7.3 injector driver module relay

7.3 injector driver module relay DEFAULT

Diesel Fuel Injector Driver Module

A diesel fuel injector driver module, more commonly called a control module, controls how much and when fuel is sprayed from the fuel injectors into the combustion chamber. Since diesel fuel is combusted from compression as opposed to spark, the driver module operates differently than a traditional control module. The control module must account for the increased pressure of compressed fuel, so it is very specific to diesel fuel injection systems. At O'Reilly Auto Parts, we carry a variety of control modules for many different types of vehicles. Browse our selection to find the right diesel injector driver module for your diesel today.

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99-01 Powerstroke No Start Situation. Fuel Pump Relay location

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Driver 7.3 relay injector module

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99-01 Powerstroke No Start Situation. Fuel Pump Relay location

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