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The 16 Best Tingle Tanning Lotion Reviews & Guide 2021

What is the best tingle tanning lotion to use?

The answer depends on whether you are an experienced tanner or not.

That’s because different “heat” ratings tell you how much “tingle” you’ll feel.

Today’s reviews cover intensely hot tanning lotions for pro tanners and blush lotions for those with less experience.

We’ll cover the best-known tinglers as well as up-and-coming indoor tanning lotion brands.


Does tingle lotion make you tan faster?

Tingle tanning lotion is designed to make you tan faster. You’ll get a richer color with fewer sessions in the tanning bed.

Moreover, tingle lotion can help you break a plateau. You’ll be darker than ever before (1).

How does tingle tanning lotion work?

If you’ve ever used vapor rub or muscle rub, you’ve experienced something similar to a tingle lotion. They are indoor tanning lotions that contain ingredients like methyl nicotinate, hexyl nicotinate, and benzyl nicotinate.

These stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin. That’s what causes the hot, tingly feeling. They’ll make it look like you just got sunburned.

The increased blood circulation brings extra oxygen to the pigment (melanin) in the skin. Therefore, the tan develops faster with better coverage and a darker color.

Are tingle tanning lotions bad for you? What about side effects?

If you have sensitive skin, tingle lotions may cause a rash or worse. Also, it’s never a good idea to put tingle lotion on your face or sensitive places.

Finally, don’t touch pets or small children while wearing tingle lotion until after you’ve had a shower.

The higher the concentration of active ingredients in the lotion, the more extreme the sensation you’ll feel. Low-level tinglers or blush lotions will make you feel warm. Some feel like you lightly slapped the skin.

High-intensity tingle tanning lotions are like covering a sunburn with vapor rub – they are boiling hot!

If you aren’t sure how your skin will react, dilute the tingle lotion half-and-half with a regular indoor tanning lotion. Or try it on your legs first.

Instead of slathering on a lot of lotion, use the tingle lotion sparingly.

It will take anywhere from a couple of minutes to 15 minutes to start tingling. Then, the redness and burning sensation will continue for an hour or so.

When you shower, use cool water only until you’ve washed off all the lotion.

Best Tingle Tanning Lotion in 2021

Now, if you’re curious about the best indoor tanning lotions with tingle, check out the reviews below.

Designer Skin Bombshell, 100XXBronzer

The Bombshell is the original tingle tanning lotion, and it has a diehard fan following.

The aroma is floral and fruity, which eliminates the after-tanning odor. The official fragrance name is kiwi watermelon.

It’s packed with bronzers that provide instant color and deepen the tan over the next few hours. (Be sure to clean your hands after applying it to avoid staining or setting your eyes on fire.)

Moreover, it pampers the skin with Coenzyme Q10, soy, and white tea extract. These provide antioxidants and nutrients that fight premature aging caused by UV exposure.

But what you really want to know is how hot it is, right?

Tingle lotion junkies say that it’s intense yet not quite as hot as some lotions. It definitely gets results with only one session, and it breaks tanning plateaus.

They explain further that it absorbs quickly, then leaves their skin red and warm for hours after the session if they don’t shower right away.

Ed Hardy Obnoxious

Some say that Obnoxious is hotter than Bombshell. It smells like tropical fruit, and it’s popular with both women and men.

One reviewer said they applied it before driving a short distance to the salon. It already felt hot by the time they laid in the tanning bed.

Other reviewers commented that it felt like their skin was on fire. But once the stinging and redness had passed, they were astonished at how dark they looked.

Not only is it a tingle lotion, but it’s also a bronzer. It will make you look like you have a base tan from the moment you apply it.

Plus, it helps keep the skin healthy with mangosteen and hemp seed oil. It’s too bad it’s a tingle lotion because it’s an excellent moisturizer.

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Doubleshot

Body Shots Doubleshot was recently reformulated to feel hotter. It’s an extreme tingle lotion for experienced tanners only. It’s guaranteed to give you a deeper tan.

The silicone-based formula has potent bronzers, too. Cosmetic bronzers immediately give you a sun-kissed glow while natural bronzers like DHA progressively darken the color.

But it won’t make you smell like toast. The Sparkling Citrus fragrance neutralizes the burned odor from the bronzers and the tanning bed.

By the way, let’s talk about silicone. It’s a popular base for tanning lotion because it’s not greasy. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin silky soft. It seals in moisture to prevent dehydration.

Also, Tanovations/Ed Hardy include trademarked fitness blends like Body Fit and Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6. These reduce wrinkles and cellulite while they tone the skin.

Sometimes, if you have tattoos, you may not want to use bronzer because it can make the ink look muddy. But this formula includes a tattoo and color fade protector to help the ink resist fading under the UV rays.

Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Tanning Lotion

It smells like sweet cherries, and it’s hot, hot, hot. The Cherry Bomb is Supre’s answer to the Bombshell.

If you’re in search of tanning perfection, give it a try.

It’s enriched with vitamins A, C, and E that ward off wrinkles and keep the skin looking young.

This tingle lotion is guaranteed to turn you bright red. But in the process, it will take you darker with less time in the tanning bed.

Expect the heat to last for about an hour after application. It might even give you an unexpected burst of energy.

Devoted Creations White 2 Black

It’s not the hottest tingle lotion, but it promises to take you three shades darker. White 2 Black doesn’t even need bronzers to work miracles.

It has a pleasant “rain-kissed leaves” scent to help you relax.

The formula features cranberry and black tea to satisfy your skin’s cravings for moisture.

Millennium Tanning Products – Insanely Black Mega Tingle, 60x Bronzer

Many tingle tanning lotions contain bronzers. They often have a number on the label like “60X.” The number indicates how dark the bronzers are. In this case, they are suitable for medium skin tones. (If you have pale skin, choose a bronzer under 50X.)

The bronzers, along with the tingling ingredients, will give you a very dark color. What’s more, the results will last for days longer than tanning with regular lotion. Of course, any tan will last longer if you keep yourself well-hydrated and your skin moisturized.

The high dose of tinglers provides plenty of heat throughout the session. Then, the blackberry citrus scent keeps you smelling fresh and clean even after you’ve tanned.

ProTan Seriously Hot Bronzing Lotion

Let’s face it, some indoor tanning lotions are expensive. But this inexpensive brand offers a lot of value. After all, this is a level 8 (out of 10) tingle. The way they describe it, it’s made to “set your skin on fire.”

Plus, this lotion is ideal for pale skin as it’s a 10X bronzer. It will give you a golden glow right out of the bottle.

Meanwhile, skin-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and Monoi de Tahiti maintain your bronze for longer.

Users say it smells like grape bubblegum, but the official scent is called “Gentle Mocha and Lite Berry”.

Fuel My Fire by Devoted Creations

If you’ve tried Bombshell, you’ll probably like this lotion, too. It smells sweet, and it’s scorching!

The triple bronzers make sure that you wake up much darker than before. You won’t have to worry about streaking or turning orange.

Furthermore, it protects the skin with essential antioxidants.

Devoted Creations IGNITE NOIR Hot Tingle Bronzer

Devoted Creations just can’t lay back and take it easy. They keep coming up with ridiculously hot tingle lotions like this one.

They say it’s their hottest tingle yet. I saw one reviewer describe it as “mind-numbing scorching.”

The heat comes from the oxygen-enhanced formula that throws melanin production into overdrive. Besides that, it has triple bronzing action: cosmetic, DHA, and other natural bronzers. There’s no way you can use this lotion and not break a tanning plateau. When you leave the salon, you won’t look sunburned, either.

Yet, there’s more. The starfruit and aloe aroma is blended with a technology called Freshtek. It ensures that you will smell fresh and clean, never burned, after tanning.

Lastly, it keeps tattoos vibrant while minimizing cellulite.

Tanovations COMING IN HOT Thermal Active Black Bronzer

As you might know, Tanovations is the new label for many Ed Hardy tanning lotions. They created Coming In Hot for tanners who are perfectionists.

It doesn’t just tingle or bronze you. It also absorbs oil and detoxifies the skin with charcoal and black tea. The idea is to improve acne so that you can enjoy all the other benefits.

There’s the Thermal Active Blend for extra-deep tanning, plus rapid-release DHA for rapid bronzing.

And no Ed Hardy lotion would be complete without skin-firming ingredients like Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6.

Designer Skin So Shameless

It’s not for beginners, but it is appropriate for pale skin. With 17x bronzers, it will caramelize your body in no time flat. Then, you can enjoy a gradual deepening of color from tanning and DHA.

The 400xx Heat Wave Sizzle Complex with ginger boosts melanin production. But the Deep Blue Technology adds a little turquoise to keep you from looking lobster red.

In case you’re curious, the fragrance is Pink Grapefruit Sorbet.

Poison Hot Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion by Fixation

If you have a hard time tanning, try Poison. This lotion contains the best tanning maximizers available.

It has Unipertan, which has been clinically proven to accelerate melanin production. Then, there’s a tyrosine complex and carrot seed oil, too.

Those tanning intensifiers are boosted by the Critical Intensity Tingle and self-adjusting bronzers.

Everything’s blended in a silicone base that leaves the skin velvety soft.

Users say it’s not as hot as Bombshell, but definitely tingly. It has a citrus fragrance.

10 New Tingle Lovers Tanning Lotion Sample Packets

Can’t make up your mind about which lotion to try first? Then get a selection of sample packets.

They’re all premium indoor tanning lotion brands. Some feature bronzers.

The assortment includes both gentle and potent tingle lotions.

Brown Sugar SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE Tingle Bronzer

Let’s start turning down the heat. This tanning lotion reminds me of warm brownies. It has a mild to medium tingle and a chocolate fragrance.

There’s also a dark instant bronzer that will wash off in the shower.

Supre Tan Pretty Pink & Blushing Tingle Bronzer

Beginners, start with a blush lotion instead of a full-on tingler. This one is perfect for the tanner who wants to go darker without setting their skin on fire.

It has a delicious cherry, cinnamon, and vanilla scent. The creamy texture makes the skin feel like silk.

While you blush on your way to a radiant bronze, it keeps you hydrated with sweet almond oil and aloe.

Ed Hardy Get Ripped Cooling Bronzer Tanning Lotion

It gets hot when you’re tanning. Why not try a cooling lotion instead?

With a masculine aroma called “Midnight Passion,” this product will help you relax and enjoy your time in the tanning bed. There will be no rush to shower after your session is over. It doesn’t hurt that the fragrance eliminates the after-tanning smell.

Plus, the bronzing serum is oil-free to avoid causing breakouts. It will grant you a golden tan after only one application.


You’ll go darker than you believed possible when you tan with a tingle lotion. It will intensify the experience in so many ways.

When you turn up the heat, you deepen your tan faster. Anyone serious about tanning deserves to give this method a try.

If the reviews helped you find your new favorite tanning lotion, tell us about it in the comments below.


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Best Tanning Lotions With Tingle: Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on January 5, 2021

If you’ve been tanning for a while, it’s time to take it up a notch. If you want to go darker, it’s time to try something new. Experienced tanners get a kick out of tingle tanning lotions. But it’s not just because of the intense sensation they cause.

Tingle tanning lotions also help you tan faster. That’s because they speed up circulation. If you alternate sessions using regular indoor tanning lotions, you’ll avoid building up a tolerance.

There are three things you need to know before you try tingle lotions. The first is that it’s never a good idea to use them on your face. The second is that showering with lukewarm or cool water stops the lotion from reactivating. And the third is that you should shower before you hold small children or pets because lotion can irritate their skin.


Best Tingle Tanning Lotions

If you’re ready to try a tingle tanning lotion, check out the reviews below. We hope they help you choose the best tingler for your next tanning visit.

1. Die Hard Black Ed Hardy Maximum Bronzing Indoor Tanning Lotion

The Die Hard is a pleasantly mild tingle lotion. It’s actually a warming lotion, but it still deepens your tan because it increases circulation to the surface of your skin.

It’s also a bronzer with two proprietary tanning complexes called MelanoBronze and Melactiva. These include DHA and natural dyes that make you look sun-kissed from the moment you apply it. Then over the next few hours, your color darkens.

Of course, since ultraviolet radiation causes your skin to age, the formula contains anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients. Matrixyl Synthe 6 fights wrinkles and tones your skin. Meanwhile, acai berry and pomegranate keep you hydrated.

2. Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Tanning Lotion

If you’re ready to experience the heat of a tingle tanner, try the Supre Cherry Bomb. It’s not super hot, and it smells good enough to eat. Users say that you’ll get used to it after the first couple of times. And it accelerates your tan whether you use it indoors or outside.

3. Designer Skin Charmed Body Bronzer

The Charmed Body Bronzer from Designer Skin is one of the classics. This tingle lotion is described as feeling like you put VapoRub on a sunburn. It’s extremely hot!

But it’s also a 19x bronzer with MelanINK that pigments your skin right away. Plus, it has a silicone emulsion that seals in moisture to make your skin satiny soft. And it even contains antioxidant extract that goes to war with the heat and creates a shivery after sensation.

4. Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy’s Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer has maximum heat with the power to get you dark fast. To protect your skin from aging, it uses vitamins, mangosteen, and magnesium. Also, it makes you silky soft.

5. 2010 Devoted Creations Avant Tingle Dark Tanning Optimizer Tanning Lotion

The Avant lotion from Devoted Creations doesn’t have a bronzer and doesn’t need one. It tingles, but not so much that it hurts. All the same, users say they’re pleased with how tan they look after using it. They also like the juicy pomegranate fragrance.

6. Millennium Insanely Black Hot Tingle Tanning Bed Lotion w/ Bronzer

Millenium’s Insanely Black Hot Tingle Tanning Lotion is for masochists. Although it will make your skin soft and give you an instant tan, it’s incredibly hot. But experienced tanners love it because they get dark fast, and the color lasts.

7. Jwoww Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion

The Jwoww Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer smells like cinnamon candy, the kind that burns your tongue. It will turn your skin red like it’s on fire. And that’s how it speeds up your tan. Of course, it also contains tyrosine to stimulate melanin, your natural pigment. To keep your skin looking young, the lotion has black currant oil, Shea butter, and vitamin E.

8. Tanovations Active Black Bronzer

Tanovation’s Active Black Bronzer will make your skin sizzle. But it protects your tattoos from fading with charcoal and black tea extracts. It tones up the texture to camouflage cellulite, too. Additionally, it doesn’t have parabens, nuts, or gluten.

9. Fiesta Sun Coconut Dream Ultra Dark Tanning with Clear Bronzers

The Fiesta Sun Coconut Bronzer will keep darkening your skin even after you leave the sunbed. That’s because it has DHA that creates a natural bronze. Then, there’s coconut oil and shea butter that smooth your skin to make it look and feel flawless.

10. Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot Warning Mega Extreme Hot Tingle

Ed Hardy warns you right on the bottle that the Body Shots Double Shot has “extreme hot tingle.” The citrus scent will pull you into thinking it’s not that hot until you apply it. But it breaks plateaus by accelerating melanin production. Plus, the blend of bronzers and DHA make you a bronze goddess in an instant.

One of the reasons that we like Ed Hardy lotions is that they protect and nourish the skin. This one prevents tattoos from fading while it tones and tightens. It also seals in moisture.

11. Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer

Designer Skin’s BombShell 100XXBronzer sounds intimidating, but customers say it’s not the hottest they ever tried. On the other hand, it smells fabulous like kiwi watermelon, and it noticeably speeds up tanning. Moreover, it has nourishing ingredients like coenzyme Q10, white tea extract, and soy.

12. Devoted Creations Fuel My Fire Super Sizzling Black Bronzing Lotion

Devoted Creations  Fuel My Fire Lotion sizzles intensely while it accelerates melanin production in your skin. It also has DHA that deepens your color while you wear it. Users appreciate the tropical scent that disguises the burned just-tanned odor.

13. Seriously Hot Bronzing Lotion from ProTan

ProTan’s Seriously Hot Bronzing Lotion combines 10x instant bronzers with a powerful tingle complex. As they explain, your skin will glow red-brown. Customers say that the bronzers don’t stain their hands, but the lotion makes them look great. And the fragrance resembles grape bubblegum.

14. Devoted Creations White 2 Black, Tingle, Ultra Fast, Darkening Lotion

The Devoted Creations White 2 Black lotion promises to take you three shades darker. It has a blend of tanning accelerators but no bronzers. Also importantly, cranberry and black tea extracts keep you hydrated so that your tan last longer. Fans like how this lotion begins to tingle about five minutes after they put it on.

15. Brown Sugar SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE Tingle Bronzer

Brown Sugar’s Tingle bronzer has real chocolate extract inside. You’ll smell like dessert baking in the oven. It’s also very hot. The 200X bronzers darken your skin tone while the silicone emulsion makes your skin velvety soft.

16. Ed Hardy Baby Got Black Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Baby Black Tanning Lotion has HyperDark Tanning Technology with DHA that acts like a sunless tanner. Over the next few hours after you apply it, your skin will continue to darken whether or not you lay in a bed. Meanwhile, vitamins, oils, and a skin-firming complex keep you looking healthy and fit.

17. Tan Asz U LUAU BLACK 200X Black Bronzer

Tan Asz U’s LUAU BLACK lotion leaves out DHA and parabens. But it still has 200XXX bronzers that darken you as deeply as possible. In fact, experienced tanners appreciate the way this lotion helps them with parts of their body that are difficult to tan. Just don’t apply it to very sensitive areas because this is a tingle lotion after all.

18. Devoted Creations IGNITE NOIR Hot Tingle Bronzer

Devoted Creations says their Ignite Noir Hot Tingle Bronzer has an optimum level of DHA to darken your skin. But there are also cosmetic bronzers to hide that winter white right away. It protects tattoos from fading, and it fights cellulite, too.

Users debate whether or not this is a very hot lotion. If you have a decent base tan and experience with tinglers, you’re likely to find it rather mild.

What’s in a tingle tanning lotion?

The active ingredient in many tingle tanning lotions is benzyl nicotinate. It’s been clinically tested and proven to speed up blood flow and oxygenate the skin. It’s also a skin conditioner that has a low hazard rating in the Environmental Working Group’s database.

Some tinglers contain methyl nicotinate. This works in a similar fashion by dilating capillaries and increasing blood flow to the surface of your skin.

So how does speeding up your circulation affect your tanning? It’s because more oxygen interacts with the natural pigment or melanin. Then, the more the melanin activates and responds to the ultraviolet light, the better tan you’ll have.

If you’re new to tanning with tinglers, you may be shocked at how red your skin will look after your session. It’s not burned, it’s just reacting to the lotion. Those red blotches will fade over the next few hours.

If your tingle tanning lotion has a bronzer with DHA, you’re faced with a dilemma. Although your skin may feel like it’s on fire, if you shower too soon, you’ll cut short the work that it’s doing. That’s why salons recommend that only advanced tanners with a base tan use tinglers.


Hurry and develop your base tan so that you can enjoy the best tingle tanning lotions. They will optimize your time in the booth by accelerating your tanning. Also, experienced tanners love the hot invigorating sensation.

We hope you your new tingle lotion brings the fun back and helps you get dark fast. Check with us again soon to see new reviews of tanning products.

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10 Best Tingle Tanning Lotions for Beginners

I hope you love the products I recommend in this article. Just so you know, Bronze Booty may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page. This helps me keep Bronze Booty updated with all of this great information. I hope you find exactly what you're looking for!

Tingle tanning lotions aren’t for everyone, so if you’re brand new to tanning, consider trying other lotions like bronzers or accelerators first and working your way up. No matter which lotion you try, make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle to achieve the best results.

What is a Tingle Tanning Lotion?

Don’t know what a tingle lotion is? You know that feeling when you’re out baking in the sun, the heat of the sun reddening your skin? Well, that’s essentially what a tingle lotion tries to replicate inside a tanning bed.

Feeling burned and turning red? Now, you might be wondering why someone would want someone that. 

The active ingredient in many tingle lotions is Benzyl Nicotinate, which increases your skin’s micro-circulation and oxygenation. In other words, there’s more oxygen rich blood circulating towards the uppermost layer of the skin. Oxygen stimulates the melanin cells in your skin, the cells that produce your tan.

That being said, tanners using tingle lotions are capable of achieving a darker tan than would be possible with other lotions. In fact, many experienced tanners who have switched to tingle lotions say that it busted their tanning plateau, giving them the darkest tans they’ve ever gotten. 

Starting to sound a little more tempting, right?

What to Look for in a Tingle Tanning Lotion?

When you’re shopping for a tingle lotion for the first time, it can be kind of intimidating. After all, many manufacturers will suggest tingles only for experienced tanners. But hey, even experienced tanners can be a little scared of slathering on one of these sizzling lotions. That was the case for me! I had used tons of different bronzers for years, but just because the idea of a tingle left me freaked!

“Will I burn?”

“What if it’s too hot?” 

“Oh man, am I going to come out of this bed looking like a lobster?”

It’s easy to psych yourself out of trying a tingle, but you’re really just robbing yourself of a deeper, darker tan! While tingles are intended for more experienced tanners, you have to start somewhere! 

Here are some to consider when you’re shopping for your first tingle lotion.

Read the Label

Product packaging is important, both the front and the back! Tingle lotions are usually marketed with pretty bright colors and designs, and action words to really emphasize that this product is a HOT one! I like to think of those bright colors as a “Caution” sign for those who aren’t quite ready for a tingle.

It’s important to note that the color or design of the bottle isn’t what makes it hot. Not every tanning lotion in a bright red bottle is going to be a super hot tingle lotion, and not every lotion in a subdued hue is going to be safe for beginners! 

That’s why it’s always important to read the label! As you get used to tingles, you’ll probably seek out the hottest tingle tanning lotions, which advertise their “extreme tingle” or “hottest formula”. Until you’re ready for those, stick to phrases like “warming tingle” or “subtle heat”. This will help you acclimate to this hotter style of tanning! 

Not sure if the lotion you’re looking at is a tingle? Reading the ingredients list can give you another clue. Do you see Benzyl Nicotinate anywhere on the list? If so, you’re likely looking at a tingle lotion!

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to research a tanning lotion. People who love the product, as well as those who hate the product, leave their opinions right there for you to read! What more could you ask for when trying to pick a new product? First-hand experiences from people who have tried the lotion you’re looking at! 

And with all this information, you can get the answers to some pretty important questions. Do people generally like the smell or not? Does it look like the majority of people say it’s super hot or does it look like a tamer tingle? Does this lotion get the color results that you expect from a tingle or not really? 

Before you ever spend a cent on a lotion, whether online or at the salon, do your homework and read the reviews! You may save yourself from buying a lousy lotion!

Lotion Packets

You’ve done your research. You’ve read all the labels. You’ve checked the customer reviews. Now, you’re ready to buy a lotion, right?

Well as we’ve stated a number of times, tingles aren’t for everyone. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you may like using tingle tanning lotions, then one thing you can try is a lotion packet. 

You’ve probably seen these before, maybe even bought a few, at your local tanning salon. They’re single session sized packets of tanning lotion (sometimes it’s enough for two sessions). 

Instead of dropping $30-$60 on a full-size bottle of tingle lotion, grab one of these packets for $6 to see if you like the feeling and the results. There’s no better way to find out if you like a product than trying it for yourself! 

Warming Lotions

The first two lotions on this list are not tingles, they are warming bronzers. What that means is you get a warming sensation without the intensity of a full-tingle. 

Warming lotions are a good first step if you have very fair or sensitive skin. As you adjust, you can move into more intense levels of tingles to work your way the tingle ladder. 

With that said, let’s review some of our favorite warming and tingle lotions for beginners.

Midnight Delight Private Reserve Tan Lotion by JWOWW

Jwoww Midnight Delight Bronzer Tanning Lotions

Who’s it for: Someone who wants to start with a warming tanning lotion without the tingle.

What’s it smell like: Decadent Dark Vanilla.

If you’re wanting a gradual step into tingle lotions, a good option for you might be a warming lotion. Warming lotions like this one from JWOWW and the following lotion from Designer Skin, give you a feeling of warmth across your skin, without the super intense tingle effect that intimidates most first time tingle users. 

JWOWW’s Midnight Delight is a great introduction into tanning lotions with a little heat, but there are many more things to love about it.

Natural bronzers like DHA and erythrulose are mixed with caramel to provide both instant and delayed bronzing.  So not only will you leave the salon looking instantly darker, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of seeing your tan gradually darken hours after tanning. 

This lotion also features a luxurious Vitamin C & E blend to moisturize your skin and help fight free-radicals that can affect your skin’s appearance. The more you use this tanning lotion, the softer your skin will become. As I said, there are many things to love about this one!

Steamy Confessions Body Bronzer by Designer Skin

Designer Skin Steamy Confessions Body Bronzer, 13.5 Fluid Ounce

Who’s it for: Someone who wants a great unisex scented warming bronzer lotion.

What’s it smell like: Sensuous Amber.

Similar to our previous pick, Steamy Confessions Body Bronzer by Designer Skin offers you just a subtle heat without the intense tingle factor. 

Packed with instant and delayed bronzers, it will give you the immediate color you expect, and the gradual tan you love. It’s specially designed “Skin Rehab” helps replenish your skin with a blend of vitamins and minerals which keeps your skin looking fresh and youthful.

If you and your significant other like to tan together, this is a great option for you, because of its Sensuous Amber scent. This fragrance smells great, without being overtly feminine or masculine. Whether you’re a man or woman, you’ll leave the salon smelling sexy, and looking tan!

Again, it should be reminded that this lotion is a warming bronzer, not a super hot tingle. Most reviews compliment the subtle heat, commenting on how nice it feels on the skin. But if it’s tingle you want, you’ll want to look further down the list!

Pink Diamond T2 by Swedish Beauty

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

Who’s it for: Someone looking for a mild tingle lotion, perfect for first-time tingle use or those with fair skin.

What’s it smell like: Green Citrus.

Pink Diamond T2 is the perfect combination of bronzer and tingle for beginning tanners. T2 offers the lowest tingle level amongst Swedish Beauty lotions, making it a popular choice for first time tingle tanners!

Do you have fair skin? What about particularly sensitive skin? Because this tingle is on the tamer side, it works great for those with fair or sensitive skin. Be prepared to turn red, but as the redness fades, you’ll be left with a deeper, darker tan than you’ve ever had before. 

It doesn’t hurt that this lotion offers extra skin-nourishing ingredients to help soothe your skin after all that sizzle. Swedish Beauty’s triple-action anti-aging, firming and slimming blend will help restore your skin’s natural elasticity and youthful appearance.

So if you’re ready to take the first step up the tingle ladder, definitely check out Pink Diamond T2! 

So Shameless Tingle Bronzer Lotion by Designer Skin

Designer Skin So Shameless

Who’s it for: Someone looking to pamper themselves with a luxury tingle tanning lotion.

What’s it smell like: Pink Grapefruit Sorbet.

Known as one of the high-end tanning lotion brands, Designer Skin uses top quality products and their specially designed formulas to create irresistible tanning lotions that enhance and extend your tan and nourish your skin with luxurious moisture.

Designer Skin nails it again with one of their newest lotions So Shameless. This time, it’s a real tingle tanning lotion, not a warming bronzer. So if you’re ready to turn up the heat and add a little sizzle, So Shameless is one to consider.

Since this lotion is so new, there aren’t many reviews to read, but one thing is clear from those who have tried So Shameless: “it works!” It gives you a nice color after just a single session, and the tingle is moderate, making it a great choice if you’re trying a tingle for the first time. 

Important Tip: Tingles can and will turn your skin red, so generally it’s best to avoid using them on your face. If you purchase a tingle lotion like So Shameless, make sure you also pick up a great non-tingle lotion for your face when you go tanning!

Avant Tingle Dark Tanning Optimizer by Devoted Creations

2010 Devoted Creations Avant Tingle Dark Tanning Optimizer Tanning Lotion 7 oz

Who’s it for: Someone looking for a tingle lotion without the look and smell of DHA bronzers.

What’s it smell like: Pomegranate.

Not a fan of funky-smelling bronzers full of DHA? Do they tend to leave your skin tone orange instead of tan? Then Avant tingle dark tanning optimizer lotion from Devoted Creations is the perfect option for you! You can still enjoy all the benefits of a fantastic tingle-enhanced tan without the need for added bronzers.

For such a small bottle, this lotion can certainly pack some big heat! If the tingle is a bit much for you, you can try mixing it with another lotion to adjust the heat to your comfort level. 

Once you’ve mastered the heat in Avant, or want to try a similar, but lotion with added bronzers, Devoted Creations has an extreme tingle option with instant and delayed bronzers that you might like called Azure. This one is definitely not for beginners! 

Important Tip: Make sure that you rinse this lotion, and any other tingles, off before you touch anyone, especially children! This lotion is easily spreadable through contact, and can pass along heat that can be uncomfortable for an unsuspecting person or child!

Pure Heat Tingle Lotions by Australian Gold

Australian Gold Pure Heat Tanning Lotion Hot Citrus Tingle

Who’s it for: Someone who loves the smell of chocolate and enjoys a moderate tingle.

What’s it smell like: CocoaDreams.

This has been a popular lotion with many tanners for years. Australian Gold, one of the companies that have been creating tanning lotions for decades, created this lotion to be the perfect transition lotion for people wanting a tingle lotion. 

Pure Heat has a strong tingle that works in just minutes, warming up your skin and getting it ready for a deep, rich tan! While tingle tolerance always depends on the individual, this one is considered hot by most customers.

Personally, I love the smell of cocoa in cosmetic and skin-care products. I think it’s a warm, comforting scent that avoids smelling too perfumey or too sweet.  If you appreciate a cocoa scent, you’ll love the way Pure Heat smells.

Spicy Black Chocolate Tingle Bronzer by Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar SPICY BLACK CHOCOLATE Tingle Bronzer - 13.5 oz. by Brown Sugar

Who’s it for: Someone who loves the smooth feeling of body butters in a tanning lotion.

What’s it smell like: Sensual Amber & Berries.

If a tanning lotion could ever be compared to a warm velvet blanket, it would be Black Chocolate. Now imagine you just took your velvety blanket out of the dryer and it gave you a little static shock. Now that is Spicy Black Chocolate! 

Your skin is going to soak up this rich blend of body butters, leaving you feeling soft and smooth, and all warmed up. Then you’ll feel that noticeable tingle that invigorates your skin and enhances your tan. The spice is just right for beginner and intermediate tanners who are looking for their first tingle tanning lotions.

This lotion also features advanced bronzers, including dark chocolate, to help you achieve maximum darkness. Many reviewers have commented that this lotion helped them achieve their best tanning results. In fact, one person felt this combination of bronzer and tingle made for the perfect tanning lotion!

As with any tanning lotion with built-in bronzers, make sure you wipe your hands after application, you don’t want discolored palms!

Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Tanning Lotion by Supre

Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Tanning Lotion 8 oz.

Who’s it for: Someone who’s on a budget and looking for an inexpensive first-time tingle.

What’s it smell like: Cherry Fever.

It’s pretty clear to see why Cherry Bomb is the bomb. This lotion has over 100 5-star reviews and is one of the most affordable lotions on the list, making it perfect lotion to buy and try. After all, you don’t want to spend $50 or more on a lotion style you may dislike! 

Some people felt that this lotion offered a great tingle, while others felt overwhelmed by the sizzle. In fact, one reviewer even said, “Whoa this stuff is intense!!!” But people like tingles for a reason, right?! Without that heat and sensation, you could be missing out on a potentially epic tan! 

Important Tip: People have different tingle tolerances, so what might be super hot to one person may have nearly no effect to someone else. If you feel like you’re a person who is particularly sensitive to sunburns, make sure you choose one that has a tamer reputation, like Pink Diamond.

Twice The Spice Two-in-One Tingle Bronzer by Swedish Beauty 

New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer, Twice The Spice, 8.5 Ounce

Who’s it for: Someone with sensitive skin looking a natural tingle tanning lotion with bronzers.

What’s it smell like: Scarlet Kiss.

This one of our favorite tingle lotions for beginners for a couple of reasons. First, it’s going to get you tan, and I mean tan! Secondly, the tingle is enough to see great results, but not so intense you’ll be burning all day long! And third, it’s loaded up with natural ingredients that make it a great option if you have sensitive skin. 

Swedish Beauty specially designed Twice the Spice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. Not only is it Nut, Gluten, Paraben, and Silicone Free, but it also uses natural instant bronzers like Annatto and Melanin to give you immediate color you’re going to love!

Another reason to love this lotion is for its irresistible scent, Scarlet Kiss, which is a delicious raspberry vanilla blend. Hmm, that has me really wanting cheesecake now!

Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Lotion by JWOWW

Jwoww, Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer, Tanning Lotion 13.5 Ounce

Who’s it for: Someone who wants a classic tingle lotion and is ready to feel the burn, for better or for worse!

What’s it smell like: Spice it Up.

Any fan of tingle tanning lotions has probably heard of Mad Hot, one of the most popular tingles out there. This classic tanning lotion from JWOWW has been a favorite of many tanners for years, with review after review stating how it’s an “Amazing Lotion”, or “Maybe my favorite”, or even “LOVE THIS LOTION!”

There’s lots to love about this lotion. It has built-in bronzers like DHA to give you extra dark color hours after tanning. And lastly, it has an intense tingle to give you a deeper tan than you’ve ever had before. 

Even though this lotion is hot, and I do mean, HOT, it doesn’t mean it’s completely off-limits. If you’re ready to try a real tingle tanning lotion, and are prepared to feel the heat, then go for it! 


Whether you’ve been tanning for a just a few weeks or for years and years, a tingle tanning lotion can boost your tan’s color to a whole different level! You just have to give them a try! 

Don’t let yourself get psyched out, everyone, even the tanning pros, were new to tingle lotions at some point. As long as you do your research, you can make the switch to sizzle a gradual increase to fit your comfort level.

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Some fear the fire – you welcome it! You live to stir up trouble and aren’t afraid to feel the heat. Prepare to release all inhibitions with the immediate tingle of the 400XX Heat Wave Sizzle Complex, for a sensational experience. Have no shame in getting the unrivaled dark bronze you’ve been craving with the 17X Bronzing Blend that will impart color so rich, it’ll feel like you’re breaking all the rules. A bold attitude deserves bold results. Go ahead, turn up the heat and find your fire!    

  • Heat Wave Sizzle Complex delivers a scorching heat with Ginger and Tingle power that aids in increased oxygenation for striking, gorgeous color at an accelerated rate
  • Unrivaled 17X Bronzing Blend combines DHA and Caramel for an immediate bronzing impact and gradual color development 
  • Deep Blue Technology features Turquoise to help compliment immediate color, for ravishing, dark brown results
  • Formulated to combat against ATO

Fragrance:  Pink Grapefruit Sorbet


Shameless lotion review tanning so

The 18 Best Designer Skin Tanning Lotion Reviews & Guide 2021

Which is the best Designer Skin tanning lotion?

Is it a bronzer, an intensifier, or a tingle lotion?

Is it their best-selling indoor tanning lotion, or could it be a self-tanner?

We’ll explore the answers in the reviews below. In the meantime, let’s learn more about Designer Skin.


What is Designer Skin?

Designer Skin is a brand that’s part of New Sunshine, LLC. That’s the same company that also owns JWOWW, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, and California Tan. Their headquarters are in Indianapolis.

Right upfront, you need to know that they frown on purchasing their products outside of licensed distributors, like salons.

When random resellers offer the lotion at a discount, that’s called “diversion.” It’s like you’re getting Designer Skin tanning lotion wholesale. The problem is that you can’t be 100% certain that the “diverted” products are authentic. With that said, we can still dive deep into the world of Designer Skin indoor tanning lotions.

These are tanning products developed through decades of experience in the industry. Plus, they are all-American, manufactured in Arizona.

Moreover, Designer Skin lotions are loved by celebrities like WWE Diva Alexa Bliss and Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars. And don’t forget the Kardashians.

It’s not only women who enjoy indoor tanning. Reid Ewing from Modern Family also enjoys tanning with Designer Skin lotion.

Best Designer Skin Tanning Lotion in 2021

Now, let’s look at the different indoor tanning lotion types to see which one will help you achieve the best tan.


What kind of tanning lotion gets you the darkest?

We vote for tingle tanning lotion. That’s because it accelerates pigment production increasing blood circulation in the skin (1).

The magic ingredient is benzyl nicotinate. It increases oxygen and blood flow and reddens the skin. The result is a deep, dark tan. It’s perfect for bronzing those pale legs and busting a plateau when you can’t seem to go darker.

When you use a tingler, the sensation ranges from a little extra warmth to an intense burn. Like Designer Skin’s Bombshell, some of the strongest tingle lotions have been compared to putting vapor rub on a sunburn.

Only try a tingle lotion if you’re an experienced tanner. Don’t apply them to your face or extra-sensitive areas.

Also, don’t play with pets or hug children until after you’ve had a shower because the tingling effect could be transferred to their skin even hours later.

Showering with cool water will reduce the sensation, as will applying moisturizer.

Designer Skin BombShell, 100XXBronzer

Bombshell is a bronzer and a tingle tanning lotion. It’s a favorite choice of avid tanners.

The extra sizzle oxygenates the skin for extra dark tanning results. What’s more, the 100XX bronzer provides a sun-kissed glow right out of the bottle. Incredibly, the color deepens over the next few hours.

If you go tanning with Bombshell, you’ll wake up the next morning looking like you spent a week on the beach.

Plus, the floral kiwi watermelon fragrance keeps you smelling fresh, not burned after tanning.

Designer Skin So Shameless

Could Shameless be hotter than Bombshell? You’ll have to try them both and see.

Shameless has the 400XX Heat Wave Sizzle Complex with ginger for extra oxygenation and a deeper tan.

The fragrance is pink grapefruit sorbet. It’s engineered to prevent the after tanning odor.

Then, there’s a blend of caramel and DHA for both instant and gradual color. The addition of turquoise keeps you brown, not orange.

Even if you only spend a few minutes in the tanning bed, you’re going to go darker.


Not everyone likes it hot. Try tanning with a cooling lotion and enjoy the fresh sensation.

Designer Skin Escapade Cooling Tanning Lotion

Escapade isn’t just for guys. The Bermuda Breeze fragrance appeals to both men and women. It also prevents the tanning odor.

While you relax and soak up the rays, a cooling essence soothes the skin.

What’s more, this is a quadruple bronzer. It intensifies every minute in the tanning bed then continues to push your bronze to the limit for hours afterward. It contains black walnut, tyrosine, peptides, and DS ProBronze Extend to maintain your sun god status as long as possible.

Bronzers with DHA

We’ve mentioned DHA a few times – what is it? It’s dihydroxyacetone, a sugar that interacts with amino acids in the skin. It turns you brown like bacon cooking in the pan or a cut apple exposed to the air.

The chemical process is called the Maillard reaction. It’s harmless, and the bronzing effect fades after a few days to a week (2).

Many indoor tanning lotions with bronzer don’t just have DHA. They also feature cosmetic bronzers for instant gratification. They make you swimsuit-ready right out of the bottle. That’s handy because both UV exposure and DHA take a few hours to work.

If you’re not sure which bronzer to choose, look at the number. The ones marked with 20X or less are suitable for pale skin because they won’t look awkwardly dark. The higher the number, the deeper the color.

Designer Skin Salacious 11X Bronzer

Salacious smells delicious, like wild berry and plum. It doesn’t just bronze the skin, but it also softens every inch with the Passion Oil Blend.

While caramel provides a subtle glow, DHA works behind the scenes to deepen your tan. The Empowered Empress Elixir feeds the skin micronutrients and rubies to keep it healthy and radiant.

Choose this bronzer if you’re new to tanning or building a base tan.

Designer Skin Reputation 19X DHA Bronzer

Take your color to the next level with Reputation, a plateau-breaking bronzer with extra DHA.

It features the Luxe Light Complex that helps UV stimulate maximum melanin production. Yet, it provides amino acids and minerals to keep the skin young-looking.

This is a silicone-emulsion lotion that never feels greasy or sticky. It’s lightweight and will leave the skin absolutely silken to the touch.

The fragrance is Raspberry Glaze.

Designer Skin Confessions

If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good time for Confessions. This is a hypoallergenic formula with gentle ingredients.

Even though it’s formulated a little differently, it still contains custom-blended DHA for an extra deep tan. Plus, it smells like peaches and cream.

Glamorize Designer Skin Tanning Lotion

Sunless tanning lotions with DHA used to turn people orange. New technology has virtually eliminated the problem. Designer Skin ensures a perfect golden tan by adding violet and red tints to the Glamorize formula.

It’s a 24X bronzer that provides anti-aging benefits and an odor inhibitor—a blend of peptides and caffeine firms sagging skin and fades fine lines.

The fragrance is called Sparkling Bellini.

Designer Skin Black Rose Fleur 40X Bronzer

This bronzer is extra potent because it has both DHA and erythrulose.

You already know about DHA, which comes from sugarcane. Erythrulose comes from raspberries. It also bronzes the skin, but it takes longer to work than DHA. The benefit is that it maintains your tan for longer.

Next, the formula has caramel with violet, red, and blue tones for perfect results. Plus, opal immediately provides a radiant glow.

One reviewer said this is the best tanning lotion to get dark quick. Just be sure to clean your hands after applying it to keep them from getting stained.

The fragrance is Champagne and Pink Peony.

Sahara Jewel By Designer Skin

This 30X bronzing lotion has an unusual ingredient: Color Bursting Beads. They contain caramel instant bronzer and extra moisturizers.

After all, this is Sahara Jewel, designed to keep your skin safe from dehydration and signs of aging. It’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins that ward off free radicals. Plus, it packs in the tyrosine to take your color to the next level.

The silicone emulsion leaves the skin lustrous and super soft with the fragrance of White Sands.

Designer Skin Stardom 60x Tanning Lotion

Stardom will turn you as dark as the night sky. It blends three patented formulas: Dark Abyss Elixir, Bronzing Force, and GlowGevity Complex. Together, they ensure your tan lasts twice as long.

The luscious lotion sinks into the skin, leaving it soft and smooth with the scent of Mango Champagne.

Designer Skin Awestruck Enhanced 65X Invincible Bronzer

Awestruck is one of the newest Designer Skin tanning lotions for 2021. They call it the Invincible Bronzer because it has both instant and delayed tanning ingredients. There’s no way you can apply it and not walk away darker.

What’s interesting is that lotion also detoxifies the skin with activated charcoal. Then, it lifts and tones with the Hero Contour Complex.

The fragrance is Paradise Coconut and Musk, which wipes out any hint of tanning odor.

Tanning intensifiers without DHA

DHA isn’t necessary for a tan. Some tanners prefer the natural color they achieve all on their own.

Designer Skin New Adore Black Label Bronzer Lotion

Black was one of the first tanning lotions that Designer Skin released. Now, the new Adore Black Label Private Reserve lotion is winning hearts, too.

It’s a tanning intensifier with no DHA or erythrulose. Instead, it has Dopa, a melanin precursor that prepares your skin to go dark.

Next, there’s MelanoINK and Quicksun Color Tint to add instant color and mattify the skin. You’ll never look greasy like you would with some tanning lotions.

Finally, the silicone emulsion and Skin Activated Moisture formula leaves your body feeling luxuriously smooth.

The tasty fragrance is called Vanilla Musk.

Designer Skin Bronzers Visionary

Visionary deepens your color with tyrosine and peptides – no DHA needed. The tyrosine promotes melanin production for rapid natural pigment formation. You’ll never have to deal with streaks or off-color orange results.

The Mega Magical Silicone Emulsion smooths and soothes dehydrated skin to make you look and feel younger.

The exotic fragrance is White Sands, the same as Sahara Jewel.

Men’s tanning lotion

Guys will appreciate the masculine cologne fragrance of this tanning lotion.

Designer Skin Command Tanning Lotion

It smells fresh, clean, and manly. But that’s not the only attraction.

This lotion also has a quadruple bronzing blend with Malabar Black Natural Bronzers and DHA. You’ll look sun-kissed from the moment you smooth it on.

It also protects ink from fading with a special tattoo complex of green tea and licorice.

Face tanning lotion

What is the best face tanning lotion?

Designer Skin recommends using facial tanning lotion, not regular indoor tanning lotion. It’s non-comedogenic and typically fragrance-free, and hypoallergenic.

Instant Icon Facial Tanning Lotion by Designer Skin

Enjoy a radiant complexion with Instant Icon lotion. Even if you don’t spend a moment under the sun, it will deepen your color with caramel and DHA.

Moreover, it features hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, and collagen to firm and tone.

The pleasing effects are hard to resist. You might decide to replace your regular moisturizer with this one.

It’s non-comedogenic and fragrance-free to protect delicate skin.

Sunless tanning

If you can’t get to the tanning salon, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a gorgeous tan. All you need is self-tanner.

Designer Skin CC Sunless Primer

There’s no shame in a fake bake tan. This sunless tanning lotion is so good they won’t be able to tell that it’s not real.

Even though it’s a primer, you can use it to deepen your color with or without tanning lotion. It color-corrects so that the bronze comes out perfect.

Plus, it rejuvenates tired skin with coffee seed and caffeine.

Tan extenders

Enjoy your tan for as long as possible with these handy products. They can extend the bronze for a few days more.

Designer Skin Faux Natural Sunless Tan Extender

It has a light dose of sunless bronzer to maintain your gorgeous glow. Furthermore, coffee seed smooths fine lines while moisturizers rehydrate the skin.

Just like the color-correcting Sunless Primer above, it smells like passionfruit mango.

Designer Skin Angel Moisturizing After Tan Lotion

The best way to maintain your tan is to keep your skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water and slather on a moisturizer.

This one smells like kiwi pear. It’s an enchanting scent that will stay with you throughout the day.

The creamy lotion is packed with luxurious moisturizers like avocado and hemp seed oil. But it doesn’t just leave your skin velvety soft; it noticeably improves its appearance. With regular use, the alpha-lipoic acid, Copper PCA, and Phytoage turn back time.


Which is the best Designer Skin indoor tanning lotion? We hope you found the answer today.

Whichever one you choose, we hope it makes your tanning experience more luxurious.

If you found your new favorite tanning product today, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


1. accessed January 27, 2021

2. accessed January 27, 2021

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