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galaxy buds charge without case

Nowadays, this topic is talk of the town whether the how to charge galaxy buds without case or not. But the essential part of the question is how badly you want to get the answer. 

Galaxy buds are as popular as the Apple AirPods. Fortunately, if you have the galaxy smartphone, you will be able to charge the buds on the go. But what if you lose or damage the charging case. Then how will you charge the buds and use them inconveniently? 

With the answer and solutions, we came to your door. All you have to do is unlocked the door and get the key.  

Galaxy Buds Charge Without Case Solution🤔

Is it possible to charge the galaxy buds without the charging case/how to charge galaxy buds without case? The answer will be no; there is no secure strategy to do that. That&#;s why we will recommend some of the alternative charging cases. These cases are compatible with the galaxy buds and help you lose your actual galaxy buds charging case. 

Recommendation of Compatible Charging Cases for Galaxy Buds

There are some methods to charge the galaxy buds. In all of them, you must need the charging case. 

How to Charge the Galaxy Buds With USB Cable?

Step 1:

Check each earbud whether they are in the correct place of charging case or not. If they are okay, close the case lid. 

Step 2:

Attach the USB Type C cable with the charging case on one side of the cable and the other side with the charger port. 

Step 3:

After that, put the plug in the electric socket. When fully charged, unplug the charger. 


  • Don&#;t use other power sockets like PC or some other way. It may cause slow charging. 
  • You need to use authentic cables and chargers provided by the Samsung company otherwise, it may cause harm to your galaxy buds. But just for getting a solution of charging, these recommended products can help you to save your galaxy buds from being dumped. 

How to Charge Galaxy Buds with Wireless Charger?

Step 1:

Put the galaxy buds in the charging case properly. 

Step 2:

Place the case in the middle of the wireless charger. Check whether it&#;s charging or not. If not, then move the position.


  • Do use an authorized wireless charger to avoid damage to the buds. 
  • Don&#;t leave any material or magnet between the galaxy buds and wireless charger.

How to Charge Galaxy Buds with Phone?

Step 1:

Place the charging case on the &#;Quick Panel&#; of the mobile device, and after that, you need to roll on the &#;Wireless PowerShare.&#;

Step 2:

When the buds are fully charged, disconnect them from the mobile. 


  • Be sure that the mobile device supports the wireless charging feature. 
  • Charging coil positions may vary depending on the mobile model.

Moreover, for ease, you can be benefitted from a trio charger to charge your Watches, Buds, Galaxy Phones, and Apple iPhones with just one charging device.


Samsung doesn&#;t support replacing charging cases or buds. That is why you have to order the full set to get rid of this charging issue. But it is a challenging decision-making process because it will cost you heavily. So it will be the least preferable option you could ever go for. 

Therefore, we will check out some other method not to expend more bucks for the old galaxy buds. Take a look then.  

1. Find the old one 

Apart from any other way to get the charging case back or buy a new set or replacement, we will do the first thing to search the old galaxy buds charging case. You can see which place and where you last use that case. 

You can find your galaxy buds through the wearable app, but unfortunately, the charging case can&#;t find with that app&#;s help. 

2. Customer service 

For customer service help, the charging case needs to be damaged or broken because the lost case is not eligible for a warranty. If the case is not operating appropriately, then you can take help from Samsung customer service. 

3. Galaxy buds plus 

If you are an owner of galaxy buds plus along with the galaxy buds, you are lucky because they can charge in either one charging case. So if one case will lose, similarly, the other one&#;s case can help you charge the galaxy buds as well.

How To Wear Galaxy Buds

Galaxy buds are adorable, so you need to know how to wear them to flaunt it in your way. Hence get an idea. 

Step 1: 

By facing the wingtip upwards, put them in your ear.

Step 2: 

Test each earbud&#;s direction and continue doing that until the earbud settles comfortably in the ear. 

Step 3: 

If you can&#;t get it right, try to adjust them by rolling the buds. 

Step 4: 

When you place it right, it will detect the earbuds&#; existence and inform you through the sound it will emit. 

How To Pair Galaxy Buds 

Let&#;s know how to pair up galaxy buds with a phone.

Step 1: 

Download the most recent version of the SmartThings app.

Step 2: 

Insert the buds in the charging case&#;s slot and shut the case. 

Step 3: 

Open the case&#;s lid; it will automatically turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode. 

Step 4: 

On your mobile screen, there will be a popup message; click the &#;Connect&#; option. 

Step 5: 

Fulfill the instructions that are on the screen, and the connection process will achieve. 

Step 6: 

If you want to disconnect, turn off the Bluetooth.

Get EarTips and Wingtips: Recommendation With Instructions

Let us inform you that if you did not place the earbud tips and wingtips correctly, your galaxy buds might not detect through the touch-sensitive sensor. This sensor works automatically. That&#;s why you have to be careful. We try to give easy recommended products, do check them.

How To Attach Ear Tips To The Galaxy Buds

Attaching the ear tips is necessary for the proper fittings to the ear. So it is also essential to know how to connect them to the earbuds. 

Step 1: 

First, choose the earbud tips that are easily accessible in your ears. 

Step 2: 

At the base of the earbud, cover the latch by using a suitable tip. 

Step 3: 

Repeat the same process to the second earbud. 

How To Attach Wing Tips To The Galaxy Buds

When you know ear tips are a must component that you need for galaxy buds, you should also know that wingtips are equally necessary. They are required to fit the buds in the ear easily. 

Step 1: 

Get the desirable wing tip that fits in the ear and choose the right and left tips.

Step 2: 

In the earbud fixation, hook up the wing tip slot. 

Step 3: 

After that, wrap the bud with the wingtip. 

Step 4: 

Repeat it for the second one in the same way. 


  1. To secure the fittings, try not to pull the tip overly. This trial can tear the tips. 
  2. Do not fix the ear tip or wingtip in the wrong direction. This action can mistreat your ears. 
  3. Do not wear the earbuds without any wingtips and ear tips. 

To use the galaxy buds without any problems, you need to take care of them by cleaning them with some easy tricks. All the cleaning items are an existing product of our house. 

By sliding off the ear tip, carefully remove it without forcing. 

For cleaning the earbud tip and mesh, you can use a dry brush or Q-tip. Remove all the debris then. 

To remove oil, ear wax, and dust from the earbud tip&#;s inside, use a dry and soft cloth to wipe them. 

The fixing questions appear for galaxy buds when you do not use the buds for a few days or weeks. It might show you tantrums for this negligence. All you can do is try to follow these steps to get the galaxy buds again from the dead ones. 

Do have sufficient charge on the charging case. And you can ensure its full charge by the green light indicator. 

position the dead earbud to the charging case but don&#;t close the lid. 

When you do that, inside the case, the LED light will turn red. And after a few seconds, it will be green. 

Repeat step number 3 until the red light stays longer than a few seconds. Doing the step again and again if your earbuds LED light remains red for a few seconds only.

It will be a horrible day when you get to know you won&#;t be able to use your expensive galaxy buds only because of the lack of the charging case. But there is no other way to get it back. 

Either replace the set or get the alternative charging case. The choice is yours at your convenience. Now you have the answer to how to charge galaxy buds without case. 

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Samsung Genuine OEM Original Charging Cradle Dock Charger EP-QR for Samsung Galaxy Buds ( Version, SM-R)

✔ % Genuine OEM Samsung Charging Cradle. ✔ (**CAUTION**) It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R) version ONLY. ✔ (**CAUTION**) It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R) version ONLY. ✔ Samsung Factory Bulk Packaging. ✔ Charging cable is not included.

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How to charge your Galaxy Buds - 4 methods to charge Galaxy Buds

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Charging galaxy only buds case

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How to charge your Galaxy Buds - 4 methods to charge Galaxy Buds

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