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Star Wars build: Crafting a working Ruger DT12 Heavy Blaster Pistol (PHOTOS)

Connecticut-based Mad Pig Customs was recently tapped to put the finishing touches on classic space opera blaster. While most of the guns used in the follow-on films are purpose-made resin fantasy guns, a lot of the hardware in the original Star Wars trilogy were working firearms visually modified by the UK’s famous Bapty prop-house to resemble something from “a galaxy far, far away.”

For instance, Imperial Stormtroopers carried British Sterling sub guns and Lewis LMGs while Princess Leia’s long-barreled “DDC Defender” was actually a customized Soviet Vostok Margolin LR pistol. Space smuggler-turned-Rebel-icon Han Solo, himself well-armed with a model C96 Broomhandle Mauser, controversially faced off against green-skinned bounty hunter Greedo in Episode IV over a bad debt — with said ant-eaterish skip tracer spending all of his on-camera time brandishing a BlasTech DT Heavy Blaster Pistol.

The DT itself, according to IMFDB, was a “Ruger Mk I modified with a short barrel, finned flash hider, slightly modified grips, and several apparently targeting-related devices.”

To do Greedo’s Mos Eisley hog leg justice, custom gunsmith Phil Larocca started with the same type of venerated rimfire pistol and cut the barrel down to inches, threaded it to accept the custom muzzle device, and machined the bolt so that it cycles standard velocity loads.

(Photo: Phil Larocca)

Then he mounted an old-school Single Point Occluded Eye Gunsight. Predating today’s red dots, the OEG dates back to the Vietnam-era and was used by the Son Tay Raiders, an elite special ops unit that predated Delta Force.

Dig the Solo-esque blaster booster brake muzzle device (Photo: Phil Larocca)

And finally, the gun went off to Mad Pig for an approximation of the Endor-style camo used by the Rebels in Episode VI. The pistol got a set of Lyman G10 grips while the “Endorcam” cerakote was applied freehand with artificial distressing.

(Photo: Mad Pig Customs)

(Photo: Mad Pig Customs)

And the finished product is something that a half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder would recognize:

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Model dimensions:
- length – mm
- height – mm
- width – 37 mm

The model consists of parts: Barrel part 1,2, Body part 1,2, Bottom insert 1,2, Emitter, Left grip, Left side insert, Logo insert , Radiator ring , Rear cap, Rear sight, Rear top insert, Right grip, Right side insert , Side disk 1,2, Side disk pin 1,2, Side rod 1,2, Side rod cap 1,2, Side screw cap insert 1,2, Side trigger, Trigger guard, Trigger, Upper insert part , Upper rod.

During assembling use guiding metal rod with d=5 mm.

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Star Wars DT Blaster, in LR

What do you get the discerning Star Wars fan that has everything? A functioning BlasTech DT Heavy Blaster Pistol, of course.

Even if you&#;re not a Star Wars mega fan, you&#;ve likely seen the terse exchange between smuggler Han Solo and otherworldly bounty hunter Greedo in a seedy bar on the outskirts of a galaxy far, far away. Despite Greedo having the upper hand, plucky Han emerges unscathed, drawing and firing his Blaster , a &#;broom handle&#; Mauser C96 converted by British prop supplier Bapty.

Greedo threatening Han Solo in Star Wars: A New Hope.

Greedo&#;s &#;firearm&#; is a BlasTech DT Heavy Blaster Pistol, which, according to the Internet Movie Firearm Database, is built off a Ruger Mk I modified with a short barrel, finned flash hider, slightly modified grips, and several apparently targeting-related devices. Custom gun builder Phil Larocca and Connecticut-based Mad Pig Customs took it upon themselves to build the coolest pistol no one asked for off of a Ruger Mk I donor—just like the original.

The pistol's barrel was cut all the way down and threaded. reports that Phil Larocca cut the Mk I&#;s barrel down to inches, threaded it to accept the custom muzzle device, and machined the bolt so that it cycles standard velocity loads. To really set the gun off, he mounted Single Point Occluded Eye Gunsight, a processor to today&#;s red dot sights.

The team at Mad Pig Customs added a set of Lyman G10 grips and applied an Endor-style camo cerakote finish to the blaster, along with some artificial distressing to simulate the beating the Blaster would have taken in battle during Episode V1.

The pistol's barrel was cut all the way down and threaded.

Many of the other guns were converted from existing iron, such as Princess Leia’s long-barreled Defender Sporting Blaster. Perhaps one of the most iconic images from the entire film series is the Princess fighting off Stormtroopers with the Defender Sporting Blaster before being captured at the beginning of the first film. She uses a similar blaster again on Endor in “Return of the Jedi,” but with a shorter barrel.

Nearly finished

The long, thin appearance of the small-caliber Russian Vostok Margolin LR Target Pistol lent itself well to a sleek, alien blaster that looked natural when wielded by someone of Carrie Fisher’s stature. The real gun is a simple blowback pistol with a fixed barrel, which makes it conducive to target shooting. Today, it’s highly sought by collectors—not gun collectors, “Star Wars” collectors.

Princess Leia's blaster pistol from *A New Hope*.
Sours: https://www.rangecom/star-wars-dtblaster-inlr/
DT-12 is back - Star wars battlefront

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Wars 12 star dt

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Star Wars Battlefront - Trying the post patch DT12 (Higher ROF)- Testing the new May update! (WA)

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