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Hayman Reese Weight Distribution Kits are the tried and tested system for your tough towing needs. The Standard kit (Round Bars Kit) is composed of round, hook style, high-performance spring bars with integrated cams.Round spring bars allow for more clearance with 6 inch chassis rails used on many Offroad/Outback caravans.The system also shares the same cast shank as the Classic Series Kit and a light-weight cast steel head.Includes standard Reese Shank 50510Comes with 760mm (30 Inch) Round bars


  • WDH head includes intergrated Friction Sway tab
  • Recommended for 150mm (6 inch) A-Frame
  • Compatible with Dual Cam Sway Control (not included)





🥇The Best Reese Weight Distribution Hitch 2021

Reese Weight Distribution Hitch


Best Reese Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews (Updated list)

Pulling a heavy trailer is a difficult task without the help of a weight hitch. If the load is not correctly balanced between the pullout, the steering and the brakes may be ineffective.

Comes with the ability to sway from the trailer, this will be dangerous when you are moving on the road. That is why the best weight distribution setting installed is necessary for an uninterrupted and safe ride. If you need anything, some good products will be mention in this article.

First thing, it is essential to choose a product that can fit your needs and request. There are a variety of brands and models with different points. If you don't think it was over and bought suddenly, you could waste a heap of money on small profits.

 In the worst-case scenario, an incomplete hitch can lead to catastrophic traffic incidents, so you must be careful. As long as you make sure the specification and hitch feature is ideal for your needs, that's okay.

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SaleBestseller No. 2
Reese 21501 Weight Distribution Snap-up Bracket
Reese 21501 Weight Distribution Snap-up Bracket
  • Provides an attachment point for Reese weight-distribution systems
  • Designed for use will all Reese weight-distribution systems
  • Includes bracket, set screw and safety pin. Will not fit trailer frames wider than 2.5 inches

Top 5 Reese Weight Distribution Hitch (Updated list)

Reese 66006

Reese 66006 Titan Trunnion Bar  Kit - 17000/1700 (GTW/TW)

Reese 49913 Wd Rb Pro Series 1000# W/Sway

Reese 66559 Steadi-Flex Trunnion Weight-Distributing Hitch Kit with Shank-10,000 lb

Pro Series Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar - 750 lbs. TW

Reese 66130 Wd Hi Perf 1500# W/Hitch Bar

Product Name



Item Weight


Reese 66006


33 x 6.1 x 5.9 inches

60 pounds

Reese 49913

33.5 x 11.2 x 7.5 inches1 Piece

102 pounds

Reese 66559


12 x 12 x 12 inches

93 pounds

Reese 66130


33.6 x 15.5 x 9.4 inches

71 pounds

Reese 66006 Titan Trunnion Bar
Reese 66006 Titan Trunnion Bar
  • Trunnion style Weight Distributing Kit with integrated cams for use with Dual Cam Sway Control
  • Rated up to 10,000/1000 lbs. weight carrying and 17,000/1700 lbs. weight distributing
  • Elevated hitch ball platform provides superior coupler clearance and lift brackets designed to provide increased frame clearance
  • Perfect for use with horse trailers and RV's with Heavy Tongue weights, great for agricultural, marine and recreational use
  • Assembly hardware and chains included, adjustable hitch bar sold separately
  • With designs for loads that go far beyond conventional towing situations, the Titanium Distribution Weight distribution system offers a modern cutting design available in the scissors industry. 
  • Combined with the Titan Class V 2/2 receiver, heavy loads are easily transported. Convenience in industry and trade. 
  • Ratings up to 10,000 / 1,000 lbs. carrying the weight and 17,000 / 1700 lbs and weight distribution.
  • The advanced ball platform provides superior articulated clearance. The lifting frame is designed to increase frame clearance.
  • Hardware set and chain containing 2/2 shank are sold separately. Trunnion designed weight blowers with an integrated camera for use with Dual Cam Sway Control.
  • Great for use with thick horseshoe trailers and thick RVs, ideal for marine, agricultural and recreational use.
  • Separately adjustable rods designed for loads that go beyond normal daily towing situations, the Titanium Distribution Hitch system provides a trunnion design with the highest rating available in the towing industry.
  • Combined with the Titan Class V 2/2 receiver, heavy loads are easily transported. Ideal for commercial and industrial use.

  • Heavy loads are transported with ease.
  • High-quality.
  • Reese 49913 Wd Rb Pro Series 1000
    Reese 49913 Wd Rb Pro Series 1000
    • Your purchase includes One Reese Weight Distributing Kit | Head with preinstalled ball, tapered spring bars, deep drop shank, control brackets, lift-assist bar & all necessary installation hardware
    • Hitch ball – 2-5/16” | Fits up to – 7” Trailer Frames | Weight – 104 lbs. | Weight Carrying – Up to 1150/11,500 lbs. (Always consult your vehicle's owner's manual for actual weight capacities.)
    • Fabricated head and welded hitch bar | 10 year limited warranty | Fits bottom mount couplers
    • Preinstalled and torqued sway control ball and 2-5/16" hitch ball, u-bolts | High strength steel head and welded hitch bar
    • Provides everything needed to improve towing, safety and performance right out of the box | Designed to improve stability for added ride control and security
    • If you don't want to pay too much and still own a quality hitch. The 49903 niches are a great choice as they come with a heavy swaying control mechanism.
    • Control the impact of this distribution process is pre-installed. It helps you avoid wasting time, and you don't have to find a way to rebalance your hitch with your rickshaw. Balls for swaying and swing control are prepared and ready for use with bolts and chains.
    • The Pro Series puts so much faith in their products that they offer customers a 10-year limited warranty. Besides, the welding rod of the hook and its fabricated end ensure long-term performance. There will be a lot of innovation when you install it. The product will give you everything you need to pull safely.

  • Easy setup and works great.
  • Extend the life of your tires.
  • The chains weren't long enough.
  • Reese Steadi-Flex Trunnion Weight-Distributing Hitch Kit 

    • Developed to meet the changing needs of the towing market, our Hitch system will provide a softer ride and an evener load distribution.
    •  In the market, the towing capacity of this hook is highly appreciated by customers, giving customers peace of mind when using it to pull heavy objects.
    • This Hitch is specifically designed for use with trailers with a blade weight of 500 lb to 1,000 lb or no more than 10,000 lbs of trailer weight and to distribute a portion of the trailer weight on the trailer front axle. And axle trailers and to provide special immunity for swaying.
    • With this system, an established trailer/trailer may be unsafe while the trailer's rear axle may be overloaded, which creates a more likely swaying event.
    • This burden is spread by using spring bars and using levers to balance trailers and trailers.
    • The same load is used to disperse the burden of trailer trailers resulting in friction between the friction pads and the spring bar. This system is what allows the system to provide superior control management. It is designed to work with large 4 -7 trailer frames along with couplings.
    • The friction from the pads eliminates sway.
    • The sway control is great.

    Pro Series Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar 

    Reese RB Wt. Dist. Kit w/Shank, Friction Sway Control, 2-5/16' Dia. Chrome Hitch Ball, Sway Control Ball, Chains & Hardware, 10,000 lbs. (GTW), 750 lbs. (TW)
    Reese RB Wt. Dist. Kit w/Shank, Friction Sway Control, 2-5/16" Dia. Chrome Hitch Ball, Sway Control Ball, Chains & Hardware, 10,000 lbs. (GTW), 750 lbs. (TW)
    • provides everything needed to improve towing, safety and performance right out of the box
    • preinstalled and torqued sway control ball and 2-5/16” hitch ball, u-bolts and chains
    • fabricated head and welded hitch bar
    • includes friction sway control and mounting hardware
    • limited lifetime warranty
    • If influence control is among your priorities, then you'd like to possess Reese 49902 for towing tasks. Swaying overtraining because of crosswind or weight is bothersome and potentially dangerous.
    • With this specific hitch, you can't need to think about this anymore. It simplifies the towing vehicle during the friction sway control and ensures that a safe towing encounter.
    • The feasibility uses solid steel at its component which means that this is a huge commodity at over 100 pounds. Its spring pubs are elastic and durable therefore that the adjuster works well and will find the task finished.
    • Construction and setup are simple to hold out due to this comprehensive instruction that accompanies the hitch. Using steel leaves the Reese 49902 hardy but also marginally laborious to take care of. In general, this can be a reasonable product that fit a lot of people wallet.
    • The weight evaluations are adequate for the ordinary towing demand also it provides you with a smooth period on the street. Its height and strain are flexible to match the present circumstance. If you're attempting to find a functional and practical hitch, you may not fail with this one.
    • It was easy to install and works great.
    • Durable and good quality.
    • Trailer controllable in crosswinds.
    • Good price.

    Reese 66130 Wd Hi-Perf 

    • The 66130 believed one of the modern-day Reese Weight Distribution Hitches. Wonder the rationale? It uses a variety of growing technologies to deliver the most straightforward & most balanced towing experience. But, it's very important to keep in mind that the model does not fit any preview framework up to 2-1/2 inches.
    • You are going to be attracted to how this travel trailer hitch is wholly equipped to tow a trailer and sometimes even up to 15,000 LBS with a tongue of even up to 1,500 LBS. Due to such exemplary lift capacity, a heavy trailer is perfectly stabilized without any issue.
    • Interestingly, its operation is quiet with a couple of sounds. Best of all, the way to install the model is not as hard as the U-bolts for this particular kit is unnecessary. These features do allow it to be among much greatest weight distribution hitch travel trailer available for buying.
    • Hitch works great.
    • High-quality.
    • Easy to setting.

    How to Stop Bounces, Bumps, and Sway?

    Having the ability to adjust an influence control bar (by connecting its end to a vehicle's suspension). Degree both the caravan as well as the light truck and ensure the whole driving and towing safety. Above all, assess the wagon's weight-reduction. Utilizing the scale of any kind. Afterward, disperse the freight burden sensibly. All tires are to be evenly inflated. Also, try to avoid sudden storms.

    Where You Should Purchase a Hand Picked Fat Distribution Hitch?

    How to purchase a weight distribution supplier and lifting apparatus with the maximum rating? To begin with, you may pay a visit to the area auto parts store. Second, see the nearest dealer of this manufacturer. And additionally to glimpse into the owner of this service or trailer center. The weight distribution group can be set up and corrected there. However, the values online stores or programs such as Amazon are far less expensive. The info provided is detailed and complete.


    Which are the candidates to mention the very best weight distribution job, see whatever you want? Deciding a weight-distribution hitch isn't easy for those who do not know much about any of it. However, with the help of the advice above, now you ought to have an overall idea concerning the best design. Evaluate your tastes with the features of these services and products and then you're able to earn a wise and informed choice.

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    Weight Distribution

    Reese has been at the forefront of trailering equipment research and development for many years. In fact, Reese helped to develop the standards used by the State of New York and the US Department of Transportation. A Reese Weight Distribution System evenly distributes the weight of the trailer between the trailer axles and the tow vehicle axles. The result is a more level ride, which reduces stress on the rear of the tow vehicle while providing greater steering and breaking control. The Weight Distribution hitch systems provide a softer ride and distribute forces more evenly than previous technologies. That means a better towing experience, and greater piece of mind.

    A weight distribution system comprises three components:

    • A hitch rated for weight distribution (Class III, Class IV, or Class V) is attached to the tow vehicle.
    • A weight distribution kit is installed.
    • A hitch ball that connects the weight distribution assembly to the trailer.

    These components work together to provide a more level ride with greater steering and braking control. Weight distribution systems are engineered on the basis of tongue weight and gross trailer weight. Consult your dealer for the proper weight distribution kit and hitch ball for your trailer.

    Another driving condition weight distribution systems can assist with is trailer sway. Wind gusts, uneven surfaces, or a down-grade can cause sudden sway. Properly designed and installed sway controls can deliver safer, more comfortable ride for you and your passengers. There are two standard sway control systems.

    • Friction Sway Control is more common and less expensive system. Friction sway control operates on the principle of stiffening the coupling between the tow vehicle and the trailer. It does not prevent sway, but works to resist the forces once they have started.
    • Active Sway Control, a Reese exclusive, is more effective than a straight line system. The secret of an active sway control system is the high performance dual cam sway control. Unlike friction sway control, the dual cam is an active form of sway control.

    Choosing a Reese weight distribution system requires careful evaluation of a number of factors, including Tongue Weight (TW) Gross Trailer Weight (GTW), and many other factors. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for your car or truck and trailer for additional information.

    There are currently no Weight Distribution Products that match your search criteria.
    AVA Hayman Reese Weight Distribution setup and demo

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    Weight distribution hitch reese

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    AVA Hayman Reese Weight Distribution setup and demo

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