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Original Airdate: 4/8/2010

Toonami Airdate: 4/22/2017

Hey, do you not like the toads on here like I do, and wish they could go away? Well, too bad. They are here for the time being, and are gonna teach you and Naruto a couple things along the way. Learn your Nature Energy, and just sit back and relax. For real, that’s the moral of this episode.

As where it left off at the end of the last episode, Fukasaku had to tell Naruto he isn’t actually gonna die from Nature Energy. It was a stupid analogy from Gamakichi. Basically, for Naruto to gain nature energy, he will has to absorbed all of it into his body by not moving. He has to be like an animal to feel nature throughout. Of course, the little hyperactive blonde thinks it’s easy, but really, you try sitting still for awhile. It’s not so easy. Plus, he can’t take this so lightly since they are still dealing with Pain. But Naruto knows are about Pain’s info, so he has no time to lose. Luckily, there is a shortcut through this. Fukasaku points to the waterfall that gives off oil for the toads here. Fukasaku rubs some on Naruto’s arm. Whenever this oil is on Naruto, he will be able to feel nature energy. However, there’s a risk. If a normal person isn’t used to the oil, they turn into a frog. And guess what’s happening to Naruto?

NS 155 2

Oh, don’t worry. Fukasaku has a way to handle these situations: Beat him up. He beats Naruto with the baton, and it just so happens to turn him back to normal. Naruto needs to learn to balance his own charka with nature energy. And if he learns in due time, he won’t need the oil. But, if he uses too much, he may never be human again. That’s what Gamakichi met by “dying”. Actually, turning into a frog isn’t the worst thing. You can be one of the former students who didn’t get Sage Jutsu down pat and turned into one of the frog statues. Hell, even the best student at it, Jiraiya, still had issues since he still had some frog features during Sage Jutsu. Naruto will go through with it, since it’s his Ninja Way. Meanwhile, the Akatsuki make their plans to go after Naruto. They know the Leaf will be after them, so they have to hurry. Konan will make the preps, as more Pains show up to get ready to go to the Leaf.

As Naruto trains more, he keeps turning into a frog, having Fukasaku beat him. It’s not going well, but Naruto decides to use Shadow Clones to speed it up. It’s a good idea, but Fukasaku only allows him to use 4, cause if one turns into a frog, it’s over. He gets the clones out, but they all turn, and in turn, Naruto gets all Rodney King’d by Fukasaku. Naruto can’t take any more of this.

NS 155

Of course, Naruto and Jiraiya are exceptions when it comes to humans using Sage Jutsu, since they got alot of chakra stored up. It takes alot of chakra to take in Nature Energy. Naruto will go on with all the beatings.

In time, Naruto does finally see and sense Nature Energy, which he celebrates. He then eats the food which Shima made. This time, it tasted good. He’s becoming like them. So now, it’s time to lift the frog statue like Fukasaku did. He tells Naruto to try with his ninjutsu chakra. It doesn’t go too well. Now it’s time to use nature energy. Naruto stays still, has all the nature energy he can muster go into him, and again tries to lift the statue. He struggles at first, but he is able to lift it. And then, he lifts it fully over his head. Naruto is going quicker than Jiraiya did. However, he’s not as bright as his master, as shown when he throws the statue into another one, causing a chain reaction that collapses all the statues.

NS 155 3

Since he can control nature energy now with the oil, he will have to do so without it. It uses a lot of chakra, but nature energy does make you stronger and heal you faster, even faster than Naruto can with the 9-Tails. But before Naruto can move on, Fukasaku gives him a book he wants him to read. It’s Jiraiya’s first book, “Tales of a Gutsy Ninja”. In it, a ninja faces an enemy, enemy thinks he’s won, there’s talk of curses, peace, and finding peace, you saw this before. The good ninja doesn’t give up, and wins. Who is he? Naruto reads it, and cries from it. It then flashes back to younger Naruto and Jiraiya, talking after Sasuke left. Jiraiya had the same deal with Orochimaru, who lost his way after his parents died. Jiriaya may have not understood Orochimaru, but what influenced the ninja world was hate. Jiraiya hoped to bring harmony to this world, and if he didn’t, then Naruto would for him, which he promised Jiraiya he do, making his master proud. Naruto got something very valuable from this, and thanks Jiraiya. Back at the Akatsuki hideout, Killer Bee is getting his 8-Tails power taken away. But during it, his body turns into an octopus leg. Sasuke didn’t get the real one, as Killer Bee is still out there.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. I been saying these were good episodes the past few weeks. What has happened?! But for real, the training stage could be alot worse than this, as I said. The fact that the pace here isn’t going at a sloth-like speed makes it better. For Shippuden, this is a NASCAR-like approach. Also, I can appreciate the advice from Fukasaku when he says sitting still ain’t easy. You try being hyperactive all the time like Naruto is. It ain’t easy being still for so long. I should know, since I had ADHD all my life, and sitting still for even one minute is almost damn near impossible. Even better, the book part was actually pretty good too. We all know who the character in the book is, since we saw the “Tales of a Gutsy Ninja” part before this. So knowing his Master did care for him was a cool moment. Also cool, come on. Seeing Fukasaku beat down Naruto was pretty funny. It’s better than seeing him getting beat up by Sakura for no damn reason at all. Another good episode which makes it 3 in a row now. 3.5 Frog Beatdowns/5.


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The World of J-Culture

Episode 151: Hotaru cries, believing that she killed Naruto and Utakata, however they still manage to move. Meanwhile, Team 7 fights the bandits and defeat them. Hotaru's body starts to overflow with natural chakra and Shiranami tries to escape but is defeated by Naruto. Utakata then uses his beast to consume and stops the flow of chakra. In the end, Team 7 leaves and Hotaru and Utakata start their travels, but Utakata is ambushed by Pain and defeated, using his last strength to blow bubbles to tell Hotaru to live on.

Episode 152: After extracting the Six Tails from Utakata, the Akatsuki note that only two Jinchuriki remain to be captured as Sasuke Uchiha hands the unconscious Killer Bee over to Tobi. Meanwhile, the Fourth Raikage learns of Taka's action as is livid that they stole his brother. At the Hidden Leaf Village, after recalling his encounter with Itachi prior to his battle with Sasuke, Naruto Uzumaki learns of Jiraiya's death from Tsunade and Fukasaku.

Episode 153: Naruto, heart-broken of learning Jiraiya's death by the hands of Pain, walks off and recalls his time with his mentor. Fukasaku shows Jiraiya's chakra-encrypted code to Tsunade who has Shikamaru give to their village's best code breaker in translate. The next day, told that the cipher might be known by something Jiraiya knows, Shikamaru visits Naruto and gives him some peace of mind by revealing that Kurenai is pregnant with Asuma's child and that they should stop being children and become the best of what their mentors saw in them.

Episode 154: The scientists inspect the body of Pain's Animal Path, while Naruto and Shikamaru identify the message. Naruto, noticing the number nine emulated for the "Ta" katakana on the "Make-Out Tactics" Book, informs Tsunade and Fukasaku that the number code unveils the sentence saying, "The Real One Is Not There". Fukasaku memorizes Jiraiya's actions and takes Naruto to Mount Myoboku for training in Sage Mode. There, meeting Gamakichi who tries to help him understand Fukasaku's lecture, Naruto learns the basics of Sage Jutsu and the risk of death.

Episode 155: Learning that Jiraiya did not perfect his Sage Jutsu, Naruto learns that taking in too much Natural Energy can cause him to turn into a toad and then into stone. Fukasaku has Naruto beginning his training by using "toad oil" to help him gather energy, whacking him and his clones with a special club to prevent them from becoming toads. Fukasaku later gives Naruto Jiraiya's first book, Tales of Gutsy Ninja to read. Meanwhile, as Tobi and the other Akatsuki members discover that the "Killer Bee" in their possession is actually a fragment of the Eight Tails, Pain and Konan head out to the Hidden Leaf to capture the Nine-Tails.

Episode 156: After intense training, Naruto successfully gathers energy to master Sage Mode for the first time and surpass Jiraiya. Fukasaku teaches to Naruto with Frog Kumite, a senjutsu-enhanced taijutsu increasing the range for physical attacks. Meanwhile, the Raikage A orders Samui, Karui and Omoi to find Bee and deliver the letter for Tsunade about capturing Sasuke.

Episode 157: While Naruto finishes training on Mount Myoboku, Pain invades the Hidden Leaf with his new Animal Path Pain. While Inoichi reads the Animal Path's mind and Shizune leads a biopsy team to find secrets behind the metal piercings for the Leaf's Intel Division, Pain interrogates with the villagers. Knowing that Pain is attacking the village, Tsunade orders them to get Naruto back.

Episode 158: Danzo, Homura and Koharu ask Tsunade to cancel Naruto's return, but she convinces them to let Naruto come for Pain and Konan. As Tsunade protecting them failed, Danzo kills the messenger frog from getting to Naruto. Kakashi Hatake meets to confront Pain, allowing Iruka's escape.

Episode 159: Kakashi is stopped by Pain's Asura Path from helping Choza as he and Choji are outmatched against Pain. While Pain annihilates Choza's squad as his Asura Path attacks Kakashi, Choji escapes and get to Tsunade.

Episode 160: Naruto attempts to merge with Fukasaku, so that he can move in Sage Mode while Fukasaku gathers Nature Energy for him. But the Nine-Tails forces them to find an alternate method for Naruto to enter Sage Mode in battle. As the Interrogation Corp fights off Pain's new Animal Path and barrages them with an assortments of animal summonings, Ibiki fails to stop them.

Episode 161: Pain's Naraka Path displays its mysterious power against two leaf shinobi while Konohamaru Sarutobi watches in horror. Pain senses Konohamaru's presence but is interrupted by Ebisu who takes on Pain in order to allow Konohamaru to escape. After seeing Ebisu about to be killed, Konohamaru intervenes and after learning of Naraka's ability, judging souls and then reaping the sinner of their life, with a Shadow Clone, he unleashes the Rasengan and is able to keep Naraka at bay.

Episode 162: As the Inuzuka and Aburame clans battle with his Preta Path and Konan respectively, Pain meets with Tsunade, who recognizes him as Yahiko. As Naruto learns of the village's situation, Human Path discovers his location and then kills Shizune, transmitting the intel to Pain who uses his gravity-manipulating Deva Path ability to completely destroy the village in frustration with Tsunade. In the newly formed crater in the heart of Konoha, Naruto appears with a small armada of toads following Sakura Haruno's cries for his return.

Episode 163: Naruto confronts Pain as his other five Paths reappear. Asura Path attacks Tsunade and Naruto destroys it, telling Tsunade to leave. She does so and reverts to her old self with Sakura. Naruto charges forward as the toads deal with Animal Path's summons. Naruto fights Preta Path with Frog Kumite and defeats it before speaking to Pain. He reveals that they were both Jiraiya's apprentices and how he only wants peace. Angered with his hypocrisy, Naruto throws a finally completed Rasen-Shuriken at the remaining Paths of Pain.

Episode 164: Naruto successfully begins taking out Pain's bodies one after another, but when his Sage Mode reaches its limit, Pain attempts to take control of the battle. Naruto throws another Rasen-Shuriken but it's absorbed by a revived Preta Path. But Fusaku reveals that Naruto created two clones that are harvesting Natural Energy for him, Naruto summoning one of the clones to disperse and obtained the energy to resume Sage Mode. Naruto manages to kill the Naraka Path, just to get repelled by a recovered Pain who uses another Shinra Tensei on the toads. Naruto realizes he can't use taijutsu or ninjutsu on the remaining paths, so he will have to fight them using a genjutsu suggested by Fukasaku.

Episode 165: As Hinata worries about Naruto, Inoichi and the others try to find the real Pain. Naruto continues to fight back the remaining paths, but is captured by Preta Path. It absorbs his Sage Mode chakra and is petrified due to the uncontrollable Nature Energy. Fukasaku then attempts to trap Pain in a Genjutsu, but is killed. Pain then impales several Chakra receivers into Naruto's body, immobilizing him to be manipulated by Nagato. Pain explains that the world peace Jiraiya envisioned can not be achieved due to hatred among the people, revealing his intent to use the tailed beasts' power to have every living know suffering and fear it. As he has Pain ask Naruto if he could think of another path to path, Nagato states that his ideal peace is almost in fruition.

Episode 166: Hinata decides to come to Naruto's aid as he was about to manipulated by Nagato's Chakra receivers, finally admitting her love for Naruto as she fights a losing battle against Pain. But despite knowing may likely die, Hinata remains adamant before she is quickly defeated and seemingly stabbed by Pain. As Pain explains that the hate from losing loved ones is why there can never be peace in the current world, Naruto goes berserk as the Nine-Tails chakra begins to surface. Meanwhile, Konoha ninja start the search for Nagato.

Episode 167: Naruto enters his Four-Tailed form and attacks Pain, who manages to repel his attacks. Angered even further when Pain mentions Sasuke, Naruto continues his transformation into a Six-Tailed form. Pain decides to fall back from the village toward where Nagato is to trap Naruto with Planetary Devastation, a powerful jutsu that the Sage of Six Paths used to create the moon, to trap the Jinchuriki within a miniature moon in midair. But Naruto starts breaks free to Pain's shock, now in a monstrous eight-tailed state. Within his mind, Naruto succumbs to the Nine Tails telling him to embrace his hate and destroy everything. Naruto was about to remove the seal to completely release the Nine-Tails when he is stopped by the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze.

Episode 168: Minato appears within Naruto's psyche, revealing himself to a chakra imprint of the actual Fourth Hokage as he takes Naruto to another part of his mind to discuss things away from the furious Nine Tails. It was there that Minato revealed himself as Naruto's father, making Naruto further conflicted on why his own father made him a jinchuriki. But Minato reveals he only sealed half of the Nine Tails into Naruto, revealing that the Nine-Tails's attack on the Hidden Leaf Village 16 years ago was Tobi's doing, theorizing that Pain may be a pawn of the masked ninja to Naruto's shock. Placing his faith that Naruto will find the answer to Pain's question, Minato restores the Nine Tails seal before fading away. Back to normal, and no means to renew his Sage Mode, Naruto confronts Pain and demands to meet Nagato himself. Pain refuses, resulting in a fight with Naruto stabbing himself with a Chakra Receiver to pinpoint Nagato's location. After using up his last Rasen Shuriken followed by a mass clone attack to force his opponent to exhaust his gravity manipulation, Naruto uses the 5-second window to land a Rasengan on Pain.

Episode 169: Naruto defeats Pain with his final Rasengan, removing his Chakra Receivers before heading to Nagato's location, having Katsuya tell the others not to follow as Sakura finishes healing Hinata. Naruto encounters Inoichi and Shikaku on the way, the latter honoring Naruto's request to stand down to Inoichi's dismay. Naruto finds Nagato and Konan, the former impaling him with a Chakra Rod to control him. But Naruto breaks free, stating his murderous intent as Konan gets between him and Nagato before the youth stopped himself. Naruto states Jiraiya's belief for a peaceful world with Nagato asking if he can still believe in Jiraiya's "peace" after all that has happened. Noticing Nagato and Konan are not like the other Akatsuki members, Naruto requests to hear their story before giving him his answer.

Episode 170: Three years before Pain's attack on the Hidden Leaf, Naruto trains in preparation for the Chūnin Exam's final rounds when he hears Jiraiya speak of “the Fourth Hokage’s legacy". Using information from Guy, Naruto, Sakura and Team 10 head to the Honegami Grounds, where they are instructed by a disguised Guy to enter and complete the obstacle course and obtain the Secret Technique. Meanwhile Hidden Rain Ninja begin their pursuit.

Episode 171: Naruto and the others face the oncoming challenges in order to find the Secret Technique and break the Fourth Hokage's record, but Naruto’s impulsive action leads the group into various troubles. They are attacked by the Rain Ninja, but unknown to them, are saved by Sasuke. They eventually find the scroll which reads: "There is no shortcut in the ninja way". The phrase that becomes Naruto's motto. The story ends as the final rounds of the Chūnin Exam begin the next day.

Episode 172: Learning that Naruto will answer his question after learning how he and Konan ended up as they are, Nagato recalls his two moments of pain, the first of which being the night his Rinnegan activated upon seeing his parents accidentally killed by Leaf Ninja. He then tells Naruto about how he met Konan and Yahiko, all three of them having to resort to thievery to stay alive. After seeing Hanzo the Salamander battle the Three Sannin, they set out to find the three ninja so that they can be taught ninjutsu.

Episode 173: Nagato continues talking to Naruto and describes his second pain, how he and Konan helped Yahiko used what they learned from Jiraiya to create the Akatsuki to bring peace to Hidden Rain Village. But Hanzo deemed Yahiko's group a threat to his regime and allied with Danzo to kidnap Konan. Hanzo orders Nagato to kill Yahiko if he wants her to live and Yahiko sacrfices himself for Konan's sake, horrifying Nagato and forcing him into the crippled state and state of mind he is in today.

Episode 174: With Nagato's story done, Naruto answers that he still cannot forgive him but will not abandon their sensei's legacy and will keep striving for peace no matter what pain he is put through. Nagato reflects on Naruto's words, thinking back to how inspired the lead character in Jiraiya's story who Naruto was named after. This causes Nagato to decide to put his faith in Naruto as he perform a technique that will revive all those that he killed in the Hidden Leaf with Konan considered on the consequences of its use.

Episode 175: Nagato finishes reviving everyone he had killed and dies due to running out of chakra. He entrusts his dreams to Naruto and Konan likewise decides to believe in him. After retrieving Nagato and Yahiko's bodies, she gives Naruto a bouquet of flowers symbolizing the hope Naruto represents. After erecting a memorial for Jiraiya, Naruto returns to the village and is, after years of pain and isolation, finally heralded as a hero.

Rating: 9/10(Average)

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Naruto episode 155 in hindi - explain by - anime explanation

Naruto: Shippuden (season 8)

Season of television series

Naruto: Shippuden
Shippuden season 8 vol1.jpg

Season 8 Cover

Country of originJapan
No. of episodes24
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseMarch 25 (2010-03-25) –
August 26, 2010 (2010-08-26)

← Previous
Season 7

Next →
Season 9

List of episodes

The eighth season of the Naruto: Shippudenanime series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo. The eighth season aired from March to August 2010.[1] The season follows the Akatsuki leader Pain invading the Leaf Village and attempting to kidnap the eponymous character, Naruto Uzumaki. It is referred to by its DVDs as the chapter of Two Saviors (二人の救世主, Futari no Kyūseishu). Aniplex released the six volumes between October 7, 2010 and March 2, 2011. While the volumes contains all the episodes, episodes 170 and 171 were skipped to the sixth volume.[2]

The English dub of this season premiered on February 16, 2013 on Neon Alley and concluded on March 30, 2013.[3] The season would make its English television debut on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block and premiere from April 2 to October 1, 2017.

The season contains five musical themes: "Sign" by Flow is used as the opening theme until episode 153, where it was replaced by "Tōmei Datta Sekai" (透明だった世界, "Formerly Transparent World") by Motohiro Hata. "For You" by Azu is used as the ending theme until episode 153, when it was replaced by "Jitensha" (自転車, "Bicycle") by OreSkaBand until episode 166, where it was replaced by "Utakata Hanabi" (うたかた花火, "Transient Fireworks") by Supercell. The fourth feature film, Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Lost Tower was released on July 31, 2010. The broadcast versions of episodes 172 to 175 include scenes from the film in the opening themes, while still retaining the music "Tōmei Datta Sekai".

Episode list[edit]

Home releases[edit]



Box set Date Discs Episodes Reference
12 October 9, 2012 3 141–153 [6]
13 January 29, 2013 3 154–166 [7]
14 April 23, 2013 3 167–179 [8]
Volume Date Discs Episodes Reference
12 March 18, 20132141–153[9]
13 June 24, 20132154–166[10]
14 September 23, 20132167–179[11]
Collection Date Discs Episodes Reference
12 January 9, 20132141–153[12]
13 March 20, 20132154–166[13]
14 June 19, 20132167–179[14]


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Summary episode naruto shippuden 155

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Naruto episode 155 in hindi - explain by - anime explanation

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