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dendro lovebot — Sexting: Wolverine x Reader

I don’t think that anyone has made a sexting for this character and since I’m bored as hell why not? This is my first time at this so sorry if there are any errors!

You were sitting on your bed inside the Xavier mansion reading a book. Since it was a Saturday night and there was nothing interesting to keep your mind away from what troubles you for once, so you started reading The Book Thief.

But the book was anything but interesting in your opinion. The only thing on your mind was thinking of was when your boyfriend Logan would return from the bar with Remy, Scott, Jean, and Hank.

Logan had asked you if you wished to go with them but you said no. Now here you are in your room regretting your refusal to go to the bar with them as you are now all alone and missing him.

You sighed and put the book down. “Thanks for the help.” You mumbled sarcastically to the book that was now lying on your bed with the cover showing. Since reading was obviously out of the option to distract you from missing Logan you tried to think of something else to take your mind off of the mutant.

But your phone buzzed gently bringing you out of your thoughts as you grabbed it quickly hoping that it would be a text from Storm, or in your predicament anyone. When you turned it on you grinned as you saw Logan’s name but got surprised with what he wrote to you.

Logan: Hey, baby, hope your bein’ a good girl while I’m gone~

You nearly laughed as it was obvious he drunk texted you as he sends you these when he is drunk. But then an idea came into your head as you quickly went to your messages and replied back to him.

You: No, I am actually being a very bad girl, babe~

You smirked as you saw the dots appear on the screen while he was writing to you. As soon as he did your smirk grew.

Logan: Really now? Why’s that?

As soon as he replied you replied soon after.

You: Well… I am all alone in my bed..

Logan: And? Are you wearing something sexy?

You: Maybe~

You were wearing something. Well, you were just wearing one of Logan’s flannel shirts that stretched up to almost above your knees. But under that actually was something sexy. To be more specific; you were wearing that sexy blue lace undergarments that you knew Logan loved very much.

Logan: What would that be?

You grinned as you started to unbutton the flannel enough to show off some of your cleavage but you managed to keep the underwear hidden to make him think you were wearing nothing under his shirt. You double checked to make sure the bra was not showing and then went to your camera app and made a sexy selfie of yourself.

As soon as you did you sent it to him. It had taken Logan a few moments to reply. As soon as he did you grinned at his text.

Logan: Damn… Hang on tight there baby, be a good girl when I get there.

You knew the answer if you asked but you had asked anyway trying to sound innocent in your response to him.

You: What happens if I don’t?

But you had no answer to your question. You wondered what he was doing.

Meanwhile Logan walked over to Remy. “Give me the keys.” Remy turned to the mutant and looked down to see his arm extended out expecting the keys to the car to be given to him. “Sorry, mon amie, but not until I get dis-” He was pulled to meet Logan’s gaze. “It was not a request, bub. Keys. Now.” He growled.

Scott, Jean and Hank ran towards them. “What is happening?” Jean asked. Remy managed to release himself from Logan’s tight grip on him and went back to trying to hit on the woman he was speaking to. But she had already left as soon as his back was turned.

Gambit turned to glare daggers at Logan. “Thank you so much.” He deadpanned. Logan glared back but his gaze was more ferocious. Jean asked her question once again, this time Remy was the one to answer. “I was tryna flirt wit’ dis fine lady when dat scoundrel&#;” He pointed to Logan. “&#;intruded rudely.”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Hey I saved your ass from getting rejected again.” Remy growled slightly. “Ey! At least I wasn’t acting like some damned beast!” Logan snarled back. Hank quickly came between them before any fights had started.

“What is this even about?” He looked to both of them. Logan answered first this time around. “Y/n sent me something interesting and I wanna go back to see her.” He said. Scott nearly chuckled at his response making Logan turn. “What’s so funny one eye?” He crossed his arms at him.

“Well, how long do you intend to be with Y/n until you leave her? Or are you just using her?” He responded. At this point Logan was clearly full animal.

He quickly punched him in the face. Scott stumbled back slightly as his sunglasses nearly came off. Jean got in the way and made sure to keep his sunglasses on him.

“Ok, perhaps now is a good time to get home…” Hank said quickly as he took the keys away from Remy and went towards the car with the others following shortly after.

You were lying down on your bed still wearing your boyfriend’s shirt as you awaited for him to be here.

“What is taking him so long?” You thought to yourself hoping that he didn’t get into any trouble while he was gone.

But before you could text him anything the door to your room got pushed open forcefully. You tilted your head to find Logan quickly closing the door to your room and when he saw you his eyes had become completely dark.

You sat up. “There you are, where have you been?” Logan ignored you and walked towards you as he nearly ripped the shirt right off of you earning a yelp from you.

When he saw you in the lacy items that barely covered you at all he licked his lips. You smirked. “Like what you see, babe?” You asked innocently.

Logan quickly took his shirt off with that evil sexy smirk that always turned you on. He peppered kisses onto your neck. “Oh darling, I like it very much.” He whispered into your neck.

Sours: https://wolfdeamonghoul.tumblr.com/post//sexting-wolverine-x-reader

Unexpected Buffing || Logan Howlett x Reader Smut


Summary: You went to a pub all alone and some guys bothered you in a nasty way. Fortunately, a very mysterious and handsome stranger rushed and saved your evening.

Warnings: Unprotected smut!


Authors: Cass & Rouge


Originally posted by myfrustrationissexual

Evening at bar started nicely. You had few shots, enjoying your spare time. Few men tried to flirt with you but you didn’t mind it as long as they were keeping a proper distance. You also hit a dancefloor to move your hips to the beat DJ was playing.

Logan entered the bar and quickly got annoyed by the crowds. There was nothing worst than being surrounded by strangers who would gladly try to kill you because of what you were.

He hid hands into his pockets and walked to the bar. Somehow he found a free bar stole, and sitting down he patted on the countertop.

“Barman! Whiskey,” Logan ordered before lighting a cigar.

Meantime, two guys approached you on the dancefloor.

“Hey, chicka, you look fine,” said one of them.

“Yea, nice figure you have, baby girl,” his mate responded happily, simply wrapping arm around your waist and started to dance right behind you, scraped his crotch against your butt.

You turned around, angry grimace on your face as you slapped man’s cheek. “Leave me alone, fucker,” you snapped and rushed off dancefloor to take a seat across the bar.

Howlett looked behind his shoulder on sudden commotion. Girl got away so he returned to his cigar and drink but still discreetly kept an eye on her as she sat down. Men like this liked to keep horrasing girls until someone would bit them up.

You ordered Margarita and sipped on your drink, checking your phone. Your best friend has written she won’t be able to meet you at the bar so you cursed under your breath. “Cunt,” you mumbled to yourself and emptied your glass.

But when you tried to get up and leave the club, these two man came to you again. One grabbed your wrist and pulled you closer, you felt his stinky breath on your cheek and you almost fainted.

“Where is our kitten about to go? We can guide you back home, doll. What? Is your mommy waiting for her little girl to return?,” dude asked, exposing his yellowish teeth.

“Fuck off,” you growled, pulling hand out of his grasp. “I am not interested.”

Logan had enough. Maybe strangers weren’t his favourites but he hated how people could hurt innocent ones just for fun.

He observed you and whole situation to make sure he should or even could ntervene. When the men didn’t stop bothering you, Logan got up from his seat and walked to you.

“Hey assholes! You don’t have better stuff to do? Girl doesn’t want your company, is it so hard to understand?,” he growled. “The girl is with me.”

You passed a surprised glance to a stranger and moved to stay next to his side. “I’d kick your balls, dicks, but I’m kinda not too sober to do this by my own, but he can,” you assured them and wrapped arm around his strong waist.

Thanks God this guy has showed. You knew situation was getting thicker.

Logan smiled and wrapped his arm around you.

“Sure I could, sweetheart, but I got you here to have some fun. I am not in a mood for fights so better fuck off from the girl!,” Logan said with deep growl.

Sure, he could just beat them up right there but the last thing he needed was some special attention because of the fight.

One of guys rolled his eyes. “We just wanted to lead lady home, man, cool down.”

They observed you for awhile and left when they realised that stranger wasn’t in mood for jokes.

“Thank ya,” you whispered.

Logan nodded and simply walked back to his his seat. “You better go home or make sure that someone pick you up so you won’t get into troubles again,” he said sitting down and taking sip of his drink.

You blinked. He simply left you like nothing had happened seconds before. You followed him and took a seat next to him. “Whiskey. Two, actually,” you ordered and when bartender poured alcohol to glasses, you handled one to stranger.

Logan looked at you with raised eyebrow. “Are you trying to get into more trouble, girl? Don’t hurt yourself with this drink, little one,” he said taking the glass from you.

“That’s for saving me from distress,” you joked lightly, looking at him carefully. “I’m Y/N, and you?”

“I am a Lone Wolf and that’s all you need to know,” Logan said and looked at you carefuly. “I don’t like people harassing others and you really must like getting into trubles. Coming to place like this, alone, dressed like that” he summed up, lighting another cigar and measuring you with his eyes.

You observed him, playing with lock of your hair.

Stranger was tall and handsome, beard was giving him +10 points to charm. His arms and chest were wide and well-built. When he was looking at you, his deeply blue eyes were shining like a stars on the sky.

“I’m not a troublemaker,” you assured him softly. “Hey. Tell me, what can I do for you for saving me? I owe you a favour.”

“Well, looking at the situation and at you I assume you end in situations like this quiet often,” Logan muttered taking a sip from his glass as he looked at you carfully.

You looked nice in tight dress that showed off your beautiful body shape. Hair kinda messy because of the not nice meeting from minutes before.

“You could try and don’t get into trouble so I don’t have to save you again,” Logan said with soft smile. “That would be nice.”

“Deal,” you smiled and simply took the cigar out of his hand. You inhaled with strong smoke and smiled at him. “Would you mind if I’d ask you to lead me back home?”

He watched you thinking about your proposition. Maybe it was a chance to end the evening nicer than getting drunk or getting into a fight.

“Walk you home you say,” Logan pretended to think, rubbing his chin slowly. He moved closer to your ear. “I think I can do that. Just to make sure you will get home safe, litte one,” he purred into your ear with soft smile.

You smiled at him and at the same moment you coughed loudly, apparently the smoke from his cigar was too strong for you.

Logan laughed softly and patted your back. “Little girl chocked on real man’s cigar? First fight, now this? Let’s get you home before you’ll kill yourself by accident,” he said taking the cigar from you as he got up from the seat. He started walking torward the door, looking over his shoulder. “Ya comming?”

You blushed at his comments yet followed him like a good puppy.

As soon as you both left the pub, you took a deep breath. Evening was rather cold and you shivered when wind blew you right in the face. “What were your purpose on coming here tonight?,” you asked him.

“Getting drunk, that’s all,” Logan answered briefly with a shrug, he removed his jacket and put it around your shoulders.


When you two got to your place, he looked around. “And you live here alone?,” man asked.

You hung his jacket on a hanger next to front door and walked to the kitchen to pour yourself a water. “Yea, as you see. Do ya want something to drink?,” you offered politely, looking at him above your shoulder.

“I think I’d prefer a snack,” Logan said as he sneaked behind you. His arms wrapped around your waist as his chest pressed to your back. Logan nuzzled to your hair and then to your shoulder, inhaling your sweet scent. “And you look and smell like a great snack,” he purred in a deep voice against your skin.

You parted your lips as you muscles tensed. Not that you didn’t want it, you were simply cut off guard when he came to you without warning. His chest was strong and warm and you couldn’t help but whimpered quietly. You turned around in his arms and put hands to his stomach. “Oh, do I?”

Logan purred loudly pushing his hips against you slowly. “Yes, you look and smell fucking amazing. I guess it was a right thing to save you tonight,” Howlett growled and suddenly picked you up to sit you on the counter.

He rested one hand on your hip, massaging it gently, other hand moved to your nape to pull you into a messy kiss.

You tried to say something but was cut off by the kiss. He tasted wonderful, a mix of strong alcohol and nicotine. You hummed and wrapped arm around his neck, placing other hand at his buttock, squeezing it.

When you broke the kiss, you let out a whimper. “Woah, easy, tiger.”

“Nah, I am not this type,” he said and pulled you off the counter and walked with you to your bedroom. Your smell was everywhere but bedroom had the stronger scent so he found it easily.

Longan threw you on bed and looked down on you. “Look at you, got into another trouble and you say you ain’t a troublemaler, little Y/N,” he purred and towered over you. “Let’s see what you are hiding under that dreas.”

Your cheeks were burning with blush, eyes glistening from unspeakable desire. You say on the bed and reached to your buck to unzip your dress. You took it off your shoulders and laid down, raising your hips to take dress completely off. You tossed it on the floor as you did. Your black lacy underwear emphasized your shape. You looked up at him and moved to the edge of the bed. “Like what you see?,” you teased, unbuckling his belt.

“Such a good little girl,” Logan purred and moved hand into your hair, stroking them gently. He looked at your body and the lacy underwear. “I like it… But I know what would look even better.”

Logan leanded down and quickly ripped your bra in half, he took it off and tossed it on the ground. “I will buy you a new one. Now, get back to work,” Logan winked at you.

You were still blushing but you didn’t pay attention to this anymore.

You slipped hand into his jeans and stroked his crotch through boxers he was wearing beneath pants. You tugged on his jeans and when they fell down to his ankles, you went down on your knees and tugged his boxers down as well.

He was rather a big sized, thick length was slowly getting harder. You glared up at him and placed a kiss to his tip, then spat on your palm before pumping it around his shaft.

“Come on, don’t play with me or I won’t be gently with you, sweetheart,” he whispered looking down on you, his hand moved trough your hair pulling them gently.

You took his cock into your mouth, you deep-throated him instantly, gagging with his length. Saliva dripped on your boobs from corners of your mouth and you slipped your free hand into your panties, rubbing over your clit.

You bobbed head back and forth, sucking hardly onto his tip. You pulled it out of your mouth to press it against his lower stomach to lick main vain properly and to suck onto his balls.

Logan held your head tightly but didn’t control your moves, you did such a good job that there was no point in this.

After a moment he pulled you up. “Such a good girl, how do you think? Did uou deserved the reward?,” he asked softly, his thumb traced your lips as he looked into your eyes.

You sucked onto his thumb, nodding eagerly. “I guess so,” you answered him with a grin on your lips. You rocked your hips on sides, playing with your panties. You slipped them off. You grabbed his palm and simply guided it between your thighs.

He rubbed fee circles around your already dripping pussy and then  grabbed your legs and picked you up, pushing you on his hard cock. He nuzzled to your shoulder and let out an animalastic, deep growl as he started to move you up and down his member.

Logan started to bite and suck on your skin, making sure to leave a mark so you would have a souvenir after him. “You feel so good around me, little one. So warm and tight, just for me,” he purred like a happy wolf. “I’m gonna fill you up and you’re gonna be mine.”

You hugged to him tightly as from it would depend your life. You were moaning and groaning right into his ear, sometimes muffling your whimpers by kissing his jawline.

“You like it, don’t ya, girl?,” he chuckled, listening to your moans and every little sound you made.

Logan moved with you to a wall, he pressed your back to it. His hand moved around your neck to squeeze it hard but not enough to hurt you in any way.

You rolled your eyes, pleasure was unbearable to you. His cock was thick, his thrusts hurt you but you enjoyed it oh so much. “Fuck me, just like that, boy,” you whimpered. “Fuck me harder, I want it harder, fucking shit,” you growled through clenched teeth as your hand moved to squeeze his butt.

Logan gladly used his full strength to pound into you. “As my princess wish. You won’t be able to fucking walk tomorrow,” he growled and his hand moved from your throat between your bodies to rub your clit. Logan nuzzled to your neck only to inhale your scent and bit hard into your warm flesh.

You squeaked loudly, moving hands to his back and scratching them strongly, leaving bloody marks after your long nails. “I wanna ride your fucking cock,” you stated, your eyes on his. “Let me make you feel fucking amazing.”

“Not this time, little one. But maybe next time, I promise you that,” he purred into your ear as he pressed your clit and stroked more agressivly. “Come on, cum for me, girl.”

“So fuck my fucking cunt harder, boy,” you teased. Your boobs were bouncing, meeting each one of his thrusts.

Truth was he made your legs shake and you knew you were almost reaching your peak.

He felt how close he was and he wasn’t going to hold it. Logan fucked you hard, slamming into your core with a loud growls. Logan kept going like this before pushing as deep as it was only possibe, his hips stuttered and hands rested on the wall, trapping your head between them.

He moved his hips few more times before cumming with a loud roar.

His claws slipped out and stabbed the wall. “Fuck…”

Blissful climax made you unaware what has happened for a few moments. You screamed and a tear streamed down your cheek because you couldn’t bear with that amount of pleasure. Your juices mixed with his semen and dripped down your legs when you let go of his waist. So you stand there, naked, in front of a man you knew for two hours.

When you realized the claws were still sticked in the wall, you covered your mouth, cold shiver ran along your spine. “You’re a mutant…,” your words hung between two of you like an axe.

Logan growled loudly trying to free himself. “Fucking shit.” When he finally did he looked at you and nodded slowly. “I am,” he muttured and looked away. Logan was sure that soon you would kick him out of your flat because of this.

You didn’t say a word. You walked to the bed and laid down, patting place by your side. “Wanna join?”

Logan looked at you, suprised. He looked at you like a deer into the headlights, then he joined you in the bed. “I expected a different reaction,” Logan said gently wrapping arm around you.

Next morning ll that left after him was his jacket and few bucks with a little note saying: “For you bra, just as I promised.”


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Stress Relief - Wolverine x Reader (Erotica)

I currently have no life…For real, sent me your requests, I have a broken wrist and nothing better to do than write “x reader” things because I enjoy them.


IMPORTANT WARNING : THIS IS EROTICA ! THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU ARE UNDERAGED, I GODDAMN MEAN IT. Like there’s cute and sweet feelings in the mix, but also…smut, so if you’re not 18 or more, or if you’re not comfortable with that sort of things etc etc, this story ain’t for you. I have tons of other very SFW story, for averyone to read, and if you wanna check those out instead, it’s right here, on My masterlist blog : @ella-ravenwood-archives.


When Logan came up with the idea of making a new school for mutants, you didn’t expect it to be that stressful. It had been quite some times since Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters closed. After the professor’s death, it just wasn’t the same anymore…But there were still kids all around the world in need of help. Kids that parents chased away, kids that were forced out of their homes, or kids that were just too powerful to take care of themselves without hurting anybody else. You agreed with your boyfriend, there was a need for a new school…Ororo and Kurt directly jumped in. They missed teaching as much as you. And eventually, you opened your own school. Jean Grey’s institute for higher learning. You didn’t really like the name, as you and Jean never seen eye to eye (probably because Logan used to be crazy about her, and that she was a bit jealous that he completely forgot his feelings towards her when you entered his life), but you thought it was a cute hommage nonetheless.

Logan and Ororo became headmasters, and you were happy that you’d declined the offer to be one, because it was Hell to take care of a school like that. You didn’t know how Professor Xavier did it all those years.

A particularly stressful day took you to Logan’s office.

On the door was a handwritten note stating : « Taking a break, fuck off !! ». You smiled at it, imagining Logan becoming very angry at whoever knocked on his door…Whoever but you.

You knocked.

-Can’t you fucking read !! I’m busy !

-Busy relaxing ?

You heard his heavy footsteps coming from his desk to the door. He opened it and as soon as his eyes met yours, his harsh expression soften. He took your hand and led you in, closing the door behind you. You knew right there and then that he had a bad day, as he didn’t attack your lips with his mouth, pinning you on the door and tearing away your clothes. Instead, he gestured for you to sit in a chair in front of his desk, as he went around to rest in his own chair.

He looked exhausted, both physically and mentally, and your heart ache a bit to see him in such a state. Oh no, that wouldn’t do. You needed to make your Wolverine feel relaxed for good.

You didn’t take the seat he gestured to, and instead went around his desk, and settled yourself behind his chair. He looked at you curiously, twisting his neck to see your face. You rested your head on his shoulder and gently kissed his jaw, his neck. You could already feel his tensed muscles relaxed a bit. He let out a content sigh.

Probably to the surprise of many, The Wolverine, behind closed door, loved being affectionate, and loved receiving affection. Hugs, kisses, snuggles…and lots of sex. With him, sex was never boring, wether he was making sweet love to you or fucking you roughly. Your needs always came first, and that’s how he liked it. But today, he needed you more.

You lifted your head from his neck, he groaned at the lost of you, and you smiled. You started to massage his shoulders, applying the perfect pressure, according to his low moans.

-I don’t know if your muscles are tense, or if it’s just your adamantium bones that I feel right now, but it’s hard. Don’t you dare make a dick joke.

-Haha, didn’t even cross my mind, too tired. And I’m pretty sure it’s a bit of both.

-Tough day ?

-Tough fucking month.

-I hear ya. Some of the kids have been a bit of a…handful.

-Kids, parents, teachers, paperworks, damn bamfs…Everything here is a handful.

-Well, you asked for it.

-Shut up.

You laughed and kept massaging his shoulder. Your hand slowly crept under his red flannel and over his muscular chest, all the way down his abs, tracing the well defined muscles with the tip of your fingers. You gently unbotonned the shirt while doing so. He didn’t stop you, and let his head fall back on your shoulder as he closed his eyes, enjoying your touch.

-This is nice.

-Yeah ?

-Yeah. You’re definitely a good stress relief darlin’.

You smiled as you resumed kissing his neck, nibling slightly there and there. He raised one of his hands and tangled it in your hair, tugging lightly on it so that you’d raise your head. Your eyes met. You kissed his forehead, you could feel him totally relaxed under your hands. He gave you a weak half-smile, and you knew he wanted to speak, to tell you how he felt, but couldn’t. He wasn’t the kind of man to just express his feelings with words much, but when it happened, it made your heart sing. However today, he just didn’t had the strength in him to conjure words to explain what was going on in his head, in his heart. So you just leaned in and kissed him, you bent down behind him, him twisting slightly his neck up to reach you. The hand he had in your hair stayed there, and tugged once again to direct you around the chair to face him. It started as a sweet and tender kiss, but it was definitely beginning to get hungrier. You straddled him on the chair, and his other hand went to support you on the small of your back.

His tongue licked tentatively on your lower lips, and you gladly let him slip it in your mouth, not even fighting for dominance, giving it to him right away.

You pulled away and he groaned, trying to get you close again, but you resisted, and he just stared at you with an annoyed look in his eye. He wasn’t in the mood for teasing…but that wasn’t what you had in mind at all.

You got off of his laps, and started to trail kisses on his jaw, down his neck, on his chest, licking slightly over his right nipple, biting there and there, slowly going further down, down, down…

-I like where this is going.

You winked at him. You knew he liked giving more than receiving, but on days like this, he would gladly let you do whatever you wanted to him. One hand caressed his abs softly, as the other unnuckled his belt with expert fingers. He raised his hips to allow you to slowly take his pants and boxers down, letting his half hard cock out free. In just a light touch on the side of his shaft, you saw it raised quickly to become hard as a rock. He was staring at you, mesmerized at the effect you could have on him. Before you, it’d take him quite a while to get even half-hard. Which is why he was big on the foreplay. He never had a problem having an erection, but it always took time and work to get him fully there…while you, a swipe of your fingers and he was gone. You just smiled shyly, and fisted your hand around his lenght, squeezing just a tiny bit. He held his breath, and grip the side of his desk chair in anticipation. You slowly stroked him, putting your head on your free hand lazily. He just scoffed, and you got the message. He really wasn’t for the teasing right now.

You kissed his thighs, and, while resting a hand on his abdomen, you stroked his cock more firmly with the other one. He grabbed the hand caressing his abs, and squeezed it. He felt your lips rise in a smile on his tigh, and you raised your head, locking your eyes with his. With a sultry look, you started licking his tip slowly, tasting the saltyness of pre-cum. He let out a groan of pleasure, and the hand that wasn’t holding yours slipped back into your hair. You licked his cock from top to bottom while still stroking him, enjoying his little moans there and there.


He pleaded, and you took your cue to finally put him in your mouth. You sucked on him, hard, your head bobbing up and down faster and faster, stroking what couldn’t fit in your mouth. You had no gag reflex, so you let him kick the back of your throat repeatedly. You felt his hand tightened in your hair, and with a gentle caress of your hand on his chest, he understood that he didn’t had to hold himself, as he started to set the pace he needed by guiding your head with his hand. The obsene sounds of suckling filled the room, and you realized that, even though there was an angry note on his door, someone could interupt the two of you, and it would be extremely awkward…with the help of your telekinetic powers, you locked the door, the click it made distracting Logan for a split second, before he understood and the hand in your hair became even more eager, almost hurting your neck by forcing your head up and down quickly. He realized that you might be uncomfortable and tried to ease his move, forcing himself not to buck his hips in your mouth…but you erased every worries by slightly tapping his abs with the hand he was holding.

He fucked your mouth mercilessly, feeling the knot in his lower stomach tighten and tighten, reaching a point of extreme ecstasy.

He tried to pull your head away, unable to speak and therefor to tell you he was going to come. He didn’t really like coming in your mouth, as he thought it was somewhat disrespectful…but you snaped his hand away and kept on sucking hard. Your name on his lips, and a heartfelt « I love you » later, and he let his seed came all at once, so much of it that it overloaded your mouth, and you slowly took him out, wiping the corner of your mouth, and smiling at him.

He was panting, trying to catch his breath after his strong orgasm, but he stopped you as you were going to tuck him back in. No, he wasn’t going to let you go that easily. But he needed a minute, that you gave him, letting wet kisses all over his chest, collarbone and neck.

When his breathing calmed down, he gripped your arms, not hard enough to hurt you, but enough for you to understand that he was back in control, and that he also needed that.

You let him do whatever he had in mind.

He reached for you, grabbing you under your thighs to ease you up on his desk. He dragged his chair closer, and pulled you down for a kiss. Even sitting lower than you, he could reach you easily, as you were quite short.

He could taste himself on your tongue. With loving movement, he took your shirt off, and your bra, kissing between the valley of your breast. You thought that in this position, someone could see you threw the window, and with a swipe of your hand, you closed the curtains. You felt his smile while as he was gently biting on your pulsing point. He licked quickly around one of your nipple, flicking the other with his fingers. He loved the feeling of your breasts’ soft skin, and he fondled away.

In one swift movement he took your pants off, without unattaching his mouth from your hardening nipple, biting a bit more roughly. As you did to him, he slowly kissed down your body, and, bringing his chair ever so closer, ligned his face with your sex.

-I don’t have to ask if you’re enjoying yourself, do I ?

He smuggly said as he lighly brushed one finger at your slick entrance. You were dripping.

He didn’t waste any time and made you gasp as he lapped at your cunt eagerly. Logan had a thing for eating you out, and you knew it, so, even if you were dying to feel him inside of you, you decided that his tongue was going to do fine for now. He gripped your thigh with force and made you buck your hips in his face, licking and sucking shamelessly. Yes, his tongue was definitely going to be fine for now. He made sure to leave countless marks every where on your inner thigh and around your sex, just for his personal enjoyment later.

You tried to muffle your moans and cries as best you could, knowing there could be people in the corridor just outside his office, but he made it so difficult.

You could feel your orgasm building up quickly, his tongue left you for a split second as he licked his fingers. You knew what was coming…and you were right. He finished you by rubbing your clit between two fingers, while his tongue was still inside you, and he slowly inserted a finger of his other hand in your arsehole, making sure it wouldn’t be uncomfortable, but quite the opposite.

You screamed of pleasure in your hands, muffling the sound as best you could, and he kept licking you threw your orgasm to prolonged it, waiting for you to stop shaking before pulling away.

He directed you into his laps once more, and you rested your head on his chest, fondling lovingly with his coarse chest hair.

-Relaxed yet ?

-Not quite.

-Really ?

-Well, ready for round two ?

You smiled and looked at him, a hint of challenge in your eyes.  

-Sir, I originaly came here just to check if you were alright, cuddle a bit maybe, nothing more.

-Yeah, and then you just…came.

You wacked his chest lightly, and pulled him down for a heated kiss. He raise you and sat you down on his desk once again, lining himself up with your entrance.

-Are you ready darlin’ ?

-For you, always.

Kissing you once again, he pushed into you in one swift thrust, and you both swallowed each other’s moans. He stilled, letting you adjust to his size and grumbled :

-No matter how many times I enter you, you’re always so goddamn tight.

-No -you had difficulties talking when he was fully sheathed inside you like so- you’re just too big.

Your kisses were getting sloppy, and you wrapped your legs around his waist, pushing him even further in. He was all the way to the hilt now. You sucked on his neck, leaving love bites, as you whimpered to him the word he had been waiting for : « Move ».

He slowly pulled all the way out, before slamming back into you, so hard that it made his desk creak. Your hunger for each other knew no bounds, and your hips met him thrust for thrust.

He pushed you so that you’re back was on the desk, he was still standing between your legs, his hands holding your shoulder onto the desk to pound into you roughly, just like he knew you liked. Your hands grip his forearms for some support, and both of you had the hardest time not making any loud sound, the sound of skin slapping skin insanely obscene in the silence of the room. He set a fast and hard pace that made your eyes roll to the back of your head, and if his groans and desperate little cries were any indications, he was also very much enjoying himself. The man had the stamina of a horse, and you weren’t so bad yourself, this could go for a long time. After a while, you said :

-Flip me.

In a breath, and he obliged. Not loosing the connection, he expertly flipped you on your stomach, and with this new angle hit all the right places. Unable to hold yourself, you cried out, and he placed one of his hand on your mouth while the other griped your waist to keep slamming into you. You gripped the corner of his desk so hard your knuckles were turning white, you were definitely goin to walk a bit funny for a while.

After a few minutes, he felt his knee start to buckle, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to finish in this position, so he took you with him as he fell back in his chair with a loud thud, and continue to fuck you in a reverse cow girl position. His pace faltered, and he slowed down, caressing your entire body with loving hands. You pressed your back against him, and just enjoyed the tender moment. You were a flexible woman, and you flipped yourself to look at him in the eye, slowly riding him as you knew you were both very close from exploding. He quickened his hips again, and you slammed down his member hard.

You both threw your heads back for a silent cry, your orgasms racking violently threw your bodies. You could feel his seed warming your insides, as he felt you clench around him, unable to hold anything back. You fell in each other’s arms, exhausted and beyond pleased, shaking slightly. Your heavy breaths filled the room. Logan was embracing you, as if he was afraid you’d suddenly disappear…You definitely fulfilled your duty, you relaxed your Wolverine with success. He was melting in your arm, content beyond measure, whispering words of love and devotion in your ear.

A knock on the door disturbed your peace, and you hurriedly pulled off of him and tried to gather your clothes thrown aphazardly around the room. A slight panic in your eyes, as Logan pulled his pants up, and buttoned his flannel back.

Storm’s voice came in threw the door.

-Logan, when you’re done having sex with Y/N, could I please talk to you ? It’s quite important, we’ve got a school to run here !

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Fanfic Reading! Masky X Hoodie X Reader Lemon Parts 3 And 4

I sit on the counter drinking some orange juice. I began thinking of my students then it imediantly went to Loganagain. I sigh and look over to the doorway to see Logan. 'Well speak of the devil' I think to myself taking a drink of the juice in my hand and chuckling to myself in my mind.

He smiles kindly and walks to the fridge. I observe him openly, looking at his biceps then down to his ass. He turns and uncapped the bottle of beer he had grabbed from the fridge. "Like what you see?" He asks with a twinge of amusment in his voice yet completely serious at the same time. I dissmiss it, flushing at being caught, "isn't it a bit early to be drinking?" I say smirking, trying to avoid the topic

"Not for me no"

shrugging at his answer I finish the glass and walk past him, putting a bit more of a sway in my hips. I watch him observe my ass in my jean shorts as I put the glass in the sink. "Like what you see Logan? " I tease smiling as I turn to him. He let's out a chuckle, "Yes, yes I do." He said it in more of a whisper but with my sensitive hearing I hear him loud and clear.

We sit there leaning against the counter, chatting about life and having friendly banter. After a moment of silence I look up from the floor giving him a small smile. He smiles back and looks away a moment before turning his gaze on me again. Before I know what my bodies doing it gets drawn to Logans like a magnet.

I put my hand on his chest and drum my fingers there. Logan grabs my hand and wraps his arm around my waist, pulling me roughly against his body. I reach my other arm that isn't captured up to wrap around his neck. I watch as Logan leans down, my eyes close and I feel his lips crash down upon mine. They were actually softer then they looked.

He bit my uper lip roughly wanting entrance to explore the vastness of what is my mouth. I deny him and pull back teasing to give us a breather. "I wanted to do that for the longest of times you know that?" I say to Logan. He smiles and kisses me again. It soon got way more heated then last time. His hand went down from my waist to my ass where he squeezed and pushed me closer to his hard body, if that was even possible. He then took his hand and traced the hem of my shirt before placing his hand under it and going up my now bare skin to my breasts.

I moan as his hand squeezes my right breast. I pull back from kissing him and waved my hand around letting my mutation seep into the room. (basically your like a magic mutant with the powers of illusion) "what are you doing?" Logan asked me in a very rough husky voice. "I'm making it so no one can see us if we continue in here." I explain only for him to lean down and bite my neck softly. "Can they hear us? Or will you fix that to?" He mumbles into my ear as I groaned softly. "Yes they can. And no I can't sadly I can fix it so they. hear something elseee-Logan!"I say stopping my explanation as he rips my shirt off of me.

"Then let's get out of here. ."He said staring at my chest. Walking away from him I went through the kitchen then up the stairs to my room. Once there I turned and pushed Logan, who had been following close behind me, onto the door. He flipped us over and kissed me even harder. Our bodies were so close that it was hard to reach behind me to open the door. Logan slammed the door shut and pushed me against the door again.

He ripped my bra off and lifted me up causing my legs to wrap around his waist. A low growl emmited from deep in his chest that sent shivers cascading down my spine to my boiling core. I grabbed his shirt in my hands and ripped it up over his shoulders before reaching between us and undoing my jean shorts. A soft groan escaped my lips as I felt our chests touch and his lips trace my jawline. He turned me around and threw me onto the bed. I let out a soft laugh at the feeling of weightlessness before I pulled my undies and pants off at once after hitting the bed and bouncing several times, beconing him to come over to me.

His eyes were glazed over and his body tense as he observed my fully naked body. I began feeling hotter as he approached me slowly, almost like a lion stalking his prey. He jumped onto me making the bed bounce again and gripped my hips tightly as he licked/nipped at my jaw down to my neck causing moans to erupt from my mouth. I reached between us as his fingers ghosted over my slick folds before I successfully reached his jeans. He let me unbuckled them and pull them down so he could step out. He plunged his digets into me hard and began a fast and rough pace that had me clinging onto the bed. My orgasm was getting closer and closer but before I could release he pulled back and licked his fingers making me growl.

He pushed his boxers down and stepped out of them before I grabbed him and pulled him back down on top of me. "Fuck me Loganplease" I begged him. His eyes darkened before he kissed me hard before lining his large member up at my entrance and ramming into me. We moaned together before he bit my lips and let his tounge battle with mine as his pace of his thrusts increased faster and harder still.

Skin slapping against skin and moans echoed throughout the room. My orgasm was close again. I could feel it building up higher and higher until it hit me hard like a ton of bricks. "Ohhh Logan" I yelled before seeing lights dance around my eyes. Logan continued thrusting into me before flipping us so I was on top and pounding into me and pulling my hips down onto him so I was meeting his thrusts making me see stars as he hit the right spot inside of me. He pulled out of me and came on both of our stomachs.

"Fuck" Logan groaned as he buried his head in my hair. I looked around in my hazy state and noticed that little balls of white were floating around us making the room appear more mystic. A smile crept to my face as Logan looked up and looked around before looking into my eyes and kissing me gently again. He pulled back again just slightly and said "I love you Y/Nand I want to take you on a date. "

"I'd like thatand Logan?


" I love you too."

The end!


Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/avenger-marvel-dc-mass-effect-lemons-logan

Reader wolverine lemon x

HomoSuperiorSapien FanFiction Multi-Verse — creedslove: WOLVERINE X READER What Sex With

creedslove: “ WOLVERINE X READER What Sex With Logan Is Like: → Logan is crazy about going down on you. He could literally do it for hours, making you cum over and over until you pass out → Loves face sitting: he truly appreciates when he can lie on


What Sex With Logan Is Like:

→ Logan is crazy about going down on you. He could literally do it for hours, making you cum over and over until you pass out

→ Loves face sitting: he truly appreciates when he can lie on his back and have his face buried between your thighs. He also loves to see your tits bouncing when you ride his face

→ Enjoys spanking you but it is always careful not to hurt you, since he is really strong

→ His favorite position is having you sitting on his lap riding him like there’s no tomorrow

→ His absolute kink is having you all wet for him. Nothing makes him harder then seeing you dripping, this is way he always loves to taste your wetness and also make you taste yourself as well

→ Always makes sure you are comfortable enough to receive him inside of you, so you won’t be in pain

→ Appreciates when you suck his cock by caressing your hair and gets real horny if you lick his balls too

→ He can either fuck or make love to you, depending on the mood

→ Likes to tie you up and fuck you raw

→ Likes to be called an Alpha

→ Would totally fuck you everywhere, especially on his bike

→ Shower sex always

Logan Howlett/Wolverine x Reader Smut FanFiction MasterList

1. Better

2. Nowhere Fast

3. Nothing Wrong In Being Kinky   [Part 1]   [Part 2]


Giving Logan A Blowjob

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𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆 | 𝐈𝐧 𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭: 𝐈 continuation.

𝗪/𝗖 | K

𝗔/𝗡 |Ah! I can’t believe how much of you liked the first one, so thank you so much! Half of this is from the first part that I didn’t post. This is part two to 𝐈𝐧 𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭. Bold is dialogue. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐉𝐎𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐘 𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓!

˗ˏˋ𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭ˎˊ˗ ⋰˚ 𝐂.𝐄. & 𝐂𝐨. 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭

  • When you and Chris go grocery shopping, on the occasion they aren’t delivered, Chris treats it like a date and when you asked why, his answer was simple, “I’m gonna make up any excuse to go on a ‘date’ with you—get used to it, sweetheart.”
  • He puts you between him and the cart with his arms on either side of you. It’s hard to walk around like that, and you usually complain but a quick swat on your butt has you zipping your lips. “If you’re good, I’ll put you in the cart.”

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Summary: Ari just don’t know how to follow instructions…

Relationship: sub!Ari Levinson x black!boss!reader

Warnings: degradation, submission, domme vibes, smut, graphic language, unprotected sex, gagging/muzzle, exhibitionism, 18+

A/N: y’ know, Ari always domming the reader but not this time. This was fun. A little different. Ari makes me wild out, even when he’s a little subby baby.


Fuming down at the folder of police reports, the toe of your heel rapidly tap the linoleum floor under your desk. When you received the assignment to become the director of this excursion, you knew that working with him would probably be an issue. Ari, on occasion, did opposite of what he was told. Most times, his self entitled rules would work out for him but other times things would turn for the worst. Well…this is one of the times. A scuffle turned to a huge bar fight which led to arrests of most of the team, foiling the mission and exposing themselves to the target. Absolutely livid. Too pretty and cocky for his own good Ari’s a new pain in your ass and you’re fuckin over it. You can’t wait to tear that fine tight ass a new one. How dare he undermine you and your very strict instructions not to be seen or heard. You’re tired of his shit.

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Kinktober Day 9: Odaxelagnia (biting)

Pairing: Ari Levinson x fem!reader

Words: ~k

Summary: You could make a whole meal out of Ari.

Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (anal play, unprotected vaginal sex, cream pie), so many bad food puns, Ari being a snack, no plot, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!

A/N: What can I say? I wanna bite this man.

I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!!


You hummed to yourself as you watched Ari do push-ups, running your tongue over your bottom lip and barely concentrating on the report you were supposed to be reading.

He knew exactly what this did to you, but that’s why he always chose to work out in front of you, waiting for the moment your control would finally snap and you’d pounce on him. It never took much, if the push-ups didn’t do it, the pull-ups would.

All you wanted was to take a bite out of him, the way his muscles bulged and flexed making it impossible for you to do anything except squirm in your seat. A tiny whimper escaped from you when he stood up and stretched, his shirt riding up just enough that you caught a glimpse of that yummy vein that led right to your favorite body part.

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Originally posted by zaneholtzwrites

  • Pairing(s): Dark!Rick Flag x F!Reader
  • Characters: Rick Flag, mentions of Amanda Waller.
  • Word Count: 4k
  • Rating/Warning(s): Darkfic warning!! Language, violence, dubcon/noncon smut. Facefucking, humiliation, cunnilingus, fingering, penetration, handcuffs, cream pie. Descriptions of past abuse/conditioning.
  • A/N: Ex-Prisoner!Reader. No notes 😳 Just dark vibes.

Your five year stint in Belle Reve unfolded with little to no fanfare— until you caught the attention of Colonel Rick Flag. Now out and free, you thought you’d seen the last of his obsession with you.

But it’s just your luck. You’ve end up on ARGUS's radar with something they want. They send their Colonel to come collect.


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Summary: Steve fixates on an unruly activist Omega, who started an online movement against him.

Pairing: Dark!Alpha!Steve Rogers x Omega!Reader

Word count: k

This is a dark explicit fic. 18+ only.

Series masterlist

Warnings: dark!fic, non-con, a/b/o dynamics, no use of ‘Y/N’, Steve rogers being a knothead.

a/n: Thank you to the amazing @thanatosfic​​ and @bitchassbucky​​ for all the help and support while writing this fic, I couldn’t have done it without you two.


The sun beamed through the windows of the Avengers tower gym as the scorching summer heat outside was reaching its peak.

Sweat dripped from the two super soldiers as they exchanged punishing blows, muscles taut and veins bulging from their sculpted bodies, the room so thick with Alpha pheromones any Omega, or even Beta, would struggle to breathe.

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riddikulus-obsessions asked:

Idk these leggings and a t-shirt give me vibes about winter and Rick Flag doing some things to his s/o but I can't figure out what things


babblydrabbly answered:

Little drabble under the cut :)

Pairing: Rick Flag x F!Reader

Warnings: Semi-smut? Talk of clothes and how they should be off.

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femalefilmaker asked:

&#; Good Morning (wherever everyone is) &#;

Just some random thoughts to get everyone thinking & bc I’m bored:

• Rick Flag’s height. Like, that man’s tallness, as we’ve discussed before, makes me feel ~ some kind of way. ~ Like, those giant strides he takes. Like, those long legs tho. Oooof. What an image. Like, I hate to see u leave but I love to watch u go &#; I would love to just sit in a room & watch him walk around it all day.

• not to be thirsty on ur blog but: idk about everyone else but I think I have a thing for tall, strong, (dirty) blonded military men w/hearts of pure gold bc Rick Flag & Steve Rogers r it for me. Those boys own my ass. They always have & always will. Like, *sighs* this is a real problem.

Anyway, I hope everyone is survivin,’ thrivin,’ & livin’ life the way they see fit. I hope today rocks for u&#;&#;

Sours: https://fanfictionmulti-verse.tumblr.com/post//creedslove-wolverine-x-reader-what-sex-with
In Your Dreams Leatherface x reader -+18- lemon

Stay Gold — Road Trip (Logan Howlett/Wolverine x Reader)

Road Trip (Logan Howlett/Wolverine x Reader) *SMUT*


Pairing: Logan Howlett/Wolverine x Reader

Word Count:

Warnings: Logan being a jerk, cursing, a bad encounter with a creepy guy, NSFW, sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), fingering, hand job, penetration, cum

Request: Could I request a Logan Howlett smut? I can give ideas/trope if that’s okay! AND Logan smut anon here, thanks so much! An idea: reader is road tripping with Logan because of a mission, and tension (sexual and otherwise) builds up along the way, and when they make their first stop, the tension unfolds ;) - (Anon)

A/N: Thanks for the request! I always love writing for you guys. If you enjoyed, I would really appreciate the support through Ko-Fi! Your support on there is what will allow me to keep posting fics on here!


You didn’t know why you and Logan had to go on this mission together. Sure, the two of you were two of the most talented mutants at Professor X’s school, but that didn’t mean that you worked well together. However you were in no place to argue with Charles himself, so you opted to stay quiet and sulk on your own.

You hauled your suitcase to Logan’s truck, breathing heavily. You knew that you would be gone for a couple weeks, meaning that you packed much of your clothing. You had no idea when you would get a chance to do laundry, and you didn’t want to be the one to make Logan slow down so you could wash your clothes.

When you finally made it to the truck, Logan was already waiting for you.

“Took you long enough,” he scoffed from the drivers seat. You rolled your eyes, lifting your suitcase into the bed of the truck. At least, that’s what you were trying to do. Let’s just say that your mutation wasn’t super strength.

You were trying your hardest, but with the tailgate up it was difficult. Your suitcase was heavy, and lifting it even to chest-level was nearly impossible. Before you knew it you felt the suitcase fly from your arms and into the back of the truck. It didn’t hit the cargo bed gently, but at least it was in there. You turned, seeing Logan standing next to you with an annoyed look on his face.

“Thank you,” you said begrudgingly, not hearing anything back out of Logan as he got back into the drivers side. “You’re welcome Y/N,” you said to yourself sarcastically, muttering in a deeper voice to mimic Logan.

You hopped into the passengers side, barely getting a chance to buckle up before Logan began driving. The two of you drove in silence, him staring ahead at the road as you looked out your own window. It felt like an eternity of silence had passed, but when you looked back at the clock only fifteen minutes had gone by. You still had hours to go before stopping for the night.

“So,” you started, trying to kill time through some form of conversation. “Have you ever gone out to search for other mutants before?”

No response.

“I haven’t ever been out searching before, so I’m excited.” You continued, “I hope we can help some kids.”

Still no response. You sighed before continuing.

“Look, Logan,” you said, “I don’t want to be paired with you any more than you want to be paired with me.” He looked over at you, and you took it as a good sign that he was at least acknowledging you. “But we could at least pretend to tolerate each other so that this mission is bearable.”

Logan let out an deep, rather annoyed, sigh.

“Fine,” he said gruffly. “But don’t think we are going to suddenly be best friends.”

“Trust me, I don’t want that.” You said, rolling your eyes with a scoff.

“I have met up with other mutants for Charles before,” said Logan.

“How did it go?” You asked.

“Alright,” he answered. You waited for him to continue, but he didn’t. This was going to be a rough conversation.

After driving for about an hour, the two of you had to stop for gas. You pulled into the closest gas station, which ended up looking like it was straight out of a horror movie. You were just waiting to Drayton Sawyer, of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame, to wander out of the convenience shop.

“Couldn’t you have filled up the tank before leaving town in the first place?” You questioned, irritated.

“Well sorry princess, you should have reminded me,” said Logan, squinting his eyes at you angrily. You glared right back at him, making your way into the convenience store. If you had to stop here, you might as well get a snack and a drink for the road. You were able to buy the items quickly and without any issues, but that changed as you made your way back to the truck. Logan wasn’t anywhere to be seen, so you assumed that he must have gone inside as well and you had just missed him. You set your stuff inside the vehicle, but you stayed standing outside of it; you wanted to relish the time you had to stretch before sitting for another couple hours. 

“Hey, Sweetheart!” Called a voice, making you turn in surprise. “What’s a pretty thing like you doing out here all alone?”

When you finally found the source of the voice, you saw a man that fit right in with the dirty, sketchy gas station. He was the epitome of slimy, from his dark, greasy hair to his sickening smile. You knew what was going through his mind, and despite your differences it made you with Logan was with you.

“Come on Babygirl,” continued the man as he walked ever-closer, “don’t you have anything to say with that beautiful mouth of yours?” 

Your insides were crawling. You felt like you wanted to scream, cry of throw up; potentially all three.

“She doesn’t want to say anything to you,” came a loud gruff voice. Logan startled the man, who looked in terror at the serious glare upon the Wolverine’s features. “And she isn’t alone. She’s with me.” He turned to you as he approached the truck. “Get in,” he ordered. You did as he said, deciding that now wasn’t the time to be defiant.

He got in behind you, and the two of you continued trucking after filling the tank with gas and stocking up on some snacks,

“Thank you,” you said quietly. For once Logan actually turned to meet your eyes.

“You’re welcome.”

Something about that interaction sent a pleasant shiver up your spine. You didn’t know if it was the softness in his voice of the way his chocolate brown eyes were the most handsome you had ever seen, but something about his response made butterflies erupt in your stomach.

“You should be more careful in places like that,” scolded Logan.

“But why?” You asked him. You weren’t naive; you already knew why. Some guys could be real jackasses. But there was a curiosity beginning to burn inside you that just really wanted to hear his answer.

“Because,” he said, pausing as he tried to find the right words. “You look that way.”

Not the answer you had expected, you scrunched your face up in confusion.

“What way?”

Logan looked almost embarrassed to say, but he was trying his best to hide that fact.

“Conventionally attractive.”

You couldn’t help the blush that rose to your face. Even though you had started the trip seemingly hating each other, now you felt like a giggling schoolgirl around the man who had scoffed at you so much earlier.

“So,” you teased, “you think I’m attractive?”

“I said conventionally,” muttered Logan, obviously a bit flustered. You made sure he didn’t see your face fall a little at his words.

You rode in silence for a while before starting up a conversation again.

“What’s your favorite memory of Charles?” You asked him, trying to make him reminisce. It worked, and miraculously that one simple question led to a conversation that could occupy you for the next couple hours. You two went back and forth, talking about the group of people you worked with. You even managed to get a few smiles and chuckles out of Logan. His smile made you melt, and you mentally scolded yourself for feeling that way. This man was obviously a jackass, he had made this very apparent to you this morning. Yet no matter how much your brain pleaded, your heart still soared every time you heard his laugh.

Before you knew it, it was time for dinner. You pulled up to a small restaurant, making your way inside together.

“Hey guys! Welcome!” Greeted the cheery hostess as you walked in the door. “Come on in! Is it just the two of you today?”

“Yes,” replied Logan. He wasn’t having any of the workers cheeriness, and after sitting in a car for hours you weren’t in the mood either. The hostess led you to a small table for two, setting two brightly-colored menus in front of you.

“I don’t want to bother you two, but I just wanted to say that you make an adorable couple!”

You both started to protest, but by that point the hostess was already gone. Logan was visibly uncomfortable, and you were blushing up a storm. Of course he would be uncomfortable about people thinking the two of you were together. Of course he didn’t have this sudden infatuation with you as you did with him.

You ordered your food without a hitch, making small conversation with Logan. You absentmindedly began tapping the leg of the table with your foot. You got bored of this quickly, changing so that you would slowly run your foot up and down on the table leg. You should have known something was off when the table stayed entirely still as you kept talking to Logan. 

“Y/N,” said Logan in a strained voice.

“Yea?” You replied, cocking your head. You didn’t understand why he was turning pink, or why he was looking at you with an emotion you couldn’t quite place.

“Could you please stop trying to play footsie with me?”


You immediately pulled your leg back towards you, blushing profusely. 

“Oh my god,” you muttered. “I swear I didn’t realize that was your leg. I thought it was the table. I’m such an idiot I swear.” You began rambling as a smile formed on Logan’s face, realizing what had happened.

By this time the food had arrived, giving you both an excuse to look down at your plates as you ate without talking to each other. You finished quickly, paying and leaving so that you could drive for a few more hours before stopping for the night.

You turned on the radio to avoid talking to Logan any more than you had to, too embarrassed to pretend like everything was fine. You flipped through the stations, gasping when you finally came to a good one.

“This is my favorite song!” You squealed, glad that you had caught it during the first verse of the song. You began singing, not noticing Logan’s eyes on you. As the song finished you looked over to him, surprised to see the look on his face. He looked impressed, and he had what could only be described as a dopey smile on his face.

“You have a beautiful voice,” he said, making you blush. You looked away to hid your crimson cheeks, not seeing how Logan’s smile widened as he made you blush. “I didn’t know you sang.”

“I don’t, not really.” You responded. “I just like to sing in the car, or in the shower.”

“Still, you’re really good.” Replied Logan. A glance into those beautiful eyes you were beginning to adore so much told you that he was telling the truth.

“Thank you Logan,” you said.

“Of course princess.” Logan froze for a moment, and you could tell that he hadn’t meant to say that. he may have said it sarcastically earlier, but something about the way he said it now was different. You giggled, making him turn to look at you. He almost looked surprised that you weren’t angry.

He continued driving as the two of you rode in near silence. You would talk in short bursts, but the rest of the time was spent listening to the radio. Now that the sun was down, you couldn’t help the yawns that escaped your lips. You started dozing off little by little, the thin center console making it easy for your head to rest on Logan’s shoulder.Half asleep, your inhibitions were lower and you chose to nuzzle into his shoulder. Logan chose then to pull into a motel, waking you up.

“What?” You grumbled as you awoke, looking up at Logan with sleepy eyes that made his knees weak. As you recognized the man you were staring at, and the position you had been in, your eyes widened as you woke up fast. You apologized profusely, but Logan brushed every one of them off. You parked at a motel, both walking to the back of the truck to grab your luggage. Logan reached his easily, handling it with ease. You prepared yourself to struggle with your suitcase again, but instead Logan never handed it to you. He passed his to you in its place.

“Logan,” you muttered sleepily, “I think you gave me the wrong suitcase.”

“No,” he revealed, “I gave you the lighter one. I’ll carry yours, since you must have decided to pack everything you owned.”

It may have been a small gesture, but it meant the world to you. Especially after he had been so rude about the suitcase that morning. Check in was easy, and before you knew it you were finally in your room for the night. You took the bed closest to the wall, letting Logan have the one next to the cooling unit. You wasted no time in grabbing your pajamas, changing into them in the bathroom. 

You had chosen a light blue garment resembling a romper to sleep in. Technically you realized that it might have been lingerie, with short shorts and a plunging neckline, but it was comfortable. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to wear something cute in front of Logan. You felt his eyes on your body as you exited the bathroom, and your eyes were drawn to his own body quickly. He had opted for sweatpants instead of the jeans that he had been wearing before, and he had already taken off his shirt. Your eyes wandered over his chest, taking in his muscles and dark hair. You peeled your wide eyes away from his well-built chest only to see his own wide eyes staring back at you.

“Wow,” you heard him whisper. You figured it must have been your imagination. Certainly he wouldn’t have actually said that, right?

You both muttered a goodnight to each other before turning out the lights and getting into bed. Although you had been drowsy earlier, now you were wide awake as you lay in bed. Your mind was full of thoughts of Logan; feeling his hard chest, having his strong hands all over your body, seeing his chocolate eyes as he hovered over you.

“Y/N,” you heard his voice say, startling you from your fantasies.

“Yes Logan?” You replied in the darkness.

“Are you having trouble sleeping too?”


Logan turned on the lights, and you had to try your best not to ogle at his body again. He ran his hand over his face, rubbing at his chin deep in thought for a moment.

“Can I go out on a limb here and say something crazy?” He said. Your heart began to beat faster, and you sat up in bed, letting the blanket fall to reveal the plunging neckline of your pajamas again. You saw his eyes flicker to your breasts before they met your own eyes again.

“I think you’re gorgeous,” he admits. You bite your lip, biting back a smile as you blushed. “I may have started this day thinking you were one of the worst people to be paired with, but now I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about you. You seem like you are perfect.” Logan stood at the end of your bed as he spoke, looking like a sex god to you as the low light in the room illuminated him from behind.

You removed the covers from your body, using all of your courage to crawl to the end of the bed to meet him, looking up at him with seductive eyes. You got up to your knees, facing him as he stood at the end of the bed.

“I think you’re pretty handsome yourself, Logan.” You winked at him, and he crashed his lips to yours.

His lips were softer than you imagined, but they still had a roughness to them that left you weak. One of his hands began wandering your body as the other held the back of your head firmly as he kissed you. He kissed you passionately, but he also kissed you hungrily. Your own hands wandered over his body, feeling the hard muscle of his chest under your fingertips. You heard his breath quicken as your hands began to wander lower.

He pushed you back onto the bed, crawling on top of you. He ground his hips into yours, making you moan as you felt his growing dick against your clothed core. He grabbed the straps of your pajamas, pulling them off your body to leave you in nothing but your panties. He groaned, realizing that you hadn’t been wearing a bra. His hands went straight to your breasts, squishing and squeezing them in his large hands. 

“Damn Y/N, your tits are perfect,” growled Logan as he took a nipple between his thumb and index finger. You moaned as he rolled the sensitive bud between his fingers. He pressed his lips to yours again as he continued to play with your breasts. You moaned into his mouth, making him growl in approval.

You reached down into his sweatpants, grabbing his hardened cock and stroking it slowly. Logan quickly shed his sweatpants and his boxers, giving you much better access to his member. Logan moved one of his hands to your panties, rubbing you through the thin material.

“Logan,” you moaned, egging him on.

“You like that Baby?” He asked, earning another moan from you. He slid your panties down your legs tantalizingly slow, reaching back up to finger your wet folds. “You’re so wet for me Babe.”

You wiggled your hips against his fingers, begging for some friction. He gave you what you needed, rubbing small circles over your clit.

“Logan!” You cried, making him groan as he heard his name fall from your lips again.

“Fuck yea Baby, say my name just like that.”

Between his lips on yours and his hands on both your sensitive nipple and clitoris, you could already feel a familiar tingling building in your stomach. You rolled your hips against Logan’s fingers, and with every roll of your hips you moaned louder and louder. Noticing you were already reaching your climax, Logan began rubbing you faster, making you scream in pleasure. You came quickly, clinging to Logan as you rode out your high. 

He lined his hard cock up with your entrance before slamming into you. He stretched you out deliciously, making you moan at his size. He barely gave you time to adjust before he began thrusting into you, his pace rapid. He thrust into you rough, fucking you fast and hard. You loved every second of it. You looked into Logan’s eyes, moaning with your mouth wide open as he filled you with every thrust.

You were so tight and so wet, clenching around his dick in a way that drove him crazy. You felt his thrusts speed up as he fucked you, him getting closer to his own climax. He groaned louder as you gripped his back, pressing your breasts against his chest. 

“Y/N,” he moaned loudly as his thrusts began to get sloppier as he spilled his seed into you. His thrusts began to slow down, and eventually he pulled out and fell onto his back beside you. 

You curled closer to him, feeling his arm wrap around you as you laid your head on his chest. You felt him press a kiss to the top of your head, making you smile. Maybe this mission wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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Sensei (Jiraiya x reader) SMUT


Pairing: Jiraiya x Reader

Word Count:

Warnings: Masturbation (female), cum, oral (male receiving), dirty sex, sensei kink?, praise kink

A/N: I’m not even sorry


Starting your ninja training older than everyone else meant you always felt like you were behind. While all the other students became chunin in their mid-teens, you were 18 before you even took the exam.

That being said, you were older than most of your sensei’s previous students.

It didn’t used to bother you as much as it did now. Sure, you were sad before that you felt as if you were falling behind the other students. However, now you were worried for another reason. You were worried that Jiraiya saw you as a kid.

He was used to having young students, and he saw them in many ways as his children. You assumed he had the same kind of relationship with you, despite your age. This was fine at first, but the more time you spent with your sensei the more you wanted him to see you differently.

For your part, you had begun seeing him differently already. You took notice of his broad chest, his strong arms. He was trying to teach you a new justu, showing you better form.

Jiraiya was pressed against your back, his arms around your own so he could move your hands to the correct position. His hot breath fanned against your neck, making a chill run up your spine. To him it was no more than teaching a student, but for you it was the moment you began to see him as more than your teacher. Feeling his strong chest pressed up against you ignited a fire inside of you, one that still had not dimmed.

After that day, everything about the way you saw your sensei changed. Previously you hadn’t cared much for the way the “Pervy Sage” chased women. You only cared about it in relation to your training, annoyed when you were unable to find your sensei. Now you found yourself jealous when he slunk off to bars or brothels alone, feeling as if he had chosen the option of being with other women over being with you.

You knew these women meant nothing to him, and many didn’t even reciprocate his advances. Even so, there was already another woman that actually did mean something to him: Tsunade.

There was no way you could compete with her. She was another of the legendary Sannin, having trained with Jiraiya when they were young. Not only was she admirable for her strength, but she had also spent many years forming a bond with Jiraiya that you felt you could never attain. You knew how he felt about her, and despite the feelings being unrequited it hurt you more deeply than you would ever want to admit to him.


Tonight was nothing special. Another night, another village you would spend the night alone in. Jiraiya was already off for the night, no doubt to “gather intel” for his newest Icha Icha book.

You sighed, laying back on your bed in the room you had rented for the night. Your heart ached a little as you looked to the other bed in the room, one that would most likely stay empty tonight as Jiraiya found a bed elsewhere.

Giving up on feeling sorry for yourself, you looked around the room for something to do. You didn’t feel like training, having already gone at it all day. You’d already eaten too, crossing that option off your mental list as well. It was times like this that you wish you had a hobby to bring on the road with you.

Glancing back over at Jiraiya’s empty bed, something caught your eye. It was his newest publication, another of the Icha Icha series. You had to admit, something about the series had always intrigued you. Before you had always been too shy to pick up a copy, worried about what others might think of you. It’s not like you had to worry about Jiraiya coming back tonight when he would be so busy.

You snatched the copy off his bed, flipping it open. The first few pages weren’t bad, simply two characters going about their day together. However, it was only a couple more pages in when the characters made it back home and shut the door behind them.

It was filthy.

You had known the kind of content in these books, and had known the type of man that Jiraiya was. He wasn’t one to tiptoe around a dirty word, but you had no idea just how dirty he could be in his writing. You read on.

He reached his hands up her blouse, taking a delicate, hardening nipple in each hand. A cry of his name escaped her hips as he began to gently rub circles around them, smirking at her reaction.

As you read the words on the page, you could feel yourself becoming more and more aroused as each word went by. You could almost feel Jiraiya’s hands on your body, copying the movements of the characters.

You felt a flash of heat through your body, down towards your womanhood. Without feeling them you already knew your panties would be soaked. Knowing it was Jiraiya who had wrote this was making your mind run wild, imagining he were doing all of these things to you.

You continued reading, moving the book to your non-dominate hand so the other could crawl up your shirt. You grabbed your boob in your own hand, reading on. You flicked a finger across one of your nipples, relishing in the feeling of how hard it already was. You stifled a gasp at the touch, feeling dirty. The situation was giving you a rush, and it was turning you on more than you had been in a long time.

You couldn’t stop reading, as if you were possessed. All you could do was read page after page, the actions escalating.

She undid his pants, puling them down to let his hard cock spring free. All she wanted was to take it into her mouth, and she did. Swirling her tongue around the sensitive tip she tasted his precum, only urging her to continue.

You pictured the scene in your head, imagining what it would be like to take Jiraiya into your mouth that way. Imagining it only made you more turned on, thinking about looking up at him through your lashes as he bucked his hips towards you, fucking your mouth.

He lined himself up at her entrance, holding back from slamming into her wetness. He slid his cock along her folds, teasing her until she begged for it to be inside of her.

You moved your own hand down into your panties, soaked just as you had expected. Your body lit up as you reached for your clit, rubbing small circles around the sensitive bud. A soft moan came from your throat, only making you wish Jiraiya were the one to ease it out of you.

You moved your fingers further downward, rubbing along the outside of your pussy. Lost in the moment, you didn’t even hear the door creak open.


It had been a long night for Jiraiya, and a lonely one at that. Any girl he tried to flirt with denied his advances, and he hadn’t even gotten any intel on the mission out of it. He decided to call it a night, walking back to the room he had rented for the two of you.

He expected you to already be asleep, as you usually were on the nights he returned. However, as he reached the door he heard more than snoring coming from the room. At first, he thought he had remembered the room number incorrectly.

For a moment, Jiraiya stood outside. Was there a man in there with you? He decided to peek inside, wanting to see if he needed to go and get his own room for the night.

Opening the door, his eyes went straight to you. He felt his eyes widen so large he was afraid they would pop out of his head. You were laying on your bed in only your panties, and from the sounds in the room he could tell they were already soaked through. Your breasts were on full display, making him wonder why he didn’t look at them more often. In fact, he began to wonder why he didn’t look at you as a whole more often. He was no stranger to finding younger, though of-age, women attractive, but something about being your mentor had made him block you off in his mind.

Now, as his eyes darted from your breasts to your pussy in an attempt to take it all in, he was mad at himself for not letting himself be attracted to you sooner.

Then he noticed your other hand. In it was a copy of his latest novel, and based on how many pages were left you had just gotten to the good part.

His dick had already begun to press on his pants from the sight of you, but now he knew what had made you feel this way.

It was him.

Glad to see you enjoy my writing,” he said cockily.


“Glad to see you enjoy my writing,” you heard . Your hand froze in place as your eyes flashed to the doorway. To your horror you saw Jiraiya standing there. How much had he seen?

You shrieked, grabbing the blanket at your feet so you could pull it over your exposed body.

“Easy, it’s not like I haven’t already seen it now.” He teased.

“What are you doing back tonight?” You barked, trying to hide your embarrassment with anger.

“I just wish I’d waited a little longer to come back, maybe you would have already had your panties off.”

You knew these were the words of a pervy old man, but you couldn’t help the way you felt as you heard them come from Jiraiya. Finally having the courage to look at him, you noticed how dark his eyes had gotten. Looking down, it was hard not to notice the tent forming in his pants.

You had thought you were already as turned on as you could have been, but seeing the way he looked at you was on another level entirely. You had always wanted him to look at you this way, wanted him to desire you.

You let the blanket fall, exposing yourself to him again. You tried not to show your excitement at the way you could see his smile grow as his eyes darted back to your chest.

“How about you take them off for me, sensei?”

You thought you had given the older man a heart attack. He froze, something you figured uncommon for a man so experienced as Jiraiya. He only faltered for a moment, quickly regaining his thoughts and making quick strides over towards you.

He did as you asked, tearing your panties from your body and rubbing his calloused fingers against your pussy. You moaned at the contact, rolling your hips towards Jiraiya.

“You like that?” He asked, “do you like it when your sensei touches you like this?”

You could barely respond, merely nodding as he elicited another moan from you. He leaned towards you, capturing your lips in his own. In the same moment you reached towards him, wrapping your arms around his broad shoulders.

“Fuck Jiraiya,” you moaned as he began kissing down your neck towards your breasts. Jiraiya smirked at your reaction, knowing what he was doing to you. He pulled away just long enough to undress his torso, coming back to lick a circle around your nipple. One of your hands roamed his chest, running your fingers over the scar you found so sexy. The other buried itself deep in his thick, white hair, trying to pull him closer to you.

He took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on your tit as he lazily rolled his tongue around the bud. You continued to moan, urging him on.

For his part in the matter, Jiraiya hadn’t felt this young in a long time. Sure, he’d had a run-in or two at a brothel, but nothing like this. Something about this felt more real to him. He knew all of the noises you made for him were genuine, and all he wanted to do was make them get louder.

You felt yourself reaching closer to orgasm as Jiraiya pulled away, taking off his pants. You raised your eyebrows as he exposed himself, met with more than you had expected. For a moment you were worried it wouldn’t fit.

“Get on your knees for your sensei.”

You did as you were told, getting on your knees so that you could take him eagerly into your mouth. You thought back to the earlier pages in the book, swirling your tongue around the head of his cock.

“Fuck Y/n,” he groaned, trying to push more of himself into your mouth. “Your mouth feels so fucking good baby.”

You moaned around his cock at the words of praise, sending delicious vibrations through his body.

Looking up at Jiraiya, everything was even better than you had imagines. His hand was in your hair, pulling you further onto his dick.

“That’s right baby, get this dick nice and wet so I can fuck you.”

You did just that, excited when he pulled out of you mouth. He pulled you up off the floor as if you weighed nothing, pushing you back on the bed.

“Do you want this baby?” Asked Jiraiya, lining himself up.

“Yes sensei,” you moaned, teasing him and trying to push your hips closer to his. “Please fuck me Jiraiya.”

At your words he pushed himself into you, going slowly enough to let you adjust to his size. When you were ready you started rocking your hips against his, begging him to move.

He began thrusting in and out of you, his thighs slapping against yours in a way that made your pussy throb.

“Jiraiya,” you moaned, already feeling close to orgasm after being so close earlier in the night. You could tell he was feeling the same, the tightness of your wet pussy driving him crazy.

Jiraiya looked down at you, watching your tits bounce as he fucked you in a way he had never imagined. Your eyes rolled back and your mouth parted as he thrust into you, only adding to his ego as well as his own pleasure.

“You’re gonna make me cum looking like that,” he grunted. All you could do was moan in response, holding eye contact with him long enough to feel his thrust falter a little.

The tension was building up in the pit of your stomach until Jiraiya shifted, hitting your g-spot as he thrust. You couldn’t hold on any longer, walls contracting around his cock as you screamed his name. He didn’t last long after that, your pussy clenching around him pushing him over the edge. He pulled out, spilling over your stomach as he finished jerking himself off.

As he finished, he leaned down to press a kiss to your tired lips. Something about the action felt almost domestic, and you couldn’t deny the butterflies in your stomach.

“I’m glad I brought this with me,” joked Jiraiya, motioning to the book that lie forgotten on the floor.

“Me too,” you teased. He smiled back at you with sleepy, satisfied eyes. This would be far from the last time, you were sure. And you couldn’t wait for the next one.




Anonymous asked:

Oh I’m sorry! I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you &#;&#;&#;.

No don’t worry! I am watching it with my boyfriend who has seen it already so I know bits and pieces about the future, just nothing specific enough to write about it! :)

Thank you for the ask!

&#; Do you have a WIP? Share a piece of it

At the moment, there are a couple things I’m working on. I don’t have enough of a draft to share it yet, but here are the premises.

Jiraiya x Reader smut: Reader is a student (18+) of Jiraiya’s, but she has developed quite the attraction to him. Despite this, he only seems to care about other women. What will happen when he catches her in a compromising position?

Joffery x Reader (request): Reader is betrothed to Joffrey despite her caring nature. He grows to have a soft spot for her, and she becomes corrupted by him.

Hercules Mulligan x Reader smut (request): Reader takes Herc’s virginity, pretty self explanatory. He’s just a big teddy bear.

&#; What is your personality like?

I am very kind by nature, and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I am very loyal to my friends and family. That being said, once you wrong me there is no going back.

&#; What pushed you to make this blog in the first place?

Hamilton thirst. Deadass.

It was a different time in my life: all I did was listen to Hamilton and wish there would one day be a Broadway recording. I was a thirsty high schooler and when I didn’t find the prompts I wanted to see for my fav characters, I wrote them myself.

Actually, I had originally titled this blog BrrahBrrahHamiltonImagines, and the “Brrah Brrah” comes from Hercules Mulligan’s introduction from the song My Shot on the tracklist.

For all the fandoms I write for now, I typically just write what I would want to read. It is for myself as much as it is for you all!

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I stumbled upon your Kakashi fanfic, “only you” and i love your writing style! I’ll make sure to read some of your works too hehe btw, that line where reader said “she’s pretty” resonated w me so much bec i also said that when i caught my ex cheating on me lol

I am so sorry to hear that, but glad to hear they are an ex! Thank you for the compliment, I try to put care into my writing :)

(send me an emoji, I'll write the answer for you!)

&#; what does your url mean?

&#; what pushed you to make this blog in the first place?

&#; go to song when you’re feeling depresso?

&#;&#; go to song when you’re feeling on top of the world?

&#; favorite memory with a specific song/album?

&#; favorite part of nature?

&#; something you love about yourself?

&#; one thing you wish you could be doing right now?

&#; go-to drink (doesn’t have to be alcoholic!)

&#; favorite season of the year?

&#; meaningful life-lesson or quote you vibe to?

&#; what is the best meal you make? or bake?

&#; something you wish you knew 5 years ago?

&#; where is your dream house?

&#; do you have a comfort object? what is it?

&#; what is something you’ve been proud of recently?

&#; what does your evening routine look like?

&#; describe your aesthetic (even if it’s just what you’re wearing now)

&#; do you have a WIP (work in progress)? share a piece of it!

&#; what is your personality like?

&#; what kind of kid were you in high school?

&#; who are you closest to in your family?

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All I post on here are imagines, get to know me more! Ask me these, or anything you want!

Anonymous asked:

Hi, can I get a Bran Stark x Reader about how he comes back married and she ends up pregnant after he becomes king even though they thought it was impossible and everyone's reaction to it.

Impossible (Bran Stark x Reader)


Pairing: Bran Stark x Reader

Word Count:

Warnings: Pure fluff, Periods, Pregnancy

Request: Hi, can I get a Bran Stark x Reader about how he comes back married and she ends up pregnant after he becomes king even though they thought it was impossible and everyone’s reaction to it. - (Anon)

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! It isn’t something I normally write so this was exciting!


Originally posted by latristereina

You hadn’t thought this was possible. In all the time you had known your husband he had told you that having children would not be possible.

Following his fall from a window at the hands of Jaime Lannister as a child, the doctors in Winterfell told him that he would never be able to father children. At the time he hadn’t cared, as he was no more than a child himself. After he met you, that had changed. It took him a long time to get over his feelings that he wasn’t worthy enough for you, not being able to give you children like you had wanted.

For your part in it, you had been sad at first. Sure, you had pictured having a family with Bran. However, you would rather have Bran alone than a different husband with children. The two of you were your own family.

That is why you weren’t concerned at first when your time of the month was late. Sometimes it had been irregular before, thanks to travel, diet, and the stress of literal war. Yet as the days turned to weeks, you grew worried that something was wrong.

There’s no was I could be pregnant, you thought. Bran cannot have children, and I have never been unfaithful to him.

You sighed, flopping onto your back on the bed you shared with your husband. You were now nearing a month late, and instead of experiencing a second period you still had not gotten your first. To make things worse, you felt bloated constantly. At first you thought it was a coincidence, maybe you had just eaten something. But the longer it persisted, and the longer you went without bleeding, you knew something was up.

Finally, you went to a healer in the lower part of King’s Landing. You needed to figure out if your assumptions were true.

She placed her hands over your lower stomach, mumbling words you didn’t recognize. It was as if she were in a trance, but you knew you were in no danger. You had known of women to go to this healer before, and they always made it out alright.

“You are with child.” She said plainly.

Your breath hitched in your throat. Even though there was no bravado to her voice, your world stood still as the room spun around you.

You were pregnant.


You walked back to the Red Keep, thoughts running a mile a minute in your brain. No matter what, you decided to tell Bran right away. You knew he would want to know. Besides, you had hidden the missed periods from him for long enough. you didn’t want to hide what it meant too.

Thankfully you didn’t have to wait long once you arrived home.

“Queen Y/n,” greeted Bran, as you entered. He opened his arms to you, letting you lean down to give him a hug. “How has your day been Darling?”

“Actually,” you whispered in his ear, “could I talk to you about that in private?”

Bran nodded, following you to your shared bedroom. You closed the door behind the two of you, deciding to tell him right away instead of trying to beat around the bush.

“I’m with child,” you said as you placed your hands onto your belly. “I don’t know how it is possible, but I went to confirm it in the village today. I have been late for a month now, and now I can finally tell you why.”

Bran sat for a moment in silence. You couldn’t tell what he was feeling. Was he angry? Was he confused? Was he happy?

A smile found its way to Bran’s face.

“Are you serious?” He asked. You smiled back at him in response, nodding.

He made his way to you, placing his hand on your belly.

“We’re going to have a baby,” he whispered giddily. You hadn’t heard him this giddy in a long time.

“We’re going to have a baby,” you repeated, smiling down at your husband.


vesta-ro asked:

Hi! Can I request kakashi angst. Reader and him having secret arrange marriage since team 7 is kids era. Maybe only team 7 accidentally know about it. Maybe cause kakashi use the reason to keep her safe. Kakashi also never told her he love her. But breaking point for their relationship is when there has been rumors about hokage him and someone else. Then she saw that person accidentally trip or something and kissed his fabric covered lips or something like that. Also pls let her have a male friend that he is jealous of too haha. Super Dramatic and cliche secret relationship &#;&#;&#; pls hurt my heart &#;&#; sorry if it’s too details. Thank you tho

My Only (Kakashi Hatake x Reader)


Pairing: Kakashi Hatake x Reader

Warnings:Minor Naruto spoilers, alcohol mention, angst, self-doubt

Word Count:

Request: Hi! Can I request kakashi angst. Reader and him having secret arrange marriage since team 7 is kids era. Maybe only team 7 accidentally know about it. Maybe cause kakashi use the reason to keep her safe. Kakashi also never told her he love her. But breaking point for their relationship is when there has been rumors about hokage him and someone else. Then she saw that person accidentally trip or something and kissed his fabric covered lips or something like that. Also pls let her have a male friend that he is jealous of too haha. Super Dramatic and cliche secret relationship 💀💅🏻 pls hurt my heart ❤️ sorry if it’s too details. Thank you tho -(@vesta-ro)

A/N: I changed it up a little bit from the request to fit my writing style better; I hope you still enjoy!

Sours: https://brrahbrrahcharacterimagines.tumblr.com/post//could-i-request-a-logan-howlett-smut-i-can-give

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The wife knelt between her friend's divorced legs, exposing her ass, between the halves, which showed wet lips. Yulka lovingly walked her fingers over Tatiana's pussy, and, tilting her head, pressed her mouth to her lips. Tatiana arched, clutching Yulka's hair, and opened her mouth, in a groan inaudible to us. Damn, how long had I wanted to become a witness to this, I remember, I even asked about Tanka, but she refused.

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