Pictures of a pellet gun

Pictures of a pellet gun DEFAULT


Air rifles make great target guns and small game hunting tools. Some pellet guns are whisper quiet and offer a tremendous pest control option and a great way to protect your garden. Many serious preppers consider a good air rifle a necessity in their bug-out bags. Umarex Airguns and offers the best air rifles for hunting and survival situations. While fancy high-end pellet rifles may have the looks and power, what you really need when SHTF is a reliable Umarex air rifle, Walther pellet gun, or Ruger pellet rifle. Consider a high pressure air rifle (PCP) like the .25 caliber Umarex Gauntlet combined with a ReadyAir airgun compressor for long-term survival and small game hunting. Or an always-at-the-ready Umarex Octane or .22 caliber Ruger Yukon Magnum to put meals on the table. If you're a meateater go from wilderness to table with Umarex Pellet Rifles.

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The Beretta Cx4 Storm air rifle is powered by an 88g CO2 capsule housed within the stock of the air gun, this exciting 30-shot semi-automatic .177 caliber carbine will provide years of shooting enjoyment. ORIGINAL PRICE: $389.25

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Pellet power \u0026 performance - A hunter's guide to shooting air rifles

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Airgun Pellet Calibers and Types - Airgun Bootcamp

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