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Can you use any thermostat in an RV?

First things first, your traditional home thermostat will not just magically work in your RV. Most home thermostats run on 24V and RV thermostats run on a 12V power supply. 

That being said, it is very possible to get that same thermostat installed into your RV but for the sake of simplicity and ease-of-use, we will be focusing on thermostats specifically meant for RVs. Temperature in the RV will be controlled by your new upgrade so think of it as your access to comfort. 

Your air conditioner and RV temperature are so important for your comfort that when choosing a new thermostat, we need to keep in mind that there is a specific model that will cover the issue we might be having.

Types of Thermostats

Analog thermostats vs. Programmable digital thermostatsis a great place to start . Analog thermostats are simple to use and cost-effective on the front end but they will cost you money down the line seeing as they aren’t very energy efficient. 

If your bills are running high and you suspect the thermostat to be the issue, consider a new thermostat as an investment that will pay itself off. While a programmable thermostat does offer a high level of convenience than other models, each holds their own merit. 

Not all digital thermostats are programmable either but they do provide more clear readings than analogs.

How do I know if my RV thermostat is bad?

Lets talk about some of the issues that cause us to make the switch to a new thermostat. Many of the positive user reviews that come with these four thermostats above can be reversed to the issue they were facing before the switch. Obviously comfort is the number one issue but let us delve deeper. 

Flexibility is another issue that directly ties in with programmable thermostats. The switch to a newer programmable models will provide you with a range of settings to meet your needs. 

Most older RV units are equipped with analog thermostats and for many, that controls temperature perfectly for them. If you do notice your air conditioner isn’t operating at the levels set by your thermostat, you have an issue. If the thermostat will not power on or the AC/heater wont turn on, there is an issue. 

Similarly if the unit runs constantly and never achieves the target temperature/won’t stop running for other reasons there are issues. One thing to keep in mind is that some of these issues can be beyond upgrading the thermostat.

Can I replace my thermostat myself?

We wish we could come install your thermostat for you but how about the next best thing? RV thermostat upgrade is not rocket science and so we should not treat it like so. While all four of these thermostats offer some unique value, the one factor they all share is an easy install. 

Each with their own guides online and plenty of community support to make this process as painless as possible. That being said if you do face any difficulties, check in with an expert from the respective company or an HVAC professional. 

Now to get a little technical and look back at what we talked about earlier, there are ways to make thermostats not meant for RVs into thermostats for RVs but this should be done by a professional who knows what they are doing. You do not want to cause harm to yourself or your RV air conditioner unit.

What is the best RV thermostat?

The best RV thermostat will be directly linked to your personal needs! We believe that certain products fit the needs of a wide variety of consumers. 

There is merit in the metrics of energy consumption when speaking on which RV thermostats to choose. Once all personal needs are met or even possibly before, energy consumption should be taken into consideration. Which do your prefer? 

A battery powered system or hard-wired? Extra wires is sure to have an impact on the install time and provide complications especially if there is a compatibility issue. 

Picking an upgrade that will save you more than the current model you are using is part of the appeal and we understand that price is a factor in this buying process. More popular among users is a programmable RV thermostat so you can set it and forget it as they say! 

Most of all, we want something that is user-friendly and works to our specific comfort needs. We checked many indicators while researching these thermostats but we always refer back to “the big four“. How easy is it to install? 

How easy is it to operate? How accurate is it? And last but not least, how durable is it? Let’s take a look at these upgrades and figure out which best suits your specific needs.


Dometic Thermostat Replacement: Can I Replace My RV Thermostat?

The problem with the digital age is that when digital products go awry, then it is difficult to get them repaired or it is expensive to do so. The replacement may seem like a great option but either that is expensive as well or you do not know what to replace the current part with.

Can I replace my RV thermostat?Yes, you can replace an RV thermostat, and just about any part is replaceable when you get right down to it.

The question is what do you want to replace the thermostat with? If you trust Dometic products then replacing the current thermostat with the same model is a given.

To learn more about replacing Dometic thermostats just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about in order to make the right decision. Getting the right information will spare you problems down the road.

Can I Replace My RV Thermostat With Any Thermostat?


Yes, this is possible to replace an RV thermostat but there are a few details you need to know about before you run out and buy a cheap replacement. First, the RV thermostat is designed to work on the 12 Volt RV electrical system.

Most house and other thermostats are designed to work on the 24-volt system. Your replacement will have to be designed to work on a 12-volt system before you can use it without too much adaption.

Then, house thermostats are not made to handle more than one speed for the fan. If you have a 2-speed fan system in your RV, you would have to install a switch to accommodate that difference.

The installation is not hard to do but the look may not be so great once you are done. The switch may either hang there or you have to attach it in a convenient spot on the wall. Before you go and buy a replacement check the current thermostat first.

It may only need a simple resetting and it will work fine again. Your owner’s manual should have the method to use to reset the thermostat. Oh and Dometic thermostats seem to need to be turned off first before you can read the actual temperature in the room.

This is a little inconvenient but it is the way Dometic designed their thermostats.

Dometic RV Thermostat Upgrade

It is possible to upgrade from your current Dometic thermostat to a better Dometic model. The company makes several different types of thermostats and they are all designed for RVs (at least the ones made for RVs are).

There are at least two options you can try and the first one will be the Dometic Single Zone RV Air Conditioner Thermostat. While it says AC thermostat, this single zone unit takes control of your furnace as well.

Its claim to fame is the ability to use sensors over tapping buttons even though some tapping will still be involved. Gentle taps on the 3 input sections give you control over the heat, the cooling, and other features you want to access.

The second upgrade option will be the Dometic Comfort Control Center. This unit may have more buttons to push but you stay in better control over the heating and cooling of your rig than the basic thermostats can.

It is a programmable device that has all the buttons upfront so you can see them clearly. Plus, those buttons control fan speeds, clocks, and other vital features. The display should be easy to read so you will know without any trouble that you made the selections you wanted.

Once you have made your selections, then you can forget about it and simply enjoy the comforts your heating/cooling features provide.

How do I Remove a Dometic Thermostat?


The removal of the thermostat will be the simplest part of the upgrade. The hard part is installing the new upgraded model, especially if it has more wires than the one you are replacing.

To start, you need to get a flat head screwdriver and simply find the notch that needs to be pried up. Place the screwdriver in that notch and pop the outer casing off the thermostat. Be careful as not all thermostats are designed the same way and some have a simple tab to push.

Next, you will have to remove the screws holding the thermostat to the wall. This will give you a little leeway and maneuvering space when you tackle the wires. Do the wires one at a time so you can label them and make sure they do not slide back into the wall.

If the latter happens then you will have to spend more time digging them out. If you fail to label the wires, you may have trouble reconnecting them to the right terminals on the new thermostat.

If you have trouble reconnecting the wires, you may connect them to the wrong terminal and some features may not work. Once you remove the screws and the wires, the thermostat should fall right into your hands.

Also, if you have problems turning the AC or heater on when the new thermostat is attached, you may have to put the old one back on to see if the problem lies with the new thermostat or if you have a problem with the furnace or AC units.

Dometic Capacitive Touch Thermostat Installation

Dometic puts out a kit to help you install this unit into your RV. However, the instructions given are not in word format but illustrations only. We will provide that link to you so you can see what needs to be done to install this device. You can access the kit atthis link.

The download section has the link to the instructions. Thenthis linkgives you a schematic of the electrical design. The key is to make sure you hook up the wires to their proper location. If you don’t do that, then you may have to spend time figuring out which wires to move to their new location and so on.

If everything is wired correctly and nothing works, check the breakers that control the thermostat. If they have tripped then the device won't be getting any power. Reset the breakers so the power is flowing and try again.

When wires are crossed, they can easily trip the breaker to protect you from further damage. Also, check to make sure the main power is turned on. Even though this is a simple wiring task, it may be best to hire a pro to do it for you. They can ensure that all problems are avoided.

Dometic RV Thermostat Change From Celsius to Fahrenheit


According to Dometic, the way to change your thermostat reading from Celsius to Fahrenheit is to press both the up and down buttons at the same time. Most Dometic furnaces will cap out at 90 degrees F which is roughly 30 degrees C.

Also, if you have trouble with a lack of heating, it may not be the thermostat that is the problem. A common issue with some RV models using the Dometic system is that the ducting may not be connected to the plenum.

Sometimes tape is used and not screws when the RV was put together. You should check to see how your duct system is attached to vital components and make secure changes to the system.

Before You Replace the Thermostat

When thermostats start to act up, before replacing them it is a good idea to double-check the following common problems that cause your device to stop working properly.

1. Check the batteries - they may have run out of power sooner than you expected. This is a common issue when your thermostat is run by batteries.

2. The display screen is blank - this is a sign that it is broken and the only fix is a replacement. Analog thermostats need to be double-checked manually to see if they have gone bad.

3. Room temperature and thermostat temperature do not match - this is due to incorrect signals being sent to your furnace and AC units. You would have to use another thermometer to double-check this issue first.

If they do not agree, then replacement is your only option as the RV’s thermostat is broken.

4. Heat/AC not turning on or off - if you hear clicking then it is not the thermostat that is broken or in need of repair. When you do not hear a click or a clicking sound, then the thermostat is the one that is broken. It either needs repair or replacing.

Some Final Words

It is possible to use household thermostats in your RV. However, those household models should be battery operated or they won’t work without rewiring. Replacing your current thermostats with an upgrade is also a good option as long as you get the wires in the right spot.

You can do the replacement yourself but having a pro do it reduces the risk of malfunction.

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Dometic Bluetooth Thermostat Update 2020

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