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World Fishing Network is available on DISH Network

*According to a nationwide survey of customers. New and qualifying former customers only. ††Multi-Sport Pack is included at no additional cost. Must sign up for service by 11/15/21. Only available with packages starting at $79.99/mo., excluding America's Everything Pack. Programming is available through 1/12/22. All offers require credit qualification, 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay. Upfront fees may apply based on credit qualification. 2 years, then-current everyday prices apply. Offer ends 11/15/21. Early termination fee of $20/mo. remaining applies if you cancel early. Regional Sports: RSN Surcharge up to $3/mo. applies to AT120+ and higher packages and varies based on location. NOT included in 2-year price guarantee or advertised price (and subject to change): Taxes & surcharges, add-on programming (including premium channels), DISH Protect, and transactional fees. All packages, programming, features, and functionality and all prices and fees not included in price guarantee are subject to change without notice. Prices include Hopper Duo for qualifying customers. Hopper, Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 $5/mo. more. Fees apply for additional TVs: Hopper $15/mo., Joey $5/mo., Super Joey $10/mo. 1After 3 mos., you will be billed $30/mo. for Showtime, STARZ, and DISH Movie Pack unless you call or go online to cancel. 2Up to 6 rooms, where available. 3The DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant requires internet-connected Hopper, Joey, or Wally device. Customer must press Voice Remote button to activate feature. The Google Assistant Smart Home features require Google account and compatible devices. Google is a trademark of Google LLC. SHOWTIME is a registered trademark of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company. STARZ and related channels and service marks are property of Starz Entertainment, LLC.


World Fishing Network Free Previews Available on Dish Network This Summer

World Fishing Network, a division of Outdoor Sportsman Group – Networks, home of the world’s largest aggregator and content provider of outdoor lifestyle programming, and DISH Network.

WHAT: World Fishing Network will be a part of a free preview offered to DISH customers this summer. From Thursday, July 6 until Tuesday, August 1, viewers can tune-in to Channel 394 to access World Fishing Network, the leading cable network dedicated to all-things fishing.

Full episodes of select popular programming from the network also will be available on demand to all DISH subscribers on DISH Studio Channel 102.

World Fishing Network

  • Major League Fishing’s General Tire All AnglesAn exciting series telling the story of Major League Fishing’s bass fishing competition from a whole new perspective. In this episode, featuring exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes content, learn how the pros played the game in Sudden Death Round 1 of the 2017 Challenge Cup.
  • BigWater Adventures Mark Davis is the consummate outdoorsman. Having fished and hunted all over the world, Mark lives and breathes the lifestyle and tries to get inside a fish’s head the only way he knows how – by getting in the water with them and seeing how they see. From East Coast, West Coast to Gulf Coast, BigWater Adventures features more than 50 species of fresh and saltwater species – billfish, tuna, wahoo, dorado, mackerel, shark, grouper, redfish, stripers and more. If it plies the coastal currents or the deep streams in pelagic paradise, Mark will be hot on its trail.
  • The SeahunterA premiere saltwater fishing show about offshore and inshore fishing, light tackle fishing techniques and the unique areas surrounding the fishing destination.
  • Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show Fishing is inherently unscripted, unpredictable and humorous, just like Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show. In each episode, Mark Zona will fish with the very best anglers on the planet to catch anything with fins.

For additional information, please visit

WHY: World Fishing Network, along with sister networks Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel, are premier outdoor lifestyle cable networks, serving the needs of tens of millions of hunting, shooting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S. Recently, all three networks unveiled their third quarter programming slate, which are anchored by new original programming, returning favorites and lauded series, including two anticipated new shows titled: Charlie Moore: No OffenseandThe Seahunter.

WHERE: World Fishing Network free preview can be found on Channel 394. For full episodes of the networks’ hit shows on demand, check out DISH Studio Channel 102.

WHEN: World Fishing Network | Thursday, July 6 through Tuesday, August 1

HOW: Customers interested in adding World Fishing Network to their channel line-up can call DISH toll free at 1-855-624-2426 or visit to learn more about the free previews.


Media Contacts:

Erin Erickson | Outdoor Sportsman Group | 303.615.8838 | [email protected]
Tom Caraccioli | Outdoor Sportsman Group | 212.852.6646 | [email protected]


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World Fishing Network (WFN) – Channel 394 on DISH

World Fishing Network (WFN): DISH Channel Number 394

World Fishing Network

World Fishing Network is the only television network dedicated to all segments of fishing with programming that covers instruction, tips, tournaments, travel, food, boating, outdoor lifestyle and more. WFN's wide-ranging programming lineup includes a selection of the best international series and the most diverse species coverage of any television network. Some of the top shows and movies currently on World Fishing Network (WFN) include: Major League Fishing, FLW Outdoors, Timmy Horton Outdoors, Grand Slam Fishing, The New Fly Fisher.

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World Fishing Network is a channel in these DISH TV PACKAGES

  • Outdoor Pack
  • Regional Action Pack

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4.4 out of 5 STARS

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Frequently Asked Questions about World Fishing Network

Is World Fishing Network (WFN) available on DISH?

Yes. World Fishing Network (WFN) is available as part of these packages: Outdoor Pack|Regional Action Pack

What channel is World Fishing Network (WFN) on DISH Network?

World Fishing Network (WFN) is channel # 394 on DISH Network.

What is World Fishing Network?

World Fishing Network is the only television network dedicated to all segments of fishing with programming that covers instruction, tips, to…

Countryside Life TV: I cook 2 recipes with a big fish / Harvest vegetable around home for cooking

DISH Add-ons: Outdoor Sports Package Review

If you dig the rustling of leaves and chipping birds (not to mention hardcore hunting and fishing :), DISH’s Outdoor Sports add-on plan is probably a legit match for your crosshairs. At just $4/month, it unlocks four new channels: Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Outside Television & WFN (World Fishing Network). In this article, we’ll cover each in a bit more detail and help you decide if it’s worth the few extra bucks…

Outdoor Channel (#396)

One of the more popular channels in the sports/outdoor space, the Outdoor Channel is probably the biggest draw in this pack. First seen in 1994, it tends to break up programming into three categories: hunting, fishing and outdoor. Some of its more popular programs include…

Hunting:American Archer, American Birdhunter, World of Whitetail, Shooting Gallery and Gun Stories
Fishing:Major League Fishing, Big Sporting Saturdays, Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, etc.
Outdoor:Limitless, Outdoor Adventures, Gold Fever and GunnyTime

A good chunk of those channels are original programming you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re into outdoor activities and/or hunting, the Outdoor Channel will become a fast favorite.

Sportsman Channel (#395)

Sort of like the Outdoor Channel’s upstart little brother, the Sportsman Channel brings a ton of specialty/niche programs to about 30 million households. As the name applies, it skews more towards hunting and shooting. Here are a few choice programs from each of their three main categories:

Hunting:Bowhunter TV, Destination Xtreme, Guidefitter, Hunting Illustrated, North American Whitetail
Fishing:Into the Blue, Saltwater Experience, The Sporting Chef, Out There
Shooting:Guns & Ammo, Gallery of Guns, World of Beretta, Rapid Fire, Ruger Inside & Out

If you’re into shooting sports or guns, you’ll probably dig >75% of all their programming (there’s very little fluff or filler).

MAVTV (no longer included)

Update: as of June 2015, DISH has dropped MAVTV, due to rising licensing fees. They replaced it with Outside Television; more on that channel in the next section…

Launched as Maverick TV (back in 2004), this channel has its roots in sports races and gearhead-related programming (SpeedFreaks, American Tailgater, Roller Derby, etc). By 2012, Lucas Oil, swept in and saved it from going under… and rebranded it as MAVTV, with “MAV” now standing for Moves, Action and Variety. As you might’ve guessed by the acronym, there was a shift to more commercially viable, general-interest programming. However, Lucas Oil (being a big sponsor of various motor sports), also kept to the channel’s core and continues to show various racing events, including events from the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, Drag Boat Racing and Pro Pulling Leagues. Some of the other leagues/events include ARCA Racing, British Motocross, Sidecar racing, AMA Endurocross, FIM Supermoto, Australian Drifting, Ice Speedway and more.

So, basically, you’ll still get your racing fix, while getting to enjoy guy flicks and reality programming.

Outside Television (#390)

Outside TV features more of a cross-training look at outdoor activities: hiking, running, skiing, sailing, kayaking, surfing, etc (nearly no hunting-related stuff). If it happens on/in terrain, wind, water or snow…and you break a sweat doing it, there’s a pretty good chance it’ll get featured on Outside TV. Spun out of the popular Outside magazine, most of its programming features original, HD-quality coverage of special events, outdoor adventures and even fan-inspired treks.

Just a few favorite programs: Outlook, The Xtreme Collxtion, Ultimate Rush, Reel Rock, World of Adventure

Bottom line, if you like testing your physical limits (or just enjoy watching others do so), Outside TV will get your adrenaline goin’ and then some.

World Fishing Network (#394)

Available since 2005, WFN is an angler’s dream. While the channel originated and is still based out of Toronto, Ontario, World Fishing Network covers species from all around the world. They tend to break up their programming into four environmental categories: freshwater, saltwater, ice and fly fishing. Here are a select few:

Inside Sportfishing – hosted by Michael Fowlkes, this high octane show treks the globe for exotic and unique catches (bluefin, marlin, giant tunas, etc). As the name implies, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt.

Fishing Expedition Amazonia – we all know South America’s Amazon River breeds some of the most endemically dangerous animals (and fish) on Earth. Hosted by Steve Townson, Fishing Expedition Amazonia brings you face-to-face with piranhas, electric eels, vampire fish, pacu (piranha’s HUGE cousin) and more.

King of the River – hosted by André Paradis, this adventurous show pits man against fish… typically in an extended, season-long face-off. For example, in season 2, the show’s 2-month mission was to track down Atlantic Salmon in waters out of eastern Quebec. If you enjoy thorough and challenging expeditions, give this show a try.

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Dish on fishing channels

World Fishing Network

Cable television channel geared at fishing

For the Canadian channel previously named World Fishing Network, see Sportsman Channel (Canadian TV channel).

The World Fishing Network (WFN) is America's only television network, online and mobile platform dedicated exclusively to fishing. The network's programming covers instruction, tips, tournaments, travel, food, boating, outdoor lifestyle and more. Hosted by some of the world's top anglers, WFN is available to cable, satellite and telco subscribers throughout the United States and the Caribbean. WFN's lineup also includes a selection of the best and most diverse species coverage of any programming on television.


Original logo from 2007 (from 2005 in Canada) until 2008

The channel's roots began in Canada on December 2, 2005, when it was launched under the ownership of Insight Sports. The company expanded the channel in the United States in November 2007 with its launch on Verizon FiOS as a standard definition channel.[1] A few months later, in May 2008, WFN launched a high definition (HD) channel on Dish Network,[2] called "World Fishing Network HD", a channel with a separate schedule from its standard definition counterpart. The HD channel was added to Verizon FiOS that year.[3] Since WFN's launch on Verizon and Dish Network, it has been added to several other television providers such as Charter Communications,[4] and television providers in the Caribbean, including Flow Cable in Jamaica.[5]

WFN logo from 2008 until 2014

On January 10, 2011, WFN announced that it had sold a 50% stake in its U.S. operations to Altitude Sports and Entertainment.[6] Also, in 2011, Altitude Sports and Entertainment purchased a 19.9% interest in the Canadian channel through its division Altitude WFN ULC.[7] Altitude would later purchase the remaining 50% interest in the channel.[citation needed]

On January 14, 2019, World Fishing Network in Canada officially relaunched as Sportsman Channel.[citation needed]

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