspective, the extra money you spent initially is negligible compared to the cost of a replacement, the troublesome and excruciating uninstallation and reinstallation, and the quality loss of your wine due to the interruption.

8. Energy Use

Keep in mind that, just like other refrigerators, built-in wine coolers run on a large amount of energy. This will create a surge in your utility bill no whatever units you purchase. Yet, some models will be more energy-efficient than the rest.

A thermoelectric wine fridge is a great option for those concerning energy cost as it operates with lower energy consumption than its compressor competitors. As you can tell, models with a compact footprint and small capacity require less power to function properly. Some producers have to go the extra mile to improve the technology to make their products more energy-saving than their competitors.

Extra features may add to the cost of your wine cooler, but they also add value to your purchase. While searching for an ideal pick, you should pay heed to aspects such as safety lock, LED lights, touch control panel, and the like.



We’re sure you know about important factors affecting the performance of wine coolers. If you’ve made up your mind and decide to go with a built-in unit, any of the 16 picks we’ve listed will make a great purchase. Of course, we have mentioned their drawbacks alongside their benefits to help you make an informed decision. If you’re still unsure what to choose, feel free to consult our buying guide for consideration.

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14. Lanbo Dual-Zone Wine Cooler


  • Capacity: 44 bottles
  • Type: Freestanding or built-in
  • Dimensions: 23.6 x 23.4 x 34.4 inches

Next up in our hunt for the best dual-zone wine coolers come another model from the ever-reliable Lanbo. How does this cooler differentiate itself, then?

On the design front, the cooler is underwhelming. There’s an expanse of stainless steel on view, and this fridge would work better in minimalist rooms than with more traditional décor.

That said, you’re not buying a wine cooler for its good looks, so how does this thing perform?

You can leave the cooler freestanding, or you could build it into cabinets under your kitchen counters. This is a space-saving solution if interior real estate is at a premium.

The doors of the fridge are finished with tempered glass. This keeps the storage environment intact and safe from the damaging UV rays that can spoil the end result in your wine glass.

In the upper zone, chill your white wines from 41F to 54F. Down below, there is plenty of space for red wine. Keep this cooled from 54F to 64F.

If you suffer from a power outage, the temperature memory function onboard will revert to the settings pre-outage. Even if you’re away from home at the time, your wine collection will be perfectly protected.

Despite the efficiency and the briskness of the cooling, this compressor-based system runs pretty quietly. You’ll get some noise but certainly not enough to disturb you.

A half-dozen beech shelves complement the stainless steel nicely. More importantly, though, the wooden shelving is designed to prevent damage to the labels on your wine bottles, something that often happens with wire shelving.

This is one of the few wine coolers on our shortlist where it’s truly tough to pinpoint any serious flaws. The only negative testimony we found centered on issues with delivery rather than the quality of this first-class dual-zone wine cooler.

Things We Like

  • Compressor-based cooling quiet and efficient
  • Tempered glass doors
  • Beech shelving
Sours: https://www.madibarestaurant.com/best-dual-zone-wine-cooler/
✅ TOP 5 Best Wine Fridge 2021 - Budget Wine Cooler review

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