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10 years later, a couple&#;s disappearance still confounds

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. (AP) - The call came just as he was getting breakfast at a drive-thru.

&#;I&#;m not sure if this will help &#;,&#; the caller began before taking him through a labyrinthine narrative filled with unfamiliar characters and unconnected thoughts.

Someone is dead, the caller told him.

When that person was alive, he did some dicey things.

He did these other not-so-great things.

He did a couple of really bad things, actually.

And he might have been involved in the disappearance of John and Elizabeth Calvert.

It was about two months before the 10th anniversary of Hilton Head Island&#;s biggest unsolved mystery, a case that is the subject of a newly released book. It details the true story of a wealthy couple who went missing after discovering tens of thousands of dollars had been stolen from them, the man who last saw them alive and the investigation that ensued.

Though Capt. Bob Bromage of the Beaufort County Sheriff&#;s Office has received many cold-case calls over the years, it had been a while since a tip came in on the Calverts case. And chances were - much like with the hundreds of other tips that came in the aftermath - this too would end up stalled and against yet another wall.

But one never knows when a new fact will emerge, when the dots will connect, when a longtime question will get answered.

Or when something will knock loose and finally lead to the truth.

So Bromage paid attention to what the woman had to say.

&#;I just sit and listen,&#; he said of the decade&#;s worth of calls and gut feelings and paranormal premonitions and &#;did you ever considers&#; and &#;I bet I know where they ares.&#;

&#;I listen and listen and listen.&#;

So many of us can recite the details by heart.

Those who lived on Hilton Head or in the Lowcountry at the time, those who followed the case nationally, those who covered it in the media, those who knew and loved the missing couple, those who knew and loved the only person of interest to be named in the case, we can all retrace the facts for you, re-walk the steps that might have been taken that day and in the days that followed - here&#;s what happened first, what happened next, what couldn&#;t possibly have happened . or so we assumed back then.

Without even looking at it, we can describe the photo, the one that was distributed worldwide and flashed across screens in living rooms across the country.

A middle-age white couple stands in front of the Harbour Town lighthouse. He&#;s in an oxford. She&#;s wearing blue. They are both smiling.

This is their eternity.

The Calverts, he was a businessman and she was an attorney, went missing on March 3, , after - or, perhaps more accurately, during - a meeting with their accountant, Dennis Gerwing, at his Sea Pines Center office.

The couple, who lived part time in an Atlanta suburb and part time in Harbour Town on The Yellow Jacket, their foot yacht, had discovered that money was missing from their businesses, which had been managed by The Club Group, Gerwing specifically.

They wanted to know why. If Gerwing gave them answers that day, we&#;ll likely never know.

Instead we are left with this: John and Liz were never seen or heard from again and eight days after their disappearance, Gerwing killed himself in the most hideous of ways, leaving behind two notes, both of which afforded him the perfect opportunity to articulate what he had known of the Calverts&#; fate - to explain what he or what someone else had done to them.

Gerwing took a pass on that opportunity.

Instead, his shocking death in a blood-coated bathtub at a Sea Pines timeshare, his scrawled admission of stealing what later was found to be $ million from The Club Group&#;s clients, his wonkish instructions on how to pay it back, the prurient tales of high-spending, wine-drinking and wife-sharing, the enigmatic reference to &#;it&#; happening in &#;SPC,&#; and the frustrating lack of answers on the Calverts&#; whereabouts extended the intrigue in what was an already frothing story that had attracted the attention of national media . and Geraldo Rivera.

Overnight Sheriff P.J. Tanner and his investigators found themselves behind a cluster of microphones and in front of what remains one of the biggest cases of their careers.

The island, invariably depicted by outsiders as a playground for the wealthy, began to look, from certain angles in this spotlight, like a boozy paradise whose clubby inhabitants used secrets and rumors to spackle over the holes where the truth couldn&#;t connect.

It was the perfect setting for a real-life mystery.

And it was an excitement that never should have been exciting.

After the buzzards stopped circling, after clues stopped coming in, after the Calverts were legally declared dead in , the armchair detectives continued to work overtime.

Was it the Russians? Did the Calverts assume new identities and flee the country? Were they buried in a landfill, an alligator-laden swamp, in a shark hole, or are they still in Sea Pines? Why would Gerwing do this? How would he have done it? Was he the only one? How could he be the only one? Wait. Was he murdered? Was the third drop cloth he bought that day for another person, an unwitting accomplice? Was the cut on his hand from the clumsy and inexperienced use of a Baretta semi-automatic? Is this it? Is this all we&#;ll ever know? Let&#;s go back to that Russian thing again . let&#;s go back to the car at airport . did you hear about the poker houses? The mail-order brides?

Lost in this mix were the people, the real ones, the friends and family who don&#;t just want answers for the sport of it but who need answers for their own peace of mind and so that the Calverts - and Gerwing - can rest in peace once and for all.

&#;They just want the truth,&#; longtime Hilton Head resident Pamela Ovens, who knew John Calvert and was friends with Gerwing, said of the friends and loved ones. &#;Whatever it is.&#;

Nearly a year after the Calverts disappeared and Gerwing used a steak knife and allergy medicine to end his life, Ovens was at a crafts show, where she was sharing a table with a friend who was selling jewelry.

&#;I was selling star wands that no one was buying,&#; Ovens said.

To pass the time between customers, she told her friend about the case.

Before the Calverts disappeared on March 3, Gerwing left his car at the Hilton Head Island Airport, returned to his home and emerged about a minute later carrying nothing - one theory is that he had retrieved a small pistol in his possession and put it in his pocket, leaving the empty holster behind. He then stopped by Grayco to purchase three drop cloths.

He did all this with a witness present, an assistant from The Club Group.

After his p.m. meeting with the Calverts that evening - where, friends said, Liz, who had discovered the embezzlement and suspected it went beyond their accounts, was expecting to receive an explanation or a reimbursement, which is why she had not yet involved law enforcement - Gerwing was seen with a fresh cut on the web of his right hand and buying Band-Aids and latex gloves at a drug store on Hilton Head.

He called the witness.

He texted a friend.

And then he shut off his phone until late the next morning.

Not long after the Calverts were reported missing, Gerwing was questioned by investigators. His story didn&#;t add up and he later told multiple friends that he was the last person to see the Calverts alive. He spoke about them in the past tense.

Investigators made a mess searching Gerwing&#;s Hilton Head Plantation home for evidence, leaving significant areas of the interior covered in a purple chemical used to detect blood, so Gerwing, chief financial officer for The Club Group, decided to stay at Swallowtail, one of The Club Group&#;s timeshares near Harbour Town, while cleaners restored his house to its former fastidious state.

Sometime between March 10 and 11, the year-old wrote two notes: one on an envelope, another on the bed sheet in the master bedroom.

He was taking himself out of the game, he said.

He acted alone, he said.

&#;It happened in SPC,&#; he wrote, referring to what investigators believed to be Sea Pines Center, where The Club Group&#;s offices are located and where the Calverts&#; meeting with him was scheduled.

Around 4 p.m. March 11, two hours after the sheriff&#;s office had announced that he was a person of interest in the disappearance of John, 47, and Liz, 45, and just before a candlelight vigil for the Calverts, which was being held a short walk away, Gerwing was found dead.

He had taken about 1, mg of Benadryl and used a serrated knife from one of the drawers in the downstairs kitchen to cleave his throat, his inner wrist, his outer wrist, his inner arm, his calf and his thigh in motions that appeared more punishing than strategic.

That evening, a group from the vigil walked to Swallowtail, stood outside and watched as Gerwing&#;s body was removed from the condo.

That, in short, is the story.

&#;There was a person sitting around the corner from me,&#; Ovens said of the crafts show. &#;And she looked at me . she said &#;You better be careful what you&#;re saying.&#; It was scary! And I thought , well . well, if you tell everyone then it&#;s not as scary.&#;&#;

Ovens knew then that she was going to write a book about the Calverts case.

Nine years later and along with co-author Charlie Ryan, Ovens has published &#;Deceit, Disappearance and Death on Hilton Head Island,&#; which they premiered in late February at a luncheon hosted by the Long Cove Women&#;s Club.

They wrote the book using sheriff&#;s office reports, written statements from witnesses, photos from the scene of Gerwing&#;s suicide and interviews with key figures in the case, including Bromage, Tanner, lead investigator Angela Viens, Gerwing&#;s brother Fred, co-workers of the Calverts, and Gerwing&#;s longtime but then-estranged girlfriend Nancy Barry, who was living in his million-dollar Wilmot Avenue home in Columbia.

The book goes into great detail about the facts of the case and explores the plausibility of popular theories on the whys, the whos and the wheres.

&#;My feeling was, if we wrote the book and got the information out there, then someone would be able to help finish this and discover the real truth,&#; Ovens said. &#;&#; I would really be happy if we could solve this for both families.&#;

Ryan, who also collaborated with Ovens for &#;My Life with Charles Fraser,&#; a biography about the developer of Sea Pines, is a former Hilton Head resident and now lives in Charlotte with his wife, Becky, to be closer to their grandchildren.

To write the Calverts book, the two communicated daily by phone, by text and by email for more than a year.

Ryan did not know the Calverts or Gerwing, but was aware of the case and people&#;s &#;tremendous interest&#; in it, something that was evident at a recent book-signing, where the line was out the door.

&#;Almost everyone who came to the table had an opinion to express,&#; he said.

Ovens and Ryan also have opinions.

Ryan is doubtful that Gerwing could have killed himself, never mind kill the Calverts and bury the bodies.

Ovens is sure Gerwing did.

Both believe there might have been other parties involved.

&#;See I think he could (have done it) because he had so much Benadryl in his system,&#; Ovens said. &#;&#; It slows your metabolism, it slows everything down. You&#;re pumping blood a lot slower than normal. When you look at the places he cut himself, it&#;s not like blood is gushing out of these cuts at all.&#;

&#;But there&#;s blood degrees around the bathroom,&#; Ryan said. &#;It&#;s all over.&#;

&#;Yeah, little splashes of it. Little spatters.&#;

&#;No, not &#;little splashes,&#; if you look at the pictures.&#;

&#;We have different viewpoints on this&#; she said, &#;and everyone who reads (the book) will have different viewpoints.&#;

In , Sheriff Tanner and Capt. Bromage rounded up retired law enforcement professionals in the area and started a cold case committee.

The first case they took on was the Calverts&#;, which Bromage stresses is still considered a missing persons investigation. While they&#;ve been legally declared dead, no physical evidence of their death has been found.

For more than a year, the committee re-examined the physical evidence, the phone records, the interviews, the SLED reports, the FBI findings and the facts of the Calverts&#; disappearance and Gerwing&#;s suicide.

They, like the rest of Hilton Head, hoped they would find the answers.

&#;I think everybody wants to come up with their own solution to this,&#; Bromage said, &#;and they&#;d love for it to be correct and to play out and say &#;I was instrumental in this case moving forward.&#;&#;

But no new findings emerged.

In fact, no new findings have emerged from any of the tips investigators have received over the years, including the one from earlier this year.

But, Bromage said, the sheriff&#;s office hopes that by making the information from this case file available to people like Ovens and Ryan, it will &#;develop some appropriate interest from the right people who may have some knowledge about what happened.&#;

Ovens has a feeling it will.

&#;Someone knows something,&#; she said. &#;And &#; I think that someone will talk. Someone will finally crack.&#;

She&#;s convinced of it.

&#;You can&#;t keep everything in all the time. It&#;s just not . humans need to get things out.

&#;And I think it&#;s going to be sooner than later.

&#;It&#;s just interesting,&#; she said. &#;So interesting .&#;


Information from: The Island Packet,

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Police: Man in missing couple case kills self

The Beaufort County sheriff says a business associate of a missing couple apparently committed suicide by slashing his inner thigh with a knife, deepening the mystery surrounding the case.

Sheriff P.J. Tanner released few other details at a news conference Thursday about the disappearance of John and Elizabeth Calvert, who disappeared from their part-time home on this resort island about 10 days ago.

Investigators found the body of Dennis Ray Gerwing, 54, in a condominium Tuesday shortly after the sheriff's office identified him as a person of interest in the case. Two suicide notes were found, but Tanner refused to discuss their contents.

Asked if he believed the Calverts were dead or alive, Tanner says investigators were looking at worst-case scenarios and hoping for the best.

Severing ties
The Calverts had been in the process of severing their ties with the company Gerwing worked for when they disappeared March 3. Gerwing, who authorities believe was the last person to see the couple, was found dead in his condominium Tuesday.

Investigators said Gerwing had not been cooperating with authorities. They had searched his home, vehicles and office Saturday but would not say whether they found anything related to the couple's disappearance.

John Calvert, 47, and his year-old wife run several businesses in the area, including managing boat slips at the marina where they live. Elizabeth Calvert also practices law with a firm in nearby Savannah, Ga.

They live part time on their foot yacht in the gated Harbour Town community, known for its candy cane-colored lighthouse that is a backdrop for a professional golf tournament each spring. They also have a home in Atlanta.

Gerwing was chief financial officer of The Club Group, which the Calverts hired more than two years ago to run administration, accounting and human resources. In December, the couple decided it no longer needed the company and Gerwing was leading the transition out.

A spokesman for The Club Group wouldn't comment Wednesday about Gerwing's relationship with the Calverts, or say if anyone else in the company had dealings with them. The company said it had 21 years of business on Hilton Head Island without any allegations of wrongdoing.

'Obviously saddened'
"Everybody is obviously saddened," said the spokesman, Tony Gardo. "It's a sad situation."

There was no answer at the condominium where Gerwing's body was found Tuesday night by his attorney. The blinds were drawn shut. The two-story, wooden building sits nestled with dozens just like it in a development across the street from the Sea Pines Center, where Gerwing's offices are located.

The case has been the talk of this slipper-shaped mile island near the Georgia border, which is filling with tourists taking the opportunity to bask in the first warm rays of spring. The couple's foot yacht, The Yellow Jacket, has become an attraction, with passers-by stopping to take pictures.

"It's something very, very surprising in a very quiet community, when something like this happens," said Jack Noyse, a year-old retiree from Ontario.

Tony Gibus, a friend and employee of the Calverts who had been acting as a spokesman for the couple, said he is scaling back his comments to concentrate on running the couple's company.

"It's been a week, and I haven't been able to concentrate on business," Gibus said. "John and Liz would want this business to keep continuing as it is."

Authorities say the Calverts' cell phones had been turned off. A small airplane owned by Elizabeth Calvert, a pilot, was found undisturbed on the tarmac at a local airport. A silver Mercedes belonging to the couple was found Friday, but authorities said it offered no clues to the couple's whereabouts.

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Elizabeth Calvert (Photo courtesy Beaufort County Sheriff's Office)
John Calvert (Photo courtesy Beaufort County Sheriff's Office)

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - More details about John and Elizabeth Calvert's disappearance are being released. The Hilton Head Island couple has been missing for nine months.

On Wednesday, Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner held a news conference handing out two packets of information. One about the investigation itself and the other concerning the death analysis report of Dennis Gerwing, the man Tanner believes is responsible for their disappearance.

While there's still no sign of John or Elizabeth Calvert, Tanner is not expecting this case to end well.

"It's very doubtful they're alive and well," Tanner commented. "We hope we'd find them alive and well, but things aren't looking good.""

Nineteen pages were released with details on what happened days before and days after the Calverts disappeared.

John and Elizabeth went missing March 3 after a meeting with business associate Dennis Gerwing, who handled the Calverts' finances. The meeting was called after Elizabeth noticed financial irregularities. Days after their disappearance, investigators named Gerwing a "person of interest".

Tanner says during their interview with him, they noticed Gerwing had a cut on his hand. He said it was from a broken wine bottle, but Tanner says his story didn't check out.

Days later, Gerwing committed suicide in the bathtub of a Sea Pines villa, leaving behind a note.

In that note he stated:

"P.S. I have acted completely alone in all actions committed. I knew the risks of this happening and believe taking myself out of the game is the best way to move everyone as quickly as possible past all events. All anger should be directed towards me. Burn my body and dispose without service. It happened in SPC (Sea Pines Center) - nothing at Bent Tree house."

During their investigation, Tanner says much of Gerwing's story didn't check out. He says Gerwing purchased all kinds of incriminating evidence the day of their disappearance, including a shovel, latex gloves and three drop cloths.

"The tarps that were purchased by him were commercial tarps large enough to act in the same fashion as a body bag," said Tanner. "Three of them, you would have to speculate one was for one body, one for the other and the other for the back of the vehicle."

While Gerwing told a coworker he was using them for painting, according to the investigation report, "Neither of the three drop cloths nor the box of latex gloves purchased by Gerwing were ever recovered during the searches of his business, home or vehicles."

They even found dirt on the floor of his tidy home. Tanner says Gerwing likely removed the bodies from Sea Pines and disposed of them away from Beaufort County.

"He powered off his cell phone early in the evening and didn't power it on again until midday the following day, so he had 10, 11, 12 hours," said Tanner. "So we're looking at a five to six hour radius when the bodies could have been transported, if in fact that happened."

Tanner says he believes Gerwing used the items he purchased to bury them.

"You can't rule anything out, of course the dirt found in his home, the muddy shoes, the shovel, the fact he had ample time to drive far away from Beaufort County," Tanner said.

While the Calverts are still missing, Tanner says they believe Gerwing is their guy.

"It appears Dennis is responsible for their disappearance. Right now, we have him acting alone," he said. "We haven't associated him with anyone else. Of course that's still being looked at."

Despite the developments, Tanner says the Calverts' disappearance remains an active missing person's case.

Also at Wednesday's news conference was Nancy Cappelmann, a close friend of the Calverts. She said it was a lot of information to process, but that she was hoping for more.  Something that would point to where the Calvert's are.

She adds that she and others aren't giving up hope that the Calvert's will be found.

To read the entire report on the Calvert investigation by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office, click here.

The mysterious case of missing couple found dead in Belize

Hilton Head couple still missing ten years later

HILTON HEAD, S.C. (WSAV) &#; Ten years ago, John and Elizabeth Calvert disappeared from their home at Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. They&#;ve since been legally declared dead, but their bodies have never been found.

&#;The prominent couple vanished, March 3, , without a trace; and ten years later, Hilton Head&#;s biggest mystery remains unsolved,&#; reads an excerpt from the book, &#;Deceit, Disappearance & Death&#;. It was published two weeks ago, co-authored by Pamela Martin Ovens.

&#;I lived here 39 years and I knew Dennis Gerwing, I knew John and Liz Calvert. I had worked with all of them in different ways. And so when the Calverts disappeared it was very interesting to try to figure out how to solve the mystery,&#; Ovens said.

Elizabeth Calvert was an attorney for UPS in Savannah. Her husband, John, handled boats in Sea Pines&#; Harbour Town.

The couple disappeared the night they confronted their accountant Dennis Gerwing about stealing money from them.

&#;That was the last person to see them alive. And after that evening on the 3rd, the next day, Dennis was going around town saying, &#;I think I&#;m the last person to see them alive!'&#; Ovens said.

When interviewed by investigators, Gerwing&#;s story didn&#;t add up.

&#;There was a lot of suspicious activity on the part of Dennis Gerwing right around the time that he was supposed to meet with them on Monday, March 3 of ,&#; said Capt. Bob Bromage with the Beaufort County Sheriff&#;s Office.

The sheriff&#;s office found Gerwing cut his hand that night and bought bandages, latex gloves, and three large drop cloths. Sheriff P.J. Tanner said in a press conference at the time that the drop cloths were big enough to wrap bodies.

A week later, Gerwing committed suicide.

&#;March 11, , about a week after the disappearance,&#; Bromage said, &#;Dennis Gerwin had, in fact, committed suicide, which has been verified by numerous forensic pathologists.&#;

He left behind a note admitting to embezzling money from the Calverts but didn&#;t mention their disappearance.

&#;It was highly suspicious&#; but Dennis Gerwing in those notes did not take the opportunity, knowing he was the primary person of interest in a missing person case, to deny or confirm it,&#; Bromage said.

Everyone who has heard the case has their suspicions&#;

&#;He probably did kill the Calverts,&#; Ovens said, &#;But he was not a bad person. He was a good person that did a bad thing.&#;

Ovens and a colleague, Charlie Ryan, wrote the book &#;Deceit, Disappearance & Death&#; about the couple&#;s disappearance, and they&#;re determined there&#;s more to be written.

&#;Were the Calvert&#;s murdered? Was it a professional hit? Were they alive and in a witness protection program?&#; the book reads.

&#;Someone&#;s keeping something a secret&#;&#; Ovens said.

&#;We received hundreds of possible leads of the last 10 years,&#; Bromage said, &#;We follow them up, but none have led us any closer to actually bring result of this case.&#;

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of John and Elizabeth Calvert, you can make an anonymous phone call to SC Crimestoppers at CRIME-SC ().

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Calvert elizabeth 2019 and john

Incident reports from the investigation into the death of Dennis Gerwing.

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - 23 days and still no sign of the Calverts. Now investigators are releasing new information on the case that Dennis Gerwing that he did in fact commit suicide ( see Person of Interest in Calvert Disappearance Case Found Dead).

Gerwing was the last person to see the Calverts. Today, Beaufort County sheriff PJ Tanner held a news conference about the latest developments.

After going over the preliminary autopsy report, police reports and speaking with many people who knew Dennis Gerwing, the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office is confident that Gerwing killed himself. "There was no one else involved," said Tanner.

Tanner says Gerwing was found in the bathtub and the cause of death, several cuts on his neck, wrist and thigh. "The weapon was at the crime scene it was in the tub with Dennis Gerwing," said Tanner.

The weapon, a knife taken from inside the condo where Gerwing was staying while his house was being cleaned.

Investigators also found two prescription pill bottles, an empty bottle of wine and two handwritten notes. One written on a bed sheet the other left in the bathroom. "It is his handwriting and we are still doing an analysis on the content of the notes," said Tanner.

Tanner says it could be next week before they tell us what those notes say.

Even though all the evidence points to suicide, the people who knew Dennis Gerwing well say they still find it hard to believe. "I think it's bizarre to say the least," said Peggy Weiters. She's known Gerwing for 20 years and never thought he would do something like this "He must have had a lot going on that people didn't know about to get that far. He is going to be missed."

Meanwhile, investigators continue to search for John and Elizabeth Calvert who have been missing since March 3.

"The first 24 hours of an investigation are very important and as the days move forward, it diminishes finding them alive, but we are still investigating this as a missing persons," said Tanner.

He says they have conducted several searches both on and off the Hilton Head Island, including Hickory Hill Landfill in Jesup. And just this weekend, they searched through the wooded areas in Sea Pines, but were unable to find anything. However, Tanner says they will continue to follow up on all leads.

Weiters and others who live in the area are hoping they aren't missing for much longer and this investigation ends with good news.

Tanner says they will continue to follow up on leads and conduct searches. If you have any information on where the Calverts might be, contact the Beaufort County Sheriff's office at

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, [email protected]

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Are John and Liz Calvert Still Missing? Is Dennis Gerwing Alive?

On March 3, , a couple from Hilton Head, South Carolina, disappeared without a trace. John and Elizabeth Calvert were never seen after their 4 pm meeting with their accountant on that day. The police registered a missing person case and launched a long and arduous search, but they were halted in their tracks by the sudden death of a person of interest in the disappearance. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Hometown Homicide: In Too Deep’ showcases this flabbergasting case of the couple&#;s disappearance and charts out the subsequent police investigation. Intrigued to know if John and Liz Calvert ever resurfaced? Here is what we found out.

How Did John and Liz Calvert Disappear?

John and Liz Calvert split their time between a home in Brookhaven and their yacht, the Yellow Jacket, on Hilton Head Island. Elizabeth worked as an attorney with the Hunter MacLean law firm in Savannah, Georgia, while her husband, John, owned four Hilton Head Island businesses. The Calverts were prominent people in the society and much loved by friends and family. Thus, it was shocking when the couple went missing from the tight-knit and peaceful community of Hilton Head Island.

Two months before their disappearance, Elizabeth Calvert, 46, noticed financial irregularities which made her and her husband want to stop using The Club Group’s bookkeeping services. Liz had also confronted the accountant, Dennis Gerwing, about the missing money. She met with Gerwing twice, on February 24 and March 2, following which Gerwing told her to return with her husband on March 3, when he promised to supply some documents the couple had requested.

On March 3, , John and Liz promptly met Gerwing at The Club Group office. Witnesses saw John Calvert arrive sometime around 6 pm, while Liz arrived a little later. The Calverts switched their cell phones off before the meeting and that was the last time anyone ever heard from them. Elizabeth&#;s brother reported them missing the following evening when he could not get in touch with the couple.

Are John and Liz Calvert Still Missing?

John and Liz Calvert have never been found since their meeting on March 3, Even though their case remains open as a missing person incident, they were declared legally dead on October 22, In October , the FBI Field Office in Columbia, S.C., received a letter and a detailed map from an anonymous tipster. The letter claimed that John and Liz Calvert&#;s remains were buried in a wooded area in Eastover, South Carolina. Based on the tip, the investigators combed the area for days but found nothing.

Who Was Responsible For John and Liz Calvert’s Disappearance?

According to Beaufort County officials, Dennis Gerwing was seemingly responsible for the Calverts&#; disappearance. Immediately after the couple was reported missing, the police honed in on Gerwing as he was the last person to see them alive. The accountant said that the March 3 meeting lasted for about 15 minutes and ended at about pm when Liz announced it was time for them to apparently leave for dinner.

Gerwing then recalled staying in his office for about 10 minutes and taking the William Hilton Parkway to his Hilton Head Plantation home. Officers noticed a cut on Gerwing’s hand, which looked similar to the kind of injury that can occur from cocking a gun. But the suspect said he had cut his hand on a broken wine bottle before driving to the south-end, where he stopped at a drug store to buy bandages. He also told the police that he then returned to work and stayed at the office till midnight before going home.

Gerwing’s statement was filled with inconsistencies which came to light as soon as the police searched his car and his house and went through the CCTV footage of the day. Friends of the Calverts said that the predictability of their lifestyle did not match the couple leaving for dinner at pm. The Calverts also often ate at the same restaurant, paid for with their credit cards, but their credit cards remained unused since the meeting.

Gerwing was also found to be lying about the way he took to go back home as he was seen using his Palmetto Pass on the Cross Island Parkway toll. Deputies further checked up on his band-aid story and found him returning to the pharmacy a little while after buying the bandages to buy latex gloves. Gerwing was also found to have purchased all kinds of seemingly incriminating evidence the day of the disappearance, including a shovel and three dropcloths which, according to Sheriff P.J. Tanner, were large enough to wrap bodies in.

A search of Gerwing’s house and his car also revealed several bandages, a section of unused nylon rope, and an empty holster belonging to a Beretta Investigators also examined the car he had been driving on the day of the disappearance and found the third-row seat to be missing. Gerwing tried to explain this by saying he wanted to move office furniture, a claim that was not verified by his colleagues.

Furthermore, when the police tried to trace Gerwing’s whereabouts after the meeting, they found that his cell phone was powered off early in the evening and was not powered on until midday the following day. Based on the evidence gathered, police asked Gerwing to come in for a second round of questioning, which led to the accountant lawyering up and stating that he had reportedly &#;already cooperated enough.&#;

Is Dennis Gerwing Alive Today?

A week after the couple&#;s disappearance and a few days after being questioned by the police, Dennis Gerwing was found dead in a villa in Swallowtail on March 11, , the same day he was declared publicly as a person of interest by the police. When Gerwing’s attorneys, along with The Club Group President, Mark King, couldn’t get in touch with him, they alerted the deputies and the Hilton Head Island fire department.

The fire department then broke into his villa and forced open the upstairs bathroom door. Entering the room, they found Gerwing covered in blood, lying nude atop a comforter in the bathtub. According to investigators on the scene, Gerwing had slashed his left wrist, right inner thigh, right inner calf, left lower neck, and right lower neck with a cheap steak knife. The same knife was found beside him in the bathroom.

Blood spatter patterns and the lack of any foreign footprints or fingerprints indicated that the accountant was alone when he died. The autopsy also revealed a high dose of Benadryl in his system. Investigators also found two prescription pill bottles and two handwritten notes in which Gerwin confessed to embezzling the money and further stated that he had acted alone while committing the financial crime. None of the notes addressed the Calverts. The death was ruled a suicide.

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