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TikTok id:lexibrookerivera

Country/Region: USUS

Categories: Other

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Who is Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera comes from US and is one of Tiktok's popular creator. Up to now, the number of followers of Lexi Rivera's tiktok account has reached 19.1M, and 275 short videos have been published on tiktok. Most of their videos are based on Other, which has won the attention and love of many followers. Lexi Rivera is currently ranked 160 in the global tiktok ranking and 33 in the US tiktok ranking. For more information about tim, please see the following link:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera Tiktok

Lexi Rivera Tiktok Videos

Lexi Rivera Instagram

Lexi Rivera YouTube

You may find more videos about Lexi Rivera on YouTube. Here is a link to his YouTube homepage: unknow

Lexi Rivera Tiktok Followers

Lexi Rivera's tiktok account currently has 19.1M followers. Through the 116 videos released in the last 30 days, the number of his followers has increased by 4782383; through the 0 videos released in the last 7 days, the number of his followers has increased by 0.

Lexi Rivera Tiktok Hashtags

Through the statistics of all the videos of Lexi Rivera, we found that his most commonly used hashtags and the number of uses are as follows:


Lexi Rivera Tiktok Songs

The right song can make tiktok video get more attention and have a positive influence on the spread of the video. Lexi Rivera's most commonly used songs in his videos are the following:

Tiktok songs2
Tiktok songs1
Tiktok songs1
Tiktok songs1
Best Ever1
Tiktok songs1
Tiktok songs1
Tiktok songs1

Lexi Rivera Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net worth

What is The Most Shared Video on Tiktok

There are a large number of videos on Tiktok, and those high-quality videos have attracted many people's attention and love, and people are willing to shared these videos. So, what are the most shared videos of Lexi Rivera on tiktok? Below are the top videos shared by most people in Lexi Rivera's videos.They were shared 31.4K times,22.4K times, 20.6K times,16.5K times,13.2K times,10.6K times,7.6K times and 7.3K times respectively.

Lexi Rivera s Most Liked Tiktok Video

Tiktok Search Lexi Rivera

If you want to search for Lexi Rivera and his data on tiktok through the PC, then you can try Tikstar. Tikstar can not only find all Tiktokers by their name, but also view all his video data.Use Tikstar to search for Tiktoker is divided into 3 steps.

  • Click on the top icon to enter the workbench (provided that you have registered a Tikstar account)

  • Click Tiktok search in the sidebar to find the searcher

  • Enter the username or actual name of the Tiktoker, click search

When to Post on Tiktok

We all hope that our videos can receive more attention on tiktok, and one of the ways to increase video views is to know the best time to post videos on tiktok.

For example, Lexi Rivera releases his video works most often on Tue, followed by Wed. And usually the video is posted at 13, followed by 12. If you are in the United States like Lexi Rivera, then you can refer to the time when the Lexi Rivera released the video. If not, then you can refer to our statistics, which lists the best release time for each day of the week.

Monday: 6 AM, 10 AM, 10 PM

Tuesday: 2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM

Wednesday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 11 PM

Thursday: 9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM

Friday: 5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM

Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM

Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM

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Sours: https://www.tikstar.com/famous-tiktok-people/lexibrookerivera-26880250.html

Lexi Rivera


15.7M  |  Mega Influencer

Latest data update: 6 months ago
I’m DM’ing new followers on Instagram for the next 24 hours❤️
I’m DM’ing new followers on Instagram for the next 24 hours❤️

@lexibrookerivera is a TikToker who has posted 218 videos on TikTok. @lexibrookerivera has 15.7M followers, and their videos have received total of 337.0M likes.

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New users continue to join Tiktok, one of the most popular social media applications in the world. Especially young people use the Tiktok application to attract attention and gain more followers. 20-year-old Lexi Rivera managed to reach millions of views with her videos in Tiktok.

Lexi Rivera Tiktok Celebrity

American Youtuber, Instagram Celebrity and Tiktok User Lexi Rivera, who was on June 7, 2001 (20 years old), quickly became a popular phenomenon thanks to the videos she shot on Tiktok. She has 18 million followers of her own, especially on social media.

Lexi Rivera has managed to become one of the most popular female users of the Tiktok platform with 14.2 Million followers. Although he was 20 years old, he managed to attract attention with the money he earned from social media. Forbes wrote that social media jobs have been among the most paid jobs in recent years.

Lexi Rivera Tiktok knows that her videos have earned her a lot of followers. They are featured on social media as a family like her brother Lexi, who is particularly popular with teenagers. They do not hesitate to even share their own lives and secrets on their social media accounts.


Handstand test!!

♬ original sound – Kailey Maurer

Lexi Rivera to Speak with Followers from Tiktok DM!

Lexi Rivera started chatting with her followers who followed her Tiktok account and posted messages on her Instagram account. Especially with this behavior, Lexi tries to increase her warmth with her followers. In addition to being an active user in social media content, she managed to become popular thanks to her production of many different types of content.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth & Family

Alexa (Lexi) Rivera is a well known online media star from the United States who originally got popular through Instagram and afterward extended to YouTube. She has an expected total assets of $1.8 million. She is a sister to a major YouTube star named Brent Rivera and has different siblings named Brice and Blake Rivera. Lexi is a prepared tumbler and has likewise wandered into acting. Her substance is basically fun test recordings, plays and a wide assortment of plunk down recordings. Her beau Ben Azelart, an expert skateboarder, regularly includes in some of her recordings.

Lexi Tiktok keeps on filling quickly in her. It can get a normal of 1.2 million perspectives for each day from various sources. This ought to create an expected $ 6,000 every day ($ 2.2 million per year) from the different advertisements that show up on recordings.

Lexi Rivera AgeTiktokNet WorthYoutube 3

Subsequent to making the YouTube cut, YouTube clients are paid $ 2-7 for every 1000 adapted perspectives. Adapting sees are somewhere in the range of 40% and 80% of all out perspectives. These are influenced by different factors, for example, the gadget being played, the area of the watcher, the advertisement stock, the number of promotions are on a video, the number of individuals skipped promotions, promotion type, advertisement connection, content sort. The expense of review a promotion relies upon a publicist sell off dependent on sees. Publicists must offer at least $ 0.01 per see.

There is likewise a program known as Google Preferred where pocket-sized organizations can target promotions to the most mainstream 5% content. The advertisement rates here are higher than ordinary. Notwithstanding advertisements, YouTube clients likewise produce additional substance from YouTube Red watchers, who pay a month to month charge to see premium substance on YouTube and watch recordings promotion free. Here, they get paid dependent on the watch time on their recordings. The more drawn out watchers watch their recordings, the more cash they acquire.

Lexi Rivera AgeTiktokNet WorthYoutube 6
Sours: https://gmspors.com/lexi-rivera/
Funny Lexi Rivera Tik Tok Videos 2021 - Try Not To Laugh Watching Lexi Rivera Tik Toks

Lexi Rivera is a TikTok sensation who has a total of 18 million followers. Moreover, she also has a YouTube channel that has more than 6.69 million subscribers.

TikTok star Lexi Rivera is a famous social media star who has gained a lot of fans because of her content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Who Is Lexi Rivera On TikTok?

Lexi is a very famous personality on TikTok with a total of 387.6 million likes.

She keeps on posting several videos on her social media profile regularly, which has helped her to gain millions of fans in and out of social media.

Moreover, she is also available on Instagram under the username @lexibrookerivera, where she has gained more than 7.8 million followers and has shared 439 posts.

Talking about her YouTube channel, her videos and content are loved there as well and she has shared a total of 165 videos there.

Lexi Rivera Age- How Old Is She?

The famous TikTok star Rivera’s age is currently 20 years old.

She was born on 7th of June 2001 in Huntington Beach, California, The United States of America.

Lexi was raised in a middle-class family who lived in America and followed Christianity as their religion.

It is known that the famous social media star attended a Local Huntington Beach School, which is located in her hometown itself.

However, Rivera is yet to attend any university and it is known that she was not so much interested in studying since her childhood; rather, she would prefer dancing.

Meet Lexi Rivera Boyfriend

Lexi is currently dating her boyfriend named Andrew Davila.

Andrew is also a social media influencer and the couple has collaborated with each other in several videos.

Her boyfriend is also from Texas and is part of Sunset Park, which is a popular YouTube group the t achieved substantial popularity in the last few years.

Before this, Lexi had also supposedly dated another YouTube sensation named Ben Azelart.

Get To Know Lexi Rivera Net Worth

Lexi has an approximate net worth of $2 million.

She has earned a lot of money from her career as a social media influencer.

Moreover, as she is a very famous social media star, she is also approached by several brands which have also helped her in increasing her earnings.

Lexi likes to keep herself fit and healthy, so she spends a lot of time working out in the gym.

Sours: https://www.wiki.ng/en/wiki/lexi-rivera-is-a-household-name-on-tiktok-learn-more-about-her-623874

Followers tiktok lexi rivera

Tiktok Lexi Rivera Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Brothers, Net Worth


Thank you for visiting our website, you are at the right place if you are searching for Lexi Rivera’s net worth, wiki, bio, height & weight, etc. In today’s article, we are going to give you almost every information that you are searching for. We have created this article for all of you, we have provided almost every information regarding Lexi. She has more than 7.3 million fans on her official Instagram account as of 2021.  Her content is eye-catching, she uploads fashion, makeup, pranks and viral challenges on the internet. Before we start the main content we would like to give you basic details about her. She got her popularity and fame just after she collaborated with her brother, Brent Rivera. She is an Instagram star. She has American citizenship and she has white ethnicity.

lexi rivera tiktok

Lexi Rivera Wiki

Lexi Rivera was born in California, USA on June 7th, 2001. She is just 19 years old girl who has achieved so many milestones at this small age only. Her father’s name is John Rivera and her mother’s name is Laura Rivera. In the Rivera house, there are a total of 4 kids which include 3 boys and one girl. She is the youngest child in the house, she has 3 elders brother, Brent, Blake, Brice Rivera. She has completed her high schooling from a local school situated in Huntington, California. At present, she is pursuing her graduation.

Lexi Rivera Age

Real Name: Lexi Rivera
Birthday: 7th June 2001
Birthplace: California, USA
Age: 19 years old as of 2021
Zodiac: Sign Gemini
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Profession: YouTuber
Parents: John & Laura Rivera
Dating/Boyfriend: Yes
Sibling: 3 Brothers
Income: $550,000 USD as of now

Lexi Rivera Boyfriend

Yes, she is in a relationship with someone and that lucky guy is none other than Ben Azelart. And if you don’t know him we would like to tell you that he is one of the greatest professional skateboarders. They both got in a relationship in 2018 and in mid-year, they both decide to announce their relationship publicly. Their fans love watching together and for their fans, they upload photos and videos with each other on Insta. According to our data, both of them meet each other with the help of Brent Rivera, brother of Lexi. As per the research, we have come to know that in the near future both of them are going to get married.

Lexi Rivera Appearance, Height & Weight

Lexi Rivera has brownish hair and greyish eyes. She maintains a lean body and she has sustained strength. She has amazing looks and he keeps her body fit and healthy. She loves to share small daily life incidents on Instagram. If we talk about her height, she has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches and if we talk about his weight, she is of 54 kg in terms of weight. She has a gorgeous personality, who is getting non-stop attention on social media sites due to her beauty, she is the crush of thousands of males.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

She has 5 million followers on the Instagram account. At the beginning of the year,  Lexi Rivera’s net worth is $ 550,000 USD now. According to the information, we have come to know that the average income of an Instagram star is $25000 to 40k USD. But one thing that we would like to inform you is that he has more than one source of income, he earns from Instagram post ads, advertisements, etc. Stay tuned with us for more and the latest gossips.

Sours: https://gossip.dekhnews.com/tiktok-lexi-rivera-wiki-bio-age-height-brothers-net-worth/
The Most Viewed TikTok Compilations Of Lexi Rivera - Best Lexi Rivera TikTok Compilation 2021
  • 5,500,000

    Average views per video


    Average likes per video


    Average comments per video

    Daily changes

    Today Mon 19,200,000 - 16 - 275 -
    Yesterday Sun 19,200,000 +100,000 16 - 275 +1
    Oct 23 Sat 19,100,000 - 16 - 274 -1
    Oct 22 Fri 19,100,000 - 16 - 275 +1
    Oct 21 Thu 19,100,000 - 16 - 274 -
    Oct 20 Wed 19,100,000 +100,000 16 - 274 +1
    Oct 12 Tue 19,000,000 - 16 - 273 -
    Oct 11 Mon 19,000,000 - 16 - 273 -
    Oct 10 Sun 19,000,000 - 16 - 273 -

    Latest videos

    • What’re you gonna be for Halloween?🖤

      original sound

      What’re you gonna be for Halloween?🖤

    • hahahaha i’m sorry @brentrivera

      original sound

      hahahaha i’m sorry @brentrivera


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  • 20,000,000 Followers: estimated to reach goal at Dec. 28, 2021.


    420,000,000 Likes: estimated to reach goal at Nov. 11, 2021.


    Now 19,200,000 416,100,000
    1 week 19,287,500 417,675,000
    1 month 19,587,500 423,075,000
    3 months 20,362,500 437,025,000
    6 months 21,525,000 457,950,000
    1 year 23,762,500 498,225,000
    1.5 years 26,043,750 539,287,500
    2 years 28,325,000 580,350,000

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