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John Deere &#;SABRE&#; worth buying?

I have a Sabre 16/46 hydro. It's my second mower that I keep at the mother in law's to mow her lawn. All in all it's been a good mower. I had to replace the deck at a tune of $ 3 or so years ago. It has a 16 hp Vanguard engine that is starting to use a little oil between mowings. Starts every time thou. It has the K51 Hydrogear trans axle. Years ago I changed the oil to Mobile !. Used Mobile ! in the Vanguard after the break in. The bearings in the spindles need changing. I enjoy the mower still. Sabres are old mowers. I think was the last production year. The JD series took over. I can get most parts at the JD dealership. I would never spend very much money on it form here on.

What to look for? The deck top and bottom. Make sure it's not rusted. The spindle bearings. Listen for grinding noise, and play in the shaft by holding a blade tip and pushing up and down, back and forth. Look for oil leaks on engine and trans. Look for steering play in the joints at the wheels. Tire side walls for dry rotting. Paint on deck and frame. Battery area for rust and rot. Does it start easy with out smoking. Does it run smooth at wide open throttle with the blades engaged? How much of the blades are left? Check the air filter. Is it used and clean? Is it new hiding a problem?

I could go on and on. It's an old mower. Repairs and parts cost money. Some more than the mower is worth.



John Deere Sabre

The John Deere Sabre line of lawn mowers very often causes confusion and consternation among both lawnmower enthusiasts and among John Deere fans who don&#;t like the Sabre range of mowers manufactured and produced by JD. Not only were these mowers confusingly painted with a shade of green that is not quite the same as the regular green of John Deere, they were also called Sabre, which is not something that you would expect from JD. There are actually a surprising number of different Sabre models available. There are five walk behind mowers, the 14PS, 14SS, M10, M21 andM23, all of which have now ceased production.

But there are far more sit on lawnmower models in the John Deere Sabre range. They are the GS, GS, HS, GS, HS, G, HS, HS, GS, HS, HS, GS, GV, HV,HMS, HV, GV, GV, HV, HV, GV, HV, HV, HV, HV, HV and the HV. Like the walk behind mowers, these too have all ceased production.

These models were never that popular with consumers as most were confused as to exactly who made these tractors. They were hearing John Deere, but when they looked at the actual logo, it said &#;Sabre by John Deere&#;. The problem was that &#;Sabre&#; was in a very large size font, but &#;by John Deere&#; was much smaller. Consumers didn&#;t know what to think. Many actually thought that they were cheap (and sometimes even illegal) knock offs of real John Deere tractors, when in actual fact all John Deere Sabres were manufactured by John Deere. The whole idea behind making them was that John Deere thought they would compete with the cheaper tractors being sold by their competitors. They obviously didn&#;t want to sell &#;true&#; John Deere tractors at a lower price than the premium people usually pay, so they made a &#;semi-new&#; brand. Unfortunately though, the only thing the JD Sabre brand of tractors did was confuse people. Luckily for John Deere diehards, who don&#;t want to see the brand of John Deere diluted, the Sabre range has been discontinued, much like the Scotts range of lawn mowers that John Deere produced briefly.

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John Deere "SABRE" worth buying??

Theres a guy selling one pretty cheap $ with trailer and spreader, it has a hp Briggs motor and claims to be really well taken care of. Waht are your opinions on this mower??Here is the ad:
For sale 1 John Deere Sabre lawn mower
Very good used condition No problems
Brand new battery, fresh oil change, 3/4 tank of gas
Almost new set of Gator blades (? maybe 5 hours)
Just tuned up, cleaned carb, changed plug and filters
Newer drive and deck belts Gates "Green Belts"
hp Briggs and Stratton engine w/ cast iron sleeve
5 speed gear drive w/ reverse (less maintenance than hydros)
Easy to adjust deck height, one handed, from the seat
All of the factory guards and safety switches are in place
I will include an extra front tire, enough synthetic oil for
three more oil changes, a new air filter w/ pre-filter, spark plug,
fuel filter, extra blades, and a tow behind broadcast spreader


Sabre by John Deere - 2048HV

Sabre garden tractor

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John deere by reviews sabre

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John Deere Sabre RIDING LAWN MOWER Tutorial HOW TO START and maintenance

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