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Where is Madam Nazar Today in Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online there is a mysterious travelling saleswoman called Madam Nazar. Madam Nazar moves here sales caravan every day in Red Dead Online. This can make finding her a bit difficult. To help you find Madam Nazar use our where is Madam Nazar today guide below.


Madam Nazar Location Today on October 19

Madam Nazar can be found to the north of Annesburg in the Ambarino area. She is located along a path here with her mobile sales coach. Once you visit Madam Nazar her location will appear on your map.

What Does Madam Nazar Do?

Image showing the Collector's Bag which is part of Madam Nazar's services.

The purpose of Madam Nazar is to serve as the vendor for the Collector role. From this NPC you can purchase the Collector’s Bag which allows you to travel around the map collecting various items such as Buried Treasure, Tarot Cards, Bird Eggs, Wild Flowers, and more. The items can be sold to Madam Nazar for cash. Keep in mind you can sell individual collectibles to Madam Nazar for cash, but the ideal approach is selling a complete collection to get the most money from her.

To make your life easier while you are out collecting use this map here. This map shows the locations of every collectible in Red Dead Online. Use it to cut down on time and save yourself money from having to buy maps from Madam Nazar.

What Does Madam Nazar Sell?

Image showing one of the Belt Buckles Madam Nazar sells in Red Dead Online.

Since Madam Nazar is a vendor she sells a number of useful items for players to purchase to help them with the Collector’s Role. These items are the following:

Collector’s BagPurchase to start Naturalist role.15 Gold (free if collect all GTAO Playing Cards).
Pennington Field Shovel (Collector Rank 1)Dig up buried treasure.$350.00
Aguila Machete (Collector Rank 5)Melee weapon. 6 Gold.
Refined Binoculars (Collector Rank 5)View things from long distances.$450.00
Metal Detector (Collector Rank 5)Find buried treasure to dig up.$700.00
MapsHighlights areas to search for valuables on map.– Arrowheads (Requires Shovel): $18.00.
– Bird Eggs: $19.00.
– Antique Alcohol Bottles: $13.00.
– Tarot Cards: $14.00.
– American Wild Flowers: $12.50.
– Miscellaneous: $18.50.
– Lost Jewelry (Collector Rank 10): $26.00.
– Coins (Requires Metal Detector): $27.00.
– Family Heirlooms (Requires Metal Detector): $14.50.
Crafting ItemsItems used to craft different recipes. – Burdock Root: $1.00.
– English Mace: $1.00.
– Indian Tobacco: $1.00.
– Milkweed: $1.00.
– Violet Snowdrop: $1.00.
– Wild Feverfew: $1.00.
– Prairie Poppy: $1.00.
– Yarrow: $1.00.
– Oleander Sage: $1.00.
– Ginseng: $1.00.
– Currant: $1.00.
– Sage: $1.00.
– Flight Feather: $0.50.
MoonshineCan be drunk. $2.25.
ApparelItems to wear. Varies.

Come back every day and I will update the location of Madam Nazar. If you want me to add anything or have some suggestions, the best place for them is in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading and happy collecting.

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Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location - where to find the travelling saleswoman for the Collector role

Finding the current Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location is particular important if you're following the Collector career, as she is the key contact for making progress through this entry in the Red Dead Online roles. Meeting with Madam Nazar once she's sold you the Red Dead Online Collector's License and Bag (or given it to you for free if you proved your collecting abilities by rounding up all 54 of the GTA Online playing cards first) can be difficult, because she travels around to a fresh location in Red Dead Online on a daily basis. That's why we're here to help, so this is everything you need to know about discovering the current Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location and moving your Collector journey forward successfully.

Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location

Red Dead Online Madam Nazar is marked on the world map as a round icon with a thick X inside it, and if you select the Collector path from the Red Dead Online entry menu to get started on this role then you should spawn in an area fairly close by. The marker stays on your map until you reach the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location, where you can approach her caravan to initiate a cutscene and find out about becoming a Collector.

Finding Madam Nazar in the world becomes trickier after your initial meeting, as she moves around the map to a different location every day, and her marker disappears until you find her again. Her location is completely randomly chosen from the twelve possible spawn points we've highlighted on the map above, so if you want the latest sightings then the outlaws over at r/RedDeadDailies or MadamNazar.IO post regular updates on her whereabouts.

It is also possible to reveal her exact location on the map if you've previously purchased a Collector's Map from her and then activate it from your Satchel > Documents > Collector's Maps. However, be warned that if you have another Collector's Map currently active then doing this will deactivate and remove it, so you'll lose any active collectible item markers you had.

How to find hidden items for Madam Nazar

Once you have acquired the Collector's License and Bag from Madam Nazar and started that role, there are a number of ways to find hidden items to sell to her for a profit. You can stumble upon them while roaming around, and using your hunter vision will reveal a golden glow rising from collectibles when they're nearby. You'll also receive a Collector's Map from Madam Nazar, which you can access from your satchel, that reveals the search area for a few rare items to get you started. Further maps can be purchased from Madam Nazar, though for some types of collectibles you'll also need to invest in the Pennington Field Shovel and the Metal Detector before you can start finding them. As noted earlier, activating a Collector's Map will also reveal the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location on the map, if you need to visit her to turn in items or purchase more supplies.

Once you start finding hidden items, you can track down the latest Red Dead Online Madam Nazar then approach her to turn your trinkets into profit. Accessing your Collector's Bag from the item wheel will reveal sets of items to collect, and if you can complete a section the resale value to Madam Nazar increases significantly, so it's worth taking your time and not rushing into quick sales. Keep an eye on your mail at Post Offices to receive notifications of weekly collections, which again will net you a tidy profit if you can complete them and return to Madam Nazar before the deadline. You can also send any complete collection sets you'd like to sell to Madam Nazar via a Post Office, meaning you don't need to find her in person to make the transaction. Happy hunting!

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Looking for more help? Then check out our essential Red Dead Redemption 2 tips in the video below:

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Introduced in the Frontier Pursuits update, Madam Nazar is the most important character in Red Dead Online for any self-respecting Collector, paying you for collectibles and treasure as well as selling you vital equipment that'll help you find even more of both. However, Nazar’s profession keeps her on the road, and changes where she sets up shop changes every day without any immediate clue as to where she can be found. We’re here to help with that.

How to Find Madam Nazar

The first time you meet her to register as a Collector, Madam Nazar is always in the same place: to the North-West of Armadillo in Cholla Springs, helpfully marked with a yellow icon on your map. However, after you buy a collector’s bag, she’ll begin to relocate across the world every 24 hours.

As of this current date we’ve seen twelve different spots across Red Dead Online’s vast map where Madam Nazar may appear on a day-to-day basis, and can be spotted by her large, brightly-lit and highly-decorated caravan. Which of these 12 spots she’s in changes randomly every day, and we’ve marked them below for you to find. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to search, we recommend starting at the top-right of the map and working your way South-West through the various hotspots towards New Austin. Unlike the many treasures you bring to her, Nazar’s caravan is not hidden in any way, and should be obvious the moment you’re in the same area.

Madam Nazar’s Locations

  1. Roanoke Ridge. Fast travel to Annesburg town, go briefly West, then North up the main road until you see her.
  2. Bluewater Marsh. Travel either South from Van Horn Trading Post or North from Saint Denis along the main road, close to the Grave Marker.
  3. Bolger Glade. Can be found either going West from Saint Denis, or South from Rhodes.
  4. Eastern Heartlands. Go South-West from Emerald Ranch, hugging the edge of the Lemoyne Border.
  5. Three Sisters. Head North from Emerald Ranch in the direction of the lake named O’Creagh’s Run.
  6. Cumberland Forest. Ride North from Valentine, sticking close to the Dakota River, until you’re nearly level with Fort Wallace in the East.
  7. Eastern Heartlands. Go South from Valentine, again staying close to the Dakota River.
  8. Little Creek River. Head North from Strawberry until you’re past the Big Valley, then head West along the edge of the Little Creek River.
  9. Tall Trees. Go directly West from Blackwater, past the Great Plains, until you’re nearly North from Manzanita Post.
  10. Manteca Falls. Run South from Thieves Landing, staying on the Southernmost road. You should see her when you’re North of Manteca Falls.
  11. Cholla Springs. The place she first introduced herself, Madam Nazar is back to the North-West of Armadillo, set up by the road.
  12. Rio Bravo. Head South from Benedict Point, following the Rio Bravo border, then go East with the road when it curves along with the River. You should see her before you hit Plainview.

How to Find Madam Nazar with a Collector’s Map

If you don’t want to go through the process of checking every location, there is another, quicker, but more costly way: use one of the Collector’s Maps that Madam Nazar will sell you by going into your satchel and reading it. Each map is a one-time use item and highlights three hidden treasures to be found, but if you haven’t found Nazar that day, her icon will replace one of those three treasures. It’s quicker to find her, but you’ll lose out on the opportunity to get an extra piece of lucre. If you've got the time to spare, it might be better just to go searching.

What You Can Get From Madam Nazar

Nazar sells numerous items and trinkets that can’t be obtained anywhere else, including rotating cosmetic items such as masks and belt accessories. She also sells Collector-specific equipment that’ll unlock as you level up, such as a shovel and metal detector, as well as the aforementioned single-use Maps that can be used to narrow down the location of treasure across the world.

Now that you’ve found Madam Nazar, you’ll need something valuable to sell her, so why not check out our guide on how to collect all the antique coins and make over five hundred dollars in just under an hour? Or if you’re curious about expanding beyond the role of Collector, check out our guide on specialist roles and see what each one has to offer. Or you could just go to our Red Dead Online guides hub, where we’ve got all the info you’ll need to be true-grit gunslinger.

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All 12 Madam Nazar Locations in Red Dead Online: How to Become a Collector (Red Dead Redemption 2)

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