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Volkswagen Super Beetle Parts

If you want to restore an old Volkswagen Super Beetle, or you simply want to boost your old Beetle’s performance, you need high-quality parts. So. Cal. Imports has a massive inventory of restorative and performance Volkswagen Super Beetle car parts so that you can enhance your Beetle in any way that you want.

Our Wide Selection of Volkswagen Super Beetle Parts

No matter what model of Super Beetle you have, we’re confident we have the parts you need. We have parts for:

  • 1971–1977 Volkswagen Super Beetle Sedan
  • 1971–1977 Volkswagen Super Beetle Sunroof
  • 1971–1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible

We pride ourselves on maintaining a large pool of any Super Beetle part for any model. Our parts include:

  • Body panels
  • Carburetor rebuild kits
  • Disc brake conversion kits
  • Electrical components
  • Engine parts
  • Exhaust systems
  • Exterior trim
  • Floor pans
  • Fuel system parts
  • Heater boxes
  • Suspension system components
  • Transmission parts
  • Wheels and tires

As you can see, even if you’re building your Super Beetle from the ground up, you can find everything you need for your restoration project here at So. Cal. Imports.

All of our parts are from some of the most popular and trusted brands in the aftermarket industry, including AC Industries, CB Performance, Euromax, Mahle, Melling, Red Line Oil, Sachs, Silverline, and West Coast Metric. This list isn’t even comprehensive; if you can think of a manufacturer you prefer, we probably have their parts.

If you need parts that are out of production, we also have a nice inventory of rebuilt OE Volkswagen parts for your needs.

Our Company
So. Cal. Imports has provided high-quality, trusted car parts since 1988. We started as a family-owned and -operated business, and we’re still that way. We prioritize fantastic customer service and ease of use, so when you come to us for parts, you’ll get what you need quickly.

Click on the link related to the model of car you own below to conveniently search specific parts you need. Or you can call us at (562) 633-4979 with any questions. Please let us know what we can help with you today.

Sours: https://socalautoparts.com/vw-super-beetle-parts/

Get the Best Priced Volkswagen Super Beetle Parts

Volkswagen Super Beetle

Development of the VW Beetle began in the late 1930s. The car was manufactured in small numbers until production was interrupted by World War II. Mass production began when the war ended, and in 1949 the first two exports to the United States were delivered to New York City. Although production was limited due to postwar material shortages, in early 1955 the factory managed to produce over one million vehicles, and growth continued through the sixties. For all its charm, the original Volkswagen Beetle found itself underpowered and obsolete by the late 60s. The Volkswagen Super Beetle, with better streamlining, bigger front brakes and a more powerful engine, gave it the push it needed to compete in modern times. The main reason for the development of the Super Beetle was to provide the customer with a larger luggage compartment and greater comfort. These factors were just as important thirty years ago as they are today. By providing more luggage space, better handling, greater overall utility and comfort, the Super Beetle gave Volkswagen customers more choice in the model range of the period and greater choice in the market segment.

From a mechanical standpoint, one of the biggest contrasts between the Beetle and the Super Beetle is the front suspension. A standard Beetle used torsion bars, while the Super models were upgraded to a McPherson strut and coil spring. This improved the vehicle's poor turning radius, while also adding to the quality of the ride. Another enhancement Volkswagen wanted to make with the introduction of the Super Beetle was an increase in storage capacity. This had its downside in the US market, as it decreased room that was needed to accommodate the family. A modest increase in length partly compensated for this, by making room for the manufacturer to store the spare tire flat in the trunk, located at the front of the vehicle. On a standard Beetle the spare tire takes up a lot of the storage capacity. On a Super Beetle the spare is out of the way, which leaves more room for luggage or groceries. The curtain began to fall on the Super Beetle in 1975, with the manufacture of the final Super Sedan, and the last order for a Super Beetle convertible was filled in January of 1980.

Many owners of used Super Beetles have had problems with the vehicle's starter, which is an electrical motor that throws out a small piston-like device to connect with a vehicle's flywheel to turn the motor and start the vehicle. Volkswagen Beetle Starters use electricity stored in the battery to start the automobile. The starter turns the crankshaft, which sets off ignition. Issues range from the unreliability of starters to start the engine during periods of excessive heat to erratic starter behavior that sometimes results in a successful start and other times gives out nothing but a click. If you are having problems with this or any part, come to partsgeek where the best quality Volkswagen Super Beetle oem and aftermarket parts are available at affordable prices.

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Vw parts 1972 beetle

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