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Lb. Sisters: Fans Want My Lb. Life Doctor To Help Tammy

On lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton hasn't had luck losing weight. Fans think Dr. Now from My lb Life could help Tammy more than her other doctors.

On lb Sisters,Tammy hasn't been able to achieve all of her weight loss goals, and many viewers think that Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (aka Dr. Now) from My lb Lifeis the only person who can help Tammy. On the show, she has been advised by several doctors, but the reality star has yet to make any weight loss progress. From Dr. Now's zero tolerance for excuses to Tammy's former doctor Dr. Procter's more amicable approach to dealing with his patients, here's why lb Sisters fans think that Tammy needs Dr. Now immediately.

The principal focus of Tammy and her sister Amy's journeys on lb Sisters is their desire to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Although both Slaton sisters desperately needed to slim down in order to improve their health, Tammy has faced some hazards due to her food addiction. From having a blood clot in her lungs to dealing with severe complications from COVID, Tammy has had a lot of health scares. Tammy and her fellow lb Sisters cast members are all painfully aware that if the reality star doesn't lose weight, she may not have much time left. Although Amy was able to meet her weight loss goals and get a bariatric operation, Tammy hasn't made considerable progress.

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Even though Tammy has been seeing doctors throughout her entire lb Sisters journey, the reality star hasn't managed to lose enough pounds to resolve her health issues. In fact, Tammy was criticized by her former physicians for her inability to commit to diets. Recently, Tammy checked herself into a rehab facility to deal with her food addiction, and while that's positive news for fans who are rooting for Tammy, some viewers think that Dr. Now could give Tammy the help she's been waiting for. On My lb Life, Dr. Now is known for being harsh with his patients. He doesn't mince words when he's frustrated with insufficient weight loss, and often reminds his clients how close they are to having severe health problems or worse. While some criticize Dr. Now for lacking a soothing bedside manner, others think his attitude motivates his patients to adhere to their life-saving diets.

Dr. Procter took a friendly approach as he tried to help Tammy on lb Sisters, but some audiences think that he wasn't tough enough on the reality star. Regrettably, Tammy actually gained weight on season 2. Fans speculate that if Dr. Now had treated Tammy, she would've made more progress. One change that Dr. Now would've likely made to Tammy's diet is banning soda. One Reddit user, LostInTheFog, wrote, "Dr. Now NEVER would have let Amy and Tammy have ANY sugary drinks or food." However, Dr. Procter allowed some room in Tammy's diet for soda. Another user, dawg commented, "Procter seems like a good dude, but he's way too soft with both Amy and Tammy." Dr. Now would be stricter about Tammy's diet than the lb Sisters star's previous physicians have been, which many fans think could save Tammy's life.

lb Sisters fans are frustrated with Tammy's attempts to lose weight and think that an expert like Dr. Now could improve the reality star's chances of losing significant pounds. He's famous for being brutally honest with his patients, which is just what Tammy needs to get her act together. Viewers hope that Dr. Now can take a break from My lb Life to help Tammy lose weight on lb Sisters.

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Sources: LostInTheFog/Reddit, dawg/Reddit


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My lb Life

American reality television series

My lb Life
Created byJonathan Nowzaradan
StarringYounan Nowzaradan, MD
ComposersBritton Beisenherz, David Hamburger
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons9
No. of episodes (list of episodes)
Executive producersJack Tarantino
Cameo Wallace
Ron Bowman
Jeff Keels
Graham Davidson
Tom Mireles
Jonathan Nowzaradan
ProducersLeslie Appleyard
Amy Yerrington
Dawn Cooper Johnson
Production locationsHouston, Texas
CinematographyTaylor Rudd
EditorsShrader Thomas
Jennifer Kovacs
Gareth Dawson
John Gehrke
Knox Hughes
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time45 Mins (excluding advertisements)(Season ), 85 Mins (excluding commercials) (Season 5-)
Production companyMegalomedia
DistributorThe Learning Channel
Original networkTLC
Original releaseFebruary 1, &#;()&#;–

My lb Life is an American reality television series that has aired on the TLC television network since Each episode follows a year in the life of morbidlyobese individuals, who usually begin the episode weighing at least pounds (&#;kg), and documents their attempts to reduce their weight to a healthy level. Update episodes, called "Where Are They Now?", feature one or more previous patients, picking up a year or more after their original episodes aired.

Patients are placed under the care of Iranian-American Houston surgeon Younan Nowzaradan (often referred to as simply "Dr. Now"), who first has them attempt losing weight on their own by following a strict diet, and then depending on the patient's progress may offer gastric bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy to further assist in weight loss.[1]


This series was originally a five-part miniseries involving four morbidly obese patients. Because of its popularity, new episodes were filmed, including a "Where Are They Now?" retrospective in Season 4 that follows up on previous patients to track their weight-loss journey months or years after bariatric surgery.[2]

In Season 1, patients were filmed over a period of seven years (–). Beginning with Season 2, patients were filmed for only one year. In Season 8, certain patients' stories were filmed for only six months.

Beginning with Season 5, new episodes began filming as 2-hour episodes instead of 1-hour. This was previously done with Melissa's Story (split into two parts) and Lupe's Story. Recap episodes titled under "Supersized" and "Extended", which include additional facts and footage respectively, also aired during this season.

Subject outcomes[edit]

Ten patients have died since appearing on the show.

  • Henry Foots, who was featured in season one, died of an illness unrelated to his weight loss surgery on May 16, [3][4]
  • Sean Milliken, who was chronicled on the fourth season of the show, died on February 17, , from cardiac arrest caused by an infection caused by weight loss surgery.[5]
  • James King, a participant on the show's fifth season, died on April 3, from multiple organ failure due to rapid weight loss.[6]
  • LB Bonner, who was featured on the sixth season of the show, committed suicide on August 2, [7]
  • Lisa Fleming, also a sixth season participant, died on August 23, [8]
  • Rob Buchel was featured in season six and suffered a fatal heart attack on November 15, , during filming of the show, while staying in a skilled nursing facility in Houston.[9] Buchel's death was the first in the series to be featured during the patient's respective episode.
  • Kelly Mason, a participant on the show's seventh season, died on February 15, , from heart failure. Mason's death was the second in the series to be featured during the patient's respective episode.[10]
  • Coliesa McMillian, featured on the show's eighth season, died on September 22, after being treated in ICU for two weeks due to acute kidney failure and other complications related to weight loss surgery.[11]
  • Renee Biran, featured on the show's sixth season, died on May 14, [12]
  • Gina Krasley, featured on the show’s eighth season, died on August 1, [13]

Spin off[edit]

Beginning in January , TLC began airing My lb Life: Where Are They Now?. The purpose of this spin off was to update viewers on the weight loss journeys of people featured on previous seasons. As of , seven seasons of the Where Are They Now? follow-ups have aired.


In several news outlets reported that several former patients of Dr. Nowzardan who appeared on the series, and the family of one patient, LB Bonner, who committed suicide, had brought suit against the show's production company, Megalomedia, alleging negligence and claiming that the company failed to cover medical costs.[14][15]

Series overview[edit]

Main article: List of My lb Life episodes

Subject statistics[edit]

Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (7 yrs) Total Weight Loss (7 yrs.) Notes
1/2Melissa Morris31 years oldLivingston, TX pounds (&#;kg) pounds (93&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
3Donald Shelton34 years oldPasadena, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
4Henry Foots47 years oldHouston, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)Deceased, age 54
5Ashley Randall24 years oldKilleen, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)Deceased, age 40
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos. or from later peak weight) Notes
1Zsalynn Whitworth42 years oldSan Antonio, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
2Olivia Cruz46 years oldChicago, Illinois pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
3Penny Saeger45 years oldElkton, Maryland pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)36 pounds (16&#;kg)
4Chuck Turner45 years oldBeaumont, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
5Christina Phillips22 years oldSouth Haven, Mississippi pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (EPW-earlier peak weight)
6Paula Jones39 years oldJonesboro, Georgia pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (78&#;kg) (LPW)
7James Jones37 years oldFrankston, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
8Tara Taylor35 years oldLafayette, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos. or from later peak weight) Notes
1Amber Rachdi23 years oldTroutdale, Oregon pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
2Susan Farmer37 years oldEddy, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
3Pauline Potter50 years oldSacramento, California pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (68&#;kg) (LPW)
4Bettie Jo Elmore24 years oldPotosi, Missouri pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (71&#;kg)
5Angel Parrish42 years oldKerrville, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
6Joe Wexler31 years oldJohnson City, Tennessee pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (91&#;kg) (LPW)
7Laura Perez41 years oldSan Antonio, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
8Charity Pierce39 years oldCedar Rapids, Iowa pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
9Chay Guillory23 years oldCharenton, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (54&#;kg)
10Marla McCants43 years oldNashville, Tennessee pounds (&#;kg) (estimated) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (estimated)
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos. or from later peak weight) Notes
1Nikki Webster33 years oldLittle Rock, Arkansas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (94&#;kg)
2Brittani Fulfer32 years oldTualatin, Oregon pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
3Chad Dean42 years oldHagerstown, Maryland pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
4June McCamey43 years oldHouston, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (91&#;kg)
5Dottie Perkins34 years oldOxford, Mississippi pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (68&#;kg) (LPW)
6Gideon Yeakley33 years oldMustang, Oklahoma pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
7Ashley Dunn-Bratcher27 years oldKemp, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
8Teretha Hollis-Neely47 years oldDetroit, Michigan pounds (&#;kg) (estimated) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
9Randy Statum35 years oldHull, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (97&#;kg)
10Milla Clark47 years oldFayetteville, Tennessee pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (69&#;kg)
11Sean Milliken26 years oldCameron Park, California pounds (&#;kg) (later 1, pounds (&#;kg)) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (LPW)Deceased, age 29
12Lupe Samano39 years oldSan Bernardino, California pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (LPW)
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos. or from later peak weight) Notes
1Brandi Dreier29 years oldVancouver, Washington pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
Kandi Dreier29 years oldVancouver, Washington pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
2Ashley Reyes30 years oldWest Hills, California pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
3Cynthia Wells42 years oldOklahoma City, Oklahoma pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (71&#;kg)
4Kirsten Perez38 years oldLongview, Washington pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (77&#;kg)
5Doug Armstrong36 years oldWichita Falls, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
6Erica Wall44 years oldLompoc, California pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (86&#;kg)
7Diana Bunch55 years oldSeattle, Washington pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
8Michael Dominguez32 years oldGlendale, Arizona pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
9Nicole Lewis23 years oldMarion, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (74&#;kg)
10Tanisha Cleveland32 years oldSilsbee, Texas pounds (&#;kg) (later pounds (&#;kg)) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (54&#;kg)Took place over 2 years
11James King46 years oldPaducah, Kentucky pounds (&#;kg) (later pounds (&#;kg)) pounds (&#;kg), dismissed from program in Month 1155 pounds (25&#;kg) (LPW)Deceased, age 49
12Tracey Matthews45 years oldLorain, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (99&#;kg)
13/14Steven Assanti33 years oldCranston, Rhode Island pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (59&#;kg) (LPW)
Justin Assanti27 years oldCranston, Rhode Island pounds (&#;kg)Unknown Unknown
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos. or from later peak weight) Notes
1Rena Kiser39 years oldHouston, Missouri pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
Lee Sutton42 years oldHouston, Missouri pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
2Janine Mueller53 years oldSeattle, Washington pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (51&#;kg)
3Liz Evans35 years oldFreeport, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
4Alicia Kirgan32 years oldMadison, Illinois pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (84&#;kg)
5Karina Garcia38 years oldConverse, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
6James "L.B." Bonner29 years oldLexington, South Carolina pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)Deceased, age 30
7Lisa Fleming49 years oldMobile, AL pounds (&#;kg)Unknown, dismissed from program in Month 6 UnknownDeceased, age 50
8Robert Buchel41 years oldForked River, New Jersey pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), died during filming in Month 9 pounds (&#;kg)Deceased, age 41
9Tamy Lyn Murrell45 years oldCovington, Kentucky pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
10David Bolton35 years oldHouston, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
Benji Bolton32 years oldHouston, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (99&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
11Renee Biran53 years oldValdosta, Georgia pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)Deceased, aged 56
12Sarah Neeley25 years oldDayton, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
13Schenee Murry-Hawkins27 years oldIndianapolis, IN pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), dismissed from program in Month 8 pounds (&#;kg)
14Jennifer Jess42 years oldBend, Oregon pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (95&#;kg)
Marissa Jess26 years oldBend, Oregon pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
15/16Roshanda Perrio30 years oldLafayette, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@11 mos.) pounds (90&#;kg) (@11 mos.)
Brandie Perrio29 years oldLafayette, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@11 mos.) pounds (&#;kg) (@11 mos.)
Clarence Perrio33 years oldLafayette, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@11 mos.) pounds (66&#;kg) (@11 mos.)
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos. or from later peak weight) Notes
1Octavia Gahagans42 years oldKansas City, Missouri pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
2Brianne Dias30 years oldFlorence, Oregon pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@11 mos.) pounds (&#;kg) (@11 mos.)
3Robin Mckinley40 years oldMeade, Kansas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
Garrett Rogers 20 years old Meade, Kansas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
4Justin McSwain27 years oldRock Hill, South Carolina pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
5Holly Hager38 years oldEllijay, Georgia pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
6Lacey Hodder29 years oldBay City, Michigan pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
7Brandon Scott33 years oldColumbus, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
8Maja Radanovic33 years oldPortland, Oregon pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), left program in Month 8 pounds (&#;kg)
9Tiffany Barker28 years oldMarysville, Washington pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
10 Destinee LaShaee 27 years old Pineville, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) First transgender patient on the show
11 Jeanne Covey 39 years old Big Sandy, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), left program in Month 6 23 pounds (10&#;kg)
12 Aaron Washer 30 years old New Braunfels, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
13 Kelly Mason 41 years old Greensboro, North Carolina pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), died during filming in Month 10 pounds (&#;kg) Deceased, age 41
14 Annjeanette Whaley 30 years old Hillsboro, Oregon pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
15 Angela Gutierrez 44 years old Ross, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) No second weigh-in, left program in Month 8 Unknown
16 LaShanta White 39 years old Kenner, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), briefly dismissed from program in Month 9 pounds (73&#;kg) (LPW)
17 Cillas Givens 35 years old Fairview, Oklahoma pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
18 Mercedes Cephas 37 years old Cincinnati, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) 81 pounds (37&#;kg)
19 Angela Johns 39 years old Massillon, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), dismissed from program in Month 8 49 pounds (22&#;kg)
20 Vianey Rodriguez 35 years old Chicago, Illinois pounds (&#;kg) (1st weigh-in at month 4) pounds (&#;kg) (@month 12) pounds (&#;kg) (@month 12)
Allen Lewis 51 years old Chicago, Illinois pounds (&#;kg) (1st weigh-in at month 4) pounds (&#;kg) (@month 12) pounds (&#;kg) (@month 12)
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos.) Notes
1 John Hambrick 34 years old Wylie, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
Lonnie Hambrick 35 years old Haltom City, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
2 Lindsey Witte 39 years old Hills, Iowa pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (95&#;kg)
3 Bethany Stout 40 years old Alva, Oklahoma pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), left the program in Month 11 pounds (48&#;kg)
4 Julius (J.T.) Clark 32 years old Claremore, Oklahoma pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
5 Gina Krasley 28 years old Tuckerton, New Jersey pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) Deceased, age 30
6 Travis Henry 31 years old Carrollton, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
7 Joyce Del Viscovo 44 years old Gardner, Kansas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg), left the program in month 9 pounds (&#;kg)
8 Carlton Oglesby 24 years old Columbus, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@6 mos.) ended at 6 mos.
Shantel Oglesby 31 years old Columbus, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (97&#;kg) (@6 mos.) ended at 6 mos.
9 Seana Collins 22 years old Kansas City, Missouri pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) − pounds (−&#;kg) (gained weight)
10 Ashley Bernard 31 years old Carenco, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (60&#;kg)
11 Tommy Johnson 38 years old Winnsboro, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (99&#;kg)
12 Coliesa McMillian 41 years old New Roads, Louisiana pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (65&#;kg) (@6 mos.) Deceased, aged 41
13 Dominic Hernandez 37 years old Fresno, California pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@month 6) 22 pounds (&#;kg) (@month 6) Removed from program at month 6. First patient in the show to be currently homeless
14 Megan Davis 24 years old Taylorville, Illinois pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (56&#;kg)
15 Ashley Taylor 24 years old Temple, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) 17 pounds (&#;kg) (@ 6 mos.) ended at 6 mos.
16 Leneatha Reed 40 years old Meridian, Mississippi pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@month 6) 29 pounds (13&#;kg) (@month 6) left the program at month 9
Ep Patient Name Starting Age Location Starting Weight Ending Weight (12 mos.) Total Weight Loss (12 mos.) Notes
1 Samantha Mason 35 years old Denver, Colorado pounds (&#;kg) (later pounds (&#;kg)) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (LPW) Largest weight loss of any patient featured in the show
2 Thederick Barnes 32 years old Gretna, Florida pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@5th month) pounds (&#;kg) (@5th month) last weighing at 5th month
3 Carrie Johnson 37 years old Huntington, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (88&#;kg)
4 Cindy Vela 45 years old Portland, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) 39 pounds (18&#;kg)
5 Melissa Marescot 36 years old Sunrise, Florida pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
6 Kenae' Dolphus 41 years old Nacogdoches, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
7 Krystal Hall 34 years old Frankfort, Ohio pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
8 Isaac Martinez 23 years old Hutchins, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
9 Michael Blair 43 years old Conroe, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
10 Shannon Lowery 39 years old Tucson, Arizona pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) 41 pounds (19&#;kg)
11 Irene Walker 39 years old Houston, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg)
12 Tammy Patton 41 years old Wichita Falls, Texas pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) pounds (57&#;kg)
13 Chrystal Rollins 39 years old Spring Valley, California pounds (&#;kg) pounds (&#;kg) (@8th month) pounds (&#;kg) (@8th month) ended at 9 mos.


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&#;Lb. Life&#; Dr. Now Comes For Tammy Slaton On Instagram: See Photo

Fans of Lb. Sisters want a My Lb. Life crossover featuring Tammy Slaton and Dr. Now. Fans of the two TLC series think Dr. Now could help Tammy Slaton finally shed some serious weight. They hope his strict diet in a controlled environment could save her from her addiction to food. Turns out, Dr. Now of My Lb. Life follows Tammy Slaton. And, he made an appearance during a recent Instagram Live. Fans of the two TLC shows didn&#;t take long to notice Dr. Now in the comments. And, they were quick to call attention to him.

What did Dr. Now have to say to the Lb Sisters star? Keep reading for the scoop.

My Lb. Life star Dr. Now comes for Tammy Slaton on Instagram

Turns out, Lb. Sisters fans were not alone in tuning in when Tammy Slaton when live on Instagram recently. Dr. Now from My Lb. Life also tuned in. He didn&#;t have a lot to say to her. But, what he say was noticed by those who tuned in to watch Tammy Slaton go live on Instagram. So, what did he say to Tammy Slaton? Well, it was just one simple word.


That one simple word caught the attention of many of those watching Tammy Slaton&#;s live. Why did Dr. Now say &#;wow&#;? Was he surprised by something? Despite being just one word&#; That word can be taken a few different ways. Unsurprisingly, fans of Lb. Sisters and My Lb. Life were quick to put meaning behind this single word.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

What do fans think he meant by the word &#;wow&#;?

A few fans encouraged Dr. Now to &#;come for Tammy&#; and &#;get her.&#; Some begged Dr. Now to get Tammy Slaton the help she needed. Unsurprisingly, a few were pretty skeptical this was actually &#;THE&#; Dr. Now commenting on Tammy&#;s live. Could this be a fake account? It was certainly a possibility. There are a few faux Dr. Now accounts on Instagram. But, we at Tv Shows Ace ran the display name that showed up in the chat the way it was written. It does not turn up any results.

Dr. Now Confirms Diet Plan Is In His Book: How To Buy It

Whether this was really Dr. Now or a fake account&#; Fans of these two TLC shows were more or less on the same page. Tammy Slaton needed Dr. Now in her life. And, they wished he would really come for her and change her life.

Do you think Dr. Now really did just come for Tammy Slaton on Instagram? Is this a TLC crossover you would be open to watching? Share your thoughts with us on what &#;wow&#; might mean in the comments.

Trisha Faulkner has been a freelance writer for a decade with a focus on news/reporting for the last three years. She enjoys writing about the Showtime series Shameless, CBS’s Survivor, Netflix, TOWIE, and some entertainment/celebrity news. In her spare time, she enjoys raising awareness about autism and spending time with her two children.
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My 600-lb Life Scenes That Went Way Overboard!

Where Is Tammy Slaton From Lb Sisters Now?

No, Tammy Slaton is not dead, contrary to rumors which spread across the internet in late August of The whispers seem to be a reaction to several pictures Tammy posted of herself wearing supplemental oxygen tubes in mid-August. She'd stopped wearing them in several late July selfies after first using them from late fall onward in the wake of her COVID diagnosis. Fans were already worried after Tammy cleared out her entire Instagram account in late July, then posted pictures of herself vaping, which were soon deleted. 

The tempest ultimately amounted to nothing — Slaton simply began posting selfies again and resumed wearing oxygen in pictures she posted to her account by mid-August. She promptly shot down those death rumors by posting several selfies to her Instagram account, thereby confirming that she's hasn't shuffled off the mortal coil.

Aside from keeping her Instagram account updated, Tammy apparently went through a brief relationship with TikTok user Phillip Redmond, otherwise known as "Thebbwking." According to Metro, the two of them dated after Tammy's breakup with Jerry Sykes, whom she split from after discovering he was a married man. The latter breakup was chronicled during Season 2 of "lb Sisters." She broke up with Redmond sometime in the summer of


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