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Cost of Your Art Collection: Installation and Conservation

How installation and conservation affect your long-term art investment.

To properly maintain your collection, you should consider several additional or ongoing costs after the initial investment in the artwork.

These necessities include art collection management software like Artwork Archive, insurance and appraisals, storage and shipping, and the topic of this post—installation, and conservation.

When you’re ready to display your artwork and keep it in its prime condition, here are some costs to consider.


An Overview of Installation Costs

You’ve invested in each piece of your collection, so it’s important to make sure you keep that investment protected and from falling off the wall! Secure installation includes not only the proper hardware and materials but sometimes, professional installers.

It might seem easy enough to throw a nail in the wall and hang a painting yourself, but there are some benefits to hiring a professional installer.

An installer will ensure your precious artworks are safe by providing professional recommendations necessary for every piece of artwork, every room, and every possible circumstance. And, large pieces, three-dimensional pieces, ceramics, or other non-traditional materials will require different techniques for installation.

Picking a location is just as important as installing the artwork, both for aesthetics as well as protecting the work from environmental damage. A professional installer will recommend placement for your artworks taking into consideration the aesthetics and safety of the space.


Things Your Installer Will Need to Know    

A professional installer will need some information to understand your needs. Easily send and share information from your Artwork Archive account including dimensions, weight, and photographs. They will also need to know the material of the mounting surface (drywall, stone, tile, etc.) as well as the hanging height and accessibility of the location.

Most installers will want to personally inspect the location and the artworks to give you an accurate quote for installation.


Reasonable Expectations: What Will It Cost?

Some installers charge a flat trip charge, which will cover the cost of their travel, ladders, tools, and specialty hardware. This fee is dependant on your city and the accessibility of your location. In New York City, this fee can range from $125 to $300, while in Denver the fee ranges from $75 to $100.

It is not uncommon for a professional installer or installation service to charge by the hour which can range from $40 - $85 an hour for a single professional.

The nationwide average cost to hang a single picture is $60, but this is also dependant on the installation surface. For example, a drywall hanging of a framed print can range from $40 to $120 and hanging the same print on a stone wall can range from $100 to $200.

Find a professional installer or installation service you are comfortable with that is insured. Ask your local network of galleries and other collectors for recommendations or try an online professional service finder.

An Overview of Conservation Costs

Art conservation includes cleaning, preserving, and occasionally repairing works of art. For instance, conservation can include repair from improper handling.

These restoration efforts aim to return an object as close as possible to its’ original, undamaged appearance, and safeguard its tangible cultural heritage.


Cost vs. Value

The Williamstown Art Conservation Center reminds us that conservation “cost is based on time and materials required, not on the value of the object.” It is important to note that you are paying for a professional’s time and expertise, so the rates for conservation range broadly based on the work’s medium, age, cultural or historical significance, as well the methods required for conservation.


Budgeting for Conservation

First, check with your insurance agent as your policy might cover the cost of conservation.

Peter Himmelstein, a paintings conservator at Appelbaum & Himmelstein Conservators and Consultants, says a small painting with an average amount of restoration work can cost $800 to $1,000 while a larger painting with damages can cost $10,000 to $15,000.

Conservation efforts will begin with an evaluation and consultation in your home but more often will be completed in a lab. Costs for a general consultation can range from free assessments with MD Art Conservation to a fee of $100 a piece by the Conservation Center.

You can run additional assessment services. For instance, an x-ray to examine damage in finer detail can cost between $400 to $1,000.

Every conservation effort is different and depends on the damage. Cleaning an oil painting can range from $100 to $250 an hour. Textile conservation ranges from $60 to $175 an hour. Paper-based conservation can range from $85 to $150 an hour.

All in all, the price tag of your artwork is not just the one you saw at an auction house or in a gallery. To protect and preserve your investment, it’s important to consider factors like proper and secure installation along with conservation to maintain its condition and value.


There are other things to consider when maintaining your fine art collection. Learn more about how to budget for appraisals and insurance.



Cost of Wall Mounting Services for pictures, Art, Mirrors and Chandeliers

Cost to add mirrors to the wall?

Mirrors make big difference in a house, inside of your rooms, but are often relegated to the bathroom. Most people like to have a mirror in their bathroom, there are plenty of other places to consider. One of the best qualities of a mirror is that it opens up any space, like in a small space for a restaurant good also for smaller areas in your home or small apartments. No matter the location, installing a mirror is a pretty straightforward job.

What effect the cost to install a mirror?

The cost to install a mirror will depend on a couple of factors, but generally fall within the range of what most homeowners pay – between $156 and $464.

The actual mirror you choose will make a big impact on the cost to install a mirror. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and finishes. There are framed or frameless options, as well. The mirror itself will probably be the biggest expense, so once you figure out your budget, you can go pretty close to that.


If you are opting to install a bathroom mirror, there are a few more Related imageconsiderations. While there are standard flat mirrors like you would use in other rooms, there are also bigger options that are a little more complicated. The cost to install a mirror on a medicine cabinet will be pricier than flat models. There is a wide variety of medicine cabinets out there, as well. So just make sure to figure out your budget before you go shopping. The cost to install a mirror for shaving or makeup is typically more affordable. These mirrors are usually much smaller and don’t come with the extra cabinet.



The hardware that you need to install your mirror will most likely come with the mirror itself. But there are a couple of options for installation. Some use brackets; other use picture wire or clips. There is also the adhesive option, which means applying adhesive or glue to the back and applying it directly to the wall. The cost to install a mirror with adhesive is comparable in price to using brackets. Just keep in mind that removal will be much more difficult. If you damage your wall, then you’ll end up spending extra money in the long run.

Overall, the cost to install a mirror shouldn’t be too expensive beyond what the price of the actual mirror, with the average homeowner spending around $294. Just make sure to figure out your budget ahead of time and consider your means of installation. A professional will be able to help you, as well, just make sure to talk to at least professionals before choosing someone.

Cost to Install Wall Shelves

Installing a floating shelves or open shelves will help you save a lot’s space in the house, as well as easy to find, economical, and functional. They can fit anywhere as they come in many shapes, sizes and styles, and are ideal solutions for small-space office. They can be used for several purposes such as:

  • Decorative objects, arts, flowers and accessories
  • Storage above bathtubs
  • Bookcases

Many wall shelves require more than just a wall bracket. Professionals identify the shelf type and use appropriate tools for mounting. They also determine the wall surfaces and judge whether it can support the shelf’s weight. They fit the floating shelves carefully without leaving behind any marks, and can even help clear out the debris left by the wall during installation.

Average cost of installing wall shelves: $50- $90

Need to find a pro for your wall mounting project?

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Heavy Artwork

The value of the piece of art and the location must be considered when estimating a price. Valuable artwork and heavy pieces of sculpture require extra care.

Customers usually understand that this type of installation may be expensive.

This particular piece of art was not valuable, but did require some care to ensure that it wasn’t damaged. It was a fairly large, ornamental piece of garden art so it required a 40-60lb. hanger.

Low estimate for materials and labor per piece of

  • Misc hardware and screws
  • Labor 1 hour

High estimate for materials and labor per piece of

  • Misc hardware and screws
  • Labor 1.5 hours

If you are a contractor or a handyman, how much would this job cost in your area?

Low Price: $50

Consensus Price: $75

High Price: $125


How to hang pictures evenly

Cost of picture and mirror hanging

Picture and mirror hanging costs about $50/hr. For simple one-off jobs, the cost can be a bit lower at around $44/hr. On the other hand, if several pictures or mirrors need to be installed, you could end up paying as much as $60/hr.

What can influence the cost of a job

Your chosen handyman will determine the cost of your job based on a variety of factors such as:

Number of items

Most handymen charge hourly rates, and it will take them a longer time to finish a job that involves multiple pictures and mirrors. This is why it’s best to prepare an ample budget if your job involves having more than one or two items.

Degree of difficulty

Jobs can be a bit tricky depending on the surface where the pictures or mirrors will be hung. Hanging pictures or mirrors on drywall or wood tend to be a simple job, so it’s usually affordable. Drywall and wood are relatively easy to make a hole in, so they won’t require extra effort. If you plan on having a picture or a mirror installed on a tiled wall, expect to pay a bit more money. This job requires care and special tools so as not damage the material.

Number of workers required

Additional handymen might be required if your item is too big and heavy for one person to properly carry and install. You must be willing to spend more for cases like this.

Your location affects cost

Handymen in Queensland and Victoria charge the same average rate for picture and mirror hanging, which is $45/hr. Meanwhile, the same service costs about $58/hr in New South Wales.

If you hae pictures or mirrors to be hung on your walls, hire only the best and most experienced handymen available in your area. Look for them today on

Pricing information correct as at August 2016.




To pictures cost labor hang

Generally, they charge by the hour and the hourly rates differ from project to project. The average service rate for installing a single picture is $60.

Cost to Hang Pictures.

Mounting SurfaceCost of installation

Click to see full answer.

Similarly, you may ask, how much does it cost to get a picture framed?

If your piece is “extra small” (up to 5 x 7), it will cost $65 to frame. A small piece (up to 9 x 12) costs $85 and a medium piece (up to 18 x 20) costs $99. Essentially, the fewer options a company offers, the lower they can make their prices.

Furthermore, how much does art installation cost? It is not uncommon for a professional installer or installation service to charge by the hour which can range from $40 - $85 an hour for a single professional. The nationwide average cost to hang a single picture is $60, but this is also dependant on the installation surface.

Additionally, how much does it cost to hang a heavy mirror?

The labor cost to hang a mirror is $50 to $150 per hour and takes 30 minutes to one hour depending if it's surface-mounted or recessed.

Mirror Hanging Hardware.

HardwareAverage Cost
Mounting Kits$3 – $30

Who can hang pictures?

Taskers can hang pictures and art, ensuring they are level and securely mounted. Taskers can hang pictures and art, ensuring they are level and securely mounted.

How to Hang Artwork the Right Way

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