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    The hard part is done. Wow, was it hard to get those studs and nuts off. The next step is to find new parts. In most cases I go to an auto parts store, such as Advance Auto for a good deal on parts. However, my internet research turned up some troubling failures on the China-made manifolds these stores sell. They have cracked way too soon. Even my brother-in-law has a story of multiple replacements with those parts. Sure they were under warranty. But his labor wasn't. In the end he went to Ford for the parts. So that's what I did. The manifold I bought has casting marks that look like it was forged in the same Canadian foundry that made the original. That gave me a feeling of confidence. The original lasted 13 years.  In fact, I went OEM all the way on this job, right down to the studs and nuts. I swallowed hard at the $183 manifold and harder at the two $31 gaskets. All told parts were $300. Enough about parts.
   I had to do some extra surface preparation on the leaking rear port. The corrosive exhaust gases had eaten away a bit of the surface of the head. I made about three applications of JB Weld, filing it flat in between applications until I was satisfied the surface was smooth and flat.

1) Thread the studs into the manifold flange (where the manifold meets the exhaust down pipe). They will bottom on the rings. They cannot be put in after the manifold is mounted.

2) Thread the eight manifold mounting nuts a little way onto their studs.

3) Fit the manifold onto the exhaust down-pipe by feeding the studs through the holes on the sliding bracket on the pipe. Do not put the nuts on yet.

4) Get a gasket and align it with an upper mounting hole on the manifold and thread a stud through and into the head just a few turns for now. 

5) Align the other hole in the gasket and thread another upper stud and nut into the head.

6) Repeat on the other end of the manifold. All upper studs should now be in place.

7) Using a 5mm 1/4" drive socket and ratchet, turn the studs in to 5-8 ft lbs 

8) Now begin to turn in the eight manifold nuts torquing them in stages to 17-20 ft pounds, per the sequence below.
9) Bolt the exhaust down-pipe to the manifold with a 15mm 1/2" drive socket and ratchet. Torque to 25 to 34 ft lbs.
10) Bolt the starter wiring harness back down with a 10mm socket.
11) If the starter was removed, bolt it back in place and wire it back up.
12) Hook the battery back up.
13) Jack it up high enough to remount the wheel and remove the supports.Set it back down.
14) Once down, torque the lug nuts.
15) Fire it up and listen and feel for any leaks. Mine was quiet. This calls for a two beer celebration!
16) Remount the wheel well cover with the five 7/32 hex screws and four panel fasteners.

More pictures of this procedure and and much more useful vehicle maintenance and repair information can be found on Kindle:

                                                           Here is a video of the process:

Sours: http://www.originalmechanic.com/2013/07/installing-exhaust-manifold-on-54l-ford.html

various sizes Exhaust Manifold Studs & Nuts (Set of 16) 5.4L for 2004 Ford F-150 (New Style) more order

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Exhaust Flange Hardware Kit

1997-06 Ford F150
1997-98 Ford Light F250
4 exhaust studs with nuts
Fits 4.2, 4.6, 5.4, 6.8L
Product Description Dorman’s Exhaust Flange Stud & Nut provides you with the proper flange stud and nut for replacing your manifold. Save time and energy by having the right hardware on hand when you need it. Direct replacement for a proper fit every time Durable steel construction New hardware helps fix exhaust leaks Also available in the Exhaust Manifold Hardware Kit Product Specifications Dog Point Fastener: Yes Item Grade: Standard Replacement Length: 71 mm Material: Metal Package Contents: 4 Studs and 4 Nuts Pilot Point Fastener: No Thread Size #1: M10-1.5 Thread Size #2: M10-1.5 Packaging Type: Card Package Quantity: 1 N811145-S301 FORD MOTOR COMPANY N811468-S100 FORD MOTOR COMPANY W705374-S900 FORD MOTOR COMPANY W705374-S901 FORD MOTOR COMPANY

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How to install new exhaust flange bolts into old exhaust manifold, the easy way

Exhaust Flange Bolt/Nut

Your exhaust system is made up of several components, beginning with the exhaust manifold. Your exhaust manifold has one port per cylinder at the top, and an exhaust flange at the bottom. The exhaust flange is a single port that carries the exhaust from the separate cylinders into a single pipe through the rest of the exhaust system. Many factory exhaust manifolds are cast iron or aluminum, and may include studs or bolts to attach the flange to the exhaust pipe. Because your exhaust system is under the vehicle, these exhaust flange bolts, nuts, or studs can rust, and may break if removed. This can cause exhaust leaks and performance problems if not addressed. If you've broken your exhaust flange bolts or studs, check out your options at O'Reilly Auto Parts.

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Sours: https://www.oreillyauto.com/shop/b/exhaust-parts-16469/exhaust-flange-bolt-nut-14221/a300cf2a12d2/2001/ford/f-150

Size nut f150 flange exhaust

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How to Remove a Stuck Stud (WORKS EVERY TIME)

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