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‘Columbo’ Is Streaming for Free on YouTube

One of the gravest oversights of streaming is its lack of classic crime dramas. Now it seems at least one show has decided to remedy that oversight on its own term. The Columbo YouTube channel has been uploading random episodes of the LAPD drama on its page, including the show’s Steven Spielberg-directed pilot. Dammit Columbo, you’re out of line!

Created by Richard Levinson and William Link (Murder She Wrote), Columbo follows smart but rash blue collar detective Columbo, played by Peter Falk. The show was known for inverting “whodunit” tropes. Instead of presenting a crime and leaving audiences and the show’s detectives to figure out who committed the crime and why, Columbo consistently started with its perpetrator doing something that would land him or her in jail. The rest of the episode would revolve around detectives and officers figuring out to catch the criminal while their perp ran. Altogether, the series ran for 10 seasons from 1968 to 1990.

What appears to be an official YouTube channel for the series doesn’t have many episodes available. However, there are five episodes you can enjoy as well as a ton of compilation videos:

There doesn’t seem to be any real reason why these particular episodes have been uploaded, but they aren’t readily available anywhere else. Currently, Columbo isn’t available on any major streaming service in the United States. The series isn’t even available to digitally purchase on Amazon Video.

Hopefully Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon will fix this streaming faux pas in the near future. Until then, stream what you can on YouTube.

Stream Colombo on YouTube


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Murder by the Book

1h 39min - A highly successful psychiatrist and the beautiful patient he is in love with kill his wife and have it appear to be a robbery that resulted in murder...but Police Lieutenant Columbo has his doubts.

Death Lends a Hand

1h 35min - A detective puts a kink in the plans of an attorney who murdered her husband. Second pilot for the "Columbo" series.

Dead Weight

1h 15min - A mystery writer plans a "perfect crime" with his ex-partner as the target. Jack Cassidy, Martin Milner and Rosemary Forsyth guest star.

Suitable for Framing

1h 15min - An unfaithful wife is murdered when she refuses to be blackmailed. Robert Culp, Ray Milland and Patricia Crowley guest star.

Lady in Waiting

1h 15min - No body, no weapon and an unstable murder witness complicate Columbo's case against America's leading war hero. Eddie Albert and Suzanne Pleshette guest star.

Short Fuse

1h 15min - Columbo is caught in a case of stolen art and murder with evidence pointing to an innocent woman. Don Ameche, Ross Martin and Kim Hunter guest star.

Blueprint for Murder

1h 15min - Leslie Nielsen and Susan Clark guest star in a drama involving murder in a family fight for control of a corporation.

Short Fuse

1h 15min - Columbo investigates a corporation executive's murder with an exploding cigar box. William Windom, Ida Lupino, Roddy McDowall, Anne Francis and James Gregory guest star.

Blueprint for Murder

1h 15min - The city foots the bill to dig up a huge building pylon in search of a missing body. Forrest Tucker, Janis Paige and Patrick O'Neal guest star.

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Playback TVs

Ja Lieutenant, viz theez television sets you can vatch two episodes at the same time!

Thanks to the official Columbo YouTube channel, HD versions of classic Columbo episodes can now be viewed in full online!

To view one of the available episodes, simply click on the relevant link in the list below. The channel started uploading full episodes in March 2018, albeit it not in chronological order.

Columbo full episodes

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 7

And of course, I always advocate buying the whole series on DVD – you can’t go wrong!

I’ve also set up a YouTube channel of my own, which has several compilation playlists featuring:-

Happy viewing folks, and I do hope these episodes will bring you tonnes of pleasure!

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Free online full columbo episodes

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